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MuggleCast 217 Transcript (continued)

Muggle Mail: Ministry of Magic Break-in and Kreacher in Deathly Hallows - Part 1

Andrew: ...and it's a "For Your Consideration" site, so people in the Academy can go out and see screenings of it, and they can get more information about the film. And there's also a "For Your Consideration" flyer, so they are trying. They are trying. Next e-mail comes from Zach, 16, of Lewistown. He writes:

"Something that may make a good discussion or to think among yourselves would be how in the movie they just went and did it, and showed no preparation."

I think he's writing concerning the - or yeah, yeah.

"In the book, they spend days preparing. Also, Kreacher. I don't remember whether or not Harry gave the fake locket to Kreacher. I need to watch the movie again, only saw it once. However, there is no change whatsoever in Kreacher which I believe is important. In the book, Kreacher changes completely towards the trio and he is almost like Dobby in a way, trying to please him."

So, yeah. And that was one of my favorite things too and maybe we'll see that in Part 2, Kreacher's shift in attitude.

Richard: I don't think so. I just think they didn't add reprieves in for a lot characters. Kreacher was one of them, Pettigrew was another one. I just think they didn't have time to add it in, so they left it out.

Eric: Yeah. I think with Kreacher, though, it's so upsetting when they try and go back to Grimmauld Place after the Ministry, and they can't because that guy has taken hold and now he goes there. There's that moment in the book where Harry is, like, "Oh man, Kreacher and I were just turning over a new leaf, and now I have to leave him and I can't even explain to him that I'm leaving him." How would they have translated that to the film? It just seems like - it's an emotional moment, of course, in the books where he feels bad, but it just doesn't seem like - it would have slowed the movie down, I think.

Micah: Yeah, did he give him the locket? I know he dangles it out in front of him.

Eric: Yeah, I don't know.

Richard: He did give him it. Oh, in the films, oh.

Micah: In the films, yeah. Well, I agree with what you guys are saying and I think that if we were doing the review show again, this would be something that we included that was left out. But I agree with what Zach is saying, the Ministry scene developed very quickly. It was one of those things where they just kind of talked about it, "Okay, we need to infiltrate the Ministry."

Eric: And then they did.

Micah: And then the next scene, they're outside...

Eric: Well actually, that's...

Micah: ...on the streets of London, so...

Eric: Yeah. That's something I feel about the book though. I would defend that to the end that in the book they have these long periods of planning to get into the Ministry. It's weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks.

Micah: Well, think of what you're infiltrating. It's like infiltrating the White House.

Eric: Okay, fine. Fair point. Except the fact of the matter is when they go into the Ministry, everything happens so quickly that they have to improvise and none of their planning actually winds up with them being that successful. It's all about - especially in Gringotts maybe later on. But it just felt like even in the Ministry, everything that was happening had nothing to do with how much they prepared. It was just all - who they meet up with at what junction and who they were able to impose themselves as. I guess - didn't they choose, in the book, who they were going to impersonate? Who specifically? Or - so that's an important distinction.

Micah: But it was from weeks of studying. That was the whole point.

Andrew: Yeah, and that's just one of those things. There's not time to see that.

Micah: Oh yeah.

Andrew: It would have been nice...

Micah: You can't develop that, no. There is no way.

Andrew: It would have been nice to see the build-up because that would have been some nice tension-building, like, "Oh my gosh! Will all this planning be worth it?" But yeah, that's one of those easy things that I think gets cut very early on, like, "Okay..."

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: "...we do not need all this planning." [laughs]

Eric: I mean, in the film...

Micah: And I'll say this right now, I'll say this right now. If Kreacher does not run into the final battle with a frying pan in his hand, I will rate the movie a notch lower before it even comes out.

[Andrew and Richard laugh]

Eric: Yeah.

Micah: Because that's just one of the greatest scenes to read...

Richard: Yeah.

Micah: Deathly Hallows, with him just leading the charge of house-elves.

Richard: My other favorite scene...

Micah: I don't know.

Richard: from McGonagall shouting, "Charge!" and all the tables come running after her...

Eric: Yeah. yeah.

Richard: ...that she's transformed...

Eric: That has to be pretty cool.

Andrew: There is something like that in the film, where McGonagall...

Richard: There better be.

Andrew: ...takes charge.

Micah: How do you know this?

Eric: Andrew can confirm.

Andrew: I may - if I was a betting man, I may or may not have seen it with my own two eyes.

Micah: What about Kreacher?

Eric: But it's not about tables?

Andrew: No.

Eric: He wouldn't have seen Kreacher.

Andrew: Well, at least not the thing that I was witnessing.

Eric: Anyway, can I get the next one?

Andrew: Yeah, go for it.

Muggle Mail: Hedwig's Death

Eric: All right. Next e-mail comes from Katelyn, 16, of Melbourne, Australia. She says:

Hey guys, I loved your discussions on the movie and wanted to share my thoughts on Hedwig's death. This is probably a bit late to write in. In the movie, Hedwig's death is noble, better for her. But generally any change upsets me and this time I have a reason: J.K. Rowling said ages ago that Hedwig died because it was Harry's last childhood possession. Hedwig needed to die helplessly like in the book to show that Harry was entering the big bad world. It's scary, brutal and unfair, and no one can do anything about it. I love Hedwig, but I think her death should have been as Jo had written it. I love you all and have a merry Christmas. Love, Katelyn.

Andrew: I think she brings up a valid point but I think this one had just as much emotion attached to it.

Eric: Yeah, Hedwig - I mean, Harry has that thing where he's, like, "Oh my God!, that's my bird. My freaking bird is dead."

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: But so many people - that's the other thing. Films have been spread out over - sure the books were too, but if you read them really fast - so many people have been dying in the Harry Potter films, even up to this point. The movie is centered around the death of Cedric in "4", it's leading up to it. And the movie is centered around Sirius' death in Movie 5 and Dumbledore's death in Movie 6. There is this huge, epic death in the last three films that anybody watching these movies - it just seems like - for Hedwig to be Harry's last possession that's dead, it's true but it just does not have the same impact that it does in the books.

Micah: Yeah, I don't know that it wouldn't have had the same impact on screen if Hedwig was cooped up in her cage.

Eric: We show Hedwig - Hedwig actually is more of an impact, I would argue, because Hedwig is behaving heroically. And - whereas in the book she just kind of pecks Harry when he doesn't feed her right, so...

Micah: No, what I'm saying though is if they had shot it like the book and she was in her cage, and she gets hit with the spell, would that have had the same impact on people as her flying in front and taking the curse, and falling out of the sky?

Eric: That's true. Because you can't really show...

Micah: Because remember in the book, Harry basically lights the cage on fire and...

Eric: To prevent it from...

Micah: Yeah. So, it's definitely drastically different than in the book. I'm just wondering if it's going to have the same impact on people. I don't know. I thought the way it was in the movie - I'm not saying it's better than the book, I'm just saying it served more of a purpose, I thought, for the audience seeing it that way.

Andrew: I don't know, I'm on the fence about it. I think both were really great. Micah, can you take the next e-mail?

Muggle Mail: Daniel Radcliffe's Acting

Micah: Yeah. Next e-mail comes from Giulia?

Eric: Oh!

Micah: I hope.

Eric: That's a nice way to spell "Julia".

Micah: If that's really her name, [laughs] if I'm not messing it up.

Eric: [laughs] Well, what would it be? Goo-lia? [laughs]

Micah: No, I think it's "Julia" - I hope anyway - 14, from Brisbane, Australia, and she says:

"Everyone has been saying that Dan's acting..."

Oh, this one is for you, Richard.

"...wasn't up to scratch for 'Deathly Hallows - Part 1'. Dan's acting has been consistent throughout all of the films. There really has been no change. In 'Deathly Hallows' there was no really big emotional scenes for him, apart from Dobby's death which he did really well. People have been backing him into a corner with this film because he didn't need to do anything different. In this film, he didn't go through the same dramatic emotional changes as Ron and Hermione. Rupert and Emma's characters showed a huge amount of growth in this film. There were many emotion-filled scenes which were strongly based around their characters. These were scenes that they hadn't faced before in the previous films, so they really were challenging themselves with their acting. This is why they were the standout actors. There was nothing wrong with Dan's acting in the film. It's just that Harry didn't emotionally grow as much in this film as Ron and Hermione. Dan didn't need to challenge himself because Harry didn't face those emotional challenges."

Eric: That's a good point actually, that Harry has some character development - actually a lot of it coming - but it's at the end when he has to choose - well, at the beginning of the next film, I presume, when he has to choose Hallows or Horcruxes which was a big deal in the books. But also at the end when he is choosing life over death - when he has to go face Voldemort. That I feel is going to be really big for Dan and Dan's got a challenge because he has to make it look not cheesy. I feel like it is in the book but I think whenever you're showing the hero's journey, he has to really show - his heroism has to show and so I feel like Dan will have a good challenge in Part 2.

Micah: I mean, I agree with some of what she's saying because if you look at Hermione having to wipe her parents' memories away - talking on the character side of things, this is something that she's never had to experience before. Ron leaving his family and the potential for things to happen to them like you saw what happened with George.

Richard: Yeah. I mean, I kind of agree but I mean, Dan's character did change a lot in this film too. I mean, he had the scene near the start when he felt really guilty when Moody has died and he started blaming himself for it. Then he had the big fight with Ron and then going to his parents' graves. I mean, there's plenty of opportunities for Dan to show emotion and his character to change. I just think those two did it better.

Micah: Yeah. I mean - but does - see, I don't know because I think part of her argument doesn't work because Harry has gone through so much more than Hermione and Ron ever will, in terms of losing people that are close to him and sort of the maturing at a much faster rate. You can debate about Hermione but if you're saying that he's done a great acting job in that sense, up until this point, then it doesn't make sense to say now it's been consistent.

Richard: Yeah, I think I agree with you. I mean, it's almost like in the films Dan's sort of accepted his per-fate in the past and he sort of went, "Yeah, all right, fine. It's going to happen," when the other two are actually genuinely worried.

Eric: I don't know. I just think she's saying that maybe this was just a movie for the Ron and Hermione character, that it just seems like we forget - there is nothing that we really point out Dan's acting as being - because we're so focused on all the good things we have about Rupert and Emma. So, she's not saying that Dan - she's saying Dan doesn't necessarily stand out but it doesn't mean he's bad.

Richard: I don't want anymore hate mail, so... [laughs]

Eric: No, no, no, that's fine, that's fine. I mean, and some people who genuinely don't like Dan as Harry like with the dancing and the - people mention the dancing scene. I love that scene but that's just me. And people really think it's cheesy and that that kind of aspect that Dan brings to Harry is - some people don't like. But that's okay, that's okay, that's why we have these podcasts.

Micah: Yeah, but - I mean, if you're saying that a lot of people have been saying that his acting wasn't up to scratch, then...

Eric: I think she means us. I really think she means us.

[Micah and Richard laugh]

Micah: But then - the very next section says, "But his acting has been consistent throughout all the films." But...

Eric: I agree with that, though. I agree with that, "Consistent".

Andrew: I do, too.

Micah: You really...

Andrew: He really has. I mean...

Micah: The, "He was their friend," line, that was good?

Eric: Shut up, Micah!

Andrew: Well, listen, there's only so much you can do with some writing, with that kind of writing. "Harry..."

Micah: You could cut it.

Andrew: Well, but Alfonso wanted it.

Eric: Yeah, but Cuaron didn't, and so...

Andrew: Actually, I thought it was okay. I didn't mind it that much. [imitating Daniel Radcliffe] "He was their friend!"

Eric: It is important that he was their friend. [laughs] That's about the only backstory we have in that freaking movie. [laughs] So yeah, I think it's an incredibly important line.

Muggle Mail: Casting of Young Severus Snape

Andrew: All right, the final e-mail today is from Brooke, 18, of Milford, Michigan:

"I was wondering if you guys could share your thoughts on 'Part 2' of the final movie coming next summer. I have not been able to find any info about someone cast as young Severus Snape. Could this be normal that this is not listed anywhere, or could they have cut this storyline out? What do you think the chances are that they did leave that out? Snape's storyline, to me, is one of Rowling's shining moments and it would be insulting to the series to end the films with a lingering question of Snape's alliance, or even worse, the thought that he really is evil. Do you believe there is going to be anything else missing that the fans should brace themselves for? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Love you all! Brooke."

Richard: Well, I think they will include that bit because they did include the doe finding the sword, which we know came from Snape, so it would seem a little silly to introduce that without telling you why.

Micah: Well, if it's any consolation, they have cast a young Lily Evans. So, if they cast her, I think they will eventually cast a young Severus Snape...

Eric: Ahh, nice catch.

Micah: ...if they haven't already - let me take a look here...

Eric: Well, it was only just revealed that - the actress who will be playing Helena Ravenclaw was fairly big news recently. They are still announcing these castings who will play - and that - we know Harry meets Helena Ravenclaw, who is the Grey Lady, at the end in the Battle of Hogwarts which is the same time he finds out about the backstory. So, a lot of these actors and actresses, maybe they were told to keep silent and things like that. News is still coming out about casting for this film even though they finished filming it six months ago.

Micah: Right. No, I think that that's important to recognize and sometimes we don't get those pieces of information until late in the game. But right now I don't see anything else on our casting page for Snape, other than Alan Rickman.

Eric: Well, who's playing young Lily?

Andrew: They tend to not even want to announce these for some reason. I don't know...

Micah: Ellie Darcey-Alden.

Eric: There we go, so...

Micah: So, she has been cast.

Listener Tweet: Favorite Books and Movies

Andrew: I love her. So, that's it for e-mails. We have some tweets now and then we'll get to the weird places people listen to MuggleCast. First one, from Merina2 or just from Merina:

"As a relatively new listener, I would love to know what each of the host's favorite books and movies of the series are."

I guess it's good to update everyone [laughs] every once in a while. Personally for me, Order of the Phoenix is my favorite book and Part 2 is my favorite film.

Eric: I think that for me...

Micah: Even though it's not out yet?

Andrew: Right, but I just know it's going to be my favorite, so...

[Micah laughs]

Eric: Oh, you can't say that.

Andrew: ...why even bother pretending...

Eric: Come on.

Andrew: No, I really do think it's going to be my favorite. I don't think - from everything we've seen, I just - nothing will be able to match it.

Eric: Okay, but so far, what has been your favorite film? Because I'm curious now.

Andrew: Sorcerer's Stone.

Eric: Wow, [laughs] so the movies have only gotten worse for you.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: No, actually, I would say Part 1 is right up there, but...

Micah: Yeah. That's cool.

Andrew: Yeah, I don't want to say until Part 2 comes out, so...

Eric: Well, I feel like too many people don't credit the first few movies as being good because they're so young. But...

Andrew: Well, I think now more than ever it's sort of sentimental and it's good because they're so whimsical and you're learning everything for the first time, and they're learning everything for the first time.

Eric: Yeah, yeah. My book is Prisoner of Azkaban and my movie is Deathly Hallows - Part 1.

Micah: Yeah, my favorite book, definitely Prisoner of Azkaban and then, movie - well, I probably can't say Part 1 after the way I reviewed it. I have to see it again, but probably Half-Blood Prince for right now.

Richard: Yeah, I think both my book and movie are the same, it's Order of the Phoenix.

Eric: Interesting!

Andrew: Yeah, I really wanted to enjoy the movie version of Order of the Phoenix, but I just - I couldn't...

Richard: I really liked it, actually. I loved it.

Listener Tweet: Dobby Dropping the Chandelier

Andrew: Okay, next tweet from Felicia Grogan:

"Was wondering why Dobby had to manually unscrew the chandelier instead of just snapping his fingers to drop it."

Eric: More drama.

Andrew: Yeah...

Eric: And he gets to have that line.

Andrew:'s funnier to see him up there.

Micah: It's funnier.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

Eric: Plus maybe - I don't know. I just thought it showed knowledge of the place he used to be a house-elf for, you know? That he knows exactly where the screw is. He can't - he doesn't need to stand fifty feet away and drop it. It's more dramatic, you know?

Listener Tweet: Casting the Characters

Andrew: Yeah, it's funny seeing him up there trying to figure it out and everyone is looking up at him, and the audience laughs. Next tweet from Crissy:

"Who would you cast for the trio if you could go back ten years? Or any other characters?"

Eric: What do you mean? Like if you could prevent certain actors from being cast?

Andrew: No, if you could have cast Harry Potter, who would you have used?

Eric: I would cast myself.

[Andrew and Richard laugh]

Andrew: Of course. Yeah, I guess that's an easy question, right? We all would want to be Harry Potter so we could be the richest...

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: ...young adult actor in the world. [laughs] Do you guys remember Haley Joel Osment? That was a big contender for...

Richard: Yeah.

Andrew: ...Harry Potter?

Richard: Yeah.

Andrew: And see the other thing is...

Eric: It's come out now that Steven Spielberg was going to do an animated version of Harry Potter.

Andrew: He was - yeah, they were in talks.

Eric: So, Haley Joel would have provided the voice of Harry, so that's important.

Andrew: Well, but Jo has always said that it has to be an all-British cast, so...

Eric: Which was a good choice, yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: It's more authentic.

Andrew: So - I mean, I'm not really up on British actors, to be honest.

Micah: Yeah, I don't know.

Eric: No, I don't know many that they haven't included.

Andrew: Yeah. I mean, they have gotten such a wide array of people. But I would like to say, the one British actor I'm a big fan of, she's in all the Bond movies. She's Bond's - she plays Q, I think.

Eric: Judi Dench? M?

Micah: No, it's...

Richard: Judi Dench.

Andrew: M. [laughs]

Micah: Yeah. [laughs]

Richard: Yeah, M.

Andrew: Z? T? No, yeah...

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: ...Judi Dench. I was really hoping to see her. I thought she may have been the woman who would play...

Richard: McGonagall?

Andrew: Well yeah, McGonagall would have been great or the Grey Lady. I think she would have been great for that too.

Eric: Yeah, maybe. Except the Grey Lady was quite young when she died but I feel like Judi Dench - the actress who plays Madam Hooch reminds me of Judi Dench a lot.

Richard: Oh, Zoe Wanamaker.

Eric: Yeah, I have to consciously remind myself that that's not Judi Dench when I'm watching it because...

Richard: They look very similar.

Eric: They do, they do.

Micah: What about Sean Connery as Dumbledore?

[Richard laughs]

Eric: Yeah, except he's retired from acting. Yeah, yeah, that's...

Micah: Well, this is ten years ago!

[Eric laughs]

Micah: He wouldn't...

Eric: That's a good point.

Micah: retired then.

Eric: It's before League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, so... [laughs]

Micah: Or he could have been a good Death Eater probably.

Listener Tweet: "Don't Let It Be July" for Deathly Hallows - Part 2?

Andrew: Next is from Steven R:

"I'd like to hear what you're expecting for 2011..."

Which - actually, we kind of answered already.

"...and whether Sims is thinking 'Don't Let It Be July' again for 'DH Part 2'"?

If everybody remembers, before Book 7 came out I made a wizard rock song called "Don't Let It Be July" and it was to the tune of "Bye Bye Bye" by N Sync, and it was, like, "Don't let it be July!" So, I guess it will kind of apply again to this summer. [laughs] Maybe I should retune it or just replay it on the show. But yeah, it's...

Micah: I don't know. I mean - yeah, we talked about it a little bit before but what else is there really, besides the movie? I mean...

Andrew: The DVD!

Micah: Oh, the DVD?

Andrew: Two DVDs in one year!

Eric: Well, "3" and "4"...

Micah: Probably some more...

Eric: ..."5" and "6"...

Micah: ...Ultimate Editions?

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, some more Ultimate Editions and maybe an encyclopedia if we're very, very lucky. [laughs]

Micah: Another really well-programmed video game, I'm sure.

[Richard laughs]

Andrew: Oh yes, that too.

Eric: Oh, come on.

Micah: Electronic Arts.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: And I'm sure some other side books like there were this year.

Micah: Maybe some LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7?

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Maybe.

Listener Tweet: Malfoy Family Reunion in Deathly Hallows - Part 2?

Andrew: Oh yeah, yeah, because I mean, that was a big hit so you would think they're going to do "5-7". Yeah, so hopefully we can look forward to that. All right, final tweet is from Jessie:

"Do you think we'll see the Malfoy family reunite at the end of 'DH Part 2'? It's a brief but powerful moment in the book."

Eric: Don't we have to because of Narcissa Malfoy's role in the second part of the book?

Richard: They could cut that out though.

Eric: Well, that's significant though. That's extremely significant where Harry is supposed to be dead, she sees him breathing and asks how Draco is, if Draco is alive. And he says yes, and then she tells the Dark Lord that Harry is dead, so - that is the key reason that Harry even survives is because of Narcissa Malfoy. So yeah, I feel like the Malfoys were paid attention to in Part 1 enough that it will have a payoff in Part 2.

Andrew: They were pretty well-featured in Part 1 as well. I mean, in Malfoy Manor they were very, very prominent, so I think that's a good sign for Part 2.

Richard: Well, just the fact that they've... [unintelligible] ...characters, I wouldn't be surprised if they got rid of this one as well. I hope they don't but I wouldn't be surprised.

Micah: Well, didn't Jason Isaacs say in an interview that there's a different ending for his character?

Andrew: Yeah, he said he asked the filmmakers if they could make an adjustment, so - but I asked David Barron on set about that and I'm not allowed to reveal his answer until we're posting the set report, so I'll just leave it at that. But don't get too excited...

Micah: We could speculate.

Andrew: ...that's what I'm saying. [laughs] I'll just say don't get too excited. [laughs]

Eric: Well, I know Jason cares about his character a lot, so - I mean, Jason had a - there is an article about this we posted recently about the trials that he went through to create the Lucius character. The blond wig was basically Jason Isaacs' idea because they were going to have sort of a well-dressed, short black-haired male. And everything from the wig onward, and probably the cane, came out of the collaboration between the actor and the - because he was passionate about the books, so - I think even in the books he's not described quite like he is in the movie. But the movie, I feel, is so iconic, the Lucius Malfoy character.

Weird Places People Listen to MuggleCast

Andrew: Okay, so to wrap up the show, what we've been promising for so long: weird places people listen to MuggleCast. This first one comes from Becci, 19, of Brentwood, England:

"Hey guys, I was listening to MuggleCast 213 yesterday and you were chatting about odd places to have listened to MuggleCast. Giggling away to myself about this on the tube, I got off and realized it was a perfect opportunity to write in. I made my boyfriend take a picture of me listening to MuggleCast at Wembley Stadium at an England football match last night."

She has a link to the photo here.

"I mean, we lost to France but hey, I've got the full 'Deathly Hallows - Part 1' podcast review show to look forward too, as well as the film itself! Keep up the amazing work!"

And look at that picture. But thank you, Becci, for sending in that photo.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: And we hope you - that is a weird place.

Eric: At a sporting event.

Andrew: Who listens to it...

Eric: There we go.

Andrew: at stadiums...

Eric: Look at that.

Andrew: know? Yeah. Next one comes from Sarah, 16, of Massachusetts:

"Hey MuggleCast, love the show! I've been on a 'Harry Potter' obsession since the movie release has been getting close. Anyway, I'm just responding to the unique locations thing, so my unique location is every week I volunteer at the library. It is so boring. Ever since I discovered MuggleCast I have been sneaking listening to episodes of the podcast while I am putting away books by myself in the back corner. Thank you for saving me from dying of boredom. XOXO Sarah."

Eric: Well, there will always be books to put away just like there will always be episodes of MuggleCast to listen to. Isn't that right, Andrew?

Andrew: Yes, that's right. Where you can listen in the back corner, like this one.

Eric: Next one from Milauni - or "Melanie"? Either Milauni or "Melanie", aged 14, from South Brunswick, New Jersey. Is that near you, Andrew?

Andrew: No. [laughs]


"Hey guys, I am a huge fan of MuggleCast and lately I've been listening to you in the bathroom while I shower. Other times are a bit odd. Countless times, I've listened to your podcast, and slipped and fallen in the shower because I was laughing so hard, and my mom would come running up the stairs to see if I was okay, only to hear the shower running still and me cackling. Just thought these little incidents would put a small smile on your faces. Thanks so much and keep up the supermegafoxyawesomehot work."


[Richard laughs]

Eric: [continues]

"Love you guys!"

[laughs] In the shower.

Micah: And final submission comes from Silke - or "Silky"? Probably "Silky," 23, of Austria, and they say:

"I started listening to MuggleCast when I was 19 and still lived in New York. When I was not quite 21, I moved to Europe and I'm still listening to you guys at the age of 23. I don't know how many listeners you have from foreign countries, but I guess Austria is quite odd. Hearing an American voice every now and then makes me feel at home, so thanks!"

Eric: Austria.

Micah: So, they chose places as countries instead of in the bathroom or shower or supermarket. [laughs]

Andrew: Thank you everyone for sending in those kind, weird locations. I'm a big podcast listener myself and I'm trying to think of weird - I mean, I'm always listening on planes, trains, automobiles, before I go to bed, just during the day randomly, while I'm doing the dishes, I guess - I don't know if that's considered a weird place.

Eric: Yeah, you mentioned that.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Only depends on what you're washing, I guess. Dishes.

Andrew: No, no, because usually it takes, like, 20 minutes so it's a good thing to listen to because you don't need - it's one of those things - you don't - podcasts are great for when you can't sit in front of a T.V...

Eric: Right.

Andrew: get your entertainment, so you're sort of mobile. So yeah...

Eric: And it's interesting that this girl had been listening to us for - I guess she said four years. She's in Austria now. To think of our podcast as providing this wholesome American entertainment with our American voices being like home to her is - it makes me feel really good.

Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul

Andrew: And finally today, Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul. This comes from Courtney:

"I'm writing in to you guys for the first time today even though I've been a listener for years. I guess I have never really had the need to before. I just listen to the show as it comes and love every part of it. MuggleCast is a part of my life, that sounds strange to say but it's true. It's one of those things that make you happy regardless of the other troubles in the day. MuggleCast has brought me something that I am so thankful for: one of my best friends, Valeria. We knew each other before but when we found out that we both listened to MuggleCast, we became best friends. For us it was great, we had someone who we could talk about 'Harry Potter' with all the time. We would talk about the latest episodes on the bus rides to school and at lunch, and fantasize about going to Infinitus. We did end up going to Infinitus together over the summer and had some of the best times of our lives, including meeting you guys. I can't truly explain how much her friendship and this show mean to me. Coming up on December 12th..."

Which of course has now past.

" an important date, Valeria's 17th birthday. I was wondering if you could please wish her a happy birthday. I know it would mean so much to her. Thank you guys for your show. It's a wonderfully entertaining thing to listen too."

So, Happy Birthday Valeria! And sorry, I told your friend Courtney we were going to read this on the last episode but it was my mistake. I made a mistake, so there you go. Happy Birthday!

Richard: Happy Birthday!

Micah: Happy Birthday!

Eric: Happy Birthday Valeria!

Show Close

Andrew: And with that, we've come to the end of our final show of 2010. We want to remind you to visit because you'll find all the information you would like to learn about this show. You can click on "Contact" right at the top to fill out the feedback form and you can send us an e-mail, and maybe we'll read it just like we did multiple times today for several people who e-mailed in. We also have links on the right side to subscribe and review us on iTunes, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. And by doing all three of those things, you'll be kept up-to-date on the latest episodes, when we're recording the next episodes, lots more. And when the new episodes are out. And lots more can be found on, including something we don't plug enough: the Wall of Fame. If you look towards the bottom of the right sidebar, you'll see the Wall of Fame area. In there you can click the link and see a full page of what we and our listeners find to be the best episodes.

Eric: Yes.

Andrew: And I think we have fifteen or twenty here. We haven't updated it recently. We should add a new one, at least one for 2010. We don't have any but we should.

Eric: Well, very much our David Heyman interview in 200. He may have a film or two that are coming out in 2011 to look forward to...

Andrew: Ahh, yes.

Eric: ...even if you just want to follow him. So, I would check the interview for that. That was in Episode 200, our landmark episode.

[Show music begins]

Andrew: So visit for everything MuggleCast and we thank everyone for listening to another year. It's weird to think we have now been through five or six full years of MuggleCast. We were in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010. Yeah, so six years. No, but - I mean, we've been in...

Eric: '05 to '06, '06 to '07, '07 to '08, '08 to '09, and '09 to 'e10. Yeah, five years.

Andrew: No. But I mean... [laughs]

Eric: Oh.

Andrew: Not...

Eric: Calendar years?

Micah: We have spent...

Andrew: ...six full years.

Micah: Yes, we have spent...

Eric: Yeah.

Micah: ...six - or we will have spent six.

Andrew: Yeah, we have spent. Thank you.

Eric: All right. I'm sorry, I just...

Micah: But...

Eric: ...didn't understand that.

Andrew: Yeah, sorry.

Micah: No...

Eric: I get it now.

Micah:'s been a lot of fun, so...

Andrew: More to come in 2011. Thanks everyone for listening! I'm Andrew Sims.

Micah: I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Richard: And I'm Richard Reid.

Andrew: We will see you...

Eric: Happy New Year!

Andrew: the new year! Happy New Year! La-de-da!

[Show music continues]

Written by: The Transcribers