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Now that our sponsors are out of the way, let's get to this week's show.

Hey everyone, we're back for another week of MuggleCast. It's getting closer and closer. I'm Ben Schoen.

Andrew: I'm Andrew Sims.

Kevin: I'm Kevin Steck.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Ben: And...

Melissa: I'm Melissa from PotterCast.

Ben: The Leaky Cauldron.

Andrew: Woo.

Melissa: The Leaky Mug, Leaky Mug Cauldron, whatever. Hey, you can now get to us...I don't have to say Leaky dash Cauldron dash...

Andrew: Why not?

Melissa: Dash Leaky.

Kevin: Oh yeah.

Andrew: Wait!

Melissa: [laughs] We have a new name.

Andrew: Wait, why not? Why?

Kevin: You didn't...

Melissa: This is a MuggleCast exclusive.

Andrew: What?

Kevin: Yeah. Leaky News.

Melissa: Go to, you will also get to the Leaky Cauldron.

Andrew: Yes! Yes!

Ben: So, you're telling me, if you go to, you get to Leaky Cauldron?

[All laugh]

Melissa: Yeah.

Ben: everyone, that's B-E-N-S-C-H-O-E-N dot com.

Kevin: Okay.

Ben: Okay. Well...before we get to down and everything, down and deep down into Harry Potter analyzation and what-not, let's go to Micah for this week's new.


Micah: Thanks, Ben.

As of last Monday, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has grossed a stunning $181.4 million in the 21 countries where it has already been released. Warner Bros. has also announced that it became the biggest ever opening weekend for a film in Britain.

The fourth Harry Potter movie has proven extremely successful in IMAX theaters. The IMAX Experience opened to sell-out crowds and shattered every record for an IMAX Hollywood simultaneous release, beating the previous record by more than 30%, with earning an estimated $2.9 million over the three-day period.

Sources are predicting that Goblet of Fire, will surpass Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, which made $614 million outside of North America. The fourth film grossed more than $85 million in 19 countries outside of North America in its first weekend.

International Space Station Commander William McArthur received a special viewing of the fourth movie while in space. NASA and Warner Bros. teamed up for the effort to recognize the astronaut that is living on board the space station.

Of course you can check out new pictures, video clips, posters, calendar scans and interviews as well as send in your own Goblet of Fire movie reviews. MuggleNet has also just posted their interviews (interviews hosted by MNet and interviews hosted by Leaky) from the Red Carpet in NYC. For more for information check out MuggleNetís Main Page.

It's only been a week since its release, but Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is already widely available across file-sharing networks. According to the UK newspaper This is London, Warner Brothers had the following to say about movie piracy: "Every blockbuster will be pirated - that's where the money is. It's very easy to find pirated product, even though we are fighting it as hard as we can." The movie industry estimates that piracy results in losses between $2.3b and $3.5b each year.

In other news, The New York Times has included Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in their list of 100 notable books for 2005.

And finally, the Internet Movie Database has June 1, 2007 listed as the release date for the Order of the Phoenix movie, but we think this date announcement is a little premature. We'll keep you posted.

Thatís all the news for this November 27, 2005 edition of MuggleCast. Back to you guys!

Ben: Thanks, Micah. That was just splendid.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben's Weekly Top Ten List

Ben: Before we move on any further, I have a new segment that I am announcing for Mugglecast.

Andrew: Huh?

Ben: It is "Ben's Weekly Top Ten List." This is going to be great, folks. Thanks to Rebecca for sending this list in.

You know you're a crazed Cedric Diggory Fangirl when....

Number 10 - You're still crying.

Number 9 - You dumped your boyfriend because you felt it was an insult to Cedric's memory to still be with him. Awww! Yeah.

Number 8 - You bought yourself complimentary Hufflepuff robes and walk around in them with a hood on.

[Melissa: If you're a little scared by this week's top ten list, ooh!]

Number 7 - You kiss each picture you have of him in your room goodnight, every night before you go to sleep.

Number 6 - You deny ever cheering for Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Slytherin Teams.

Number 5 - You're crying as you read this [sniff, sniff].

Number 4 - You started drooling in the theatre when he first came on the screen.

Number 3 - You only wear black and when asked about it, you say, "He was so young!" and hysterically burst into tears confusing everyone around you.

Number 2 - Once you found a good picture of him on Google, after a sleepless twelve-hour search, you print it out and force your parents to take you to the Kinko's and made five billboard sized copies, which now hang in your room.

And the Number 1 reason you know you're a Cedric Diggory Fangirl ask everybody to refer to you as Cho, and they won't. And when they won't, you act very, very insulted. And you are.

Andrew: Dah dah daaah.

Ben: Now, was that beautiful or what?

Kevin: Ahhh.

Ben: Okay, if you're disappointed with this week's Top Ten List, have no fear. Send ben at staff dot mugglenet dot com, send me your own Top Ten List and we'll make this just awesome. Okay...

Andrew: Don't worry, Rebecca, I liked it.

Eric: I liked it too, Rebecca. That was really cool.

Ben: I loved it, Rebecca. Okay...

Kevin: No, it wasn't the list - it was the person reading it.

Ben: Ohhh! That hurt!

Kevin: So...

[All laugh]


Eric: Let's get on.

Ben: Okay. Let's get on with the show. Okay, before we get into any content.

Eric: I do have an announcement.

Ben: Is there any announcements, Andrew?

Eric: Yes, I have one.

Andrew: Why yes there is, Ben. Eric, you can wait. Be patient. You know guys, every once in a while I've got to give you a little talk where I sit you down, we all sit down...

Ben: Yeah! [Andrew impression]

Andrew: We calm down and we take a step back into reality.

Eric: All right.

Andrew: Last week everyone sit down. Just dim the lights. And last week you might remember that we made a call-out for everyone to fill out our "Listener Survey," and we got a couple of emails from people saying how, "Well, gee, heh, heh, Listener Survey. You're asking what kind of credit cards I use? That's not a Listener Survey!" Well, you're wrong, it is. Here's what's going on. Because we weren't very clear about it last week. We're using the Listener Survey to get demographics. And these demographics will help us in getting an advertiser. So, this is why we've been doing it, and you might say, "Oh, well why do you need an advertiser? You in it for the money, you scumbags, you money, you money..."

Eric: You dirty rotten scoundrels.

Andrew: Hungry.

Ben: Well actually, well actually, if you must know, we aren't in it for the money considering it costs $60,000 a year just to host MuggleCast, and we have to have a way to offset these costs.

Andrew: So, the reason that we're asking people to take this survey is so we can get demographics to look into an advertiser. This advertiser is going to help us offset our costs of a server. You might be saying, "Oh gee, your server, I've seen and all that, they only cost ten bucks a month. Well, we are using a very dedicated high-end, media distribution server that can easily distribute our show to everyone, and this server costs on average, on average, on AVERAGE - $60,000 a year. $60,000 a year. That is with our current subscriber base.

Kevin: And that's in addition to the cost of MuggleNet.

Andrew: We all work at McDonald's for 40 hours a week trying to save up this money, but then we realized, "Well, why don't we just get an advertiser?" and so we're looking into one right now. We promise there will only be...there will be no more than two ads per show. And they're short. They're like 15 seconds a piece. So...

Ben: And we'll make them as un-intrusive as possible.

Andrew: We're going to be, we're going to be the ones saying them. There's

Kevin: Yeah. And...

Andrew: I hate when we get emails of people complaining about advertising because we did get a few - especially with this Listener Survey. It's for, it's because we need the money to distribute the show to you guys. Otherwise it would be a problem.

Ben: But Andrew, but Andrew, we have to give the listeners credit because they didn't realize what was going on initially.

Andrew: No, they probably don't.

Ben: Because it may have looked that way so...

Kevin: Yeah.

Ben: It's not you guys' fault, we should have explained it better so we take the burden back on ourselves. And next time this happens, we'll make sure to explain it to you guys before we just start throwing ads all over the place.

Andrew: Oh and then also a lot of you might have noticed that Micah Tannenbaum, our All-Star Transcriber, recently made a job posting looking for a new transcriber, and a lot of people thought he was leaving. No, he's not leaving. He just needs extra help. Because it is a lot of work and it does take a lot of time.

Ben: Because we've been releasing what like three shows a week now?

Eric: Yeah.

Kevin: Yes. [laughs] Yeah.

Ben: Because recently there was the live show he had to do a lot of work on, then there was the regular MuggleCast and then a LeakyMug and by the time he gets all that caught up, the next day he has to get ready to type the new MuggleCast. So, the poor guy. He's put a lot of work in.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

[Eric laughs]

Ben: Recently, there was a live show we had to do a lot of work on, then there was a regular MuggleCast, and then a Leaky Mug, and by the time he gets all that caught up the next day he has to get ready to type the new MuggleCast. So, the poor guy puts a lot of work in.

Eric: Yeah, Micah, weíre like, "Hereís a Leaky Mug!" and heís like, "Donít throw that at me."

[Andrew laughs]

Melissa: You guys got to do it like, we have a team of elves over at Leaky. Over at PotterCast.

Andrew: I know. See, we donít do elves.

Eric: See, we like to refer to Micah as a human, as a human being, as an individual.

Melissa: Our elves like their status. They enjoy their tea towels, thank you very much.

Eric: Itís because they donít know any better. Just like real elves.

Ben: No, personally, I think everyone at Leaky Cauldron doesnít know any better.

Melissa: Ohhh.

[Laughing and Ohh-ing]

Ben: On that note...

Eric: That so has to go in to the show.

Ben: Moving the discussion on - Eric, I believe you had an announcement?

Andrew: Thatís all from me.

Eric: Ah, yes. MuggleCast has a, now has a fan listing. And what that is, is if youíre a fan of MuggleCast, we request, and you donít have to do this, weíre just asking, that you go to our official, number one MuggleCast fan listing.

[Melissa laughing]

Eric: And what that does is you put your name in...

Melissa: Thereís like forty. [laughs] Sorry.

Eric: Our official...

Andrew: Thereís forty-five, soo...

Eric: This is our official fan listing, all right? You put your name in and your country and then we have a list of all the countries people listen to us to. And also, we have forums there for discussion on every episode of MuggleCast ever released including the Leaky Mugs, and thatís updated weekly and we actually have all our MuggleCasters are site admins on those forums.

Andrew: So, whatís the link?

Melissa: Tell me I want to go.

Ben: You can get a link to the forums over at

Kevin: Okay, stop.

Eric: The link is ok, mugglecastfan dot net. Thatís pretty easy to remember - itís just mugglecastfan dot net.

Melissa: How come Iím getting a white screen?

Eric: and weíll link to that in the show notes if youíre getting a white screen.

Melissa: You guys, in all seriousness Iím getting a white screen.

Ben: Hey, Melissa...

Melissa: Iím going to it right now.

Andrew: Yeah, me too, itĎs not working.

Eric: Try without the "www."

Melissa: Um, ok.

Andrew: Thatís what I, I tried both.

Melissa: White screen.

Ben: Hey, Melissa IĎm trying to...

Andrew: This is a joke.

Ben: Iím searching Google here and Iím not finding a PotterCast fan listing. Do you guys just not have that big of a following or something?

Melissa: Well, that kind of happens when you readers have less to do, have more to do then homework when they come home at the end of the day.

[Everyone Ooohhh-ing while Melissa laughs]

Kevin: That was, that was not nice.

Eric: For your information... Okay, Melissa... Okay...

Ben: Okay, so... In other words, in other words do not go to PotterCast. Do not listen to PotterCast. Cancel your subscription.

Eric: Anyway, anyway...

Kevin: Yeah.

Melissa: Listen. Listen, listen, listen, listen, no, what youíre missing is that weíve had an active fan conversation in since day one, you guys havenít had it going so you guys needed a place for it.

Eric: See, they donít care about their fans so they donít care what countries theyíre from.

Melissa: You guys needed a place for that and now you have one, but weíve had a place since day one.

Eric: Anyway, without the "www." Weíll include that in our show notes.

Andrew: Too bad it doesnít work but...

Melissa: White screen of doom.

Ben: Itíll probably be up by then.

Eric: Without the "www," guys.

Andrew: Yeah, I have it without the "www."

Eric: Ok, fine then go mugglecast dot with...all right with...sorry "with daylight dot net." Mugglecast...

Ben: No, Kind of like the Leaky Cauldron.

Eric: Thatís correct.

Kevin: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, anyway. Hereís our dash.

Kevin: The hypen Leaky hyphen cauldron.

Melissa: Welcome to my world.

Ben: Okay...

Eric: Okay... Okay... Thatís right, thatís it.

Andrew: Okay, so...

Ben: And some of you...

Eric: We tried making it easier with domain name.

Ben: Some of you who have been wondering, on our particular fan listing that Eric mentioned, if we were going to take a break from MuggleCast, and the answer is no.

Andrew: No no no.

Ben: Even if it's just me, even if itís just me doing MuggleCast, weíre still going to have it.

Eric: Yeah, as Iíve said, I do post on the forums recently and as Ben brought up, there will still be some kind of audio version of MuggleCast.

Andrew: No, no.

Ben: Or weíll make a best of MuggleCast, the best of... [laughs]

Andrew: The reason, yeah we should. Thatís a good idea. The reason people are asking us this is because last week I sort of, sort of jokingly said, "We got to take a break sometime soon." We are going to take a break sometime soon. Itís going to be over Christmas or something. I think. Unless you guys really want to do it then Iíll do it.

Eric: Yeah, well then the topic could be Christmas and all the good stuff that happens at Christmas, yeah.

Kevin: Weíll see how thing work out.

Ben: Well, weíll just play it by ear.

Eric: Play it by ear, mhm.

Ben: Christmas is still a month away. So yeah, Santa Claus is coming to town yíall. Okay.

[Eric laughs]

Ben: I think that cover all of any announcements weíve had.

Eric: Pretty much.

Goblet of Fire Video Game

Ben: So Eric, youíve had the chance to look at the Electronic Ar--the Electronic Arts video game: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. What did you think, bud?

Eric: Well, okay. It took me seven-and-a-half hours to beat. First of all, I have the Playstation 2 version of the game, and I bought it because I figured, you know, Iíd pay my debt to EA Games and Harry Potter for doing such a magnificent thing as the...anyway. Okay. The game is okay. The game is okay. The graphics are great, but I have to say itís not the Harry Potter game I wished we, as the fans, would have. Now, okay. I think that with the games, with the games and the movies, I donít know why when thereís a movie game, I donít know why it has to scream video game. I donít know why it just does. This game screams video game.

Melissa: Mhm.

Andrew: I know why.

Melissa: Isnít it a video game?

Eric: It is, but thatís...

Melissa: What's bad about...?

Kevin: It's supposed to be...

Eric: Okay, you may not agree with that statement, but do you agree with this? That the movies are a condensation of the books, and the video games are an elaboration of the movies.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: I donít know about that because I played the first game and I wasnít really too impressed with it because you went hopping around...

Melissa: I couldnít kill Voldemort.

Eric: Well, yeah...

Ben: Chasing giant jelly beans, and I donít think, I just personally think they are a game that you sort of try to follow Harryís adventures but youíre not actually doing them, and it really to me doesnít...

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: ...make much sense to try and compare them to books because it isnít like...

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: have to go talk to Hermione in the common room or Sirius in the fire because it doesnít work like that.

Eric: Yeah, exactly. I like how Ben put that, yeah. Now, Bertie Botts Beans are always going to be in the video games. They're in this one. I donít know how they got there in the first place, but those and wizard cards are all going to be in the games no matter what. Okay, about the game. This game basically, there are certain levels where... Itís actually, the really cool thing about this game, is that itís a three-player game. If you, you can actually, this game is made for three players. Itís really cool and for PS2 you need the Multitab to do it, but the game can actually incorporate three players, because in all of the, I should say main or event levels of the game, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are always together. They follow you around in one-player mode and they help you out and cast spells and stuff, so you can actually have two or three players as the Trio, and choose your character and stuff like that and do the levels co-op. Insert "Oooh!!!" here.

[Kevin laughs]

Melissa: So, did you...

Eric: So, it is actually, it is a cool concept but...

Kevin: Well, did...

Eric: Yes?

Kevin: Did you play it single-player?

Melissa: Have you tried it?

Eric: I did play single-player, but...

Kevin: Because I have the PC version and I found that the AI is horrible.

Eric: The AI, it's fun.

Kevin: They had no clue what they were doing.

Eric: Yeah, it's a little, it's not that bad. Okay, what happens in the regular levels of the Goblet of Fire videogame is, you can choose which of the trio you should be and it's a mess. It just really is. In the PS2 version "square" is for "Charm" and "X" is for "Jinx" and that's all you need to know. Now, they actually have a whole system of like thirteen different Jinxes you can do and like five different Charms, but you don't need to hit anything special to do it. You just need to walk all depends...the Jinx you use.

Kevin: It depends on item.

Eric: It depends on what you're using it on.

Kevin: Or object, yeah.

Eric: Yeah, object. So, basically if you want to put it in the cruelest terms that I'll ever offer anybody, you run around and you push "square" and "X" a hundred times, really rapidly.

Ben: Sounds really exciting.

Kevin: Yeah, but...

Ben: In a nutshell.

Eric: Now listen, it is, it is, and I'll give it this. It is cool. It is a funny game because the environments that they do as I said, Goblet of Fire I feel is a more character-driven movie and there's less plots, so the videogame people at EA Games or whoever...

Melissa: Wait.

Eric: And all the people who came up with this.

Melissa: Hang on.

Eric: Had to...

Melissa: Hang on. Eric?

Eric: Yes.

Melissa: Did you just say the Goblet of Fire had less plot?

Eric: No. I'm saying...well okay, yeah. Let me clear that up, I'm sorry. I didn't say it had less plot I mean the plot was, I felt that it was secondary as far as character development and stuff was brought...

Kevin: What?

Eric: Never mind. Okay.

[All laugh]

Eric: Basically, the point is, they have these levels like "Herbology," which isn't at all in the movie, but it's really coolly done and I think the scenes and stuff and the setting is's basically what you could expect from the game seeing as how they've progressed but what I liked...

Kevin: Can I make an observation?

Eric: Absolutely Kevin, please. By all means.

Kevin: What's the rating of the game?

Eric: I've seen it as 7 up.

Andrew: E10 up I think it is.

Eric: I've seen it as 7.

Kevin: The reason why the game is so easy with the two buttons is because it's for seven-year olds.

Andrew: It's designed for kids.

Kevin: It's designed for kids.

Andrew: It's Harry Potter.

Kevin: So, you know, so you have to, I mean you have to take into account that it's not going to be the best game for someone who is 16, 17 years old to be playing because it wasn't truly meant for them. It was meant for anyone probably between 7 and 13 to play.

Eric: I really don't think that's the point. I think Sorcerer's Stone and the Chamber of Secrets games were better than this one. And I truly feel that way. If you recall, the Chamber of Secrets videogame I had it for either Playstation 2 or the computer, I actually had it for both but I'm not sure which one I played more. Anyway, that was more of a free-roaming game. You were at Hogwarts in the common room and you could walk around, you could collect Beans or Cards or whatever that were hidden behind statues throughout Hogwarts or you could go outside. You could go outside on the Hogwarts Grounds which you can't do in this game (and granted it took literally 60 seconds to load, between inside and outside, I counted it, it was terrible). But!

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: You could walk around, you could get on your broom, you could fly, you could go to Hagrid's, you could do all the stuff and there was a 'to-do list' in the Gryffindor common room of what you could do that day and it was like a day-by-day type thing and I really liked that about the games and I think it's more of a kind of what they did with Spiderman 2 The Movie Game, more of a free-roaming, more of a...than anything and I really would like to see that in a Harry Potter game but...

Ben: Cool, cool, cool.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: In a nutshell.

[Kevin laughs]

Ben: In a nutshell, on a scale from 1 to 10, that's all I need to know, on a scale from 1 to 10, what would you rate this game?

Eric: 7! You know why? Because two reasons, there is a game, there is a game, sorry. There is a level when you're on a broom which is the First Task. The Second Task is not that great in the game and the second reason is Voldemort. The final duel with Voldemort they actually have Ralph Fiennes is I think the only one who voices the character from, in the game from the movie and the last level is really cool.

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