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MuggleCast 251 Transcript

Show Intro

["Hedwig's Theme" plays]

Andrew: Because there's something in the water, this is MuggleCast Episode 251 for April 5th, 2012.

[Show music begins]

Andrew: Welcome to MuggleCast Episode 251, and we have a special guest here this week: Keith Hawk. You may know him from MuggleNet, recently traveling abroad to cover the release - the opening - of the studio tour, the Harry Potter studio tour. And it's Keith's first time on MuggleCast, save for the live show at LeakyCon. So welcome, Keith, who sounds like Mikey.

Keith: Oh, thank you very much! Oh, thank you, yeah. I sound just like him, I'm sure.

Andrew: I was struck by your voice when you came on this call. I was like, "Mikey? I called the wrong person."

Keith: It's immediate success.

Micah: That's a compliment of the highest order.

Andrew: Yes. Just don't talk about...

Keith: I'm sure.

Andrew: ...Star Wars like he does, too much. Yeah, so actually, we are going to kick off the show like we always do with the news, but the focus of this episode is going to be the studio tour and we are also going to talk about where we are going to be this summer. And also Pottermore now that it's about to open. By the time you're listening to this episode, it may actually already be open.

Eric: Ooh!

Andrew: And we got some tweets and Chicken Soup and a whole lot more. I'm Andrew Sims.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Micah: I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Keith: And I'm Keith Hawk.

News: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London Opens

Andrew: All right, Micah. So what is in the news this week, please? I guess we'll start with the studio tour, but tell us about it. Was it a big opening?

Micah: Yeah, the studio tour officially opened. I believe the official name is The Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter.

Andrew: London.

Micah: Oh, London.

Andrew: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter.

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: This is like that event down in Orlando a couple of months ago.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Oh yes.

Micah: It's just...

Andrew: Harry Potter Home Entertainment Celebration.

Micah: Let's make it as corporate as we possibly can...

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: ...and take all the fun out of the name.

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: But it opened this past Saturday. A big red carpet event out at Leavesden Studios, a lot of the cast and crew were in attendance, and it's now officially open to the public. And as you mentioned, Keith got the opportunity to go and tour the tour a little bit early. So let's start off, I guess. Keith, kind of give us your initial impressions of you getting out there, seeing the studio for the first time, and then walking in and - walk us through a little bit of the tour.

Main Discussion: Harry Potter Studio Tour - Overall Thoughts

Keith: Sure. First of all, it's just something that every Harry Potter fan has got to go to. It's just insane. I mean, you can read the books twenty million times, you can watch all the films, you can read the set reports, but until you actually step foot in that Great Hall for the first time you just don't appreciate the details that they went through to make this thing. It's just - I can't say enough about how amazing it was. Now, I guess they built these studios exclusively for this tour. So, Andrew, when you used to go to all these sets and you've seen the sets before with all the actors and everything...

Andrew: Yeah.

Keith: was in a different area. The studios that they filmed in were in the hangars.

Andrew: Right. It was basically the same land. When you drive up to Leavesden Studios, you're still going to Leavesden Studios, you're still going to Leavesden Studios. They didn't move it across the street per se, it's still on the same property, they just built new places for all these sets to be permanently housed. And of course, it's nicer than the hangars that all the sets used to be in, because back when they were filming you would approach this place and you would never guess that the top-grossing franchise of all time was shot in this hangar.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Which I guess is good - I was going to say, "To keep it secret," but there was giant "Leavesden Studios" lettering across it. But yeah, so based on the - I haven't been there yet for the studio tour, but based on the concept art it looks like they built a whole new exterior, which is - I'm glad they did that, because - I don't know, it was a pretty trashy area.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Eric: This is where the catering wagon was.

[Eric and Keith laugh]

Andrew: Right. Yes, exactly.

Eric: It's this crooked lot.

Keith: This is probably where they played cricket all the time.

Main Discussion: Harry Potter Studio Tour - Arrival

Andrew: So, as a Harry Potter fan, when you're approaching this area - because I remember approaching the sets, it was very exciting. I mean, you must have been getting more and more excited as you drove closer. I assume you were on a bus or something.

Keith: Yeah.

Andrew: You could probably see it from a distance.

Keith: Right, and that's one thing I wanted to say to everybody, is how to get there first. Obviously it's about a twenty-minute train ride from London out to Watford Junction, and then you go out...

Eric: King's Cross?

Keith: No, no, actually London Euston.

Eric: Oh.

Keith: So you take this train ride out to Watford Junction and then you go out to the bus area, and here comes this big WB Studios tour bus. It's a regular double-decker but it's black, it has Diagon Alley on it, and it has all the wording on it. So the bus is just incredibly beautiful to look at. And you're so excited all you do is start snapping pictures all over the place, so I have like ten pictures of the bus.

[Andrew and Keith laugh]

Keith: So I guess - well, they're going to have three buses rotating for the public to go back and forth, and it's a two-pound bus ride to go to the studios. It's only about a ten-minute drive, it's not far at all. So you're on this bus with other Harry Potter fans and you're all excited, and then you see the studios and your breath is just taken away. You see these massive yellow buildings, they call them Studio J and Studio K, is where the studio tour is in now.

Eric: Awww, I just got that.

Andrew: Is that for J.K...

Keith: You got it!

Andrew: ...Rowling?

Keith: Yup!

Andrew: Seriously, they did it for her?

Keith: Yes!

Andrew: Oh wow.

Keith: Yes, they did it for her. That's exactly right. I'm glad you picked up on that. [laughs] I would've been disappointed if you didn't. It's a massive parking lot, and the buses pull right up and then you see "Welcome to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour." And it's beautiful. I mean, the landscaping is done nice, the entire area is just absolutely beautifully done. And once you're done snapping pictures outside, you walk inside into this massive entrance, and all you notice right away is all the portraits above the entrance. I counted them, I think there was 21 or 22, I forget now. But all the portraits - and it's the young Harry, Dan Radcliffe, young Emma Watson, young Rupert Grint, and then the older they got. There's Neville, Luna, Dumbledore - I mean, all the characters that you love are on this wall in massive detail, and it's just beautiful to walk in to. So...

Eric: When you say portrait, did these photos have - did these portraits have a use in the film, or were they designed for the lobby area after the fact? Do you think that these were ever used...

Andrew: They were from Empire magazine, I think. I saw pictures - somebody took pictures of the insides and I remember those portraits. I think they're from Empire.

Eric: Oh.

Keith: Well, they were hi-def shots, for sure.

Andrew: From the Part 2 film release.

Keith: Yeah, but they were high definition shots, and they were massive posters and yet so crystal clear, so it's amazing that you're seeing Dan Radcliffe from ten years ago and he's in real crystal clear imagery up on that wall. So that was pretty cool, just to see how they grew as they got older and stuff. It's kind of just a recapture for you of what the past ten years have been like for the visitor. After that...

Andrew: So...

Keith: Go ahead.

Andrew: Oh. Well - go ahead, sorry.

Keith: Well, just in this entrance hall, they have a coat check and bag check in case you need that for the winter time or whatever you're carrying, so they do have that accommodation. They have an eating area right off the wing before you go in, and they also have - to the right is the gift shop. I guess you can go in there - I didn't go in there to look right away, I saved that for the end, but outside of the gift shop they have two window displays: one of a little bit of Honeydukes, and the treat cart - the candy cart from the Hogwarts Express is in there, and then on the left side is some of the robes and stuff.

Andrew: At which point do you get the Butterbeer? Is that in the tour, or...

Keith: That's during the tour.

Andrew: that outside...

Keith: It's the midway point.

Andrew: During the tour?

Keith: Yup.

Andrew: Really?

Keith: Yup.

Andrew: And do you have to pay for it, or is it free?

Keith: I wish it was free. No, you pay for it.

[Andrew laughs]

Keith: They're going to get you everywhere.

Eric: Oh, so...

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: [laughs] Well, one of the things I wanted to ask - you said that you did the gift shop at the end, but did the bags for it that you get - do they say Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter, or do they say something a little bit more fancy?

Keith: No, they're just nice plastic bags that say "WB Studio Tour."

Eric: Oh okay.

Keith: I have several of them.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: So even - I was going to say, because even the bags aren't abiding by the name then, which seems to be really long and we all have...

Andrew: Well, because eventually they want to expand the studio tour to other films. They don't want it to just be Harry Potter forever.

Eric: Right. So "Warner Bros. Studio Tour..."

Keith: Do you think that's going to happen?

Eric: "...Burbank, California: The Making of..."

Andrew: They have said that.

Eric: They already have a studio tour in their home lot in Burbank.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: But that's actually more like the history of WB. The water tower's there, and it's all really cool. But yeah, I don't know. I just guess - it's just such a long, diplomatic title, so I wondered what was on the gift shop bags.

Keith: I mean, I don't...

Main Discussion: Harry Potter Studio Tour - Tour Guides

Andrew: What would you say was your favorite - okay, well first of all, how long was the tour itself? And you were with a guide, right?

Keith: Well no, you're only with a guide in the very beginning. When you first enter, you go into this small room and they have eight poster-sized screens on display, and while everybody's gathering in there they're showing you posters from the films from every different country. So you're seeing the France poster, the German poster, the Iranian poster, things like that just flashing around. And then they do a short film on how David Heyman acquired the rights to it, so tonight's introduction to how the beginning of this thing came from Dave's assistant who read the book - and I can't remember her name, sorry - and she brought it in and Dave goes, "Did anybody read anything good?" and she's like, "Yeah, this is something you definitely want to read." And this was a girl who was never excited about anything and all of a sudden she's excited in this meeting, so David took the book home and there we go, we got the next twelve years covered.

Micah: I hope she got her cut.

[Eric laughs]

Keith: I hope she did too. I never heard of her name, so I hope she got recognized.

Eric: That was part of the agreement, I guess.

Keith: Yeah. So once you're done with that little film - and you're standing in this room, they take you from that room into a cinema area where you sit down for another film. And this cinema is half moon-shaped, basically, the seats. It's almost like you're in a regular theater. Real nice comfortable seats, and they basically - they show you another ten/fifteen minute film, but it's the trio talking about the ten years and some of their moments and what you're going to see on the tour. So that was really nice. Now, this is where it got exciting though, is - all right, you're anxious to go in and see these things, right? And here the film ends, and you think they're going to escort you off to the right. Well, no. The freaking screen goes up and there's the Great Hall doors right in front of you. You're like, "Whoa!"

Andrew: Oh, very cool.

Eric: Whoa.

Keith: "Oh wow!"

[Andrew laughs]

Keith: And the statues that came to life in Deathly Hallows, they're right there. So from the cinema, the screen goes up and bam, you're right into it. So they guide you through the Great Hall doors and they do a very basic tour of the Great Hall, and I mean very basic. They'll point out a couple of things to you. From that moment on through the rest of the tour, you're on your own.

Andrew: And you can spend as long as you want there.

Keith: As long as you want, but they want you out of the Great Hall before the next tour starts.

Andrew: I see.

Keith: Now, you can come back in after they're in. So if you didn't get pictures of something that you really want to get pictures of in the Great Hall, you just have to step out for a little bit and then you can come back in. They generally don't want you going backwards, obviously, through this thing.

Andrew: Right.

Keith: But the way it flows, it actually works out really well.

Eric: Now, is there - I was going to say, is there a theme? And one of the questions I want to ask - you got to see the exhibit, right? When it was in - was it when it was in New York, you saw it? And so there's the eight posters, and it plays a little movie and then you go through sort of - and there's different themes, different areas. Was it at all like that? Or how was this laid out in comparison or in contrast?

Keith: That was - the exhibit to me was a little bit of a mishmash of everything.

Eric: Okay.

Keith: Where - and it was more prop...

Micah: And it was [unintelligible] that was a huge thing.

Keith: Yeah, and it was more prop-oriented so you saw the costumes and stuff like that. But here, you're seeing the sets and the actual pieces that they used. Now, I'm not saying they didn't use them in the exhibit.

Eric: Right, right.

Keith: I think they actually do use them, but they're like the second sets and third sets of things.

Eric: Yeah, yeah.

Keith: So this set that you're seeing in here of all the costumes and all the props are the real ones that were in the movies.

Eric: Right.

Andrew: And there's also that special feeling of, "Well, this is where they were actually shot. These are the real sets." I mean, they can't replicate the Great Hall in the Harry Potter Exhibition. These are the types of things that will only ever be seen at the studio tour in Leavesden.

Eric: Yeah. I mean, they're too big to move, at the very least.

Andrew: Yeah. And I mean, there's so much history, especially with the Great Hall set. I mean, that one and a couple of others have been there forever. And just think about how many hours were spent there by the cast.

Eric: Oh my God, I can't. That just blows my mind. But how do they - if there's no tour guide, how do they really convey that? How do they tell you stories? Are there plaques on each set that tell you a little bit of history? Or how do you get that information? Because I imagine, with ten years of filming on those sets, there's tons of stories to talk about, about each set. So is there any kind of guide or a way to...

Keith: Yeah...

Eric: How does that work?

Keith: Well, there is plaque cards with every set that tells you a basic story of it. It's nothing major, it's nothing that you don't already know. It's an introduction to - they have a producer screen, and they'll show you all the producers. They'll have a plaque card of all the directors, the screenwriters, and things like that. And each set has its own piece, you know? This is The Burrow, this is the Gryffindor Common Room, etc. So they do have a plaque there, but you know what? The key to this tour are the staff members that actually work there. They have just as much knowledge as us, in the Harry Potter films. In fact, four of the staff members that I met actually were extras in the films.

Andrew: Oh, that's cool.

Eric: Oh!

Keith: So - in fact, the one girl I met, she - I want to say her name right. It was Katie Rosedale. She was doing the Dumbledore's Office set for us and I got to talking to her for a while. And she was in four of the films from Order of the Phoenix on as a Slytherin. Actually, from Goblet of Fire, I'm sorry. From Goblet of Fire on, she was a Slytherin student. So when Beauxbatons and the Durmstrang guys came in and doing all their thing, she's sitting right behind Ron and Harry. So she said she saw herself on the big screen, it was kind of cool. But they've been so entwined into this and they've been filming in the Great Hall, so they have that extra knowledge of how this stuff is put together.

Eric: Well, what was she doing there if she wasn't a guide?

Keith: They're just - there are staff members stationed at each area that are fully in tune with every little detail about that particular set.

Eric: Oh okay. So it's like in a museum.

Keith: So if you have a question...

Eric: Right.

Keith: Yes.

Eric: Okay.

Keith: If you have a question on something, go to them. And I really encourage any visitor to talk to these staff members. They'll give you information that you just didn't know.

Andrew: And there's also the digital guide narrated by Tom Felton. That's an extra five quid.

Keith: It is. I didn't listen to it, I didn't get that, so I don't know what that's like.

Andrew: I hear Tom Felton just...

Keith: I would imagine that'd be really...

Andrew: ...plugs his Twitter account on it.

[Eric and Keith laugh]

Main Discussion: Harry Potter Studio Tour - Favorite Sets

Andrew: Okay, so what would you say is your top three to five sets? The ones that I guess most wowed you or you just...

Eric: I was going to say, how many sets were there overall? Do we know?

Micah: Three to five.

Keith: You name it, it was there. It was...

Andrew: Eighty-five?

Micah: No, three to five.

Andrew: Oh.

Micah: I was...

Andrew: [laughs] Three to five?

Keith: Boy, narrowing it down to two - I mean, let's just take Great Hall out of it because I think that's going to be...

Andrew: Yeah, yeah.

Keith: ...everyone's favorite, okay? I think that's just the natural favorite. The Potions Classroom was amazing. And then...

Eric: Is it - which Potions classroom is it? Is it the...

Keith: It's actually a double-jointed one. It's the entire Potions classroom, and on one end you have Snape and on the other end you have Slughorn. But they have - the entire room is filled with potion jars. And these potion jars - there's hundreds of them, okay? I mean, literally hundreds of them. Each one of them has something different inside and hand-labeled with a different name, so there's no duplicates. And in fact, the person that was standing in front of the Potions classroom was telling us - it was my friend Josee and I - and they were telling us that they would go out to a toy store, for instance, and just get some junk toys, right? Or whatever they could find. And so they got like a toy frog. Well, they would take the frog legs off and then they would do stuff with it, and put it in a jar and label it. So I mean...

Micah: [laughs] That sounds sadistic, almost.

[Eric laughs]

Keith: Yeah. Anything you could think of is in those jars.

[Eric laughs]

Keith: I mean, if you need something it's probably in there.

Andrew: So top - so what other set? Another one or two?

Keith: Okay, so the Great Hall, the Potion's Classroom, and then of course, the Hogwarts model is just...

Andrew: Oh yeah.

Keith: Words do not describe what that is like, until you see it.

Eric: Okay, I've got to ask: How close can you get to it?

Keith: You're not going to touch it at all.

Eric: Okay.

Keith: You're probably going to be ten feet away from any piece of it.

[Eric makes a disappointed sound]

Andrew: It seems so big though, that that doesn't really matter.

Keith: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, it seems like a large enough scale, but I still worry that I'm going to want to really pour over it.

Andrew: Well, what are you? Four years old? This is a museum! You can't touch. "Stay away!" says Stuart Craig.

Keith: Well, it's amazing.

Eric: But I read somewhere else that it was very hands-on.

Keith: Well, the whole tour is hands-on as far as - you can push a couple of little buttons and see some animatronics running. [laughs] That was another cool thing in the creature effects department. You push a little button and you see the Horcrux Voldemort in the King's Cross area. You see him breathing.

Eric: Oh no!

Andrew: Oh, that's really cool.

[Keith laughs]

Eric: No! That's the last thing I wanted to see on that tour. It still haunts my nightmares.

Keith: That is so cool. [laughs]

Eric: Every time I close my eyes I see that thing. I really don't need to pay to go to London and see it.

Andrew: Is it bloody?

Keith: [laughs] No, it's not bloody. It's just white.

Eric: It's just naked.

Keith: But it's really cool to push the thing, yeah. [laughs]

Micah: Were there any other interactive elements of the tour?

Keith: There's a lot of them. There's a lot of them. In The Burrow, for instance, they have these wands set up so you can move the wand and point it at something. Like, say the iron, and it'll iron. Or the knitting needles, and it'll do the knitting needles.

Eric: Oh.

Keith: Or - whatever. There's a couple of those features in there. The creature effects had a lot of interactive devices in them, but there's also a movie that plays through the creature effects, and it's Warwick Davis and Nick Dudman do a film for you. And it's probably about a four-section film, so you walk into the creature effects area and he starts off with what's in front of you and how it was originated and created and stuff like that. And then they do a little skit and then he says, "Follow me over here!" so you follow him over there and there's another piece of it. And it was very funny. I mean, Warwick Davis is hilarious.

Andrew: Yeah.

Keith: And it was just a trip. But going back to the castle for a minute, when you walk into that room, you're walking on an elevated portion. So you see the top of the castle and obviously there's a big area there for people to take pictures on. And then gradually, and I mean very slowly, you walk around and down a ramp all the way around it and go back under where you started.

Andrew: Oh cool.

Keith: But take a camera with you that has a good zoom lens on it, and you can create your own shots that you saw in the movie. I did it with where the end of the bridge is and Neville's standing there going at Scabior, "You and what army?" you know? So I took my camera, I put it right in that position, and I could just picture Neville standing right there.

Eric: That's cool.

Keith: So really, really cool.

Eric: So there's grass and stuff on it? And...

Keith: Oh yeah, trees, grass - you would think it's real.

Eric: Yeah.

Keith: I mean, they - each shingle was laid individually.

Eric: Wow.

Keith: So I mean...

Eric: By, like, sky crane. By, like, Mission Impossible hanging from the ceiling kind of stuff.

Keith: Yeah, exactly. [laughs]

Main Discussion: Harry Potter Studio Tour - Studio J Breakdown

Micah: Now, maybe you mentioned this before, but you said that there's a Studio J and a Studio K.

Keith: Yeah.

Micah: What's in between?

Keith: Okay, Studio J is the main set. It has every set that is in the films, with the exception of Diagon Alley. So you have...

Micah: That's in Orlando in a couple of years.

[Eric laughs]

Keith: Yeah, it is. It's actually - yeah, you get transported there. It's a Portkey and you take it right there. But you have the Great Hall, The Burrow, the Potions Room, Dumbledore's Office, the Ministry of Magic, Umbridge's Office, just a whole bunch - the Quidditch flying area where you actually get on a broom and fly.

Eric: Was there any...

Keith: And that's cool.

Eric: That's cool?

Keith: Oh yeah.

Eric: How do they do that?

Keith: You're sitting on a broom...

Eric: How is it elevated?

Keith: You put on a robe - they only have one Ravenclaw and the rest are Gryffindors, so sorry for anybody else. But you get on a broom, they - it's green-screened, and then they tell you, "Go ahead and lean and do whatever you want to," and you can see yourself on the camera flying through different scenes in the movie. So when they did the escape from Privet Drive to go to Grimmauld Place and they fly across the water there, across the Thames, you're actually doing that and you see yourself flying.

Eric: Oh cool.

Keith: And then they tell you, "Okay, look at this camera real quick," and then you look up and look at the camera above, and they take a couple of pictures. And then when you're done, you get escorted around and they show you your pictures, and of course you want to buy every single one of them. So you go through there. And that wasn't too bad. It was 12 pounds for one picture, 15 pounds for two, 18 for three, 20 for four.

Eric: Yeah, might as well.

Keith: Just to let people know what you're spending.

Andrew: How much - how often can you actually touch anything other than the interactive elements? How often - I know in the Great Hall it seems like they have it roped off towards the end where the professors table is, if you will. How often are you able to really get within a set?

Keith: You're not.

Andrew: No?

Eric: Oh.

Keith: No. You're not able to really touch anything. I mean, you can reach over and touch some of the costumes. In Studio J, they have a bunch of the costumes. They have a Fleur Delacour outfit, which is really cool, with all of the measurements and everything on how they made it. They have a lot of Evanna Lynch's costumes in there: the Christmas tree dress that she has, her sundress from the wedding at Deathly Hallows, a whole bunch of those things. And you could probably reach over and touch them, but they'll probably smack your hand off or do something of that idea.

Andrew: That's what those people are there for, Eric.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: You were wondering their purpose? That's what. And they're worth every penny.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Eric: Well, the - so you can't go up to the teachers table and - or even the podium that Dumbledore has...

Keith: No.

Eric: ...and say, [imitating Dumbledore] "Silence!"?

Keith: No, it's all roped off in the front of the stairs.

Andrew: That was kind of something that...

Keith: Oh, I would do that. Now, you know I would do that.

Eric: I feel like that's misrepresenting...

Keith: Andrew's seen me do that.

[Andrew and Keith laugh]

Andrew: That was something that kind of bothered me about the theme park, the queue for the Great Hall. You can go in and you can see Dumbledore's office and it's cool, but I feel like the ropes really take you out of the scene. They go on and on about how immersive everything is, but then they have these ropes up everywhere so you can't walk up. And I get why they have those, but it's just...

Eric: Well, with the theme park, too, you can't get too close because then you'll realize that Dumbledore's a hologram and he's not really there.

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: That's true.

Andrew: True.

Eric: But I think with the...

Micah: He's like Santa.

Eric: At least he's... [laughs]

Andrew: Like if you want to take a picture of the...

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: ...Mirror of Erised at the Wizarding World for example...

Eric: That's true. That's...

Andrew: ...there's a gate right in front of it! You can't take a good picture.

Eric: There's two lines, in fact, in that. The thing with the ride is that it's just a queue for a ride. So areas - like the entire inside of Hogwarts, if there's anything you wanted to see, you pretty much have to just walk right by it while you're in line, when that line is full. So that's why that is not a sufficient Hogwarts experience like the studio tours, maybe.

Main Discussion: Harry Potter Studio Tour - Outdoor Sets

Micah: Yeah, just going back though, Keith, what's in between the two studios?

Keith: You go from Studio J and then you go outside and you grab your Butterbeer, that's where they serve that. And outside are some of the outside sets. The Knight Bus is out there, the Ford Anglia is out there, Privet Drive, the gravestone for Tom Riddle from Goblet of Fire is out there...

Andrew: Oh cool.

Keith: ...the Potters' cottage is out there. And also the bridge. The bridge is out there, that Neville runs across.

Eric: Awww, no way!

Keith: Yeah. So you can't walk on it, but you can take a picture of it, and you can see down how it curves and all that stuff, so that was pretty neat.

Eric: Wait, wasn't that blown up?

Keith: It was. They magically reconstructed it, it was a Reparo.

Eric: Oh!

Andrew: I think they reconstructed a lot of things for this.

Eric: Reparo Maxima!

Main Discussion: Harry Potter Studio Tour - Butterbeer

Andrew: If you want more Butterbeer, can you go back and buy it?

Keith: Yeah. Yeah, you can.

Andrew: Okay. And how much is it?

Keith: I want to say it was 2.50, but don't take my word on it...

Andrew: Oh, that's not bad.

Keith: ...because I don't really remember.

Andrew: And it's the same mugs as in...

Keith: Oh, no.

Andrew: ...the Wizarding World park, right?

Keith: No. Oh, no.

Andrew: Oh, no? [laughs]

Keith: It's a little plastic cup you're getting.

Andrew: "Oh, no."

Eric: A little plastic cup?

Keith: Yeah.

Andrew: Does it say "Studio Tour" on it, I guess?

Keith: No, no. I mean, seriously, it's a clear plastic cup that you get at Kmart.

Andrew: Right. Oh.

Eric: I wonder if they'll change that.

Andrew: That's a bit disappointing.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Though I know in the Wizarding World you can get it in plastic cups, and it just says "Wizarding World" on it.

Keith: You know, I didn't ask. I didn't ask. So maybe you can. I really don't know.

Eric: Well, did they have - it obviously - they kept the foam, right?

Keith: Yeah, they kept the foam. They said they brought the same recipe on. Now, Josee said that it wasn't the same. Now, I know, I'm a bad Harry Potter fan, I've never been to the Wizarding World, sorry. Forgive me.

Eric: Wait a minute, you were totally down at the hotel outside the Wizarding World.

Keith: I was down there for that one day, remember? I flew back to Atlanta.

Eric: Oh right.

Andrew: Oh, that's right.

Eric: I forgot about that.

Keith: Yeah, so I was only down there for the one day. But anyway...

Eric: So no Butterbeer.

Keith: Yeah, so...

Andrew: Well...

Keith: ...Josee said it was the same recipe but not the same taste, so I don't know.

Andrew: It's the water. I'm telling you, it's the water.

[Eric laughs]

Micah: Yeah, I was just going to say. [laughs] It's the British water.

Andrew: Because they had it at Wizarding World: Los Angeles, the grand opening, too, and they had the Butterbeer, and I was really excited to have it. And then I tasted it. I'm like, "This is different."

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: "This is made with smoggy LA water. No wonder."

Keith: Well, was it more carbonated, do you think?

Andrew: No, it wasn't. I can't even tell. It was just a taste thing. It was a taste thing.

Keith: Because this one seemed really carbonated. It seemed like it was pure cream soda, you know what I mean?

Andrew: Yeah, I mean - well, at the Wizarding World it does taste like cream soda. I really - it's great that the studio tour has this, because a lot of these people in England, I imagine, probably have no plans to go to a Harry Potter theme park. So to get it there in England, where the films and books were created, I think that's special.

Eric: I think what's funny about it, or what must be funny about the studio tour, is that all the employees are speaking in British accents, but the people who go to see the studio tour, who live around there, will be least surprised [laughs] or appreciative of that fact.

Keith: I don't know if I believe that. I think there's going to be a lot of visitors coming in from the UK, overall. I mean, I think there are going to be a handy amount of people in there from the UK. It's their biggest attraction they're going to have.

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