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Andrew: Welcome to MuggleCast Episode 260. It is our end of the year show and it's an exciting time because we haven't been... we try to do these every month now, but we kind of got... we skipped November. It sort of just... not on purpose, it just sort of slipped by us. Our last episode was the end of October, and now we're back. And for fun, since it's the end of the year, we thought, well, why don't we stream it on Google Hangout and on YouTube? And it's working good so far. I love Google Hangout. Micah has no... Eric has no accessories today, but Micah has a Dr. Seuss hat.

[Fanfare sound effect plays]

Andrew: And we have sound effects, and I have glasses and a Santa hat, but the Santa hat is real.

Micah: The glasses are cool. They kind of pop out every time you move.

Eric: Move forward.

Andrew: It's really high-tech, it's cool. Google did a good job with this. So what we're going to do, we have some news to catch up on today and we're going to recall some MuggleCast Moments of the Year, and Eric has compiled the Top 7 Harry Potter Moments of 2012, and we're going to talk about what we have to look forward to in 2013. And at the end of the show, Micah has an announcement which I am excited for. I can't guess what it is, so this is very exciting. And...

Micah: I don't even know what it is.

Andrew: [laughs] You're going to shock the world. I think you're going to profess your love for Eric and I. I think that's what it is.

Micah: Well, that's a given. I thought that was already known.

Eric: I've been waiting. I've been waiting for that.

Andrew: You do that at the end of every show. [laughs] So Micah, what is in the news this month, for the last time in 2012, for our seventh year?

News: First Seven Chapters of Pottermore Book 3 Released

Micah: Well, Pottermore is in the news, and not for bad reasons.

Eric: Oh.

Micah: I know that normally we like to dwell on Pottermore just a little bit. But the Prisoner of Azkaban book finally released - the first seven chapters, appropriately - and we got some new information from JK Rowling. A lot more than what I remember from the first set of chapters in Chamber of Secrets. And I could be wrong, but...

Andrew: Yeah. No, I think you're right. And I figured they're releasing more chapters in larger batches now because there are more chapters in Prisoner of Azkaban. That would make sense, right?

Micah: That makes sense.

Andrew: Yeah. And so, hopefully... I was going through it when it opened up, and I was surprised that there was seven because I kept going and going and it wasn't ending, and I was like, oh, well this is nice. So, I guess in the future - maybe I'm thinking they'll want to do four releases a year, four or five releases a year. So, with the bigger books that will mean more chapters per release.

Eric: Very much so. And that's exciting. I mean, judging by what I heard of the content so far, it's tremendous.

Andrew: Yeah, it's not bad. I'm pulling up the breakdown right now that I did. We got a lot of new content from JK Rowling, which is what I've said time and time again on this show, and I think everybody is in agreement that's one of the better features of Pottermore, is that we get new information related to the world thanks to JK Rowling.

Eric: Yes.

Andrew: She spoke about Aunt Marge, she spoke about the Knight Bus, she talked about [attempts to pronounce] Sir Cadogan... Cadogan?

Eric: I've always said Cadogan.

Andrew: Yeah, I think that sounds right. Professor Kettleburn, [laughs] which I forgot existed.

Eric: In case you were wondering about him, you know?

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: There's some stuff.

Andrew: That may be the smallest thing she's released.

Eric: The sleeper surprise.

Andrew: Right. And then finally Boggarts she released information on.

Eric: Yes.

Micah: You mean you don't go to Pottermore just to collect the Chocolate Frog cards?

Andrew: [laughs] No, though I'm always clicking around the scenes to try to find the hidden stuff.

Eric: Yeah.

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: And I like it because once your mouse is hovering near something, it starts doing the sound effects, so you get an idea of... that you're getting close to something that you can pick up. But, okay, [laughs] you know how I used to preach the whole pets thing? Like, Pottermore should have...

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: ...pets, to get people to come back a lot. Now, I think JK Rowling needs to start dropping giant bombs in these new character profiles because for example: Aunt Marge, I was reading through that, and I was praying that she was going to reveal Aunt Marge was a lesbian.

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: Wouldn't that have been exciting?

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: There would have been all these headlines in the news, "JK Rowling Outs Another Character," and it would have brought more people into Pottermore! But, unfortunately, there wasn't any real shockers about Aunt Marge, but I think she could have passed as a lesbian, right?

Eric: I was peeking through the Boggarts reveal kind of information, and I was surprised that she didn't just admit that the monster under the bed, or monster in the closet that children fear, has something to do with the Boggart. I always drew that connection because the kid always thinks there's something under the bed, or always thinks there's something in the closet - I did when I was a kid - and I just always thought the Boggart was kind of reminiscent of that, or the wizard answer to that. But when I read, she didn't seem to admit that at all. In fact, she said that they're half alive and are only like poltergeists, and don't exactly... it just didn't seem to be at all what I thought.

Andrew: So, what were you expecting?

Eric: Well, I was expecting it to be... she said, "Muggles can't see them." But then that right there removes my theory, that...

Andrew: Oh.

Eric:'s like the monster under the bed. You know what I'm saying?

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: But I guess in the way that they can't see Dementors either.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: They can just feel their effects sometimes.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: I don't know. I always just thought there was a distinct relation between the monster under the bed and Boggarts, but...

Micah: I'm just wondering how we got from Aunt Marge being a lesbian to Boggarts.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Well, it's...

Micah: How did that transition occur?

Eric: It's just me bringing it back around there, Micah. It's just me bringing it.

Andrew: Yeah, Eric decided to take a serious approach to Pottermore.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Selina is joining us now, by the way. Hello, Selina.

Selina: Hello! Hi guys!

Andrew: Hi.

Eric: Selina, we got an email from you this morning...

Andrew: Could you just unplug your power?

Selina: Yup, just did. Is that better?

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: We got an email from you this morning saying you had lost your voice.

Selina: No, you didn't.

Eric: Yes, I did.

Selina: No, you didn't.

Micah: Yeah, we did.

Eric: Yeah, Micah got it too.

Selina: From who?

Eric: It was from you!

Selina: No!

Micah: From October 22nd, I think.

Selina: Oh. [laughs]

Micah: I think it sent... it resent an old email.

Selina: Really?

Micah: Yeah.

Selina: That's so random.

Andrew: I'm so confused.

Selina: Well, I haven't, really.

Eric: I like your party hat.

Selina: Thank you! I'm looking for more stuff. This is so fun.

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: And are you celebrating?

Eric: What are you celebrating?

[Prolonged silence]

Selina: Now I'm the king, the queen of...

Andrew: Well, I'm glad you have a camera now.

Selina: I'm sorry, I'm distracting you guys.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh no, it's okay.

Selina: Yeah! I know, it's so exciting.

Andrew: We were discussing...

Micah: And so...

Selina: That I'm actually on.

Micah: Selina... oh, I was just going to say...

[Prolonged silence]

[Micah laughs]

Selina: This live stuff is fun. [laughs]

Micah: [laughs] Go ahead.

Andrew: Go ahead, Micah. No, please.

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: Are we all on a delay now or something? What happened?

[Selina laughs]

Micah: I must be lagging a bit here. No, I...

Selina: It's my fault.

Micah: Yeah, I think so.

Eric: I think everything sounds... it's Selina playing with all her toys.

Andrew: Yeah, stop having fun. Okay...

Eric: I'm sure we're fine.

Andrew: Well, let's try to get back on track here.

Eric: So...

Andrew: So, Pottermore. We also... like I said, we got some information on Professor Kettleburn. JK Rowling said:

"Kettleburn was a lovable if eccentric man and his continuing employment at the school was evidence of the great affection in which staff and students held him. He finished his career with only one arm and half a leg. Albus Dumbledore presented him with a full set of enchanted wooden limbs on his retirement, a gift that had to be replaced regularly since, because Kettleburn's habit of visiting dragon sanctuaries in his spare time meant that his prosthetics were frequently set on fire."

I thought that was pretty funny and kind of classic Rowling writing.

Eric: I agree. Why did Dumbledore give him the wooden limbs at the end of his career as a retirement gift? Wouldn't you think that he'd give them to him as soon as he lost his limbs so that he could continue teaching in his former capacity?

Andrew: Yeah, maybe perhaps his... well, I think it was just... I think Kettleburn was just ready to leave anyway.

Eric: Like, "Ooh, you lost your leg? Here's your leg."

[Selina laughs]

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: I think Kettleburn was just ready to leave anyway maybe, and he decided that that was his parting gift, Dumbledore's parting gift to Kettleburn.

Eric: Yes, yes. Well, I remember in the book there's a line that's, "Mr. Kettleburn... Professor Kettleburn would like to spend time with his remaining limbs." So, I always found that to be quite funny.

Andrew: [laughs] But in all seriousness, JK Rowling did talk about Aunt Marge's love for bulldogs.

"Marge is a large and unpleasant woman whose main interest in life is breeding bulldogs. She believes in corporal punishment and plain speaking, which is what she calls being offensive. Marge is secretly in love with a neighbor called Colonel Fubster..."

Selina: Mustard? [laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah, I know.

"...who looks after her dogs when she is away. He will never marry her..."

And this is the part where I was like, "Oh, okay. Here comes the lesbian revelation."

"He will never marry her, due to her truly horrible personality. This unrequited passion fuels a lot of her nasty behavior to other people."

Selina: What does that have to do with a lesbian revelation?

Andrew: No, it doesn't, but just before you came in I was saying that JK Rowling needs to drop major bombs in Pottermore. Because remember...

Selina: Yeah, make it interesting.

Andrew: Right. When she outed Dumbledore, I was in... we were in New York City and I went in a taxi cab and on the radio they were talking about Dumbledore being gay. [laughs]

Selina: Yeah.

Andrew: She needs another big revelation like that.

Eric: Much so.

Selina: Yeah, that's true. This isn't that interesting. I mean, it's great to know, but who cares about Kettleburn? Maybe that's just me.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: I care about Kettleburn.

Selina: Okay, I'm sorry, Eric.

[Micah and Selina laugh]

Eric: He's a sleeper hit. He's going to be... at the end of this when Book 3 is done, we're going to say, "You know what? Kettleburn was probably the most insightful character ever and we didn't even know it. He didn't even have any lines."

Selina: Maybe we're going to have a spinoff series.

Micah: I don't think so.

Eric: [laughs] There's going to be a...

Micah: How about Sir Cadogan, though? He was a pimp. He had three wives, seventeen children...

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Wow.

Selina: I love it. He's like a King of England.

Eric: See, I didn't care for him in the book, but now this makes him more interesting to me.

Andrew: Why, because he had three wives? [laughs]

Eric: And seventeen kids. Yeah!

Selina: [laughs] Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: And none of them are in the paintings, so I wonder what he did to estrange himself from all the rest of them that he should be alone on his pony. Did he love that pony more than he ever loved his wife and kids?

Micah: He's not Aberforth, first of all.

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: Secondly, and it says the pony doesn't...

Eric: Oh. Well, Micah bringing the smack down!

Micah: It said the pony doesn't like him very much.

Eric: Right. Unrequited love. Probably fools his personality, or feeds his personality.

Andrew: There's still the kind of issue with Pottermore. There's not much to do after you go through this stuff once. That's going to be my new, fair approach to this, is saying that there's not much to do when you go to do it more than once. You can go in and you can do duels and there's the other games, but you can't... there's just... what else is there to happen?

Selina: Yeah, you're right.

Eric: Maybe the trick is waiting like I have because I'm looking forward to... during this Christmas break season, I'm looking forward to completing - well, let's say starting - Chamber of Secrets and then going to where we currently are in Prisoner of Azkaban because I haven't done it yet. So, I'm actually looking forward to kind of spending maybe about... how long do you think it will take? Maybe twelve hours or so, tops?

[Prolonged silence]

Eric: Less?

Micah: Twelve minutes?

[Andrew laughs]

Selina: Yeah.

Eric: Twelve minutes?

Selina: Like, three hours?

Eric: I'm looking forward... at some point during Christmas break, I have to spend twelve minutes and get through Pottermore.

[Selina laughs]

Eric: So, I'm very... I'm looking forward to that.

Selina: See if you can find the time.

Eric: It's my Christmas present to myself.

Andrew: Well, that's very, very nice.

Micah: Well, I've actually done that over the course of the last couple of days, just exploring the end of Chamber of Secrets and then the next set of chapters of Prisoner of Azkaban, and there's... as you said, Andrew, once you go through it the first time, I really don't know why you'd go back. There's no incentive for you to return. So, I think they have to work on that.

Andrew: Yeah, some people do the dueling, some people like the potion brewing. For me, personally, it's not my type of thing. I'd rather cook in real life.

Selina: I know, it's so dull. Yeah, you get something out of it, right?

Andrew: Yeah, yeah, calories.

[Andrew and Selina laugh]

Micah: Most people are in it for the new information, like you said at the beginning of the discussion.

Andrew: Yeah, right. Okay, so what else is going on in the news, Micah? Enough about Pottermore until next time.

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News: Universal Celebrates the Sale of 5 Million Butterbeers

Micah: Let's talk about drinking.

Andrew: Ooh...

Selina: Yay.

Andrew: favorite subject. Especially during the holidays.

Micah: It's true. But apparently the Wizarding World has sold their five-millionth Butterbeer, so they decided to give away free drinks in the park.

Eric: Hey!

Andrew: Yeah, it's pretty impressive. Five million Butterbeers in only... what, park opened in July 2010? So, two and a half years.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: That's pretty...

Eric: Five million is a lot. I'm sorry, that's a lot.

Selina: How many people have been through the park, though? There must be more.

Andrew: I don't know if they've said.

Eric: They've had... didn't they have like a number guest? Like a one billionth guest got a free cup of as well?

Selina: That's not that many, five million.

Eric: Not necessarily... not the same day.

Andrew: Billionth? Did you say billionth?

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: I don't think they've had a billion people. [laughs]

Eric: Well, if they've sold five million Butterbeers...

Selina: Yeah.

Andrew: I figure everybody who has been to the park, unless they really hate sugar or sweets, would get a Butterbeer. You have to. It's like a no-brainer.

Eric: Mhm.

Andrew: So, I would assume... and then I wonder... because I've probably had total... we should go around the table and find out everybody's answer, but I think I've probably had twenty Butterbeers at this point. So, what does this mean for... is it five million unique people? I guess not. It has to be five million actual Butterbeers.

Selina: You know, there's five million people in Denmark. Just to put it in perspective.

[Micah laughs]

Eric: All of Denmark has flocked to the Wizarding World...

Selina: We could all have had a Butterbeer. [laughs]

Andrew: Selina, I know you haven't been...

Selina: I haven't.

Andrew: ...but Eric and Micah, how many Butterbeers do you think you've had?

Eric: Me, easily ten or fifteen.

Selina: Oh my God.

Micah: Maybe...

Eric: Which is reasonable. I've been there three or four separate times, so...

Andrew: Mhm.

Eric: ...if I have them two or three times each time I go...

Andrew: Right.

Eric: ...maybe ten times.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: Five.

Eric: But I will say probably...

Andrew: You've only had five, Micah?

Eric: Five.

Micah: I think so. I mean, I've only been there twice.

Andrew: Oh.

Selina: You had the Firewhiskey?

Micah: [laughs] Yeah. I went to the Hog's Head, had the Hog's Head Brew.

Andrew: Yeah, that's okay. I like Strongbow. We've talked about this on the show before. They offer Strongbow in the park on tap, which I think is really great. I've had that a lot there. That is alcoholic. One day I'm actually going to...

Micah: Would they ever consider... I was going to say, would they ever consider making the Butterbeer alcoholic?

Andrew: I don't think so because they like that same taste for everybody. I think that was their original concern, is that we want this to taste the same for everybody whether or not it's the alcoholic version or not. So yeah, I think they... no, I don't think you'll But you can bring your own flask into the park, like this gift...

Micah: [laughs] Like some people.

Selina: Oh, that's so cool!

Andrew: I was given this for Christmas, a Hypable flask, so my next Wizarding World trip I will be bringing this and pouring some Fireball Whiskey, I think, into the Butterbeer. That would be a good day.

Selina: You should just hold it up the whole podcast. You know, branding.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Oh, this is interesting. Here's a perspective thing. So, I found an old article about the Universal Orlando's first million Butterbeers, and so it sold its first million on January 6th, and again, a thousand lucky guests got free Butterbeer when they did that. So, that was one million Butterbeers at the beginning of last year, so they've essentially sold four million Butterbeers in two years. So, two million a year, and you can divide that by twelve to get how many Butterbeers they sell a month.

Selina: Let's do the math!

Andrew: And then...

Eric: That is a and sixty-six thousand Butterbeers a month.

Andrew: And then multiply five million by... how much do those things cos...Like six bucks, seven bucks?

Eric: Oh God. [laughs] How much money they're making on...

Micah: That's a l...of money.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Somebody did the estimate, the guys over at Inside the Magic. How much does it cost? Does anybody in the chat know, maybe?

Eric: A Butterbeer?

Andrew: By the way, if you are watching live on YouTube, you can add comments. It's basically a chatroom. SuperNicki96...

Micah: Oh, there are people watching us?

Andrew: Yeah. Ha ha ha.

Micah: I thought we were just...

Eric: Oh, you didn't tell us this! I would have put on clothes. No, I did.

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: SuperNicki96 says:

"The Butterbeer at the 'Studio Tour' was horrible. Is it the same as the Orlando one?"

I think it's the same thing. But I hear English people, they don't like sweet stuff as much as Americans do, so maybe you're just not accustomed to that sweeter taste.

Eric: We were born with it. Raised on it.

Andrew: Right. I know David Heyman does not like the sweets. I remember he mentioned that. He says he doesn't like the Butterbeer because he doesn't like how sweet it is. So, maybe that's your problem. Nobody knows the price of the Butterbeer, but that's okay. I think...

Eric: I'm pretty sure... isn't it like three something for the regular and then five for the frozen? I could be wrong.

Andrew: Is it as cheap as... let me just Google it. Price of Butterbeer in Wizarding World...

Eric: [laughs] Google will know.

Andrew: It better know. I'm not going to slow the show down with this, but somebody must know. I don't see it on here, actually. Okay, anyway, let's move on.

News: Harry Potter on Facebook's 2012 Most Read Book List

Andrew: I'll get this next story, Micah. The Hunger Games... well, hold on. Facebook... now that it's the end of the year, everybody is doing these end-of-year lists to reflect on the year that was, and I thought this was interesting. Facebook did a list of most read books, most watched movies, most this, most that, and the most read books of 2012 - The Hunger Games was number one, of course. Actually, it took up the top three spots. Then number four was Fifty Shades of Grey, then number five was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Selina: Oh, yay!

Andrew: Yeah, I don't know...

Selina: That's so nice!

Andrew: Yeah, it is, but I wonder how Facebook calculated this. I'm guessing it's the number of people who added Harry Potter to their Facebook profile under books. That's my best guess because I don't know...

Selina: Maybe.

Eric: Yeah. Well they have apps, too, that are like...

[Selina laughs]

Eric: They want you to "Oh, get the book app and then nobody can see it on your feed, but you see it and you update it." The Frappr Map was the same thing. Places I have visited in the world - I spent all this time putting it all in there, and then after Facebook changed I couldn't find it anymore, but the app is still installed probably collecting my data and figuring out who I talk to. So, maybe they know through one of those features like the books that they've read, or maybe they're hunting our statuses.

Selina: Yeah. Spying on us through our webcams.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: I don't think it's... it's not surprising, though, given that the movie came out this year, right? That that would be one of the most read books of the year.

Andrew: The Hunger Games?

Micah: Yeah.

Selina: What movie?

Andrew: Yeah.

Selina: Oh.

Andrew: Well yeah, I mean The Hunger Games is... that's been blowing up especially because of the movie. Fifty Shades of Grey we've talked about on the show before. I was just surprised that Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone would show up there.

Eric: Yeah, the first book, to think that people would even start with the first book, but...

Andrew: Well, I would hope people would start with the first book.

Eric: Well, I feel the film is so close to it that you don't necessarily need to.

Andrew: Mmm.

Eric: But I don't know.

Andrew: Unless you just want to read. But, by the way, I've looked at a lot of these end-of-the-year lists, and this one is the only one that Harry Potter is on, so... [laughs]

Eric: Oh.

Selina: Really?

Eric: [laughs] Well, thanks for that.

Andrew: Yeah, not to...

Eric: I'm glad you found it in order to mention it. Well, it could signal a trend. Maybe Harry Potter is actually...

Andrew: Coming back.

Eric: ...being introduced to a new generation of people.

Andrew: Yeah. No, definitely. I don't see why not. I mean, Pottermore certainly helps in that case with the ebooks. I mean, the ebooks were introduced this year, right? Did they come out... yeah, they came out this year.

Eric: Yeah, they came out this year.

Selina: Yeah, this year.

Andrew: In March. Or April. Okay, do you want to get the next story, Micah? Or shall I?

Eric: Hey guys, check it out...

Micah: I'll just read the headline.

Andrew: Okay.

Eric: Check it out, guys. I'm Daniel Radcliffe.

Andrew: Ha, yes, you are referring to...

[Selina laughs]

Andrew: ...his new film Horns. [laughs] Well done.

Selina: Wow, what a nice transition.

Eric: I'm keeping this. I'm keeping these.

Micah: Well, let's talk about... oh, I don't even think that's a story, i...t?

Eric: No, that's not a story.

Andrew: What, Horns?

Micah: Yeah, I'm looking through the document here. But I'll read the headline and then you guys can talk about it.

News: Harry Potter Cast Reunite for Theme Park Filming

Micah: Rupert Grint's rep confirms he's back as Ron for Harry Potter theme park filming.

Andrew: Yes.

Selina: Yay!

Andrew: So, there's been a lot of craziness in the entertainment world because there was an article from The Sun that said that Helena Bonham Carter and other cast members are back at Leavesden Studios filming a, quote, "new" or "ninth" Harry Potter movie, depending on what sleazy entertainment website you read.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: You read either "new Harry Potter movie" or "ninth Harry Potter movie." Of course it's a good headline, but the truth is... I mean, there's no confirmation, and nob... is certainly denying a new Harry Potter movie, but the logical explanation for this filming is that they're filming for the Wizarding World expansion in Orlando, which is supposed to be Diagon Alley and the Gringotts thrill ride. And so, there was... I think it was SnitchSeeker who reached ... to Rupert Grint's reps and they said, "Yes, he is filming at Leavesden for a Harry Potter related", but they wouldn't say what it was. I mean, I'm surprised they even confirmed it. Universal is probably a little pissed off that...

Micah: It's probably the next...lm, right? I mean...

Andrew: [laughs] Right...i>Harry Potter 9.

Selina: [laughs] Of course.

Andrew: So... and now you start putting the pieces together, while Rupert is filming and Helena Bonham Carter is filming. So, this seems to lend to the theory that they are actually doing a Gringotts thrill ride. And like with "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" in Orlando, this will probably be something where you'll see scenes throughout the ride.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: If you go on "Forbidden Journey" right now, you see the the trio and at the end you see a huge group of people. So, who knows how many cast members are actually involved with this. But what do you guys think of this?

Eric: I thought it was...

Selina: I thought it was so funny that - sorry - I thought it was so funny that people were actually saying, "Ninth Harry Potter film." Of course it's not a ninth Harry Potter film they're filming in secret. If they ever did something like that it would just blow up everywhere, you know?

Eric: Well, and when they said, "The ninth Harry Potter film," the first thought going through my head is, "Why is Helena Bonham Carter going to be in it?" You know?

[Selina laughs]

Eric: Well, a) if it's a continuation, obviously she's dead, but b) in general, if you're going to make any new Harry Potter film at all, Helena Bonham Carter is not the actress you'd think would show up for it, to record.

Selina: It's like missing moments between Ron and Bellatrix. [laughs] I mean, duh.

Eric: That's the thing! So, Rupert Grint was on and I'm like...

Selina: They're filming a fanfic.

Eric: No, well then, once we thought about, "Oh, the Gringotts scene. That makes sense." Because they have to impersonate Bellatrix to get into the vault...

Selina: Yeah.

Eric: ...and Ron has a big moment in front of the dragon. So yeah, very clearly, it makes total sense based on the casting call, or whoever has been showing up, that it would be a Gringotts scene. Because I don't think Bellatrix shared a whole lot of screen time with anybody else.

Andrew: But it was...

Micah: Is it just me, or... I mean, I don't really see that as being newsworthy. I get why it's news, but they're filming something that not everybody is going to end up seeing, at the end of the day.

Eric: Well, wasn't it The Guardian, or somebody? Because I think I read it first on The Guardian, and I remember The Guardian being like a tabloid over there, just reaching for news at times.

Andrew: Yeah. Well...

Selina: No, The Guardian... no.

Eric: No?

Andrew: They can be hit-or-miss, right? They can come up with...

Selina: No, they're pretty big news - they're one of the main newspapers in the UK.

Andrew: Okay.

Selina: So, I'd say they're pretty reliable.

Eric: I was mistaken. But again, it just got blown up out of proportion. "Ninth Harry Potter film." Somebody saw that gem of a news story...

Selina: Yeah.

Eric: ...and was just like, "We can run with this." And advertising dollars were made and people were confused.

Micah: I just feel like it's stretching for news.

Andrew: Well, no, I disagree because they haven't... they're filming at Leavesden Studios, which is really cool, and they haven't been back there since filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. So, I don't know. No? It doesn't excite you, Micah? It excites me.

Micah: Nope.

Andrew: Wow, what's wrong with you? Where's your holiday spirit?

Micah: That's got nothing to do with holiday spirit! [laughs]

Andrew: Yes, it does! You're like, "Rahh, this isn't news!" This is the biggest story we have right now!

[Andrew, Micah, and Selina laugh]

Micah: Aside from Marge being a lesbian.

[Selina laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, except for that. When is that happening? I think...

Micah: Speaking of...

Andrew: I think it's cool.

Micah: Yeah, yeah.

Andrew: No, let's dwell on it more. It's huge news.

Micah: Let's dwell on it? Okay.

Andrew: Nah, go ahead, go ahead.

Micah: Come on, what do you want to talk about?

Andrew: No, there's nothing else to say. But I think it is exciting. I genuinely think it's exciting.

[Micah laughs]

Selina: I think it's exciting, and I don't even get to see it, probably, because I don't get to go over there. But it's still fun. It's fun that the actors are still semi-involved with some Harry Potter related stuff, you know? In terms of the fandom, I think that's kind of nice, that Rupert Grint still gets to be Ron for a little while longer.

Andrew: Yeah. Right, right, right. I mean, yeah. And remember when it was big news when "Oh, they reshot the Harry Potter epilogue. They're going back to Hogwarts!"

Selina: Yeah, yeah. Going back to Hogwarts. [laughs]

Andrew: By the way, we know this for sure is for the theme park because when I emailed Warner Bros. for a comment, they passed me on to Universal. [laughs] So, that kind of gave it away.

Selina: [laughs] Yeah.

Micah: Oops.

Andrew: Yeah. But whatever, so...

Micah: What are people in the chat saying about this?

Andrew: They're agreeing with you. They're saying... Tyler says Micah is being a grinch.

Selina: Awww.

Eric: I just read Micah's big hat is distracting. That's what I read.

Selina: I like it.

Andrew: Oh yeah, but Butterbeer is three dollars. I can't believe that. I thought it was more. monkey bear wrote that. Thank you, monkey bear.

Eric: monkey bear, I heard also the souvenir cup runs ten dollars.

Andrew: Ten, yeah.

Eric: According to monkeybear.

Andrew: But if you just buy one of those, then I think the refills are three bucks. So...

Eric: Huh.

Andrew: StarkidTurner said:

"Eric is so pretty."

Selina: [laughs] Awww.

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: [unintelligible]

Eric: Kaylyn Smith says:

"Oh my God, horns."

Selina: She gets your joke.

Micah: Wrong holiday. I'm the grinch, but yet Eric is wearing horns for Christmas.

Eric: Yeah, I actually looked into Horns, like the plot. I kind of read a summary, and it seems quite terrifying and it's going to be the film that really scares us, I think, about Daniel Radcliffe. Even in The Woman In Black I could still see him as kind of good in acting and innocent, but Horns is some dark S-H-U-T.

Selina: But he already did Equus, so I think we're all pretty familiar with his darkness.

Eric: That's true. Well, how many people have seen Equus? There was never an HBO presents a live performance of Equus, right? So unless you saw it live, Equus slipped, I think, under your radar.

Selina: That's true.

Micah: Are you transitioning into the next story?

Eric: No. Is there a next story?

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