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MuggleCast EP22 Transcript (continued)

Voicemails - 'Ships

[Audio]: Hey, this is Michelle from LA, California, and I just was wondering what you guys 'shipped? Like, what you thought was going to happen between two people before JK Rowling crushed your dreams in life, sadly. I just thought, I am one of the sad people who wanted Harry and Hermione, and Ron and Luna, and Neville and Ginny, but you know what that’s just me. So Merry Christmas and have a nice life. Bye.

[Eric laughing]

Micah: Ooo, this is a dangerous area.

Eric: I loved that.

Laura: No one say the D word.

Eric: Okay...

Micah: I killed everything last week or two weeks ago, with the otter and the weasel.

Kevin: This is a...

[Laura laughs]

Eric: This is dangerous but you know what? I loved the way she said JKR crashed her dreams. I love that. It makes her so criminated. Like JK goes around and takes pleasure in crashing, it’s great. I love it.

Ben: Well actually, okay I knew what was going to happen within canon because it’s all about what you define as a shipper. Some people think a shipper is someone who actually firmly believes that’s going to happen in the series or you just like having those two people together. For example, I’ve read many fan fictions where I like the Harry/Hermione relationship, it goes very well together and it adds a certain dynamic to the story. However, if you get down to the actual, like I said, I’m a realist here. I think in the books, it’s quite obvious it’s Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, and there is no debate about it. That’s just my two cents.

Laura: Yeah, I agree. Now, while I always pretty much figured that it was going to be Harry/Ginny, I always kind of liked the idea of Harry/Luna just because I thought it would be unusual.

Eric: Oh god, Harry/Luna.

Laura: And something that people would see coming.

Kevin: I thought so too, yeah.

Eric: Yeah. He thinks she’s crazy but if he can get past that, you know.

Laura: Mhm.

Eric: I think Harry/Luna shippers have the veil, that they share that hearing the whispers. They at least have that down in canon.

Laura: But I think that there’s a point to them sharing too much with the death thing.

Eric: The Thestrals.

Laura: To understand being with each other.

Eric: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah. It would be a pretty depressing couple.

Eric: I think we’re going to find…

[All laugh]

Laura: Yeah, exactly.

Eric: No, no, no. Cho and Harry are a depressing couple because that’s just, yeah. No but…

Laura: Apart from that, I don’t have any problems with it.

Eric: Harry/Luna both see Thestrals.

Ben: Actually guys, I was a Harry/Andrew Sims shipper.

Laura: Oh me too, no way.

Kevin: Yeah. That was a popular one.

Ben: Yeah, it really was.

Eric: Cause that’s all over the canon.

Andrew: Yeah, I just walked away too. Good thing I came back in time.

[All laugh]

Eric: Anyway…

Laura: No wonder Harry was so ticked off in Order of the Phoenix.

Andrew: I [laughs] I have no comment on that.

Ben: They are some pretty good ships for the MuggleCast people.

Laura: Oh god no.

Ben: Me and Hermione. Eric and Barty Crouch Jr.

[All laugh]

Eric: You know what, I’m going to clarify this. No, Ben, Ben. I’m going to clarify this once and for all.

Ben: Yeah.

Eric: Barty Crouch Jr. was evil when he left Azkaban. It’s that simple.

Kevin: Ok, let’s not…

Eric: He was a bad guy when he left Azkaban.

Andrew: Alright, so I’m really excited about our next two voicemails because they are going to kick off our brand new, hopefully [laughs] hopefully weekly segment.

Kevin: Don’t say we’re going to do it every week.

Andrew: Well…

Kevin: Just say…

Eric: New Segment.

Andrew: I think we are, we’re going to have plenty.

Eric: Advice with us.

Andrew: We’re start a new segment--wait Eric! Come on, seriously. We’re starting a new segment this week called: Advice with MuggleCast. This is going to be the part of the show where we give you, the listeners, advice on your Harry Potter dilemmas. Say for example, you’re in a dilemma where none of your friends, all of your friends, think you are crazy for liking Harry Potter. We’re here to help you. We’re here to help you. So, we have two prerecorded, well one pre-recorded one and another one that relates to the show. Um, but each week at a specific time that I’m going to put in the show notes, you get to call in, 1-218-20MAGIC, and ask for our help with your Harry Potter dilemma. We’re going to record it for you and we’re going to put it on the show. Yeah, you guys like this, huh?

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: Hi this is MuggleCast. We’re all ears.

[All laugh]

Andrew: We’re all ears. I think it’s going to be pretty fun, so ummm...

Laura: You sound like a little pedophile, [Used with a hard "e" like Jamie] Ben.

Micah: Oh geez.

Andrew: Let’s listen to the first one now. This one’s going to be prerecorded but the rest of them we’re going to actually talk to the people.

Kevin: Okay.

Andrew: Let’s listen first.

Advice - Getting Your Friend To Read The Series

[Audio]: Hey MuggleCast boys, it’s Laura, and Lindsey, and we’re cousins from Maine. We love the show and we were wondering if you could help us out. Our friend Molly doesn’t like the HP series at all, and we obviously love it. Do you have any tips for getting her to read the books? Thanks a bunch and lots of love to Andrew. [Andrew impersonation] Yeah! Yeah! Bye.

Ben: Okay, dear Laura and Lindsey. Who cares about your friend? I’m just kidding.

[Everyone laughing]

Andrew: Ditch her.

Ben: Dear Laura and Lindsey: What you should do about Molly, is I think you should get her to see the first two movies. Because I don’t think you really explained to us what she’s seen right now, why she doesn’t like it, but you have to remove that barrier somehow. If it’s just because she’s been overexposed to the media and she’s sick and tired of hearing about Harry Potter, she needs to figure out what the craze is about because I kind of felt the same way at first. I heard about all the books and stuff and then my friends started reading it and I said, “What are you doing? What? No, no.” And I made fun of them for it, and then one day I needed a book for SSR and I just said give me, I just read a book and then I went “Wow, now I see why these millions of people love it.” You tell them, you tell them that Ben Schoen can’t be wrong. You say, the millions of people reading this book right now can’t be wrong, and I think that’s the truth.

Kevin: Okay, what I would say, is give her money to read the first book. Okay, tell her “I’ll give you ten dollars…” [Andrew groans in the background] No just listen. Ten dollars to read the first book because once she’s read the first book, she’s going to be hooked. So you say, “After you complete the first book, I’ll give you ten dollars. If you don’t like it from then on, you don’t have to read the rest of them.”

Ben: Molly’s going to like that book so much, she’s going to tell you to keep your money. She’ll pay you…

[All laugh]

Laura: Well I have a couple of things. First of all, don’t force it because the more you force it, the more obstinate Molly’s going to be and not read it. The next thing is, one of my best friends on the planet used to hate Harry Potter. I would wear my Gryffindor shirt to school and she would point at it and be like “Burn it.” and I was like, ok. And one day I was like, “Okay, how about this. You give me a book that you love and I’ll give you the first Harry Potter, and we’ll both read them by the end of the week.” She was hooked and I was hooked on the series she got me into, so…

Kevin: What series was it?

Andrew: Make a compromise.

Ben: Series of Unfortunate Events…

Laura: It was the Redwall series.

Ben: [laughs] No, I don’t know. Well we got to close this up. I’m sure that will help you, Laura and Lindsey. Sincerely, the MuggleCasters. [laughs]

Voicemails - Playing MuggleCast On Your MP3 Player

[Audio]: Hi, this is Haley again from San Antonio, Texas, and I was calling probably on behalf of many people. Because I have an MP3 player, I don’t have an iPod. It’s hard to find time to listen to your program on the computer when I have such a busy schedule as many people do. How do I either convert or find a way to put it on my MP3 player. It’s, MP3 players can’t use iTunes and that’s what everybody knows you're available through. It says on your page that you can listen to it on any CD player, computer, or MP3 player. It’s just a question, you can…I don’t know. If you can find some way to tell me, I’d appreciate it. Thank you. I love your show! Bye.

Andrew: Well, this is a good question because everyone assumes that podcasts can only go onto your iPod, and that is not true. Obviously if you’re listening to this, you know how.

Kevin: I would hope. [Laugh]

Andrew: But for those of you who are wondering, it can go on any MP3 player. Just treat it like a normal song. Pretend like…

Ben: Well, I think the problem that she’s having is that she uses iTunes to catch it, because they can’t use iTunes. If you direct download it…

Andrew: Oooh.

Ben: If you direct download it from the site…

Andrew: Right.

Ben: You can just add it to your MP3 player like normal. It has the MP3 file, it’s just…

Andrew: We have a solution for you if you want to continue using iTunes which we do appreciate. All you have to do is got to Start and then My Music or if you are using Mac, you just open up a new finder window and hit Music on the left, click on the folder that says iTunes. Then click on the folder that says iTunes Music, then click on the folder that says podcasts, and each podcast show you subscribe to will have its own folder in there. So, click on MuggleCast, then each Episode you‘ve downloaded is in that folder. So all you have to do is click and drag these into your MP3 playing program. Or you can do the same thing if you’re burning a CD. So right here, they are just like normal songs. They’re MP3s, so all you got to do is drag and drop. Simple. That wraps it up so don’t forget, check in the show notes for the time to call us and we will answer your questions about your HP dilemmas. Anything, but it has to be about HP and we will hang up on you if it‘s not.

[All laugh]


Andrew: Don’t waste our time.

Ben: We don’t need to know about your relationship problems.

[All laugh]

Ben: Andrew Sims, don’t be calling in.

[Everyone laughing]


Andrew: Okay, okay just a couple quick announcements. As it is just past the holiday season, a lot of new people have gotten iPods. Lot of people got iTunes.

Laura: Myself included.

Andrew: See what I’m saying? Yes, so welcome all new listeners thanks to the holiday season. I just wanted to say welcome, to you, the new holiday listener. And then also, what else? Just a reminder, P.O. Box…

Ben: P.O. Box 223, no

P.O. Box 223
Moundridge, Kansas, 60107.

We had quite a lot of stuff over the holidays. Quite a few Christmas cards, someone even sent in candy canes. Thank you, Lisa, for sending those candy canes, they are very delicious. I might send them to the other people.

Andrew: You ate them all, admit it.

Ben: I didn’t eat all of them. But someone, let me get a name real quick because this is very remarkable and she definitely deserves a major thank you for sending this to us. Uno memento. Ok, a very big thanks goes to a Katie from Ellicott City, Maryland. And she did her report on Harry Potter versus Christianity, comparing and contrasting it, and how God fits in with Harry Potter and all that stuff. And she sent us all of her old books. Nineteen of them and the box was so heavy I about passed out carrying it to my parents' car.

[All laugh]

Ben: That’s not the only reason I almost passed out but we can’t go into that.

[Continuing laughter]

Andrew: Oh my god.

Ben: Yeah so. it was a very big box so thank you for sending those to us. Thanks, so continue to send stuff in.

Andrew: We appreciate that.

Ben: I still want a Chipotle gift card.

[Ben and Andrew laugh]

Andrew: And, also thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone. We’ve gotten a lot of extra emails lately I’ve noticed. A lot of like “I love the show,” blah blah blah.

Laura: Mhm.

Andrew: We thank everyone and a reminder. We are reading every single one of your emails, we just don’t have time to reply to them all. So please…

Laura: We try. We really do.

Andrew: I feel bad cause, yeah, sometimes people send in really long emails and I read them, sometimes a few of us read them, we just don’t have time to reply to them all. So, keep them coming and we really do appreciate all of your support, of course. 2006, guys.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: It’s going to be a…

Ben: Great Year.

Andrew: Fun year for...

Dueling Club - McGonagall vs. Umbridge

Eric: So Andrew, why don’t we do a Dueling Club for 2006?

Andrew: Yeah, let’s finish it off with a Dueling Club. Micah, you had an idea.

Micah: Yep. I guess I’m going to start with, how about, Umbridge and McGonagall?

Laura: McGonagall.

Andrew: Oooo.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: I wouldn’t even call this a duel, I’d call it a cat fight.

[Laughing and oooing]

Laura: I say McGonagall all the way.

Eric: Yeah.

Micah: Cat fight?

Ben: Yeah because I think Umbridge is very…

Laura: I don’t think that she exhibited much talent. [laughs]

Ben: She doesn’t have much power. For example, if it was, basically she got overtaken by the centaurs. I think McGonagall is in the same situation. First of all she wouldn’t be in that situation, second of all, if somehow she got caught in it, she would be able to fight them off I think, or find a way to escape.

Eric: Well centaurs are very powerful. You know…

Andrew: I’m pretty sure…go ahead.

Eric: Ok. Well, centaurs are very powerful people. I just wanted to say that Umbridge would lose because she’s the kind of person who sits in her chair and gets very angry to herself and fumes, and if there is anything she can do in her power she will do another stupid Educational Decree 21, saying that she has P W Ned McGonagall. You know, that’s how she’d deal with it. But McGonagall said…

Ben: It’s PWN.

Eric: [laughs] McGonagall said to Umbridge that “I’ll train this boy up if it’s the last thing I do, to make sure he’s ready,” and all that crap. McGonagall is dedicated. McGonagall P W N’s Umbridge.

Laura: Not to mention, how many times have we seen Umbridge do anything for herself? She’s always finding minions.

Andrew: I was just going to say. I don’t think she really has experience.

Eric: Yeah.

Laura: No, she doesn’t. She’s incompetent.

Eric: She’d get Goyle.

Andrew: Yeah, so…

Ben: Apparently McGonagall is a pretty powerful witch.

Laura: Oh she is.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Because don’t you remember in Book 5 when she got sucker-punched by all the Stunning Spells from the Ministry. Who was it? Madame Pomfrey said, “No one can take Minerva McGonagall if she…” basically aware of what was happening. Like a real duel, she wasn’t basically sideswiped like in Order of the Phoenix.

Laura: Not to mention she not exactly a spring chicken. And the fact that she was able to take all those and come out of them fine is pretty remarkable.

Hagrid And The Killing Curse

Ben: And about that. About taking spells, I’m not trying to spark a whole new discussion, but we all know that it would take more than one Stupefy to stun Hagrid. Would it take more than one Avada Kedavra to kill Hagrid, do you think?

Eric: No.

Kevin: I don’t think so.

Eric: No.

Andrew: I don’t think so. A Killing Curse is a Killing Curse, he’d be dead.

Eric: Hagrid in many ways, even though he’s loving, Hagrid in many ways is incompetent in certain ways. Because he’s only been through what? Two years of school, or so, so there is some things that even students would have over him and that‘s just based on whatever. Avada Kedavra killed probably many good Aurors. Avada Kedavra is good enough to kill the best of people so I think…

Ben: Right, but I’m just talking about the sheer size of Hagrid.

Laura: Well, it's also been mentioned that giant’s skin is also sort of a repellent. It bounces spells off of it.

Kevin: Yeah, but do you think it gets rid of all spells?

Laura: I don’t know. It depends on if the spells are at a higher level than what a Stupefy spell would be. I think it’s possible that they are because it requires so much hate to cast one.

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: And I think if you have enough hate to cast Avada Kedavra...

Ben: Yeah, but...

Laura: Then it’s very possible that that could do Hagrid in.

Eric: You know...

Ben: Yeah, but Hagrid still is, what we have to realize here is that Hagrid is half a magical creature and…

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: That, that may play a part too because…

Laura: Yeah, definitely.

Ben: Do you think that if they try to Avada Kedavra a dragon, it wouldn’t work? I guarantee you one couldn’t take down a dragon. I don’t care if it’s Lord Voldemort, the most powerful wizard…

Eric: No, Ben you’re wrong, you know why?

Ben: The most powerful wizard of the age. They couldn’t take down a dragon with one spell?

Eric: Ben. I disagree with you for two reasons. If there were a magical creature whose skin was thick enough or size was big enough to repel Avada Kedavra, they would start selling Hagrid skin coats.

Kevin: Yeah that’s true.

Eric: Or Hagrid skin vests.

Kevin: And everyone would have dragon scale armor or something like that.

Laura: That’s true.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, if it could.

Micah: Good point.

Eric: If Hagrid, even though Hagrid’s big, he’s a big guy, he’s a big physical creature, he is still only one life. One person, one soul, kind of like that so…

Ben: I think it would be kind of ridiculous to think that if you shoot an Avada Kedavra spell at a dragon that it’s going to drop dead.

Laura: Yeah, but we don’t exactly know how dragons take spells anyhow. The only thing we’ve ever heard is that their weakness is their eyes.

Ben: And we don’t know how…

Laura: That was from Goblet of Fire, that’s the only thing we know.

Eric: Yeah, but if Hagrid could be killed…

Ben: But we don’t know how exactly how if you buy a dragon skin vest or something that…

Kevin: Or the creature itself, yeah.

Ben: The skin is what’s repelling the spell. I think it’s the creature itself and the size. Just the sheer size of the body of the person because, for example, if I was to take a baseball bat and whack Kevin Steck upside the head…

[All laugh]

Ben: It would be a lot more like, a steel bat, it would be more likely to kill him than…

Kevin: A bear.

Ben: If it was a big…

Kevin: A bear [laughs].

Ben: A big dragon or something.

Eric: Ben, forgive my French, but where the hell do you get this stuff?

Ben: It’s the amount of force…

Laura: I think everyone’s bringing up valid points here and that would be a good question to ask Jo.

Kevin: Let’s ask Jo.

Andrew: Dear, Jo. Hi, it’s Andrew.

Kevin: We have a problem.

Laura: Let’s call her up right now.

Andrew: I was wondering if…

Laura: Let’s Skype out Jo.

Andrew: No, Jo listens to this show so I’m sure she’ll answer it for us.

[All laugh]

Andrew: Thanks, girlfriend.

[Laura laughing]

Ben: Okay.

Andrew: Ummm…

Micah: Did we want to do anyone else?

Ben: Who else?

Andrew: 46 minutes.

Ben: Fred versus George. Is that a good one?

Andrew: Yeah sure.

Laura: Do we even know enough about their individual magical abilities?

Ben: No, we don’t. I don’t think we have because…

Micah: The two…

Kevin: Yeah.

Ben: They’ve always been referred to as one.

Kevin: Basically a square match.

Laura: Yeah. They’re both pretty clever.

Dueling Club - The Two Ministers

Micah: What about the two Ministers? Do we have enough to go on with those two?

Eric: Yeah, because Scrimgeour can kick ass.

Andrew: Not Scrimgeour.

Eric: Fudge doesn’t do anything. Fudge hides everything from the public and he’s incompetent and he runs out to Dumbledore everyday because he doesn’t know what to do.

Ben: Right.

Laura: He sucks, just to be frank.

Ben: Actually Scrimgeour would win because didn’t he use to be the Head of…

Laura: I would say Scrimgeour would win just because he…

Eric: Scrimgeour would totally kick his butt.

Laura: Scrimgeour, like Fudge, is very focused on the all is well facade, but I think he still has more experience and more talent than Fudge.

Eric: Fudge is an all is well person because he sees that as reality. Scrimgeour has been through too much crap to not realize life isn’t like that and he can handle himself. You know, Fudge is like “Oh Voldemort can’t be back, that’s just not happening because it’s happy times.”

Laura: Yeah but Scrimgeour was trying to get Harry to come and tell everyone that everything’s okay. That’s what he was trying to do the whole book and that’s not what needs to happen. People need to understand the reality.

Ben: Right, but that doesn’t have anything to do with dueling.

Laura: Yeah, I'm just saying, like Fudge, he’s kind of a liar, but I think he’s far more competent than Fudge is.

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: Well he’s self-absorbed with the Ministry and basically his self interest, what’s going to make him look good.

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: Because Harry Potter basically went against Cornelius Fudge and said, “Publish the stories in the Quibbler,” and all that said Fudge is an idiot. And look how good it would be for Scrimgeour’s PR, Harry Potter saying how good he was…

Laura: Oh, exactly.

Ben: On his own side.

Eric: Scrimgeour is a politician and that’s what you have to remember about him.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Which is why he’s self-absorbed and like that. And maybe not all politicians are like this but you got to realize that’s who he is. But in a fight, he’s definitely more competent.

Laura: Oh I agree. 100 percent.

Kevin: I think quite a few people are more competent than Fudge.

Show Close

Andrew: So on that note, I think this does wrap up the first, aw sure why not, call it the first Podcast of 2006. Ever.

Ben: The first Harry Potter Podcast for sure.

Andrew: Well, that’s for sure. [laughs] Well, we just insulted our friends over at PotterCast.

Laura: Do you think they are going to try and do it too? I think they will.

Ben: No, they couldn’t touch this.

[All laugh]

Andrew: Yeah, no way.

Ben: We’re MuggleNet, no one can touch us.

Andrew: [laughs] And last but not least, Goblet of Fire Soundtrack winners. These are the people that entered our contest that we announced on Episode 19 and they guessed the songs we played quick samples of in the correct order. The correct order was The Black Lake, This is the Night, The Quidditch World Cup, Rita Skeeter, and Neville’s Waltz. And the winners were, I’m doing it just by first name: Chris, Lynn, Missy, David, Shay, Nicholas, Darcy, Amanda, Fay, Donovan, Perak, John, Raffia, Jennifer, and Violent Midget. That’s a weird one. You’ve all been notified by email so congratulations. And sorry if I pronounced your name wrong. For right now, I’m Andrew Sims.

Ben: I am Ben

Eric: I am Eric Scull.

Kevin: I’m Kevin Steck.

Laura: I’m Laura Thompson.

Micah: And I’m Micah Tannenbaum.

Andrew: We will see you next week for Episode 23.

Laura: Happy New Year!

Andrew: Yeah, Happy New Year!

Micah: Happy New Year!

Andrew: And welcome all you iPod listeners again. I love you guys.

[Show ends with "Auld Lang Syne" performed by Bruce Springsteen]


[Soothing music begins playing]

[Audio]: Hey MuggleCast, this is Katie calling from Maine and I love your Podcast. I listen to it every Monday. When I come home, I always update it onto my iPod and I listen to it before I go to bed. And I’d just like to say, Jamie I’m so glad you’re back. I love your British Jokes. And for Andrew I am obsessed with your "yeahs" and "all rights." I think they are hilarious so keep up the good work you guys. Bye.

[Audio]: Hi this is Matthew, I want to give a shout out to Andrew Sims and I love Harry Potter! I can’t wait until the next movie.

[Audio]: This is J.W. from...and I just wanted to say that I was listening to you show on my CD player and I stopped and still heard it, and I looked next to me and there is someone else listening to MuggleCast. And I hear this cell phone number and I call it, and it is MuggleCast. I’m like whatever you know? It’s crazy. I’m listening to 19 and just about 20 so whatever. You guys have a great show. Bye.

[Audio]: Hello, this is Haley from Texas. I was just calling to say that I am very upset that Bemma was cancelled. I love listening to Ben go on and on about Emma and if you could give him 60 seconds to say whatever he wants, I think many fans would greatly appreciate it. And I love your show. And I love all of you. And um yeah, thanks. Bye!

[Audio]: Hey. Really good idea. Excellent! Can you put me on? I'm Andrew’s Dad. That would be awesome.

[Audio]: Beeeeen. I love Ben. Ben is my favorite. [makes girly squeaky noises] I love Ben. Out of them Ben is my favorite. Ben. Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben. Do not date Emma. Emma’s nothing compared to me, she’s nothing! Okay? Emma is nothing! She’s a skinny little brat! I am your queen. Buh-bye!

[Audio]: Hi. Oh this is so loud. Hello MuggleNet, this is Kate and Lauren from Tennessee and we would like [someone talking in the background] Hi again. Hi MuggleCast, this is Kate from Tennessee and I just wanted to say that Micah looks like Jake Gyllenhaal. Especially in his picture on the About Us page and - okay, bye!

[Soothing music stops playing]

Andrew And Ben Sing, U2 Style

[Sung to the tune of U2's "City of Blinding Lights"]

Andrew: The more we read the more we know. The more we find out as we go. I know so much more now than I did then.

Ben: MuggleCast is the best thing. Each episode makes me want to sing. They’re analyzing everything for people like us.

Ben and Andrew: And I wish you’d stick around.

Ben: There are so many theories to be found.

Andrew: Ooooo. Ooooo. Oh it’s fun to analyze [laughs] all night.

Ben and Andrew: In a world of Potterites.

Ben: Potter jokes make us laugh. We want Harry’s autograph. Finding clues and brand new theories. Make us want to squee.

Andrew: Book 7 makes us afraid. What will happen to the world we’ve made? Can you see the beauty in HP? Nothing could change the beauty of HP.

Ben: And I wish you could stick around. There are so many more theories to be found.

Andrew: Oooooo. Oooooo. Oh it’s fun to analyze all night.

Ben and Andrew: In a world of Potterites.

Ben: Time. Time. Time. We’re stuck here waiting again. Time. When will it be time for HP 7?

Andrew: Oh it’s fun to analyze all night.

Ben: Oh you don’t need sleep right. Oh it’s fun to analyze all night.

Andrew: In a world of Potterites.

Ben: The more we read the more we schpiel. Wishing Hogwarts was real. Harry Potter isn’t just for nerds. We should know. [laughing]

[Singing ends]

Andrew: That’s pretty long.

Ben: It was six minutes.

Andrew: Haha, yeah. Okay.


Andrew: Okay.

Ben: Well guys I’m proud of us. I’m really seriously proud of us.

Laura: Yeah. This was good.

Ben: Yep, that was really good.

Eric: Wait…

Andrew: I just said to myself…

[All laugh]

Ben: Audacity just froze. I am not kidding. I am not kidding.

Eric: Yes he is.

Laura: If you’re screwing with me, I’m going to kill you.

Ben: Okay. [laughs]

Laura: My heart just froze.

Andrew: Yeah, I changed my mind about taking a break next week. How could we give up this for a week?

Kevin: I know.

Andrew: How could we possibly stop this for a week? Apparently I’m the only one. [laughs]

Laura: No, I couldn’t either. It’s become part of my life…that’s really sad. [laughs]

Andrew: Okay.

Laura: My parents would like it if we took a week off.

Andrew: Well, Laura, we’re going to build you a studio, we just don’t know when.

[All laugh]

Laura: Ah, that’d be great.

Andrew: Once we start making some money.


Andrew: Ben, how are we going to do this?

Ben: Here, let’s talk it out and we’ll record it later.

Andrew: Why?

Ben: It’ll take like ten minutes.

Andrew: Why can’t we do it right now?

Ben: I don’t want to do it right now.

Andrew: Why not?

Ben: Because I need to get a drink and…

Andrew: Come on.

Ben: Relax my voice.

Andrew: I need an audience. Let’s just practice right now, please? Come on, come on.

Ben: No, stop the audio. Stop the audio.

Andrew: I really want to sing.

Ben: No, we’ll do it in a little bit. Yeah, stop recording.

Andrew: Yeah. Fine, I’ll stop.

Written by: Micah and Ally

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October 8, 2014

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