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MuggleCast EP19 Transcript


Andrew [Show Intro with music in background]: This is MuggleCast - Episode 19 for December 11, 2005. Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another fine edition of MuggleCast. This is the show where we bring you the latest in Harry Potter news, theories, discussions, wrapping paper, Grammy nominations, MP3 players. It's all right here bundled into a little hour of your time. I'm Andrew Sims.

Ben: I'm Ben Schoen.

Kevin: I'm Kevin Steck.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Laura: And I'm Laura Thompson.

Andrew: We have a lot for you this week, but before we get started, first let's go to Micah to fill us in on the past week's top news stories.


Micah: Thanks, Andrew.

What's with this News room being decorated in all Hufflepuff stuff? Anyway...

The new JK Rowling and Stephen Fry interview, which aired at 9 AM Sunday morning on BBC Radio 4, is now available. There is also a transcript posted for those of you who are interested. In it the Harry Potter author discussed the end of the final novel, saying "Yes, I do know what's going to happen in the end." Well, I'm glad somebody does. "And occasionally I get cold shivers when someone guesses at something that's very close, and then I panic and I think 'Oh, is it very obvious?' and then someone says something that's so off the wall that I think, 'No, it's clearly not that obvious!'"

Bloomsbury has announced the release date for the UK paperback version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: June 23rd, 2006. We'll keep you posted on any news regarding the US version.

Staying with releases, Blockbuster has become the second to report a release date of April 4th, 2006 for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on DVD. We'll keep you posted as April gets closer.

For new interviews, pictures, and video clips, be sure to check out MuggleNet's Main Page.

Warner Bros. Pictures has launched their Official Awards Site. On it you will find information about the categories for each film WB is supporting in their campaigns. There are synopses, downloadable jpegs, and clips for our award hopefuls. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has been nominated in several categories including Best Picture and Best Visual Effects.

And as promised, our Goblet of Fire interviews that we filmed with The Leaky Cauldron are now available in iPod video format. It has been added to our MuggleCast feed and only available in iTunes.

And speaking of MuggleCast, our weekly Harry Potter podcast has been nominated for "Best Podcast" at The Weblog Awards. If you want me to stay employed and you're confident that we're cooler than Adam Curry, then go and vote for us!

Finally, Jim Dale, narrator of the US audio books, has been nominated for a Grammy award in the category of "Best Spoken Word Album for Children" for his work on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Dale previously won a Grammy in 2000 for the Goblet of Fire. The awards will take place in Los Angeles on February 8th and will be broadcast later that day.

Jim got himself in a little bind last week, in a recent interview. He commented on JKR, saying "She's lived with Harry Potter so long she really wants to kill him off." Based on this, hordes of media sources, mainly tabloids, printed articles claiming JK does indeed want to kill off the boy wizard. This of course is untrue. Dale was merely expressing his opinion. [whispers] But, Jim...buddy...probably not the best choice of words.

That's all the news for this December 11, 2005 edition of MuggleCast. Back to you guys!

Andrew: All right, thank you Micah. Now, before we get started here...well, we've already started, what am I saying? [laughs as he talks]

[Kevin laughs]

Ben's Weekly Top 10

Andrew: Ben's got a Top 10 List for us, right Ben?

Ben: Of course. This is everyone's favorite part of the show.

Laura: Uh-huh.

Ben: By everyone's favorite caster.

Kevin: [fake cough] Right.

[All laugh]

Ben: Okay. Ladies and gentlemen... the "The Top 10 Reasons For Why You Wonder If There Is Such A Thing As Over-speculation."

No. 10: Your favorite on MuggleNet besides MuggleCast is "The Little Things."

No. 9: You wonder from Book 3 about the prospect of being frightened to death because you kept seeing death omens and think about what would happen if you convinced yourself they weren't real.

No. 8: You hit your head on something whenever someone says, "Just speculation."

No. 7: You take everything on and further analyze it...if that's even possible.

[All laugh]

Andrew: No.

Ben: No. 6: You have written, made analysis of, and generally overspeculated on seemingly minor topics such as "How Dementors Are Created."

No. 5: That would be...You notice the smallest details in the book, yet completely failed to notice the Ron and Hermione 'shipping until very late.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: No. 4: You try to uncover all the characteristics, all the character's Patronuses and do conclude that Mr. Weasley's is indeed a rubber duck and have a complete list why.

No. 4: [Transcriber note: He says "No. 4," but really means "No. 3."] You try to find out the psychological issues Ben has that makes him able to perform a proper British accent. Oh, what's up with that one?

[All laugh]

Ben: I can do a British accent fine. [in fake British accent] Right, Jamie?

Eric: Keep going.

Ben: Okay. No. 2: You developed a theory on why Andrew insists on saying, [imitating Andrew] "Yeah. Yeah. All right. All right."

Andrew: [Laughs] I have my own theory about that.

Ben: [Laughs] And the No. 1 reason if there is such thing as overspeculation...You wonder if Micah had a troubled childhood because his last name means "fir tree" in German and is used in a Christmas Song.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: [Singing] O'Tannenbaum, O'Tannenbaum...

Andrew: Da da da da. [laughs]

Laura: Ummm...okay.

Ben: Okay.

Kevin: Okay. Yeah, so...

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Yeah, so if you're disappointed with this week's Top 10 List, have no fear. Send your own Top 10 List to ben at staff dot mugglenet dot com or you can select my name from the "Contact Form." Also, thanks to Sara for sending in this week's list. So, keep them coming. We want some good ones next week. Something interesting. Get down. Come up with your own Top 10 List.

Andrew: Thank you, Ben.

Eric: Does this mean I overanalyze things? I mean I have a theory on why Andrew said "Yeah" so many times. I think it was because he was excited.

Andrew: Ehhh...

Ben: No, that's a false theory.

Eric: Maybe. Possibly. I don't know. I think I better consult the books.

Andrew: My theory, my theory is because I had always felt like, with the gaps where people were just cheering, I felt like...I thought it was weird that nobody was... I thought, you know...

Laura: You had to rev them up, basically.

Andrew: ...that we should have filled it.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Well, they were already revved up.

Ben: [Imitating Andrew] Yeah!!! Yeah!!!

[All laugh]

Andrew: But anyway, moving on from that.

Kevin: I don't think you needed Andrew to rev them up. [laughs]

Laura: Yeah, that's true.

Andrew: [Laughs] Yeah.

Ben: Okay.

Andrew: All you got to do is walk in the building and it's like, "Wooo!!!"


Andrew: No, but anyway, moving on to a couple of announcements. It's a new month, which means it's another vote for you guys to put in over at Podcast Alley. I didn't really want to ask this week...

Eric: Because we ask every week?

Andrew: We're not...we almost...let me...I'm checking right now. We're No. 5 and that is without begging you guys to do it. So, I don't want to beat "Dawn and Drew Show" because I'm a heavy-duty listener of their show and they're all excited that they are No. 1.

[Kevin and Ben laugh]

Andrew: But I don't want to take it away.

Kevin: Well...just vote for us.

Ben: Just beat them. Beat them out.

Kevin: Yeah.

Ben: We don't care about them.

Andrew: No, I really don't. I like them too much.

Kevin: Maybe...

Eric: Let them have...

Ben: Humble? Andrew...humble?

[Laura laughs]

Ben: That's an oxymoron.

[All laugh]

Ben: Come on. Those two words do not belong together in the same sentence. You can't be serious!

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Okay.

[Laura and Andrew laugh]

Andrew: Here's the deal...

Eric: Neither do Ben and Emma, but that doesn't stop you, Ben.

Ben and Kevin: Ohhhh!

Eric: Everybody knows she loves me.

Andrew: Once we get up to No. 2, that's when you guys can stop voting for us. Everyone pretty much knows that we use Skype and especially lately, we've been getting a huge amount of friend requests. Not that we don't like you guys, we...

Laura: Please stop.

Andrew: If you notice...

[Laura and Kevin laugh]

Andrew: Yeah...

Eric: We can't do the show...

Andrew: [Laughs] I tried to put it the nice way, but...

Eric: So far, this show...

Ben: Oh, you guys. Stop calling them. You can call me all you want.

Laura: Okay...

Eric: Oh, oh, okay.

Ben: Just don't make it between the times of midnight and 6:00 AM because I am sleeping.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: And if my speakers go off...

Andrew: [Laughs] No you're not.

Ben: Yeah, well, sometimes I am. Occasionally.

Eric: And people of the world, don't call him on Skype, Sundays between like 3:00 and 8:00 PM because that's when he edits the show.

Andrew: When he does, yeah.

Ben: If you call think a dementor is bad? You think Lord Voldemort is bad? [In deep voice] You haven't felt the wrath of Ben Schoen.

[All laugh]

Eric: "The Wrath of Ben," sounds like a strange Star Trek spin-off with Benjamin as Spock.

Andrew: Yeah...

Ben: I have an announcement here. So, this may be a minor steal from PotterCast, but I think it is a good idea too. I want you guys to write songs about MuggleCast. Make it a parody to any Christmas song, to any song there is out there.

Eric: Except...

Ben: No, absolutely any song as long as it is appropriate.

Eric: And not, "O'Tannenbaum, O'Tannenbaum."

Ben: Yeah, because we already have that one covered, but what we're saying here is you need to sing the song, record yourself singing and your friends, whatever, and send it in to us, and then we'll listen to it and play it on the show. And make it as funny as possible because then you're more likely to actually get it on the show. And for the Christmas Episode, Andrew and I will be singing the Harry Potter remix you guys come up with for U2's "City of Blinding Lights."

[Kevin laughs]

Andrew: [Starts singing] In the city...

Ben: So, you better...some of you at least write a version of this.

Andrew: ...of blinding lights.

Ben: Andrew will sing the regular version just so, you know, how...just to give a model for it. Yeah.

Andrew: Don't look before you laugh...

Ben: [Singing] Look ugly in a photograph. Flash bulbs...

Andrew: [Singing] Flash bulbs, purple irises the camera can't see...

Kevin: I think you should skip this. Skip this section, people.

Laura: Yeah, and you can send all of your doctor bills to ben at staff dot mugglenet dot com when your ears start bleeding.

[Eric and Kevin laugh]

Ben: Oh. Ouch!

Kevin: Yeah. Okay, okay.

Eric: Yeah, and additionally, you know the "Twelve Something of MuggleCast" would be cool.

Ben: That'd be cool.

Laura: Oh, that'd be cool.

Andrew: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Eric: It's like the "Twelve Pains of Hearing Ben Schoen's Voice" or something.

Ben: Oh! Oooo!

Eric: No, no.

Ben: Everybody, everybody send hate mail. Spam doesn't count as hate mail. But someone seriously, seriously though, write a song about me and Emma. That would be my...the ultimate Christmas present.

[All laugh]

Eric: Wow. [singing] Deck the Halls with Ben and Emma...

Andrew: That will be just as successful as making you a fansite.

Ben: Exactly.

Eric: Deck the Halls with Ben and Emma, la la la la la...or...Clear the Halls...

Ben: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah, okay.

Andrew: Okay, moving on.

Kevin: Yeah.

Ben: Okay...

Andrew: I promised people these announcements are going to be shorter. [laughs] This is like taking up the entire show.

Eric: They can fast-forward, Andrew.

Andrew: Any last thoughts, Ben?

Ben: Send me your song parodies.

[Kevin and Laura laugh]

Andrew: Okay, thank you.

Kevin: Wow. Inspirational.

Andrew: Let's see, what else? Oooo. Well, we announced this on our Fan Forums. Well, I mentioned it on our Fan Forums -, which is an excellent resource for the MuggleCast fan. But, we are working on a brand-new MuggleCast website that is going to expand on everything that we have right now at

Ben: It's going to revolutionize the world.

Kevin: It is.

Andrew: It is. Guys, it's going to have its own poll, okay?

[Kevin laughs]

Andrew: What now? [laughs] But, we're going to expand a lot. We're going to have a lot of FAQ articles. We're going to have a "How To Section" on "Making Your Own Podcast" because we get that e-mailed all the time. So, it'll be great. So, look for that in, eh, one to two weeks. Then also some big news for all of the British listeners and all the British fans - Jamie is going to be coming back.

Laura: Yaaay!

Kevin: I don't think it is only for the British fans.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: [Singing] The Brit is back in town...

Eric: No, I was going to say, the American fangirls would probably appreciate him a lot of more.

Laura: Jamie has a lot of fan following.

Andrew: Yes, ummm...

Laura: So, uh...

Kevin: Yeah, yeah.

Andrew: We get complaints every week when we hear that he's not on. You know, we're...We understand, people.

Ben: We want him back on, too.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, on the Fan Listing like his...the people who say they like him the best are only like 20 behind me. I'm like, "What the hell, I've been on so many more shows."

Andrew: But...

Eric: [Laughs] But...

Andrew: Eric always tries to be the best.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: But anyway...

Ben: Moving on.

Andrew: Jamie, he's been busy with college. He'll be on his Winter Break in just a few days, and so he'll be on. He'll be on a few shows, including next week's. Hopefully, hopefully, because there's no guarantees.

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, don't...

Ben: No promises.

Andrew: It's like a 90% chance we're booking him.

Kevin: Don't get their hopes up.

Ben: Who was that? Didn't someone say one time that Jamie and I were both going to return one week and we didn't? Who was that?

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Oh yeah. That was me. That was me.

Ben: I don't remember. Who was that?

Andrew: That was me.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: I don't know. You guys said you would be on. [laughs]

Ben: I was on actually, and then you guys re-recorded the show.

[Kevin laughs]

Ben: Without telling me.

[Andrew laughs]

Andrew: And then...

Kevin: But, it was excellent without you, so...

Ben: Oh, ouch! Yeah, so send your hate mail to iloveben at staff dot mugglenet dot com.

Andrew: Yeah. No offense. Enough! [sighs]

Goblet of Fire Contest Announcement

Eric: Any more announcements, Andrew?

Andrew: Yes, one final announcement. We are starting a new contest this week. A Goblet of Fire soundtrack contest, where 15 lucky people who listen to the show will be winning one Goblet of Fire soundtrack. All the great songs you heard in the movie are now in this one fine CD.

Ben: Confettify!

Andrew: Now, this contest...

Ben: Wooo!

Andrew: Yeah. This CD...this contest is a pretty fun one. We're going to start it this week and it's going to run through next week. It's going to, it ends on the release of Episode 20. Now, here's what you have to do. In one moment, I'm going to play five songs. Three-second clips of five songs. You have to e-mail us with each song's title in the correct order of the order that they were played. Okay?

Eric: We'll give you a hint. They'll all be U2 songs.

[Laura and Kevin laugh]

Andrew: No, they're not U2 songs. They're all from the soundtrack. You have to name all five.

[Ben starts singing U2]

Andrew: And then e-mail your contest entries to mcsongs at staff dot mugglenet dot com. Now, here are the five songs.

[Plays song No. 1]

Andrew: No. 2.

[Plays song No. 2]

Andrew: No. 3.

[Plays song No. 3]

Andrew: No. 4.

[Plays song No. 4]

Andrew: And No. 5.

[Plays song No. 5]

Andrew: Okay, so there you have it once again. E-mail them to "mcsongs"...what did we say, "mcsongs"?

Eric: "Mcsongs."

Andrew: Yeah. E-mail them to mcsongs at staff dot mugglenet dot com. And then the winners will be announced on our Christmas Special, which will be Episode 21. And the winners will be chosen randomly out of the people who e-mailed in with the correct answers. So, good luck, everyone!

Main Topic - Severus Snape

Andrew: So, with that, now itís time to move on with our main discussion of the week. Continuing our continuing series... [laughs] Wow, great wording there. Whoever writes these scripts are really bad.

Ben: Micah. Micah, are you getting this down, Micah?

Eric: Don't make fun of Micah.

Ben: Micah is actually transcribing this as we go.

Andrew: We are going to continue... [Laughs] Yeah. We are going to continue our regular discussion on a specific character in depth, and this week as promised, is Severus Snape. Oooooo.

Ben: Can I read the information about him? Can I read about him?

Andrew: Sure, Ben. Tell us all about Mr. Snape.

Ben: Okay, Mr. Snape was born on January 9th, 1959. His mother is Eileen Prince, hence the name íHalf-Blood Princeí and he is indeed half-blood. His father was Tobias Snape. We found out a lot of this information in Half-Blood Prince. We donít know if he has any children. Letís see, what else do we have here? Heís Harryís least favorite professor. He's a real...

Kevin: Really?

[All laugh]

Ben: Sounds a lot like me, ha!

Eric: I disagree with that, Ben.

Ben: Letís see, he has a hooked nose. He was a former Death Eater or is he a Death Eater now? Thatís the question everyone is dying to know. Is Severus Snape good or bad? Thatís probably what our discussion is going to be centered around today, but thatís pretty much all there is to know about Severus Snape. He's... There is information, once again this is from, and you can go there and look at information about the etymology behind his name and stuff.

Kevin: Of course Eric wants to start the conversation, so...

Ben: All right.

Eric: No Kevin, I...

Ben: Eric, is Snape good or bad? Iím really dying to know, what do you think, Eric?

Eric: Well...

Ben: Just tell me.

Eric: Benjamin, I just thought it would be nice to inform the public that we did do quite a lot of talking about Snape in the first, Iíd say, eight or nine episodes of MuggleCast. It was predominately, we just came off Book 6 and I remember we had to ask the fans to stop sending us Snape questions and stuff like that. So, we actually did talk a lot about Dumbledore and whether Snape is good or evil in the first, Iíd say seven or eight episodes of MuggleCast. So, if you wanted to review this...

Ben: But nowís a good time to, I think to summarize all of the information.

Eric: Sure, I mean we can do that. Iím comfortable with going back to that subject right now. I think we had a nice break there.

Kevin: Okay, so now that thatís been established, is he good or bad?

Eric: I think heís good.

Ben: Well, I donít know. It's just...

Kevin: I feel the same way.

Laura: Iím on the fence.

Ben: I think, I think, I think, no, no, I have an idea. Everyone is talking about whether Snape is good or bad. Maybe have you ever thought that Snape is working for himself?

Laura: Iíve thought about that before.

Kevin: Yeah.

Ben: Snapeís concerned about Snape.

Andrew: How would he benefit though?

Ben: Okay, because heís part of the good empire and the evil empire, so he basically gets the best of both worlds, you see what Iím saying?

Kevin: Yeah, but at the same time, JK Rowling has made the distinction between Order of the Phoenix and Death Eaters. Do you really think sheíd go mid-way?

Ben: Well, thatís true, but is there a gray area with...

Kevin: I donít really think so.

Ben: ...the good side and the dark side? Is there sort of an area where itís muddled?

Eric: Ben, I think itís a gray area for every individual person, but everybody still chooses a side, what side theyíre closer to I think.

Ben: And I'm sure, Iím sure, after we say, itís a year after Book 7 is out, if we look back into the previous books, Iím sure there is some foreshadowing that weíre missing right now about the truth, about the real identity of Snape.

Kevin: Oh, Iím sure. JK Rowling puts stuff in there all the time that she puts right in front of us just for the point of laughing when we find out it was right in front of us the whole time.

Eric: And hereís a question guys. Did you know Chamber of Secrets was originally going to be called Half-Blood Prince, and it was going to be about Snape?

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: Thatís true.

Eric: And then she realized she couldnít fit that in, but then that really shocks me because how could we know all this about Snape upfront, and then she decides to say "No, Iím not going to them until the seventh book now."

Ben: So, do you guys think she was planning on killing Dumbledore too?

Kevin: No. I think she was going to play it as a subplot.

Ben: So another subplot? Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah, where it was like a rolling plot and then come Book 6 or Book 7 she was going to kill Dumbledore using that subplot.

Eric: One thing about his allegiance in the first book is simply, well his allegiance in the series. If he really turns out to be a bad guy, the whole point of suspecting him in Book 1 would be complete crap. Iíd never read Book 1 again because hereís...

Ben: Right, and but Eric, the first book, it's sort of juvenile in a way that Snape is the Red-Herring and it feels like youíre watching Scooby Doo. Thereís, whatís his name, thereís Fred whoís always saying "I know itís Red-Herring, and I know itís him" and Harry keeps saying "I know itís Snape, I just know it is" and then it turns out not to be Snape, and then they keep suspecting Snape, suspecting Snape, and then finally it is, but at the same time isnít really? You know?

Eric: Ben, you watch Scooby Doo?

Ben: I did. I used to.

Kevin: Yeah, but I think thatís one of the points people have been making, that she has been playing it up as though heís always the scapegoat. Heís always the person who does something bad and then it turns out that he doesnít, and then the one time he does do something bad, youíre sitting there wondering was it truly him killing Dumbledore for the mere fact of killing him, or was it some agreement he made with Dumbledore in the past?

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: Well, Snape really had no choice but to kill Dumbledore...

Laura: Right.

Ben: ...because he made the Unbreakable Vow, which in my mind itís pretty sure thatís what it was about because Dracoís task was to kill Dumbledore, and when he couldnít, Snape had the choice "Well, I do this or die" and...

Eric: And I think, Ben, thatís a really important point to make. Iím sure we might have said it, but the fact that he had to do it could have been a good reason for him to be able to...people who think Snape is bad say "How could he?" I mean you really have to mean the death curse, so how could he possibly do that if he was good? But I think that itís just a matter of having to do it.

Kevin: Doing it out of necessity, yeah.

Eric: Yeah, much like Harry and his Patronus, in Prisoner of Azkaban, he knew he could do it because he had to do it to save him in the past, who was also in the future.

Snape and the Sphinx's Riddle

Laura: Well you guys, speaking of foreshadowing, Micah showed me a really cool editorial by Kirstie E. R. basically comparing Snape to the riddle that the sphinx gave Harry in Goblet of Fire.

Eric: Huh.

Laura: Yeah, itís fairly interesting actually. Basically, if you read the first line, it talks about "the person who lives in secrets and tells but not lies." She thinks that the sphinx was referring to Snape being this person, obviously not literally but as foreshadowing on Joís part. And that the "middle of middle and end of end" refers to mending relationships and that "middle" in that sentence literally means relationships that Snape has to mend in the middle of the series, which would be with Voldemort and the Death Eaters, and that "end" literally refers to the end of the series which could possibly be Harry assuming he is a good guy.

Kevin: Yeah.

Ben: In my mind that seems kind of a bit far out there.

Eric: I donít know, what I do want to say...

Laura: Go ahead.

Eric: Yeah. Iíll tell you one thing. That sphinx riddle didnít seem to me, now whatever it was, and it was a lot of things, I donít think it seemed like a spider to me. I actually think that whole riddle sounds more like a dementor then a spider.

Kevin: Yep.

Eric: Like, you wouldnít want to kiss it and itís so I knew at some point... I mean a spider?

Laura: Exactly. Exactly. That's a point

Eric: I was ready for Harry to get tromped on. When I read it said spider I was like, "Okay, good, Iím going to read like a..." but she didnít do anything. She was like "correct." Like how was she supposed to...

Laura: Yeah. And thatís actually a point that Kirstie made was at the end it talks about, "now tell me what is a creature you would not willing to be kiss," "to kiss," excuse me. If this is referring to Snape, what if he were to have his soul sucked out by a dementor, a dementorís kiss?

Eric: But I mean, yeah, I mean I donít even know if thatís Snape, but I think thatís really clever. Iím going to read that editorial.

Ben: Thatís a good analogy I think.

Eric: I donít think itís the spider. I was like, it has to be something besides that because thatís just...

Laura: Well, she also made comparisons between Snape and spiders because weíve seen several comparisons between Snape and bats which led people to believe he was a vampire.

Eric: Yeah. What I want to know is whatís up with that? Like, if...

Laura: Yeah, I sort of had...

Eric: Is he...

Laura: Sorry! We keep cutting into each other, but...

Eric: No problem.

Laura: [Laughs] She talks about Snape being referenced as a spider. For instance, he lives at Spinnerís End.

Eric: Oooo.

Laura: And in Order of the Phoenix during the Pensieve scene where Harry is...

[Kevin laughs]

Laura: Ooooh. I lost my train of thought. Anyway, where Harry is...[laughs]

Eric: Yet you continued your sentence. How does that work?

Laura: Yes, shut up. Okay, Harry is basically viewing his parents in "Snapeís Worst Memory" scene, and Snape is described as being twitchy like a spider. So, I sort of had a spin-off theory of...

Eric: Spin-off, ha ha ha.

Laura: Yeah. Ha ha ha ha.

[Eric laughs]

Laura: Of Kirstieís theory. Right after Harry passes the Sphinx, he runs into an Acromantula. And I believe that the Triwizard Cup represents Harryís goal in the maze, which was to defeat the maze, and I think if Snape or the Acromantula is representing Snape that itís possible the Triwizard Cup could represent Voldemort being Harryís goal to defeat him. Now, we know the Acromantula injured Harry, which made getting to the cup more difficult, which I can see as a comparison of Snape killing Dumbledore, which makes Harryís quest to defeat Voldemort more difficult. However, we see that Harry does make it to the Cup and he does survive. So, it could be early foreshadowing to show us that Harry will defeat Voldemort and survive it. What do you guys think about that?

Ben: Well, I like the connections you drew there.

Eric: I like that.

Ben: But, I donít know if itís really analogous to...I think Iíll probably end up eating my words with this. I wouldnít be a bit surprised, but I just donít know.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: It seems that itís a connection but I donít know if itís being stretched a bit.

Kevin: Itís true. [laughs]

Laura: Oh well it could be.

Eric: Well, actually...

Laura: But we as Harry Potter fans stretch so many things. [Eric and Laura laugh]

Eric: Yeah, but Ben, do you remember in Prisoner of Azkaban, remember when Ron is, when theyíre all writing, doing their homework or something about trials and suffering and being happy. All that stuff comes true in the book.

Ben: Oh yeah, when Ron starts talking about all the fires and stuff like that and all the bad things that are going to happen. Then Harry gets burned, yeah.

Eric: Yeah, and all that stuff comes true in the book. It seems like, yeah, it seems like because each of those followed a task. Oh then, that was in Goblet of Fire then, each of the tasks.

Ben: Yeah didnít, yeah didnít Ron say something that, "Iím going to save a friend from drowning" or "Iím going to drown next week," and then Harry saved him or whatever. That was pretty interesting.

Eric: Yeah. Yeah. So, actually that wouldnít be the first time something long-drawn out was put in. My question is, I think there might be something more about Snape in the end of the book to begin with, about how Voldemort is going on about his faithful servant at Hogwarts, the one who has left forever and all that stuff that I think the whole end of the book has a lot more Snape in it. I think it's definitely possible than most people thought.

Ben: Galadriel had a really good theory about this. She wrote the Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter and all those books. In Galadrielís books, she talks about how, how, who is the Chosen One, who is the faithful servant...not the Chosen One, but who was the faithful servant at Hogwarts and who was the coward that ran and - whatís the third one? Iím sorry, Iím a poor excuse for a Harry Potter fan.

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