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MuggleCast 167 Transcript (continued)

#2: J.K. Rowling vs. RDR Books Trial

Andrew: Sorry. And a lot of people felt like that was the biggest story of 2008, but we'll discuss that in a minute. Story number two. Oh boy, here we go. The J.K. Rowling v. RDR books trial. This was held in - it was April and - oh no, sorry, it was March.

Eric: But it spanned months.

Laura: Yeah, it went for a long time.

Andrew: Right. I just want to check to make sure. I mean, the actual...

Matt: It spanned for almost an entire year.

Andrew: The trial itself was held in March and it was from the thirteenth to the sixteenth, or the fourteenth to the sixteenth. And man, that was a crazy week on MuggleNet, wasn't it? I mean, for all...

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Just like news post demise.

Matt: It was scary for the fandom. Because...

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Especially for MuggleNet and other web sites because this could - the outcome could have seriously affected all the fan sites of Harry Potter.

Eric: And all of the fan fiction writers were worried as well and the implications that everything would have.

Matt: Oh yeah.

Eric: And what's fun for me is going back to that week in MuggleNet news posts and just - I like watching the thumbnails of each because we would have different press photos of Jo...

Andrew: Right.

Eric: In the business suit, showing up at each trial.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Kind of like the different aggravated and like the RDR books spokesperson was like, you know, everything was happening and we were totally with it. At every step of the way, every time someone said something, we'd have their picture looking, you know, completely disgruntled and attacked, defensive, and just - it was great. It was great. Looking at the news post thumbnails is fun.

Andrew: Well, let me just say while Eric's on that. I'll tell you real quick that there was so much news being posted that I felt that we had to have different thumbnails because otherwise they were all going to look the same.

[Matt and Laura laugh]

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: Because there was so much news related to it, so we were making thumbnails like crazy. And thank God for Yahoo! News, they had like a whole page where you would just keep on going back to for [laugh] the latest on the thumbnail for the trial.

Matt: [laughs] Yeah. They had like a gallery every like ten minutes.

Andrew: Yeah, they did. It was a trial gallery.

Micah: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, I got to say thanks to those people for taking so many pictures.

Micah: I just remember going to you, "I need a thumbnail. I need a thumbnail. I need a thumbnail." It was - but it was also fun. I mean, it was a very busy week of news, but I thought it was fun because you were really following everything that was going on and you know like Eric said, we were literally on top of everything and getting news up as quickly as we possibly could. I remember there was some blog on The Wall Street Journal that was following it.

Andrew: That was very helpful.

Micah: Yeah, in terms of explaining everything...

Andrew: Right.

Micah: ...that was going on legally.

Andrew: And getting reports from inside the court room because they would update like - in the morning. They would update during the court lunch break. So you would have a morning report and then they would update at the end of the day, so then you would have the report from afternoon. So that was really helpful. And I'm going to say, hard for me because I did not - I don't know this court crap so I was very reliant on The Wall Street Journal blog who put it into simple terms. And I just still have memories of just sitting in Rowan in the library, and just sitting there at the table just figuring out this stuff.

Eric: Being such a challenging case for copyright law, just the episodes when we got into it and we questioned, we went over copyright law and its definition, its legal parameters - that was all really cool. And it allowed us develop and really talk about stuff, and try to handle it informingly and not just emotionally.

Andrew: Definitely. Yeah.

Eric: That was really good.

Andrew: And that was one of our best episodes. Because we - and that whole copyright law thing was very intriguing. Because we broke it down, point by point, we tried to figure it out from an unbiased stand point. And we got a lot of feedback about that, and I remember specifically at Portus, who listened to the show - it was one person at least from this podcast called SnapeCast.

Laura: Oh yeah.

Andrew: And they came up and said, "Thank you. You discussion was excellent, and it was fair. [mumbles] Unlike other podcasts. So thank you for that and it was great. And I was like, "Well thank you. I really appreciate that. That's really good to hear."

Eric: That was very passionate.

Andrew: Some people were upset, let's be honest. We did get some e-mails saying, I can't remember, but some people didn't like it.

Micah: Well, I think no matter what...

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: ...people are going to show their bias. And clearly we all had our own positions on the issue, but we tried to bring up as much for either side as we possibly could. That doesn't mean we are going to agree with everything.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: Right.

Andrew: And from an unbiased stand point, I really felt like Jo was right. I'm not afraid to say that Jo was crazy, if she was, but she wasn't crazy, she was absolutely right.

Laura: Yeah, I agree.

Eric: Yeah, and I un-biasly can say otherwise.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: I'm just proving a point by saying that, but it's okay.

Micah: There you go.

Eric: I want to do a little review here real quick, before we get to number one. I'm going to do a little recap. Okay?

Andrew: Okay.

#1: The Tales of Beedle The Bard Release

Eric: Main discussion year in review the top seven stories of 2008. Number 7, was WB announcing their Harry Potter: The Exhibition to tour the world in 2009. Number 6, was Potter leaves the New York Times Best Seller List for the first time in ten years, everyone is sad. Number 5, Half-Blood Prince trailer is released. Number 4, Deathly Hallows is going to be split into two separate films. Number 3, Half-Blood Prince is delayed eight months. Number 2, J.K.R. vs. R.D.R. trial, and now we are at the moment of truth, the number one top story of 2008, Andrew.

Andrew: Drum roll please.

[Eric makes drum roll sound]

Matt: Say it!

Andrew: Nude photos on Hermione's website!

[Laura laughs]

Matt: Oh, is that point five?

Andrew: Just kidding! No, I butchered it.

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Andrew: Actually I meant new photos on Emma Watson's website. I didn't want to say nude.

[Micah laughs]

Eric: Lightmaker does a second site, it is for Emma Watson, that's what we have here.

Andrew: It's for real Emma Watson fans!

Matt: Oh, Ben.

Andrew: No, The Tales of Beedle the Bard being released. Why was this number one? Why wasn't the delay being number one? Personally, I think this was the number one story because this showed that the Harry Potter fandom was not dead, J.K. Rowling was not done. She was still willing to put books on shelves.

Eric: Still could be books out.

Andrew: Yeah. And people were still willing and excited to go to midnight release parties, even though not as many bookstores had midnight release parties.

Eric: When was Beedle the Bard auctioned? Was that this year or?

Andrew: It was December of last year.

Eric: December of last year? It was the end of last year, so when we followed the story at the beginning of the year we thought that when Amazon - Amazon won, for what was it, 3.98 million? Was it pounds or dollars or something?

Andrew: Dollars, that was 3.98 million pounds - I mean dollars.

Micah: Well, I don't know if I agree with it being number one.

Matt: No, I don't either.

Micah: I'm one of those people that thinks the delay sits up at number one and, you know, Andrew, you mentioned about how showing the strength of the fandom. I would say the response to the movie delay also showed the strength of the fandom. Just how angry and persuasive they can be, or responsive rather, they can be. But as far as Beedle the Bard though, I thought it was a good thing. You look at all the money going to charity, it being the fastest selling book of 2008, and knowing that the money is going to such a good place and Eric mentioned the live show in London and as we know, all the unveilings that took place both in New York City and in Edinburgh. So, I thought there was a lot of good things that came out of Beedle the Bard.

Andrew: Laura, you're the tiebreaker here. Was Beedle the Bard the most the biggest story, or was something else?

Laura: I would have to say that I agree with you on this, Andrew.

Andrew: Yes!

Laura: I mean, I definitely think...

Micah: Boo!

Matt: Boo!

Laura: Okay, I was definitely more, not excited, but I was definitely more riled up by the movie delay, but I think for the fandom as a whole Beedle the Bard was a bigger story, because after all the years of Jo Rowling giving us things, you know, giving us books and giving us her time for interviews, she turns around, a year after her final book in the Harry Potter series, she's turning around and selling something again, but this time for charity, and I just think that the charitable contribution in itself makes it a huge story, and it just goes to show that Potter fans rock, and we give to charity.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Now that I think about it, and I'm reading the list, I would think that the JKR/RDR trial and The Tales of Beedle the Bard probably are the biggest Harry Potter, itself, news, but for the fandom I thought - I agree with Micah with the Half-Blood Prince delay. I thought Beedle the Bard as a whole was probably like, the best little encore of the Harry Potter series that she could probably do for the fans. You know, like a little curtain closing a little bit. You get a little extra thing.

Andrew: Well hopefully it's not an ending. But - yeah, so, I think it's split and we'll get to the Twitter responses in a little bit, and like I said before, most of them were about Half-Blood Prince being delayed, but people also brought up good points of Beedle the Bard, so we'll get to those in a minute. Eric, you entered some honorable mentions. Probably a good idea. What were some of those?

Best of 2008: Honorable Mentions (News Stories)

Eric: Well Andrew, I thought there were some things that did happen this year that we did, MuggleCast history that were worthy of just honorable mentioning. One of them was the conclusion of Pickle Pack. Which happened this April, April of 2008. The beginning of the year, we sort of just finished up, and everyone, including Matt got really involved with doing Blickles and making up for lost time in 2007 and just, in the end it ended with a bang, and I think people were really happy. Oh, and also the second thing, the other honorable mention I mentioned - or wanted to mention was MuggleNet's election day coverage that you guys, was it Micah that spearheaded it?

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Because I know, Micah, you did all the news posts. And to be honest, this is something that I - I was really busy. I had nothing to do with it, not next to nothing. I had nothing to do with this, and I would still come to MuggleNet and see that it was going on, and I thought it was a great idea from the beginning, the election day, side-by-side, elect your Minister of Magic. And, I thought it was just the coolest idea! I have to give you mad props; I thought it was absolutely, insanely awesome every way that it was done. How it happened, that you all kept track of it, that you all [laughs] - the Twitters. Everything just looked so wonderful and I have to say, from the outside looking in, it was - it just looked like something that would be so much fun to be a part of.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, Micah, definitely a great job. And - yeah, I forgot what I was going to say, go ahead. Your acceptance speech, please.

Micah: [laughs] Well, no, Eric, I mean, thanks. It was a lot of fun to do, and it's just those types of things, I think, that keep people interested. I think the biggest thing also, that I took out of it, was seeing people who weren't old enough to vote saying, "Hey, we can actually voice our opinion and it's going to matter." Even though it's a fictional election, but they actually felt like they were contributing in some way and getting to vote, even though they weren't allowed to vote in the presidential election, or even people from other countries who couldn't really have a say in what goes on here felt like they were making a difference.

The First Annual MuggleCasties

Andrew: Yeah. It was just very interesting in general to follow. All right, and now we're going to do the first annual MuggleCasties award. This is just something we'll try out just for fun. We're going to do a couple of categories and name the answer and our opinions, like what...

Matt: Oh thats cool.

Andrew: ...what fulfilled that category.

Micah: So we're going to go around the table?

Andrew: Let's go around the table really quick. Biggest impact on the fandom story: Definitely the Half-Blood Prince delay for me.

Laura: Same.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Matt: Same.

Micah: I agree.

Andrew: Eric?

Eric: Yeah, me too.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Okay. [laughs] That one was easy.

Eric: I was thinking, I was thinking.

Andrew: This sort of goes hand in hand with this: most shocking story was also the Half-Blood Prince delay, in my opinion.

Laura: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: I'm going to go with the trial.

Andrew: Yeah. Specifically the outcome, actually.

Eric: Well the outcome, that it was happening - I think the trial was shocking, and - Micah brought up the parallel too - about when he was debating whether or not Tales of The Beedle the Bard should be the number one story, he mentioned something which reminded me that - well, Tales of the Beedle the Bard, he said, was more like a fandom event - I mean, a non-fandom event. It was for everyone who reads the books and likes the books, whereas the trial was more fandom-related, because inside the fandom - inside the people who were active online and viewing our site, there were the feuds and the death threats and the things, you know, which is much closer to us as far as feuding but Beedle the Bard is something that's great for fans everywhere is what I was thinking. So, most shocking story, I'm going to go with what was really close and personal, because a lot of personal stuff was happening with the JKR feud before anyone - I mean, I think with the WB thing, you really hated WB or not, but with the JKR/RDR you were on one side and people fought about that I think a lot longer or a lot more intensely than with the Warner Brothers thing.

Micah: Yeah. Most shocking - I mean, I might stay with the RDR trial and say them filing for appeal on the day - or, I'm sorry, the re - I forget the right word. Kind of like - [sighs] I don't know what the legal term for it is but getting rid of their appeal on the day Beedle the Bard was released. So, essentially deciding that they weren't going to file for appeal.

Andrew: Oh, yeah.

Micah: You know, I thought it was...

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: ...a little weird timing and after having gone through all of this in the first place, I thought it was just kind of weird that they were stepping aside.

Eric: It's - but it is good, and I think - I think the reason I think it's most shocking too is because it shocked me to read the actual written responses and testimony, and all the allegations were shocking to me. I was very shocked and I voiced the opinion at the time. I was shocked how RDR handled the accusation to begin with, and how everything spiralled out of control after that. I think it was shocking that it was actually happening, and it was something that even non-Harry Potter fans were saying, "Hey!" You know - were coming to me and saying - and everyone I knew who was a Harry Potter fan was being asked, "What do you think about this? Is it JKR being greedy? Is it this author lady?" You know, they wouldn't even know her, and everyone knew, even if you were outside the fandom, because it was making news about the court trial.

Andrew: Next story: The...

Matt: Least surprising.

Andrew: Least surprising, yeah. This is interesting. I didn't really think about this.

Eric: Yeah, whoever thought of it was a good idea.

Andrew: Actually, I guess Movie 7 being split into two films, because there was a sort of lead up to it.

Laura: Yeah, it had been rumored for a while.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Really?

Eric: Yeah, it's a big and important thing, but how else would they do it? And...

Andrew: Well, let's make this least exciting...

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: [laughs] least surprising yet exciting. I mean...

Eric: It's still exciting. I mean, it's still one of the biggest...

Andrew: Right.

Eric: ...things of the year. It's the least surprising story. I mean, we were doing Chapter by Chapter for Book 7 and we just kept saying each show, "Wow, this is a big scene, how are they going to do it tribute?" You know, before we knew.

Andrew: Right. Right.

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: Anyone else?

Eric: The next one I like...

Matt: No, no, I don't think - I honestly don't think that that was mine. I think my least surprising was probably Tales of Beedle the Bard given out to the public.

Andrew: Well, okay, yeah, fair enough.

Matt: I wasn't all that surprised about that.

Micah: What else were you going to say, Matt?

Matt: What?

Micah: I didn't hear what you said at the very end, about Beedle the Bard.

Matt: Oh. It was the least surprising story for me.

Micah: Okay, because it was actually released on the date it was supposed to be, and didn't get delayed for eight months?

[Eric and Matt laugh]

Eric: There was nothing surprising about that.

Matt: No, because I always thought that it was going to be released to the public anyway. I didn't know - I wasn't really surprised when they announced that people would be able to buy it. It just didn't make sense that it would only be to a special few people. That's why I thought it was going to be...

Eric: Yeah, because she did create that new content.

Matt: Yeah, she made all that content and everything and she's just going to give it to a few people? I just thought, "Okay, she's going do it for charity, so obviously she's going to wait until a while, and then she's going to give it out to more people so she can make more money for charity." It just makes sense.

Micah: Right. Yeah I mean for me, least surprising, I think Andrew mentioned it before, but it's a smaller story but with Emma Thompson not coming back. You know, some people actually made a big deal about that, but I didn't think it was that major.

Matt: So least interesting story?

Micah: Yeah, or least surprising. I mean, actors leave all the time. I mean, Eric was talking before about how they didn't think that the trio was going be able to make it through all seven films.

Andrew: Best Half-Blood Prince pic/video of the year.

Micah: Oh geez.

Laura: Oh, this is Micah's favorite category.

[Micah laughs]

Micah: Hang on, I've got to flip through my album here.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: For me, I have to say that my favorite video was definitely just seeing the scene - obviously all the trailers are great - but seeing the scene where Dumbledore having that ring of fire around him. I really think that's going to be a huge pinnacle scene, and not just sort of like half-assed like some scenes have in previous films that are really hyped up.

Eric: My best promo pic and/or video of the year would have to be the most recent trailer, which looks awesome.

Matt: Yes!

Eric: I would say the movie itself, but I saw a version without all the special effects and I don't want to be cocky, so I'm just going to say the most recent trailer.

Andrew: Laura, how about you?

Matt: Mhm.

Laura: Oh, it would definitely have to be the leaked trailer where the special effects weren't finished, and McGonagall just shoots that beautifully fake lightning bolt into the air.

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: That was my top moment of my year.

Matt: That took days.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: That took seconds to copy and paste from Microsoft clip art. Micah?

Laura: It honestly kind of looked like the lightning bolt out of iMovie. Have you ever used that before?

Andrew: It probably was, they probably recreated it.

Laura: [laughs] It probably was!

[Everyone laughs]

Matt: You see some "Copyright iMovie" on the bottom right hand corner.

Laura: You see the little apple.

Matt: "Courtesy of iMovie."

Micah: Video? The most recent trailer, the fansite trailer, I would have to say. I like the shots of the astronomy tower that we got, especially the one of Harry supporting Dumbledore, which I guess is right when they got back from the cave. As far as pictures go, all of them. I mean every single one of them. I love them all. They were great.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Eric: You say that almost without alternative meanings, Micah.

Micah: Yeah, they were great. You know, I've got them all up on my wall, I've got them on the computer. I had such a great time with all the photos. At least they gave us a reason why they did it, because they weren't going to put out a movie so they decided to...

Eric: It sounds like that bugs you, Micah.

Matt: I think my favorite has to be with everyone else, with the trailer. I think it was the third trailer, because of the one where - the one scene that we got to see with Dumbledore and Harry on the rock in the ocean, and the wind's blowing in Dumbledore and Harry's face, and Harry's just looking at Dumbledore with - he doesn't look very sure about this whole situation, and Dumbledore is just staring at it like, "Oh yeah, we're going in there," you know? That was pretty cool.

[Eric and Laura laugh]

Eric: "We're going in, cover me!"

Matt: "Oh yeah, Harry. This is the last place you're going to be with me before I get killed. Yeah, you ready for this? Let's go."

Eric: And the following MuggleCasties award is the J.K. Rowling award. It is soon to be prestigious. MuggleCast is doing this first, first annual MuggleCasties. And this year's J.K. Rowling award goes to...drumroll please.

[Andrew makes drumroll sound]

Eric: J.K. Rowling.

Andrew: Oh, what a surprise. Oh my God, really?

Laura: Wow, I never would've expected.

Eric: I think it's only appropriate. We're a Harry Potter podcast to have J.K. Rowling award, and this year J.K. Rowling won it.

Andrew: Congrats to her.

Eric: We'll see better luck next year to the other contestants trying to win the J.K. Rowling award.

Micah: I heard she was going to accept that award on the first show of the new year.

Andrew: Yeah, I was going to say we tried to reach her for comment, but as of press time we have not heard back.

Twitter Feedback

Andrew: And to wrap this whole big discussion up, we're going to take some Twitter feedback. We're going to have Twitter feedback every week now as I brought up last week, it's just a couple quick ones.

First one, "LummyDeedleDum" writes about - the question was, "What was the biggest story of 2008?" and LummyDeedleDum wrote: "The Half-Blood Prince push back until Summer 2009 because it showed the world how passionate Harry Potter fans are and it also got the most press coverage."

That's very true, it may have gotten more coverage than Beedle The Bard.

Matt: Yeah there are so many videos.

Eric: Not more than the trial, the Washington Post didn't write about the - pushback.

Andrew: Yeah, well, biggest reaction, maybe she was trying to say.

Matt: Yeah, definitely the biggest reaction.

Andrew: "Hptwilighter" writes: "Beedle The Bard going to the fans announcement. Half-Blood Prince news is just for the movies but more from Jo equals amazing!"

I think that's a good point because it's more from Jo, the creator of all this.

"DominicoE" writes: "Delaying Movie 6 because Movie 6 would've been the biggest event of 2008."

I disagree with that, I don't - wouldn't the movie being released be the biggest event if it came out this year?

Eric: It depends on what they decided to do with Beedle the Bard if the movie was coming out.

Andrew: Good point.

Eric: Assuming any has an effect on the other.

Andrew: I don't think so, because they - last year, you know, with Book 7 and Movie 7 being like ten days apart.

Eric: Right, but I'm glad that Beetle the Bard came out with no other thing to be worried about at the time.

Micah: Yeah. I would say that maybe even the trial would have moved up to number one if the movie actually came out.

Matt: Yeah. That's true, too.

Andrew: "Danielle525" said: "Beedle the Bard was the biggest story to me. It's a new Harry Potter-related book from Jo. So, that's pretty special."

And lastly, "Malawyer" writes: "Definitely the news to split Deathly Hallows into two movies. It was great news to know that at the end our fave series would be done right."

Matt: I think we should have had a category "The Biggest Upset," and I think the split of Deathly Hallows is probably the best.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Like, the one where the fans got the most, you know...

Eric: The biggest "Huh?!" WB moment.

Matt: ...positive. Yeah, the biggest "Yay!" kind of feedback.

Best of MuggleCast: Episode 142

Andrew: Yeah. There's a poll now up on MuggleNet asking you which question is the biggest - or which story is the biggest of 2008. So, head on over there and vote, and that'll be interesting to see what the general audience thinks, but I have a hunch they're all going to say the Half-Blood Prince pushback because, at least with Twitter, like 80 percent said the Half-Blood Prince pushback was the biggest. So, it'll be interesting to see what our audience writes in, too, and says they disagree. Anyway, it's time for another "Best of MuggleCast" clip of 2008, and then we have a Chicken Soup, and we're going to wrap it up today. This was from our court discussion that we actually talked about a little earlier on. This is from Episode 142 from April 19, 2008.

[Andrew plays clip]

Micah: The key players in this huge court trial that has taken place over the last four days. Obviously, everybody knows about J.K. Rowling and Steve Vander Ark, but...

Andrew: So wait a second, wait. This is all your - you don't have any fanfare or anything? This is the best you can do?

Micah: What do you mean "fanfare"?

Andrew: Well, I mean, like this is a big - you just said yourself, it's a big - this is a big trial you...

Eric: [in a booming voice] "And the co-plaintiff is...

Andrew: Yeah. You...

Eric: ...J.K. Rowling."

Andrew: don't have anything prepared like that?

Micah: Oh, you want me to do it like that?

Eric: Well, we're not all like you, Andrew. We don't all have those j-j-j-j-J.K. Rowling c-c-c-co-plaintiff.

Andrew: Hold on, wait, I think I can set this up properly. Hold on one second.

Eric: Okay.

[Theme from Monday Night Football plays]

Eric: Oh, god.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: [announcer voice echoing] In this corner, coming in at five foot five and an undisclosed amount of weight, J. K. Rowling! And in this corner, looking not a day over twelve years old, breaking down at the podium, Steven Vander Ark! [speaking normally] All right, that's much better. Now we have the whole thing set up, and people will realize how big this trial actually is.

Micah: I don't even know how to continue after that, though. That was just amazing.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: I agree.

Andrew: Thank you.

[Clip ends]

Andrew: So there you go. That's the end of the clip.

[Laura laughs]

Micah: That was good.

Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul: Surgery Edition

Andrew: We're going to wrap things up today with a Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul: Surgery Edition. This comes from Olivia G., 14, of Maryland. She writes,

"Hey MuggleCast, I love your show, and I check my iTunes as often as I can to see if you uploaded a new show. Thank you guys for continuing to produce an awesome show. Today, I had to undergo a minor surgical procedure on my feet. Really minor, nothing anyone responsible should be afraid of..."

Oh, sorry.

"Nothing anyone reasonable should be afraid of, but I guess I'm not exactly a Gryffindor. I was terrified. I wasn't put to sleep during the procedure, so I put MuggleCast on my iPod nice and loud. Focusing on your voices kept my mind off my fear and off the pain. I'm now resting at home with two very sore toes, but I should be fine in a few days. Thanks so much for helping me conquer my fears. Hugs, pickles, and gold. Olivia."

Laura: Aw.

Andrew: So, Olivia, we're very happy to help you through your surgery.

Laura: Yeah. Surgery's a scary thing.

Andrew: That would be one of the first times someone was, you know, being - having surgery and listening at the same time. I would be listening to Hairspray really loud.

Micah: As long as it's not the doctor, we're okay.

Andrew: Yes. Yes.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Eric: It's not like going bungee jumping and having them play Jump by Van Halen.

Andrew: Yeah. "Jump, jump." Yeah.

Eric: That actually happened to me.

Remembering 2008

Andrew: All right. Well, it's been another great year and it's time to wrap up the final episode of 2008. Thank you everyone for listening through another year. And if you're a new listener, we hope this is the first year of many. It's a big year for us.

Eric: Yes.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: It's the first year we - this is the year we stopped doing shows weekly, which hasn't been too bad.

Matt: Yes.

Andrew: No, it hasn't.

Matt: No. It was a good thing, because there wasn't really anything to talk about that much on a weekly basis.

Eric: For some weeks. And then other weeks there was a lot to talk about.

Andrew: Hence the two hour shows.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: Which was great.

Matt: I mean, unless we wanted to do Chapter-by-Chapter for all seven books.

Eric: [gasps] Ooh. Can we?

Andrew: Maybe. We'll...

Laura: Ooh. I don't think so.

Matt: Laura and I discussed it last night. We really want to do it.

Eric: Really? You guys were?

Matt: Yeah.

Laura: Wow. For some reason, I'm not remembering this conversation, Matt.

Matt: [laughs] Oh, Laura. She's modest.

[Micah laughs]

Eric: Laura really doesn't like when you put words in her mouth, Matt.

Andrew: Yeah. It's not mean.

Matt: Oh well. Someone has to.

Micah: But it was a big year for the show, too. I mean, we really didn't talk about the show, right? I mean, all of Portus and you guys going to London, and Jim Dale, and...

Eric: A lot still happened. A lot still happened.

Micah: ...the podcast award.

[Show music starts]

Andrew: Yeah. And a big year coming up in 2009 with the movie and Azkatraz and a few surprises along the way.

Eric: Yeah. With the trial, even without having a book out, this show grew in leaps and bounds with interviews of prestigious celebrities like Jim Dale.

Andrew: [laughs] Definitely. Yes.

Eric: And Stephenie Meyer.

Andrew: Yes. Oh yeah! That too. I forgot that.

Micah: Didn't you have Spiderwick Chronicle kid on, too.

Andrew: Was that this year?

Laura: Oh yeah.

Andrew: That was this year. Yeah.

Laura: Yeah, it was!

Laura: Spiderwick Chronicle kid! [laughs]

Micah: [laughs] Sorry. That's probably - what's his name?

Laura: Freddie Highmore.

Micah: Oh, I'm sorry, yeah.

Andrew: Big year of interviewing stars on MuggleCast who have no relation to Harry Potter.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: So it was awesome.

Laura: Well, Spiderwick Chronicles, remember, we saw - we saw that in...

Andrew: It was just like PoA.

Laura: Yeah. [Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: All right, well, thank you everyone for listening. This episode really flew by for me. I cannot believe it's been an hour and fifty minutes recording. So yeah, it's just lovely.

Eric: Yes.

Andrew: It's wonderful.

Eric: 2008 was fun. I can't wait to see you guys again at Azkatraz, it'll probably be.

Andrew: Yeah. I cannot wait to see you either.

Eric: Unless it happens to be - you guys should all come to Chicago for the Harry Potter: The Exhibition.

Andrew: Maybe. What if it comes to me? Why should I go to it?

Eric: Because Chicago's the first.

Andrew: True. It'll probably be the best. Thank you everyone for listening to our final episode of 2008. Once again, I'm Andrew Sims.

Eric: I am Eric Scull.

Laura: I'm Laura Thompson.

Micah: I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Matt: And I am ending the show of the year with my name. Matt Britton.

Andrew: We'll see everyone next time - sometime in January - for Episode 168. Buh-bye!

Laura: Bye, happy New Year!

Andrew: Happy New Year. Yeah, happy New Year to you all!

Matt: Bye, happy New Year.

Micah: Happy New Year!

Matt: Yeah! Kiss each other.

Written by: The Transcribers