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Andrew [Show Intro with music in background]: This is MuggleCast - Episode 5 for September 03, 2005. If you haven't finished reading Book 6 yet, then you probably shouldn't listen, as we do talk about several favorite plot spoilers.

Ben: Welcome Back everybody to this week's edition of MuggleCast! I'm your host Ben Schoen.

Andrew: I'm Andrew Sims.

Kevin: I'm Kevin Steck.

Jamie: I'm Jamie Lawrence.

Eric: And I'm Eric Scull.

Ben: Let's go to Micah for the past week's news.


Micah: Thanks, Ben.

We begin with Director Mike Newell who recently spoke about his favorite time while filming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He said, "Aside from everything else, these are school stories. In a middle-of-the-road English education, the teachers are embattled, the school is a very kind of anarchic place and a very funny place, as well.” Despite Newell’s apparent love for the school nature of the films, MuggleNet reader Hope, who had the chance to catch a sneak peek at the new film said that we only get to see one classroom scene in Goblet Of Fire. To find out which one, stay tuned, as this is the crew’s main topic of discussion.

Those of you looking to expand your Harry Potter Lego collection fear not. On Thursday,’s online store released four new Lego sets: "Rescue from the Merpeople", "Graveyard Duel", "Harry and the Hungarian Horntail", and "The Durmstrang Ship".

Moving from movies to video games, the Goblet of Fire video game trailer was released Friday featuring the first and second tasks of the Triwizard Tournament. Check out October’s issue of Nintendo Power, which has seven-page spread on the creation of the game, as well as some cool screenshots.

In addition, has just recently played the new Goblet of Fire video game, which due out November 15th. They were quoted as saying: "The Electronic Arts team is focusing more intently on nailing the look of the film in the Goblet of Fire game. This time around the artists are striving to make the characters look as close to their real-life counterparts as possible."

And wrapping up news on Goblet of Fire, a countdown has been added to MuggleNet's Main Page thanks to Damon. There exists the ability to remove it from the main page (which is considered blasphemy), set the countdown to your location’s release date, and of course download the desktop version. For all the specifics head over to the MuggleNet Main Page.

In other news, Marge of Maryland created a Sorting Hat take, which took seven hours to complete with special equipment and advanced techniques. They report that it made for a very good snack and that they have eaten it all. Truthfully, however, it might have been wiser for them to put it on eBay. After all, it sure beats Dumbledore's grilled cheese sandwich. Both a picture and recipe are available online.

Harry Potter Lexicon has reportedly confirmed the identity of R.A.B. as Regulus Arcturus Black. Arcturus is the fourth brightest star in the sky, and the brightest star in the constellation Bootes.

And the Dutch Half-Blood Prince cover was released Friday depicting a staircase with spells flying all over. The book is do out in Dutch on November 19th.

Finally, on a serious note, all of us here at MuggleNet were deeply saddened by the after math of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast. If you’d like to help, one way to do so is through MuggleNet’s affiliate Alivan’s. By purchasing a Redwood wand, 100% of the profits will be donated to the American Red Cross. This donation special will last until September 12th. Of course, personal donations can always be made directly to the American Red Cross.

That’s all the news for this September 03, 2005, edition of MuggleCast. Back to you guys.

Contest Update

Ben: Thanks, Micah. Now let's go to Mr. Andrew Sims who is going to do some side announcements, and then we'll go to Eric who is going to handle the contest updates.

Andrew: Well thank you Ben. Eric? Wouldn't you like to talk about the contest with me?

Eric: Yes, I would Andrew.

Andrew: We have a list of prizes this week, and we also have how many people have entered so far. What is that number at?

[Ben makes drum roll noise]

Eric: So far we have 347 entries, which is pretty darn good, and they are looking awesome.

Andrew: Okay, we also have our prizes to announce. First place will win...

Eric: Wait! Wait! You can't do first place first, dude, you have to do the rest and go, like '...AND THE GRAND PRIZE...'!

Andrew: Okay.

Ben: Okay.

Eric: You have to start that way.

Andrew: Okay. Third place. I think this is really good. Third place will win the brand-new Lego Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire set. Which one is it again? The Graveyard Scene.

Kevin: Woo! I've always wanted one.

Andrew: It's pretty cool. Second place will win...Eric?

[Other casters say: "They'll win Eric?"]

Andrew: [Laughs] No, no. What do they win, Eric?

Eric: [Laughs] Well Andrew, they win a wand of their choosing from the Harry Potter Noble Collection, which includes wands of Harry's, Hermione's, Ron's, Professor Snape's, and several others. I believe Dumbledore might be on there.

Andrew: Yeah, Dumbledore too.

Eric: I'm not quite sure. Anyway, a wand of their choosing from the Harry Potter Noble Collection. That's second place.

Andrew: There are so many options. So those are really nice.

Ben [in loud booming voice]: And the GRAND PRIZE is?

Andrew: And the grand prize is...a new car! I'm kidding. No.

Ben: No.

Andrew: You will win something even better than that, which is the Harry Potter SceneIt Game. That new one that just came out. You put the DVD in; you even has scenes from Goblet of Fire. So you can get a sneak preview.

[Somebody makes weird trumpet noise]

General Announcements

Andrew: So that's pretty cool. And also, most of you might remember that last week we asked the question: "How does everyone listen to MuggleCast?" And guys, an alarming number of people said that they listen to us before bed. In bed.

Jamie: To give them pleasant dreams.

[All laugh]

Andrew: Well, I guess so. And then I thought maybe it is because we put the show out at 2 AM.

[All laugh]

Ben: Or maybe it's because we put them to sleep.

[All laugh]

Andrew: No, no, no. Most of the people said, "But you don't put me to sleep. I'll sit in bed giggling." Or something like that. Then, a lot of people listen to us on the way to school. Some on the computer. So, that is cool. Keep those coming to MuggleCast at staff dot mugglenet dot com.

Kevin: I find Ben's voice disturbing. I don't know about you.

Andrew: I fall asleep to it.

Kevin: Really?

Andrew: And last week, you guys might remember that we brought up Mr. Nelson who is going to be using our show to teach his kids in his class how to hold literature discussions. And how they can be enjoyable. This kid who was listening to our podcast at the time drew a picture...

Eric: Oh no.

Andrew: ...of my hand coming out of a computer screen and pointing at this kid...

Eric: Did he?

Andrew: ...quoting what I said last week. So I'll put that in the show notes so everyone can see it?

Eric: What?

Andrew: Yeah. It was done by, and I quote "King of All Losers." Age: 15.

Eric: Hey, you! You in the front!

Andrew: They didn't want to give out their real name I guess.

Ben: It kind of reminds me of Yoda stopping by last week.

[All laugh]

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: I'm so alone.

Andrew: That kid was the best.

Ben: Andrew, do you have any more side announcements to make before we move on?

Andrew: I was also going to...Thanks Ben for bringing that up for some reason. We also have now...we've replaced our Episodes Page with a "blog" of sorts. Would you like to elaborate on that, Ben?

Ben: Well, this blog, throughout the week, in between MuggleCast, you can see the weekly updates we do at the MuggleCast section. As well as what exactly is going on with MuggleCast. Who was on past episodes, downloading past episodes, seeing past show notes, seeing the new show notes, and basically everything. The bread and butter for our podcast, right there.

Andrew: And we'd also like to point out how there's that fine, fine, fine, fine, fine button you'll notice that says "The Free iPod Book". And basically I was on this site, and it's called iLounge. They brought out this book. It's all about iPods. It gives you tutorials on podcasts. It's really cool. And if you have an iPod, it gives you all kinds of information like accessories and all that. It's really cool. So I encourage everyone to click that fine, fine button. Check out the book. It's actually a free download. I was looking through it. It is pretty cool. That's it.

Ben: Is that all?

Andrew: Then I also wanted to bring up how I think it's really cool that we're the youngest podcasters out there. That rocks.

Eric: Yeah, today. But tomorrow there is going to be some three year olds from Australia that start their own podcasting site.

Jamie: Yeah.

Ben: After hearing this.

Andrew: Well, there is this one where a nine year old does it, but it's his Dad helping him out, and it does not even really count.

Ben: Okay, guys. Enough. Guys, guys. Enough. Okay.

Kevin: I mean Ben is nine years old.

[All laugh]

Ben: Moving on. That's for all those extra-curricular announcements, Andrew.

Andrew: Anytime, Ben.

Eric: Wait. Ben, Ben, Ben, I have another extra-curricular announcement. Sorry, I just wanted to add in another part of this. Last week we talked about Ralph Fiennes briefly, well not briefly it was the main topic. Anyway we talked about Ralph Fiennes, and kind of talked about his acting ability and whether or not we thought he'd do a good job in Goblet of Fire. I just wanted to report on Wednesday night, I went to see his newest movie "The Constant Gardener", in which he stars with Rachael Weisz. And it was fabulous. It blew me away. This man act with his eyes closed, and his hands tied firmly behind his back. All my doubts, any doubts I could have possibly had were erased. It's simply just a fabulous movie. One of the problems I guess is that it is only in the U.S. for now. It won't be released in the U.K. for another few months, but if you do live in the U.S. and want to see a movie, and want to get a really good feel of his acting, the whole movie is really character-driven. So you get to see a lot of his acting and a lot of Rachael Weisz' as well. Instead, if you want to see him (he's kind of a good guy in this movie) as a bad guy, please rent Schindler's List, a Steven Spielberg film with Liam Neesen. It's an excellent, excellent, excellent. In that one he plays a psycho, Nazi guy. So I guess that's more of how he'd be as Voldemort, but The Constant Gardener you just get to see that he is a really good actor. And even though I was worried about him saying that he wasn't paying the most attention to his role in this film (as Voldemort), I think it will be great. Okay. Back to you guys. Sorry.

Goblet of Fire Movie Discussion

Ben: The main discussion this week, as I mentioned about 600 times before was that we're going to discuss Goblet of Fire only having one classroom scene. This past week there were some quotes and things released from Mike Newell who is the director of the movie. It appears there is only going to be one big classroom scene throughout the entire movie, which is probably going to span between two and three hours. [In fake British accent] Mr. Lawrence, can you please tell me what's going on?

Jamie[In fake American accent]: Yeah man, I can. Yeah. The classroom scenes I think it the first two, in the first three, we did see a lot of classroom scenes. They were the most important material then because we were still being introduced to the wizarding world and all that. Whereas now, the Triwizard Tournament is the most important thing in this movie, and in Movie 5 it is going to be the confrontation in the Ministry of Magic. These things have to take precedent over the classroom scenes because I think the classroom scenes, I think you can empathize with the people in it, well not really empathize, but people in the Muggle world can see the wizarding scenes in the classroom and relate them to their own lessons at school. But, and of course the first films were made for, and I wouldn't say childish, but a slighting more fantasy-wanting audience. That type of relation between the Muggle world and the wizarding world is something that goes well with that. Now, the movies are designed to show that darkening side to the Harry Potter series. You need to get rid of all the fantasy stuff that is magical, and get on to the nitty-gritty detailed stuff that is important for the septology as a whole.

Kevin: I think a lot of people have problems with it because they would like to see the interaction between the students. Like Jamie said, they make a connection with classroom scenes. They tend to understand because everyone has been to school before. It's something we can connect with, and I think people were upset because he only has one, and it's the one thing that people can really relate to.

Andrew: I mean the reason this was brought up was because in an interview that came out this week, in a small quote from Mike, he was saying how he love's doing the school side of things. I mean what other school side of things can there be?

Ben: Ooh! Oh yeah. That's right. That one big thing. The Triwizard Tournament.

Andrew: Well, no.

[All laugh]

Kevin: Well, that's not a school thing.

Andrew: By school, he meant classroom stuff.

Kevin: Academic.

Jamie: No, it is. It's part of the school system.

Kevin: Academic in nature. Not recreational.

Andrew: Right, exactly.

Jamie: But it really isn't recreational because they use magic, which they learn at school. So it isn''s still part of school. It's just a bit of fun schooling on the side.

Andrew: What I had thought was that he meant, "I like the school side of things", as in "Oh, I love taping classroom scenes and kids eating in the cafeteria..."

Kevin: Exactly.

Andrew: The hallways.

Ben: What cool things are there in the books, in the classroom scenes? Goblet of Fire, what is there?

Andrew: People will want...

Ben: What are people going to care so much about that it is going to absolutely be the end of the world if they don't include that scene in the movie?

Eric: You guys all make great points, but of the other things about the classroom scenes is that they really can't do them without having to go all the way. What I mean is that they can't do History of Magic without establishing Professor Binns. Perfect example, or rather good example is in Prisoner of Azkaban. They had to do the Boggart scene in Lupin's classroom instead of the teacher wardrobe room, or whatever that was...teacher meeting room, teacher conference room. That would have meant that they would have had to do that scene, would have to build the set, and everything for the classroom. Sorry. For the wardrobe. They would have had to also establish Peeves, which they really as you can tell, have not been that willing to do. Or at least it hasn't been a mainstream thing because on the way to the teacher's staff room they meet Peeves. By not putting classroom scenes in, they are really avoiding the mess of having to establish Professor Binns and Peeves, until they really have to. The Unforgivable Curses is one of the only classroom scenes in Goblet of Fire, which is actually relevant to the plot. Probably, next to the scene where I believe Hermione's teeth grew bigger, and then attack Draco. But the whole ferret thing as we know, is already in the movie. Basically, classroom scenes, they use sparingly, and I think they are allowed to because they have to get on with the rest of the plot.

Jamie: Yeah, but I don't think it's a financial thing because it's the biggest budget of any movie ever made. If they wanted to keep the Boggart in from that start, they could have.

Kevin: Yeah, definitely. And you would like to think that they weren't basing the movie upon a budget. They were basing it upon the story.

Jamie: What people want. Yeah.

Kevin: So, I guess we'll see how it turns out.

Ben: Yeah. Okay. Hopefully, Goblet of Fire turns out pretty well, which I think it will despite the lack of classroom scenes. This past week Warner Bros. announced when the world and domestic premiere are going to be. On November 06, 2005, in the United Kingdom, there will be the world premiere, and six days later, in the United States (in New York City), we will have the domestic premiere for the U.S. Why do you guys think they decided to have the world premiere in the U.K. this time, when last time it was in Radio City Music Hall, in New York City?

Andrew: I think that's exactly the reason. They want to switch it back and forth.

Kevin: They don't want to upset people.

Andrew: Jamie, as a Brit, what are your thoughts on this?

Eric: Yes, as a registered Brit.

Jamie: I actually thought the premiere last time; the world premiere was in the U.K. so I'm a bit confused. I don't know. I've haven't be to the Hall in New York, I've only been to Leicester Square, where the premieres take place here. It is such a big atmosphere there. It will be a freezing cold night, and you just want to wear a short-sleeved top. For me that is, the home of premieres I don't consider to be any place other than where the film takes place. Also, because the magic started here. The entire Harry Potter thing started here. I don't think they...even though the franchise growing and growing and growing, and becoming completely transnational, I think they need to return to their roots sometimes. Go back to Britain. Coming from a Brit.

Kevin: I also think it is just to try to keep it fair. They want to move it around so people don't think that Warner Bros. is favoring one country over another.

Jamie: Yeah. That’s definitely true as well.

Ben: Right. I think we may just be overanalyzing it a bit.

Jamie: That's the point, isn't it?

Ben: Last time they may have wanted it in the U.S., and this time they want it in the U.K. So what? It isn't like they have these hidden ulterior motives...

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