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MuggleCast EP24 Transcript (continued)

Where Did He Go?

Ben: What do you think... Okay, Hagrid is expelled in his three years. Where did he go immediately following his expulsion? Did he immediately become gamekeeper...assistant gamekeeper to Ogg? Or, was it that he ran away from the school and he...?

Kevin: I think at the very least he was, he had some involvement with Dumbledore.

Ben: Oh really? Really? Did it take you a long time to think that one up? [laughs]

Kevin: Yeah, it did. No, but seriously, like direct contact, where, to the point where Dumbledore set up whatever he was doing.

Andrew: You mean the grounds-keeping?

Kevin: Well, not necessarily the grounds-keeping at first. Maybe where he was living, you know, what he was doing in his spare time, stuff like that.

Andrew: Well, I'm sure...

Laura: I think he definitely hung around at Hogwarts.

Andrew: Yeah, well I was thinking, in between after graduating and getting his job there, that's when he really spent some time...maybe he lived in the woods and was like a total...

Kevin: Hermit?

Andrew: Outcast.

Ben: Neanderthal.

Laura: I'm not sure that Dumbledore would let him do that, though.

Kevin: I donít think so either.

Andrew: I mean just learning about creatures and living among them. Being a part of their community.

Kevin: Well, I would think that Dumbledore would promote his interest in magical creatures and maybe hint at where he should go and what books he should read and stuff like that.

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: Can Hagrid read?

Kevin: I would hope so.

Ben: Okay.

Kevin: He did go to school for a couple years.

Laura: Yeah he can, because in the first book he wrote a letter to Dumbledore.

Ben: Ooops.

Kevin: Yep, see. Shot down.

Andrew: Couldn't he, like, not spell though? Wasn't...

Ben: Yeah, he has poor spelling.

Laura: Yeah, but he can still read.

Andrew: At like a fifth-grade level. [laughs]

Hagrid as Groundskeeper

Ben: There's a really silly question here that I'm seeing in our--in the chat here - did Hagrid always want to be a Groundskeeper? How much does he know about the grounds? Well, the thing about him - did he always want to be a Groundskeeper? I doubt it was his dream, you know. It's like if someone works at McDonalds. [in a deep voice] "Did he always want to work at McDonalds?" No, he didn't, but he sort of got forced into that position because he wasn't able to get the rest of his education.

Kevin: Yeah, but I think he loves it.

Ben: He likes it now.

Kevin: It's a job that, it's potentially a job that he may not have seen himself in, in the beginning, but now he just loves it, you know, kind of thing.

Micah: Yeah.

Kevin: Something that grew on him maybe.

Micah: And I don't think we'll ever know what he could have potentially been because he got expelled.

Ben: But how much does he know about the grounds, of the school?

Kevin: We don't know.

Andrew: I think he's...who mentioned this yesterday?

Micah: Ciaran, I think.

Andrew: ...or two days ago. About Filch being...

Ciaran: Oh yeah.

Andrew: Go ahead.

Ciaran: Yeah, Filch knows basically, the whole of Hogwarts, like, inside while Hagrid knows everywhere outside. So I think, yeah, he's basically the equivalent of like what Filch knows inside.

Andrew: I think that makes sense because you got to have someone who's completely experienced with the grounds outside. And, being that Hagrid is the Groundskeeper, I think it's sort of a no-brainer there.

Ciaran: I think that if he wasn't expelled in third year, I think one of the jobs he might of liked is what Charlie does, you know dragon-keeping. But, I'm sure he's happy with grounds-keeping.

Andrew: It's not a paying job, I don't think. Do you think he gets paid? [laughs] Not like it really matters, but...

Ciaran: Well, he's a teacher now anyways, so.

Andrew: Yeah, bringing in the big dough.

Kevin: Oh yeah.

Ciaran: Definitely.

[Everyone Laughs]

Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid

Ben: What do you guys think about Robbie Coltrane and how he's portrayed Hagrid in the movies? I think he's done an excellent job and he's sort of what I've always...

Kevin: Oh yeah. Definitely. I think he's one of the of the only characters that have been portrayed perfectly. Like, to the dime.

Laura: I agree, definitely.

Ben: [In a Hagrid-like voice] "Rubeus Hagrid!" [Everyone laughs]

Ben: [In a Hagrid-like voice] "Keeper of the Keys."

Andrew: I love that voice. [laughs] Yeah, it really is perfect. And he looks great in the role and...he's just a good person. Ciaran, did talk to him on the Red Carpet?

Ciaran: No, actually I was talking to someone else and he walked by.

Andrew: Oh, okay.

Ciaran: But he's actually funny and...I was talking to David Bradley, the guy who plays Filch and, yeah, he came up behind him and pulled his hair for some rhyme or reason.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Does he have, like, a ponytail or something?

Ciaran: David Bradley?

Andrew: Yeah.

Ciaran: Yeah, he has pretty long hair.

Andrew: Oh, okay. [laughs]

Ciaran: Yeah, but Robbie Coltrane...

Andrew: He pulled it!

Ciaran: Yeah! But I don't know why.

[Andrew laughs]

Voicemail - Keeper of the Keys

[Audio]: Hi! This is Madison from New Jersey. I live right near Medford, Andrew. Anyway, I have a question about Hagrid. What is the job "The Keeper of the Keys"? We haven't actually seen Hagrid keep keys since The Sorcerer's Stone. And where did he get Harry's key? Thanks, and I love the show! Bye.

Andrew: I think he still has the keys...They just don't get mentioned. Because they serve no purpose.

Laura: Yeah.

Kevin: Exactly. Harry's key, I think that's obvious, I think it came from Dumbledore.

Andrew: Mhm.

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: I thought Dumbledore...I'm sure...

Andrew: For the vault, we're talking' about, right?

Ben: Yeah. I'm sure that Harry's parents had their affairs in order, because they knew they were going to get killed soon.

Kevin: Yeah.

Ben: So they probably told Dumbledore, "Hey, if we die, you know, Harry gets everything. Here's his key." You know, [laughs] that type of thing.

Kevin: But, what is a "Keeper of the Keys"? Like, is there any doors that we haven't seen that are important to Hogwarts?

Ben: Ummm...

Andrew: He's just in charge of handling the keys. It's like a management position.

Ben: What else is there to it?

Andrew: There is nothing.

Ben: He has the key to the Quidditch broom closet, I bet. [laughs]

Andrew: He's got the key to happiness...and joy.

[Laura laughs]

Kevin: I think the reason, why they ask, is because it's...they make it out to be a very large title like, "KEEPER OF THE KEYS," you know?

Ben: Well, based on how you and Laura reacted earlier, it's like he has the "key" to the series.

[Everyone laughs, then Laura and Kevin sigh]

Kevin:: Oh.

Andrew: I think it's just a clever title. Because, it's "Keeper of the Keys"...what's the term for that?

Micah: Janitor?

Ben: Janitor! [laughs]

Andrew: No, I mean, the English term...alliteration?

Ben: Yeah, alliteration...the "K."

Kevin: So, do you think it's just simply he has the keys and he controls them?

Andrew: Yeah, there's nothing to it. Stop over-analyzing, guys.

Kevin: Hey, that's what we do.

Ben: [In a sing-song voice] You're over-analyzing...

Laura: I agree, I think that it's just a job that Dumbledore gave him.

Andrew: I think we're burning into people's minds that they have to over-analyze everything. Because like, they listen to us for like an hour-and-a-half.

Laura: Well, they do.

Kevin: [laughs] They do over-analyze everything.

Andrew: Whatever. Apparently I'm not funny anymore.

Kevin: You aren't.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: You never were funny.

Andrew: Next voicemail.

Kevin: [laughs] Ohhh.

Andrew: Yeah right, I'm freakin' hilarious.

Voicemail - Hagrid's Fate and Horcrux Ginny

[Audio]: Hi. I'm Freddie from London, England. And I was just wondering what you thought the chances are of Hagrid dying in the seventh book were as he does have a close relationship with Harry, and whenever Harry forms a bond with someone, they always seem to die, which is the reason he broke off with Ginny? Which brings me on to Ginny. Do you think there is a possibility of Ginny becoming...being a Horcrux in the seventh book? She did handle Tom Riddle's diary, she's the seventh child, which is a magical number--or bad magical number--and, she...has unusual talent. Bye.

Andrew: I agree with Freddie there. And this is what we talked about earlier. Hagrid...Harry is very close to Hagrid. I think that it would...

Ben: Let's just kill him.

Andrew: ...make sense.

Ben: I'm going kill him.

Andrew: You never know.

Ben: [laughing] I'm going kill Hagrid.

Andrew: You never know. Okay.

Kevin: You're going to kill Hagrid?

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: But, as for that second part of the question, Ginny Weasley being a Horcrux?

Kevin: Not a chance.

Laura: No, I don't think so.

Ben: How could he make Ginny a Horcrux?

Kevin: Exactly.

Ben: He wasn't even alive in human form.

Kevin: Exactly, and I believe that he created all seven Horcruxes or "Horcri" before he died.

Ben: He had to have.

Andrew: Yeah.

Voicemail - Headmaster Hagrid

[Audio]: Hi MuggleCast. This is Louis from Massachusetts and I have a question about Hagrid. My sister thinks he's going to become the next headmaster after Dumbledore died, but I think she's crazy, so anyway, I really don't think that's going to happen. Well, do you think he's going to stay at Hogwarts now that Dumbledore is dead because he said that if there are students that he could teach, he would stay. But, is Hogwarts really going to stay open? And, what can he do for the Order if he doesn't stay? I mean, what can he do to help the good guys' side, if you will? Thanks so much! I love your show.

Andrew: Um...headmas...Hagrid as a headmaster. I don't know if that would work very well.

[Everyone laughs]

Kevin: I doubt it. Not a chance.

Laura: No, no no.

Andrew: How old is your sister?

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Tell her to listen to MuggleCast some more. Yeah, I think that the best chance is for McGonagall to become the Headmaster...Headmistress. Excuse me.

Ben: Yeah, let's not use gendered language here.

[Everyone laughs]

Kevin: As for what he would do, do you think...I don't know...

Andrew: Of course. No, of course he'll stay at Hogwarts.

Laura: I think he'll stay.

Andrew: I don't think he'd abandon it.

Ben: Hogwarts is his home.

Laura: I know. Hogwarts is really, I mean it's really the only home he's ever known.

Kevin: Well, he's going to stay at Hogwarts, but what is he going to do? Like, what is his classification going to be?

Ben: Ummm...Keeper of the Keys?

[Andrew laughs]

Kevin: I think this leads into another voicemail I have somewhere around here.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: I like how Kevin acts like he has a pile of them and he puts them in his cassette player and hit play.

Ben: Yeah. [laughs] No, that's a good point. Let's play that voicemail now.

Voicemail - Hagrid, Head of Gryffindor?

[Audio]: Yeah my name is Ryan Moore. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and I had a question. I noticed your next topic will be about Rubeus Hagrid and I was curious if you guys think that, with Professor McGonagall, now as the Headmistress of Hogwarts after Dumbledore died and that, who will be the next Gryffindor Head of House? I think it will be Hagrid. To me, he seems to the obvious choice. Wondering what you guys think and hope that you haven't already answered it? Thanks!

Andrew: Oh yeah, that is a good question.

Ben: What I think is that Hagrid might actually...I mean, there's a possibility he would. I think Slughorn, if Hogwarts is open, I think that Slughorn is going to become--resume his position as Slytherin Head of House and, who better than Hagrid to become Gryffindor head of house? Who else is there? Or, is it possible for McGonagall to be head of house AND headmistress?

Laura: I don't think so.

Kevin: I don't think so either.

Laura: I don't think so, because it would show favoritism.

Kevin: Yeah, exactly. So... I think that's a possibility. Distinct possibility.

Andrew: Good question though. Okay, so that wraps up all of our Hagrid discussion. Now, let's go to the regular voicemails.

Voicemail - Foe Foreshadowing?

[Audio]: Hi, guys. This is Holly from Arkansas. I was listening to you on my way to work this morning and I had a question about Goblet of Fire. In the chapter with the Foe Glass, Snape, Dumbledore, McGonagall are all reflected in Moody's Foe"not Moody's" Foe Glass. And I didn't know what that meant. Does that mean they're all on the same side? That's my question. Thanks!

Laura: I don't think so.

Ben: I don't...

Laura: I don't think the Foe Glass is a long term-type thing. I think it just applies to a present-type sense.

Kevin: I don't think it shows allegiances. I think it shows...

Laura: ...who is against you at that time.

Kevin: ...who's against the person at that time, exactly.

Laura: Yeah.

Voicemail - Harry Using Crucio

[Audio]: Hi, MuggleCast. This is Carolyn calling Paris, France, not Texas. I wanted to bring up the fact that Harry's attempted to use the Cruciatus Curse on more than one occasion but nobody seems to be bothered by this. Now, as we all know, a successful use of this curse merits a lifetime sentence in Azkaban. Doesn't it follow that the attempted use, like attempted murder, is a crime as well? And, on a moral level, does it worry or bother you that Harry tried to cast it? Thanks.

Ben: On a moral level, I don't really think so because he was extremely mad both times and I think the fact that he wasn't able to do it, shows that he doesn't have enough hatred to do it.

Kevin: Yep, I agree.

Ben: Yeah, like Bellatrix said, "You have to mean it, you have to want to see them scream...want to inflict pain on them." And he doesn't have enough hate in him to do it.

Andrew: But, it...I think it does worry us that he has that temper that he would do that. Because, does...he's aware of what the consequences are, right? get what I'm saying here? [laughs]

Laura: Yeah, but he was trying to defend himself.

Andrew: I know, but isn't...doesn't the rules...

Kevin: Yeah, but I find it hard to believe that, if a Death Eater is about to kill you...

Ciaran: Yeah. Self-defense.

Kevin: ...and you use a killing curse on them and they die, you'd be sent to Azkaban.

Laura: Yeah.

Kevin: I find it very hard to believe.

Ben: Well, there's an exception. Of course there's an exception. Kind of like if someone breaks into your house and has a gun, and you shoot them with your gun, you're not going to get sent to prison for it. Because you are defending yourself.

Kevin: Exactly.

Ben: It's kind of like how can kill someone or like shoot someone if you believe that your life or the life of someone else is in danger.

Kevin: Yep, I agree.

Voicemail - Legilimency On The Tower

[Audio]: This is Kelly from California. Do you think that Snape used Legilimency to communicate with Dumbledore on the Astronomy tower? Because on page 595 it said that Snape gazed at Dumbledore for a moment before he got killed. Thanks, bye.

Ciaran: I think that definitely were... If it's true that they had planned this beforehand, that Snape would kill Dumbledore. I think that Dumbledore let Snape read his mind and say...urge Snape to go ahead with it and just kill him and not be weak.

Kevin: So, do you think it's possible that there wasn't a Unbreakable Vow like we were predicting and rather, just a communication between Snape and Dumbledore? Because that's another possibility. Well, in the previous episode we said that Dumbledore and Snape possibly had an Unbreakable Vow between the two of them.

Ciaran: Yeah.

Kevin: Where, if Dumbledore was ever in a position, well, if Snape was ever in a position where Dumbledore's life over his...Snape's own position was questioned. If that makes sense.

Ciaran: Yeah.

Kevin: It would be Dumbledore's life. You know, you would take Dumbledore's life.

Ciaran: Ummm.

Laura: Well, no. I think what you're trying to say is, assuming that Snape is innocent...

Kevin: Did that make any sense? I think I...

Laura: They were probably...

Kevin: "construted" that one.

Ciaran: I don't really follow.

Laura: ...speaking to each other on a different platform then out loud.

Kevin: Well, I'm not only saying that. I'm saying that - is it possible that, instead of what we predicted as an Unbreakable Vow, it was actually just a simple communication between the two.

Laura: That's possible too.

Micah: Yeah I think so, especially because of that whole "Serevus, please" line. I think it was more of a remind--

Ben: Serevus?

Micah: [still mispronouncing Snape's first name] Serverus, whatever.

Kevin: Serverus.

[For the record, everyone was wrong, it's "Severus"]

Micah: Whatever. That line is the same line-we mentioned this last time-that is said by Narcissa in "Spinner's End." So I think, by Dumbledore saying that exact same line in that chapter, he was reminding Snape of the Unbreakable Vow he had with Narcissa and that he had to go through with it.

Andrew: Okay, so that wraps up this week's voicemails. Good job, everyone, good job, everyone.

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