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MuggleCast 186 Transcript

Show Intro

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[Intro music begins]

Andrew: Broadcasting live on Ustream to Potter fans across the world, this is MuggleCast Episode 186 for December 9th, 2009.

[Show music begins]

Andrew: Ladies and gentleman, welcome everybody to MuggleCast Live Episode 186. Ben, Matt, and me all in the MuggleCast studio, this is a MuggleCast first, three people in the studio, but also joining us via Skype, two of the most talented people in Harry Potter podcasting, Eric and Micah!

Micah: What's up?

Eric: Hey. Hey guys.

Andrew: Ladies, it's a pleasure to be speaking to you. You're both based on the east coast. We are here on the west coast. We are nationwide.

Ben: We're live.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: We're live, we're worldwide, and thank you to the 938 people currently joining us on Ustream this evening. We are here to discuss numerous things.

Ben laughs

First Deathly Hallows Trailer Discussion

Andrew: First up, there was a trailer that I believe took us all by surprise.

Ben: Oh yes, I was shocked.

Andrew: It was the trailer that nobody thought would become a trailer. We had heard for a while that we were going to be getting a Deathly Hallows preview on the Half-Blood Prince DVD and we all thought - well, you know, honestly we were kind of screwed with Half-Blood Prince. We got little teasers in the beginning, but they kind of sucked.

Ben: And then they pushed the movie back.

Matt: Eight months.

Andrew: And they pushed the movie back. Correct. But now, here we are, Half-Blood Prince is all out of the way. Now all eyes are on Deathly Hallows and we got this really cool trailer. This really cool Deathly Hallows trailer on the Half-Blood Prince DVD.

Eric: Woot.

Andrew: And Eric Scull, what did you think about this trailer? Did it blow your mind like it did for me?

Eric: This - no, Andrew, it made me nervous.

Andrew: Nervous? Do tell.

Eric: Nervous.

Ben: Oh.

Eric: Yeah, well this is how it starts, and this is kind of my tirade here - my personal vendetta. But I have to say that this is - right before this trailer was leaked, and it was leaked a few days before the DVDs came out, we had those two promo pictures that we got the high-res quality of and I'm worried. Now I know that this trailer thankfully was part of this DVD of Half-Blood Prince that was released, but I really hope that all the special footage ends here for quite some time.

Andrew: Why?

Eric: Warner Bros. has a habit of spoiling the film, releasing clips...

Andrew: [laughs] It's promotional material Eric!

Eric: Yes. No, there's promotional material - no it's not, Andrew - there's promotional material and then there's spoiler, and additional, and unnecessary material and that's what this could very quickly escalate to.

Andrew: You know, Eric, I don't appreciate this. We're here in the holiday season. Everybody is very happy. We're getting a great trailer.

Ben: Warner Bros. has given us a gift, Eric.

Micah: Yeah.

Eric: Oh, well, thank you.

Andrew: It was a gift.

Eric: No, it is. It's cool. It's freaking awesome. It's a look into the Deathly Hallows film which I think is going to be the best two part film series - two part film ever.

Andrew: Okay, well, we'll get into general thoughts in a little bit. We'll get into that a little bit more later on, but right now let's go point by point guys and discuss this trailer, because honestly, there was a lot of stuff in this. Eric you can just sit in the corner and be all, "I saw too much." [makes whining noises]

Eric: Andrew, first you should tell people where they can find this trailer if they haven't...

Andrew: Well, of course.

Eric: Okay, sure.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Is that legal?

[Micah laughs]

Eric: On that thing that they may or may not have purchased perhaps yesterday.

Andrew: Oh, oh.

Micah: I think it's legal now, right? The DVDs are out, so it's legal now.

Andrew: No...

Ben: Well, you can't just rip a clip off of a DVD and put it online.

Eric: It's never been legal.

Andrew: Well, here's the thing. Here's what happened. Somebody got the DVD early a few days ago and they sent us the clip. It was on the weekend and you know, W.B. is not working on the weekend, so we posted it.

Micah: If it's on the weekend, it's okay. It's not illegal.

Andrew: Yeah, we can get away with murder. So we posted it and immediately, I go to Micah and I said, "Micah, I am scared for Monday morning because I fully expect a call from W.B. Them saying, 'Take it down! Take it down now! It's illegal!'" But sure enough they didn't and I'm kind of surprised. I'm not sure why they still are okay with the trailer. [laughs]

Matt: Well, by the end...

Eric: Maybe we should call up Warner Bros., Andrew, and make sure that they have your...

Andrew: I don't want to know!

Eric: No, make sure that they have your number.

Andrew: They do. They call me when we get in trouble for other things. So [laughs]...

Eric: Oh, okay.

Matt: Do you think they just didn't care though?

Eric: If they lost your number though, what would you do? What if they just stopped calling?

Andrew: Well, that would be good if they stopped calling. That means everything is all right.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: So we posted this online. This is available on the Half Blood Prince DVD. By the way, just throwing that out there, somebody in the chat is saying that I'm so beautiful. Thank you.

Ben: Well, with that new 27 inch iMac, I mean...

Andrew: That's right.

Ben: It compliments you very well, Andrew.

[Matt laughs]

Preview Discussion: Harry/Hermione

Andrew: So with this trailer we get an intro from David Heyman, the producer, and David Yates, the director, and this part actually didn't leak online - or no, no - it didn't at first, but then it did a little bit later. So this little intro from them had these cool behind the scenes photos. Did you guys see these? One of the first ones that we see are Harry and Hermione dancing.

Matt: Right.

Andrew: And, when I first saw this, I thought to myself, "What? WTF? We don't see Harry and Hermione dancing." Well, as it turns out, David Yates said in an interview a couple weeks ago - somebody asked him, "David, what's your favorite scene in this movie?" And he said, "It's very difficult to find a favorite scene, but something we just did as a part of the movie truly is priceless. It's a part where Hermione and Harry dance together and not in the book. It's something we created for the film and is actually very tender and a very nice and respectful and - I don't know - scene where they reveal some secrets from each other while dancing."

Matt: Wow.

Ben: Do you think this is going to reignite the Harry/Hermione shippers?

Matt: Yeah, I think its one last...

Eric: Yeah, actually, I think that's what they're going for, Ben. It's very interesting that you say that, but even some of the other news we have about Harry being nude in particular scenes. You know, which is written in the books, don't get me wrong, but they're really going to have to lay that on hard to kind of I think make it more - you know, real - Rupert's seeing Harry and Hermione.

Micah: You can throw the PG rating out for that.

Andrew: Right. But, I'm wondering...

Eric: Well, they wouldn't...

Andrew: Well, okay, but they - they're dancing and they're - apparently they're sharing secrets with one another? I mean what...

Eric: Yep, that's odd.

Andrew: Is it going - is it something like this...

[Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" begins playing]

Andrew: ...where they're going...

Ben: Oh, no.

Andrew: [singing] "So Harry..."

[Ben and Matt laugh]

Andrew: [singing] "So Harry, tell me, what do you know about the Deathly Hallows?" "Well, I don't know. I just want to dance!"

[Music ends]

Andrew: Okay. No, but seriously...

Ben: Ah, ah, whoa!

Andrew: Seriously, all Gaga - all Gaga-ing aside, what is the - what do you think? Are they sharing secrets or something? Or what's going on?

Matt: Well, do you think this - this is probably after Ron left, right? So it's just the two of them.

Andrew: Oh, oh so it's a dance. Oh I get it! So you're implying...

Matt: Maybe it's just a...

Andrew: ...that it's like...

Matt: He's maybe comforting Hermione after she's so upset?

Andrew: Well, it's like...

[Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" plays again]

Andrew: [singing] "Ron is gone! Ron is gone! All right! All right!"

[Music ends]

Andrew: Like that?

Ben: No.

Matt: Not really, no.

Andrew: So...

Eric: I can't hear Matt. He's very far away.

Andrew: Matt, what do you think is going on in this scene then?

Matt: I think maybe Harry just wants to comfort Hermione because she's obviously really upset that Harry left.

Andrew: Hmm.

Matt: So maybe they just want to have a dance or something. Maybe, I don't know. I haven't seen the scene yet.

Micah: Yeah, we still can't hear Matt.

Ben: They - they're super tight. They're super chill. They always...

Matt: I mean they cried together in the last film.

Ben: ...and stuff.

Eric: What did Matt say?

Matt: They cried - can you guys not hear me?

Andrew: Can you not hear?

Eric: No.

Andrew: Oh! [laughs] I just realized, now you can hear Matt.

Eric: That's what we were saying.

Andrew: Sorry.

Ben: Oh.

Matt: Is that better?

Eric: Hey, Matt!

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Eric: Welcome to MuggleCast. Good to have you.

Matt: I was wondering why everyone was talking over me.

Andrew: This - people on the stream could hear him just fine but not Micah and Eric.

Ben: On the Skype chat.

Andrew: Sorry about that. [laughs] Go ahead Matt.

Ben: So anyways Ron - I mean, Harry and Hermione, they do these things. They go off and they have little chats about Ron. We saw a little clip of that in one of the deleted scenes on the DVD actually has Harry and Hermione discussing Ron, and "You better not be snogging in front of me," and all that jazz.

Andrew: Right.

Matt: Yeah.

Ben: But I think it's just another one of those situations.

Andrew: Micah, do you have any ideas?

Micah: About the dancing?

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: Where it could take place? I saw that's one of your questions.

Ben: Do you think they're grinding?

Micah: They're grinding?

Andrew: Well, that's what I'm saying you know? They're...

[Ben and Matt laugh]

Andrew: ...Gaga's going on and they're like, "Oh yeah! Forget Ron!" That's what Hermione says. I don't know. I just think it's really cool that David Yates said this is his favorite scene, and it's not even something from the book. [laughs]

Ben: He probably get's asked that question so many times he just makes something up.

Andrew: Picks a different answer each time.

Ben: Yeah. [as David Yates] "Oh yeah, this scene is beautiful."

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: Didn't that frustrate a lot of people though? I'm sure some people listening to this show right now - that his favorite scene is one that's not in the books?

Andrew: Well, that's what I'm saying...

Micah: Especially after...

Matt: Well, yeah, because it's where he got to be the most creative with it.

Eric: It...

Andrew: Probably.

Eric:'s too early to tell. Maybe that's not why he likes it. I think as a director you're forced to watch the actors and he might really - I just think he really fancies the chemistry between the trio. And that's why he gets like - if you look at this, he - they show a clip of Harry and Hermione dancing while he's talking about them and it just looks very friendly. It looks very close and cute and quaint. But, what do you guys think? I mean, you've seen the - we have shots of it, screen shots, but what does the background look like to you? Because it looks like to me there are tents set up or something...

Matt: Well, yeah. It looks exactly like the tent from the Goblet of Fire.

Andrew: Yeah. I agree with that. I think - I think this is one of the tents that they bring when they're on their road trip.

Matt: Right.

Andrew: And it does look a lot like the one that's in Goblet of Fire.

Matt: I think it's exactly the same one because the tables look the exact same.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: I agree.

Matt: So maybe it's the Weasley tent that they just took.

Micah: Rough economy. W.B. had to reuse material.

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Andrew: Well, that would be kind of odd wouldn't it? Because, you know, they're tents.

Eric: It's worth the - I think, though they're dancing in the foreground, and I wanted to say that the steps in the tent were probably just part of the set. You know, the camera will never show them, but then Harry and Hermione are dancing in the foreground so I don't really know what kind of...

Andrew: Well also in Goblet of Fire those tents had steps inside too.

Eric: But did they look - were they planks? Were they like a back deck?

Andrew: I think so. I think so. If people...

Eric: If people figured it out...

Andrew: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Somebody in the chat says there are steps in the tent. And I think that's sort of just to show how dynamic, how large and insane these tents can become.

Eric: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: When you go inside of them. So you know, I think it's cool. Every person has their own little loft in the tent. I think that's very nice.

Micah: Wasn't that tent destroyed in Goblet of Fire? It was like a nuclear wasteland after the Death Eaters went through there.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Oh, Micah, will you stop it? They bought a new one! Okay? Geez.

Micah: They can't afford a new one.

Andrew: They can afford a new one.

Matt: They probably made a - yeah. "I love magic."

Eric: Fred and George donated their new one. That's easily solvable.

Andrew: You don't know their personal financial situation.

Micah: The Weasleys'?

Eric: [laughs] It's pretty apparent in the books.

Preview Discussion: The Wedding

Andrew: Okay, we also see before - this is all before the trailer even starts! It's like "whoa!" We see a quick shot of the cast filming the wedding scene. That was nice because this is our first look at the wedding scene and you see lots of purple. I'm going to try to get some images up for the people on the Ustream. I'm sort of a mess right now. We see Bill and Fleur in the center. They're dancing. They're having a wonderful time. Molly and Bill are on the outsides like "Yay! Yay!"

Matt: Yeah, I love Molly in this.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Give it up for Molly Weasley.

Andrew: Give it up. Come on. [applauds]

Ben: Hands in the air for Molly Weasley.

Andrew: Yeah, speaking of that, Mikey Bouchereau was supposed to be here tonight but, unfortunately, he's very sick. Mikey, we hope you get better. He called me this morning and he's like "I'm so" - I was going to get out my phone creator but I couldn't. He called me, he's very sick, so we wish you well Mikey.

Andrew: We'd like to remind you again that today's podcast is brought to you by, the leading provider in spoken word entertainment. Audible has over 35,000 titles to choose from to be downloaded and played back anywhere. Just like MuggleCast! Log onto to get a free Audiobook download of your choice when you sign up today. Again, go to for your free Audiobook! So, it looks like a nice party. You can see the Phelps twins in the background; they're dancing. But I think that's all we see. Do we see anything else, guys?

Matt: In that shot? Not really.

Andrew: Yeah. It's kind of quick. It's - you know. But you get it. We see that they're there.

Eric: They're doing a jig, it looks like. From the - yeah, it does.

Andrew: An Irish jig.

Eric: Yeah, just from the foot movements. That's the way it looks.

Andrew: Or it could be Gaga, I mean we don't know, in all fairness.

Eric: It's probably Gaga.

Ben: Gaga won't go away.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: [singing] "I've had a little bit too much."

Preview Discussion: After the Wedding

Andrew: Oh Gaga. Okay, so we also see the trio walking through some, a town area, do you guys know what, is this Diagon Alley? Or, what is this, do you know?

Ben: This is - I'm thinking this is after the wedding breaks up and they go into that pub in Deathly Hallows - they go into the pub and mysteriously these Death - they use Voldemort's name so the Death Eaters just kind of show up, out of nowhere. Is that where they're at?

Matt: It might be.

Micah: Yeah. That's probably a good guess just because I don't think it could be Godric's Hollow with the three of them there because don't only Harry and Hermione go to Godric's Hollow?

Matt: Yeah.

Ben: Yeah, I think so. Yeah, you're right. Isn't there a scene where Hermione has like, blood on her hands?

Matt: Yeah, that's the - that's the next scene isn't it? I think it's not in the trailer yet. This is just the previews.

Ben: Oh, okay.

Preview Discussion: The Graveyard

Eric: I think you guys missed - there's - right before the wedding scene, there's one where they're at the cemetery or there's a cemetery and snow is lightly falling to the ground.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, we also see that in the trailer.

Eric: Right.

Andrew: That might be later in the notes, but yeah, and that's - what do you think that is, Eric?

Eric: Oh, that's probably Godric's Hollow. But if it is, I just want to comment on the snow falling is perfect.

[Matt laughs]

Eric: It's like very Silent Hill-y.

Andrew: They got it just right.

Eric: They did just get it just right.

Andrew: They captured the flakes perfectly.

Eric: The right amount and the right pace is what it looks like.

Matt: The amount of flakes per fall.

Eric: And silent - yeah, exactly! That is very important.

Andrew: If you could see David Heyman right now and say one thing to him, would it be "Thank you for the perfect snowfall?"

Eric: I think I would.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: I was a little worried about the snow at first, but you know what? You pulled it off great.

Eric: Well, it captures the moment. It's hallowed ground. He's going to see his parent's headstones.

Andrew: No, you're right. You're right.

Ben: Now, Eric, do you think there's too much snow?

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Ben: Do you think they're giving too much away?

Eric: They could dial it back a bit, Ben, I think.

Preview Discussion: Shell Cottage

Andrew: Okay, so we also see - and this is our first look - well it's not our first look actually because we have seen this so many times when they were doing on location filming, they built this thing in Pembrokeshire, if I remember correctly. They built this on a beautiful beach. It's Shell Cottage. And I got to admit, when I first saw this picture [laughs]...

Ben: It reminded you of the Jersey shore, didn't it?

Andrew: It did. I was like...

Ben: He wanted to go home.

Andrew: Jersey baby! No, when this trailer first leaked, it was in crummy quality and I thought that thing to the right [laughs] - I thought that was the back of Hagrid's head!

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Because if you squint at it, it looks like it and the quality was so bad.

Ben: [as Hagrid] "Oh, a cottage!"

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] So, yeah, we see the cottage. It looks beautiful, doesn't it? I mean the detail in that thing is gorgeous.

Ben: I want to buy it.

Matt: Yeah. Let's go on eBay.

Andrew: Well, that's the thing. It's like the built these beautiful things and then they just destroy them.

Ben: Yeah, they should auction them off on MuggleCast Live or something.

Preview Discussion: Ollivander

Andrew: Shorefront property. I'm sure the weather there is not too pleasant. You may not want to be there too long, but at least you've got Shell Cottage to live in. At this point the trailer has begun. We are past the little intro from Heyman and Yates, and we see Shell Cottage. That's the first shot. Then we see Daniel, as Harry of course. He's talking to someone, and he says, "What do you know about the Deathly Hallows?" Now, this has gotten a lot of people up in a "Like, oh my God!" He's talking to Ollivander. People are wondering why he's talking to him because...

Ben: Wasn't he missing?

Andrew: Exactly! So what do you guys think of this? I'll try to provide my...

Matt: This is Shell Cottage he is talking to him in. After he gets rescued.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Yes, but Ollivander is explaining to Harry the Deathly Hallows.

Matt: Well, maybe he wants to talk to him again about it? He probably already knows from Xenophilius. He's probably easing in onto asking him about Voldemort.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Okay. That's what I was going to say, but a lot of people are freaking out about this. They're like, "oh my God!"

Eric: Well, the Elder Wand - it's incredibly relevant.

Andrew: Yeah, but what I think is going to happen is Part I you're going to see them talk to Xenophilius and in Part II, Ollivander is going to be explaining the Deathly Hallows to Harry again. Or going into more detail about it. I think that's what's going on. I think people are afraid that the way this trailer is set up, it looks like Ollivander is the one who is telling all this stuff and Xenophilius is not telling him anything.

Matt: Right.

Eric: We did have that shot of Xenophilius. We know, that shot...

Andrew: Yes. We know he is there. He was cast.

Matt: He was cast and everything so that should be an indication.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: Is this really from Part I?

Andrew: That's the other thing. People are like, "Is this trailer for Part I or it is for both?" This trailer is for both. They never designate this as being a trailer specifically for Part I.

Matt: Right. Well, I remember for the trailers for Lord of the Rings they had parts from other films too in the trailers.

Ben: The filmed all those at once, right?

Matt: Yeah, they filmed all three at once.

Eric: Oh, that's true.

Andrew: And again, this is a preview. This is not an official trailer. This is just a preview so we are looking at the thing as a whole, right now. So, all right, that was solved pretty easily.

Ben: Yeah. And by the way, yes, the movies really are going to end. Somebody in the chat wanted to know. They said they are going to cry.

Eric: Where is this chat you speak of?

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Andrew: The Ustream chat. By the way, people on Ustream, we would love to trend on Twitter. And we got to do it before Glee starts on the east coast which is in about 40 minutes otherwise we never have a chance. So right now, if everybody could please tweet something, tweet anything, but just put MuggleCast in your tweet somewhere.

Eric: I'm - I'm doing mine right now.

Andrew: Tweet MuggleCast right now and we can start - we can trend - this is pretty - we've done this before with other podcasts. I think this is possible for us. MuggleCast is of course our largest podcast and we are most proud of it. So tweet MuggleCast right now. Let's see if we can get trending. And while you guys are doing that we will continue to move on.

Eric: MuggleCast Live or just MuggleCast?

Preview Discussion: The Eyes

Andrew: Well, do what you want but just make sure it includes MuggleCast. We also see these eyes. The - the spooky eyes. Whose eyes are these, Micah?

Ben: We should play a game, Name - Name the Eyes.

Micah: [laughs] I like how you asked me that question. Whose creepy eyes are those?

[Matt laughs]

Andrew: Micah, you are good at identifying creepy eyes, please tell us.

Micah: I read somebody sent something in, I think - and I agree with them, I think it's the Minister of Magic.

Ben: Mr. Scrimgeour?

Matt: Oh, Scrimgeour.

Micah: Because the next picture is - is a scene with a lot of cameras flashing...

Andrew: Do you think that's him?

Micah: ... and I thought that was a scene where he has to go before a bunch of reporters and say something.

Andrew and Matt: Oh.

Micah: I'm not quite sure. It actually looked like Gary Oldman...

Matt: Yeah, that's what I thought too.

Micah: ... as Sirius Black.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: It looked like a lot of people to me. At first I thought Snape, but this guy is a little too thin I think. Then somebody speculated Grindelwald but that doesn't really make sense.

Ben: He looks a little too young.

Andrew: Yeah. I heard of the - the theory of the Minister. I think that's a good idea. Somebody said - yeah - somebody said in the chat [laughs] or in the MuggleNet comment board - they said, "Oh, oh. I know whose eyes those are because those are Bill Nighy's. Because he does the same exact eyebrow raise in Pirates of the Caribbean 3."

Eric: [laughs] You know what she's right though. He does that eyebrow raise in all of his movies.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Ah! Why can't they be original?

Eric: And they do look like him.

Andrew: I'm just kidding. He's a great actor. But Bill Nighy, sorry, sorry.

Matt: Bill Nigh-ee.

Andrew: Wait. Is it Nigh-ee or Nighy.

Eric: The 'Y' is silent.

Andrew: Oh, Okay. So, it's like Bill Nighy like the Science Guy.

Eric: Yeah.

Matt: Bill, Bill, Bill.

Andrew: Bill Nighy, Bill Nighy, Bill Nighy.

Ben: Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Andrew: Scrim-geour Srim-geour.

Micah: It looks like reporters though, doesn't it? That he is standing in front of.

Eric: Maybe it's his intro as a character because he was intro-ed in the books in Book 6. So maybe it's like....

Ben: His eyes....

Eric: Something like - [unintelligible] - oh sorry.

Ben: All right. I was just going to say if the eyes are the windows to the soul, what does this guy's soul say?

Matt: I like to tilt my head and raise my eyebrow.

Andrew: It says, "Wow!"

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: I can't find the eyes.

Micah: What are the other options? Who are some of the other people that it could be?

Andrew: Well, I said - somebody - some people said Ollivander because this is like - this shot comes up right after Harry says, [in British accent] "What are the Deathly Hallows?" Then boom, eyes. [laughs] Like, Oh my God, you went there!

Eric: Yeah. [laughs]

Micah: What about Gregorovitch?

Andrew: Yeah? That's a good theory. Some people in the chat are saying Aberforth but...

Ben: Those aren't Aberforth eyes.

Andrew: No. [laughs]

Eric: They're creepy eyes but...

Ben: What do you mean?

Eric: But not this creepy.

Ben: Yeah but not that kind of creepy.

Micah: They're not goat loving eyes.

Ben: Micah, you always got to talk about the goats, don't you?

Eric: He also has to name the episodes, too.

Micah: It wouldn't be a proper show without that.

Andrew: It's funny because Micah approached me a couple months ago and he said, "You know what? Enough of this goat thing. We got to stop." But he still brings it up on his own! I try not to but Micah you do.

Micah: It's for entertainment purposes.

Andrew: I know it is.

Ben: I think - I think Micah is in to cahoots with Aberforth.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: I think Micah might have a little goat problem, a little goat thing on the side.

Andrew: Or maybe W.B. asked them to start pushing Aberforth so they can push some Aberforth merchandise because who really cares about him? Unless you...

Micah: Well now that Dumbledore's dead, the real Dumbledore, they need to pick up...

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: Where's the real Dumbledore?

Preview Discussion: Hermione Taking a Stroll

Andrew: Okay here's another cool shot. And we'll talk about the whole feel of this trailer later on. It's beautiful this trailer. But we see Hermione and she's walking - it's a matter of perspective, everybody has a different perspective but it looks like she's walking towards a building. You guys know what I'm talking about? I'm going to load up the picture right now. There it is! She is walking down this road and she's going towards this building. Somebody speculated I read somewhere maybe she was leaving her house or something? But...

Ben: In these dark times why would she be walking alone?

Matt: These are mad times they're living in.

Andrew: Yeah. Her parents' house - people are saying it's her parents' house. I think that does make sense.

Ben: What, that big tower ahead is her parents' house?

Eric: Estate. [laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] No, she's leaving. Unless this - maybe Emma is busy with school at Brown University. So maybe they just decided to shoot at Brown.

Eric: Yeah.

Matt: Oh...

Eric: No, I'm pretty sure this is the Granger's estate because...

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Eric: No, look here's the reasoning behind it, they are dentists...

Andrew: Yeah, so they're rich.

Eric: ... but - but they're British dentists, so they're loaded.

Andrew: Their property is also cheap. Oh.

Eric: No, because British people need their teeth fixed.

Ben: Oh....

Andrew: But they don't get their teeth fixed, so.

Ben: Taking a shot at the British dental hygiene.

Matt: I know, Jesus. [laughs]

Eric: I'm just saying that that would explain the estate.

Matt: Maybe.

Andrew: I don't know.

Matt: There is no scene with Hermione alone, is there? Except - except in passing, changing her parents.

Andrew: Right, well that - yeah. So maybe they decided to include it. Because Hermione does kind of look kind of badass walking away. She looks like she is on a mission. It's kind of cool.

Ben: Yeah, this reminds me of a song by the classic rock band White Snake called, "Here I Go Again On My Own". Andrew, can you play it, come on.

Andrew: I can.

Eric: Oh, hey, the chat says that Harry could be under his Invisibility Cloak.

Andrew: Oh. But look how perfectly...

[Song starts playing]

Ben: Bust to the chorus, Andrew!

Eric: Yeah.

[Chorus plays]

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: This totally defines the situation.

Eric: This would go great.

Andrew: I'm just - I'm looking at the picture.

Ben: [singing] "Here I go..." Fast forward, Andrew! You've got to get to the part where it's like, "Here I go!"

[Andrew skips the song ahead]

Ben: Yeah!

Andrew: Get out of there, Hermione!

Ben: Go!

Andrew: Go!

[Music ends]

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: She's shaking her head going, "Yeah!" It's time for Hermione Granger.

Andrew: Oh, one day.

Matt: Girl power!

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Eric: These old segments aren't dead. The - the - the chat is convinced that we just had a session of Make the Music Connection!

Andrew: That's right, that's exactly what we just did!

Matt: Yup.

Andrew: Well, here, let's experience that real quick.

[Andrew plays the intro for Make the Music Connection]

Andrew: Nice! [laughs]

Ben: [laughs] There it is. M-m-make!

Andrew: Okay, let's move on.

Ben: Let's move on! What are we doing?

Andrew: Grow up, Ben, please! I was going to bring up something else about that - somebody in the chat...

Ben: Are we trending, yet? Are you guys Twittering enough?

[Everyone laughs]

Matt: Ben doesn't care.

Andrew: If we're trending the show, unless we're Twittering.

Ben: All I see is Glee, Tiger Woods, poor guy, and Santa.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: I love Santa. I was thinking about growing a beard out and becoming Santa.

Andrew: Ben, turn into Santa right now! Then we can pretend like that's...

Matt: I've got - I've got some bleach. We can do it!

Ben: We can do it?

Matt: Yeah!

Ben: Well, the other day I decided it was my calling. I'm giving up the Harry Potter stuff and going to work at Macy's.

Preview Discussion: John Hurt Back Again

Andrew: We see this is the - we also see in this trailer Ollivander talking to [laughs] - "Going to Macy's" - talking to Harry. And it was nice seeing John Hurt again. We haven't seen the guy since Sorcerer's Stone. There he is, he's looking great, hot off the presses. I mean, just a few weeks ago we were talking about him and how angry he is at the way that [laughs] - at the way that they were filming the Harry Potter movies. He said a few weeks ago, "Oh, they waste so much money over there. They have all these duplicate costumes, and argh, why do they need all that, rar!"

Ben: He's a bit old-fashioned.

Andrew: Yeah, I guess so.

Ben: I love his hair.

Matt: Yeah.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: All stringy and split-endy, and all that.

Andrew: He looks like he was a prisoner.

Matt: Of Azkaban.

Andrew: No, just a prisoner of - of the Malfoys.

Matt: Oh, okay.

Andrew: So it's clear they're at Shell Cottage. We can see some shells on the windowsill. I think that was a nice little touch. Anything to discuss there, guys?

Matt: Is he in a crib?

Ben: Yeah, it looks like he...

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Ben: It does look like that.

Andrew: [still laughing] He's in a crib. He's wearing diapers.

Ben: Depends.

Andrew: Voldemort really got to him.

Micah: No, you know, he laid down Griphook in the crib, so he was tending to him.

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Ben: Hey, someone's saying we're trending. I don't know if they were just messing with me, though. Sorry. Sorry to interrupt.

Matt: [laughs] Way to end the show.

Andrew: Matt's done this before too, and I'm like, you're lying. You're lying.

Ben: Nope, no trending.

Andrew: Yeah, I think you guys are a bunch of liars.

Ben: Now tweet hard, folks! Tweet harder!

Andrew: Tweet "MuggleCast!" Thank you. We're not all about Twitter, by the way. I sense emails coming, "You guys just wanted to twit - trend". So we're clear about that now. So Ollivander comes around in Part 2 and he clarifies the Deathly Hallows.

Matt: Yes.

Preview Discussion: The Marauder's Map

Andrew: Okay. Then we see Harry and the Marauder's Map. That was nice, to see that come back again.

Ben: Been there, done that.

Andrew: Been there done that, yeah, it's so P.O.A. And we see Death Eaters. Where do you guys think they are? They're standing outside a house...

Matt: They're standing outside Grimmauld Place!

Andrew: Oh.

Ben: Oh.

Eric: What?

Andrew: Yeah!

Matt: Yeah, don't you remember?

Andrew: Good theory.

Ben: And Harry's like, "Ohhh!"

Matt: Aw, dang, we can't go outside now, guys. [Matt laughs]

Ben: Nope, no going outside.

Andrew: House arrest!

Matt: This is actually a really awesome shot, because they're just standing...

Andrew: It's like a spy shot.

Matt: Yeah, it's almost like the zombies are waiting for you to come out so they can eat your brains.

Ben: Now tell me you wouldn't be scared if you were sitting up in there.

Andrew: That would be creepy. I've had nightmares like that where people are just standing outside your house waiting for you to come out. It's - it's scary!

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: That's going to be wonderful.

Ben: Well one of these nights, Andrew, I'm just going to come outside and just start throwing rocks off your window.

Andrew: [laughs] Who is this?!

Matt: And he just tilts his head.

Ben: [singing] "Andrew save me, you don't have to be alone."

Matt: Aw...

Ben: Sorry.

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