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Andrew [Show Intro with music in background]: This is MuggleCast - Episode 4 for August 28, 2005. That's right, there are spoilers.

Hey, everybody! Welcome to Episode 4 of MuggleCast. We're joined this week by me, Andrew Sims.

Ben: I'm Ben Schoen.

Jamie: I'm Jamie Lawrence.

Eric: And I'm still Eric Scull.

Andrew: Let's get things started by taking a look at the past week's topic stories with Micah.


Micah: Thanks, Andrew.

Let's begin with our top news story...

Start spreading the news (don't worry, I wont break out singing Frank Sinatra), but Warner Bros. announced Friday that the Big Apple will host the U.S. premiere of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on November 12, 2005. The world premiere will take place a week earlier, on November 6th in London.

Speaking of Goblet of Fire, on Wednesday, Warner Bros. officially released the international trailer with amazing shots of the Quidditch World Cup and all three tasks in the Triwizard Tournament. Listeners can check out this new trailer by logging on to the film's official website at

Staying with the topic of movie premieres, Katie Leung (who portrays Cho Chang) and Robert Pattinson (who portrays Cedric Diggory) both recently attended the Dukes of Hazzard premiere in Leicester Square, London. Hopefully, they weren't taking any acting lessons.

Finally, wrapping up our movie news for this week, Tom Felton (who portrays Draco Malfoy) will supposedly stay on through the filming of the seventh Harry Potter movie. He spoke about it while hosting the 3rd Annual Junior Carp Tournament, saying: "I'll keep doing it as long as they want me to."

In other news, a Dutch Harry Potter fan named Dennis just couldn't wait for the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, so he made his own rendition entitled Harry Potter and the Torch with Green Flames, which he started writing back in January of 2004. And while publishing of his creation was forbidden, it was uploaded onto the Internet (in Dutch for those who wish to read).

Moving from the Netherlands to France, the French cover of Half-Blood Prince was released on Tuesday, which is similar in style to the American deluxe edition. The book is due out in France on October 1st.

Finally, if you didn't have a chance to participate, on Thursday MuggleNet staffer Jamie Lawrence hosted a chat with Matthew Lewis (who portrays Neville Longbottom). You can log on to MuggleNet to check out the transcript.

Before we leave two birthday announcements to take make: one to Rupert Grint the actor who portrays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films turned 17 and to MuggleNet senior staff member Ben Schoen who turned 16, both on Tuesday. Happy birthday to both of you. And I'd sing happy birthday, but I assume you want to keep your ratings up.

[All laugh]

Of course you can get more in-depth news, pictures, videos, and audio clips of all the things mentioned by logging on to MuggleNet.

That's all the news for this August 28, 2005, edition of MuggleCast, back to you guys.

General Announcements

Andrew: All right, thanks Micah. And also a big thanks to him for doing all of our transcripts. He's been transcribing each episode for you guys. So in case you want to go back, look over it, or read it instead of listen. It's a big help. Thanks again, Micah.

Guys, I have some excellent news. We actually have a use. And I have proof. Because Eric Nelson, a 6th grade teacher at the school that he teaches, he's going to use our show to illustrate how literature discussions should go and how they can be enjoyable.

Eric: How they should go?

Andrew: Yeah, he's going to use our show to teach his class.

Eric: That's awesome!

Andrew: Isn't that cool?

Eric: That's awesome.

Andrew: I know.

Eric: Hello, class of...wait, what's his name?

Andrew: Mr. Nelson.

Eric: Mr. Nelson. Hello Mr. Nelson's class!

Andrew: You! Yeah you, you in the front row. Keep quiet!

Eric: Ooh!

Andrew: Okay.

[All laugh]

Eric: That's me. [referring to the kid in the front seat]

Andrew: All right, so I think that's really cool. And we want to know how you guys are listening to our show.

Eric: Oh yes.

Andrew: So send us e-mail. It's pretty fun because some people listen to it before school.

Eric: And on their way to school even.

Jamie: On the way to school.

Eric: There was that person who commented that they do it on their way to school.

Jamie: On their iPods.

Eric: Very nice.

Andrew: Yeah, so people take us everywhere.

Eric: We are honored. We are honored.

Andrew: It's cool.

Eric: It should be MuggleCast everywhere...every household in America and across the world in Great Britain.

Andrew: We're pretty much just taking over the world. Let us know how you listen to the show. Email us at mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com.

Contest Announcement

Andrew: All right before we get to our main discussion topics and voicemails of the week we have a pretty big announcement, right Eric?

Eric: That's right, Andrew.

Andrew: Well, why don't you tell us what it's all about?

Eric: All righty then. Okay. Those truly dedicated, slash BORED fans out there will remember that back in Episode 3 of MuggleCast, Ben had shared a funny thought with us about how Lord Voldemort could be killed without a wand once he was mortal again in Book 7. He said that it would be quite funny if Harry had put on some earmuffs and pulled out a Mandrake, causing Voldemort to die instantly upon hearing it's cry. I found this funny mostly because of its high improbability, yet undoubted effectiveness if it did indeed actually happen. Ben's comment was met with many laughs, we are certain, and in reply I said that it would be funny if we had a list (much like our 101 Ways to Annoy Lord Voldemort), which would state possible ways for him to be killed that were just as obscure or unlikely as a Mandrake's song.

Andrew: Sure enough, as we should have expected, the suggestion brought about instantaneous emails flooding our inboxes...

Eric: Instantaneous!

Andrew: ...with fan ideas on how to kill Voldemort that most likely wouldn't happen in the books. It is due to this tremendous response that we here at MuggleNet have decided to form the first official exclusive competition...

Eric: Wait, wait, wait, wait! Drum roll. Drum roll... [makes fake drum roll]

Andrew: [Laughs] I guess I'll do it. MuggleCast's "Funny Ways Voldemort Won't Die" contest!

Eric: Yes, that's correct! We are welcoming fans to send in their ideas on how they'd like to see the Dark Lord taken care of that are very unlikely, but just as effective as the next suggestion! Upon receiving all the entries, a list will be created that will go on MuggleNet in the near future. Not just that, BUT, the top twenty winners as chosen by the MuggleCast Staff will be posted separately for a short period of time, and MuggleNet fans will be able to vote on their favorites! Then at a preset time, the top three choices will be listed and numbered respectively, and their entrants will be awarded a prize! The prize will be determined at a later date. Now, quickly, for the rules!

Andrew: If you already sent emails suggesting improbable ways to get rid of him, DO NOT WORRY! Your email and suggestions HAVE been saved and WILL be read by us for acceptance. If you have not entered you are more than welcome to by using our Contact Us form on the MuggleCast section of the site, though we ask that you do please be sure to include your name and email address or some way to contact you if you have won. And we DO ask that you send only one - your favorite - entry to us. This is important because we know we're going to be getting a lot of entries. Just take your time and pick out one really good one.

Eric: This is our way of keeping the numbers low - we at MuggleCast have enough to do with planning and receiving all the topic suggestions and voice message questions and just broadcasting the show as is, that we cannot possibly sort through dozens of entries by the same person. The only exception to that rule is what we are going to do now.

Andrew: A very dedicated fan named Cydni sent us a list of one hundred and one ways to improbably kill, or otherwise annoy Voldemort. Because of the nature of the contest, we only paid attention to those that 'improbably killed' him, and have these top seven choices to offer you as examples of what we're looking for!

Eric: No 1. An example for a way Voldemort could improbably be killed...

1. Throw him to the crazed fan girls. (7)
2. Bewitch him to workout to Buns of Steel. (17)
3. Have Dudley sit on him. (79)
4. Make a Voldemort Voodoo doll and put it through the washing machine. (43)
5. Make him listen to Lockhart talk about himself for the rest of forever. (95)
6. Bewitch him into asking Hermione to the Yule Ball in front of Ron. (45)

And No. 7, Andrew would you like to do the honors. Example No. 7 of how to improbably kill Voldemort...

Andrew: 7. Feed him McDonald's for a year. (101)

Eric: That's right. [Eric proceeds to go crazy with drum rolls and tapping and other noises] As you can see, each choice presents a sort of edge to the parameters of what we're looking for, and we'll look for the same creative edge when judging. Right, Andrew?

Andrew: That's right, Eric.

Eric: If you'd like to enter the contest through email and not our contact form, you can send all entries to Voldemort at staff dot mugglenet dot com. Isn't that a funny e-mail address? I thought so too.

Andrew: Yeah, I like it.

Eric: Yeah, it's cool because Voldemort works here now. We think that should be it and we will announce the end date for the competition as well as those that made the list some time on the near future. Good luck, fans!

iTunes Explanation

Ben: In case you guys haven't noticed, this last week we were up at the top of iTunes and then we got knocked completely off iTunes. And I'd just like to let everybody know as a reminder, if you want to know what happened with that, in case you haven't already listened to it, you can listen to the Special Edition of MuggleCast/PotterCast.

Eric: Which by the way was fabulous. I thought it definitely had a lot of direction to it, more so than the Forbidden Episode which we recorded the night before that.

Ben: Right, we were joined by Melissa from PotterCast, which is The Leaky Cauldron's similar named Podcast. And we'll have her on the show sometime. Those of you who haven't listened to it yet, go ahead and take a peek at it. It's pretty interesting.

Andrew: While you're at it, subscribe to us on iTunes.

Ben: Ten times. I'm kidding. Do not click subscribe more than once. Actually it doesn't matter because iTunes fixed the hack in their music stores.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: If you feel like clicking subscribe a bunch of times, go ahead because it is not going to do anything like it used to.

Andrew: [Laughs] Yeah.

Spy on Spartz

Ben: Oh, and for those of you...the current Emerson status report, Emerson is in the shower right now...

Eric: Ben dude, you're watching him in the shower?

Ben: [Laughs] No, his away message says he's in the shower. If you guys want to stop by Emerson's dorm...

Andrew: So that's a new feature here on MuggleCast.

Eric: Where's Emerson?

Andrew: Each week we're going to let you know where Emerson is. You can only find this here. - while they have some good information, they don't have what we have.

Ben: We have insider information.

Andrew: We've got the goods.

Main Topics

Andrew: So moving on to the main discussion of the week. My fellow MuggleCasters: Ralph Fiennes - is he good for the role of Lord Voldemort in the upcoming movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? Ben Schoen?

Ben: Have we even seen any pictures of him?

Jamie: No, we haven't.

Ben: So we haven't seen any pictures of this guy as Voldemort, so we don't even know...

Eric: Well, we've kind of seen the face he makes.

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: We've seen that face...

Andrew: ...on Regis and Kelly.

Ben: They are saving the Lord Voldemort pictures. I don't think there's even going to be any before the movie is actually released.

Eric: I don't know. Maybe a trailer.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: It seems that's the one guy they've been keeping under wraps has been him.

Eric: Obviously they thought him good enough.

Ben: Obviously.

Eric: That's cool.

Ben: They've messed up some characters in the past. Mark Williams who plays Arthur Weasley in the first three movies, he was supposed to be tall and skinny and balding, and he's not exactly that. I think he does an excellent job portraying the character.

Eric: And Harry's supposed to have green eyes too.

Ben: Whoever Warner Bros. ended up choosing for the role is still going to be very good. I don't think we have anything to worry about. [In fake British accent] Jamie, do you have anything to say, mate?

[All laugh]

Jamie [in fake American accent]: Yeah man I do. The thing about Voldemort is that he's a completely different character to everyone else. Where is it still a book? The entire thing still a book? You can picture Harry, Hermione, and Ron more easily than you can picture Voldemort. And because he's the bad character it conjures up images of monsters in the dark and things like that. It's extremely hard to picture him. I think Warner Bros. is going to have to portray him as some type of monster-like figure, the object of people's nightmares. It's going to be very interesting to see how they do him.

Andrew: We didn't get a real look at him in Sorcerer's Stone. I don't know who that guy was. I think this is one of the parts of Goblet of Fire that they'll really try and hype up. Because he hasn't been in the trailers and I doubt he will be in the full trailer.

Eric: Okay. One of the things about the movies, as you were kind of getting to, is they're kind of reinventing him every single film. We've seen Christian Coulson as the young Tom Riddle, and now we're going to see Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort in the Goblet of Fire. We're kind of seeing all different ages for Voldemort, and it's going to be kind of cool, especially in Movie 6, with the whole background story of Tom Riddle. How many different Riddles are they going to cast? And if Ralph will be in the scene where he comes back to Dumbledore asking to be a teacher, and if they'll use Christian again? That will be cool to see.

Andrew: That's an interesting point because he hasn't been signed on. Especially the Internet Movie Database, they usually have some inside information, but Ralph hasn't been announced yet.

Ben: But as we get to Movie 6, do you think we might see Christian come back and do the Horcrux scenes, going back in time? Sort of like we saw in the second movie?

Andrew: Yeah. I think that would be great.

Ben: Just to keep the consistency throughout the entire set of movies. I think it would be good if we kept the entire set of actors throughout the entire series. There was the one exception, the death of Dumbledore. Richard Harris who played Dumbledore in the first two movies, and then we had to see Michael Gambon (who also does an excellent job) take over for him. If nothing else like that happens, if there is no other tragedies like that, I think it would be great if we saw the same characters hold throughout the rest of the series of the movies.

Eric: Oh no, I'm very happy that they've kept Matt Lewis and Dean and Seamus all throughout the movies. Even if they don't have the biggest roles, they still there in the background which in itself keeps consistency. And I think one of the things Alfonso did that I liked was make Hogwarts a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, more so than the first two movies did. Which is cool. And I am glad that they kept the main characters as well through that transition so that Goblet of Fire...what we've seen from the stills is that it's still the same way and it's really good.

Ben: Eric, did you have something else to say about that?

Eric: No, no.

Ben: Okay.

[All laugh]

Eric: Ben come on, Ben...okay, keep that in there...

Andrew: I bad, I'm evil, guys.

Jamie: Eric, Eric, Eric, stop talking now. It's Eric's turn, okay? Then Eric, okay? Off to Eric. Off to Eric. We've got Eric.

Eric: The story around this is that I did talk, I did notice this, and I talked a little bit more than I probably should have in Episode 3. So I apologize to anybody who thought I talked too much. I apologize.

Andrew: No, people liked you.

Jamie and Ben: We love you Eric.

Andrew: Okay, so anyway that's another discussion that could easily be a good topic to talk about, which would be the rest of the actors. Are they going to stay on through Movie 7? Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint?

Eric: Rupert's signed up through Movie 5.

Andrew: Most of them have been signed on through Order of the Phoenix by now, but Eric?

Eric: Hey! Hey! Get Jamie to talk.

Andrew: I thought you had something to say.

[All laugh]

Eric: No! I have nothing to say.

Jamie: Let's ask Eric. It's Eric's turn.

[All laugh]

Eric: Okay, okay. I'm mute.

Ben: If any of the actors are listening to this...Emma, I would just like to clarify when our date is next week...

[All laugh]

Eric: Ben, you don't get to talk to Emma. You don't get to talk to Emma. You can't just address Emma like that.

Jamie: Eric, Eric, Eric.

Eric: I believe it was my turn to talk.

Jamie: Ben has a tiny crush, Ben has a tiny crush on Emma.

Andrew: Hey, Emma.

Ben: Don't you as well Jamie? Don't you as well Jamie?

Andrew: It's nothing compared to other people.

Jamie: Who?

Ben: We get e-mails from EmmaWatsonLover01 all the time.

Jamie: Who's that?

Andrew: No, I'm not talking about her or him.

Ben: Next topic please.

Jamie: Tell me. This is interesting now...

Andrew: Who, we won't mention. No, I can't say. I'll say after the show.

Jamie: Okay.

Andrew: A big part of this movie is the special effects. There have been a lot of them in Prisoner of Azkaban, Chamber of Secrets, and Sorcerer's Stone, but there's going to be a lot more in this movie because of the Triwizard Tournament as well as everything that goes on. Especially Voldemort's appearance...because Jamie brought this up to me earlier today. You have anything else to say about that, Jamie?

Jamie: This film, especially as you said the Triwizard Tournament, it is a very special tournament. It is a very elaborate tournament and I think it's going to need special effects to pull it off.

Ben: Only one will go down in history! Only one will reach eternal glory!

Andrew: Thank you, Ben.

Jamie: Exactly what I was going to say. Anyway, before Ben brilliantly interrupted me. The 4th Book especially with the Triwizard Tournament, the entire thing needs a lot of special effects to work out. The second task, half of it is going to filmed underwater, and with the gillyweed (however your pronounce it)...

Andrew: Gillyweed gives him gills.

Jamie: *BEEP* I forgot what I was going to say. Somebody else go ahead.

Ben: You always do this. I swear.

Jamie: It's not only me. Eric, didn't you have something to say?

[All laugh]

Andrew: We're bad. We're terrible.

Eric: I've got something to say...

Andrew: This show stinks. I'm done.

Eric: I can talk. I can say something. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory just came out very recently and it does have a lot of special effects in it also. Maybe not as much as Goblet of Fire, but I thought that was a movie where they had quite a lot of special effects. They blended them nicely with real life.

Andrew: Yeah, that's a good point. Almost that whole movie was special effects. Including those Oompah Loompahs, they didn't have two thousand of them in one room.

Eric: Right. It was one guy. It was Deep Roy. So really, that was quite well done.

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