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Hello, everyone and welcome to MuggleCast 33! I'm Andrew Sims.

Ben: I'm Ben Schoen.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Jamie: I'm Jamie Lawrence.

Greg: And I'm Greg Porter.

Andrew: Wait! Greg Porter?

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Any relation to MuggleNet Greg?

Greg: Maybe!

Andrew: Yes or no? Just yes or no?

Greg: Yeah, the real.

Andrew: Oh John Noe would like to be on this episode. And America's favorite Brit Jamie Lawrence is also back too. It's about time Jamie.

Jamie: I know. It's terrible, isn't it? It's a bad effort.

Andrew: Before we go anywhere else, first let's check in with Micah Tannenbaum for the past week's top Harry Potter news stories.


Micah:, a fan site for the actress who will be portraying Luna Lovegood in Order of the Phoenix, has debunked recent rumors of Evanna dropping out of the fifth film. Although the rumors suggest her agent made the departure statement, makes a point of reminding visitors that Evanna doesn't even have an agent. Evanna will be in Order of the Phoenix, due out sometime next year.

Wednesday morning, the Australian show "Sunrise" aired an interview with Dan, Rupert, Emma and Katie on the set of the fifth Harry Potter movie where they talked quite a lot about filming.

And thanks to you can see more photos (1, 2, 3) of Hagrid's hut. I know you've been waiting for those. If you weren't excited enough by the first set, there is now a scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head standing in the vegetable patch. Wow!

As we reported a few weeks ago, Harry Potter was nominated for both favorite book (for the entire series) and favorite movie (for Goblet of Fire) at the 2006 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. The series and the movie proved successful, nabbing both the awards.

At Wednesday night's British Book Awards ceremony in London, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was named book of the year. The awards are voted on by the public and Rowling beat out autobiographies by the likes of John Peel and Sharon Osbourne.

The fourth Harry Potter DVD has proved enormously successful in the UK where it now holds the title of fastest selling DVD ever. Every second on the day of its release (on March 20th), six copies fell into eager fans' hands, and three copies per second were sold in the first six days since the movie hit the shelves. To date, 1.4 million copies have been sold, making it the seventh best selling DVD of all time.

Rupert Grint - along with the Phelps twins - were at the "Harry Potter Movie Marathon" in Rome's Warner Village. The Marathon included screenings of the first three Harry Potter movies, and the actors signed autographs between breaks.

JKR recently painted a ceramic egg and donated it to an auction organized by Make Your Mark in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society in Scotland. The egg raised 2600 and a total of almost 30,000 was raised at the event.

Finally, J.K. Rowling has opened the door on her website to give us...a test! Not sure what this all WOMBAT stuff means, but I am sure that we will find out in the upcoming week. Be sure to tune in to MuggleCast next week as the crew will be discussing JKR's latest surprise.

And before I wrap things up, Emerson and Melissa, I want that toaster back I sent you guys as a wedding gift.

That's all the news for this April 02nd, 2006 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show!

Andrew: All right, thank you Micah. [laughing]


Andrew: Now, a couple of quick announcements. The shortest MuggleCast t-shirt ad ever. Buy a MuggleCast t-shirt today!

Jamie: Yes, excellent!

Andrew: Moving on, vote for us on Podcast Alley!

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: I'm not complaining much because we're in the Top 10 list now.

Jamie: Even shorter, brilliant!

Andrew: Don't forget. Thank you for all your e-mails. We're taking your feedback and putting it to good use. And it's time to put in your RSVPs for Lumos 2006. We will all be...

Ben: E-mail hplive...

Andrew: at...

Ben: hplive at gmail dot com.

Andrew: at gmail dot com. Remember, this doesn't give you a seat. It merely says that you're coming. [laughs]

Ben: It let's us know. It let's us know some numbers.

Andrew: Yeah. hp live at gmail dot com. It's really important that everyone tells us if they're coming or not so we can get a good number.

Ben: And by the way Jamie Lawrence will be there.

Andrew: Yes, he will.

Ben: He will be there.

Andrew: Greg, you coming?

Greg: Hmmm.

Eric: Who?

Greg: Me?

Ben: Yeah, you.

Andrew: Are you coming?

Greg: Oh, I don't have money.

Andrew: Oh.

Greg: So, no.

Andrew: Ohhh, okay.

Greg: I'm poor.

Ben: Maybe if you concentrated on selling stuff on your website.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: And then changing the layout every other day, you would have money.

Greg: Well, actually I'm going on a rather long vacation this summer that's going to take up most of my money.

Jamie: A layout camp?

Ben: A layout camp. [laughs]

Greg: Yeah.

Andrew: A layout camp. [laughs] Is that like band camp?

Greg: Yeah.

Andrew: Okay. And... [laughs]

Greg: Well Andrew, you know that book I published?

Andrew: Yes.

Greg: Yeah.

Andrew: Ohhh.

Greg: So...

Andrew: He's got his own book published.

Ben: Yeah, he does. Buy it, Shadows Like Us by Greg Porter.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Put a link in the Show Notes. That's a good idea.

Andrew: And Yeah.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Go back weekly for a brand-new layout. You can see Greg hard at work on that stuff. [laughs]

Listener Rebuttal - All A Dream?

Andrew: Now let's move on to Listener Rebuttals. We got a lot of good ones this week. This first one comes from Kimberly from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She write on the last MuggleCast you said you cannot think of a TV show where the story had been a dream, and two examples came to mind

One was, in the 1980's Dallas had an entire season that was a dream that had killed off Bobby Ewing and the actor Patrick Duffy decided to come back to the show. At the end of the season his ex-wife walked into the bathroom and he was in the shower. It had been her dream. That must have been upsetting.

Then also, an example was Newhart. Bob Newhart starred as an innkeeper in Vermont. The town had lots of crazy characters. In the last episode you see Bob in bed and he "waked up." Whoa, woke up. This girl isn't good at writing.

Ben: Woked up?

[Andrew and Ben laugh]

Andrew: When he roles over his wife from his earlier show, The Bob Newhart Show was in bed with him. The entire series had been a dream. How upsetting.

Ben: Well, okay. Is this about us saying...

Greg: They make fun of that pirate thing on Family Guy.

Ben: Is this about us saying there wasn't a TV series or movie that ends in a dream?

Andrew: Yeah, like over a ten-year period and then it's all a dream.

Jamie: That would be a long time dream.

Greg: Weh weh weh wehhh!

Ben: Yeah. [laughs]

Andrew: Weh weh weh wehhh!

Greg: Wow. Yeah, who would run after J.K. Rowling to bring her down?

Eric: Yeah.

Greg: Yeah.

Listener Rebuttal - Mispronunciation

Andrew: Next e-mail. Hi, I have a listener rebuttal to do with Episode 32. You were talking about the pronunciation of [pronounces as ka-noots] "knuts." I know the Scholastic site says it is [pronounces as ka-noots] "K'nuts." But when Jo was reading Half-Blood Prince in Edinburgh, she pronounced as "nuts," no "K."

I meant to get confirmation on this, but yeah, Jamie what's your take on it?

Jamie: I think [pronounces as ka-noots] "K'nuts" is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my life.

Andrew: [laughs] Me too.

Jamie: I can't believe after I read... So sorry now, after I listened to the Scholastic. I thought there had been some kind of error. [pronounces as ka-noots] "K'nuts," it doesn't sound right at all - "nuts" is clearly it. And Andrew, it's Edinburgh not "Edinburrr."

Andrew: Oh, sorry Jamie.

Jamie: Just wanted to point that out.

Ben: It's Edinburgh.

Jamie: It's okay. Don't worry, I completely forgive you.

Andrew: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Ben: It's Edinburgh.

Greg: "Edinbore."

Andrew: Maybe for some reason Scholastic thinks it should be [pronounces as ka-noots] "K'nuts" and over in England they think it should be "nuts." [laughs]

Jamie: But nuts, how could you say [pronounces as ka-noots] "K'nuts"? It's like Galleons...

Andrew: "Ka-noots" sounds better I think.

Jamie: Galleons, Sickles, and [pronounces as ka-noots] "K'nuts." Oh yeah, that flows really well.

Andrew: Yeah. Good point.

Ben: Yeah.

Jamie: "Suh-ickles" and "Guh-alleons."

Ben: Just like the Scholastic Pronunciation Guide also says, "Rubayus."

Jamie: I know, I know.

Ben: "Rubayus," like "Rubayus," "Rubayus." "Ka-noots," "Ka-noots."

Jamie: The woman is so softly spoken you can barely hear her. She couldn't actually get more softly spoken.

Greg: I think she's a machine.

Jamie: Yeah, she is.

Ben: "Rubayus."

Andrew: All right.

Greg: Yeah, one of those free ones.

Andrew: Well, there you go.

Listener Rebuttal - Audio Comment Music

Andrew: Sorry if I pronounced your names wrong. Zainab, 15 from Milton, Ontario, Canada. Eh, Eh, Andrew. Ay, Andrew?

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: Actually it says, "Hi!" but I was just wondering about the music you play during the audio comments. What is it called. I absolutely adore it for some random reason.

Jamie: This is just to fan Andrew's ego, this is.

[Andrew laughs]

Andrew: Yes, it is.

Ben: Yeah, that's all it is.

Andrew: I just wanted to say I added this because we get so many e-mails, believe or not, and I'm not joking. I made it in SoundTrack. It's one layer of music with three different guitar riffs.

Jamie: Wow. Wow.

Andrew: So, I'll be releasing it on a CD for $39.99.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Shipping is $30.00 as well.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: $50.00 to ship it to England. So, if you want it, please email andrew at staff dot mugglenet dot com. I'll be happy to mail you a 20-minute version. [laughs] A 20-minute loop.

Ben: 20-minute version...[laughs] You'll just loop it over and over.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Jamie: A CD costs one thousand [pronounces it ka-noots] Knuts.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah! There you go!

[Everyone laugh]

Andrew: Put that in the CNN Money Converter... [laughs]

Jamie: Or ten Knuts.

Andrew: ...and see what happens.

Jamie: One thousand [pronounces it noots] Knuts or ten [pronounces it ka-noots] Knuts, okay? Whichever you prefer.

Listener Rebuttal - Hagrid's Bad Wizard Comment

Andrew: [laughs] Next one comes from FJ, 22 of North Carolina. "Hi. You guys analyzed Hagrid's comment that 'There weren't a witch or wizard that went bad that wasn't in Slytherin' and tried to apply that to the case of Pettigrew. You have to remember, though, that no one knew Pettigrew was alive - not even Dumbledore. Granted, that was a gross over-exaggeration, however it's not the sort of comment that can be analyzed that way because Hagrid didn't have all the information on Pettigrew. He's a 'special case' because he faked his own death - rather successfully."

Jamie: I just assumed that - that comment, "There wasn't a witch or wizard that went bad that wasn't in Slytherin," - I mean obviously, it means that, you know, every single witch or wizard that went bad came from Slytherin. But, does that mean that there have been some good people who have come from Slytherin, or that every single person from Slytherin is bad?

Ben: They can't all be bad.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: That'd be what we call - [in a British accent] in America, we call it a stereotype.

Jamie: What are you talking about, Ben?

Andrew: Stereotyping!

Ben: Well, if you - if you [laughs] say that everyone goes into Slytherin comes out bad...

Jamie: I'm not stereotyping.

Ben: ...that's a stereotype. It's like saying every Muslim's a terrorist.

Jamie: Ben, I'm not stereotyping, I'm generalizing.

[Andrew, Ben and Greg laugh]

Jamie: Get it right, get it right!

Andrew: No generalizing is allowed...

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: ...on MuggleCast. That's one of our rejected slogans, actually.

Jamie: Yeah.

Ben: Yeah.

Jamie: "Loads of generalizing is good" - then we thought, no, it doesn't actually work.

Andrew: None of these book nerds [laughs] will think it's cool.

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: All right.

Jamie: Generalizing is cool.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah!

[Ben, Greg and Jamie laugh]

Andrew: All right, next rebuttal.

Greg: Let's put that on a t-shirt!

Listener Rebuttal - Mimble-Wimble

Andrew: Okay, last comes from several people. We have found where Eric was trying to find out where on earth Mimble-Wimble came from. It turns out - thanks to quite a few people, who realized - who recalled that it comes from the Chamber of Secrets video game. There's a spell - is it called Mimble-Wimble, or do they say Mimble-Wimble?

Jamie: The Mimble-Wimble Spell. That sounds terrifying.

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: "I'm going to Mimble-Wimble you!"

Greg: We'll add that with Tinky-Winky and all the rest of the Teletubbies.

Jamie: [laughs] La-La's going to Mimble-Wimble you!

Andrew: It's amazing how like, you'll hear it once, and then it'll come back to you, but you can't exactly put your finger on it.

Eric: Greg asks a really cool, good question, which I kind of wanted to talk about too. Does JKR have anything to do with the games? Do the game producers say, "Hey, we want something like Flippendo. We want something to flip something around." And does she write them or what? What is it?

Ben: That is the most annoying spell ever in creation.

[Eric laughs]

Ben: Especially in the first game. "FLIPPENDO!"

Andrew: Flippendo! You...

Ben: [imitating the video game voice] FLIPPENDO!!!

Andrew: You had to use that spell every single time! It drove me nuts!

Ben: Yeah! [laughs]

Jamie: I hated the games.

Andrew: The games are weak. But you know what?

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: It's these game developers, who absolutely hate Harry Potter. So, they couldn't care less! [laughs]

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: It's...

Jamie: Yeah, exactly.

Greg: Well, I do know that most authors have no say in their own games.

Jamie: Yeah.

Greg: But J.K. Rowling isn't most authors, so...

Andrew: Well, it's WB that's making these video games happen, so J.K. [mispronounces] Rowling is probably out of the loop.

Ben: JK Rowling!

Andrew: J.K. Rowling! Sorry! I don't know why I keep saying it that way! But anyway.

Chapter-by-Chapter - Chapters 6 & 7, Sorcerer's Stone

Andrew: Moving on to the Chapter-by-Chapter discussion, Chapters 6 and 7. We continue to take your feedback and put it to use, and so then this is revision three of Chapter-by-Chapter. [laughs]

Chapter 6 - The Journey From Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

Andrew: So starting off Chapter 6, "The Journey From Platform Nine and [in a British accent] Three-Quarters."

Ben: Congratulations, Andrew! You got the title right!

[Andrew laughs]

Greg: Excuse me while I open my book and finish this reading.

Andrew: Oh no, you're done. Your chance is up.

Jamie: Yeah. You've missed it. [laughs]

Ben: Here, I'm - I'll be Jim Dale while we're waiting for Eric. [in a British accent] "Harry's last month with the Dursleys was not fun. True, Dudley was now so scared of Harry, he wouldn't stay in the same room."

Jamie: Jim Dale - Jim Dale's American.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah, but...

Ben: I swear he sounds like that, though.

Andrew: He does.

Jamie: No, he doesn't.

Andrew: Yeah, he definitely does.

Jamie: If you want a real British accent, do Stephen Fry, who did the British ones.

Ben: I've never heard him speak before.

Jamie: You...

Andrew: Yes you have! You must've.

Ben: I heard him on the little interview with JKR, but I don't remember what his voice sounds like.

New, Important Characters

Andrew: So, we're introduced to a lot of new characters this chapter, and a lot of new items, particularly. We're introduced to Ron, Neville, Fred and George, Ginny, Charlie and Bill, Mrs. Weasley of course, Crabbe and Goyle, we see more Draco - and Quidditch! And we see the - and we also sort of see the crazy side of magic with the Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and the Chocolate Frogs.

Ben: I have - I have - I have some notes, some of my notes here.

Andrew: Great!

Ben: Page 91 of the UK edition...

Jamie: So, I just think...

Ben: where we first hear the...

Jamie: Of the UK edition?

Ben: No, excuse me, the US edition. Sorry.

Jamie: Oh, okay.

Ben: Of...and...

Jamie: Sorry.

Ben: Molly Weasley first here talked. "Packed with Muggles, of course." And then basically, this is where we first meet the Weasleys.

Greg: Yep.

Ben: And I'd just like to point out how she's already sort of - like, you get, like, the impression of what - how she is, and how she's really motherly.

Jamie: That is true. That is very true.

Ben: And I thought that it might be nice to point that out. That's when we first see her, you know, be motherly. And then the other thing, another personality thing that happens on this pg. is Fred and George. You see they start becoming jokesters. When they mentioned...

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: ..."I'm Fred," yeah. Stuff like that. Well, on pg. 93 of the US edition is something else I noticed. It's where we get our first description of what Ron looks like. And it says, "he was tall, thin and gangling, with freckles, big hands and feet, and a long nose." And sometimes I think we all forget that that's what Ron actually looks like because of the perception of Rupert Grint.

Andrew: Mmmm.

Ben: You know, Rupert Grint's stocky, has these broad shoulders...

Jamie: Yeah, I agree.

Ben: And he's not really that much taller than Dan Radcliffe, who plays Harry. So I just - I mean, I wanted to point that out too.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: It doesn't say anything about his hair though, although judging by the covers, we sort of get the gist of it.

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