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Hello, everyone, and welcome to another edition of MuggleCast! I'm Andrew Sims.

Ben: I'm Ben Schoen.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Laura: I'm Laura Thompson.

Micah: I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Dylan: And I'm Dylan Spartz.

Andrew: And this is the show where we bring you the latest in Harry Potter news, theories, discussions, trivia, whatever you want. And now with 100% more Dylan Spartz.

Ben: Yay!

Laura: Yay!

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Hooray!

Ben: And I'd just like to take a moment to congratulate U2 on their five Grammys. Okay, Harry Potter. Let's go.

Andrew: Oh me too.

[Ben and Andrew laugh]

Andrew: Welcome Dylan, to the show. We had you on a few weeks ago - by weeks, I mean months.

Ben: Yeah.

[Ben, Eric, and Andrew laugh]

Andrew: And we had to cut you out because there were audio problems.

Dylan: Right, that's what you say.

Andrew: [laughs] None this week.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: You sounded like a chipmunk. I didn't want people getting the wrong impression.

Dylan: Right.

Andrew: I'm not even joking, man. [laughs] Before we go anywhere else, first let's check in with Micah for the past week's top Harry Potter news stories.


Micah: Thanks, Andrew.

CBBC Newsround reported Friday that after their absence from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the Dursleys will return in Order of the Phoenix. They also announced some of the other actors cast for the fifth Harry Potter film.

Sian Thomas will play Amelia Bones the Head of the Magical Law Enforcement Office. She's appeared in several productions for the Royal Shakespeare Company, as well as roles in television and film.

Lending more credibility to the rumor that the Dementor Attack will appear in Order of the Phoenix, Jason Boyd has been cast as Pier Polkiss and Richard Macklin will play Malcolm, two of Dudley's friends.

Young Peter Pettigrew will be played by Charles Hughes and Young Lily Potter will be played by Susie Shinner.

Finally, Richard Leaf will play Ministry Auror Dawlish and Nick Shim has been cast as Zacharias Smith.

Warner Bros. said earlier this week that both Gary Oldman and David Thewlis are still under negotiations to appear in Order of the Phoenix.

Filming began for the fifth film on Monday.

Moving from Order of the Phoenix to Goblet of Fire, Warner Bros. has released a commercial for the upcoming Goblet of Fire DVD! You can check it out as well as a review of the new DVD over on

The Harry Potter series has been nominated for a Kids' Choice Award in the category of Favorite Book while Goblet of Fire is up for consideration in the Favorite Movie category. You can vote on the Nickelodeon's website starting March 6th. The Awards will be presented on Saturday, April 1st at 8 PM.

And don't forget voting for the 2006 AOL Moviefone Moviegoer Awards is still open. Nominations are in the areas of Movie of the Year (Goblet of Fire), Actor of the Year (Dan Radcliffe), Actress of the Year (Emma Watson), Best Scene-Stealer (Brendan Gleeson), and Vilest Villain (Ralph Fiennes).

Finally, you've asked about if for months, now the video from our LIVE New York City podcast is available over on's Episode Page.

That's all the news for this February 12th, 2006 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show.

Andrew: Okay. Well thanks, Micah Tan.


Andrew: Let's go to some announcements before we do anything else this week. One e-mail that we have been getting a lot of is where did all of the older episodes go on the feed?

Ben: The reason we don't have any more than ten episodes on the feed is because it gets sort of crowded and it is not necessary. So, if you want to have episodes before that, go to, click on "Episodes."

Andrew: That's what I just said.

Ben: I don't know why it was so hard for him to say that. [laughs]

Andrew: Because I have ADD. What's the... What's the... You trying to insult me or something?

Eric: But so guys, guys, won't that mess up the way people play MuggleCast on their iPods? Because it won't show up under podcasts, it'll show up under...

Andrew: Well, some people were saying that, but is that true?

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: When it goes out of our feed it deletes it from their podcast directory?

Ben: No, it doesn't. It shouldn't.

Andrew: Yeah, I don't think so.

Eric: What it does is, it shows up as "Songs." Except the problem is the earlier episodes don't have the same artists. They're under like Andrew Sims, Ben Schoen, you know?. Now, it's just as The MuggleCasters. So, it's almost impossible...

Andrew: But, if you go to "Podcasts," if you go to "Podcasts" on your iPod...

Eric: Yeah?

Andrew: All the ones that aren't on our feed anymore aren't there? I don't think that is true.

Eric: I think...

Andrew: I'm not able to test it because of my settings.

Eric: All I am saying is if you direct download it, there's no way to get it on the podcast part of the thing.

Andrew: Oh, right! [coughs] Right. Well...

Eric: It just shows up as a random episode.

Andrew: Yeah, well...

Eric: Or random song.

Andrew: [laughs] ...what are you going to do?

Eric: There's no way to fix it.

Ben: So, yeah. Buy an iPod.

Andrew: That's the problem. [laughs] People,'s going to show up in a different place on their iPod, that's what he is saying.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: But it's not an issue if you have already downloaded all of them through the feed.

Eric: Well, right, but it actually...

Andrew: New people, yes.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Okay. [laughs]

Ben: Now this is, this is the borefest with Andrew and Eric.

Andrew: I know. [laughs] This is "This Week in MuggleCast Tech."

Ben: Yeah.


Andrew: All right. And now the update on the Andrew's Listener Challenge that is sweeping the nation are my contests, my segment contest - "Create Your own MuggleCast Segment" - that will then be aired on our show, and you'll also win a fabulous MuggleCast T-shirt for you and everyone who participated. I'd like to remind everyone that you must send your final entries to challenge at staff dot mugglenet dot com. And send any questions to me at andrew at staff dot mugglenet dot com. This is the final week for the contest because it closes on the 18th.

Ben: Yeah!

Andrew: When we release our next show - it is closed! So get them in this week.


Andrew: So Ben, we have to remind everyone that we are now selling MuggleCast T-shirts.

Ben: That's right! Get yours today! Visit and there's a link that says "Store" where you can buy a T-shirt comes in two designs and a variety of sizes. They cost is around $15.00. And for every shirt you buy, it supports the site and it supports MuggleCast in itself.

Andrew: And they come in two great designs, a little - what do we want to call it, Ben?

Ben: Ehhh...

Andrew: [whispers] Not iPod. Shhh.

Ben: Generic headset that are coincidentally white style.

Andrew: Mhm. And have different color backgrounds. You guys will love them. They look great. I mean Ben and I both have them. We wear them proudly.

Ben: Exactly.

Andrew: And we get noticed for once. [fakes crying]

Ben: Oh, yeah. [laughs]

Andrew: And then also the second design is a Micbolt, which is a microphone and lightening bolt skewed into one. It's really cool. It's a great design for our show - it fits perfectly.

Ben: But not only that, Andrew. We need to remind them that - it is actually a T-shirt I am wearing at this moment - you can buy MuggleNet T-shirts at, the Harry Potter website this podcast is for. And those T-shirts go towards supporting the podcast and go towards supporting the site. So...

Andrew: We appreciate your purchase very much.

Ben: So, go... Any business, we love it.

Andrew: Mhm.

Ben: So, thank you.

Andrew: And go buy one today.

Ben: Right now.

Andrew: All right. So, thanks everyone!


Andrew: And we have two corrections from last week's show. For one, we mentioned that we asked, "Well, what the hell does Wormtail do with his silver hand?" and Margaret from New Orleans and a few other people pointed out to us that when Wormtail receives it, he crushes a stick to dust with his new shiny hand, which means that it is very powerful. So, we really did know what it was for.

Ben: Yeah.

Dylan: Because he is cool like that.

Andrew: We didn't, we didn't look into that fully, So, sorry about that. And...

Eric: Andrew, I'll handle the second one.

Andrew: Oh, oh, okay. Go ahead.

Eric: All right. I can handle the second one. The second correction to last week...

Andrew: In an hour or less.

Eric: Okay. No, absolutely. [laughs] A few people sent in concerns saying last we discussed whether or not Peter Pettigrew could reveal himself fully to the public. And I had speculated in the episode with everybody else that he could not indeed show his face because that would mean that Sirius was innocent, and there would be this big revolution and everything. However, people sent in copies or segments of the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince during "The Other Minister" where Fudge is admitting to the Muggle Minister that Sirius was innocent. Now, what I wanted to say was that I had this in mind while thinking about it, and I truly don't believe that the wizarding public has been informed that Sirius is innocent. I just think that was Fudge giving into explaining... At that moment he was explaining everthing to the Muggle Minister, and even though Fudge admits to the Minister that he was, you know, that Sirius was innocent, that he was wrong and...

Laura: Yeah, I agree. I think if Sirius' name had been cleared that Jo would have mentioned it, definitely.

Eric: I don't think that Fudge is the kind of Minister, the kind of politician who would admit things to the public. So, even though he may have thought, even though he may have admitted to the Minister, I still don't think the public knows.

Andrew: And was there really any reason for the Prime Minister to tell the public because he would have been the one who told the public, right?

Eric: There wasn't. It was just a matter of the Minister at that time was running through with Fudge all that stuff he had told him in the past, and Fudge had to correct himself because, "Oh gee, that was very unfortunate that we were wrong." But, I swear, I really don't think he told the public.

Micah: Not to mention Fudge would have been in a whole lot of trouble for getting the wrong guy.

Eric: Yeah. And he would have been ousted out before they deemed him incompetent. They would have kicked him out long before that.

Andrew: So take that and rewind it back! [laughs]

Eric: Yeah! That's right! Take that, fans! Okay.

Andrew: No, I'm just kidding. We appreciated when fans point out when we make mistakes.

Eric: We really do, but I had that in mind.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Because we're not perfect. It's hard to get every detail nailed down into our heads and sometimes we are going to screw up. So...

Ben: You, especially.

Andrew: Rarely. Rarely. Very rarely.

Eric: We do appreciate when you keep us in check.

Laura: Also... I did get several emails concerning the fact that people thought that we were saying that Dumbledore knew that Pettigrew was the Secret-Keeper and I just wanted to clear up that I don't think that was the point we were getting at. I think we were getting at the point that Dumbledore thought one of the Potter's friends was a traitor, not anyone specifically. So...

Andrew: Right. Yeah. I saw emails about that too.

Ben: Thank you.

Andrew: People think we're crazy sometimes.

Eric: Any other corrections from last week?

Andrew: No, that's it, Eric.

Eric: Cool beans.

Ben: We're like the New York Times: we have corrections section on our show, man.

Eric: That was a nearly...

Andrew: Yeah, you know...

Eric: ...nearly perfect episode. I thought that was very well...

Andrew: Yeah, people really appreciated last week's show.

Ben: What about it?

Andrew: They liked what, well, for one, you weren't on. That was a big plus.

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: Awww...ouch, come on.

Andrew: That was highly rated. Just kidding. Okay...

Ben: Like a knife to my heart.

Ben's Top 10

Andrew: Okay, now for the main discussion this week, as most of you know unless you're living under a rock and/or you are extremely anti-social, Tuesday is Valentine's Day so it would only be right if we discussed a little bit of Valentines. Alright, so, Ben, you haven't been on the show; you weren't on last week and you've been sort of neglecting the Top Ten List...which is upsetting.

Ben: Yeah, I'm terrible.

Andrew: Yeah, you've upset many fans. So, you have one for us this week, right?

Ben: Yeah so, in the whole spirit of Valentine's Day, I think it's time that we do Top Ten Harry Potter Relationships.

Andrew: Ooooo.

Ben: Yeah let's...

Andrew: Fitting for Valentine's Day...Show Special. [laughs]

Ben: Very fitting. So, when you're listening to MuggleCast, snuggling up with your loved one...

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: It's time for our Top Ten List. Number ten... some of these are very generic, some of these are very wild, you know, some of these are...

Andrew: Was this created by anyone or was this created by you?

Ben: This is created by me, so...

Andrew: Okay.

Ben: If it sucks, email me. [laughs] Number ten...Harry and Ginny. Number nine...Ron and Hermione. Now, right now, many of you are thinking, "This Top Ten List sucks" but it's heating up here.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Number eight...Dobby and the Giant Squid.

Andrew and Ben: Oh!

Ben: [Laughs] Number seven...Trelawney and Umbridge.

[Andrew and Ben groan]

Andrew: Oh, Ben! [laughs] Took me a second to catch that one.

Ben: No...number six...Harry and Hagw...Hedwig. [laughs]

Andrew: [Laughs] Harry and Hagrid...Hedwig.

Ben: Hagrid? Harry and Hagrid, that one should have made the list too, what am I thinking?

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Now, number five...Snape and McGonagall. Number four...Draco and Pansy. Number three, this is probably my favorite, Micah and Eric.

Andrew and Ben: [laugh] Oh!

Ben: Just kidding, guys, just kidding. Number two, Emerson and Melissa.

[Andrew and Ben laugh]

Andrew: [Whispering] Melissa, that was Ben's idea.

Ben: Memerson for life, yo.

Andrew: [Laughs] Yeah.

Ben: Number one, perhaps my favorite...Snape and the Nimbus 2000. [laughs]

Andrew: Oooooh! [laughs] Yeah, is that a fan fiction somewhere?

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Oh, is it really?

Ben: Yeah, there is.

Andrew: Link me to it.

Ben: That's a link that will not be in the show notes.

[Andrew and Ben laugh]

Love In The Harry Potter Series

Andrew: So, there hasn't been much that has happened on Valentine's Day in the Harry Potter series, strangely, because Harry Potter is such a novel of romance and mystery and...

Ben: And loooove.

Andrew: Loooove. [laughs]

Laura: Oh yeah.

Eric: Yeah, the key to the series is love, everybody.

Andrew: The first thing would be Harry's first date with Cho Chang in, as we all know, Order of the Phoenix, which was closely followed by Rita's interview with Harry for The Quibbler. Okay, and on top of those two things, there was in Chamber of Secrets: THE Valentine.

Eric: As we all know, thanks to JK Rowling in Book 6, Harry and Ginny have a thing going on. And, in Chamber of Secrets, four years prior to it, Ginny sent Harry the Valentine with the little cupids that really, really embarrassed him. And it was the singing Valentine and Ginny sent that to him.

Andrew: If I may...

Eric: That was...

Andrew: If I may just interrupt you here for a second, Eric.

Eric: Sure.

Andrew: You said that it embarrassed Harry...I would like to quote the book. "Harry would have given all the gold in Gringotts...

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: evaporate on the spot." That is how much he was embarrassed.

Eric: [Laughs] Which is interesting, as well, his reaction to it. I think the two most interesting facts are that Ginny was only, what, eleven at this time, and she was, you know...and that's the perfect, you know, little girl action to...but even that she was displaying magical talent to bewitch, you know, cupids to show up and give him a Valentine.

Laura: That wasn't what happened, actually. Lockhart commissioned a bunch of the little...

Andrew: To send Valentines...

Laura: ...cupids to come in and you could, yeah you could have them send Valentines.

Eric: Oh, wait I mixed them up so, okay then she just...But still, she was acting on her affections for Harry at a very young age and, of course, she told Riddle about it too, because that's how he knew about Harry.

Andrew: Now maybe one of you can answer this for me, but I don't know why there's so much speculation as to why it might have or might not have been Ginny. Because in the book, Draco insulted the Valentine and he sent it towards Ginny...I don't remember what he said exactly, but it was something along the lines of "looks like Harry didn't like..."

Laura: Yeah, didn't like your Valentine.

Andrew: Right, and then Ginny covered her face and ran off. So...

Laura: Which, I felt really sorry for her because that would have sucked.

Andrew: It was an

Eric: Yeah, that was bad.

Andrew: It was an innocent, I don't even know how to put it...innocent...[in a crying voice] innocent love. I'm crying all over this episode.

Eric: Yeah, and so then, the second thing I wanted to bring up as far as that Valentine event goes is how Harry reacted to it as well. Like you said, Andrew, with your fabulous book quote, that Harry would have given "...all the gold in Gringotts to evaporate on the spot."

Andrew: Right, that was on page 238, chapter 13, US edition.

Eric: Nice.

Laura: Thanks!

Eric: Nice specs!

Andrew: Yeah, I have it all in my head.

Eric: Nice.

Laura: Iím sure you do.

Eric: Thatís pretty much Harryís typical reaction and I think in Chamber of Secrets, Harry is very characterized as not wanting fame and you know with Lockhart around, always giving him tips on being very famous, it seems Harry is really an impenetrable character. When it comes to showing affection and he just doesnít want to be classified as arrogant or attention-seeking.

Ben: Letís talk about Ďshipping. What is Ďshipping? What is Ďshipping?

Laura: ĎShipping is...

Ben: Iím like Dr. Phil. Iím like the Dr. Phil of 'shipping.

Laura: Oh my God.

Ben: [Impersonating Dr. Phil] Well, you know what Iím going to say here. I think Ď is very, very important to the Harry Potter series.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: ĎShipping is very important to a lot of people in the Harry Potter series.

Ben: Mhm, and some people take it a little too seriously.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: Itís fueled by the fan fiction. Itís fueled by these crazy fans. Itís fueled by shows like us. Itís fueled by...

Ben: Guys like us.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: I think itís next to the whole plot, the in-depth plot and figuring all of that out. Itís just amazing. [laughing]

Laura: Yeah, I really donít get it. You look at the books and they really donít have a very heavy romance line in there but you go to MuggleNet Fan Fiction and romance is the largest category.

Ben: Right, because that what people love writing about things they can compare to, you know? And another thing is, whatís surprising is that Harry and Hermione is the most popular Ďship. There is no denying that even though it isnít going to happen itĎs still the most popular one that people like to write about.

Eric: Weíre not talking about, I donít think we should talk about delusional people at all.

Ben: No, we didnít talk about delusional people.

Laura: Weíre not, weíre not.

Eric: Well, youíre bringing that up, I mean. But I liked what Laura said about fan fiction and romance being the largest thing. As far as JKR not mentioning it in the books or it not taking place in that books, I think thatís also what gives them free room to write. And wherever there are characters, there will be relationships formed and I think people just have their own interpretations of what characters should be with who and they let it free roam and other people say ďHey we really like that, so letís write about it.Ē

Andrew: You keep referring to people, but itís...I think we need to be more specific. Itís these teenage girls. Their hormones are raging. Yes, you can...yeah...

Eric: Oh, come on.

Ben: It is.

Andrew: It is!

Laura: Itís true, itís true.

Andrew: Eric, do you have an argument against this?

Ben: Andrew, Iíd be...hold on, Andrew.

Andrew: What?

Ben: Iíd be careful of insulting teenage girls.

Andrew: Iím not insulting!

Ben: Because they account for 72 percent of our audience, so...

Andrew: Iím not insulting. Iím just saying itís the perfect thing for them. Itís...

Laura: The majority? Yeah.

Andrew: What interests them the most. Thatís why Harry Potter, thatís probably why itís so successful because youíve got these teenage girls, on top of swooning over Harry, they have this huge world of Ďshipping they can get into. Thereís PodCasts about Ďshipping! [laughs] Itís huge!

Laura: No, no, it really is true because if you look at...whenever I was in public school, most of the girls my age were reading romance novels. So itís really, itís just something that teenage girls get into. Thereís nothing wrong with it, itís just an age thing.

Andrew: Eric, did you have an argument against this?

Eric: Um, no. I think it was proper in pointing that out and I think that Harry Potter, among other things like romance novels, itís just something for teenage girls to get into because of whatever reasons but, itís just a shame they arenít in real relationships. Not that itís their fault.

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: Do you think...

Ben: So yeah, if youíre not in a real relationship, call up Eric Scull. Heíll hook you up.

Andrew: Jo has said in the past that nothing she reads online and the movies donít affect her writings of the book or anything like that but, do you think JK Rowling takes in all this Ďshipping and puts it into her books because well, the kids like it, then might as well. Might as well if itíll interest them more.

Dylan: I donít think so. I think she writes what she writes.

Eric: Yeah.

Dylan: I mean, she knows exactly what sheís going to write.

Eric: Dylanís correct.

Dylan: She canít be persuaded by any party.

Eric: Um, Dylanís right except where a certain emphasis lies. I think no matter what relationships had to occur in the books but JKR was very adamant about putting in hints and clues that Ron and Hermione were going to get together and not Hermione and Harry. And so sheís pointed in the direction and I think sheís responded to the Ďshipping but just making it not a little more clearer than she might have, prior of. Just like everyone pronouncing Hermioneís name Hermy-own and she has that thing in Gobelet of Fire where she made Viktor pronounce it right so we all knew. Itís just JKRís way of kind of responding to us subtly, but I mean as Dylan said, I think she does know whoís going to get together. Itís just a matter of, I think she might not have pointed it out as much as she did if the fans hadnít been Ďshipping other things.

Dylan: Well she...she wants to write the books how she wants to write them because I think we have that figured out. It sort of started out like a kids' book and then by the sixth book, we know itís not a kids' book at all.

Andrew: Right. She doesnít have to turn it into a whole plot. If she throws one sentence in there saying, ďSnape and McGonagall looked at each other in a funny way,Ē itís going to start up a whole new frenzy.

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: These people are intense about this kind of stuff.

Micah: I think it was a way of her humanizing the series a little bit, too. I mean, you know what I mean?

Andrew: Itís...yeah.

Micah: So people can relate to it.

Laura: I also think that in comparison to the first five books, Book 6 really seems it has this huge romance line it but really, when you look at it on its own as just its own book, itís really not a lot when you compare it to other books you might be reading that have huge romance lines. So, I really donít think sheís just doing it because a lot of people seem to like it, I think sheís just doing it because itís part of growing up. I mean, how weird would it be if Harry had gone six books without kissing anyone?

Eric: I agree with Laura also that it needed to take place. It would have been really weird. So yeah, Book 6 was the point where JKR had to establish that before it was way too late.

Ben: I know but the thing that got to me was when I read the part where Harry, like, first kisses Ginny. It felt like straight out of a fan fiction story. I donít know.

Laura: It was definitely...

Eric: Thereís nothing wrong with that.

Laura: No, thereís nothing wrong with it. It was definitely a little...I would say overdone, but not bad, just not what I was quite expecting.

Eric: When I read Half-Blood Prince, I read it twice in about a week, once was in 24 hours and the second time I took my time, but, um, I thought at first that the book was all about snogging and I was so tired and everybody I was talking to was all, ďOh man, I couldnít get enough of that snogging,Ē and it was just snog, snog, snog this, snog that. And I read it again and the second time through, it really didnít seem that big at all. I was, like, shocked. I was, like, ďWait a minute, where is all this snogging?Ē And it was funny because when I was first reading it, I was like, ďOh my God, this is so much more romance,Ē but at the same time, the second time around, it didnít seem like any. And it seemed very, very minor, in fact. So, itís interesting to find out how much romance is actually in that book.

Andrew: Well, Ben brought up a good point that it sounded like it came straight out of a fan fiction, so is she being influenced? I mean, I hate to say that but she says that she looks at the sites...

Laura: I donít think so.

Andrew: And reads all the crazy stuff thatís going on.

Eric: I think that itís less influence and more the fact that it did go six books without waiting. I think it just seemed more like a fan fiction and more outward because she had waited so long and, you know, anything Harry and Cho did in Book 5 still wasnít adequate enough to set the whole stage for romance in the book. I just think it was just JKRís way of...I think itís just the way the book came out and it may have seemed like a fan fiction because we werenít used to it but, I mean, thatís only because we just hadnít had any of it.

Laura: Also because there are so many Harry Potter fans that it was extremely unlikely that Jo was going to come up with a situation for Harry and Ginny that hadnít already been written in a fan fiction.

Eric: Well, I think if anything, the fact that book 6 seemed like fan fiction just says that we have some pretty good fan fiction writers out there.

Micah: Yeah, I think she felt that she had to add certain human elements, certain everyday elements of life to the book and to the series. And, you know, the whole romance angle is just one of them.

Eric: Yeah, and to say that the fanfiction writers couldnít capture some of that angle would be a little bit of an insult, a little bit of a low blow. I think some of them have and some of them have created work that is sometimes adequate and worthy of Harry Potter.

Andrew: What about Book 7? I think it would be a great idea for Jo to throw in a lot of those little lines that would stir up some controversy just to...because Book 7ís the last book...

Laura: [Laughs] Just to leave it.

Ben: Yeah, just to leave it completely open and itís going to keep the interest in the series going for a while.

Laura: See now, that would be really cool except for the fact that...

Ben: What are we talking about here?

[Ben and Laura laugh]

Laura: ...there will be some weird fan fictions coming in after Book 7.

Eric: Oh my God...

Andrew: Jo, we need something to talk about. Please leave stuff open.

Eric: Oh my gosh.

[Laura laughs]

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