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MuggleCast EP29 Transcript


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Hello everyone and welcome to the show. I'm Andrew Sims.

Ben: I'm Ben Schoen.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Micah: And I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Andrew: And of course this is the show where we bring you the latest in Harry Potter news, theories, and now Ben fighting childhood obesity. Isn't that right, Ben? [laughs]

Ben: Yes, folks. I am fighting childhood obesity.

[Eric and Andrew laugh]

Ben: See, I'm starting here on a personal level. Lately, lately, as I step on the scale, it's going the wrong way. It's going...

[Eric and Andrew laugh]

Ben: No, I decided ENOUGH! I have had enough. So I am making a turnaround, you know? I'm going back the other way.

Andrew: We're proud of you, Ben.

Ben: That's, that's... See, MuggleCast, we're... Lately we've become so diversified it's not even funny anymore.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: We're doing so many things these days, you know?

Andrew: Okay. [laughs]

Ben: Fighting childhood obesity, saving the world. You know?

Andrew: Yeah...right.

Eric: So now everybody - we have to now ask that the fans now send Nutri-Grain bars to the PO Box instead of cookies because Ben is trying to cut back.

Andrew: [Laughs] Excellent suggestion.

Ben: Seriously, send me... Yes, please, please send me some Energy Bars or some Power Bars. I will love anyone who sends me Power Bars. Start a campaign - "Ben Schoen Losing Weight." Be the change.

Andrew: Quick, Micah Tannenbaum, before the music runs out - Ben's taken up all the time on this awesome theme song. Update us with the past week's top Harry Potter new stories.


All right, Andrew.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has accumulated over $600 million in international box office sales, making it the fifth highest-grossing film outside North America. It ranks only behind Titanic, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Sorcerer's Stone, and Chamber of Secrets.

With North American tickets sales included, Goblet of Fire has earned a total of $888 million and is eighth on the list of the top films of all time. That's a lot of "eights."

Speaking of the fourth film, the results are in for this year's BAFTAs and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire won the award for Best Production Design. The fourth movie was also nominated in the categories of Best Make Up/Hair and Best Achievement in Special Visual Effects.

Goblet of Fire also won the Best Film Award at the 2006 NMEs and Jarvis Cocker, who played the Weird Sisters' lead singer at the Yule Ball in the movie, was in attendance to pick up the award.

Moving to Half-Blood Prince, the sixth Harry Potter book has been nominated for the WH Smith Book of the Year award. The awards, which have been running annually for the past 17 years, will take place in London on March 29th. Order of the Phoenix won the award in 2004, and we hope Half-Blood Prince will be just as lucky! The Spanish version of Half-Blood Prince was released to fans on Wednesday.

At Tuesday's Book Aid International auction in London, Dan Radcliffe's mother, Marcia Gresham, bought - on the actor's behalf - Jo Rowling's hand-drawn Black Family Tree for £30,000. Marcia also purchased a Tom Stoppard play and a piece on writing by Iain Banks.

Dan's mother had this to say: "This should put paid to anyone who says that Daniel doesn't like reading. Daniel hasn't stopped since he read the first Harry Potter book and he loves Iain Banks and Tom Stoppard."

The charity, which provides books for African schools, was delighted to raise a total of £63,000.

The Sunday Mail had an article last weekend with more information on JK Rowling's upcoming charity ball/auction in aid of MS Scotland. Jo has apparently put Trainspotting star Robert Carlyle in charge of running the show. All 250 tickets for the event - costing £250 a piece - have already sold out and the society hopes to raise more than last year's haul of £300,000.

Finally, has received two photos (1, 2) from the Order of the Phoenix filming area. In these pictures you'll see...get ready for this...this is big...Hagrid's Hut, which was clearly under construction at the time these were taken. You can check these photos out over on I'm just interested in why they're rebuilding a hut that's already been in four movies. But hey, I'm just looking out for you financially. When you can't afford that extra owl, don't say I didn't warn you. But, wrapping it up, Alan Rickman will return to England in April in order to film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

That's all the news for this February 26th, 2006 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show!

Andrew: Okay, thank you, Micah. Let's get to a few announcements.


Andrew: Ben, I just... I just can't get over how you're fighting childhood obesity. It really...

Ben: I know.

Andrew: I'm just so proud of you. I can't even...

Ben: I know.

Andrew: Words cannot comprehend.

Ben: It brings a tear to my eye.

Andrew: You know, you should sell that George Forman grill on eBay for MuggleCast listeners. [laughs]

Ben: Yeah! Buy Ben Schoen's George Forman grill.

[Eric and Andrew laugh]

Ben: Hey, if you're interested in buying my George Forman grill used by Ben Schoen - the Ben Schoen (he's cooked many hamburgers on it) - e-mail me.

Eric: Ben's Burger Grill.

Andrew: I thought I was going to get it. First let's check up on a few announcements - MuggleCast announcements. We just wanted to update you on a theory last week concerning McGonagall as Headmistress. And we weren't exactly sure whether she would become Headmistress now that Dumbledore is dead in Book 7. And as it turns out, on page 51 of Sorcerer's Stone, McGonagall signs her letter to Harry as Deputy Headmistress, meaning she acts as, and as I quote from "an assistant exercising full authority in the absence of his or her superior and equal authority in emergencies." Which suits her perfectly for becoming Headmaster or Headmistress of Hogwarts school.

Eric: Plus, she was in charge when Dumbledore left in Book 2. Correct?

Andrew: Yes. So, thanks to Kevin Duncan for pointing that out to us. See what happens when you guys e-mail us? You get plugged on the show.

Ben: Okay, folks. We have some more announcements here. Everyone, everyone, everyone needs to buy a MuggleCast T-shirt?

Andrew: Ben, why would everyone have to buy a MuggleCast T-shirt?

Ben: Well, for several reasons, Andrew. You help support the show. And they're so fashionable that I bought 12 of them last week. I mean...

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: ...they're just that great. So, everyone buy a MuggleCast T-shirt, okay? They come in two designs, a multitude of sizes, and even one design even has silhouettes of each MuggleCaster. So, that's my favorite. So, make sure you buy a MuggleCast T-shirt.

Eric: Ben, you stink at PR. Let me do this. L-L-Let me do this, please. Okay.

Ben: No, no, no, no, hold on. Hold on.

Eric: These shirts... No, no, no, no. These MuggleCast...

Andrew: I want to hear Eric.

Eric: I insist, I insist. These MuggleCast T-shirts are made out of a special synthetic fabric and in like one year, there's going to be something big that happens and all the clothing in the entire world is going to deteriorate and we are going to have left are these MuggleCast T-shirts.

Andrew: Wow, I didn't even know that.

Eric: So, if you want clothing, buy a MuggleCast T-shirt.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: But it like it's the only...

Andrew: To save yourself in 2007.

Eric: Buy it like there is nothing left.

Ben: But also, visit, click on the "Store" tab and it will take you to wear you can purchase a shirt. You can purchase it through PayPal, so now worries there. But also, in addition to that, if you don't want a MuggleCast T-shirt itself, you can buy a shirt for MuggleNet. So visit, you can click off to the right there. You'll see a flashing image that says, "MuggleNet T-shirt - Get Yours!" So, you can buy one of those.

News Discussion - Black Family Tree

Andrew: Okay, now moving on to some news discussion - it was a semi-busy week. Right, Micah Tan?

Micah: Oh yeah.

Andrew: Come on, you're our head news monkey. You got to give me the...

Micah: I haven't been to once this week.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: Ouch!

Andrew: What a great news reporter you are! [laughs]

Eric: Whoa! Not even when compiling your news, Micah?

Andrew: Hey, you aren't supposed to tell people you steal your news from Leaky.

Micah: I haven't compiled my news yet.

Eric: I know, I know.

Micah: Not to date the show or anything.

Andrew: What? You just said it. Stop ruining the magic behind MuggleCast.

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: Gosh! [laughs] So apparently even Micah Tannenbaum doesn't know that Mrs... This really surprised me! Mrs. Radcliffe, as it turned out, was the one who purchased The Black Family Tree that was on auction earlier this week. There was so much speculation over who was going to buy it and then people were thinking, "Well, are they going to share it with us?" Now we know that answer is definitely, "NO!" I'm just surprised. And then in a quote by her, she had said that this was to prove, not exactly to prove, but to show that Dan reads books.

Eric: And to prove that, she bought an Iain Banks and Tom Stoppard works. But, have you...guys, have you ever heard the rumor that Daniel hates to read?

Andrew: No, I haven't. I don't know where she was getting that from?

Eric: And we work for MuggleNet. And I'm assuming she's not delusional. She's his mother and she's looking out for him, but really! I never heard that. I heard his eyes were blue. And that's about the biggest insult I've heard for Dan Radcliffe. Evidently, there were people who said he couldn't read or doesn't like to read.

Micah: It's clearly a conspiracy.

Eric: Yes.

Micah: I mean, Jo told her to go an buy it.

[Eric laughs]

Ben: [laughs] Oh yeah, I bet.

Andrew: All kidding aside, I just don't understand why... I think it would be better left in the hands of a real fan or I don't know. It just surprised me.

Eric: On the contrary, I kind of, I kind of like it. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world when I read that this afternoon. I got online, I was like "Wow!" - that Mrs. Radcliffe had bought it. It kind of closes the connection between them as well, between the Radcliffes and J.K. Rowling. But what fascinated me was that it only went for what? £30,000? And that's not actually... I mean if this is as big as we think it is...

Ben: That's how much I weigh.

[Micah and Eric laugh]

Eric: 30,000 lbs.? Ben, I feel very bad for you.

Ben: Just kidding! Just kidding!

Eric: That's why you haven't been to the PO Box. Okay, anyway. So, £30,000 is not a lot. And if this is supposed to reveal a lot that we think it reveals, it kind of went pretty cheap. I think, I think... And what surprises me is that nobody could have outbid "Mrs. Relling" on this. Oh, sorry - Mrs. Radcliffe.

Andrew: I would have been much happier seeing a fan get it, though I don't know how many fans have £30,000 to go and spend on this kind of thing. It just seems...

Micah: Yeah, I mean I agree. It's something better left in the hands of a fan. Because I mean what does, why does Dan need it?

Andrew: Dan wants it just as much as the next fan because he's as big a fan. So...

Eric: Well, that proves a point.

News Discussion - JKR Site Update

Andrew: And then in other news, J.K. Rowling has updated her website, which she does not do as often as she used to. She updated her F.A.Q. Poll yesterday.

Ben: Dun-dun-dun.

Eric: Yes. Well...kind of. I was, I was very disappointed.

Andrew: At what? The question or the answer?

Eric: Especially the answer because she has this F.A.Q. Poll that's on there for, you know, a long time. And I don't know how... I forget what the other questions were. And I don't know by what margin this one won, but then JKR said in the Poll, and I quote this...hang on, let me...JKR says, "I was surprised that this question won because it is not the one that I'd have voted for. But hey, if this is what you want to know, then this is what you want to know." And now first of all, she... You know, there's a very big time period before she, you know, she answers these questions. And then she goes and practically re-questions us, and she's like, "Well, pfhhh! I don't, you know, this is not the one I would have 'choosen.'" And then she gives a one paragraph answer and says, "When a Secret-Keeper dies, their secret dies with them. To put it another way, the status of their secret will remain as it it was at the moment of their death. Everybody in whom they confided..." She answered it and then repeated it four times and then reiterated how the Fidelius Charm works. And I really don't feel insulted, but the fact is, the answer to this question...

Micah: You feel like she copped out.

Ben: Well Eric, Eric, this question isn't nearly as big of a letdown as, "Who is Mark Evans?" "Mark Evans is nobody. You're stupid for that one."

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Well, I thought that, I thought that was...yeah. That was funny. That was a funny response. For the record, the other two questions for the Poll were, "Does the destruction of the Horcrux involve more than the destruction of the object?" and the second question was, "Why did Voldemort want the Philosopher's Stone if he already had the Horcruxes?"

Eric: Hey, wait. And, wait a minute. I'm on Jo's side now. This one won?

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Yeah right.

Andrew: To be honest...

Eric: I'm suddenly on Jo's side. Wait a minute here.

Andrew: Yeah. I was...

Ben: I think Lightmaker, Lightmaker rigged the Poll here.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: No, I'm...

Eric: Wait, how could this question have won?

Andrew: I'm more intrigued... I'm more intrigued by the Secret-Keeper question because the other two... "Does the destruction of the Horcrux involve more than the destruction of the..." Well, okay that question I'd be interested in. [laughs]

Eric: I don't know. I would have "choosen" the other one. I would have chosen the other one. I think the Horcrux thing is obvious because Dumbledore's hand, you know, was all black from trying to destroy the ring or at least that's what we infer from it. So, but, you know the Secret Charm, I think we could have kind of figured out. I mean as J.K. did say, we could have figured it out that it just stays the same. There's's not like revealed or anything. Otherwise...

Ben: Well, hindsight is 20-20.

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: In this case, after the fact, once we know what the answer is, we're really disappointed, because, "Oh, we could have known the answer to these two questions." But what if we had chosen the other ones and it had turned out to be something simple, then we would have said, "Oh man! We should have figured out what happened to the secret after the Secret-Keeper dies."

Eric: Yeah, well I appreciate...

Ben: That's just what I think.

Eric: I appreciate that, you know, she went and answered this, but at the same time I am disappointed that it got pretty much the answer we could have figured out anyway. That it just dies with him and then she repeated how it works. You know that's all good that she's at least re-clarifying herself, with herself, you know, to figure out. But I think the F.A.Q. Poll needs to be answered a lot more, you know, a lot more frequently.

Andrew: Yeah, but you know what? When you think about it, not many authors have a fan site where they answer the fans questions and they discuss whatever we ask.

Eric: That's more than we can ask for. Forgive me if I have offended anybody too, because it is true. Just the fact that she updates and has this site... I don't want to hassle her for not updating because she does...she's incredibly busy. She's writing Book 7 right now, you know?

Andrew: We're not J.K. Rowling [mispronounces name], but what if we trying answering the other two questions?

Eric: Okay. So, what was the other one?

Ben: Andrew, weíre not who? Hold on a second. Andrew, weíre not who?

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: J. K. Rowling.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: Okay, just checking.

Eric: I thought he said that.

Ben: Because I thought I heard Rowling.

Andrew: I have this New Jersey accent.

Eric: What was the third ...

Andrew: Rowling sounds like Rowling, itís hard. Itís hard for me to fight. Why did Voldemort want the Philosopherís Stone if he already had his Horcruxes? Which is a good question. I would say as a backup system.

Ben: No, Iíd say because he has to find a way to get his body back. Perhaps?

Andrew: What if all of his Horcruxes were blown up? Then what would he do? So thatís why he needed the Sorcererís Stone.

Eric: Yeah, the thing is, I think with the fact poll, I voted on this a few months ago.

Ben: F.A.Q. F.A.Q.

Eric: Ok, and if you want to tell me that itís not suppose to be satisfactory...

Andrew: Letís stay on topic, Eric.

Eric: Ok, what I was going to say, I answered this a few...I chose the Horcrux questions a few months ago because I wanted to, I think JKRís, even if she gave us a half answer, she would have answered in a way that related to Voldemortís motivations. And those are going to be everything, and everything that Voldemort wants to do. She could easily say, "Oh! Well, he just needed a full body," but by saying that she would further continue the story of how he...of what happened while he was floating around in Horcri-ness and was looking for something to do for 13 years.

Micah: Youíre talking about the object question. Do you have to destroy the object?

Eric: No, Iím talking about why he wanted the Philosopherís Stone even if he had his Horcruxes. Didnít we talk about this and say it was quality of life or something?

Micah: Yeah, even immortality.

Eric: Yeah.

Micah: Even the more stronger Sorcererís Stone in addition to all his Horcruxes.

Eric: Yeah, itís all about getting the stone.

Andrew: Now that I think about it, I think we have already answered question two, or at least talked about it on previous shows. Does the destruction of a Horcrux involve more then the destruction of the object? I could have sworn we got a voicemail on that or something. Does anyone else remember?

Eric: Yeah, I think we determined it was the quality of, I think we just mentioned that Dumbledore's black hand... it was taking Dumbledore a little...a long time - first of all just to get to the Horcrux, you know, at the end of the book, that was in the...that turned out to be the RAB pendant or whatever. Just to get to the Horcrux seemed to be a pain in the butt, more than it would be just to destroy anything else.

Micah: Yeah, we saw the destruction of the diary in Chamber of Secrets. Even thought we didn't know it was a Horcrux at that point.

Eric: Well, actually he just stuck a fang through that. That died... that, that thing broke pretty easily. I don't know. That was what made me question it...

Andrew: I hope fangs don't come back. Although, it would be nice foreshadowing.

Eric: What about the...

Ben: Oh dude! I see it now. Fang killed the Horcrux, Fang is going to kill the other Horcruxes. Fang, the dog. Oh yeah.

Eric: Yes, he's, no.

Ben: He's really James Potter actually.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: I'm just kidding, I'm not going to start that...I can see it now.

Andrew: You know, I'm looking through the JK Rowling section on The JK Rowling dot com info section. It's an excellent resource for everything JK Rowling dot com. Um...

Ben: Yeah, Emerson did a really good job of it.

Andrew: Absolutely - wait, he did it? So, I think we should, in future episodes, we should answer these runner up questions. Benjamin Carl Schoen, do you have a another top ten list for us this week? Remus Lupin style in celebration ...

Ben: Yes I do!

Andrew: Or Remus Lupin edition this week.

Ben: Letís do this Lupin style.

Andrew: Hit us with it!

Ben's Top 10

Ben: Of course. Here we go, the Top 10 reasons to become a werewolf.
Number Ten - Snape will never disrespect you.
Number Nine - the ladies don't seem to mind.
Number Eight - you don't ever have to worry about cooking.
Number Seven - plenty of fresh air and exercise.
Number Six - because Animagi are just too boring.
Number Five - Your boss won't object when you take a few days off from work.
Number Four - You never have to dress up for Halloween.
Number Three - You never have to shave.
Number Two - You're never forced to take strolls in the moonlight.
And the Number One reason to become a werewolf - you're guaranteed at least one wild night every month. [laughs]

Andrew: All right, thank you, Ben. Excellent top ten list, as usual.

Main Discussion - Remus Lupin

Andrew: Now, getting on to our main discussion of the week: as promised, Remus Lupin. Let's read up on some quick information, courtesy of the MuggleNet Encyclopedia. He's 37 years old, according to the official Harry Potter timeline. He was in the Gryffindor house. And Lupin is a werewolf, transforming during the full moon each month. The rest of the time, he is a kind, talented, and highly intelligent wizard. Remus has a - has a mischievous streak that manifested itself during his time at Hogwarts, although he was the most restrained of the trouble-making Marauders. He's also an expert on Dark Creatures and how to subdue them, he's a vital member of the Order of the Phoenix, and Lupin is undoubtedly powerfully magical. He's also loyal, hard-working, and self-sacrificing - but modest to the point of being self-deprecating.

Father Figure

Eric: Lupin cares for Harry, but is he a father figure like Sirius would have been? And will he be even more of a father figure and a helping hand to Harry in Book 7? What do you guys think?

Ben: Well, in my eyes, I don't think Harry has one single father figure. He has a bunch of role models that he looks up to - I don't think there's just one person you can call a father figure. Well, I guess Lupin will sort of, he's all that Harry has left, really, besides the Weasleys. And, you know, in terms of older males he can look up to, that's pretty much it.

Eric: Well I think also, at the stage that was in Book 3, he was the most a father figure, I think. I think that's right too, because Harry really was figuring all that stuff out about his parents in Book 3. And Lupin was there kind of like, you know, to guide him and to lead him through this transition, you know, with the Dementors, and dealing with his parents' death. And Lupin, I think, really connected to that because I guess this was the first time he had seen Harry in at least thirteen years, or at least twelve years. And that was also since, you know, the last time he saw James and Lily. So he was very connected to that.

Micah: Yeah, and I think Lupin may even be more of a father figure than Sirius was. I think Sirius came across as more of a, you know, a friend, because Sirius really saw James in Harry, and so he tried to make that connection a little bit more so...

Eric: So you're saying...

Micah: ...than taking care of Harry, I would say.

Eric: You're saying that that Lupin is actually better, a better father figure, because he sees Harry as Harry.

Micah: Yeah, I think so.

Eric: I think that works.

Andrew: Well, Ben was saying earlier that he looks up to a lot of people, but I really don't think at this point that he does anymore. Because he's sort of, he's sort of a free lancer now. He doesn't exactly look up to anyone. He's on his own now. And I'm not just saying that from an observation standpoint, but I think he decided that he can't rely on people anymore.

Eric: I think, yeah. I think, really, Harry had become independent, I think, definitely during Book 5...

Andrew: Right, and...

Eric: ...when he was expecting everybody to fill him in.

Andrew: It started with Sirius' death, because at that point, he was really relying on Sirius, and then he died, and it just totally threw everything off for him.

Eric: Well, I think it actually happened before then, too. Because Dumbledore, remember, was avoiding him all of Book 5, like, wouldn't even glance him in the eye. And of course Harry found out later that, you know, if he did, that Voldemort would have come out, you know, whatever. But yeah. He was really ticked off in the beginning of Book 5, when nobody would fill him in. And remember, he ranted at, you know, Hermione and Ron about it. But he was becoming independent.

Andrew: That's true. He had to.

Eric: And ever since then, you know, he's really... and the only reason he relied on Dumbledore in Book 6 was because Dumbledore was the only one who knew the most about Voldemort, so he developed that trust. But of course, that went all to hell when Dumbledore died. So I think really, he is his own person now.

Andrew: Good point! I didn't think of that. I'd always thought it started with Sirius.

Final Exam

Eric: Lupin's course seemed to bring out the best in everyone. Remember, some people failed at different points and different types of monsters. The question is: remember, like, some people got stuck in the tires, other people got... I think it was Neville that got lost with the little creature that held the flashlight and lured him elsewhere. You know, like, different people got stuck at different places. What do you guys think that means?

Andrew: It means that they couldn't excel in those different areas. [laughs]

Ben: Yeah, everyone has their weaknesses, dude. Just like in...

Eric: I know, but do you guys remember what they were?

Ben: Just like in school, some people are good at math and science and some people are good at reading. It all depends on who you are...

Andrew: Well...

Ben: ...and what you're good at.

Andrew: ...Lupin was teaching an entire subject. I mean, I guess at some points of math you can be bad and some points you can not, but this was more hands-on. It's not exactly the same thing.

What's In A Name?

Micah: Just the name Remus Lupin.... Did you guys immediately realize when you first opened Prisoner of Azkaban and you got to the train scene that he was a werewolf? I mean, his name gives away a lot of information.

Eric: Yeah. Lupin is - well not just Remus and Romulus, but yeah. Lupin and lupine... I mean, anybody who's had any ling - you know, linguistic stuff, should have gotten that right off the bat. That is one of the more obvious names. But I didn't know, I mean, I was like, fourteen, so I didn't notice.

Andrew: It must be a lot of fun for her to think up all these names.

Eric: She has to have a lot of fun! Every time she introduces a new name, it's like a name I could not have thought of. You know? I'd think of, like...

Ben: Well, she finds it through things like Greek mythology. It's not like she just sits there one day: "Re... re... re-re-mus! Remus Lupin! Oh yeah. That's just..."

[Eric laughs]

Eric: Rrrr... clicks.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: She's sitting in her sitting room, right? And she's just sitting there going, "Rrrr..." and Neil walks in, and he looks at her and goes, "Mommy?" And... [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, I was going to say.

Eric: Or David, David walks in. And he goes, "Mommy?" And she's just sitting there, going "Rrrr..."

Micah: Mommy is what Neil calls her on the side.

Eric: ...with a little pen. [laughs] No! I'm not doing that! I'm not going to say it. But she's sitting there with a pen, and all of a sudden she just shouts, "Remus Lupin!" and writes it down. She just shouts, "Remus Lupin." And he's like, "Oh! That's the new...."

Andrew: I think her strategy is that she has a Latin dictionary, and then she picks out a word that means something that would relate to the Harry Potter films, and then she changes...

Eric: Oooo, moon! Let's go look at that.

Andrew: ...two letters into the word.

Eric: We are forgetting too, she taught Spanish - she taught English as a second language, didn't she? So she's got to know her English pretty darn well.

Teenage Lupin

Eric: Do you guys remember in the Shrieking Shack that Lupin described himself as like this self-conscious teenager? And he was even, like, he was unsure of himself, basically, and he was all insecure and stuff. But then the, then he said to Harry that all the Marauders became Animagi for him. Do you guys think that's like.... Do you think guys think that's like them? And why do you think they befriended him in the first place if he was.... I mean, I like the fact that they like adventure, but why were they, why were they friends with Lupin in the first place? Because they didn't know he was a werewolf until afterwards, until they saw him sneaking off, you know, having to excuse himself. But why Lupin? Why did they become friends? Why did they click, do you think? And Lupin as a teenager, being all self-conscious and stuff.... James is clearly very arrogant. How would they fit together?

Ben: Yeah. And it just sort of.... How did you become friends with your friends at school? Everything just fell into place. That's how it happened. There's no... it just sort of happens. I mean, like...

[Ben and Micah laugh]

Andrew: Well, he's meaning is there any sort of connection or anything?

Micah: Well, they were all in Gryffindor.


Eric: Right. Guys, what does the Wolfsbane Potion do? Does it keep him in his own head? What, you know, I think...

Ben: Yeah, it's just the psychological part, I'm pretty sure.

Eric: But he said, I think it was like, somebody corrected me on this when I mentioned it to him, and they said it was him being with the Animagi in their animal form that kept him in his own head - but when he took the Polyjuice Potion, he was still kind of a wolf, but he didn't, like, transform, he just, like, got stuck in his office. But in addition to this, the Wolfsbane Potion, even though we don't know exactly what it does, Snape made it for him you know, and that was all that Lupin told

Harry: about how, you know, he made it for him every month and that's why he doesn't think Snape's the bad guy. I know we defend Snape a lot on this show, but I think it's important to bring up, too. Like, every month like clockwork, you know, Snape... it's interesting, you know, because Snape hated the Marauders enough to give Harry crap, yet he made the potion for Lupin anyway. So, like, is Snape only mad at James? And, you know, what is the Wolfsbane Potion, what does it do? Because I think at one point, Lupin said... when he was bitten, Lupin was referencing when he was bitten as a child, that that was before the Wolfsbane Potion, as if the Wolfsbane Potion could have prevented that or something.

Ben: It's like when people get old and they start forgetting stuff.

Eric: No that's Alzheimer's. Dementia is just any kind of crazy delusions. Like it can be forgetfulness but it's also hallucinations and if you imagine you're in like, a different time or...

Ben: Okay, okay, Dr. Scull. Thank you, Dr. Scull.

Andrew: Eric, I think I remember reading somewhere, I don't know if it was an interview with JK Rowling or whatever that it prevents dementia which is a side effect of transforming into a werewolf. Now, why would Snape make this for Lupin? It could have been a favor that he was returning because I doubt Snape creates anything that would require Lupin to give him a favor.

Micah: I thought it was on Dumbledore's orders.

Eric: Yeah, it's kind of expected of him...he's a co-teacher. He would look bad if he were still holding this grudge, and you know, Dumbledore already knew that Snape was giving Harry crap still so...I think it might have been overboard if he didn't, you know, and Snape was probably the only person who could make the Wolfsbane Potion. David Thewlis, beyond Hit...sorry...beyond Hitler's 'stache, how good is he for the role and will he change much to accommodate Order of the Phoenix? Now, remember, the way he acted and like the whole mustache thing, that's not necessarily tied's not necessarily going to be in the fifth movie, you know what I'm saying? I mean, he might shave, he might act a little differently. I think he would be a little stupid if he kept the Hitler 'stache too. It would kind of be like, the fans would still complain about it. I think...

Andrew: Well, wait a second. Doesn't Warner Brothers tell them what to do? Is it that big of a decision to shave your mustache? [laughs]

Eric: There's people though...there's fans who say, "Oh David Thewlis sucked as Lupin. I hate that 'stache." And they like totally go on to diss his acting skills based on his mustache. Now, I thought he did a great acting job in Prisoner of Azkaban, probably one of the best actors in that movie. One of the best performances, you know. He worked with what he had, and what he had was a 'stache and everybody gives him crap about it.

Andrew: I've never seen that crap about the 'stache. If the part requires him to look differently than he did in Movie 3, then he's going to do it. He's not going to suppress the fans by objecting to, you know, something as simple as a mustache.


Eric: David wanted his wife to play Tonks and she was an actress but then they went and cast somebody else. So what do you guys think about that? Like, I actually thought it might be cool if his wife...if David's wife was Tonks because she likes the books and whatever.

Micah: She's American.

Eric: Oh she's American? Okay, never mind. Thank you.

Andrew: There you go. [laughs] Well folks, for people who don't know there's...Warner Brothers does not allow people from the US... Basically, if you don't have a British accent, you can forget about it.

Eric: And not even. If you don't have an authentic British accent too, not like, faked ones, because there's Americans, including me, who think they can fake one and it really just doesn't...they don't do that. Plus, there's probably some kind of rights behind it.

Lupin And The Veil

Eric: Okay, here's something you guys are all going to comment on, because this is a good topic. You know in the Department of know, Harry's all running after Sirius, well Sirius falls into the big freaking curtain, alright. Didn't upset me at all, no not at all. The big freaking curtain, right? So, Harry runs after him, jumps, you know, tries to jump in after him, but Lupin holds him back and says, "He's gone, Harry," you know, that's it. Now, when I first read this, I thought of two things. I thought, either Lupin knows about the veil and what it does so that he can actually make an informed decision and say, "He's gone, Harry" because that thing kills you when you go into it. Or, he was just saying, you know, "He's gone," you know that's it, to hold Harry back from jumping in because he know...that he, you know if he didn't know what was in the veil he wouldn't want Harry to go in there too.

Ben: You're making a good point here, Eric, that Lupin would have to know something about the veil in order for him to say definitively that Lupin is gone, I mean, that Sirius is gone.

Micah: Isn't it Luna also...when Harry talks to her...that says something about voices?

Eric: Yeah.

Micah: So, it's not, I mean, maybe she doesn't know specifically about the veil, but she has an idea about, you know, what happens to people.

Eric: I saw Lupin as the father figure, just saying, you know, "Oh he's gone," even if he didn't really know what was back there, you know. He had to say it to get Harry to stop and I think that worked effectively, so. I just want to know if you guys thought it he actually knew what was back there, or it was just, you know, a fatherly thing, you know...instinct to get Harry away from it.

Micah: Yeah, it definitely could have been instinctual, if that's a word but, yeah he might have just thought that there was danger and he thought first about protecting Harry more than anything else.

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