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MuggleCast EP31 Transcript


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Hello, everyone and welcome back to the show. I'm Andrew Sims.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Laura: I'm Laura Thompson.

Micah: And I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Andrew: And this is the show where we bring you the latest in Harry Potter news, theories, discussions and oh, so much more! Before we go anywhere else, first let's check in with Micah for the week's top Harry Potter news stories.


Micah: At the Sony Ericsson Empire Awards in London Monday, the Harry Potter movies were honored with the Empire Outstanding Contribution Award. Dan Radcliffe accepted the award, and Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and David Heyman were also present.

In an interview with Empire, Dan, Rupert and David discuss Order of the Phoenix filming. Dan had this to say about David Yates: "The new directorís fantastic. Iíve never been quite this pushed before, so regularly. Heís really pushing Harryís emotional and psychological journey. But he also seems to have an incredible eye for sets and shoots and things."

Heyman also addressed how they will be shooting until the middle of May, before taking a two-month break for exams, and then start filming again from July until roughly October or November. Additionally, individual scenes with Grawp and the Centaurs have begun taping, which requires a lot of blue-screen acting.

In a BBC1 interview, Dan discussed his first kissing scene saying: It'll be odd because one of my parents will be on set. It will be embarrassing but hopefully I'll work past that and be utterly professional but I'll probably keep screwing it up so that I can keep doing it. That a boy!

Blackwell, The Knowledge Retailer, has donated a first-edition UK copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, signed by several Goblet of Fire cast members, to the National Literacy Trust. The Trust's children's literacy initiative, Reading Is Fundamental, UK (RIF), motivates children in deprivation to develop an interest in reading and donates three books to over 20,000 children annually. The book is being auctioned until March 21st (which is this Tuesday) on eBay.

Friday night, J.K. Rowling hosted a Venetian-style masquerade ball at Stirling Castle in Scotland. Yahoo! News reports, "Live music was being provided by Abba tribute band Bjorn Again, with live opera from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama's Vocal Fusion."

A second article from the AP states that over £200,000 was raised for the Multiple Sclerosis Society Scotland, for which the ball was held. You can check out pictures of Jo from the event over on

To promote the UK release of the Goblet of Fire DVD (which is released tomorrow, March 20th), Katie Leung, Clemence Poesy, Robert Pattinson and Stanislav Ianevski (Cho, Fleur, Cedric and Krum) have appeared on several British morning shows over the past week. So far they've done interviews on E4 and ITV's This Morning. Next Saturday, March 25th, the cast will make an appearance on Holly and Stephen's Saturday Showdown, which starts at 9:25 AM on ITV. And it is being reported Krum has said MORE than two sentences.

That's all the news for this March 19th, 2006 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show.

Tootsie Rolls And Other Announcements

Andrew: All right, thank you, Micah. Well, as I've been overly-promoting for the past two or three shows now. Actually, it's only really been one show.

Eric: MuggleCast: Version II.

Andrew: We are starting... Yeah. We are starting this week a couple new segments for the show, that are going to keep it live, afresh, and anew. And so far we're about three minutes into the show and already you are thinking, "What the...there's nothing new already." [starts singing Frank Sinatra]

The best is yet to come, and won't that be fine.

Eric: It's all going to change. From this point forward nothing, nothing is old from now on.

Andrew: Nothing is old.

Eric: That's right, we're now going to be talking in backwards English among several other things.

Andrew: [laughs] And don't forget, MuggleCast t-shirts are available at Just click on "Store" at the top.

Eric, Eric has stated a few very important reasons why you must buy one of these t-shirts. Isn't that right, Eric?

Eric: Yes, that's correct - Episode 29.

Andrew: Can you give us another one though. I don't think people are completely convinced.

Eric: Okay. Tootsie Rolls, right? Okay, Tootsie Rolls. I am staring at a tube of Tootsie Rolls and I am thinking, "Gee, who manufactures Tootsie Rolls."

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah?

Eric: Now, you never know who does it. It's not the Hershey's company. It can't be because I am looking at this tube an nowhere does it say, "Hershey's Tootsie Rolls," right? You follow?

Laura: Ummm.

Eric: Okay, so...

Micah: No.

Eric: No. Okay, quiet Micah. All right. So now, Tootsie Rolls. Everybody...

Micah: Because I say so much.

Eric: No, everybody knows what Tootsie Rolls are - everybody has had Tootsie Roll. You know what? If they haven't, they are going to have a Tootsie Roll. So I'm thinking, I'm sitting here looking at this whole tube of what used to be Tootsie Rolls - I actually ate them all - and I am thinking who manufactured these? Nobody knows. Nobody knows what company owns Tootsie Rolls unless you work for that company. I am thinking, but they sold millions. I mean how many Tootsie Rolls have you sold...have you bought in your life? That's a lot of Tootsie Rolls. So...

Andrew: [laughs] So what's your point?

Eric: The point...

Andrew: So what's your point.

Eric: So the point is, Andrew and Micah and Laura and viewers at home, that you don't know who manufactures Tootsie Rolls yet you buy them anyway. And in the case of MuggleCast t-shirts you know who manufactures them. You know that you're going to get your money's worth from MuggleCast. You know exactly who that money is going to and why it is going to. And you can support the show by buying this, just like you support Tootsie Roll manufacturers. Like the CEO of Tootsie Roll, the CEO of Tootsie, is sitting there on a desk chair and he's not doing anything for Harry Potter fans, but we are, and that's why you should buy a MuggleCast t-shirt.

Andrew: Wow, that was inspiring. Long, lengthy and inspiring.

Eric: Hey, Andrew, Andrew...

Andrew: We really appreciate it.

Laura: And full of Tootsie Roll plugs.

Andrew: And by the way when you go to the podcast Live in Las Vegas, you want to be all dressed up in MuggleCast apparel. So...

Eric: That's right.

Andrew: Hey, before we go any further, I think Ben wants to join us. Ben, what happened - why aren't you, why weren't you here from the beginning?

Ben: Well, it turns out that I re-adjusted my schedule...

Andrew: Oh.

Ben: I'll probably be able to stay here.

Eric: Ben now has TiVo.

Andrew: Probably?

[Laura laughs]

Eric: Ben now has TiVo so he can record Barney and watch it later.

Book Discussion: Chapters 1-3, Sorcererís Stone

Andrew: All right. Now starting with Episode 32 this will be the part of the show where listeners will be able to e-mail in their thoughts about things that we've said last week. So, for example, this week we are going to be talking about Chapters 1-3 of Sorcerer's Stone. You guys can e-mail in what your thoughts were about our thoughts. So after listening to the show this week, send in your e-mails to mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com. And please put in the subject line "Listener Rebuttal" to give your feedback on what we've said. And then we will read them on next week's show during this part of MuggleCast. Now, it is time for what I've been calling the pinnacle of the new version of MuggleCast, "Chapter-by-Chapter" - where we go through every, single little chapter of the Harry Potter series.

Ben: By the time Book 7 comes around we hope be done, and like finish the last chapter of Book 6 the week of Book 7 or something.

Eric: Okay, we can't promise... Yeah, it would be nice to, but... Okay, I am going to talk about this a little bit here, quick. All right, this chapter-by-chapter thing is something that I know a lot of people are looking forward to - me especially. I'm trying to figure out how it's going to be doing, working with Andrew and Ben and everybody on working this out. But basically, we're going to as Ben so boldly put it - we're going to read every chapter and go through. But, it is much more exciting than that. What we're going to do, the MuggleCasters, we're going to have to [sighs] go through each chapter (well, we will put a few chapters per episode), and we're going to actually talk about pretty much anything we can think about. We have been taking notes as we read and will point it out to the show for discussion. Now, the point of this - we do, we do, we do, we do , we do, we do want the listeners to read with us, to read along with us, at a slow, weekly pace, a few chapters a week. Maybe another hour, hour-and-a-halfís time more than you put into the show during the week and read along with us. Now, the point of this whole thing is so that we can get a better and clearer idea of just what has happened, to relive the books as we're going along and understand and get viewpoints and theories that have never been heard of before because nobody has done this. Isn't that right, Andrew? Nobody has done this all out, you know, fan-wide...


Andrew: Yes.

Eric: It is unprecedented.

Ben: Unprecedented.

Andrew: And what I really like about it is that we are going to be on the same page with everyone else.

Eric: Literally.

[Everyone mocking laughs]

Eric: You said it. You said it.

Chapter One - "The Boy Who Lived"

Ben: Literally. Moving on, just a little bit of information about the book. It starts off with Mr. Dursley noticing strangle things happening on his way to work one day. Then at night, Albus Dumbledore, the head of wizardry at some place called Hogwarts meets up with Professor McGonagall (who can turn into a cat). So, it is already starting off kind of weird. And then Dumbledore tells McGonagall that someone named Voldemort or You-Know-Who has killed a Mr. and Mrs. Potter. And then they tried to kill Harry, or the son, and he was unsuccessful. And so like this whole community is wowed that a baby was able to stop this evil, dark wizard, which we are not really sure about yet. We know some things are happening because some of the magic that is going on. And then a big giant named Hagrid shows up on Privet Drive with a basket and a baby, and they leave Harry, young Harry, at the doorstep of the Dursleyís with a letter explaining what happened. And then ten years later is where it all begins.

Eric: Ben, I underestimated you - that actually wasn't complete crap.

Ben: What do you guys think?

Micah: That was very good. You did a pretty good job there.

Ben: Sorcererís Stone is pretty much, is the beginning of the end per se where, you know, where it all starts off. With Sorcererís Stone - this is where we... We probably find out the most information in Sorcererís Stone, just about Harry's life and stuff like that. And then we find out that Harry has really been deceived all his life, that his mother - that his parents never really were in a car crash, that they were killed by this wizard. And we also see the Dursleyís' last attempt to shield Harry from the magical world. Because Rowling uses some foreshadowing when she talks about how Harry used to get punished for things he would to do at home, for things he would to do at school - where one time a group of bullies was chasing him and he just appeared on the roof of the schoolhouse. And they use a lot of foreshadowing to demonstrate that the magic is actually going - that is something is up with this kid. And I don't know - I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed Sorcererís Stone. That's just a brief overview. Let's start with Chapter 1 here.

The First Sentence And The Dursleys

Eric: Let's just - you know what everybody? Let's just take focus here on the first sentence of Harry Potter. And you know people may say, "Oh my god, we're going to be here forever. It's the first sentence." But I think the first sentence of the Harry Potter book is very, very intriguing. It means a lot, even today.

Laura: It's a great hook.

Eric: The first sentence reads:

"Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dursley of number four Privet Drive were proud to say they were perfectly normal, thank you very much."

Based on that sentence, what would you say knowing what happens with the Dursleys - all these rumors that Petunia might be a Squib or a witch hiding it or something like that? What do you think that means - that they are perfectly normal and proud to say it?

Ben: I think it means that it shows that they are basically - they think that they are morally and socially superior to those around them.

Laura: And they are in denial.

Eric: Oooo.

Andrew: Well, we don't know that they are in denial yet.

Laura: Oh, I think you always those people - the snotty neighbors or evil teacher who always has this facade of protection and you just know that everything is not perfect in their life, and they are just putting on this mask to try and cover up the fact that they just have something they don't want anyone to know. They dread anyone finding out about this secret.

Eric: Facade of perfection? I love that term.

Andrew: Well...

Ben: We all have our skeletons in our closets.

Andrew: "Proud to say that they are perfectly normal, thank you very much." That to me, means the most.

Ben: Means the most.

Andrew: Right, because it's the part that makes them look very obnoxious. It's "Thank you very MUCH!"

Ben: The snobby line, yeah.

Laura: And you better not question it.

Ben: No, no, it's more, "We're proud to say that we're perfectly normal, [in nasty voice] thank you very much!" You know? I think it's more like that. Yeah.

Eric: No guys, I get what you mean. I think it's cool.

Ben: I agree with you.

Eric: I also think, it's really interesting Ė I thought, I read it as if it is stated matter-of-factly with JKR. I mean as you guys were reading the first three chapters, you know, J.K. really includes a lot of her storytelling narration humor that really isn't as present at all, especially in the later books. But storytelling matter-of-factly...

Andrew: Yeah. Yep.

Eric: know, interactivity. While she's talking about Harry she's being much more vocal. She uses the pronoun "you" a couple of times and actually talks to the reader.

Andrew: Yeah, you know what? I noticed that too. And right now I am trying to find the sentence that says, "Our story begins..." because that really stood out to me.

Laura: Well, the thing I find interesting about Sorcererís Stone is that it is the book that has the most narration outside of Harry's point of view.

Andrew: Yeah, why is that? Is that because she is just trying to set it all up?

Laura: Mhm.

Eric: Well, of course.

Ben: Why else would she do it?

Eric: Harry is very young at this time.

Laura: And it is good because like you and Ben were saying earlier, you kind of get that outsiders point of view that the Dursleys have. And she is trying to show the impression that Harry's mere existence has on people.

Ben: Right, and guys, the way this is going we have so much to talk about just with once sentence. So I think after we do the chapter-by-chapter, we should do sentence-by-sentence analysis of the entire series.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: "When Mr. and Mrs. Dursley woke up on the dull gray Tuesday our story starts."

Laura: Oh, I see it - pg. 2.

Ben: "There was nothing about the cloudy sky outside to suggest that strange and mysterious things..."

Seriously, I'm the next Jim Dale. I can see it already.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: [impersonating Jim Dale] "When Mr. and Mrs. Dursley woke up on the dull gray..." I'm sorry - go ahead. Think about it though.

Andrew: Yeah, and that sentence really stood out to me because I hadnít read the book since like before 'Nam practically.

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: What?

Andrew: When I read that and I was like, "Whoa, just copy Jo's writing."

[Everyone continues laughing]

Eric: Now wait a minute it guys, it says, "When Mr. and Mrs. Dursley woke up on the dull, gray Tuesday our story starts." Now, this is the day where Vernon goes to work and all that stuff happens and they find out that the night before, or whatever, this great, evil wizard fell. Now, why do you think JKR chose to start on this dull, gray Tuesday. If you think about it any kind of - any back story that we find out about, any story, any retelling of any event that occurred before this night is actually back story because she started it on this particular day. And I'm not saying it's overly significant or "ovary"...overly, ovary [laughs] I quit.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Eric, I think it is just that. It's a Tuesday. It's your average, normal day - there's nothing special about it. And that's what I think Jo was trying to show is that there is nothing special - it's just your average, typical day except for all this weird stuff going on.

Eric: But, yeah. No, that was going back to what we said about JKR as well, being more into, you know, more personal with the fans just to start the story and establish everything. Now, it's interesting because he's starting to think about this nephew he has, you know? And his wife, Mrs. Dursley's sister and husband, good-for-nothing husband it actually said - which is also probably another personality thing - who have this kid and they might behave strangely. You know? He related it to the Potters. And then he actually hears somebody talking about the Potters, and he's thinking "WHAT?" And so Mr. Dursley stops dead.

Ben: Just as coincidence though. He reassures himself it's a coincidence again.

Eric: Yeah, right, exactly. So now it says right here, okay, "There was no point in worrying Mrs. Dursley because she always got so upset at any mention of her sister. Now Vernon Dursley didn't blame her. If he'd had a sister-in-law like that..." But then it cuts off. It is the classic JKR cut-off moment. "If he had a sister like that..." You know? But at the same time those people in cloaks... So, I mean that's something too. Now Vernon seems to be very well educated at what type of person or people his in-laws are. Don't you guys think so? I mean re-reading this it really gave me an idea that Vernon is pretty much tuned in to everything that Harry later on has to tell him over and over and over and over again because he's trying to deny it all, you know what I'm saying?

Andrew: Yeah, this is the way he is throughout the entire series - he's always in denial because he never wants to believe any of it. He just wants to get it out of his life.

The Risk Takers

Andrew: Now one question I had was why were they so careless when it came to walking about in public with their cloaks still on? Was it just because there was nothing to worry about now that they could go out in public and say Voldemort wouldn't see them because he's dead now.

Ben: Well, that makes the most sense. I mean one of the darkest wizards of the time, they believe his reign is over, so they sort of want to flaunt it. I don't understand why they would be so careless though. I don't quite get that.

Eric: Yeah, well that's what they normally wear. That's what they normally wear too. You got to imagine that. It's just like they are particularly flooding the Muggle streets and that's interesting, but at the sometimes I think it just is carelessness and the fact that they are really, really happy, you know? They are hanging around and talking excitedly. It is really careless for them to be out in front of all these Muggles, but at the same time, you know, the owls and shooting stars are so much worse that it's like, you know, everybody's celebrating yeah, but at the same time, you know it's not like they put on cloaks just to go tell, you know - I don't even think they were intending on showing the Muggles. They were just really happy and they were, I mean, as Dumbledore later says also, they had very little to celebrate for the past 11 years or whatever.

Micah: Couldn't she have just written the dressing up off as a post-Halloween celebration if she really wanted to?

Eric: It's interesting, because even though we know this is Halloween...

Micah: Because doesn't Voldemort fall on Halloween?

Eric: Yes, but we didn't know that and it doesn't say that in the book.

Andrew: Well, I don't get it, why should they be able to wear them just because it's just after Halloween?

Eric: Yeah well, no Micah's right, technically this is either the day after Halloween or the next day and, you know, we don't know that and that's not said in this book. The only thing that's said about the date this early on is that next week is Bonfire Night, which is said on the news back at home while the small cat is watching.

Laura: Everyone's kind of under this mentality that the darkest wizard of all time has just fallen, what are a bunch of Muggles going to do to us, you know?

Eric: Yeah, I mean everybody feels invincible and they've had very little to celebrate, they just go out in their cloaks. Not to tell the world about him, but just to be there and their sending owls in broad daylight and that kind of thing. They don't really feel the need to be careful about anything because they've forgotten what it's like just to be careful about being seen by Muggles. Like it's interesting because if we're seeing in the Second War, you know, that Muggles are almost finding out about the wizards, it makes sense that they would have before. I mean 11 years is a really big slump for Voldemort's reign and if he didn't try to take over the Muggle world, then that shocks me.

Micah: Yeah, I think they felt safe for the first time in a long time and they were willing to jeopardize it just a little bit.

Eric: So, Vernon goes to work with his back to the window, the big gigantic window. He yells at five people, he has a normal day. He yells some more. Goes to the bakery, right? Knocks into some guy who calls him a Muggle. What's a Muggle? I don't know, your guess is as good as mine. So he goes back and, you know, he's hearing all these things and he just can't wait to get home. So he hurries back to his car and he sets off, hoping he was imagining things, which, [laughs] as it brilliantly says, "he had never hoped before because he didn't approve of imagination." So, here's Vernon and all this weird stuff is happening. He doesn't know what's going on, but he has this strange gut feeling that it's coming back to him and that it's all going to, you know, come back to them.

Andrew: And then he starts hearing people talk about the Potters.

Eric: Yes, he does hear mention about the Potters. I did not say that specifically, but he does hear that their son, named Harry, did something.

Andrew: And that's when he really starts to worry.

Eric: Yeah. Because, I mean, it does say, you know, he's not even sure Harry's name is "Harry" and stuff like that, but he's really thinking...

Ben: Yeah, he tries to play it off.

Eric: Exactly, like Ben said, he's really trying to play this off.

Shan't vs. Won't

Eric: So now he gets - let's change the pace just a little here. He gets home and finds that Dudley has learned a new word. Now this, I think, is probably one of the first big differences between the UK and the US book, because...

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: In the UK book, the word he learns is "shan't."

Laura: In ours he says "don't." [laughs]

Eric: No, it's "won't"'s "won't."

Andrew: Yeah, he says "won't" in the US edition.

Eric: But in the UK it's "shan't" and it's interesting because I think that "won't" is actually a more characterizing kind of first word to learn or new word to learn. "Won't" is saying that you will not do something and "shan't" I mean, it's kind of sissy. It's saying "shall not." You know? This little kid...

Ben: No, I think the whole reason Jo did that is because, because of the idiomatic differences in the languages.

Andrew: No, it wasn't even that. It was the editors, not Jo.

Eric: Well no, she...

Ben: It was her editors. Yeah.

Eric: She had very little, you know, control over it. It's just interesting she wrote it as "shan't" and I think actually, you know, the UK book was written before the US one was translated and all this stuff. So, it's interesting that it's "shan't" because I think "won't" is more appropriate for Dudley that he actually won't do something. "I shall not do this, nah" [makes baby noises] you know? "I shall not take a nap." But maybe it just means something different, maybe I'm being very offensive right now. Maybe "shan't" is the equivalent to "won't." I just find it funny that the American terminology has a more direct, you know, more direct term for classifying a rude little child from hell, you know, than the UK dialect.

Ben: No Eric, you fail to understand that even though Jo wrote the word "shanít" or whatever, thatís irrelevant because they translate it just Americans donít think "shanít. Whatís up with that?" Just like they wouldnít put a "biscuit," they would put a "cookie." You know?

Eric: A cookie, I understand.

Ben: I think weíre on the same page here... I hope we are. I hope we are in a sense.

Eric: No, we are, we are. I just think that "wonít" is funny because I know the US book came afterwards and "wonít" is actually I think a funnier, a funnier word for him to have learned and it works better to tell the story for us. For the - I donít know.

Laura: Well sadly, I think that a lot of the changes in this book and just the title - changing it from Philosopher to Sorcerer's - I think they were doing a lot to Americanize it that way when American children read it, they wouldnít be confused which I think is very wrong because I think that children are smart enough to pick up on the fact that itís a different culture, and they will use different words.

Eric: I donít know, this early on I like that theyíve at least made more allowances lately. Like with the later books theyíve definitely not changed a lot.

Laura: Yes.

Eric: You can practically smell the Britishness. You open up the book and it's just like "Woo, a whiff of British air."

Andrew: It smells like Jamieís house.

Laura: Yeah, pretty much.

Eric: Yeah, it does smell like Jamieís house.

[Everyone laughing]

Newscaster = Ted Tonks?

Eric: So moving on, Vernon sits down at the news and he hears about the shooting stars in Kent. Now, guys, this is a complete jump ahead to Book 5, but if you guys notice the news anchor, his name is Ted and when heís talking about the shooting stars, it says, "He allowed himself a grin." Now would you assume that this Ted knew a little more about the shootings stars than he was letting on? He seems like a guy whoís like really happy to be reporting that there are shooting stars. I donít know, maybe - Iím thinking heís Ted Tonks. Ted Tonks, you know, is a Muggle.

Laura: That's interesting. No, actually I never thought about that and I also think that itís possible that we know that certain people in the Muggle world do know about the magical world. Like we know the Prime Minister knows. So itís entirely possible that certain people are enlightened, but I think thatís a really cool tie. I never thought about it.

Eric: I thought it would be really cool if he introduced - but yeah, heís like, "'Experts are unable to explain why the owls have suddenly changed their sleeping pattern...í Then the news reader allows himself a grin... 'Most mysterious...'" It's like, "Oooo, most mysterious!" Itís very funny, but "Now over to Jim McGuffern with the weather."

Andrew: Well, I think it could be one of those things where like on real television, newscasters, when theyíre reading a story that they find really stupid, they start laughing. I think that might be the same case with him.

Eric: Which is great. Which is why itís so normal and you wouldnít expect but knowing that Nymphadora - well, right. But knowing that Tonks' fatherís name is Ted, I thought that was pretty funny. And that might have been a really interesting... Like, itís possible. Itís one of those things we never find out about. But, you know?

Micah: And itís something sheíd definitely do.

Eric: Right.

Micah: She would put it in at the very beginning of the series knowing full well youíd forget about it and not really tie it in until some later point.

Andrew: Yeah, good point.

Ben: But then again, think about Mark Evans, how we thought that was something.

Eric: Oh god, no, donít mention that.

Laura: Exactly.

Eric: Donít mention that, don't mention that - itís five books from now.

Laura: Thatís why we have to be cautious about those red herrings.

Eric: So Vernon hears all this crap on the news about everything going haywire and he finally musters up the courage to ask Petunia if sheís heard about her sister. She says "No." He leaves it at that and goes to bed, but he canít sleep very well. And outside he looks, and the small cat is still there. The cat is still there outside watching him.

Andrew: And then midnight comes.

Eric: And a man appears on the corner. And he walks - well first of all, he takes out a cigarette lighter-type thing and takes out all the street lights, which makes it like the thing we saw in the movie.

Laura: This is where the movie starts.

Andrew: Yeah, when I was reading a couple of these quotes, they reminded me of the movie because theyíre direct out of the book, which I thought is always pretty cool when you get really down to it.

Eric: Yeah, I know what you mean. So...

Andrew: And then McGonagall rips on Dumbledore. Dumbledore says...

Eric: She rips on him?

Andrew: Yeah - Dumbledore says on pg. 9: "My dear Professor," says Dumbledore. "Iíve never seen a cat sit so stiffly." And McGonagall goes, "Girrrrrl you be stiff you be sittiní on brick wall all day. Mmmhmm."

[Everyone laughs]

Lost Day

Laura: Which sort of directly ties to the whole Lost Day thing. I mean when you think about it... How long would it take for Hagrid to fly from Godric's Hollow to Privet Drive? It certainly wouldnít take him 24 hours, and heís talking about how he pulled Harry from the rubble before the Muggles started swarming around.

Eric: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait Ė we didnít get to that, we didnít get to that yet...

Laura: What?

Eric: [makes unintelligible noises] Ė I have that written down...

Laura: Okay.

Eric: ...about the Muggles and I was thinking "What are Muggles doing in Godricís Hollow?" But weíve got to talk about that later. Hang on. Okay. So when Dumbledore first appears, it says, "Nothing like this man had ever been seen before on Privet Drive." That ties in to the missing day too because it states that he had not set foot on there before. So he probably, I think we can deduce that he put most of the protection on Privet Drive after that night if nothing had been seen like him.

Laura: Yes.

Eric: I think thatís just a general observation that we can make. Now, the question is he sits down and tells McGonagall that he must have passed a dozen feasts on his way there, but you know if Dumbledore Apparated there, how would he have passed a dozen feasts? Or is it an expression? Is he saying, you know, "Yo girl, you need to get out more, Yo." You know, to McGonagall. Or is he just... You know, it struck me as odd; he passed a dozen feasts on his way, but if you Apparate, donít you go directly to that place? And what does he mean by that?

Laura: I donít think thatís - I donít think thatís what he meant. I think he was just referencing the celebration, really. Sort of bringing the topic of conversation around to all of the parties and the shooting stars and...

Why Was McGonagall There?

Micah: Why is she there, though? I mean is it just for protection? Is she just kind of watching over the house? I mean do we ever get a real reason why sheís there?

Andrew: I thought it was exactly that. I thought it was just to watch over the house. I thought it said that in the books.

Micah: Yeah, but it doesnít really say definitively, does it?

Eric: Sheís there on her own will. Actually, nobody told her to go there. She had to beat it out of Hagrid to find out where he was going, which is interesting. Now I get the impression during Dumbledoreís relation to McGonagall that McGonagall does not know about the prophecy. This is jumping ahead just a little bit, but she does say that, letís see, itís on pg. 15 in the UK version. Okay, well, here, you know - sheís questioning Dumbledore about how the little boy, you know, all the people heís killed - he couldnít kill a little boy. Itís just astounding of all the things to stop him, how in the name of heaven could Harry survive. Clearly she doesnít know about the prophecy and I think itís interesting because Harry didnít tell her what happened with Dumbledore at the end of Book 6 and you know, I donít think Dumbledore told her about the - if she knew about the prophecy, she would clearly know at least that it, you know, she wouldnít be so shocked that Harry survived or that something weird happened at all. I think itís another instance where Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, hasnít even told his Headmistress some key element of something, and I think itís interesting to see Dumbledore hide stuff from Harry and then also hide stuff from teachers too.

Micah: I donít think she knows all that much throughout the series. I mean, I donít think she gets a lot of information. I think Dumbledore is very selective in terms of whom he trusts with information and it might not necessarily be because he thinks that sheís going to slip up, but just because he thinks that she doesnít need to know the information.

Laura: And also with things like the prophecy and the myriad of other things that Dumbledore, you know, shares with Harry, the less people you tell, the less risk you have. Itís just the - itís the same thing when you tell your friends a secret. You tell all of your friends something and suddenly the whole school knows, itís like, how am I going to know who slipped?

Eric: Well right, I mean I think it would definitely - itís just, I donít even know if itís a trust issue. Itís just in the way Dumbledore operates, I think.

Laura: Well, I mean like for instance, whenever I was doing this, I sort of picked up on things that I thought kind of stuck out and I was thinking about the Lost Day and also McGonagallís and Dumbledoreís relationship. It just goes to show that I think we were right in assuming that they werenít as close in the beginning of the series, and I think Harry was the reason that they got closer and they started working together more.

Eric: That would be another testament to what Ben and Andrew were saying about how the world changes around Harry and I think thatís really cool.

Laura: Exactly.

Eric: Speaking of this: "A fine thing would be if on the very day You-Know-Who seems to have disappeared, Muggles found out about us all." Is this not the ultimate foreshadowing to like, Book 7? If Voldemort disappears, would, could this not be in the very first book on pg. 13 of the UK freaking book, I think it starts on eight anyways, so itís on pg. 5 or 6 in the US. McGonagallís saying, "A fine thing it would be if the Muggles found out about us as soon as Voldemort is gone."

Where was Sirius?

Eric: So Hagrid comes. Theyíre talking and this big giant on a motorbike comes down, says he borrowed the bike from Sirius Black, which is really cool.

Andrew: So my question for this part is... Where was Sirius at this time? We know the whole Godricís Hollow thing. What exactly was he doing right around the time Hagrid came because he borrowed Siriusí motorcycle.

Eric: Well I think we can deduce...

Laura: Well...didnít he...

Eric: Heís not the Secret-Keeper, but he would be...

Laura: Ummm...

Eric: ...with the Potters.

Andrew: Do you think heís looking out for them right now?

Eric: I think, I think it would make sense in, know...

Laura: Well, didn't he - wait, wait, wait, didnít he actually - not to jump ahead in the series, but didnít he go after Peter the day after they were murdered?

Eric: Yes, he did. Which is...

Laura: Or hours after they were murdered?

Eric: Yeah.

Laura: Which means heís already been arrested at this point.

Eric: Ummm no. No. No, no, no. It was the next day. It was the next - I think it was sunlight.

Laura: But this is the next day.

Eric: I know, but mid-afternoon, Iím talking. Like it had to have been - I think, I think it would be still another day or so, Laura. I think...

Laura: Iím almost positive that thereís something up there. That thereís a mistake...

Eric: Hagrid...

Laura: ...because it really seems like he went after him right after he found out.

Eric: Yeah, but that doesnít mean he caught up with him right away. You know, Peter could be miles away. He could have told Voldemort. I mean, because the thing is - Hagrid says in Book 3 that he went back to return his bike back, but Hagrid would have found out. If heíd delivered Harry... If that had already happened....

Andrew: He doesnít say it in Book 3, he says it right in the beginning of Book 1. "Okay, I have to go return this to Sirius."

Eric: But in Book 3, he says when he found out about Sirius being a lying murderer, that was after. Like he didnít say any of that when he dropped Harry off. So that hasnít happened yet or they donít know. They donít need - and itís interesting also; itís kind of a contradiction like Laura was almost saying because Professor McGonagall, again, doesnít know any of this about Pettigrew and the Secret-Keeper and all sorts of other stuff and yet itís so mainstream in whatís happening. But I think that does happen the next day.

Micah: Well, no one knows about Pettigrew being the Secret-Keeper. Not even Dumbledore. We went over this when we talked about Pettigrew.

Eric: Youíre right. So...

Micah: Yes.

Eric: But still, still, they donít know that Sirius is a bad guy. So she mentions his name and thatís all good, and this whole thing happens I think, before all that stuff happens. So Iíd imagine right now, Sirius is - Oh yeah, thatís right! Sirius shows up and asks to take after Harry because heís his godfather, remember that? He asks Hagrid to take him. And then Hagrid says no, "Iíve got orders from Dumbledore," but okay so, Hagrid...

Laura: Yeah, that was at Godricís Hollow.

Godric's Hollow

Eric: So, Hagrid lands and he tells, he tells him that the house was destroyed and stuff and that he had to get Harry out of the house before the Muggles all swarmed around. First of all, okay, this is Godricís Hollow. At the end of Book 6 we donít even know what it is. We can assume that Harry knows what it is because thatís one of those things that JKR never explained and probably should have, but we get a pit feeling that Harry knows because heís all like, "Let's go to Godric's Hollow. My parents are buried there." Anyway, Godricís Hollow: What is it?

Laura: Wasnít that answered?

Eric: Muggles, Muggles, can be there though. So whatís...

Laura: Well, we donít know that it was a pure wizarding community.

Eric: But, youíd think it would be if it was named after - but then again, Godric was a welcoming person. But the question is, we had this whole Fidelius charming thing so I donít even know why Hagrid could have found the house the Potters were in, even though after they were dead, it might have worn off. Thatís the other thing. But Hagrid went and there was all of this smoldering rubble. First of all, the Death Curse shouldnít leave any trace, so I donít know why the house was destroyed. Maybe that was because Voldemort, you know, kind of blew up when he died - whatever. Thatís fine I can deal with that. Where are Lily and James? Why would Hagrid pick Harry up and take him out and what would happen to Lily and James? Thatís the other thing: Harry is so convinced that theyíre buried there at Godricís Hollow. I donít even know why he would know that, because from the look of things, it just seemed like the whole house was destroyed and Hagrid kind of went in to get Harry and left.

Laura: But didnít Sirius say something about seeing their bodies?

Eric: I really doubt it. I really donít know. I donít remember. Weíll find out when weíre reading through but... Listener Rebuttal please call, phone in.

Andrew: Actually, e-mail mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com.

Eric: "The house was destroyed and he got Harry out before the Muggles started swarming around. He fell asleep as we were flying over Bristol." But you did bring up a point. I donít know how long Hagrid was going through, flying, and taking him, but...

Laura: Yeah, but itís...the kids get on a train in London and we know that theyíre going somewhere in Scotland. That only takes them, you know, from the morning to the evening.

Eric: Well, itís just, it's just like at the end of Chapter 3.

Laura: And thatís in a train, not flying, and flying is much faster.

Eric: Well at the end of Chapter 3, Harryís counting down to his birthday, and he starts from like five minutes when he starts hearing Hagrid on the rocks, you know, when itís five minutes to go. So, itís like, you know, it takes five minutes for Hagrid to get out of, you know, whatever heís using, climb up and knock on the door. Thatís just crap. Itís not right, but itís perfectly timed with his birthday. And we still donít know why Harry knows when his birthday is, but thatís been speculated and stuff.

Andrew: So, we learned a lot about a few people in this chapter. We learned a lot about Mr. Dursley, a good amount about Dumbledore, a good amount about Dudley, and how already we can see that heís pretty obnoxious. We learn that McGonagall is very "rrrarrr," snap.

Eric: [attempting to impersonate Andrew] "Girl, you be sittiní like that too, if you had your back to the wall, Girl." That was funny, Andrew. Heís got the Jersey thing going on. Andrew has totally got this Jersey Hooker, red-light district type attitude going on. Itís really funny.

[Everyone laughing]

Laura: WHAT?

Andrew: Flattering. Thanks, Eric.

Chapter Two - "The Vanishing Glass"

Andrew: So , that wraps up Chapter 1. Now letís go on to Chapter 2. "The Vanishing Glass." Eric?

Eric: So, itís Dudleyís birthday and thatís when Harry wakes up. Itís Dudleyís birthday and we get really, if we didnít have enough of it from his childhood, we really learn a lot more about Dudley in this chapter.

Andrew: And this is the chapter where we first see Harryís ability. His real ability thatís going to play a part mostly in Chamber of Secrets.

Eric: His specialness.

Andrew: Itís Dudleyís birthday and they decide to go to the zoo...

Eric: They don't...

Andrew: Where do you want to start talking, Eric?

Eric: Well, first of all they go - yeah - he's basically getting treated really badly. He lives in a cupboard under the stairs, they donít really acknowledge him and donít ask questions. Thatís pointed out very early. Thatís the key to living a life with the Dursleys. No questions, and Harry really canít help it, you know? Dudley doesnít want him to go to the zoo, but they really have no place other to take him and Harry canít...

Andrew: Because Mrs. Figg broke her leg...

Eric: Thatís interesting.

Andrew: And then Uncle Vernon says, "Oh, we could phone Marge," and then Mrs. Dursley says, "Don't donít be silly, Vernon, she hates the boy."

Eric: But Harry canít help but feel responsible for this because strange things have always happened around him. Such as - you know, I think I found something, and it offers complete insight into the Goblet of Fire films and the trend of the future films. But I think itís very unfortunate because itís foreshadowing. Let me just find this, itís on 21 in the UK book. It says, "About once a week, Uncle Vernon looked over the top of his newspaper and shouted that Harry needed a haircut. Harry must have had more haircuts than the rest of the boys in his class put together, but it made no difference. His hair simply grew that way, all over the place." So, people of the world: Iím sorry. If you want to see Dan Radcliffe and Rupert Grint with shorter hair in the future movies, donít count on it. JKR has said it quite clearly, right here, that Harryís hair simply grows that way.

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