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Show Intro

Rupert [Show Intro with music in background]: Hi everyone, this is Rupert Grint. This is MuggleCast, the number one podcast for everything Harry Potter. Take it away, Andrew!

Andrew: Thank you, Rupert! Episode 53, for August 27th, 2006. presents Traffic Blazer. Submit your business info to more than 200 search engines and directories, and position your website for top rankings with Google and other leading search engines. With Traffic Blazer from number one domain registrar, you'll get your share of internet business.

Hello everyone, welcome back to the show! I'm Andrew Sims.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Jamie: I'm Laura Thompson.

Jamie: [at the same time as Laura] I'm Jamie Lawrence.

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: [laughs] I'm Jamie.

Andrew: Nice. Nice, guys. And Ben Schoen is not with us because he's late, as usual, and this week we just started - we decided to start without him.

[Jamie laughs]

Eric: Notice in...

Andrew: And...

Eric: the face of confrontation, Jamie's last name just disappears...

[Laura laughs]

Eric: He's just like, "Sorry! I'm Jamie," then he leaves.

Jamie: Yeah. No, no. It isn't really confrontation. It's more of trying to build up a sort of personal relationship with everyone, you know how it is.

Andrew: Oh, right.

Jamie: I want - I think - I mean, I may even just shorten it to Jam next time, you know?

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Jam-Jam.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Now I'm not going to lie, I'm feeling kind of important tonight because I got a photographer right in front of me for the Philadelphia Enquirer, taking a - taking pictures for - what is it for again?

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: The "Coolest People Ever Cover Article"? Something like that.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Speaking of awesome people, Micah Tannenbaum is standing by in the MuggleCast news center with the past week's top Harry Potter news stories.


Micah: Wow, Andrew, you sound a little different this week.

Some disappointing news for those of you who are looking forward to a good grudge match in the Order of the Phoenix film next summer - we've been informed that there is no storyline in the movie surrounding Ron's Quidditch hardships, nor has there been any filming on broomsticks done by Rupert. We're led to believe that this means there will be no Quidditch in the fifth film at all.

Mid-Day has an excellent new interview with Order of the Phoenix director David Yates, Potter actor Dan Radcliffe, and Cho Chang actress Katie Leung. In it, we learn Yates' approach to directing the film, the kissing scene between Dan and Katie, and much more.

Yahoo! News reported earlier this week that Jessica Stevenson has been cast for the role of Mafalda Hopkirk, who works in the Improper Use of Magic Office at the Ministry of Magic.

And we have also received three more European release dates for Order of the Phoenix.

The film hits Belgium on July 11th, Denmark on July 13th, and Poland on July 20th.

Staying with movies, Goblet of Fire was awarded the "Choice Movie: Drama" award earlier this week at FOX's Teen Choice Awards, voted on by teenagers across the United States.

As we reported back in March, the Goblet of Fire DVD set a world record for the largest selling DVD on its first day in the United States, which was roughly 5 million copies. There is a scan from the Guinness Book of World Records, which also includes a picture of Dan holding the certificate on the set of Order of the Phoenix.

And a few days ago, the nominations were announced for this year's batch of World Soundtrack Awards. A song on the Goblet of Fire soundtrack called "Magic Works," was nominated for "Best Original Song Written for Film."

These winners will be announced on October 14th at the Flanders International Film Festival in Ghent, Belgium.

The Daily Record has published a new interview with actor Rupert Grint, who reveals that he recently failed his driver's test. He also wants to continue playing Ron in the Potter series through the seventh film. And Yahoo! Movies recently posted the trailer for Rupert Grint's latest movie, 'Driving Lessons.' The film will hit limited theaters on October 13th.

Tom Felton gave a small interview to the Junior Carp Tournament's website. Tom talks about filming progress on Order of the Phoenix. He says that it is three-fourths of the way completed, and predicts that fifty percent of what he shoots will make the final cut.

Finally, as I did on the very first news one year ago, happy birthday to Ben Schoen, who turned 17 this past week.

That's all the news for this August 27, 2006 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show.

Andrew: Okay, thank you Micah.

Nicknames For Micah

Andrew: Some more names for Micah here - I think we did this one already.

Jamie: We've had this one...

Andrew: Micah-phone.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: "The Micah-chip", "Micahtack", "What I Micah About You" - that's a new one!

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Mic-atomic bomb.

Eric: [laughs] Mic-atomic bomb.

Andrew: Just don't stop.

Micah, Eric and Jamie Turn One-Year Old

Laura: Now Andrew, did you forget about the news this week? How it's a year old now?

Andrew: Oh, how could I forget! [laughs] Thank you for reminding me!

Eric: So am I!

Andrew: I'll bet Micah told you because he knew that I was going to - I was going to forget.

Laura: Yup.

Andrew: Am I right?

Laura: Yup. You are right.

[Eric laughs]

Jamie: What? I don't get it.

Andrew: Micah Tannenbaum's News is one year old, today.

Eric: Now wait, Jamie...

Jamie: Is that right? I see!

Eric: Jamie!

Jamie: Yeah?

Eric: Doesn't this - this means you and I also turn one year old today.

Jamie: No, Eric, it means [singing 99 Red Balloons] You and I, in a little toy shop, buy a bag of balloons with the money we've got.

Eric: Shut up.

Andrew: It does, doesn't it?

Eric: Because it was Episode 3? 4?

Jamie: I think it could be. It's around that, yeah.

Eric: It was Episode 3!

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Oh yes, it was! You're right! It was around three or four. Three or four, it was something like that.

Andrew: Yeah. And now we are - here we are a year later, and Micah's still got - still kicking the news. So, thanks to him for his excellent weekly reporting.

Jamie: Dedication.


Andrew: Now let's move on to - yeah. Let's move on to a few announcements now. MuggleCast t-shirts: pick up your copy today, because they are running out quickly.

Jamie: Completely limited edition?

Andrew: Yeah, they really are limited edition now, and we're going to be selling some new designs very soon. Also, don't forget to vote for us on Podcast Alley. And California - we have lots of California updates. Unfortunately, Ben's not here to read off the California song winners...

Jamie: 'Cause he's lazy.

Andrew: [laughs] I don't know where he is, actually. But, California - I haven't even told you guys yet. That's how bad of a host I am. We are aiming for September 28 at the Borders in Westwood - the Westwood area of California.

Laura: Great!

Andrew: They're very excited to have us, so mark your calendars now...

Jamie: Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Andrew: And we'll have some updates on Go there for RSVP and more information and all that. There's Ben - now, hold on a second. The reporter's here now, the reporter's here now.

Laura: Okay, everybody.

Andrew: Welcome Toni. Say hi, Toni.

Toni: Hi, everybody.

Jamie: Hey, Toni.

Eric: Hi.

Laura: Hi!

Andrew: Ben just called me and said that he completely forgot. Which explains how he dedicated he is to the show.

Laura: Which is typical! [laughs]

Eric: We've only been doing the show for what, you know, over a year?

Jamie: A year-and-a-half.

Andrew: Right. Yeah. So, we'll get lyrics next week for everyone.

Listener Rebuttal - Cedric's Death

Andrew: Listener Rebuttals this week though, our first one comes from Julia, 16 of New York. She writes in response to minor versus major character death discussions on Episode 52. She says:

"While Cedric is not a major character, his death impacted Harry at that time nearly as much as killing off a major character like Sirius or Dumbledore does in the later books. Cedric's death is the first death Harry experiences firsthand, and gives him the first taste of what fighting this war is really going to be like. He is put on guard, his friends and classmates are in very real danger. By having the first experienced death in the series be of a minor character, J.K. Rowling allowed us - Harry - allowed Harry to be more prepared. If Sirius had been the first witnessed murder, then it might have been a bit too much of a shock for us as well as Harry. Harry would have had to deal with the shocking grief that comes with watching someone die for the first time, along with the sadness that comes with losing someone he loves.

This is a long one. Perhaps Cedric's death desen - desensa..."

Laura, help me out here.

Jamie: Desensitized.

Andrew: "...Desens - desense - desensitized Harry enough that..."

Laura: Good job, Andrew. [laughs]

Andrew: "...after Sirius died he was able to get through his misery and depression enough that he could continue with his life..."

[Jamie laughs]

" starting off with a minor character death."

[Jamie laughs]

"Rowling made sure things happened in the appropriate order. Cedric's death missed the odds, Sirius' murder caused a few tears to fall, and Dumbledore passing on caused more flat out sobbing."

Good point brought on by Julia.

Jamie: And Ron kicking the bucket in Book Seven is going to cause some suicides among us all.

Andrew: Yes.

[Andrew and Jamie laugh]

Laura: Yeah, but wouldn't you agree that part of the reason Cedric's death struck Harry so strongly was because of their close age? I mean, they were so close in age and the fact that Harry saw that no one was spared...

Eric: Agreed.

Laura: And even teenagers were being killed, and one person was supposed to die in the graveyard that night. And it wasn't supposed to be Cedric, it was supposed to be Harry.

Andrew: And he saw the death. That was the first death that he saw. So...

Eric: Yeah. This can be you. You know. This will be you, almost.

Jamie: That's true, but I think it reinforces the points that we were making that it's a minor character, but it's not a minor death. You know, it tells Harry a lot, this thing. So, you know, when Jo said that she wasn't killing off minor characters, I don't think she was particularly saying that every single character she kills is important, but every single death that she creates is important to Harry, and obviously as this person says, takes him on a journey, where it gets worse, and worse, and worse and shows that he's in the middle of a war.

Laura: Agreed.

Eric: Right.

Andrew: And this was the first death that he had seen, you know.

Eric: Well, question: Do you think without Cedric's death - I mean, in Book Five - I'm re-reading Book Five, and it seemed like you know, that the vast majority of the wizarding population doesn't believe Dumbledore and Harry even though Cedric's died. They just knew that Harry appeared from somewhere with Cedric dead. Do you think without Cedric dying they would have had no case and even less people would have believed Dumbledore and Harry?

Jamie: [thinking] Ummm...

Eric: Or would they have been able to prove successfully that Voldemort returned without the question mark of how Cedric died?

Jamie: Don't you think that kind of makes it worse because you know, Cedric's death - There wasn't a mark on his body, obviously. They couldn't prove anything. Harry just came back with this thing, and it could've looked like to the whole Voldemort coming back thing was just a cover-up.

Laura: That makes it worse for Harry.

Jamie: Yeah, exactly. But, I don't know. It would be interesting to see. Perhaps we can do a "What If?" What happens if Cedric said, "No it's okay, you have the cup. I'm going to go and take a break."

Eric: Right. [laughs]

Laura: I don't think as many students would have been on Harry's side. I don't think as many people would've come to the DA and that kind of thing.

Jamie: Yeah, probably not.

Eric: I don't know. Cedric might not have - I don't even think Cedric would have believed Harry. Or he may have, because he turns.

Laura: Well, yeah. Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: Well, I was talking about people...

Jamie: No, Eric. Eric, to be fair, he is dead. He won't be believing much, you know.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Jamie: It's just a minor point, obviously.

Eric: No, his final point... No, his final remarks, "Take my body back to the fangirls."

[Jamie laughs]

Eric: You know, they were pretty sweet.

Laura: [laughs] Fan girls.

Andrew: Jamie, you want to take the next rebuttal?

Listener Rebuttal - Defense Against The Dark Arts

Jamie: Yeah, sure. This is from Kaitlin, 16, from Aberdeen in SD. Where's...?

Andrew: What is that?

Jamie: What's SD?

Andrew: Come on, American pop quiz.

Jamie: What is...

Laura: [whispers] South Dakota.

Andrew: South Dakota.

Jamie: Oh okay, South Dakota.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: I was like...

Jamie: You know, every single British place there's a place called it in America, everywhere. Ridiculous.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs]

Jamie: Anyway, the subject is DADA, Defense Against the Dark Arts.

"Because of the curse Voldemort put on the DADA position none of the DADA...

Ah, god, I can't say it now.

...teachers have been able to stay for more than one year. I find it interesting that the DA only lasted a year as well. As a secret defense class, Harry acted as a DADA teacher. [laughs] Do you think that because Harry as a DADA teacher [laughs] the curse was a reason that he didn't continue with the DA?"

Whew, god!

Andrew: Isn't that kind of interesting?

Jamie: I have to take a break after that.

[Andrew, Laura, and Eric laugh]

Andrew: It wasn't much. Don't you think thatís kind of interesting? That's why I put it in here.

Laura: Yeah. I thought that was interesting.

Jamie: Yeah. It is, but I don't think you can call the DADA and the DA synonymous.

Andrew: Well, yeah.

Jamie: Okay. Let's make a competition for the person who can send in the longest sentence composed of only DADA.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: That was like three sentences Jamie. [counting sentences] One, two, three, four.

Eric: DADA, PDA...

Jamie: No, I mean only DADA. DADA, DA, DADA, DA, DADA..

Andrew: Oh, okay. Is that another t-shirt giveaway?

Jamie: No, because I think Sam will get ****** off if I ask him to send one.

[Jamie, Andrew and Eric]

Listener Rebuttal - Mad-Eye Moody

Andrew: Good point, good point. [laughs] Next listener rebuttal comes from Taya, 16, from St. Louis.

"In the last show, you guys discussed the possibility of Mad Eye Moody becoming the next Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Although that would be really cool because he's such an interesting character, he's too busy with his business for the Order to spend his time teaching. No doubt he's got a lot of places to go and things to do for the Order, but he wouldn't be able to do his job at Hogwarts because he'd be focused on teaching. So I think it might be someone from the Order, but maybe someone more insubstantial. I love your show!"

Laura: I agree with that. I really do. I think that the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in Book Seven is going to be someone that we know, but it will be someone insubstantial because Harry's not going to be at Hogwarts. So, we're not really going to need to learn all that much from that person.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: And again, it can't be someone too important - too good at Auroring if it is an Auror that does the teaching, because they're supposed to be, you know, helping the cause. They can't be hold up at Hogwarts, you know, teaching.

Laura: Yeah. [laughs]

Jamie: Exactly, they can't go and, you know, stop fighting the war but then say, "Oh well, I've got to be back to marks some books." You know, it's a full-time job. It's a full-time job.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Actually, that's like - I was watching this political satire program in the UK and they were talking about the "Territorial SAS", which is our special forces. And it's like, you're either in the SAS or you aren't in the SAS. So, this "Territorial SAS", this person was saying that they're behind enemy lines, they're fighting, but they've got to get back on Tuesday to do their job.


Jamie: I thought that was hilarious.

Andrew: [chuckles softly] Yeah, that's why it's British satire.

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: No, exactly! I was just about to say, you know, I tell these things about British humor and it's just met with a "Oh, heh. Oh, that's good, that is."

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Well, I still find it interesting. It's still kind of like cultural something. Anyway...

Jamie: What Eric, interesting in a kind of not funny at all way?

Eric: Not really. [laughs]

Jamie: Yeah. Yeah, cool.

Andrew: I sent you an article Jamie, earlier today from a girl who e-mailed. It was an article in the BBC, and the article said that British humor is 15% funny or something like that because of the accent.

Jamie: Oh yeah. So, I think that kind of backs up the theory that the jokes that I tell every single week are awful.

Eric: Well, Jamie?

Jamie: Yes?

Eric: Does the SAS - do they have guns?

Jamie: Yes, it's like your Delta Force.

Eric: What's our Delta Force? You know more about this than I do.

Jamie: Oh, right.

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: Delta Force is one of your special forces divisions of the American army.

Eric: Oh, right. Okay.

Laura: [laughs] I find it really sad that Jamie has to educate...

Eric: I swear Brits know more... British people know more about us than...

Jamie: Eric?

Eric: What?

Jamie: Anything else you want to know about your country? Where do you live again? I'll tell you if you've forgotten, you know?

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Yeah. Eric, that's embarrassing.

Eric: Yeah.

Listener Rebuttal - Bill Weasley

Andrew: Next rebuttal, this is going down quick. Next rebuttal: Joanna, 18, of Kala - Kala - Kalamazoo, Michigan. Is that a real town?

[Eric and Laura laugh]

Eric: I guess so.

Andrew: Is it? Philadelphia Inquirer photographer says yes. [speaking to photographer] Have you really? What's it like?

Philadelphia Inquirer Photographer: It's a small town.

Andrew: Oh.

Jamie: Kalamazoo? It sounds like a Google spin-off.

Andrew: It's a small town. You heard it here first. She writes - Joanna writes:

"What do you guys think about the possibility of Bill Weasley becoming the new DADA professor? I mean, he's the one at Gringotts, right?" [laughs]

Okay, let me stop this for a second.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: When you're writing these rebuttals, we're not - we're too lazy to go through and edit them, or read them like we're going to read them on air, so edit them for us and then send them in. [Laughs]

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: I know exactly why [inaudible]...

Jamie: What's wrong with this?

Laura: Come on, Andrew.

Andrew: Because then we look...

Jamie: Andrew...

Laura: You can't just read over the errors?

Jamie: What do you expect? Haikus and...

Andrew: She writes...

Jamie: Iambic pentameter? [laughs]

Andrew: That's exactly what I expect. She writes:

"I mean, he's the one at Gringotts, right? So maybe he wouldn't have any experience teaching but hey, he's a nice guy. He is, as Harry says, 'cool.' He has experience fighting Death Eaters, he's got battle wounds...what else do you need? He could gain experience as he goes and I'm sure he knows enough that he could teach these kids. Also, that would allow a member of the Order to be at Hogwarts without compromising a major player. I'm interested to hear what you think!"

Eric: Kudos for...

Andrew: That's a good final point.

Eric: Yeah, completely browsing over what we were just saying about how they couldn't be a major player, but if they were in the Order, it would still be nice. The only problem is, the battle wounds...

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: ...reason...

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: I... His battle wounds kind of make him part werewolf and people don't like werewolves teaching their kids. Sorry. Even if it will never mature or whatever, he's still got...

Jamie: Still looks like a bit of a werewolf.

Laura: Yeah, but wouldn't any of the parents who would have that kind of opinion take their kids out of Hogwarts anyway at this point?

Eric: That's true, that's true. You could say, well, screw them.

Jamie: Or homeschool them.

Laura: Yes!

Eric: [laughs] Yes! And for more abuse about homeschooling...

Laura: I love how you guys all mock me for being homeschooled.

Jamie: No, we don't, we don't.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: No, we talked - we did a whole few episodes about that actually...

Jamie: We mock the idea of being homeschooled - home-taught magic. To be fair.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly.

Laura: Why?

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Well, okay then, Laura. How many people do you know who, on a Wednesday morning, stay home, eat breakfast, and then get their wands out and cast some spells? And have their mom teach them how to do it?

Laura: I'd say about 50.

Jamie: 50?

Laura: 50, Jamie.

Jamie: Well, I don't think 50 is very representative, but...

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: Of the world's population.

Eric: Because the wizarding world is so huge.

Jamie: Yeah, it is.

[Laura laughs]

Listener Rebuttal - Ben And Harry Parallel

Andrew: Okay, let's move on. Erin, 31 of Pennsylvania; she writes about Ben in Nebraska. She draws an interesting parallel and this really freaked me out.

"In Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry is sitting in a Muggle street, in the middle of the night, wondering what the police will say when they find a boy with a trunk of magical items. Ben is sitting in a Muggle street, in the middle of the night, wondering what the police will say when they find a "boy" with his laptop stealing WI-FI. Wow, the parallels!"

Jamie: That's pretty awesome.

Andrew: Good point, Erin. Good point, good point.

Listener Rebuttal - Book Spines

Andrew: This next one - these are some weird emails this week - Michelle, age ten...

Eric: Million.

Andrew: Ten million...

Jamie: One hundred thousand.

Andrew: hundred thousand. And she writes:

"You guys played a voice 'thing,' that said the books..."

They are called voicemails. "...that said that books have 'Year One,' 'Year Two,' and so on. It's on the spine of both the paperbacks and hardcover editions."

Not all of them. I think when they first started printing these, they didn't have "Year One" and "Year Two."

Laura: Really?

Andrew: Like - yeah.

Jamie: Do they really?

Andrew: My copies don't. So, that leads me to believe they did that just because they wanted to put something new on the spine of the reprints.

Eric: Hmmm.

Laura: Hmmm. Interesting.

Eric: The UK editions don't have them on the spine.

Andrew: I don't...Laura, are they on yours, Laura?

Laura: Ummm...

Andrew: They're not on mine.

Laura: I don't know. I have a newer version of Sorcerer's Stone because my old one died, [laughs] but, yeah...

Jamie: It died?

Laura: My newer one has "Year One" on it. [Laughs] Yeah. I killed it. I'm sorry.

Jamie: Awww.

Eric: It was a Horcrux.

Jamie: Yeah.

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