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MuggleCast EP3 Transcript (continued)

Eric: You reserve that right. You go girl!

[All laugh]

Eric: I would like Book 7 to be as long as it has to be, as long as I don't have to stop reading it. As Jamie said, he can wait ten, twenty years for this thing to finish because he wants it to answer all of his questions and all of those things, and I'd be perfectly fine with that.

Andrew: But I think people...

Eric: No, people want it sooner rather than later. Sooner rather than later is, of course, better.

Andrew: Right, so if she put it out on June of 2007...

Eric: I am proudly graduating on June 6th next year.

Andrew: Oh, congrats!

[All laugh]

Ben: Okay, who cares? Don't bring up irrelevant crap like that.

[All laugh]

Eric: But that's terrible. Would you want to graduate on 06-06-06?

Andrew: ...

Eric: Andrew, keep this in! All topic.

Andrew: Yeah, let's move on.

Ben: Well, there have actually been quite a few theories about when the 7th Book is going to be released, but as Jamie said nobody really wants to see the end to the Potter Era, and we really want it to go on forever.

Eric: Oh, can I say something?

[Andrew laughs]

Andrew: Eric...

Ben: Talk...

Eric: I'm sorry. Ben brought up an interesting point. He said we never want it to end. Yes, of course we never want the book series to end, but even after the books series we will know people ask me if MuggleNet is going to close after the 7th Book is released.

Andrew: The answer is, "Yes, yes we are closing". [Laughs]

Eric: What, we're closing? I'm not closing!

Andrew: I am.

Eric: I will continue on with my Caption Contest and a stick. I'm not closing down. The point is, after Book 7 we still have all the movies to get through. I think as long as the long as them and their grandchildren are alive and well, there will still be news to report. I, for one. I will be loyal to MuggleNet and I will stay at MuggleNet until Harry Potter is forgotten. Hurrah!

Ben: Okay Andrew, edit out all of what he just said.

Eric: Hey, that was good!

Andrew: That was good. I'm going to keep it in.

Horcrux Discussion

Ben: Pretty much what's left in the series, the key to the rest of the series is Harry finding a way to defeat Lord Voldemort, and in order to do so he must find the remainder of the Horcruxes. I believe there's four Horcruxes to destroy Lord Voldemort and eventually lead to the final battle scene. But Harry clearly cannot do this on his own and there's been a lot of speculation of who's going to be doing it. Jamie, what do you think?

Jamie: It's important to distinguish between two groups in the books. Everyone talks about being good versus evil. But then you've also got Harry's friends, and there's a difference between those two groups. And I think it's going to be all his friends who help him search for his Horcruxes, whereas the good people in the book just continue the overall fight against Lord Voldemort, helping the Ministry and everything like that. So as a guess, and I don't want to commit myself because I'm sure I'll be wrong, I'd have to go for Ron, Hermione obviously. I think Ginny...I think in her heart she knows she's going to help Harry, even after what he said at the end of Half-Blood Prince. And I hope that some of his fellow Gryffindors are going to help him as well.

Ben: Perhaps we'll see a Dumbledore's Army renaissance, where we'll see all those people come back to help Harry because they know it's basically the only shot they have to save the world. Eric, what do you think?

Eric: Well, as Jamie noticed, I don't think Ginny will be or even was upset with what Harry said at the end of Book 6. He said he can't be with her and she practically said screw that, we're going to help you anyway. And one of the points I think JKR has tried to make in the books, and Dumbledore has made it to Harry on and on again, even to the point where in Book 6 he said, "Yeah, I know it's love". That's the thing. Harry is special because he loves, and he's special and he's different from Voldemort because he loves. If he decides to take this dark path alone and find all these Horcruxes without anybody's help, he's not loving, he's not any of the things JKR has said he was, and he's not realizing that if he would just let people in, and help people like he has done to an extent with Ron and Hermione so far. If he just lets them in, they can help him. It's really just a question of Harry realizing. As soon as he realizes that, he can let people in. And I know Ron and Hermione will be the most likely, and I hope Ginny is too.

Ben: I agree with you Eric. Jamie, you haven't quite had your say on this, what do you think?

Jamie: We mentioned before. This is turning into a personal battle: Harry versus Snape and Voldemort. I think he feels, especially in Order of the Phoenix, every single thing has happened to him, so it's his fight, his battle. I completely agree he's going to have to accept help to find those things. It isn't plausible he's going to find every single Horcrux, destroy every single Horcrux on his own. You can see what happened to Dumbledore's hand, and if it happens to Dumbledore, think about what it would do to Harry. So I think he has to accept help, but of course, in the end it's going to come down to Harry versus Voldemort. But first of all, he has to realize that there are other people.


Ben: Yeah, I agree with you guys, but we have to move on because we have some user-submitted voicemails to get to. But if anybody has a theory on the Horcruxes and who's going to help Harry search for them you can go ahead and send in a voicemail or send in an e-mail. With that, Andrew, can you hit the first voicemail buddy?

[Audio] : Hello, MuggleNet! I'm Jared from Illinois. And I have a question regarding Dumbledore's confrontation with Voldemort. Why wasn't Dumbledore ever clear about how or why his hand was blackened and looked dead? Was he hiding something? I'd also like to say Kevin; I know you're not a girl.

[All laugh]

Ben: Jamie, you take this one.

Jamie: This is very interesting, I think. I think this is Jo's way of kind of proving something about Dumbledore. I think it proves a few things. Proof of his age. He isn't as fast as he was. It's proof of his immortality. That he isn't invincible as perhaps Harry had once believed, and it could be seen as proof of his death, a death clue. Black being a symbol of death and everything like that. It also kind of links back to what we were talking about with Harry being alone. It's pushing him forward. All his anger and all his revenge and I think that's going to have to come to a head at some point. Dumbledore's black hand is sort of preparing the reader for the even darker turn the books are going to take.

Ben: I think, Jamie, you pretty much covered that for us. Eric, I know you're dying to say something about this.

Eric: As for if Dumbledore was hiding something from Harry by not telling him about the black hand, I don't think so. Because we all know he was going to tell Harry, or at least he made it very clear that he wanted to. I don't think the fact the he didn't get to was anything he hiding something from Harry, because as we've realized he really doesn't hide anything from Harry. Especially now in Book 6 he's told him everything he knows, more then he did when he told him he was going to tell him everything in Book 5. He just tells him everything and you get the sense that Dumbledore might not have a spouse or anything, but he's telling Harry everything he knows to defeat Voldemort. So, I don't think he's hiding anything from Harry, especially if his black hand has anything to do with it.

Ben: Right, you both raise very interesting points. Like I said, we have to keep the ball rolling.

Andrew: Keep it going.

Ben: So Andrew, play the next voicemail.

Andrew: Okay.

[Audio]: Hi, I'm Sam from California. Nice show. And my question is whether it is a strong possibility that Hermione's cat Crookshanks is Regulus Black in disguise?

Andrew: Eric, what do you think?

Eric: Well, I'm happy in a way because this was a very good voicemail in the way that it didn't say, "Do you think Lily Potter is Crookshanks"? Around the time of Book 3, there was a lot of people asking, "Is Lily Potter Crookshanks"? And it was this big thing, but first of all Crookshanks is a guy cat, if nobody's noticed that. I was very happy to hear this. Regulus as Crookshanks. Sure, I'll be open to it. I don't know if this is true. I don't know it if can be true. We don't know what happened to Regulus. Nobody really knows. We don't know if Voldemort had killed him personally after all or all stems down to how many people knew about the Horcrux and if Voldemort had to tell them about the Horcrux to send them after Regulus and all this other stuff. We don't know the fate of Regulus, basically and I think...sure it's open, but I don't think there's anyway we can determine if that's true. I'd be very interested to see...

Ben: Actually, if look back to Book 5, Sirius tells Harry, when Harry's looking at the Black Family Crest, that Regulus Black was killed by Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters. Because he was a Death Eater, but we never actually heard what went on. I think it's pretty much set so that Regulus Black is dead because they wouldn't know if he's dead or not.

Eric: That's another thing.

Ben: I think that Regulus is dead, and there really isn't any substantial proof throughout the entire series since we started to see Crookshanks that it is an Animagus at all.

Eric: I'm pretty sure he's a Kneazle actually.

Ben: Jamie, what do you think?

Jamie: Trying to think like Voldemort, if I'd split my soul into seven pieces and six into Horcruxes and one of my own people, one of my own friends, my Death Eaters got one and tried to destroy it, I'd want to kill him myself.

Eric: That's exactly it. Jamie's got it.

Jamie: And Sirius said in Book 5 that he thought Regulus was killed on Voldemort's orders, and although you shouldn't take a character's word for it, because he could be wrong, I think that...I wouldn't call it conclusive proof, but it's something that tells us that R.A.B. on the note isn't Regulus.

[Audio] : Hey, good show guys! I'd just like to have your opinion with the absence of the Secret-Keeper Dumbledore, do you think the entire Order is in danger of being found out?

Ben: I'll handle this one. I feel the Order isn't in danger because as Dumbledore said in the beginning of Book 6 that number twelve Grimmauld Place is no longer the headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix because it actually had been already found out. So Dumbledore was only the Secret-Keeper for number twelve Grimmauld Place, and since number twelve Grimmauld Place is no longer the headquarters, it wouldn't make much sense for the Order to be found out. That's just my thoughts on it. Eric, what do you think?

Eric: Found out from who? For what?

Ben: The Death Eaters. From the Death Eaters and Voldemort.

Eric: From the Death Eaters? Sure, but I don't think it's a terrible threat. As you said, Dumbledore was the Secret-Keeper for number twelve Grimmauld Place. They could easily do the Confundus Charm...whatever the charm was...

Ben: The Fidelius Charm.

Eric: Fidelius Charm. Thank you. They could do that just as easily again, and find another place. Actually, if you realize in the beginning Harry said that the Order could have number twelve Grimmauld Place back, so if they needed it...if they needed a place, they already had a lot of good protection besides the Fidelius Charm on number twelve Grimmauld Place.

Ben: Right, but I think it's pretty certain once the spell-keeper dies...we notice when Harry was immobilized by Dumbledore, and once he died the spell was taken off.

Eric: Oh yeah.

Ben: Therefore, now number twelve Grimmauld Place is pretty much open to anybody that can see it. Like Eric said, another Fidelius Charm could be performed in order protect number twelve Grimmauld Place from outsiders. Then again, they'd have to redistribute the slips of paper and things of that sort. Jamie, do you have any thoughts?

Jamie: You two have handled talking about the Order's headquarters being infiltrated. I think you have to consider the possibility of the entire Order being infiltrated...their ranks. Because throughout every single book, the battle between good and evil has been seen as a war, and it doesn't really change. It's between wizards, instead of World War II. There were spies in that, so there should be spies in this. So, I think it's a great big possibility that Voldemort is going to get one person on the side of the Order. Snape...all the theories about Snape prove at least there's a possibility. I think they're going to have to close ranks and make sure they can't be infiltrated because if Voldemort finds out their plans, I think they're going to be finished before they begin.

Ben: I agree with you. I think it's time we listen to another voicemail so we can finish up the show here.

[Audio] : Hi. My name is Evon and I'm from Arizona. My question is about Ollivander and my theory on it is that he was taken by Death Eaters to Voldemort so that he can make another wand for Voldemort, so that he can use it against Harry, so there won't be a problem like they had at the graveyard scene. The other issue is regarding Book 7. I think it should be over 1,000 pages or more because it is the Final Book, and there are so many things that need to be answered, so many things that need to be done. You know...go out with a big bang! Big book! Everything! What do you think?

Andrew: Over a 1,000 pages...WHOA!

Ben: We've already talked about the length of Book 7 and JKR has already said it is going to be as long as it needs to be. But back to her first question. I think it is quite an interesting theory, and Eric, what do you think about it?

Eric: I think it's brilliant. I think it's definitely in Voldemort's character that he wouldn't want the same thing to happen to his wand as it did in the graveyard scene. I think it's brilliant. It's a great idea. The question is- Ollivander himself said that another wizard's wand won't perform as well as your own, and of course it won't exactly be another wizard's wand if Ollivander makes him another one of his own, but then there's the other stuff about the wand choosing the wizard. I think Voldemort is powerful enough that he doesn't have to worry about what wand he uses to cast his spells. I think it will all go fine. But then that's the question also: if Ollivander has been taken with Voldemort, has he also taken Florean Fortescue? Is that where he got off to? But basically, I think it's definitely Voldemort's character to probably not want the same thing to happen, whether or not he'd actually get a new wand made. Sure, I wouldn't put it past him. We'll just have to see.

Ben: But we see that when Voldemort tries to fix a past mistake, he usually makes another one.

Eric: Which is great.

Ben: Right.

[All laugh]

Ben: Jamie...

Eric: If he didn't have...I think he needs the wand that he committed all those deeds from. I think he really does. If he uses another one, it's just's not as marked. It's not as evil.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Right, it doesn't have the history that his other one has. I think that when it comes down to it that of course there would have to be another way to kill Lord Voldemort, and it's not going to be using his wand. There would have to find some other way. What I think would be humorous is if Harry put on some earmuffs, pulled out a Mandrake and Voldemort dropped dead.

[All laugh]

Eric: We should really have that at MuggleNet: "101 Ways to Kill Voldemort That Won't Happen In The Books".

Ben: Jamie, do you have anything to say about this...Lord Voldemort dying? Ollivander making him a new wand? What do you think?

Jamie: Doesn't it really reinforce the point that Harry and Voldemort are going to have to face each other? Because Priori Incantatem in Book 4 - the thing it proved is that Harry and Voldemort can't face each other using the same wands. So I think Ollivander going missing, and this brilliant theory that Voldemort stole him so that he can get the best wand off him, could be just Jo's way of telling us that Harry and Voldemort are going to end up fighting each other. But he's stolen Florean Fortescue as well, so perhaps he's planning to drown Harry in ice cream.

[All laugh]

Andrew: All right, shall we take one more question?

Ben: Yeah, one more question.

[Audio] : Hi, this is Michael from Singapore, and I'd like to congratulate MuggleCast for reaching the No. 1 spot on iTunes. I would like to ask what role do you think that the Ministry of Magic will play in Book 7? Thank you very much.

Ben: What I think is that the Ministry of Magic is sort of being pushed toward the back of the line because we notice how Harry told Rufus Scrimgeour that he's Dumbledore's man through and through, and that he's still Dumbledore's man even after Dumbledore died. So the only role that I see the Ministry of Magic playing is getting in the way of Harry's plans, and once again it is a new Minister of Magic. We don't know how he's going to react to things. Jamie, what do you think?

Jamie: I think that they're going to have to play their administrative roles still because they are still a government. Just because there is all this magic involved they still have to put on a brave face to the public and try to sort things out with Voldemort. I completely agree with you when you say that it is going to get in the way of Harry because it's his job to find all these Horcruxes, his job to beat Voldemort, which was emphasized by Dumbledore. All this anger and this thirst for revenge has come into Harry, and Scrimgeour and the entire Ministry is going to be a hindrance to him.

Andrew: I agree. Look, the Ministry of Magic has done a terrible job of keeping up with everything that has been happening in the past seven years, so they have to stay out of it now and let the smart people take control.

Show Close

Ben: Okay. I think that about wraps up MuggleCast - Episode 3. Andrew, did you want to go through a few things before we finish up?

Andrew: Yeah. Again guys, the response has been overwhelming with e-mails and just suggestions and questions and voicemails. We appreciate everyone's support once again and guy's listen...we need to talk. Ben, Jamie, Eric, everyone out there...just take a seat right now. Take a deep breath.

[Ben laughs]

And listen. Guys we really hope nobody's cheating for us on iTunes. Now, we've been No. 1 and that's AWESOME, but nobody cheat for us. That's not cool. Right, Ben?

Ben: Right.

Andrew: We will admit we got a little bored being up at No. 1.


Andrew: We wanted to slide down. At the time of this recording we're at No. 4 right now. It is possible to move up on that list on iTunes unfairly, but I think we are up there because of how many visitors we have, and again- we do appreciate that. Also, I don't think I told any of you guys this, but everything you say will be held against you because we now have transcripts thanks to Micah, taking the time to write all these up for us. And these will be up usually a few days after each one airs because it does take a lot of time to transcribe these. Also, a lot of you guys have been asking for some guy named Emerson to show up on the show. I don't know who this guy is.

Ben: Who's that? Do you know who that is, guys?

Andrew: I've heard a lot of this of this one guy named Emerson who's...IN COLLEGE! So he can't exactly do it right now. Somebody can maybe tell me who is this Emerson? Also, keep sending in the voicemails to voice at staff dot mugglenet dot com. Also, if you have any audio contributions like maybe a song or a cool...I don't know...anything...maybe cool to play on the show. That's about it.

Ben: So, currently right now, we're No. 4 on iTunes. Hopefully, by the time you guys hear this we might be back up to No. 1.

Andrew: Have your friends...go on other people's computers...go into your local Apple store...just hit subscribe on every computer you can find. But we don't want you to cheat. DON'T CHEAT! Please!


Ben [Show Close with music in background] : So I think that wraps up this week's edition of MuggleCast. If you have any questions and/or suggestions please visit or where you can view all of our contact information. Also, at those two locations, you can see information on how to subscribe to our feed, how to access us through iTunes, and how to see our show notes. Hopefully pretty soon we'll have a live debate for you about whether Dumbledore really is not dead (and there will be a pro side arguing Dumbledore is gone, and a side saying "No, Dumbledore is not dead"). And also, we'll probably mix in a Snape good or evil debate in there as well. So, I think that pretty much wraps up the show. I'm Ben Schoen.

Andrew: I'm Andrew Sims.

Jamie: I'm Jamie Lawrence.

Andrew and Ben: And I'm Eric Scull.

[All laugh]

Ben: I think we lost Eric. But thanks to everybody for listening to this week's edition, and we'll hopefully see you all next week. Goodbye!

Posted by: Micah

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