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Ben: Hey everybody! Welcome to MuggleCast - Episode 32 - coming to you live from Moundridge, Kansas. I'm Ben Schoen.

Andrew: Sims, Andrew.

Ben: [impersonating Kevin] I'm Kevin Steck.

Eric: [impersonating Jamie] I'm Jamie Lawrence.

Andrew: [impersonating Laura] I'm Laura Thompson.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Ben: [impersonating Micah] And I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

We have a full house here this week, people.

Andrew: We do.

Ben: We have Eric, Andrew, Kevin, Jamie, Laura. Geez.

Andrew: [impersonating Laura] Yeah, this is great. I love this.

Eric: [impersonating Jamie] Can somebody post the schedule? Can somebody post the schedule?

Andrew: [impersonating Laura] No, why do you keep asking?

Eric: [impersonating Jamie] I want the schedule.

Ben: Okay, Jamie. I gave you the schedule three minutes ago.

Eric: [impersonating Jamie] Go into the Writely. Dude, go into the Writely and get the schedule.

Ben: [impersonating Micah] Hey Ben, I forgot to do the News this week. What are we going to do about that?

Andrew: Micah, can you stop asking questions?

Ben: Micah! Andrew, what are we going to do about him?

Andrew: I don't know. Laura?

Ben: [impersonating Kevin] Hey, don't be so mean to Micah! Micah is a good person. I am backwards compatible with Windows 3.1.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: [impersonating Laura] No you're not. You've got Windows XP. Windows 3.1 doesn't exist.

Eric: Oh, quiet down Laura. I used to have Windows 3.1.

Andrew: [impersonating Laura] What are you talking about?

Ben: Okay.

Eric: Laura, okay, whatever.

Andrew: [impersonating Laura] Stop it!

Ben: Okay. Okay, guys. [laughs] The jig is up people. It's not really... We don't have a full house here. It is just the Three Amigos, right Eric?

Eric: The Three Amigos - that's correct.

Ben: It's me, Ben Schoen, Andrew Sims, and Eric Scull. Micah, grace us with your amazing power of voice-over and take away the News.


To celebrate the release of the UK Goblet of Fire DVD, Collectormania 9 will be attended by several Harry Potter actors. Actors confirmed thus far are Robert Pattinson (Cedric), Matthew Lewis (Neville), and James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George). Admission is free and the event runs from April 28th to May 1st, with most of the Harry Potter guests appearing on Sunday, 30th April.

Lizo of CBBC Newsround recently visited the set of the fifth Harry Potter movie and interviewed the stars. Among the information that was gathered we learned that the kissing scene has been postponed for a few weeks due to Dan having the flu, scenes involving the Room of Requirement and the Forbidden Forest have started filming, including the part where the centaurs rampage after Umbridge. And David Heyman said the film would be released either summer or fall 2007, and the sixth film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be out late 2008. He also mentioned that a trailer should be revealed by the end of this year. Check out the full video of the interview on

More Order of the Phoenix news: Gary Oldman's long-time manager Doug Urbanski completed the deal Tuesday morning with Harry Potter producer David Heyman, making it official that the actor will reprise the role of Sirius Black in the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie.

Jamie Waylett, the actor who plays Crabbe in the Potter films has updated his online blog with a few Order of the Phoenix filming updates, so be sure to check those out.

J.K. Rowling has painted a ceramic egg and donated it to an auction taking place at Jam House in Queen Street today, which will benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society Scotland. A variety of other celebrities have done the same, and at least 150 people are expected to attend and tickets are priced at £50 each, which includes a champagne reception, a three-course meal, whisky tasting and live entertainment from The Jam House band. Man, I wish I was going to that.

British afternoon talk show Richard & Judy announced Friday that in series two, beginning on June 19th, they will conduct an exclusive interview with Jo Rowling! By that time, we expect her to have quite a good bit of Book 7 written, so you know, we hope she'll talk a little about that. The date of this interview ties in with Jo's planned appearance at the Queen's 80th birthday party at Buckingham Palace.

Continuing their site updates, Scholastic, the American Harry Potter publisher has updated once again to include new downloads related to Prisoner of Azkaban. Updates for Goblet of Fire through Half-Blood Prince are expected in the upcoming weeks.

Finally, you can read about Snape killing Dumbledore in paperback, as the UK and US editions of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince are set to be released on June 23rd and July 25th, respectively. Both versions can be pre-ordered through

That's all the news for this March 26th, 2006 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the Trio.

Ben: Thanks for that, Micah.


Ben: Okay, it's time for some announcements, right Andrew? Right, Andrew? Right, Andrew?

Andrew: That's wrong, Ben.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: No, let's see. What do we have here? Just the usual stuff guys. Don't forget to buy a MuggleCast t-shirt because as Eric said last week, something about Tootsie Rolls - they are going to explode. I can't... I can't... I can't remember why.

Eric: [laughs] Explode.

Andrew: Something about exploding Tootsie Pops.

Eric: Yes.

Andrew: I zoned out after your first two sentences.

Eric: Yes, Andrew.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Usually everything you say after your first two sentences is completely useless. So... [laughs]

Eric: Except for the last two sentences in which I sum it up.

Andrew: Oh, okay.

Ben: But also, vote for us on Podcast Alley - this is ridiculous, right Andrew?

Andrew: Yeah, because usually I don't like to ask because it's like, "Oh, they already know. I shouldn't have to say anything." But then, we're not even in the Top 10 list, so it kind of worries me. So, don't forget. Once we're in the Top 10 list I will stop bugging.

Ben: It's terrible! Yeah.

Andrew: And one last thing, just a general notice, we usually record these shows on Wednesdays now, so if you want to get in your Listener Rebuttals or your What Ifs or whatever you want, your Voicemails too - those especially - make sure you get those in by Wednesday of each week because we usually record on Wednesdays. Anything after that is usually going to get, won't make it on the show. We'll read them, but it probably won't make it on the show.

Eric: Right, for...

Andrew: So, listen to the show early in the week, gather your thoughts and send in your stuff.

Eric: That's right.

Ben: That is correct. We forgot to explain ourselves - why there isn't very many people this week. I think...

Eric: I got the perfect idea.

Ben: What is it Eric?

Andrew: Why?

Eric: They didn't buy their MuggleCast t-shirts. And so now they are running around stark naked trying to find clothes and they couldn't be with us because of what I said the first time, which was...

Ben: [laughs] Yeah!

[Andrew and Ben laugh throughout]

Andrew: You'll lose your clothes. But seriously the reason that they are not on is because originally we were going to record Wednesday like we usually do and then now we're recording Saturday night. [laughs]

Ben: Yeah. [laughs]

Andrew: We got... I got T-minus 12 hours - 18 hours to finish it.

Ben: Yeah poor...poor Andrew.

Andrew: Nobody could make it.

Ben: Well see what happened was, on Wednesday we were going to record, and then Jamie had some audio problems where he couldn't get his mike working.

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: And then tonight, he set his alarm for 4 AM...

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Just to get up.

Ben: he could come on the show, and then his mike still wouldn't work - the poor guy. So we're going to get him hooked up with a new one here soon enough.

Andrew: And then the reason Kevin isn't here is because he's at some community service event, which I thought was really nice. I said, you know what, go do your community service thing.

Ben: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, its...

Andrew: Because you're...

Ben: Hope he doesn't have too wild of a night.

Eric: Yeah, it's Daffodil Days.

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: I just thought that was nice, and sorry he couldn't be on. And Laura is doing something and Micah is doing something, so... [laughs]

Listener Rebuttal

Ben: It's time for this week's Listener Rebuttal, right Andrew? I always say that, "Right, Andrew?"

Eric: [impersonating Andrew] Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: So, as you guys remember from last week, this is going to be the part of the show where we read listener e-mails on the air that respond to things that we discussed the episode before. So, this first one comes from Jenna, 14, of Connecticut. She writes (very short and to the point): "I think the reason JKR does more narrating in the first book is that the characters aren't developed enough yet in order to drive the stories themselves."

Now, we had been talking about how J.K. [mispronounces] Rowling wrote it this way, and basically that sums up what we were saying. I just thought that was nice.

Eric: That's nice, yeah.

Ben: That is nice.

Eric: Well also, Harry is young in the way that... Well, first of all, if the story started with Harry that would be kind of interesting, but we wouldn't have that back story. And what little back story we have is very important. But yeah, I like hearing about... I think one of the things about Harry Potter is that the most fascinating characters are - I don't want to say the ones that aren't Harry, but all the characters are interesting and it's good to see stuff about them too, and we don't really get a lot of that later on.

Andrew: Right, and then also a little slip up last week. Well actually, I don't know. Was this a slip up, Eric?

Eric: Wait, what?

Andrew: About Ted Tonks being a Muggleborn?

[Ben laughs]

Eric: No, because I'm... Well, read it first.

Andrew: A lot of people missed... Well, it came from tons of people. I don't have... I'm not quoting any specific person.

Eric: Oh...

Andrew: A lot of people wrote in to say that, "You guys are wrong. You're idiots. Ted Tonks is actually a Muggleborn." But Eric was the one talking about it. Do you... I think people just misinterpreted what you were saying.

Eric: Yeah, I think... Ted Tonks is Muggleborn. There were a lot of people who cited that, and somebody we actually quoted - are you sure it isn't in the Writely? - said something about...

Andrew: The milkman thing?

Eric: Yeah, yeah. Somebody wrote in to say that I was wrong, that Ted...

Andrew: Matt...

Eric: Oh, you have the name?

Andrew: Matt Smith from Bloomington, Illinois in fact. He points out that Ted Tonks was actually a milkman. He wasn't sure where he found it, but he read somewhere that Ted Tonks was a milkman, actually.

Eric: [gasps] But I do have a response to this. I think that actually it was not Ted Tonks that was a milkman - I might be going out on a limb, you can Listener Rebuttal me next week - but I think it was Colin Creevey's and Dennis Creevey's dad who was mentioned as being a milkman. And it doesn't mean that Ted couldn't be a milkman, you know, don't get me wrong, but I think it was Mr. Creevey who specifically said... I think it was Book 2, Colin went up and introduced himself to Harry and then told him his whole lifestory about his father being a milkman, so I think that it's Mr. Creevey. So, Ted Tonks may be Muggleborn - that's fine. Or he may be Muggle, who knows? The world may never know. Just like Tootsie Rolls, but never mind. Tootsie Pops and so yeah, I think Mr. Creevy is the milkman.

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, I think so too. Our next Listener Rebuttal. Tricia M., 14, from Long Island, New York writes Sirius had a wand in Book 5 in the chapter when Harry and the Weasleys went back to Grimmauld Place after the attack on Mr. Weasley, Sirius uses his want to summon Butterbeer and he clearly says, "Accio, Butterbeer." So, we know he got a wand back, but was it his wand, or was it someone else's wand?

Eric: Well Andrew, my question is what's it really matter if he got the Butterbeer? [laughs]

Andrew: Because... Well, it proves that he says...

Eric: [laughs] Well, yeah. No, I was... But he got what he wanted. So...

Andrew: We just want to know how he got it back.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: That was the question last week.

Ben: It's sort of like how did Voldemort get his wand back after he died?

Eric: Well, and the thing is...

Ben: It's sort of the same thing. And don't you think the Ministry would have snapped his wand?

Eric: You'd really think so. Just like, you know, what the heck.

Ben: He's given a life sentence is Azkaban, wouldn't they snap his wand?

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Yes.

Eric: I think to be safe, they would. In fact, Hagrid's wand was snapped and he only got expelled from Hogwarts, didn't you notice that?

Ben: Yeah.

Eric: Like what's the deal with that? Couldn't he enroll in another school or something? Did he need a new wand? I mean he paid like seven Galleons for that thing, you know? You're not going to just... Why snap it when he got out of Hogwarts? Couldn't he, you know...

Ben: Right, but I have a feeling he probably went to [mispronounces meaning to say Ollivander's] Alivan's to get - no he couldn't have done that, because he was on the run.

Eric: You mean Ollivander's. I made that mistake too.

Ben: Ollivander's. I was like Alivan's - wait a minute.

Eric: Yeah, [laughs] but...

Ben: Actually, I sent him one. I sent him a wand.

Andrew: Now, wasn't...

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: ...I thought I remember seeing an e-mail about this.

Eric: I don't know, our good friend... Actually guys, while we are on about Sirius. Our good friend Chaya from the LIVE podcast - she lives in New York.

Andrew: That I called "Shhaya" or something? [laughs]

Eric: She wrote to me. Chaya, yeah. But anyway, she wrote in to me like... She wrote me an instant message like five minutes before I signed off, before we recorded the show, and she said, she had a rebuttal about needing a wand to use Animagus - to turn yourself into an Animagus. And she said that was probably not true because Sirius once again escaped Azkaban and he found that he was able to turn gradually like into a dog. And they wouldn't notice because they sensed, the Dementors sensed a diminishing feeling - that sort of thing. So, I think it is just a movie error. But yeah, that was her rebuttal. She said Sirius pretty much escaped as a dog, you know, and therefore couldn't get his wand or couldn't have his wand or didn't need to use his wand.

Andrew: But he could have used someone else's or...

Ben: It's true.

Andrew: Or he could have...

Eric: Well, I don't think wands are easily accessible.

Ben: This last listener rebuttal is just about, well, how did he end up with a wand in the first place?

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: After he got out.

Eric: And that's really the question.

Ben: I don't know. Ask Jo.

Andrew: One last listener rebuttal. This comes from Jimmy Rose who sent us a really long e-mail with lots of rebuttals. Some of them are pretty good, like the Tootsie Roll one, but I just want to talk about the one where he talks about "won't" and "shan't" because we had discussed this for an alarming amount of time last week.

Eric: This is interesting. This is like, yeah. This is one of the most responsed theories.

Andrew: Because this is an interesting topic, but I think Jimmy gets it. Jimmy writes: "I'm sorry to tell you guys that revision of "shan't" in the British version to "won't" in the American version is the result of American common usage, changing the proper forms of the English language. The truth is that one should never say "I will" or "I won't". First person present tense of this verb is "shall". This is given more properly as "I shall" or "I shan't". American usage is colored by our need to remove perceived complexities or perceived pretension. "Shall" somehow sounds a little prissy so America decided not to use the word properly. In fact "shall" has come to take on a slightly different meaning in legal language. In that arena the word "shall" carries with it the intent of command. For example, "the claimant shall be compelled to cease and desist." Proper English would rephrase that as "claimant will be compelled." So basically, what he's saying, in all of that, is that us Americans screw up the English language terribly.

Ben: Right, right. Like the point I made last week. It's just idiomatic differences between the two languages. Well, they're the same language, but between - idiomatic differences between American English and between British English. That's all it is. The Americans messed things up. I guess. Blame America.

Andrew: But it is our fault, right? Not ours personally, but the country as a whole.

Ben: It's better.

Andrew: I think it is better.

Ben: We're...[laughs]

Andrew: That's your typical American, grease at McDonald's mentality, teenager.

Ben: Mock. [laughs] Well...

Andrew: I mean I'm not walking around saying, "Dawg, what's up?" and "Dawg, yo 'sup?"

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: "The kitchen's done," when you're supposed to say finished.

Ben: That wraps up this week's Listener Rebuttal. Remember send in your listener rebuttals to mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com. You can go to and use the Feedback Form and send them to us. So remember, if there's something that we mess up, or if you have some complaints, just e-mail us. Right, Andrew? [laughs]

Andrew: That's right.

Book Discussion: Chapters 4-5, Sorcerer's Stone

Ben: Eric, this your baby right here. Our in-depth discussion. The Three Amigos here. We're going to have an in-depth discussion about Sorcerer's Stone Chapters 4 and 5. So, I hope all of you little kiddies out there read Chapters 4 and 5.

Andrew: Did your homework. That was your assignment.

Ben: Did your homework. That... Yeah, MuggleCast homework.

Andrew: I love assigning homework - my minions.

Ben: So Eric, do you want to start off with a summary or something here?

Eric: Sure, first I am going to say we did get a lot of feedback. And thank you to everybody who gave us feedback on the Chapter-by-Chapter segment. I did respond to a lot of the things in length over on our fan listing forums: But Iím just going to recap here. A lot of people seem to think it was a bit too much summary last week that we included in it, and that maybe we should bring up things, like, maybe the top four ideas that we think happened in the chapter and, you know, things like that. While weíre doing this chapter discussion, and I wanted to say...

Andrew: And to that I say, "Tough!"

[Ben laughs]

Eric: No, actually, you were the one that said, "Yeah, thatís a great idea!" until I thought...

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Because if we only did four things it would only be - I took fifty notes for this chapter alone. I mean...

Ben: Eric Scull, you are hardcore!

Eric: I am, but itís not like - Iím not going to talk about all of them, Iím not going to kill our listeners. I think that we should still follow Harry through the book so that we can point out issues.

Chapter 4 - The Keeper of the Keys

Ben: Chapter 4: "The Keeper of the Keys." [impersonating Hagrid] Rubeus Hagrid. Keeper of the Keys at Hogwarts.

Eric: No youíre right.

[Ben laughs]

Eric: [impersonating Hagrid] Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Let's just skip to the point because, as you anxious fans have said, "Weíve already read the books! We know everything!" So, here we go. First thing you notice, or first thing I noticed, Vernon, Uncle Dursley, was holding a rifle and, you know, that was the thing in the long slip that he bought and nobody knew what it was - next to the chips. Guys, why do you think he has a rifle? I mean, it seems like a stupid question but if you think about - hereís these, you know, magic people heís running all across the country from and he buys the rifle, and Hagrid just bends it in two. It's completely useless. So, why would Vernon even buy a rifle? Seems like a waste of money. He could have bought...

Andrew: Because...

Ben: It is. It is a waste of money.

Andrew: No, itís not. Heís using it in his defense.

Ben: Sort of as a symbol. Yeah, I think J.K. Rowling, the reason she wrote it that way, it was a symbol to demonstrate just how scared he is and how heís pulling at strings to try to find a way somehow to protect his family, and Harry, from the magical people.

Eric: Okay.

Ben: If you know what Iím saying.

Andrew: And didnít you say, Eric, it just went to waste?

Eric: Yeah, it really did. Like, he could have bought more rations with that money. [laughs]

Ben: Oh yeah, more bags of chips.

[Ben and Andrew laugh]

Andrew: Yeah, he didnít know Hagrid was going to show up and bend the gun in half. Like, not every wizard can bend a gun, so whatís the worst they could do? Grab it from them and...

Eric: I think they were very lucky it was...

Ben: Or they could zap them into oblivion. [laughs]

Andrew: Incendio.

Eric: You know? And they could turn the Dursleys into animals. Several times in the books the Dursleys are all worried about - especially after the Dudley pig thing.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: But, anyway...

Andrew: True. But a gun is a gun.

Eric: A gun is a gun.

Andrew: Which is interesting. I donít know how wizards would take a gun. Like, if someone is pointing a gun at you...

Eric: They would wrap their hands around the barrel, and they would pull it. [laughs]

Andrew: No. No, they wouldnít. That's interesting. How would wizards...

Ben: Actually, actually, actually...

Andrew: How would wizards react to a gun?

Ben: I donít know.

Eric: They would do the Matrix thing with their wand, where they would stop it in mid-air with their wand. Hereís a book-movie discrepancy. Itís still... The first line of the chapter right? So, Hagrid bursts through the door, but in the movie - movie, itís a little bit more comical. He says, "Oh, sorry about that," and he goes and picks the door up. That doesnít happen in the book. What happens in the book, Hagrid comes in - itís rather rude. Because he comes in and theyíre staring at him and Hagrid says - he says, "You wouldnít happen to have some tea? It hasnít been an easy journey." Itís like - you know? He just comes in and is like, "Got some tea?"

Ben: Yeah.

[Ben and Eric laugh]

Eric: You know? Instead of like, "Sorry about that, I didn't mean to," this clumsy giant - and also, he recognizes Harry right away, which is interesting in the movie why they, make him recognize Dudley first, you know? And have him say, "You're particularly round."

Ben: Well, it was just for comic...

Eric: Well, I guess but...

Ben: Comic purposes.

Eric: Itís really interesting, so...

Andrew: I really think that was basically Chris Columbusí style. He wanted to make it fun.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Like if youíre going to a movie to see entertainment and be entertained, Hagrid is a perfect of character to bring out the laughs from people because you see him come in, "Oops, sorry about that."

Ben: [laughs] Yeah.

Andrew: You know? Ha, ha, ha, ha - look at him.

Ben: "Oops."

Andrew: It was for comedy. Chris Columbus is a very family-orientated film maker.

Eric: He really is and he...

Andrew: When heís filming, I will bet you he is always keeping the family of four going to see the movie in mind.

Eric: And Steve Kloves.

First Eye Mention

Hereís a big plot. Once Hagrid recognizes Harry, he says right away, out of nowhere, almost as his abruptly as he says, "You got any tea?" - which was rude. He turns to Harry and says, "You look like your dad except youíve got your mother's eyes. Those mother's eyes." Now we hear, time and time again. And just like where we want to track - where I wanted to track all of Harryís dreams, we should track all the times they tell him he has his motherís eyes because everybody, the first thing, "Oh, you look like your dad but you have your mothers eyes."

Ben: Yeah.

Eric: What do you guys think? Like why is that - itís after Book 6. And why is...

Ben: Right, well I think thereís something significant about Harryís eyes.

Eric: I think there has to be, I mean...

Ben: Because it has something to do with, you know, it's the one trait he has of his mother because besides that he looks pretty much like his dad. And his motherís love is the only reason that heís alive to begin with.

Eric: I think thatís interesting. What do - yeah...

Ben: What about the eyes though? What significance do they hold?

Eric: I don't know. What do eyes do in the books? Have we met any powerful eyes, I mean any power...

Ben: Well, Voldemortís eyes are oftentimes - arenít they - theyíre red. Right?

Eric: I donít know. That might be a movie thing, that might be a book thing, I forget which. I think theyíre slit-like. Theyíre like snake eyes.

Ben: Yeah, theyíre slit-like but - I donít know. Sometimes you can tell a lot by somebodyís eyes.

Andrew: Yeah, I was going to say - I think you guys are over thinking it a little too much. Eyes show the most emotion in someoneís face. I think...

Ben: Yeah.

Eric: Eh.

Andrew: I thought I remembered reading something about that. They got to, they show a million different things. If you just look at a personís eyes, you could probably see how theyíre feeling. Eyes are very defining.

Eric: I agree with that, and I was going mention...

Andrew: Eric, you have beautiful eyes.

Ben: He does. God, theyíre beautiful.

Andrew: Like, what does anyone say? Even like your typical family? Your typical family member will go, "Oh, he has his mother's eyes," you know? Like to a newborn or, you know? No one says he has his mother's...never mind.

Eric: [laughing] He has his mother's... ankles.

Andrew: No.

Eric: They always bring up Lilyís eyes like itís some kind of magical significance because they do bring it up a lot, but I wanted to say, in addition to what Andrew said, actually I agree with that. I think maybe - do you guys think that since they compare him to his dad physically, do you think that the relationship where they say that you have your mother's eyes and the eyes tell most about the person, say that Harry isnít cocky like his father was? Do you think thatís what JKRís trying to draw out? That Harry even though he looks like his dad, heís more kind than possibly we know James to have been.

Ben: I think that itís - I think itís just a distinct differentiation between him and his father. I personally think thatís all it is.

Eric: You are truly are not your fatherís son, Harry. Because...

Andrew: No, not that way. There has got to be differences. If those two are just like each other, there are going to be a million more assumptions.

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: Youíre right, youíre right.

Andrew: He canít really have that. Itís a boring character. I mean, you read up on James and you know about Harry.

[Eric laughs]

Ben: Yeah. [laughs]

Andrew: Theyíre going to be exactly alike.

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