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MuggleCast 167 Transcript

Show Intro

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[Harry Potter theme plays]

Jim Dale: [as Professor McGonagall] This is Professor McGonagall welcoming you all to MuggleCast hoping you enjoyed - Dobby! Dobby, come here! Here! Dobby! [as Dobby] Yes, I'd just like to say how very pleased I am to introduce MuggleCast to all of you! Thank you! Thank you!

[Show music begins]

Andrew: Because MuggleCast has successfully completed another year of Harry Potter podcasting, this is MuggleCast Episode 167 for December 28th, 2008.

[Show music continues]

Andrew: And look at this. We've reached another year of Harry Potter podcasting. It's the end of 2008. Welcome, everyone, to another edition of MuggleCast. We have a wonderful panel this week: Matt, Eric, Micah, Laura. They're all here. Hey guys.

Laura and Matt: Hey.

Eric: [Speaking as Dumbledore] Another year gone.

[Andrew and Matt Laughs]

Matt: Oh, you went there.

Andrew: We should play that clip.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: [Speaking as Dumbledore] Another year gone. [normally] That's a very memorable line. Just the way he says it. It was nice.

Matt: I know, because it's like the little withered hand just goes, "Gone."

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, it was nice. But we're here to talk about the year that was 2008. There's been a lot of news, and we've got some fun segments planned. We are going to look at the best of MuggleCast. We're going to look at the best news stories. And just for fun, we're going to try this little thing we're going to call, "The First Annual MuggleCasties." It's an awards ceremony where we pick out some of the best stuff of the year in various categories. So - it'll be fun, and we'll have a good L-O-L and look forward to that. So let's get right into it for our final show of 2008. I'm Andrew Sims.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Laura: I'm Laura Thompson.

Micah: I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Matt: And I'm Matthew Britton.

[Show music continues]

News: Deathly Hallows Movie Split

Andrew: Micah, it's been a slow news week, but what's been going on? Everyone's on vacation - not making news, so we just have to deal with it.

Micah: Yeah, we've only had a couple pieces of news since we last released our show and one of them was concerning David Heyman. It was kind of a follow up to the news item we had on last week's show where he was talking a little bit more about the split for Deathly Hallows, and he said that he's still debating where the movie is actually going to be split, but he thinks that he may have found a spot. This was an interview that he did at his premiere of Yes Man last week. So what do you guys think? Where is this movie going to end up being split...

Matt: Hm...

Micah: And why is it taking so long for them to figure it out?

Matt: Why is it taking them so long to give us a freaking poster of the movie is what I want to ask.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: For Half-Blood Prince?

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: I think that they're talking about minute details like where exactly to split it, you know...

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: And they've also got to - with part two - they've got to come into it. With a montage, or...

Andrew: It has to be exciting.

Eric: Or something - they've got to come into it. They can't just, you know, open up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione going to Xenophilius Lovegood's house. Or maybe it can. Or maybe they knock on the door and he opens up, and that's the end of part one.

Andrew: I think that the reason that they're still deciding is because - like Eric was sort of describing, it is a really big decision, where to split it. So if - they don't want to take it lightly, because they have to end it with a very awesome ending, and then kick it off with a very cool opening...

Eric: Just story boarding.

Matt: And they have to film it, too.

Andrew: You know...

Eric: Yeah...

Matt: First.

Eric: Yeah they have to film it, and story boarding and planning the shoot, you know planning when they're going to shoot what. It helps if you know which scenes are in the movie and which scenes you won't have to worry about for another four months.

Laura: I think it would be cool if they did it - I have my copy open right now - if they did the split at the end of chapter 22, "The Deathly Hallows", right after they get captured. And then they start the second movie at Malfoy Manor. I think that would be really sweet...

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: That sounds pretty good. Because they're ending high, and they're starting high.

Eric: Well, do you think they'll start the Malfoy Manor scene in the beginning?

Matt: I think they may show a panoramic shot of the Malfoy Manor while they're going up in the stage coach or something. That would be...

Laura: Yeah.

Matt: That would be a pretty good scene to end on. Like you don't know which house - or you just found out it's the Malfoy's house or something. And then it goes to dark, or something.

Andrew: Will Harry survive the Draco's - Draco's lair? Tune in next time.

[Eric and Laura laughs]

Andrew: Something like that. Like an old school...

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion. What else is going on this week, Micah?

News: Jason Isaacs Can't Let Go of Potter

Micah: Just one more news story was in the Jerusalem Post. An interview with Jason Isaacs who really seems to love what he does on the Potter films. And, you know, he said that he had a ridiculously good time making the films and he recalled specific scenes with certain actors and actresses. But as far as the last book being made into two films, he says that he thought it was a mistake. And the reason he thought it was a mistake was because he would rather it were made into ten films so he could do it for the rest of his life.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: Oh, that silly Jason. He had me fooled for a second.

Matt: Oh!

Micah: So...

Andrew: Well that's nice of him. And you know - that really is nice to hear that one of the actors really, truly appreciates working on the films. You know, you're not going to hear all the actors saying that.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Emma Thompson for example, who couldn't wait to get out. [laughs]

Matt: Whatever Andrew, jeez. So she doesn't like being in ten minutes of a three-hour film.

Eric: Yeah, I know. Really? That's not...

Andrew: Well - hey - ten minutes of a film means you don't have much to film so you could do two films at once if you wanted to. That's my opinion. Was there anything else really, Micah?

Micah: No, that's all I got.

Andrew: I say it with depression because I get sad when there's no news. It's one of my favorite segments to do here on MuggleCast. And...

Micah: Well, we'll be talking about plenty of news in a couple minutes when we do the year in review.

Announcement: Azkatraz 2009

Andrew: As for announcements this week, we'd like to remind everyone that we're going to be at Azkatraz 2009. Tickets - we just heard that tickets are running out very quickly for the IMAX - the midnight IMAX screening of - that would be Half-Blood Prince - I believe it's called. Tickets running out for the IMAX. Once the IMAX ones run out they are going to go to - there's also going to be a normal theater playing it. So that will be cool, but you know, you may want to see it in IMAX, because there's like twenty five minutes of 3-D footage, so that will be pretty cool.

Matt: And we'll be there too. So you can say hi.

Andrew: Yeah. And then afterwards we're going to be doing the live podcast; discussing the film and everyone's excitement. So it's going to be a huge party all night long.

Matt: Woo! No sleep!

Andrew: Until like 5:00 AM when we go to bed.

Matt: We're not going to bed.

Andrew: Um.

Matt: No. We're not going to bed.

Andrew: It's Half-Blood Prince night. We wait an extra eight months for this.

[Laura laughs]

Matt: Yes. We made a YouTube video.

Announcement: Podcast Alley

Andrew: Don't forget to vote for us on Podcast Alley. It's December and we're going into January, so we appreciate your vote there. And also - we'll talk about this real quick - a few days ago MuggleNet debuted a brand new feature on the site - MuggleSpace. It's the first and only - for now, until a million of them pop up now that we've done it - social network for Harry Potter fans.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: And it's similar to Facebook and MySpace, hence MuggleSpace. I have to say - we've been kicking around this idea for a while...

Laura: Yeah, and...

Andrew: ...and we finally brought it to life. And there it is. And it's been a great success. We have close to five thousand members as of Friday night and a lot of people - it's been getting great reviews. Better than I thought it would, to be honest with you. So - it's been exceeding our expectations, I think. Check it out - - you can connect with other Harry Potter fans and it's just a - it's a whole lot of fun.

Eric: Cool.

Andrew: Isn't that right Micah and Laura?

Laura: Yeah, it is. Friend us.

Andrew: And Matt. Eric, you need to get a profile.

Eric: Yeah, I do need to get a profile.

Matt: Yeah, Eric.

Eric: Dude, I...

Andrew: It's easy! Sign up today!

Eric: ...what if there's already an Eric? What am I going to do then? Am I going to do, like...

Andrew: Well, you can be Eric Scull.

Eric: Oh. But what if there's already another Eric Scull? You never know.

Andrew: I'm searching. No there's not. But it turned up a profile of a girl who I assume has you - yeah. "My friend still wears the shoes that Eric Scull signed".

Eric: Oh!

Andrew: So there you go. You can learn things here on MuggleSpace.

Eric: Yeah, you can learn things. It's very educational.

Matt: And there's a chat that's always going on, too.

Best of MuggleCast: Episode 134

Andrew: Okay, so as everyone knows, this is our year end episode and we want to look back and get lots of news and stuff that's been going on - but we also want to look back at the best of MuggleCast. And we have a few clips we're going to play this week and spread them throughout the show. So first we're going to listen to - this was episode 134 for March 1st 2008.

[Andrew plays clip]

Andrew: Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the program. I just wanted to start the show off this week with a few e-mails I got about last week's show. So let me kick it off here.

Jen, from New Jersey: "I just wanted to tell you that you accidentally dropped the F-bomb in Episode 133 at 59 minutes, 31 seconds. Just wanted to tell you so you can edit it out, or whatever."

Ima Clone, from Nashville: "At 59:30 of Episode 133, you dropped an F-bomb. Not very family friendly, as you mentioned earlier in the episode."

Jessica B., 17 of Cobleskill, NY: "You said a very bad word during minute 59 and you missed it again. Woops, slipping up in your old age."

Nick B., 13 of Boston: "I can't believe you dropped an F-bomb on the show and didn't cut it out. Can you believe this was my mom's first show? Just kidding, but I thought I might point it out to you. Hahaha."

Emily, 18 of Lynchburg College, Virginia: "Just FYI, Andrew, you dropped an F-bomb that made it through editing at 59:31 on Episode 133. Just thought you should know. Not really concerned, but thought you might be."

From Matt: "Hey, Andrew, you accidentally forgot to edit yourself out saying [beep] around 50, 60 minutes into the show. It is not really noticeable, but I thought I would let you know."

Holleen: "You totally said [beep] on air at 59 minutes, 31 seconds. Oopsies!"

I know! I said the "F" word! Sorry! Argh!

Matt: What's the...wait.

Laura: Now you know how I feel when you forget to edit me.

[Andrew sighs]

Matt: What's the word? The F...Is it "fecal matter"?

[Laura laughs]

Matt: Is it "frustrated"?

Andrew: Yes, Matt, whatever you say.

Matt: Oh, wait. It's [beep].

[Elysa and Laura laugh]

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: You said [beep] on the show, Andrew? You're not supposed to say [beep] on the show.

Laura: I can't [beep]-ing believe you [beep] said that, you [beep] moron.

[Series of beeps]

Andrew: Guys, seriously, seriously. Shut the [beep] up.

[Laura and Andrew laugh]

[Clip ends]

Andrew: So there you go. We got so many e-mails about that when that - after that aired. [laughs] Most of them positive saying that was funny, but we did get some people saying it was...

Matt: Yeah.

Muggle Mail: Beedle the Bard

Andrew: ...a bit inappropriate, I guess. [laughs] Anyway, we'll play some more clips throughout the show and later on. Let's for right now get into MuggleMail this week. Who wants to take the first one?

Eric: Sweet. First MuggleMail this week comes from John, 36 of Chicago. He says:

Hey guys, I've enjoyed the podcast for a while now. I was especially into the chapter-by-chapter discussions, which is why I was interested in this podcast so much.

Mmm, good to hear it.

"In MuggleCast 165: 'Beedle the Bard Analyzed,' someone (I'm sorry, but I forget who) mentions the fact that 'The Tale of the Three Brothers' was word-for-word the same as the tale Hermione told in Book 7 at the Lovegood's. This sparked a complaint amongst some of you that it would have been nice to have some difference between the two. I just got "Beedle" for Christmas and you're right. It was word-for-word the same. But the thing that I think you guys missed in your discussion was that on page xi (11) of the introduction, Jo says that this is a brand new translation by Hermione Granger. So it makes sense that she would tell the tale the same way both times. In Book 7 she had spent months translating the story. When she retold it in Xenophilius Lovegood's house, I would think she knew it by heart. Just to point this out as something to ponder. Merry Christmas, John."

Andrew: Well, thanks for bringing that up because we did not see that. [laughs]

Eric: Well, we read it, though. We did discuss that it was her who translated it, but we just didn't connect the two together.

Micah: I think what all of us were looking for was just more in-depth storytelling. As opposed to what we heard in Deathly Hallows we felt was a shortened version, and we were looking for maybe a little bit more to it. I don't necessarily think that we were arguing the translation side of it. At least that was what I took away from it.

Andrew: well, we were saying why was the translation exactly the same.

Micah: Right. Yeah...

Andrew: So...

Micah: I understand that, but I was looking for more substance to the story, I guess you could say. More than just however many pages it ended up being in Beedle the Bard.

Andrew: Would you have felt that there should have been more - do you think you would have felt the same if that story actually wasn't in Deathly Hallows? Do you know what I mean? Maybe you feel underwhelmed just because you already read it. Like, in hindsight, I'm not really complaining.

Micah: No.

Andrew: I thought it was fine. You know, the explanation in the beginning of the book that John points out was a great point.

Micah: Yeah.

Laura: I don't know.

Eric: Well, does it feel like the other stories in Beedle the Bard - do you guys, does it feel like they were of a different tone? And then when you get to "The Three Brothers" it was like, a word-for-word what we heard in the book and it was nothing special. It felt like it was just pulled.

Andrew: Is that how you felt? I mean, I guess that would make sense.

Eric: Well, to be perfectly honest, I'm pulling a Micah and Goblet Of Fire movie at the moment. I don't think I've - I haven't read the book yet.

Andrew: You haven't read it? Who are you?

Micah: It was...

Eric: Dude...

Andrew: Get off this show!

Eric: Dude, my December is like...

Andrew: I don't care.

Matt: It is a pretty thick book, though.

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: It was Order of the Phoenix, first of all, not Goblet of Fire that I didn't see so...

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: But, I don't know. I just think that - honestly, I don't remember what the story was from Deathly Hallows. [laughs] So, to me reading it in Beedle the Bard was fine. You know, Eric, to answer your question, I felt like the stories got progressively darker as you went along throughout Beedle the Bard. So I didn't really feel as if we were missing out on anything, but I could understand somebody making the argument saying, "Hey, well we got this in Deathly Hallows. Why is it exactly the same in Beedle the Bard? Shouldn't there have been more to it?" But, at the same time, you get that in Dumbledore's commentary.

Matt: And also, if they added more to the story, then it wouldn't have made sense if Hermione didn't say it in Deathly Hallows. Because then she left out a piece of the story...

Micah: Right.

Matt: ...that could have been important for the Deathly Hallows.

Laura: Well, I almost thought - in Deathly Hallows, I thought she was just giving a summary of all the high points.

Andrew: Right. Me too.

Laura: Because if you look at the tales in the book, the rest are longer significantly than "The Tale of the Three Brothers". So it's not that I'm complaining about feeling like I was shorted out of something or that I felt like the story was lacking. I just feel that in terms of practicality, her translation for a new version of Beedle the Bard years and years after Deathly Hallows happened would not be exactly the same as the one that she told Harry and Ron when she was 17. But that's just me.

Andrew: Yeah. But then again...

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Like what's been said, if it was a different translation, it would kind of be weird.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: From the - you know?

Eric: Yeah, both points are valid. And I wouldn't look for something different as in new information, but even said differently, worded differently a little bit, or - you know, just eclectically told even just a little bit different would be refreshing, interesting, new. And it's okay that they didn't do that because, of course, we got lots of other Tales of Beedle the Bard that were all new and awesome.

Andrew: Eric has seen Half-Blood Prince but has not read Beedle the Bard.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Let's try to make some sense out that one.

Eric: I bought it the day it came out. Come on, seriously. [laughs]

Andrew: We should make you read it, like, right now as we record, because it takes an hour to read. And you're a speed reader; you could probably knock it out in half an hour.

Eric: No, I'm a speed typer. I can't speed read.

Andrew: Well, you were beating us when we were reading Deathly Hallows, so...

Eric: Oh. Yeah, that's true.

Andrew: You could read it faster than me.

Laura: That's because you didn't sleep.

Andrew: And I huh?

Laura: That's because he didn't sleep.

Matt: He cheated!

Andrew: That's true.

Laura: [laughs] We slept.

Eric: I'm one of, like - how many of us didn't sleep? But I wasn't the first one to get done. Someone else was...

Andrew: Kevin. Kevin was the first.

Eric: ...the first one to get done. Kevin was the first? Well that's because...

Laura: Yeah, that's because he cheated.

Andrew: That's right. Well, because every time we'd be like - he'd be like, "What page are you on?" And we'd be like, "Uh, 320." And he'd be like, "Oh, you are about to hit something big."

[Andrew Eric and Laura laugh]

Matt: I hate that...

Andrew: Remember that?

Matt: ...when people do that.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: And Kevin just gets his own brand of enthusiastic down... [laughs] Cryptic.

Andrew: Right. "Oh, you are about to hit something." It'd either be that or, "Oh, okay, you're not at the big part yet." [laughs] So funny.

Laura: Well then, didn't Jamie also read like half of it, or at least the epilogue or something?

Eric: Yeah, some half of it or something.

Andrew: He did?

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: Oh, that's funny.

Laura: And I got there and I was like, "What the hell is wrong with you people?"

Andrew: Yeah.

Muggle Mail: Crookshanks

Matt: All right, our next e-mail comes from Rhonda, who is way too old to admit her age. But she's from Illinois, so it evens out. Okay, so Rhonda says:

"I was listening to MuggleCast 166. Someone wrote in questions if Crookshanks could have been Lily Potter. On a similar line of thinking, until the end of the book, I had thought that Crookshanks could have been Regulus Arcturus Black, because Sirius was a dog Animagus. In astronomy, Sirius is 'Alpha Canis,' the dog star. Likewise, Regulus is 'Alpha Lionis,' the brightest star in the constellation Leo, a feline, marking Leo's heart."

So, what do you guys think?

Laura: I don't know. I think it would have been overdone if we had more secret Animagi. That's just me.

Andrew: Hey, Laura, we don't belittle you when you...

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: ...give us a parallel.

Laura: No, I'm - I mean, it's not that it's a bad theory, it's very well researched, but...

Andrew: Mhm.

Laura: ...I mean, we already had Sirius and Peter Pettigrew.

Matt: Yeah.

Laura: So...

Matt: It is a cool connection, though, I have to say. Like, you wonder if she did it on purpose.

Andrew: It would have been cool, though.

Micah: And Rita Skeeter.

Laura: Yeah, I mean, there was a lot of that going on.

Eric: I think it's more probable that Regulus was Crookshanks, because Lily is a girl and Crookshanks is a guy cat.

Muggle Mail: Filming Time

Laura: Next mail comes from Christopher, 21, of Ithaca, New York. He writes:

"Hello, MuggleCasters. I wanted to comment about your statement about the actual amount of shooting time for the new film. You state that it will take about fifty-four weeks. In reality, if you think about it, fifty-four weeks seems short when you think about the following: additional casting, airline flights to sets, hotel accommodations, set and prop preparations, children's filming hours with going to school. In my opinion, I feel they would need more time to film in order to create an awesome movie. Thanks a lot for allowing my thoughts."

Andrew: So there you go, that's just a little insight on why on earth it's taking fifty-four weeks. And it's understandable. I mean, you know, it's a lot. But then again, they do have huge crews and stuff, so, I mean...

Laura: We shall see.

Eric: I mean, I don't know if the kids are being schooled anymore. They were. It was certainly a consideration for the first few films, but...

Andrew: Yeah. But some are.

Laura: Well, they're still going to have extras that'll - who are in school.

Andrew: Yeah. And like, Evanna.

Eric: And second unit filming, and stuff like that.

Andrew: And plus, like someone brought up last week, you know, the child labor laws really delay them a lot, too. For the extras. I mean, you know, they must have a really hard time filming in the Great Hall, with all the kids filling in.

Matt: Yeah.

Muggle Mail: Lord Voldemort Repenting

Micah: The next e-mail comes from Ruby, 15, of Seattle. She says:

"Hey, guys, I love the show and just finished listening to Episode 166. There was a part of this episode where you talked about Harry offering Voldemort a chance to repent. You mentioned that Harry gave him the option to save himself, but when I was reading the book, I always thought Harry almost said this out of desperation. On page 103 of the American edition, Hermione mentions that remorse - which I relate closely to the act of repenting - could kill the person who feels so. It made me think that maybe Harry was trying to get Voldemort to destroy himself without Harry needing to do anything but talk. Not that Harry is anything like a coward, but it was worth a shot. Just wanted to see what you thought. Keep up the great shows."

Andrew: Do you guys think that makes sense? Like, do you think Harry really wanted to see if Voldemort would kill himself?

Laura: It's possible.

Eric: I don't know about killing himself. I mean, I think Harry is all about giving him as many choices as he can, because choices is the theme. You know, he wanted to give Voldemort a chance to repent, simply to see if he would do it, at this his last, most vulnerable moment, after he knew that his Horcruxes were gone, and that he was really in trouble and in front of everybody, and he opted to not be perceived as weak by everyone, and opted not to repent, and got his - got his - his life ended.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs] It kind of would've been funny if Voldemort...

Laura: [laughs] Just like self-combusted? Like, he couldn't take it, so he just like blew up.

Andrew: Yeah.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Andrew: Just like exploded.

Laura: That would've been messy.

Andrew: Like, lava come up.

Matt: [in high-pitched voice] I've found the source of the ticking! It's a pipe bomb!

Andrew: It's like - what is it? - in the Flintstones, where smoke comes out of Fred's ears? Was that it? [Imitates smoke blowing and laughs] Voldemort just went, "You know, you're right."

Laura: Boom!

[Andrew imitates explosion]

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: But that would teach kids like suicide, in a way, wouldn't it? I mean, not that...

Laura: Yeah, feel bad about something and you're going to blow up.

Andrew: I mean, not to say that Harry Potter - I guess you could argue that if it's teaching suicide, then it's also teaching people to kill other people, but...

Matt: Isn't that the best lesson of all?

Laura: Homicide.

Muggle Mail: House Points Hourglass Comparisons

Andrew: Homicide, yeah. Okay, and the last e-mail today comes from Lorne, 24, of Denver, Colorado. And he writes - I assume it's he, Lorne Michaels is the creator, or producer of SNL and he's a dude, so I'm going to go with dude.

"Hi MuggleCast! I'm a new listener and loving every minute of it."

Well, welcome, Lorne.

"I don't really have a question or a suggestion, I have an observation about the endings of 'Half-Blood Prince' and 'Hallows' in relation to the House Point hourglasses at Hogwarts. I don't know if this was intentional on Jo's part but at the end of 'Half-Blood Prince' during the battle in the castle, someone smashes the Gryffindor hourglass and all the rubies inside are scattered across the floor. This happened on the same night that Dumbledore, a Gryffindor, met his demise atop the Astronomy Tower. In 'Deathly Hallows,' the same thing happens on the Slytherin hourglass with all the emeralds scattering and Voldemort, a Slytherin, meeting his downfall. I don't know if you have ever talked about this before but you are always looking for connections throughout the books, so I thought I would share it. Again, I don't know if it's intentional, but do I think it's interesting. P.S. Voldemort's eyes are red in the books; Harry's are green - opposite colors to the House they are in."

So that's a pretty cool parallel, too.

Laura: Yeah, it's a nice use of symbolism.

Matt: Yeah, because Dumbledore fell off the Astronomy tower so when he hit the floor, Dumbledore probably went all over the place.

[Laura and Micah laugh]

Matt: And when Snape got bitten by the snake, his blood went all over the place, so...

Andrew: How can you draw the parallel to that and Voldemort, though? Because he didn't exactly explode.

Laura: He could've, if Harry would've let him.

Andrew: Aw, damn it! I wish! That would've been an awesome parallel.

Micah: Well, Snape also died that night, too.

Andrew: Yeah, and he was Slytherin, right?

Micah: Yeah.

Laura: No, he was Hufflepuff.

Andrew: Thought so. Wasn't sure, just had to check.

Micah: [laughing] What'd you say, Laura?

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: I thought you said "no, he was Hufflepuff" or something like that.

Andrew: [laughing] I'll play that back in editing and I'll know exactly what you said.

[Laura laughs]

Best of MuggleCast: Episode 137

Andrew: Okay, well that's Muggle Mail for this week, and it's time to take a look at another of the best of MuggleCast of 2008. This would be our March 16th show, Episode 137, so let's hear the clip.

[Andrew plays clip]

Jim: Hello, it's nice to be with you.

Aziza: It's great to have you here, and hear that voice. [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah. It's kind of surreal hearing it outside the audiobooks.

[Jim laughs]

Andrew: We'll start off the questions today with a recent news story. I'm not sure if you've heard about this yet, but they've decided to split the final film into two parts. Did you hear about this?

Jim: Yes, I read about that. You know, my only problem with the films is, you know, if a story is written for the screen and then it has a beginning, a middle, and end, including all the characters, when you take an existing story that lasts - when you listen to it or read it, it lasts twenty-seven hours, and you try to condense that into a two-hour film you're surely missing out and losing a lot of parts of all the story, all the side stories, and all the characters. I think sixty characters were missing from one of the films due to the fact they had to edit the story down so much. So that's a pity, but if they're going to make it into two films, then at least it gives all of us a chance of seeing and hearing a little bit more of the stories and the subsidiary characters in the story. I'm very pleased that they're doing that.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Aziza: Yeah.

[Clip ends]

Matt: What a wise man.

Andrew: So there's a clip of the Jim Dale interview, and you know what was so great about him? We didn't even ask him a question about that. We were about to, but we just asked him had he heard the story and he just jumped into a great explanation of why he felt like it was a good idea.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: I wonder where he got that fact from. We never really talked about that. He said that from one of the films he heard sixty characters were cut.

Eric: That's my comment, that Jim Dale is so brilliant and he knew, again with the 27 hours, he knows how long his audiobooks are. He knows how much work he put in and how much came out of it. He knows his own stuff, he knows his own work, and so for him to say sixty characters were cut out of a film, that's possibly something maybe he even looked up.

Andrew: I was going to say, he totally counted them himself! [laughs]

Eric: Those are sixty characters that he voiced that weren't in the movie.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: That could be something that he knows, just because he's that cool and that into - the work and the character. It could be part of his preparation. You guys should have asked him actually, on the show.

Andrew: Yeah. Do you think he kept a tally when he was watching, let's say it was Prisoner of Azkaban, do you think he just like kept a tally throughout the movie whenever he - he had the book in hand and was like paging through?

Eric: No, that's like O.C.D.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: I don't think he's crazy, I just think he's good at what he does.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: Yeah.

Eric: I just think he's thorough.

Micah: That was such a great interview.

Laura: I can just see him sitting there, like taking names off, being like, "Where the hell is Peeves?"

Andrew: Where the bloody hell is Peeves?

Matt: [laughing] I can just see him going, "Ah! They cut this one, too! Doh! God!"

Andrew: Yeah. Bollocks!

Micah: [lauhging] Well he was so attached to some of the characters though, because he said, especially in that conference that he drew so many of the voices from people he knew in his real life.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: And it was really such a pleasure seeing him there at Portus. Micah and I - I'll never forget that moment, Micah!

[Micah laughs.]

Andrew: Just sitting there, watching with you, and then we turned heads and stared into each other's eyes and...

Matt: And that group photo we all took. That was awesome.

Andrew: What?

Matt: That group photo we took with Jim.

Laura: Aw.

Andrew: Oh yeah, that one without me.

Matt: So nice...

Andrew: Thanks, guys.

Eric: Hey, remember that time you guys all went and saw JKR except for me?

Andrew: Hey, remember that time - were you even there?

Eric: No, I wasn't there.

Laura: Yeah.

Matt: Well, I was there and I didn't get to see 'em. You guys all ditched me in the hotel room.

Andrew: Oh yeah, that's true.

Laura: [laughing] I remember that.

Andrew: That was so funny. I don't know if we ever told this story on MuggleCast; we may have. I think we did, actually, on that "Dumbledore is gay" episode but...

Laura: Did we?

Andrew: The first thing, we just came into the hotel room and Matt and Elysa and her friend Sean were in there, and the first thing we said was, "Guys, Dumbledore is gay!"

[Laura laughs]

Matt: Yeah. Well, okay. We opened the door and literally, right when it cracked open, we heard the word "gay" like fifteen times from five different people. "Gay! No, he's gay! He's gay! Oh my god, he's gay! Gay!" That's all I heard.

Andrew: It was so much fun telling people. It still is.

Laura: But see, you guys didn't even believe us at first. You were like, "Nooo!"

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs] Nooo.

[Laura laughs]

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