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MuggleCast 193 Transcript (continued)

Chapter-by-Chapter: "Grim Defeat"

Micah: All right. "Grim Defeat." So, as Andrew mentioned, all the students are sent into the Great Hall to spend the night there, and all of a sudden as you would expect with a bunch of thirteen year olds and teenagers, there are whispers: "How did Black manage to get into the castle?" And this is again showing Hermione's intelligence, where she starts shooting down all the popular theories that are out there: "Well, he used a disguise. Well, he flew on his broomstick. Well, he Apparated." And she keeps referencing Hogwarts: A History, which, you know, seems to be like her - she carries it everywhere she goes, or it's her little reference guide, handbook, whatever you want to call it. So is she the only one to have read this? Does this also show that the other students just don't pay enough attention? Or is it just that they're too young to maybe even think: "Oh, he can't Apparate into Hogwarts, oh, you can't fly, because the castle's protected by things other than just, you know - its walls."

Jamie: It's the fear, as well. I think everyone else is like, pretty scared, where she's keeping calm, so she's like, "No, no, no, you can't do that." I just don't think people read the books, like...

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: ...when I was their age, I did not read schoolbooks.

Micah: Right.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: You know, I mean...

Ben: And - and History of Magic is like the most boring class. And that's where they would probably cover anything...

Jamie: Yeah, exactly.

Ben: ...about history of Hogwarts, so everyone's sleeping through it anyways.

Eric: Yeah, they could certainly lighten it up - History of Magic. You know, why does it have to be the most boring subject of them all?

Jamie: Because it's taught by a ghost.

Eric: Yeah. Yeah, that's why, but it's not - it could be really exciting.

Jamie: Yeah, true.

Micah: But Hermione is just very, very practical about it. I mean, she just - she's like, "Well, if he was in a disguise, the Dementors would recognize - or wouldn't be fooled by it."

Eric: Right.

Micah: "If he was flying, he wouldn't be able to get past the curses, or whatever charms that are on the castle. If he Apparated, it wouldn't work, because you can't Apparate inside Hogwarts."

Jamie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Micah: Unless you're Dumbledore.

Eric: It is logic, too, like Dementors definitely aren't in Hogwarts: A History, but - I just remembered her doing that logic puzzle, the Snape's potion logic puzzle at the end of Book 1. You know, she's really good with logic, so.

Micah: Yeah. All right, well, during this whole scene, we see that Percy gets left in charge as the Head Boy, and you know, we overhear a lot of conversations between him and Dumbledore, and to me it's interesting to see his interaction with Dumbledore; he really loves the attention of those that are in positions of high authority and power and you can see that here with Dumbledore, and obviously that changes as we move on throughout the series, so I was wondering, does that make him more like Slughorn or more like Umbridge?

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: I thought Slughorn at first, I must say.

Andrew: Really?

Jamie: Yeah, I don't know why. But then thinking about it, I think probably a bit more like Umbridge - well I don't know. It depends if he likes power or he just likes being able to use power to his own benefit. I think Umbridge likes the power, whereas Slughorn just likes what can come from knowing people who are in power. I guess he's a bit of both, really.

Andrew: I mean, if we're talking about when they all were sleeping in the Great Hall I would think Percy as being more of an Umbridge there in terms of telling people to just be quiet, that was very, I don't know, bitchy.

Eric: Well see, we know Umbridge as having set the Dementors to attack Privet Drive, so...

Andrew: Mhm.

Eric:'s different from what he knows Umbridge as. Umbridge to him could be actually just a high ranking politician who got there on her own...

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: know, and is actually probably quite respectable.

Micah: Yeah.

Ben: But in terms of how he's going - how he's abusing his power - not necessarily abusing his power, but pushing the limits of it by telling people, "Oh, be quiet, be quiet."

Eric: Yeah, yeah.

Ben: A lot of people who are in positions of power, they have so little control over so much else in their life, and if you look at the way that Percy grew up, and - you know, he's used to being poor, etcetera, etcetera. So perhaps he was a little bit - took some liberties with the power he was given.

Micah: Yeah. I mean, he's definitely pompous in these scenes, too. He's interacting with the Headmaster and he wants to make it seem almost as if - at least the people around him can hear what's going on, because his job is so important, he's talking about Sirius Black with the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Something else that came up here that one person sent a tweet in on, thetilly, she says that:

"In Chapter Nine Percy looks abashed when Dumbledore talks about the Dementors. Is this an indication of Percy's blind faith in the Ministry?"

And this is of course when Dumbledore makes his statement about how as long as he's in charge of the school, no Dementor would ever cross the threshold of the castle. So again, are we getting a little insight into Percy's character and how his relationship with the Ministry is going to be moving forward?

Andrew: Yeah, I think so.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: I think this is sort of a - some subtle foreshadowing, without really being foreshadowing. [laughs]

Micah: All right, and...

Andrew: It's just a sign of his development.

Micah: ...some more conversation goes on between Snape and Dumbledore and this is overheard by the trio, and we learned that Snape had voiced his disapproval of someone's appointment at the beginning of the term, so the obvious question would be, who does he think could have been helping Black get into the castle? Now, there were two professors that were appointed at the beginning of the term: One was Lupin, the other was Hagrid. And I guess given Defense Against the Dark Art professors' track record, he's probably talking about Lupin.

Eric: Yeah, he's probably talking about Lupin.

Andrew: Yeah, he doesn't have much against Hagrid, does he? So...

Micah: Not really. So as the - after this huge incident with Black breaking into the castle, Harry starts to get more protection. He has Percy following him around in the halls, there's a time when McGonagall calls him into her office to tell him about Sirius Black...

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Micah: And she learns that he's already aware, at least of the fact that he's after Harry.

Andrew: Right.

Micah: Now again, this is one of the points where we could talk about - should Harry have been told who Sirius was in terms of his betrayal of his parents? I think it might have been a good time to tell him, but obviously it plays out later on in the story.

Ben: [imitating Harry] "He was their friend!"

Micah: Exactly. And even Madam Hooch has to supervise his Quidditch practice. And this - well, really quick - this goes back to what you guys were talking about in the previous chapter with respect to Hogsmeade. Why not just send somebody with him?

Andrew: Right.

Ben: Because he didn't have the form signed, okay?

Micah: Oh, who cares?

Andrew: Well, they seem to be sticklers about that, and once they let one person get away with that, then anyone can get away with it.

Eric: [laughs] Actually...

Andrew: So I think that's the perspective.

Eric: Actually, if you guys have ever seen 24, just one guard, just one chaperone would not have been enough. If you're an accomplished wizard, you can get past the first guy.

Ben: He killed thirteen people!

Andrew: Yeah, man.

Ben: Twelve, or however many. Twelve.

Eric: That's true. That's true. They don't know what Sirius is actually capable of. But regarding Micah's question, I think Dumbledore should have sat down. I mean, this is so interesting that Lupin is - Lupin was one of the Potters' friends, and he's now a teacher at Hogwarts for this year, and the other friend of the Potters, who isn't presumed dead - or dead, is trying to kill him - is going after Harry. This is so interesting and so personal, like unexpectedly so, that these two friends of the Potters, one of them is a teacher and the other one is out to kill Harry, presumably.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: I really think Dumbledore should at least have more of a presence in this book than he does. It's very interesting that Dumbledore...

Andrew: That's something we suffer from in a lot of the books, particularly Book 5 as well.

Eric: Well - and he explains why. He says, "I was wrong," or at least...

Andrew: Yeah, yeah.

Eric: But for it to be...

Andrew: Too late, though.

Eric: For it to be McGonagall to sit Harry down...

Andrew: Right.

Eric: kind of cheap.

Andrew: Onward, Micah!

Micah: So later on in the chapter, Snape fills in for Lupin as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and an interesting quote that he has, "Well, well, well, I'd never thought I'd meet a third year class who wouldn't even recognize a werewolf when they saw one."

Andrew: Oh, snap!

Ben: Ooh.

Andrew: Ooh. He was mean. He was so bitter about this position.

Micah: He was an ass. We can say "ass" on this episode, right? We said "bitch" earlier.

Andrew: Yeah, in this case, absolutely. It's justified.

Ben: He was a slimey [bleep].

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Can we say that, Andrew?

Micah: But there's a lot of stuff that goes on in this class very similar to what went on in Potions in the chapter that Eric did, and he intentionally asks questions he knows that Hermione will have the answer to about werewolves, then intentionally treats her cruelly. And he really took a lot of pleasure in criticizing Lupin's teaching style, and setting homework on them. I mean, he's really just an insufferable ass in this chapter.

Andrew: You're absolutely right.

Eric: I think too, it's been so long - I mean even though the second war hasn't really picked up yet, it's been so long since Snape - all he remembers is - anymore - is the school days of when Lupin - or actually I think his anger - Snape's anger really is directed at James Potter, but both Harry and Remus are the closest he's going to actually get to James Potter, who is married to his love, too. So, it's a big deal and that to have Lupin back and he's a werewolf and Snape's just causing this ruckus - you're right, but he's very personally affected.

Andrew: I think - well - that's...

Jamie: He is - yeah.

Andrew: That's a good point. They - there are some reasons - the justifications particularly about Lily and Harry, but he needs to get out and have a little fun, quite frankly. He's one of those people who just can't break loose of this work ethic and just doesn't have any fun.

Micah: The last part of this chapter has to deal with the Quidditch match, and this, I guess, would be round four between Crookshanks and Scabbers.

Ben: Ding ding!

Micah: Harry wakes up on the morning of the Quidditch match...

Ben: Feeling like P. Diddy?

Micah: Feeling like P. Diddy, yeah.

[Jamie and Micah laugh]

Micah: And he notices that Crookshanks is waiting at the door, and he has to take him downstairs, and then he spends much of the morning stopping Crookshanks from getting back up into the common room to go after Scabbers.

Jamie: What a procrastinator!

[Eric laughs]

Micah: Yeah, I know, right? He should be preparing for his match. Who cares if the cat runs up?

Eric: Getting the rat...

Micah: And shredding the rat.

Andrew: It's J.K. Rowling's detailed world. Let it be.

Micah: So the Quidditch match approaches, and we get our first introduction to Cedric Diggory, the Hufflepuff captain, and...

Eric: Part-time vampire.

Micah: ...obviously, he...

Jamie: Yeah.

Micah: ...plays a role a little bit later on in the series. Interesting how Jo places these characters early on. I think we also, later on in this book, hear about Cho Chang...

Andrew: And Cedric's kind of described in the book when he's introduced as sort of like a bigger guy, which Robert Pattinson in the movie is not. [laughs] He's a bit scrawny...

Eric: He's tall - he's taller - he comes down from a tree.

Andrew: He is tall.

Eric: I mean, he just...

Andrew: Yes.

Eric: He jumps down from the tree. That's his intro.

Jamie: How tall is he? He's not that tall, is he, Robert...

Andrew: I don't...

Jamie: ...Pattinson.

Andrew: ...know.

Ben: He's probably 5'11".

Andrew: He's taller than Dan, but Dan is short.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: So...

Jamie: Dan's...

Andrew: ...that's...

Jamie: ...5'7, isn't he?

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Jamie: Or 5'6.

Andrew: He's pretty short like that.

Jamie: Dan is tiny.

Ben: Doesn't Dan...

Micah: So, the...

Ben: ...look like a lizard?

Andrew: Yes. We'll discuss that after the show.

Ben: Okay.

[Andrew and Jamie laugh]

Micah: The Quidditch match arrives, and Harry is flying around and it's a really nasty day out. And all of a sudden, he sees the Grim in the sky.

Andrew: Mhm.

Micah: So I was wondering, was he forced into thinking this, based on everything that's happened previously with seeing Sirius on Privet Drive, and then the Grim on the cover of the book in Flourish and Blotts, the Grim in his teacup? Is that - there's so much going on that - making you think that you're seeing things.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, well, I'm so confused because Sirius is actually at this Quidditch match and he is in the stands. And so Harry, when he's falling, sees the dog, actually physically sees the dog. But in the movie, the clouds part and there's a Grim in the sky. Is that how it was in the book? I forget. Was there actually a Grim...

Jamie: No, no. He sees him in the stands. He...

Andrew: Right.

Eric: So there's no Grim in the sky like there is in the movie, right?

Andrew: Right.

Jamie: No...

Eric: In the book.

Jamie:'s kind of like...

Micah: No...

Jamie: ...the face...

Micah:'s both...

Jamie: ...of Satan...

Micah: ...I thought.

Jamie: the Twin Towers.

Andrew: But I think Micah's right. He's so used to seeing the Grim at this point he almost sort of expects it. So it's, like, "Awww, go figure. Of course I see it here too."

Eric: Yeah.

Micah: Yeah.

Eric: It's just so interesting to see because - I mean, this time Sirius - is it Sirius, or is it Malfoy and Crabbe and Goyle? Because they do that too. Pretend...

Micah: No.

Eric: be...

Micah: This is when he's actually attacked by the dementors.

Eric: Pretending to be dementors. But the actual dementors are there. But Sirius wanted to catch Harry at Quidditch, wanted to see him do Quidditch. And as a result, Harry trips out and sees the Grim.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: So, I mean, there - it's just...

Micah: Right.

Eric: ...interesting that sometimes it's actually a black dog, and the other times it's this mythical Grim, either in its teacup or on the book. And yeah, you're right, Micah. I mean, he's - Harry's being constantly reminded of his impending death and it's really an issue.

Micah: Mhm.

Andrew: All right.

Micah: So, because it's the dementors that actually attack him, and he begins to, I guess, learn more about what started on the train with all the screaming and things like that. And we're - I think we're probably able to - at this point in the series if we're reading it for the first time, to figure out that it's actually a conversation between Voldemort and Lily Potter. And the big thing I thought that was revealed here was that Lily is actually offered to be spared by Voldemort because he tells her to stand aside. And that caused a lot of speculation, I thought, early on, right? Before the other books were being released. "Who was Lily to Voldemort?" "What did she mean?" "What was her occupation?" was another big thing that would cause her to even have the opportunity to be spared.

Eric: That's interesting, yeah.

Andrew: Yeah. Hmmm.

Micah: So...

Andrew: Good point.

Micah: And then just to wrap up the chapter, the dementors cause Harry to fall from close to 50 feet in the air. We learn...

Andrew: Nooo!

Micah: ...Dumbledore - and they do this in the movie. He kind of makes it so that Harry doesn't have...

Jamie: Die.

Micah: ...full impact...

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: ...onto the ground. [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, die.

Eric: Thud! Oh well, there's the series.

Micah: So, Dumbledore is enraged at what happened, and we learn from Hermione that he [laughs] shot silver stuff at them.

Andrew: Ooh.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: [as Dumbledore] "How dare you?! Take my silver stuff! Pew, pew, pew!"

Micah: So, and then Harry's broom goes into the Whomping Willow and that...

Andrew: Nooo!

Micah: ...sets up the plot for the Firebolt...

Eric: The Nimbus...

Micah: ...which comes up...

Eric: ...2000...

Micah: later chapters.

Eric: destroyed.

Andrew: Nooo!

Eric: Is that the end of this chapter where they present it to him in the hospital...

Micah: Yes.

Eric: ...wing?

Micah: In the hospital wing.

Eric: And it's just a bunch of sticks.

Quote Quiz

Andrew: But now, here's his chance to get the Firebolt! It's newer and better! Yes, the Nimbus 2000 was filled with childhood memories, but who cares when there's something bigger and better that awaits? So, that's it for Chapter-by-Chapter. But first, Quote Quiz.

Ben: Quote quiz, quiz, quiz, quiz.

Andrew: Quote quiz, quiz, quiz.

"I doubt it will make much difference, unless a mad axe-man is waiting outside the doors to slaughter the first into the entrance hall."

Eric: McGonagall.

Andrew: Yes! Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

Ben: And what does Eric win, Andrew?

Andrew: He wins a brand new microphone!

Ben: Ooh.

Jamie: Ooh.

Andrew: Just kidding, yours is fine. [laughs]

Jamie: Hey Andrew...

Ben: Awww.

Jamie: ...I didn't hear you do the thing. The introduction to that.

Andrew: I did! Quote quiz...

Jamie: Oh, yeah!

Andrew: ...quiz, quiz, quiz.

Listener Tweet: Halloween

Andrew: Let's get to some e-mails and tweets from this chapter. We asked people to send in their feedback about these chapters. They read them before listening to the show. They are very well-prepared listeners. Erica9918 says:

"Why is it that every Halloween something bad happens? In 'Sorcerer's Stone,' the troll. In 'CoS,' Mrs. Norris gets petrified. And in 'Prisoner of Azkaban,' Black breaks in."

I think we did a Halloween discussion on...

Eric: Oh! We did, we did...

Jamie: We talked about that...

Eric: Yeah.

Jamie: ...didn't we?

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: We did when we were doing Chapter-by-Chapter last book.

Andrew: So tune into that episode...

Eric: Yep.

Andrew: ...for the answer.

Eric: Chapter 12 significance, yep.

Listener Tweet: How Much Does Lucius Reveal?

Andrew: LuuJ writes:

"When Malfoy eggs on Harry about going and looking for Black, I find it interesting that it hints at how much Lucius really tells."


Eric: Draco.

Andrew: Yeah, tells Draco, right.

Eric: Well, that was kind of my question too. What does Lucius know about Sirius Black's allegiance?

Andrew: It's a good question.

Lsitener Tweet: The Weasley's Knowledge of Sirius

Ben: andreaenero writes:

"How did Malfoy know that Sirius had allegedly betrayed Harry's parents, but Ron didn't? They are both from wizarding families."

I think Ron's parents may...

Eric: Just kept it from him?

Ben: They have so many kids, they're running like a mill, you know...

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: ...what I mean? They're running like a boot camp. They don't have time to sit everyone down and...

Listener Tweet: Student's Names

Andrew: Wikmans says:

"How does Lupin know their names before the first lesson? And why does he call them by first name when the other teachers don't?"

Jamie: Because he's different in that way, isn't he?

Ben: Yeah.

[Eric laughs]

Ben: He wants to...

Andrew: He's personable.

Ben: He wants to be personal...

Eric: No...

Ben: know?

Eric: ...but he does. I noticed this too while reading. He does call Dean Thomas by his first name. And I don't know - it made me think of whether or not he knew his dad or something because...

Jamie: No, no, it's because he and James Potter switched places...

Eric: That's...

Jamie: ...when they were doing their thing.

Eric: ...exactly what it is.

Ben: Awww.

[Jamie laughs]

Ben: Well, actually...

Eric: That...

Ben: Actually...

Eric: ...theory was plausible, man.

Jamie: It was plausible, definitely.

Ben: I know. You were a big Galadriel water slash that theory supporter, Eric.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: I remember that.

Eric: That was - it was a plausible theory at the time.

Ben: And I know some college professors who will get the students' pictures before the class even begins and memorize their names.

Eric: That's true.

Jamie: Aww, I bet that's what they do.

[Eric laughs]

Jamie: I bet that's what they do.

Make the Music Connection

Andrew: Yeah, Lupin has got nothing better to do. All right, now here's a segment we haven't done in a while: Make the Mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-music Connection! Yeah! Who wants to go first?

Jamie: Is this your show personality coming through?

Andrew: Yes.

[Jamie laughs]

Ben: Me.

Jamie: I'll go first.

Andrew: You want to - oh, I'm sorry, Jamie. Ben said, "First," first.

Jamie: Oh. Yeah, but he is there. So, the lag...

Andrew: True.

Jamie: ...will...

Andrew: True.

Jamie: I probably said it first, really.

Andrew: Okay, we'll pick...

Jamie: No, no, no.

Andrew: ...some of...

Jamie: Ben, you...

Andrew: ...the top songs.

Jamie: ...take it.

Andrew: No, no, Jamie. You can.

Jamie: All right.

Andrew: We'll pick some of the top hot songs right now. Jamie, are you a fan of Kesha?

Jamie: No.

Andrew: All right.

Jamie: I don't know who it is.

Andrew: Well, try...

Ben: [singing] "Wake up in the morning..."

Andrew: No, not that song.

Ben: "...feeling like..."

Andrew: Here, try this.

Ben: "...P. Diddy."

["Blah Blah Blah" by Kesha (feat. 3OH!3) plays]

Andrew: Hold on.

[Song continues]

Jamie: Oh, this is terrible.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Hold on, just wait for the chorus.

[Song continues]

Andrew: "Blah Blah Blah" by Kesha. Just go off the song title. Blah blah blah.

[Song finishes]

Jamie: Blah blah blah? All right. Blah blah blah. Well, I think in Harry Potter, quite a few of people have that attitude. They just, "Blah blah blah, I've got magic. I don't have to worry about anything because when push comes to shove, I can just cast a spell." However, the other side has magic as well, which I think is a point made by Rufus Scrimgeour to the Muggle Prime Minister.

Andrew: Mhm.

Jamie: So yeah, I think that is the connection. The blah blah blah attitude throughout Harry Potter.

Andrew: Nice.

Jamie: Yeah. Sorry, I can't think of anything else.

Andrew: No, I was going to make a Trelawney connection...

Jamie: I don't know.

Andrew: ...because she's all...

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: ...blah blah blah with all these dumb theories and stuff.

Jamie: Awww, yeah, yeah! That would have been a good one.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Awww!

Andrew: That's all right, that's all right. All right, Ben. It's your turn.

["Escape Me" by Tiesto plays]

Andrew: [laughs] This is "Escape Me" by Tiesto.

[Song continues]

Andrew: Make the connection, Ben.

[Song continues]

Andrew: Ben?

Ben: Okay, Neville. Failure is Neville's favorite thing.

Andrew: Oh.

Ben: Because he continually fails.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: But if you actually wait until the chorus, where he's singing, Escape Me.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Where she's singing, Escape Me. I would say that that's really Harry trying to break out, you know?

Andrew: Right.

Ben: Becoming all he wants. Or maybe it's Dumbledore when he was a kid.

[Jamie laughs]

Ben: And that hidden side of him that was in love with Grindelwald.

Andrew: Mmm, good one.

Ben: Mmm.

Andrew: All right. Eric, here is your song.

["Today Was A Fairytale" by Taylor Swift plays]

Andrew: "Today Was A Fairytale" by Taylor Swift.

Eric: Oh wow.

[Song continues]

Andrew: "Magic." She said, "Magic."

Jamie: Awww, yeah.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: What more do you need?

Ben: This is Ginny. This is so Ginny...

Eric: Yeah. This is Harry...

Ben: ...being in love...

Eric: Hey...

Ben: ...with Harry.

Eric: ...hey, hey, who's make the music connection...

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: this?

Ben: Well, I'm sorry. You're just disconnected over there.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Yeah...

Andrew: Go ahead...

Eric:'s true.

Andrew: ...Eric.

Eric: Yeah, this is how Harry is feeling when he has that one brief moment at the lake with Ginny in Book 6. Or he actually - it doesn't even happen in the books. He references them later, like, "I've been having nice walks along the lake with you." But that's what happens in "6" where he's - there is this brief downtime. He is actually with the girl he fancies and they have some good times before he does the Spider-Man thing.

Andrew: Good point. All right, and Micah, you're the last one for today. Here we go!

["Telephone" by Lady Gaga (feat. Beyonce) plays]

Andrew: "Telephone" by Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

[Song continues]

Andrew: "Stop calling, stop calling. I don't want to pick up anymore."

Ben: Ooh...

Andrew: How can you...

Ben: ...I got one.

Andrew: ...connect that?

Ben: I got one.

Micah: You got one, Ben, huh?

Andrew: Go ahead, Ben.

Ben: It's Uncle Vernon.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: It's, like...

Jamie: Oh, yeah.

Ben: "Stop calling!"

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: He yells at Ron.

Andrew: I love it, I love it. You could also...

Micah: That was good, Ben.

Andrew: You could also...

Jamie: That's...

Andrew: ...connect that one...

Jamie: ...perfect, yeah.

Andrew: ...with all the owls coming into the home. [laughs] "Stop owling! Stop owling!" Oh no...

[Eric laughs]

Andrew:'s another song parody. [laughs] "I don't want to pick up!"

Ben: [as Dumbledore] "Rah rah!"

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: [as Dumbledore] "Ooh la la." [singing as himself] "Want your bad romance."

Announcement: Podcast Alley and Infinitus 2010

Andrew: Okay. So before we wrap up the show today, just a couple of announcements for you all. That was a fun segment by the way. Don't forget to vote for us on Podcast Alley. It's now March. It's MuggleCast March, the one month that makes sense when you say, "MuggleCast March."

Ben: What about MuggleCast May?

Andrew: What? Oh, that's true. Good point, thank you.

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] Forgot about my birthday month.

Ben: Oh, oh, your birthday month? Yes, that's what May is all about.

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: Shameless plug.

Andrew: So, and also...

Ben: Obama has declared May, 'National Andrew Sims Month'.

Andrew: And also coming up this July 15th to...

Ben: Are we doing a podcast there, Andrew?

Andrew: Yes, yes, we are doing a podcast there! And more details about that will be announced soon. But it's going to be in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios Orlando, the resort. Universal announced...

Jamie: Ooh, that is exciting.

Andrew: Universal announced a party in the park.

Ben: Ooh.

Andrew: The Harry Potter theme park is going to be shutting...

Ben: Ooh!

Andrew: ...down and only attendees...

Ben: Ooh!

Andrew: ...of Infinitus are going to be able to attend.

Ben: Ooh!

Andrew: And they got a lot of cool stuff planned for that.

Ben: Jamie, will you be attending Infinitus? I know fans are dying to know.

Jamie: When is it? July?

Andrew: July 15th to the 18th in Orlando.

Jamie: Oh, I doubt I'll be going. I'm a working...

Ben: Oh!


Andrew: If you start...

Jamie: I can't just...

Andrew: ...swimming now...

Jamie: ...take a...

Andrew: can make it.

Jamie: off.

Ben: [laughs] Ladies and gentlemen, Jamie is looking for sponsors for his swim to Infinitus.

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: Yeah.

Ben: A mile.

Jamie: Someone has got to...

Ben: For donations...

Jamie: ...give me however much...

Ben: ...per mile.

Jamie: a mile.

Eric: For swimming?

Andrew: I'll give you a penny a mile.

Jamie: You can afford more than that. Come on, guys.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: You get to live in California. You can move somewhere else.

Andrew: We'll have to figure it out for next...

Ben: [laughs] I just have...

Andrew: ...episode.

Ben: ...this vision of Jamie back floating...

[Andrew and Jamie laugh]

Ben: the middle of the Atlantic. Just, like, [as Jamie] "Oh, I'm so tired."

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: [as Jamie] "I can't!"

Andrew: [as Jamie] "Get me off!"

Ben: [as Jamie] "Just five more minutes, and..."

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: Ben, you couldn't have pure relaxation in the middle of the ocean.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Oh no, you definitely couldn't.

Andrew: So visit and if you register to attend, please put "MuggleNet" or "MuggleCast" in the referral box so they know who sent you. Finally today, don't forget to visit It's got everything you need pertaining to this show. Also, follow us on Twitter at

Ben: Benschoen.

[Andrew laughs]

Announcement: 10,000 Twitter Followers

Andrew: And as well. Through our Twitter and Facebooks, we update you with the latest information regarding new episodes, what we are doing around the site, the podcast. Also, I have an exciting announcement. MuggleCast just surpassed 10,000 followers on Twitter.

Jamie: Yeah!

Ben: What does this mean, Andrew?

[Show music begins]

Andrew: Well, we like to use the Twitter account a lot to let everybody know what's going on with the show, and we hope you enjoy those updates. And our Facebook fan page has 9,779 fans, so become a fan on Facebook and Twitter:, to get all the information.

Ben: Please.

Jamie's Plea: The Chagos Conservation Trust

Jamie: I have one thing to say quickly. This is an environmental plea, okay? Now, this one is the Chagos protected area, which is somewhere in the ocean. I'm not sure exactly where. However, as I'm sure all of you guys know that how ever many thousands of millions of fish are dying and stuff like that. And the British government has a chance to create the world's largest conservation area in the ocean. And people have two days until Friday to register their support for it. So please everybody, you don't have to live in Britain. Please can you go to That's with a hyphen in between, and it's C-H-A-G-O-S. And you guys can do it too.

Andrew: I will!

Jamie: And go there and register your support. And you can write to the foreign secretary and tell them to do it. Please do it. It's going to take two minutes. Please everyone do that because it is important. It's some of the cleanest waters on Earth and it's going to go if people don't protect it. So please, please go and do it. And I'll post a link on my Twitter. That is So, I'll put it on there.

Show Close

Andrew: Thanks everyone for listening. It's been another fun show. We'll see you all next time for Episode 193. I'm Andrew Sims.

Ben: I'm...

Micah: Four.

Ben: ...Ben Schoen.

Andrew: 194, sorry.

Eric: I am Eric Scull.

Jamie: I'm Jamie Lawrence.

Micah: And I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Andrew: We'll see you next time for Episode 194!

Ben: See you folks!

Andrew: Bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye!

Jamie and Micah: Bye!

[Show music continues]

Blooper: I'm Ben Scone

Ben: I'm Ben...

Eric: I'm Eric...

Ben: ...Scho-en.

Eric: ...Scull.

Jamie: Ooh!

Eric: Scone? Sorry, Ben. While you were gone, I kind of usurped the title of...

Ben: Oh.

Eric: ...the second order.

Ben: Oh.

Andrew: Ooh.

Ben: Oh.

Andrew: Go ahead...

Ben: You jerk!

Andrew: ...Jamie.

Eric: You do that again.

Jamie: Ooh.

Ben: I made you. I made you, Eric.

Jamie: Technically, Eric made you, didn't he?

Ben: [laughs] No, Eric didn't make me!

Eric: No, I made Jamie, though.

Jamie: Yeah, yeah! Eric made me!

Eric: Before the...

Jamie: Eric made me, yeah.

Eric: It's cool.

Andrew: You're all Eric and thinking you made each other.

[Ben and Eric laugh]

Ben: What Andrew made all of us.

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: Andrew made...

Blooper: Would You Like Some Thigh Food?

Jamie: Hey, hey, Andrew, Andrew, what type of food is T-H-A-I food?

Andrew: Thai. [laughs]

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: I learnt my lesson about that one a while ago.

Ben: [laughs] What were you calling it?

Andrew: Back in 2006, we were all in the car in L.A. somewhere. And we drove by a Thai place, and I said, "Oh, thigh," or something.

[Jamie laughs]

Ben: Ha!

Jamie: He said, "Oh, we should go and have some thigh food."

Andrew: I had never heard the word before! I didn't know.

Ben: Some thigh food. That sounds kind of gross.

Andrew: All right.

Jamie: [laughs] Yeah!

Andrew: Go ahead, Micah.

Written by: The Transcribers