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MuggleCast 231 Transcript (continued)

Scene-by-Scene: Lily Talking to Baby Harry

Andrew: At nine seconds, it's the opening shot of the trailer and we see Lily Potter talking to baby Harry.

[Clip from trailer plays] Harry, be safe. Be strong.

Andrew: And it's a very eerie start to the trailer because we see baby Harry and his mother. And I think it's the first time we've ever heard anything coming out of his mother's mouth, other than - oh yeah, no, this is the only time.

Matt: Mhm. Yeah.

Andrew: Or the first time. My question is, why didn't they use the same baby who was in Sorcerer's Stone?

Matt: Because he's probably twelve at this time right now.

Micah: [laughs] I was just going to say that.

Andrew: Well, let's do a Benjamin Button on that kid and get this right.

Matt: I thought they did a good job finding a kid who looks sort of like...

Andrew: Yeah. No, you're right.

Matt: ...the kid a decade ago.

Eric: I was going to ask you guys, isn't this the same kid?

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: I mean, to be honest...

Andrew: It is pretty close.

Eric: ...could they have - it's close, it's just that close. I was - immediately I was like, "Oh my God, that's Harry Potter when he was a baby."

Scene-by-Scene: Flashbacks to Past Movies

Andrew: So at fourteen seconds, we see a title that says "Every moment he's lived" and there's these flashback shots: Sorcerer's Stone, experiencing his wand for the first time, the boats riding to Hogwarts for the first time, Harry seeing the Patronus in Prisoner of Azkaban, and Harry and Dumbledore about to enter the cave in Half-Blood Prince. And this is part of the thing I liked about this trailer, is it is telling a story. There is this little review. I mean, not even so much a review, but kind of - these clips lend to the buildup of this epic moment, all these great moments he's had.

Matt: Has led to this.

Scene-by-Scene: Quidditch Pitch

Andrew: Right, as the next title says at 23 seconds. At 24 seconds, we see the Quidditch pitch from Half-Blood Prince, and we see it [laughs] during happier times.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Then it transitions to this flying shot of during the Battle of Hogwarts when it's going down in flames.

Matt: Mhm. And I just realized this, too, while I'm trying to follow along: in the background you can see the Hogwarts castle getting attacked.

Andrew: Yeah, you can see the...

Eric: Wow.

Andrew: ...spells trying to penetrate the protective charm.

Eric: Nice.

Andrew: Spells.

Matt: Charms.

Eric: So I guess they wanted a new Quidditch pitch anyway because they didn't put a bubble over that.

Matt: Well...

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Matt: ...I'm sure it'd be easier to make since they destroyed it for the maze in Book 4.

Andrew: Yeah, I don't think...

Eric: That's true.

Andrew: was as important to protect the Quidditch pitch.

Eric: I don't know. Somebody somewhere is very upset.

Scene-by-Scene: Dementors Around Hogwarts Castle

Andrew: At 30 seconds, we see a worried Harry Potter. It was kind of a clip we've seen before in other trailers. There are more review shots. And at 41 seconds - I don't know if - is this new?

Matt: Yeah, this is new.

Andrew: Okay.

Matt: This is definitely new.

Andrew: 41 seconds, we see Dementors kind of hovering over Hogwarts Castle trying to get in, right?

Matt: Right. That's what I think, too, because they're all at a certain proximity from the...

Eric: I don't think they're trying to get in because there's no bubble over Hogwarts. I feel like this is an early shot of Hogwarts under the Death Eaters' rule during - while Harry and Hermione are in the woods. This is kind of the...

Micah: Eric, are you trying to say that this is when Snape is Headmaster?

Eric: Yeah...

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: ...Snape is Headmaster.

Micah: Before he flees.

Matt: Exactly, yeah.

Micah: Or the protective charm gets put up.

Matt: So the protective charm isn't put up yet.

Micah: Right. Yeah, yeah.

Matt: Because there's no use for it at this point right now.

Eric: Right. The Death Eaters that are - the Carrows are torturing students and Snape is allowing that to happen.

Matt: Mhm.

Eric: And this is kind of - in the previous trailer I refer to as a military state where Hogwarts is very - not a happy place. I feel like the Dementors being stationed at Hogwarts is fitting with the kind of experience a student during that year would have at Hogwarts.

Matt: Yeah. And also it's kind of influencing the weather a little bit too.

Scene-by-Scene: Voldemort Screams

Eric: Oh, and, Andrew, there was another scream by the way.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: In case you were wondering.

Andrew: You want to talk about that now? The first time I watched this trailer, I could not help noticing, as other people did too - people on Twitter brought it up - all the screams again with Voldemort! There are at least ten, and it's just...

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Honestly - this trailer is fantastic but it really distracted me.

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Andrew: It bothered me a lot.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: It was all I could hear. And I blame that on Eric.

Eric: And I'm not apologizing. I've had a few people at reply me on Twitter saying, "Ever since you pointed out those screams on MuggleCast..."

Andrew: "It's all..."

Eric: "Ever since you guys pointed those out, now we just notice them and we can't watch the trailer."

Micah: Yeah, it's all your fault, Eric.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: You just didn't want people to watch the trailer because it spoiled too much.

Micah: You put the audio together for the trailer, clearly, and...

Eric: I - yeah, clearly. No, I didn't say that...

Micah: ...are now causing people to hear Voldemort saying "NYAHHHHH!" all the time.

Andrew: "NYAHHHHH!"

Matt: Well, it's the same one we've been hearing since Book 5, I think, is when he shouted that...

Eric: Yeah - well...

Matt: famous bit.

Eric: I think it was - yeah, you're right.

Matt: When he was fighting Dumbledore.

Eric: But they're the ones using this in the trailer. I'm not apologizing for pointing that scream out. Thank you, Andrew, for devoting enough time in the previous episode to count the screams.

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: It's what we do.

Eric: This is Warner Bros.' fault.

Andrew: It is.

Eric: They're putting this insane Voldemort scream - every five seconds in this trailer, there's new wail and it's the same wail.

Scene-by-Scene: Snape and Voldemort

Andrew: At 43 seconds, we hear a little dialogue from Snape and Voldemort. It goes like this:

[Clip from trailer plays]

Snape: You've kept him alive so that he can die at the proper moment.

Voldemort: Bring him to me.

Andrew: So viewers are getting this idea that what's going on is - the reason [laughs] Harry hasn't died until now is Voldemort has been waiting for just the right opportunity, and in this film...

Eric: That's not Voldemort.

Micah: No, that's Dumbledore.

Eric: That's Snape talking to Dumbledore. Yeah. That's continuity editing.

Andrew: Oh okay.

Eric: Our brain thinks he's talking to Voldemort because the next shot is of Voldemort, but he's actually talking to Dumbledore. That's from "Snape's Worst Memory." That's where - and in fact, one could see this as a complete spoiler, that Harry does in fact need to die. Maybe not for good, but he at least needs to die once in order for everything to happen.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: That's what - they should not have shown Snape confronting Dumbledore.

Matt: Well, not everybody is as clever as you though, Eric.

Eric: Okay, fine.

Micah: Well no, I was going to say that, because there's other parts of this trailer which reveal certain things about characters, and we get to that in the Resurrection Stone scene.

Matt: Yes.

Micah: The fact that Remus dies [laughs] is very much revealed in this trailer, and - but this scene with Voldemort, I wanted to ask you, Eric, because you've seen the film. He's talking to Lucius, and is he talking about getting Harry or getting Snape?

Eric: He's talking about getting Snape. That was - I feel like this is a...

Micah: Yeah, see that's another misleading quote.

Eric: Yeah, because I don't think Lucius - because they're in the boathouse and not the Shrieking Shack, so they changed that. And also Lucius - this whole scene, Lucius isn't in the Shrieking Shack from what I remember in Book 7, talking to Voldemort. Lucius and Voldemort - I don't even know that they have any kind of conversation in the...

Micah: They don't. Not in the book, anyway.

Eric: Yeah, in the book. So this is the added scene of Jason Isaacs.

Matt: Right.

Eric: But at this point, as you see in the trailer, he is asking Lucius to go get Snape. I think right before that he asks him where Snape is. And this is after Snape has fled.

Scene-by-Scene: Gringotts Cart

Andrew: At 47 seconds, we see the trip down to the Lestrange vault. We've seen clips from this before, but if you notice this track that they're on - they're riding down deep into Gringotts. I am telling you, this is going to be the next ride at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: I've been saying this for months. And now you look at this footage of this twisty, turvy, turny track. I can practically see Universal in the background of it. They're setting this up perfectly for a ride at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. That's all I'm saying about this.

Matt: Because it does look like a roller coaster...

Andrew: Yes, yes.

Matt: ...line, yeah.

Andrew: This is so going to be a ride. It's not even funny.

Eric: But we've always...

Andrew: I feel like making a news post now on MuggleNet...

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: ...just announcing it in advance. [laughs]

Matt: Just saving a post for it.

Eric: See if anybody asks you to take it down.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: That would be funny.

Scene-by-Scene: Dragon Escape

Andrew: Really. Yeah, exactly. If they ask me to take it down, [laughs] then I must be onto something. So at 49 seconds, we see the dragon, and this is the part where he's already been let go by the trio, because you can see the trio on the back of the dragon, and the dragon is breaking a part of the track as he makes his way upward through Gringotts.

Eric: Oh, that's what he's doing.

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: Because then the next scene - I think, because - yeah, yeah, there's definitely somebody on the back of him, because the next scene you see a cart flying off of the track because the dragon broke it.

Matt: Yeah, it's the goblins who are after him.

Eric: The - oh, yeah, the chasing goblins.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Well - and then you hear somebody else wail, which I won't get into.

[Andrew imitates Voldemort's scream]

Matt: [laughs] Okay.

Eric: It's like

[imitates Voldemort's scream] as they fall down the pit at Gringotts. But...

Andrew: At 52 and 53, we see shots of Harry and Ron. And then at 53, we see them after they already broke out from Gringotts, riding on the back of the dragon. This looks like a very great scene, doesn't it?

Matt: Yeah. Well, Harry - I mean Hermione is still in Bellatrix's wardrobe.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: And then you see the three of them plunge into the water.

Andrew: Right, at 55 seconds in. We saw a brief version of this when we just saw people going into the water. As I accurately predicted on the last episode, this is when they jump off the dragon and land in the lake.

Eric: Right, and we actually see them falling in this shot which is cool. I like that shot.

Scene-by-Scene: Voldemort's Followers

Andrew: 56 seconds, we see "On July 15th," and there's a beautiful, sweeping shot of all the Death Eaters on a cliff overlooking Hogwarts. We see them paving a way in the massive group to let Voldemort through to the top of the cliff to make his little warning to Harry.

Eric: [sighs] Why don't we ever hear from any of these extras? Like, "Hey, I was an extra in Deathly Hallows when we ran to Hogwarts."

Andrew: They're not allowed to talk about it.

Eric: They're not allowed to talk to...

Matt: No.

Eric: They can't e-mail us and be like, "Hey"? Not even afterwards?

Andrew: Probably afterwards, but who wants to hear from extras?

[Eric laughs]

Matt: The most they can really say is, "I was actually included in this movie."

Eric: Okay.

Micah: "I was Death Eater number 47 in scene..."

[Matt laughs]

Scene-by-Scene: Hogwarts Statues

Andrew: At the one-minute mark we see the entrance to the Great Hall, the statues coming to life.

Eric: Oh man.

Andrew: And we saw a brief - we saw a different angle of this in the other trailer, but we also hear McGonagall with this line:

[Clip from trailer plays] "Man the boundaries! Protect us!"

[Andrew groans]

Matt: God. [groans]

Eric: I have to pull out my Scottish translator here. What? Man the bound - what? What is she saying?

Andrew: "Man the boundaries. Protect us."

Eric: Man the boundaries. Okay, okay.

Matt: She's not Scottish.

Eric: [laughs] I'm just messing.

Andrew: I'm getting to have more to say about that particular shot when we can release our set reports, but we see McGonagall and Mrs. Weasley on the steps of Hogwarts surrounded by the Hogwarts... Andrew and

Eric: Statues.

Andrew: Yeah. They've come to life because of McGonagall's spell. [laughs] A really cool scene.

Matt: God, every time I see McGonagall, I always get goosebumps for some reason.

Eric: This is something where, in the book, it was an amazing scene, and...

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: Because it was - you can just imagine it, you can picture it in your mind's eye. And now here it is in this trailer, we're seeing it before the film comes out. But we already did in the last trailer.

Matt: Well, the adrenaline is really going now because it's Hogwarts's last stand and everyone - like, everything is coming to life.

Eric: Yeah, and Remus and Tonks in the next scene are reaching for each other. It's really cool to build suspense.

Scene-by-Scene: Harry Looking at Hogwarts Castle

Andrew: At 1:06 we see Harry looking up at Hogwarts castle burning. Now, this must be when he's down at the boathouse. I mean, the angle makes sense, right?

Eric: I don't remember that angle, or that shot.

Andrew: Well, it's just that he's...

Matt: No, it is the boathouse because it's the same window paints.

Andrew: Panes?

Matt: Panes, sorry.

Eric: Panes.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: [laughs] Paints. Yeah, it's the same window panes.

Eric: It's okay, Andrew said [incorrectly pronounces "gauge"] "gouge" earlier.

Andrew: Gouge? Yeah, that's - gouge, gauge, whatever. Gauge?

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: Gauge?

Matt: Because behind Ron is the lake. And - no, that is right after "Snape's Worst Memory," probably.

Scene-by-Scene: Lupin and Tonks

Andrew: At 1:08 we see a shot we've seen before. Tonks and Lupin reaching in to hold hands, but for some reason they never can quite get there.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: 1:10, we see a title card, "Where it all began." The card just before it says, "It all ends." So, it all ends where it all began.

Scene-by-Scene: Voldemort Shoots a Spell

Matt: And then we finally get to see the thing shatter. I mean, we never really did in the other trailers. We just saw a big piece of light coming when the castle border gets shattered.

Eric: What shatters?

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: Oh, you mean the bubble?

Matt: Yeah, the big bubble just getting...

Eric: Oh, the bubble just disappears, yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: Okay.

Scene-by-Scene: Professor Flitwick

Andrew: At 1:15 we see a shot of Flitwick, and he's surrounded by statues, so I guess he's kind of controlling there?

Micah: He looks afraid, though. He's backing up.

Andrew: He does look afraid. I guess something's happening with the castle there.

Matt: Well, his charms are not [laughs] working anymore, probably.

Eric: [laughs] Yeah.

Matt: So he's like, "My work's done."

Andrew: Oh right.

Matt: "I'm going to go run."

[Eric laughs]

Scene-by-Scene: Voldemort's Followers Attacking Hogwarts Castle

Andrew: At 1:19 we see a shot of all the Death Eaters trying to penetrate the spell protecting the castle. However, at this scene you don't see the spell, so I guess you really only start seeing it when it starts to be penetrated.

Eric: Oh. Yeah, when it starts hitting it. Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: That effect is really cool.

Matt: Or maybe it's their first strike. No, no, it has to be when they are penetrating it, because it's the same color. The spells are the same color as the dome was right before Voldemort smashed it.

Andrew: At 1:23...

Eric: Well, this is - yeah.

Andrew: ...we see Death Eaters running - or no, no, these are the good guys. No, bad guys.

Matt: No. Because they - no, the good guys didn't have giants. It was just...

Andrew: Right, okay.

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: Except Grawp.

Matt: Yeah, Grawp was the only - he was the half-giant.

Andrew: The giant at 1:23 looks fantastic. I mean, he really does.

Eric: Yeah, that's cool.

Andrew: And you see him running with the Death Eaters.

Matt: Looks a lot better than the Sorcerer's Stone one.

Eric: Troll.

Andrew: If I were Harry I'd be more scared of that giant than Voldemort, [laughs] personally. He's got a big...

Eric: Club? [laughs]

Andrew: ...mallet sort of thing he could kill anybody with.

Matt: That's what Voldemort should have looked like.

Andrew: Yeah, really. Voldemort should have been a giant.

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Scene-by-Scene: The Malfoys Escaping

Andrew: At 1:24 we see a shot that Micah loved so much, he made it the MuggleNet "Big News" image. It's Lucius kind of running away but turning back, and you also see Draco just over his head if you look closely. Now, what scene is this? I'm forgetting. Is this...

Eric: You're forgetting?

Andrew: This must be after Harry kills Voldemort.

Matt: Is this when they go back to meet up with Voldemort?

Andrew: No, this is after Harry kills Voldemort, right?

Eric: No.

Andrew: Because it's like the sunrise. No?

Eric: No, Voldemort is alive. Voldemort actually thinks Harry is dead and he's just recruited people. And the Malfoys say that they're with him, and they walk away.

Andrew: Oh.

Eric: Because Voldemort thinks he's got victory right now. So actually, if I remember correctly, a lot of the Death Eaters actually Disapparate at that point. I could be wrong. Some of them do. Well, either way the Malfoys walk away.

Matt: Yeah, because his mother is next to Draco.

Eric: Yeah, Narcissa has got her arm around Draco, and the Malfoys, it's like, exit, stage right.

Scene-by-Scene: Dementors Entering Hogwarts Castle

Andrew: At 1:26, 1:27, we see Voldemort, he's kind of got these cloth things floating around him.

Matt: Oh, you totally skipped, though, the thousands of Dementors.

Andrew: We've seen that before.

Micah: It looks like a dead giant, too.

Matt: Have we seen that? I have never seen that before.

Andrew: Okay, maybe we haven't.

Eric: Dead giant on the bridge.

Andrew: At 1:25 we see the dead - right, we see a dead giant and Dementors kind of flying over all these dead people. I mean, this really gives you a good idea of the level of detail that's going to be in this battle.

Matt: You've never seen this many Dementors either.

Scene-by-Scene: Voldemort's Robes

Eric: And, actually, at 1:26 is a behind-the-scenes shot of Voldemort doing his laundry.

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Eric: This is - he's like washing - he's actually air-drying his robes.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: Yeah, what is that?

Andrew: Yeah, I don't get - Eric, do you know what's going on here? Or Micah?

Eric: He's...

Micah: Well, Eric's seen the movie. I mean - is Harry here at this point? Is he tying him up?

Eric: He's laundering his robes. I mean, we don't see Harry in the shot. He's not in the shot.

Andrew: Yeah, he must be laundering his robes. I think Eric's right there. [laughs]

Matt: That is so just awkward.

Scene-by-Scene: Harry's Confrontation with Snape

Andrew: At 1:27, 28 - I'm going to play a little audio clip here.

[Clip from trailer plays] "Tell them how it happened that night! How you looked him in the eye - a man who trusted you - and killed him!"

Andrew: Great line! And so that takes place in the Great Hall. Harry is confronting Snape point-blank. The most interesting thing that stands out to me here - [laughs] and I noticed this at the test screening, too - is that Harry is wearing a cloak, and you just don't see that anymore.

Eric: [laughs] Yeah, it's true. Well, they handed him a cloak, I guess, on their way down to this. So Snape hears that Harry is in the castle, he calls this meeting because he's still headmaster, and they actually hand Harry a robe on the way down. Somebody just gives him a robe so that he can blend in.

Andrew: So he blends in. But is he really blending in? [laughs] I mean...

Eric: Well, no - because he stands out because he gets irritated with Snape. But this moment - more than any other moment in any other Harry Potter film, I'm predicting here - really is going to sell, first of all, Dan Radcliffe as Harry Potter; second, is going to sell these films as being emotional and heart-wrenching. This moment is Dan Radcliffe's and Harry's shining moment in all of the films.

Matt: Mhm.

Eric: When he actually confronts this tyranny of Alan Rickman as Snape. And of course it's in the trailer. Perfect!

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: Oh, it's great.

Andrew: Well, of course, there's more to it in the actual movie.

Matt: Well, you also see the trio, and the Order is right behind him.

Andrew: Yes.

Eric: And you see Snape disappear in response to Harry's...

Andrew: Yeah, which...

Micah: But this was in the book, though, was it?

Matt: What?

Eric: No, probably not.

Andrew: No - yeah, I don't think so.

Matt: No, this scene wasn't even in the book.

Andrew: But it's good. It's good because it kicks off this new set of action when we see Harry rebelling within the castle, and now he has to get out. And we see, of course, Snape getting out too. And this is an alternative to, in the book, when there's the fight in the...

Matt: Corridor.

Andrew: In the random corridor, right.

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: And I'll save my thoughts on this for when everybody sees the film, but I'll just say right now I would have preferred they kept what happened in the book. But okay.

Matt: That's usually the general consensus with all fans.

Scene-by-Scene: Voldemort Casting the Killing Curse

Andrew: [laughs] True. So after Harry makes that line, we see a flashback to Snape killing Dumbledore, which refreshes the audience on what kind of has been building up here. At 1:34 I think we see one of the greatest shots - sorry, 1:33 - of Voldemort. He's casting the spell at Harry and he's clearly putting in all his energy into this Avada Kedavra spell.

Matt: He's clearly losing.

Eric: You can tell because of his scream.

Andrew: And I think he's already down on his knees.

Eric: Yeah, maybe.

Scene-by-Scene: Molly Weasley

Andrew: So you can tell he's losing. The only advantage here, he does have freshly-laundered clothes, so at least he's feeling fresh, [laughs] despite losing this battle. At 1:36 we see a great shot of Molly Weasley, and I assume this is after Fred has died, because she's very disturbed, she's kind of - I don't know. She's thinking to herself.

Eric: Yeah.

Matt: Well, Madam Pomfrey is right next to her.

Eric: Is she?

Andrew: Oh yeah. You can hardly see her, but she is there. So this must've been after the battle.

Matt: It must've been after she killed "She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named."

Scene-by-Scene: The Resurrection Scene

Andrew: Mhm. At 1:40, this is where I think people started saying, "Okay, we're seeing too much!" [laughs] We see Harry in the Forbidden Forest, he's facing his mother, got Lupin and Sirius on the right, James on the left. Let's play a little audio from this part.

[Clip from trailer plays]

Harry: You'll stay with me?

Lily: Always.

Sirius: Until the end.

[Clip ends]

Andrew: [laughs] So that's when people were like, "No! Why are we seeing this?!"

Eric: Yeah.

Matt: As much as I love - I would probably say it's my favorite scene in the seventh book, is the Resurrection Stone scene. And as excited as I was the first time I saw it, I kind of wish they didn't show this.

Andrew: On the other hand though, it's not a spoiler to people who haven't read the books, because they look alive. I wouldn't say they look dead, so...

Matt: No, I'd say if anything it's a teaser to fans who have not read the books, because they're like, "Wait, what?"

Andrew: Oh, that's true, that's true, because they know Sirius and Harry's parents are dead and all.

Matt: Right, so they're like, "Why are they back?"

Eric: Maybe it was...

Andrew: But it's confusing because they don't see Lupin - they're like, "Wait, Lupin's dead?"

Eric: [laughs] Well, the other thing, too - this is Harry's most personal moment in the books. To see it on a trailer and not reserved for the film - is nothing sacred? Really? Can they not just keep that in the film and be content to...

Matt: Well, they kept I think the most sacred scene under wraps, and that's King's Cross.

Eric: Yeah, that's true, but that also tonally - it doesn't really fit the rest of the film because - and visually, because it's bright white and these films are all about black.

Matt: Right. Well, they've shown basically every character [laughs] in this trailer...

Eric: Yeah.

Matt: ...except Dumbledore.

Eric: [sighs] It's ridiculous. You know what they should do is - you know how they released all those promo posters with Bella and McGonagall and all them? They need to do - for the Resurrection Stone scene, they need a Lupin poster, they need a dead Sirius poster, a dead Lily and James poster, for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2.

Matt: [laughs] And what does it say? "We're back"?

Eric: [laughs] Yeah! Yeah, that's what it's going to say. Because why not? Because they've already shown them in a trailer, they might as well go all out because - you know what? I want to buy a Lily and James poster, and Warner Bros. should...

Matt: It is really great, though, that they inserted that little clip from Sirius saying, "'Til the end," because basically, you see in this entire trailer everything going to pot. Like everything is going to complete crap. And then all you see - and then you finally get to have Lily and Sirius, kind of the reassuring faces, say something that's a little uplifting.

Eric: You're very right.

Scene-by-Scene: Fiendfyre

Micah: And we also - the one thing we skipped over before this is, it looks like Goyle is falling into the Fiendfyre.

Eric: Yeah, sucks to be him.

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: What's he doing as he's falling? He's wailing.

Matt: "NYAAAAAH!" It's the same Voldemort scream.

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Scene-by-Scene: Ginny in the Courtyard

Andrew: At 1:44 we see - this must be the realization shot when they see Hagrid holding Harry's dead body, because Ginny is running forward, obviously very shocked at what she's seeing. And Mr. Weasley is kind of, I guess, trying to - yeah, he's trying to grab her and hold her back because, you know, don't want to get too close to Voldemort yet.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Eric: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Scene-by-Scene: Acromantula

Andrew: At 1:44 we see a pretty cool shot of the trio running away from some giant spiders.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: And I don't think we get any line like, "Ahhh! I still hate spiders!" from Ron because that would have been...

Eric: I was going to say, do you think Ron would overcome...

Matt: [laughs] No, Ron will be like, "Let's get the hell out of here!"

Eric: [laughs] Do you think Ron would overcome his fear of spiders?

Matt: I think he's seen enough...

Andrew: Well, he's running away from them, so...

Matt: Well, we do see...

Eric: Yeah, you're not going to face down something that's fifteen times your size.

Matt: Well, during the locket we did see spiders, so his fear of spiders is still intact.

Eric: Oh right. Good point. Good solid point.

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#244 (November 20th, 2011): For the first time ever, MuggleCast has a DVD commentary! Watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 on DVD with us. We'll comment on each and every scene - it's as if we're in your living room watching alongside you!

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