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MuggleCast 54 Transcript

Show Intro

Andrew [Show Intro with music in background]: Because quantum theory has too much to theorize - thank you Alice, 28, of Ohio - this is MuggleCast Episode 55 [he means 54] for September 3rd, 2006.

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Hello, Potter pickles! [laughs] Welcome back to...

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: ...the show. I'm Andrew Sims.

Ben: I am Ben Schoen.

Jamie: I'm Jamie Lawrence.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull. [at the same time as Jamie]

Laura: And I'm Laura Thompson.

Eric: Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie.

Andrew: And this is the show where we bring you the latest in Harry Potter news, theories, discussions, umm...

Jamie: And some other stuff as well.

Andrew: Plumpy pickles, and much more. [laughs]

Jamie: [laughs] Plumpy?

Andrew: But before we go anywhere else, a tasty pickle by the name of Micah Tannenbaum is over at the MuggleCast news center with the latest Harry Potter news stories.

Jamie: What's up, tasty Micah?


Micah: Daniel Radcliffe recently announced that he will commence filming for a new ITV drama, My Boy Jack, in the summer of 2007. The show is based on a true story of Rudyard Kipling and his son Jack, who was killed in World War I.

At the Emmy Awards, David Yates-directed film The Girl in the Café won the "Made for TV Movie" award. The movie's producers announced that David couldn't attend the ceremony due to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix filming commitments.

Three movie release dates that I mentioned last week have all now been confirmed by Warner Bros. You can always keep up with the latest Order of the Phoenix release dates in our movies section.

Those three release dates included Belgium on July 11th, Denmark on July13th, and Poland on July 20th.

Additionally, Warner Brothers confirmed to us that the fifth Harry Potter movie will be released next year in the Czech and Slovak Republic on July 19th, and in Sweden on July 13th.

We also posted a few new set pictures from the film over on, MuggleNet's official Rupert fansite, has posted their exclusive interview with the actor who plays Ron Weasley in the Potter films. In it, he talks with site owners Claire and Kelle about everything from his favorite movies to Book Seven theories, and says there will be no Quidditch in Order of the Phoenix.

The Ron Weasley actor will make an appearance on radio talk show hostEdith Bowman's program this Thursday, September 7 between 1 and 4 PM GMT. Listeners can submit questions, which will be posed to him on air.

Emma Watson has been nominated for a Relly award in the category of Best Junior Achiever by Live with Regis and Kelly. Don't forget to vote for her, and the winners will be announced on September 22nd.

Finally, as we head out to the 2006 Podcast Awards, the next live Leaky Mug, will be held on September 28th, at Borders in Westwood, located at 1360 Westwood Blvd. in Los Angeles, California. It will start sharply at 7 PM Pacific Time, and we hope to see you there.

That's all the news for this September 3rd, 2006, edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show.

Andrew: Okay, thank you Micah.

Jamie's Contest

Jamie: Eric, complete this sentence for me, okay: "Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate." Come on, Eric, you should know this.

Eric: Oh, something about vivacious...

Jamie: Not bad! "This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished; a vital voice once venerated, now vilified."

Eric: Jamie?

Ben: That's not even funny.

Jamie: "However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation now stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin..." Actually, the only reason I'm doing this, Ben, is because I wanted to announce a competition, and normally I have waited until once we got into the show. I was so excited about this, I thought, "I have to do this now!" Okay. We want a MuggleCast version of the speech from V for Vendetta. So - and you win a free t-shirt, a very nice t-shirt. And they're especially limited edition now, because we're going to have new designs coming out, so please get them while you can.

Eric: Jamie?

Jamie: Yes, Eric?

Eric: What is it with these run-on sentences? You must like grammar. I mean, yes - last episode, you wanted them to do DADA, a sentence of entirely DADA.

Jamie: No, no! I just love sentences.

Eric: Don't get me wrong, V for Vendetta is a wonderful movie.

Jamie: It is good. You're right.

Eric: I loved it. It's excellent. It's like the - that was brilliant, by the way, too. But I don't know. How - what does this have to do with a t-shirt?

Jamie: It doesn't have anything to do with the t-shirt. It's just a - we want a MuggleCast version of it, like, for example, Muggles. I don't know. "Majestically moving montage of Muggle..."

Eric: Of mundane!

Jamie: I don't know - of mundane, yeah. Mundane Marry Potter news.

Ben: Marry Potter news?

Jamie: Yeah, I don't know. [laughs]

[Ben laughs]

Jamie: Something all - it has to be something that actually makes sense, but yeah. Send them in to jamie at staff dot mugglenet dot com.

Eric: I must say, you have the most compelling challenges ever. I really like them.

Jamie: Well, that's extremely kind, Eric. Thank you.

Andrew: What about last week's contest?

Ben: The California one? Or - no. Crap.

Jamie: What last week's contest?

Andrew: Well, no, that too. But the DADA.

Jamie: Oh yeah! No see, I didn't think at the time, because that was - I saw something on TV about one word which you could say five times, no, no, sort of like eight times and if you insert proper grammar, it makes a sentence, and I was somehow under the impression that you could do this with DADA. But apparently you can't, so I got, like, four hundred emails of just DADADA 900 times, and I wouldn't have called them sentences.

Andrew: Did you see the one that I forwarded you?

Jamie: No, I don't think so. Why, was it an actual sentence?

Andrew: Yeah. I think so.

Jamie: Oh.

Andrew: I didn't really read it. [laughs]

Jamie: Do you still have it?

Andrew: I forwarded it to you!

Jamie: Ohhh!

Andrew: Check your G-mail.

Jamie: Check my G-mail, okay then. I'll check my G-mail. But, yeah. Please send your new versions of the speech from V - mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com, or jamie at staff dot mugglenet dot com.

Andrew: Sounds good. I also wanted to start a new segment this week. I don't know how long it's going to last, based on, like, the physical...

Eric: You and your new segments.

Jamie: Geography?

[Phone rings in background]

Andrew: But, I want to just - what is that?

Ben: A telephone.

Eric: Don't worry about it. I'll mute myself.

Laura: It's someone's phone.

Andrew: Oh. I got excited. I thought it was Jamie's phone [laughs] making a reappearance.

Jamie: Oh no, I know. It hasn't.

Andrew: After fifty shows. [laughs]

Jamie: It's very shy. It's extremely shy.

[Andrew still laughing]

Jamie: I've been trying to convince it to come out at some point.

Jamie's Back Update

Andrew: [laughs] Jamie, we want to start a new segment this week called "Jamie's Back Update."

Jamie: Oh.

Andrew: Because people are concerned about your back and I thought maybe we could just...

Ben: Actually, he was faking it all along.

Jamie: Yeah, I was, yeah. I'm sorry. [laughs]

Andrew: Oh!

Jamie: No, it is getting a lot, lot better and I'm hoping to be able to move soon. No, no, no.

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: It is getting a lot, lot better. I've just been doing absolutely nothing and it's getting better and hopefully in like a few days it's going to be completely back to normal. But, I'm not going to lift any bins filled of water - I'm sorry, trash cans filled with water...

[Ben laughs]

Jamie: ...for a while, I must admit. Thank you very much for everyone's e-mails saying "please get better." I am, thank you very much. And actually I just found...

Andrew: There's some announce...

Jamie: I'm sorry, can I say...

Andrew: Yeah.

DADA Contest Winner

Jamie: I just found that e-mail about the DADA DA.

Andrew: Oh.

Jamie: It is a very long email with about one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve... [mumbles numbers] About twenty-four DADA. So that prize goes to Jacqueline, 15, from Staten Island...

Andrew: So, did you want to read it?

Jamie: Well, it's quite long, it is...

Andrew: Oh, okay.

Jamie: Well, I can do a quick one. Okay, one, two, three, go.

[Jamie recites DADA winning e-mail really fast]

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Is that for real?

Eric: He is really good at that.

[Jamie continues reciting DADA winning e-mail really fast]

Eric: He's still going?

[Jamie continues reciting DADA winning e-mail]

Jamie: The end! Total DA's thirty-five.

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: Thank you.

Andrew: What just happened? That was completely unedited, folks.

Ben: Yeah, that's...

Andrew: Good job, Jamie. Wow.

Jamie: Thank you.

Ben: Actually, I'm sure I could beat that.

Andrew: Well...

Jamie: Ben, you couldn't beat it if you'd taken classes in reading long DADA sentences, okay.

Ben: No, no. In debate we - there's speed debating.

Jamie: Oh, is there?

Ben: Where we talk about that fast.


Andrew: We have some [laughs] announcements this week. Don't forget to purchase your MuggleCast t-shirt. The new designs are on the way - we should roll them out within the next couple weeks and by couple, I possibly mean few.

Jamie: Eighteen.

Andrew: Yeah. Don't forget to vote for us on Podcast Alley and of course Leaky Mug...

Ben: Wait a second, wait a second.

Andrew: What?

Ben: More on Podcast Alley - please, please vote for us on Podcast Alley. We're tired of losing to PotterCast. There, I said it. The "P" word.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: Vote for us on Podcast Alley, put us over the top for the month. We haven't won in a while, so help us out.

Andrew: Ummm, the only "P" word we are allowed to say on this show is "pickles."

Ben: Pickles.

Andrew: No, no...

Ben: MuggleCast 54 - Pickles.

Jamie: Pickles.

Andrew: Pickles.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: No, plumb-pickers pickles...

Andrew: Pickles.

Eric: Plumb...

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Plumpy pickles.

Andrew: It's a fun word. Pickles. Everyone say, "pickles."

Ben: Pickles.

Jamie: Pickles.

Eric: Pickles.

Andrew: Pickles.

Laura: Pickles.

Eric: [in a high-pitched voice] Pickles.

Andrew: Pickles. [Laughs]

Eric: Tommy Pickles?

Andrew: [still laughing] Okay - California. Leaky Mug live in California September 28, 7:00 PM at the Borders in Westwood.

Jamie: Be there.

Andrew: In Las Vegas. [laughs] No, not Las Vegas, Los Angeles.

Ben: Sorry, we're still in Vegas.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: We are.

Ben: I left my soul in Vegas; my heart in New York City.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs] Are you going to do the lyrics thing, Ben?

Ben: The lyrics - about the lyrics. To be honest with you, I've been really forgetful lately. I have a bunch of them in my inbox. I'll sort them out and when Andrew posts the show, we'll post the winner.

Jamie: Can I summarize what Ben's saying here, please?

Eric: Since - yeah. Go ahead.

Jamie: I think what he's saying is that he opens up his G-mail and it says "410 unread messages." They're all in black, so you know, he hasn't read them and he thinks, "I'm going to bed."

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: I'm going to bed, yeah.

Eric: Yeah, that's pretty much... Yeah.

Jamie: That's about it, though.

PO Box Update

Andrew: And Ben, you got a P.O. Box update for us this week?

Ben: This is the best P.O. Box update of all P.O. Box updates.

Jamie: Yeah. It's the only one you've done.

Ben: I know.

Jamie: Sorry. [laughs]

Ben: Firstly - this is going to be weekly from now on or, bi-weekly. Depends on how much stuff we get sent. So, then you should send something in. The first thing I'd like to mention is our featured PO Box Item of the Week. Someone by the name of Sarah Fyack from New Jersey - Andrew's native state - sent in a drawing of the MuggleCasters with the featured slogan, "I don't need friends, I've got MuggleCast."

Andrew: Awww.

Jamie: Awww.

Eric: Awww.

Laura: Awww.

Ben: Yeah, it is very - it is a really awesome picture, and to be quite honest, Jamie and I both look so hot, it's ridiculous.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: It's like she put a hot filter on us.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: And, yeah. So, I'll post this - I'll take a picture of it or scan it or something and we'll put it in the Show Notes.

Andrew: Yay.

Ben: With ten banner ads around it.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: No, I'm just kidding. The other items that were sent in during this past week: Angeline Kokami and Holly Gart from Canada sent in custom bookmarks for each of the MuggleCasters. Hopefully I'll send those out soon.

Eric: Awww.

Laura: Awww. Thanks you guys!

Ben: Emily from Washington - Redmond actually, which is where Microsoft was founded, anyways - sent in a wonderful account of a dream in which I made an appearance.

[Eric laughs]

Ben: And Emily, I agree, we are meant for each other. Chelsea from Pennsylvania sent in a Subway gift card. Mary, my fellow Kansan, sent five one-dollar bills for my birthday. Hannah, my number-one fangirl sent in sequins in a card, which I opened and scattered all over my laptop...

[Jamie laughs]

Ben: ...and it took me about twenty minutes getting it out of the keys. Thanks Hannah. [laughs]

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: And, of course, other letters from Amelia from Canada; Katie from Maine; Lauren from California, who's very excited about the live podcast; Tracy from Oklahoma, who's enjoying the heat; Kevin from California; Liz Jah from California for an extremely generous Subway gift card. So, thanks a ton for that. Finally, Jacklyn from Staten Island, the one who won the DADA thing a minute ago - she thought she'd be funny and send Christmas cards already.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: But, but, something that's worth pointing out - there's only Christmas cards here for Laura, Andrew, Kevin, and Eric. So, looks like Jamie, Micah and myself got the shaft.

Laura, Jamie, and

Andrew: Awww!

Eric: Just cut Eric's in half, and we'll...

Ben: [laughs] Yeah, and we'll split it. Also, thanks to Kyle from New York for the birthday package that he sent me, and to Elizabeth for sending Laura a scarf. I'll get that out to her as soon as possible.

Laura: Awww! Thank you, Elizabeth!

Ben: So, send us anything, absolutely everything, anything you have. So, something you send may end up as our featured item of the week. So, there's your incentive. Send something...

Andrew: [laughs] Featured item of the week.

Jamie: We're the new eBay. We're the new eBay. Instead of sticking stuff on eBay, just send it to us.

Andrew: We're selling Laura's scarf. Bidding starts at five bucks. [laughs]

Laura: No, I want my scarf. That's mine!

Andrew: [laughs] Just kidding.

Andrew: Pickles. Pickles. Pickles.

Eric: Pickles.

Jamie: Pikles.

Andrew: Pickles. Pickles. [in a nerdy voice] Pickles. [laughs]

Ben: So, that wraps up... Andrew [laughs]: We're wasting everyone's time.

Ben: Remember guys - hey remember, everybody - that is:

PO Box 223
Moundridge, Kansas67107

So, there you have it. There you have it.

Andrew: Pickles. Send your pickles to the PO Box. [laughs]

[Laura laughs]

Ben: If anyone sends pickles, I swear I will flip out, because I hate pickles. Pickles are so gross. I'd rather...

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: You just asked for it. [laughs]

Jamie: Yeah, Ben, that's like saying "Oh, no. Please don't send me $1,000,000. I really don't want it, Ben"

Listener Rebuttal - Aberforth

Andrew: Listener Rebuttals this week. [laughs] Finally. Erica, 15 from California. She writes:

"Hi, MuggleCasters. I'm just writing in because Eric asked whether Aberforth was acting dumb or if he really was..."

Jamie: Dumb. [laughs]

Andrew: Once again, people aren't proof-reading.

"I'd like to point out that in Goblet of Fire, pg. 442, US edition, Dumbledore said that when Aberforth got arrested for charming a goat, and it was all in the papers, 'He held his head high and went about his business as usual. Of course, I'm not entirely sure he can read, so that may not have been bravery.'"

Laura: It doesn't mean he's stupid.

Eric: He's not trying to say that he's dumb.

Eric: No, you just need to...

Eric: He's stupid, just not dumb.

Eric: Take a look at Episode 53, go about 22:10 in, and I clearly take into account the fact that Dumbledore didn't know if he could read or not.

Andrew: Okay.

Eric: Okay.

Listener Rebuttal - Aberforth's Reading

Jamie: And this one comes from Issel, 16, from Miami in Florida, with the subject "Aberforth Can't Read." Ah.

"Just thought I'd point out that Albus told us that he wasn't sure his brother could read. I find it odd, in fact, I find a bit of deja vu going on here, I must admit. I find it odd that the brother of the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, can't read. What does that say about their upbringing? Was Albus normally from a poor, destitute, ill, and illiterate family? Or perhaps Aberforth couldn't be persuaded to read, and then again, why wouldn't Albus know if his brother could read or not? Well, maybe it was only a joke. Only Jo really knows."

In fact, that's absolutely right. I think we should close down the show and close down everything, 'cause she's the only one who really knows everything.

Eric: I think it's suddenly clear to me. I - guys, I know the key to the series or the key to Aberforth is that he's too busy with goats to care much to read. He never learned to read. He was always, you know...

Ben: I am slappin' my knee over here.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Jamie, she solved it for us, and she used great words like destitute and...

Jamie: Yeah, they're nice words.

Eric: Yes.

Laura: Big words, Eric.

Andrew: Yes.

Laura: Big words. [laughs]

Listener Rebuttal - Gas Prices

Andrew: Cindy, from New Jersey, writes:

"Episode 53 was my first time listening to your program, and I enjoyed it very much."

Thank you, Cindy.

"FYI, the person from Australia told you that they pay the equivalent of $0.90 per liter of gasoline. Before this bums you out too much, consider the fact that a gallon of gas is approximately four liters. 4 times $0.90 equals $3.60. Not a bargain at all."

Good point, Cindy.

Laura: True that.

Andrew: A few people e-mailed this in. There is cheap gas out there in the world.

Jamie: I don't want to complain, but I feel a complaint coming on at this "$3.60, not a bargain at all."

Andrew: Yeah, but...

Jamie: It's the bargain of the century.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: I'd buy to hoard it, just so I didn't - just because it was so cheap. If I went to Australia, I'd pack my suitcases with gas, man.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: And leave all my clothes there.

Andrew: I have one thing to say.

Jamie: Yeah?

Andrew: Pickle.

Jamie: Pickle.

Andrew: Pickle. Pickle.

Ben: Stop saying that! That's annoying! Geez!

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Ben: Actually, guys, Melissa challenged Andrew and I on Skype the other night to come up with something that the fandom is going to keep saying - like their Dawlish thing. So, let's make ours "pickle."

Andrew: Yeah. Pickle. Everyone say "pickle."

Jamie: No, no, no, no.

Andrew: Shirts with pickles on them.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew [still laughing]: Printed with pickles.

Jamie: Two pickles.

Andrew: You know, that's the beauty of podcasting. I can keep saying "pickle" and no one can throw me off.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Everyone say it. Just waste everyone's time.

Eric: Pickle.

Andrew: Pickle.

Eric: Pickle.

Andrew: Pickle. [laughs]

Jamie: When you're you listening to this just think, that we're actually all sitting here, just saying "pickle."

[Eric and Andrew laugh]

Jamie: And laugh because of that, okay? Please.

Main Discussion - The Two-Way Mirror

Andrew: Our main discussion this week: The Two-Way Mirror. Jamie Lawrence.

Jamie: We're doing a slightly different sort of re-vamp of the main discussion, where we're going to have an intro and then main questions. Then, further questions stemming from our main questions, and then a "What if?" section as well.

So, here's our intro: Before Harry went back to Hogwarts after the Christmas holidays in Order of the Phoenix, Sirius handed him a two-way mirror, telling him to use it whenever he needed to chat. At the time, Harry promised himself he would never use it, as it could potentially draw Sirius out of Grimmauld Place and put him in danger. We don't hear anything else of this mirror until after Sirius' death. And we never see it again until the end of the book. After Sirius dies, Harry discovers it at the bottom of his trunk. It bears the following inscription:

"This is a two way mirror. I've got the other one of the pair. If you need to speak to me just say my name into it. You'll appear in my mirror, and I'll be able to talk in yours. James and I used to use them when we were in separate detentions."

After Harry reads this, he smashes the mirror in frustration.

Andrew: Oooo.

Ben: Oooo.

Laura: Awww. [laughs]

Two-Way Mirror: A Common Good?

Jamie: Okay, main questions. Number one, was the two-way mirror an invention of Sirius and James, or is it commercially available? As in, can you go on eBay and type in "two-way mirror" and buy one? Any thoughts?

Eric: I did.

Ben: Well of course not, Jamie.

Jamie: What? You can't go on eBay?

Laura: Sounds like something they could get at Zonko's.

Jamie: Yeah, yeah.

Andrew: Mmmm.

Jamie: Or on eBay dot wizard.

Ben: I doubt it was their own invention, but I don't know. They were very clever though because they invented the Marauder's Map. So...

Jamie: Yeah, exactly.

Ben: It wouldn't be beyond them, but I don't know.

Jamie: But he says that, "James and I used to use them." I don't know if he's talking about the two mirrors as a pair or just the entire thing, you know?

Eric: Oh, a group of them.

Jamie: Because I'd like to think its his invention, but I don't know.

Andrew: I was just going say if they were commercially available, wouldn't we have seen them before already?

Jamie: Well, yeah.

Ben: That's true.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: That's what doesn't make sense.

Jamie: That's true.

Ben: Couldn't Ron or Harry use them? Or students at Hogwarts could probably use them to cheat on tests and stuff too.

Eric: Oooo.

Andrew: Well, you'd have to hold the mirror in front of you.

Jamie: Yeah.

[Andrew and Jamie laugh]

Jamie: Yeah, but you could just pretend you were checking your hair or something.

Ben: How big is it? I thought it was really small. I didn't think it was...

Laura: Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: [laughing] It's a four by six.

Laura: Yeah. I always thought it was just a little hand mirror.

Jamie: [laughing] How are we supposed to know?

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: I'd imagine it being three and a half inches, four, yeah.

Andrew: It's the size of the one in Snow White that Snow White talks to.

Jamie: Yeah.

[Eric and Jamie laugh]

Eric: You just carry it around in your backpack or something.

Jamie: And it has a huge sort of gilded frame around the edges as well.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Jamie: Yeah. It's not commercially available.

Andrew: I would guess that...

Eric: Sirius Black now appearing in IMAX.

Jamie: Yeah. No, did you notice it's just like the 21st Century equivalent of the web cam?

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah. I was just going to say, is this built by Skype Inc.?

The Same Two Mirrors?

Jamie: Yeah, I think it must be. Question number two, are these two the same mirrors that Sirius and James used? This kind of follows on from the first question. You know, these could be the same two because these are the only two that exist, or you know are these just the same two because Sirius has kept them?

Laura: I think Sirius kept them.

Ben: Well no. They're the same two because of how he words it. He says, "James and I used to use them when we were in separate detentions."

Jamie: No, but he could mean that James and I used to use the mirrors, you know, this type of mirror? It's like James...

Ben: I know, but in the previous sentence he just referenced a specific mirror that he gave Harry.

Jamie: No, I don't know. You could see it either way. That "them"...

Ben: What difference does it make?

Jamie: I don't know! Its just... Hey, Ben! This is a podcast where we over analyze everything. You can't say, "What difference does it make?"

Eric: Well no. I think it is the same pair because of the way it's worded.

Jamie: I agree.

Eric: It says, "James and I used to use them." I think this wouldn't be something Sirius wouldn't have gone out and got another pair of just to do this with Harry.

Jamie: Yeah. Yeah. I know.

Eric: First of all, he can't leave Grimmauld Place, you know. So, I think it makes more sense that he's had these ever since, you know, he and James were at school - that kind of thing. I don't know what they're doing at his house or that's a question like where's his motor bike at?

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: I read a theory once that Harry's room in Order of the Phoenix, when the Advanced Guard comes and Tonks is in his room she looks at the mirror in his bedroom with - and either fixes her nose or checks her hair or something, and I've seen it theorized that that was actually her sending a symbol to somebody with a similar kind of mirror, maybe. Do you guys think that that's likely that Harry's own bedroom cupboard might have a mirror on it that would be two-way if there were more than one of these?

Jamie: I don't know.

Laura: That would be creepy. [laughs]

Ben: That would be awesome. It's like a spy or something.

Secure Communication?

Jamie: Yeah. When Harry's lying in bed people could see him through the mirror. Okay, question number three, and this I thought was one of the most important questions. Is this method of communication completely secure?

Andrew: Well, I would think if Sirius gave it to him than he knew there must be some level of security to them.

Jamie: Yeah, I agree. I don't think he'd give him anything that could be compromised at all and it doesn't seem like it goes through anything else. If you think of Floo Powder, you know, it goes through the central sort of Floo Powder, you know, Department thing and they can monitor. But, I just don't... This doesn't seem like the kind of thing that you can monitor.

Eric: You know what it reminds me most of is the mirror in Beauty and the Beast where you have to say the name and it shows you that person, but obviously this is a little bit more restricted.

Jamie: Oooo, yeah.

Eric: That one I imagine it being the same size, around.

Jamie: That kind of thing, yeah.

Andrew: So, are they just two mirrors that Sirius and James put enchantments on?

Jamie: Well, yeah. It could be, yeah. That could be it as well.

Eric: It's so interesting with pairs. There's the pair of two way mirrors, the pair of pair of vanishing cabinets, and Dumbledore seemed to have this look of dawning comprehension when he asked Draco on the Lightning-Struck Tower if the vanishing cabinets were a pair?

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: And he's like, "Yeah. Ah." That's interesting to know what pairs - what significance they have and stuff. Like would, for instance, in order for you to enchant two-way mirrors would they have to be of the same glass? Would you actually have to, you know, or something like that - buy two mirrors and enchant them or what? Like phoenix feathered pairs. I don't know. Anyway, do you guys have my Tonks question? I cut out then.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: No.

Jamie: No, we did hear it. It was the one about using Harry's mirror.

Eric: Yeah, to send a signal or something.

Andrew: Oh yeah.

Eric: Is that really likely?

Jamie: It could be, but you'd have to be able to use any mirror then in that case, because I doubt that Harry's mirror would automatically have a charm on it.

Andrew: Mhm.

Eric: Oh.

Jamie: Okay, question number four. Actually, we'll skip question number four. It was going to be do other people use them, but it was kind of covered in one and two.

Okay, No. 5 - this isn't really a question, it's just something I noticed: There seems to be quite a lot of importance in the series as a whole on mirrors. So, you've got - obviously, the Mirror of Erised, you got the Two-Way Mirror we've been talking about, The Foe-Glass that Moody has, which obviously is important when Dumbledore and McGonagall burst into the room. You've got the mirror in The Burrow that gives grooming advice and the mirror in The Leaky Cauldron that commented on Harry's hair, and said, you know, "You're fighting a losing battle, there kid," or whatever it was. So, I mean, obviously, we're going to see the Mirror of Erised again. Well no, actually - or are we? No, we aren't - or are we? I can't remember.

Eric: I don't think so.

Laura: I don't think we've ever heard anything about that.

Jamie: Oh. Well, that completely...

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Guys, are we due up to see - I'm not going to choose a subject, 'cause I like it a lot - but are we due up to see the Ford Anglia again? Didn't Jo say?

Laura: Yes.

Jamie: We are, yeah, yeah. Sorry. Yeah, I think that's what I was thinking of. Not the Mirror of Erised.

Ben: Harry's going to run over Voldemort and back right over him.

Eric: Yeah.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Eric: [still laughing]: Wasn't there a mirror that said - Harry said "I'm not going to die today," or something, and the mirror's like "That's the spirit, dear."

Jamie: "That's the spirit, dear." Wasn't the that one in The Leaky Cauldron as well?

Eric: I'm not sure. There was one in The Burrow.

Jamie: Yeah, yeah it did. Yeah.

Laura: Yeah, it was the one in The Leaky Cauldron.

Eric: I think that was the one in The Burrow.

Ben: Don't you know how like, in the Wizarding world things are special, and how the pictures move? So, maybe it's the same thing with all mirrors - can talk to you.

Jamie: Oh yeah, it could be.

Eric: I don't know, though. It's not like the - speaking of Beauty and the Beast again - the wardrobe in that one. That's what I imagine when I think of you know, "Tuck your shirt in, scruffy," or whatever. I imagine the wardrobe woman was like, you know? But, these - I'm not quite sure. That'd be a little freaky if all your mirrors could talk to you.

Jamie: It would be.

Eric: Like they were watching you or something.

Jamie: But, it does show, though, that they've been used extensively. I mean, the first book, obviously it's pivotal. But the Two-Way Mirror could have been pivotal as well.

Eric: Yeah, some of them have voices. So, that's really weird.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Like, I mean we could ask the same question about the mirror in The Burrow that gives the grooming advice.

Jamie: Oh yeah, definitely.

Andrew: Is it commercially available, or is it enchanted like a lot of the stuff in the Weasley household is by Mrs. Weasley?

Harry's Fault Sirius Died?

Jamie: Okay, Question number six: Assuming using the Mirror would have saved Sirius' life, is it Harry's fault he died?

Eric: Oh, Harry guilts himself enough. No, it's not Harry's fault he died.

Laura: No.

Ben: No.

Eric: But, that's not to say it doesn't absolutely suck that Harry was a little bit you know, on the noble side and he didn't use it to check on Sirius when he had the vision.

Jamie: But he could've warned him.

Laura: Yeah, but Sirius was also on the noble side. He was told to stay at Grimmauld Place, and didn't.

Andrew: Mhm.

Jamie: No, he didn't, but after Harry you know, saw him lying in the Department of Mysteries, Voldemort you know, standing over him -

Eric: He should have checked.

Jamie: He could have checked with him easily.

Laura: Yeah, but he never opened the package, so he didn't know that the Mirror was in there.

Jamie: Are you sure?

Laura: Yeah, he didn't open it until after Sirius died.

Jamie: Oh, oh, right, okay. Of course, okay.

Andrew: Yeah, he totally smashed it.

Eric: Didn't he go into... I haven't gotten there yet in the book I'm reading, but didn't he ask Kreacher where Sirius was or something?

Laura: Yeah, Kreacher lied. [laughs]

Eric: Kreacher lied. Ah, I hate Kreacher.

Jamie: Didn't his mum tell him that you don't lie?

[Eric laughs]

Jamie: Very, very bad.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: They're pure-blood. I don't think they would have said anything, so...

Jamie: Maybe not. Well, it's very disappointing, I must admit.

Eric: [laughs] So, it's bad up-bringing, then. Are you on Hermione's side with Kreacher, that he's really a nice chap.

[Ben laughs]

Jamie: Yeah. He's just misunderstood. He's just misunderstood. You know?

Laura: Deranged.

Jamie: But, okay, it isn't Harry's fault he died, but do you think this could be significant now in the series? That it's just one more thing that Harry blames himself for, it's one more thing he has to revenge.

Laura: Well, of course.

Jamie: It's one more thing that could empower him.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: It's just something that could have been different, you know? It's just, I don't know - I'd like to find out if he's going to Reparo the Mirror and use it again.

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: Kind of like the mysterious - I mean, it wouldn't be entirely out of hand considering The Marauder’s Map just suddenly appeared in Book Five after it was supposed to be in Imposter Moody's office. You know, stuff like that.

Laura: Well, didn't Jo say that we would see the Mirror again?

Eric: The Two-Way Mirror?

Jamie: What, the Two-Way Mirror?

Ben: Yeah, she did. She did.

Eric: She did? Oh, wow.

Jamie: All right, well, that leads very nicely into Question 10 - skipping a couple of questions...

Andrew: Well, wait.

Jamie: What?

Andrew: If we saw the Two-Way - if we're seeing it again, doesn't that mean there's more than one since Harry smashed his?

Jamie: No, no.

Andrew: Unless it's repaired.

Eric: Well, Reparo.

Jamie: Harry could. Yeah, yeah.

Andrew: Or he'll just run into where it's briefly mentioned. [laughs] "Harry saw the Mirror." [still laughing]

Jamie: Harry could step on the shards accidentally, and there we are. We'd see it again.

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