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Show Intro

[Intro music plays]

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["Hedwig's Theme" plays]

Jim Dale: [as Professor McGonagall] This is Professor McGonagall welcoming you all to MuggleCast hoping you enjoyed - Dobby! Dobby, come here! Here! Dobby! [as Dobby] Yes, I'd just like to say how very pleased I am to introduce MuggleCast to all of you! Thank you! Thank you!

[Show music plays]

Andrew: Because Mary GrandPre is joining us this week, this is MuggleCast Episode 172 for March 6th, 2009

[Show music continues]

Andrew: Oh, this is a show for the mantle, ladies and gentlemen. This week we have, as promised and previewed, an interview with the illustrator of the American Harry Potter covers. Mary GrandPre is on the show this week. We conducted a great interview with her and we'll be having that later on in the show, and it's actually been awhile since our last MuggleCast, so we're going to be catching up on a lot of news this week. So, let's get right into the show. I am Andrew Sims.

Laura: I'm Laura Thompson.

Micah: I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Matt: And I'm Matt Britton.

[Show music continues]

News: Today Australia Airs Half-Blood Prince Clips

Andrew: Okay, Micah, we're all looking forward to the Mary GrandPre interview, but first, what's in the news?

Micah: Well we got a lot of news, because, as you said, it's been a while since we did our last show, and...

Andrew: Yes it has!

Micah: We'll get right into it. Today Australia debuted a new look at Half-Blood Prince back on February 23. And there were a few new scenes that were revealed in this - could you call it a trailer? Or is it just a sneak peek?

Andrew: It's just as good as a trailer.

Laura: Yeah.

Matt and Micah: Yeah.

Micah: It's better than the Japanese one, that's for sure.

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Andrew: I mean, first we saw the - this was in theaters, then, like Micah said, it was on Today Australia, and then W.B. officially released it in beautiful high definition quality. And, oh, just everything in this trailer - the scenes with Bellatrix jumping up and down in front of the Burrow - or, sorry, in front of Hagrid's hut, it's just - oh, my God...

Laura: Mhm.

Andrew: These scenes were great.

Laura: Yeah, they really were great. I have to say, I really enjoyed the one opening scene where she flew down in front of the Burrow.

Matt: Yeah.

Laura: I mean, which you just mentioned, but it looked so cool.

Andrew: Yeah. She did a little twist.

Laura: Mhm.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: So awesome. I also love when she's running on the tables in the Great Hall.

Laura: Yeah.

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: It was so insane. I love crazy Bellatrix. I'm so excited to see that.

Laura: [laughs] Well you get to see Hermione sicking the...

Matt: Oh, yeah.

Laura: Birds on Ron.

Andrew: That was pretty cool.

Laura: It looked really cool, but at the same time, that clip also shows - you know the original trailer where it shows Hermione crying and she looks really emotional?

Matt: Mhm.

Laura: I thought...

Andrew: Yeah, that's that shot.

Laura: Yeah, I thought maybe it was because of Dumbledore dying.

Andrew: Right.

Laura: I just think it's a little bit too much. I don't know. Maybe it's just me.

Andrew: A little too upset?

Laura: Yeah.

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: [laughs] Well, she's heartbroken, I guess. I mean, I don't know.

Matt: Well, you know, you - maybe Ron in the film said something after that and it made her more upset.

Laura: Yeah, that's true. That's true.

Matt: Because she didn't seem very emotionally upset when she did the spell to cast those birds onto Ron. She just looked kind of just a little bit upset. But then you - we saw in the trailer she looks like she's on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Laura: [laughs] Maybe she is.

Andrew: Laura, you're a big Rupert fan. Do you like his hair in this movie?

Laura: Yeah, I like it...

Andrew: Do you?

Laura: I don't know. I like it shorter in general. I mean, I hate to sound like one of these people who sits around and scrutinizes how they all look...

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: I really didn't like it in Goblet of Fire. I didn't like Dan's hair in Goblet of Fire, either.

Matt: No. None of the hair was happening in Goblet of Fire.

Laura: Yeah. No, it was bad. [laughs]

Andrew: At the end of this was that - the "I am the chosen one!" clip again. And at this point, like, it's funny, but it's like, okay, it's going to provide zero excitement in theaters, because we've all...

Matt: Well...

Andrew: ...seen it now. So...

Matt: There's always that scene in every film...

Andrew: I guess.

Matt: That they keep playing over and over...

Laura: Mhm.

Matt: In TV spots and trailers and behind the scenes, everything. And then they - when you see it actually in the film, you're like, "Ah. Eh, we've already seen this a million times." So that's just going to be the scene that everybody's going to be already tired with.

Andrew: So, yeah. Really cool, I mean this just - the clips are top notch. I mean, in the cave - the cave looks incredible.

Laura: And the Inferi.

Andrew: And we've talked about - yeah, yeah, just crawling up there. What an epic scene that's going to be.

Matt: The fire looks really good, too.

Laura: Mhm.

Matt: The ring of fire that he casts.

Andrew: Yeah. And I just love how the camera starts out above him and it swoops down.

Matt: It's pretty epic.

Andrew: Yeah, it really is. What else is going on, Micah?

News: New Half-Blood Prince Website

Micah: There's a new Half-Blood Prince site, and we get to hear a little bit of music from Half-Blood Prince.

Andrew: Yes, well, let's play it, because its stuff from the score, we can only assume, right, Matt?

Matt: We can only assume, because it's not from any other film that we've heard from, yes.

[Music plays]

Andrew: So you have the "Hedwig's Theme."

Matt: That sounds just like John Williams, too. That's what I'm really...

Andrew: Yeah, well, they always use the same.

Matt: No, I mean, they always use variations of it.

Andrew: This part's new. Shh.

[Music continues]

[Matt hums along to music]

[Music stops]

Andrew: So, it's very exciting.

Laura: Mhm.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Guess the scene. What could that possibly be from?

Matt: Oh, that's definitely that one - that part in that one scene, remember?

Laura: That one scene?

Andrew: In Half-Blood Prince?

Matt: Yeah, in the film. In Movie 6.

Andrew: Maybe it's like in Fred and George's Wizarding Wheezes.

Matt: Nah, I would assume that would be more like silliness and crazy score.

Andrew: Well, that's kind of - it's a little upbeat, a little...

Micah: Actually, I hate to break it to you guys, but we had Patrick Doyle record that last week.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: Ha, ha. You guys fell for it.

Andrew: I see. So it's all fake. Well, you guys did a good job hacking Warner Brothers' site and putting that on there. What else is going on, Micah? Let's shift out of Half-Blood Prince. We're all tired about that. There's a new movie coming!

News: Deathly Hallows Filming Underway

Micah: Yeah, I'm sick and tired of this. We're going to be able to piece the movie together by, you know, these next couple of months, with all these videos and photos. It's getting tiring. So let's go to Deathly Hallows. Filming's officially under way, and Emma Watson...

Andrew and Laura: Woo!

News: Hermione's Mother Cast

Micah: ...updated her site that she began filming on February the nineteenth. And speaking of Emma Watson, her mother, or the woman who's going to play her mother, Michelle Fairly, was cast today. And this brings up an interesting question, because we know that her parents don't appear, at least in terms of any dialogue, in Deathly Hallows, so what are they going to do for the movie that's going to have a scene for these two characters? I'm assuming they're going to cast her father, as well.

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: This is really kind of weird, because we only see it in like - it's only Hermione who actually talks about her parents in the movie...

Laura: Or in the book.

Matt: But we never see interaction.

Andrew: Well now they've got two parts to fill, so I think they - this is a perfect little extra thing to add in there that the fans will appreciate. I think it will just be a little, like, while Hermione's explaining it to Ron and Harry maybe there's a flashback to Hermione getting them off to Australia or something.

Micah: Right.

Matt: Well they may have even been casted...

Andrew: I think it would be funny...

Matt: To take like a photo shoot so she has a picture of them with her.

Andrew: Oh, yeah, maybe.

Laura: That's true.

Micah: Now, is this the same woman who played her in Chamber of Secrets?

Andrew: No.

Matt: No.

Andrew: And people in the MuggleNet comments were saying, "Hey, well why not hire that woman? The one who had played her in Chamber of Secrets, because she looks more like her," or something like that. But, I mean, the photo we posted on MuggleNet, it's not, you know, that's not how she's going to look in the movie.

Matt: Mhm.

Laura: No, they'll - I'm sure they'll give her the same hair, at least.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Not bushy.

Andrew: Give her the same hair color.

Matt: Non-bushy hair?

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: But I think it's a good sign for these two parts, because you would never see them do this in a one-parter thing. I mean, that would probably be cut from the movie...

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: Altogether, that whole...

Laura: Mhm.

Andrew: You know, Hermione explaining to Harry and Ron what went on with their parents. I mean, I think that would be cut.

Matt: Mhm.

Laura: But I mean, at the same time I feel like they could just do it in the movie the same way it was done in the book. Hermione just told them what she did, and I feel like that would be a really quick way of getting that issue out on the table. I feel like casting somebody was kind of - not a really smart move, just because they've cut characters before who were more important. So why would you cast characters who you never actually see in that book?

Andrew: Well, I see it as, like, it's going to be B-roll footage, where while Hermione is explaining it over-top of her explanation, you see Hermione sending them off to Australia.

Laura: [mumbles grudgingly] Eh, I guess, I don't know.

Matt: Yeah. I honestly...

Andrew: I think that would be a funny moment.

Matt: I honestly think it's going to be just for like a picture or something she has. Because...

Andrew: Maybe. I don't know, but the casting site said she was cast for it, so...

Matt: Mm, I kind of agree with Laura on this.

Andrew: I mean, have we ever seen, like, casting announcements for people in just pictures?

Matt: Well, we heard about Timothy Spall being in Order of the Phoenix, but only being for that photo, of the Order of the Phoenix.

Laura: That's true. Yeah.

Andrew: Well, yeah. I guess, I guess. I suppose.

Matt: And I'm actually looking through Michelle Fairley right now on Google, and all these images, and she does look a lot like Emma Watson.

Andrew: And then it's also interesting, because the article...

Micah: Ben's going to be happy.

Andrew: Yeah. The article also says, "However, producers for the blockbuster have insisted that they wanted Michelle to play the part of Mrs. Granger." So why would they insist? Unless, you know, there's - I think they're adding something. A scene. I think it's more than just a picture.

Matt: They may be at the wedding. You never know.

Andrew: Oh, yeah. Maybe. What else is going on with Deathly Hallows?

News: Brent Klovstad Update

Micah: Well, it was reported back on February 27 by the Telegraph, that 21-year-old Brent Klovstad was camping outside Leavesden Studios in an attempt to get a part in Deathly Hallows. Now, Andrew, I know you spoke to him...

Andrew: He's crazy!

Micah: ...and it's actually discovered that he was just looking for any job on the set, not necessarily a role in the film. He even told you that he's clearly not British and he's not an actor. He just wants to be involved in some capacity.

Andrew: Yeah. And the Sun initially reported it, and then the Telegraph I guess just took their story, or something, because they both said he was there just to be an actor - you know, to act in the film. When we reported this, I thought it was a rather intriguing story. The story ended up getting 177 comments from people, the large majority being like, "he's crazy, why should he get a role, he's American, he says he can't act, blah blah blah." So what I did is, I went on good old Facebook. And I Facebook-ed his name, and sure enough I saw a picture of him, sent him a message, said "Hey, do you want to talk about this for MuggleNet?" And I tried to record it, but the recording turned out bad because he's over there right now, and he had a poor internet connection. So I just wrote up the summary of the interview instead. And he revealed, like what Micah said, that he was just trying to get any sort of job. And he was also just trying to brighten up the days of people who were there on set. He held signs that read things like "You Are Magical," "Have a Harry Happy Day," "We Can All Be Heroes Like Harry," and "Smile." Like, it was just a really nice story, I thought. I mean, he was just trying to brighten up people's days, and, you know, if he'd gotten a - little intern job where he was sweeping floors one day, he would have been happy with that. But, you know, he was still happy with the outcome, and he talked to a couple actors as well. So that's that. And it just shows you - and now everyone's upset at the press for screwing up the story and making him look like something he's - like someone he's not.

Matt: Yeah. And that's all due to you, Andrew. Good job. Yeah.

Andrew: I saved him. He's welcome. No, but [laughs] he's a really cool guy, and I wish him well. He lives in Southern California actually, too.

Matt: Oh.

Andrew: He's going to be heading back here soon.

News: Deathly Hallows Part II Release Date

Micah: Continuing on with Deathly Hallows, we got a release date for the second part of the final film: July 15, 2011. It was originally scheduled for May 2011. [sarcastically] I can't imagine why they would move the film back to July.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: Yeah! Why is everybody all pissed off? Like everyone is still angry at Warner Brothers, "Oh my God, they're doing it twice to us, I can't believe Warner Brothers, oh my God!"

Laura: I don't get why these people are complaining. It just means the movie's going to come out in the summer, when you don't have school.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: And do you really want...

Laura: Stop complaining.

Matt: [laughs] Yeah, I don't get it. I think it's ridiculous.

Andrew: I think, and you know, this is the final release date, so they can't do this in the future, but I think that they should stop announcing release dates so early. They've been doing this since Order of the Phoenix, where they release the release date two years early. And its just - and they end up changing them. [laughs] So, you know...

Matt: Yeah, also fans - especially of the films that are coming out - they shouldn't really consider all the release dates that studios provide set in stone.

Micah: Right.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Because movies don't have a certain schedule. Things happen.

End of the Fandom: July 15, 2011

Andrew: The bigger side to this is that we finally, in a way, have an end date for the fandom. [laughs] Because for the first time after July 15, 2011 there will be no new books and no new movies...

Laura: Oh man.

Andrew: ...based on the original seven books.

Matt: Yeah. Thanks for making that a reality, Drew. That was really nice.

Andrew: It's kind of sad, it is kind of sad. There's that final date now. It seems so far off, but it will be here...

Laura: Two years.

Matt: It does seem really weird, yeah. Two years.

Andrew: What do you guys think about this? Is it kind of weird?

Laura: It's weird that I am going to be twenty-two when the last movie comes out. I've been reading these books since I was eleven years old.

Andrew: We should - I'll be twenty-one too. I'll be older. Or twenty-two or something like that.

Micah: I'll be twenty-eight. Does that make you feel any better, Laura?

[Everyone laughs]

Laura: Well no, I'm not talking about age, I'm not using that as a factor. It has just been a long - road, I guess, if you think about it.

Andrew: Right.

Laura: A lot of changes have happened in everyone's lives since we started reading these books. And it's just weird - who knew when you were a kid or a teenager or whatever and you picked up the first Harry Potter book, how different it would be ten years down the road.

Andrew: I know. It's going to be twelve years since MuggleNet opened, which is insane. And this year is MuggleNet's 10th Anniversary. October...

Laura: That blows my mind. It is so weird.

Andrew: I know.

Matt: That is really odd.

Andrew: By the way, we are going to be doing a few things to celebrate that. To all the listeners...

[Matt gasps]

Micah: It would be six years of MuggleCast.

Laura: Oh my God.

[Laura and Matt laugh]

Andrew: Crazy! I hate time. Why does time exist?

Matt: It just makes you feel older, doesn't it?

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. So there you go, July 15, 2011. And we definitely will be doing some sort of party...

Matt: A big one.

Andrew: End of fandom extravaganza somewhere, but...

Matt: The fandom will never die, Andrew. So stop it.

Andrew: No it won't, it won't and I'm wondering if J.K. Rowling is considering releasing the encyclopedia after this final movie comes out.

Matt: Maybe.

Andrew: Because I don't know, I just feel like once the movie is over...

Matt: Well it's definitely not coming out anytime soon. She hasn't even really talked about it.

Micah: Speaking of big events, the year before there is going to be an opening, right?

Andrew: Yes.

Micah: The theme park?

Andrew: Yes!

News: Theme Park Update

Micah: We got a little bit of new concept art from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And this one is for Dervish and Banges. It's going to be in Hogsmeade and it looks pretty cool.

Laura: Yeah, it does.

Andrew: I like it.

Micah: Not your average convenience store, that's for sure.

Andrew: [laughs] You won't see this in a 7-Eleven.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: It is pretty cool. And it kind of reminds me of Fred and George's store because there's that banister up on the second level, and if you see some video from the Half-Blood Prince preview there's a banister on the second story.

Laura: Oh yeah.

Matt: There's a lot of banisters in the films too, even Flourish and Blotts.

Andrew: Okay, so banisters are in the films. But it looks really cool.

Matt: I'm really excited to see the merchandise they have in that store. Because, it's always very hard to find Harry Potter stuff to look at and buy, you know?

Andrew: I wonder if it is going to be if they are going to be having exclusive merchandise that you'll only be able to get in the theme park.

Laura: Oh, I'm sure.

Matt: Oh, definitely.

Andrew: That would be sweet.

Laura: Yeah.

Matt: Because it is going to have official Harry Potter theme park stamps.

Andrew: Well no, I'm hoping stuff that doesn't have that. Like obviously, you'll be able to get Wizarding World shirts and stuff like that; which will be awesome, by the way. I wonder if - like, look at the stuff in the picture. The - Jack-in-the-Box right in the front. Of course they have the scarves.

Matt: Mhm. I'm sure there's going to be a lot of stuff that we've never seen before.

Laura: Did you notice - I don't know, one of the first things I noticed, maybe because I am a girl - but they had Hermione's Yule Ball dress on display.

Andrew and Matt: Yeah

Laura: That's cool if you're interested in buying that kind of thing.

Matt: What's right next to it? Is that the Goblet of Fire Tri-wizard Tournament...

Andrew: It looks like...

Matt: Thing that Harry wore?

Andrew: Yeah, looks like something of Harry's. Because in Order of the Phoenix, he wears that grey sweatshirt and red shirt underneath...

Matt: And the red underneath shirt. Yeah.

Andrew: In a couple scenes.

Matt: It looks pretty big too, if you look there's a hallway that goes pretty far back.

Andrew: Yeah. So yeah, it's pretty sweet. I can't imagine - I'm really excited to see the different stores they have in Hogsmeade. I mean, you're going to be able - Harry Potter fans will be able to spend the whole day just in Hogsmeade.

Matt: Jeez.

Andrew: It is so exciting.

Matt: It is.

Andrew: We still haven't seen any actual - there's been a couple of buildings going up but there's been no clear construction photos where you see a picture and you're like, "Oh, that's Hogwarts."

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: They're working on it, but...

Matt: I'm excited about that, though. I really want to be surprised on a lot of the stuff in the theme park.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: I don't want to see every little piece of construction that's been going up and it's just going to look...

Andrew: Yeah...

Matt: You want to absorb the magic as they want you to see it.

News: J.K.R. Defacing Property - Again

Micah: All right and one final piece of news. Back on February 21st The Scotsman reported that J.K. Rowling visited a local hospital and graffitied the walls of the Young People's Unit at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Morningside. And the hospital cares for teenagers with complex psychiatric conditions. And the people who work over there said that not only did she do a good job with the graffiti, but she really identified with the teens that were there.

Andrew: That's really cool.

Matt: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: I'd love to see her with a can of graffiti and just like...

Laura: A can of graffiti?

Andrew: Yeah, or how does graffiti work? I don't even know.

Laura: It's spray paint or paint and you...

Andrew: Yeah, a can of spray paint. Whatever.

Laura: Yeah, but graffiti doesn't come canned. [laughs]

Andrew: Oh.

Laura: That's what I was saying.

Andrew: Oh, okay.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Well, regardless. It'd be funny to see her doing that.

Matt: You know you're famous when your graffiti becomes priceless.

Laura: When you don't get arrested for it.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Exactly.

Matt: You actually just make it more valuable.

Andrew: Speaking of that, in response to this story Chelsea, 14 of New York wrote to us. She said:

"Hey MuggleCasters! I just want to express my love for you guys and all your podcasts. I was writing in about the news of Jo's graffiti at the hospital. In Episode 75, I believe you were all discussing about the release date for 'Deathly Hallows' and how Jo wrote on the marble bust when she finished D.H. in the hotel room in Edinburgh. I think it was Ben or maybe Eric who was saying how maybe Jo would make this her new career, and now she's done it again! Coincidence? Maybe you all were just a little too good in Divination. Anyways, love the show and hope to hear from you all soon."

Andrew: So I thought that was pretty funny. Maybe Jo likes doing stuff like that. That's her thing.

Matt: Maybe she had a history of graffiti.

Andrew: Maybe at her house.

Micah: She's letting loose, now that all of the books are over.

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: She just went crazy.

Andrew: Woo!

Matt: She's a loose cannon.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: Her house is like a New York City alley. It's like graffiti everywhere.

[Matt laughs]

Laura: Don't mess with her.

News: Robert Knox's Killer Convicted

Andrew: And one final story, shifting gears for a moment. We're recording on Wednesday, and we heard today that Robert Knox's killer was convicted of murder today. As everyone remembers, last May - May 2008, Rob Knox, who plays Marcus Belby in Half-Blood Prince, was tragically, so sadly, killed out in front of a night club in London. He was stabbed to death actually. Terrible story, and his murderer was finally convicted today and he will be sentenced tomorrow. So...

Matt: That's sad.

Andrew: Good to hear that he got justice, but very sad story.

Matt: Very sad circumstances.

Laura: Mhm.

Announcement: New MuggleCast Website Design

Andrew: Yes. So anyway, moving along to some announcements before we get to Muggle Mail and then the interview with Mary GrandPre. We have a new design on Has everyone seen this?

Matt: Yes!

Laura: Yeah, that's awesome.

Matt: Yay!

Andrew: People are loving it much more than I thought they would...

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Andrew: ...which is great. So thanks everyone. We're glad to hear you like the new layout. It's really nice. It's slick, it's easy to look at. It's got more information on there. It's just nice.

Matt: I like it. It's very clean looking too.

Laura: Mhm.

Andrew: Yeah, it's better organized and it's got some fun buttons for Twitter. And finally our pictures are up there. Because some of our listeners still haven't - they don't know what we look like yet, because they don't go on Facebook or MySpace or MuggleSpace, for whatever reason.

Micah: And now they wish they didn't.

Laura: Oh my God.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Now they'll see...

Laura: Now they know that we're all social hermits.

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Andrew: Wow, these guys are nerds. Look at them.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: So our pictures are up there. So if you want to see the true us just go to and you click "About." That's been a long requested feature.

Matt: We need to pick a new picture for Micah, because his is...

Laura: You know Andrew, if you picked a crappy picture for me I'm going to kill you.

Andrew: I didn't. I picked Facebook profile pictures for everyone because I figured if you used them once - it's a very nice picture of you.

Laura: Okay, I'll take your word for it.

Announcement: Podcast Alley and Azkatraz

Andrew: Anyway, we're in March now, so don't forget to vote for us on Podcast Alley. We're in the Top 10 as of right now, so thank you to everyone who has been voting for us. We really do appreciate your vote. And finally in the announcements we have a couple things about Azkatraz to talk about. As everyone knows, we'll be doing a podcast after the midnight premiere of Half-Blood Prince with our friends at Leaky. It's going be a lot of fun. And we're doing a couple of other things too, on our own. And actually we heard just the other day - and I want to thank everyone who has signed up - we heard that we've referred over a hundred people to Azkatraz.

Laura: Wow.

Andrew: Like a hundred of our listeners signed up. So that's great news...

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: And that's going to help us out a lot. So thank you to everyone who's been registering. And we can't wait to see everybody there.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Also today I found out that our panel on "How to Podcast" has been approved. So we'll be doing a discussion on how to make your own podcast and how to come up with ideas and such. I can't remember if I ever told you guys about this...

Laura: You did, you did.

Andrew: Okay good.

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: For once.

Matt: But you are finding out now and you are doing it.

Laura: Okay, Mason.

Matt: [imitating Mason] Oh yeah!

Andrew: It will be a lot of fun. I did this once before with Ben and Jamie at Enlightening 2007, the convention in Philadelphia. And it was a lot of fun and the fans enjoyed it too. So we'll be doing that.

Matt: I'm really excited for Azkatraz.

Laura: Yeah, me too.

Andrew: Yeah, we're also going to do a MuggleCast meet-up like we did last year at Portus. That was a lot of fun. This year, maybe if we got some extra money, we'll order a ton of pizzas, whereas last year...

Laura: Instead of just pizza for Andrew.

Matt: Yeah, except one for yourself.

Andrew: We just ordered pizzas for ourselves! [laughs]

Laura: It wasn't even for us, it was for you.

Matt: It was just for you.

[Andrew laughs]

Andrew: I ate like three pizzas. [laughs]

Matt: Yeah...

Andrew: I gave...

Matt: We were sitting there for a half hour waiting on you to show up with your pizza.

Andrew: I awarded slices to the people who asked questions and such. But anyway...

Matt: The leftover slices...

Andrew: We'll have like fifteen or twenty pizzas.

Matt: You didn't want to eat.

Andrew: Yeah, sorry. So we'll have a big pizza, Pepsi, soda party. Water, orange juice, whatever you want, it'll be there. So that'll be a lot of fun, and like I said, that will be the MuggleCast meet-up and we'll be doing "How to Podcast." And lastly, one more thing that we are doing. And Micah's going to talk about that.

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#244 (November 20th, 2011): For the first time ever, MuggleCast has a DVD commentary! Watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 on DVD with us. We'll comment on each and every scene - it's as if we're in your living room watching alongside you!

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