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MuggleCast EP5 Transcript (continued)

Jamie: Aren't you supposed to overanalyze? That's our point on the show. To overanalyze everything.

Kevin: It's true.

Jamie: Find conspiracy theories. Find holes in everything. No one is safe with the podcasters at MuggleCast.

Andrew: Was that Jamie's phone?

Jamie: Yes, it was. Sorry.

Andrew: It sounded like it had a British accent.

Jamie: What? My phone has a got a British accent? You can set the ring tone to any accent you want, but I'd thought I'd stay with British.

[All laugh]

Ben: Well I think that pretty much covers the past week's news on all these topics.

Andrew: Jamie's phone...[Laughs]

Spy on Spartz

Ben: Before we move on. I think it's prudent before we move on to the voicemails and questions submitted by users, that we visit this week's section of "Spy on Spartz".

Jamie: Oh yeah. I was thinking about this before.

Ben: Right now Emerson is online. I am thinking he is sitting in his dorm room at Notre Dame.

Jamie: Or he could be...

Andrew: No. He isn't online?

Ben: He is online.

Kevin: He is.

Jamie: Or he could be lying on his bed.

Ben: I think about in thirty minutes to an hour from now you can probably see him at dinner at South or at dinner at North. One of the two.

Andrew: You never know.

Ben: We never know anymore.

Andrew: I had this idea. If he's not online on AIM, we call him.

Kevin: We should.

Jamie: I like it. I like that.

Kevin: Skype-out him. Yep.

Andrew: It would be such a surprise.

Jamie: Secretly Skype him.

Andrew: And we wouldn't tell him we were on MuggleCast. Be like, "what's going on?"

[All laugh]

Andrew: He'd tell us everything.

Jamie: He'd tell us his most intimate secrets and we'd broadcast it to the world.

Ben: Yeah. Okay, dudes.

Jamie: Mans.

Ben: Mans.

Jamie: Mans. Mates.

British Joke of the Day

Andrew: And now "Jamie Lawrence's British Joke of the Day".

Jamie: Okay. There's one man, and he's considered the international wasp expert. Okay? And he's walking down the street, and he sees this sign, and it's a music store. And there's an ad on the outside that says the "Greatest Tape of Wasps Sounds Ever". And he thinks this can't be right. There can't be a greatest tape of wasp sounds when I'm the greatest expert in the world, and I have to authorize all the greatest things. So, he walks in strutting his stuff. Goes up to the counter and says, "Do you think I can listen to this tape, to see if it qualifies to have the title of "World's Greatest Wasp Sounds?" And the person behind that counter says, "Yeah, of course you can." He takes him over to a listening station, puts the tape in the thing, turns it on and walks away. So, the international wasp expert picks up the headphones, puts them on and listens. He can't hear anything. By now he's getting really annoyed, so he calls the assistant back over, and he checks it all. It's all fine. He walks away after pressing play again. You can't hear anything. He really isn't happy about this because he's the best wasp expert in the world, and he can't even hear what this other person has been recording. So he calls the assistant back, and the assistant just can't believe it. He can't believe he can't hear it. So he takes out the tape and examines it, and suddenly a look of dawning comprehension comes to his face. He says, "Oh sir, that's why. You're listening to the BEE-side."

[All laugh]

Andrew: That ladies and gentlemen was "Jamie Lawrence's British Joke of the Day".

Jamie: Thank you. Thank you.

Andrew: Bee-side. [Laughs]

Kevin: Bee-side.

Andrew: Shouldn't you have said A-Track instead?

Jamie: No because...

Ben: Oh, who cares?

Andrew: You know what A-Tracks are?

Jamie: How many flying insects...

Andrew: I guess nobody knows about them.

Kevin: Yeah. They're too old.

Jamie: First of all, they're called 8-Tracks.

Ben: 8-Tracks?

Kevin: 8-Tracks?

Jamie: How many flying insects are there called 8-Tracks? I've been stung by an 8-Track.

[All laugh]

Andrew: Yeah, okay. Whatever. So moving on.

Ben: Rolling on.

Jamie: Get more brilliant jokes next week.


[Audio]: Hey guys, my name is Alay. I just wanted to say I love the show. It's my favorite thing. My question is: Do you think that Voldemort knows when one of his Horcruxes is being destroyed? Do you think he's aware he's nearing his own death? Thanks. Bye.

Ben: Jamie, you field this one. Brit. Mate.

Jamie: Dumbledore I think covered it when he said that Voldemort is so immersed in evil that he can't feel when he's dying. If he's an inch from death, after all his Horcruxes have been destroyed, then he may know. Of course, he isn't going to be immortal. He'll realize that he will be killed. And of course after he has been killed, or while he's dying he may realize it. I don't know. I have this inkling that Dumbledore could be wrong about this because it's such a vital part in this book series. If he's wrong about this, and therefore Harry is wrong because he told him, it's going to have severe implications. If he can feel a Horcrux being destroyed, then I don't know. If Voldemort can feel these Horcruxes being destroyed then so far he's felt the Diary and he's felt the Ring. But do you think he can feel which object has been destroyed? If his soul is made up of different things, do you think he can cut one part of it off? Like an Take that and put it into one place. So after it's destroyed, he can't feel love. Or do you just have a soul with parts of it that don't mean anything? I think that's a very important question for the whole series.

Kevin: She was lining it up in the series so that at the end of the 7th Book, Harry would be the one to tell Voldemort that his Horcruxes are gone.

Jamie: Yeah. That's quite interesting.

Kevin: It sounds to me, exactly. She was lining it up so that last moment was...

Jamie: A taunt. A taunt to Voldemort.

Kevin: Exactly. By the way Voldemort, you're defenseless

Jamie: I like that.

Kevin: If I kill you, you are dead, but I don't know. That's my theory.

[Audio]: Hi, this is Christine again. Pronounced CHRIS-TEEN. And hopefully you didn't butcher my name this time.

Andrew: Sorry!

[Audio]: It's okay, Andrew. It's okay.

Andrew: Okay.

[Audio]: I have a question concerning the Cemetery Scene in Book 4 and the debt of Peter Pettigrew in Book 3. In Prisoner of Azkaban, excuse me. We were introduced to the debt, and witnessed Harry saving Peter's life. Now in Book 4, we see Pettigrew sacrificing his hand, a servant's flesh making Voldemort to become whole again. The big question is, if Voldemort knew about Peter's debt to Harry because that debt is now flowing through Voldemort's veins, do you guys think that this has any significance to the plot in Book 7? Thank you.

Eric: Yes. Without a doubt.

Ben: Absolutely. But Jamie, what do you want to say?

Jamie: It's hugely important because I don't think Voldemort could be bare to be near anyone who owes anything or has any significance to Harry. I think he'd kill him right away. [Coughs] Excuse me. And it isn't only that. People close to Voldemort, all of his Death Eaters, have to have undying allegiance to him. Their loyalty can't falter at all, and I think even if there is just the slightest chance, and this is a big chance that Wormtail is going to falter, he will have to get rid of him. Voldemort wouldn't just let him go and say, "Scurry back!" He'd have to fulfill his debt to Harry, and that could be information about his own Master, Voldemort. I think he'd have to kill him if he found out.

Kevin: Exactly. It's been a theory floating around because the end of Book 4 and Dumbledore...

Jamie: Yes.

Kevin: ...having that twinkle. I'm not sure what the quote was, but Dumbledore had that almost look of success in his eye when...

Andrew: Gleam of triumph.

Kevin: Exactly. There you go. About the gleam of triumph in his eye, when he heard that Voldemort used Harry's blood, and I think this meant. Well, not only I think, but also a few people think...

Eric: A lot of people think it.

Kevin: Yeah, a lot of people think that this may be the reason because Peter has a debt with Harry, and that debt may have passed along through Harry into Voldemort.

Eric: Kevin. Great point. Now that's kind of cool. I didn't think about it like that. If he used it. That's really awesome. That whole hand transferring the debt to Voldemort. Now as we've seen Voldemort has accumulated a lot of debts recently. He's drank the unicorn blood, so he's got the cursed life from that, and now I think it is really cool if he did get the Wormtail curse thing. He has a debt to Harry. And it is going to be really interesting to see how that plays out. Especially at the very end, if Harry is able to get all of his Horcruxes, and if Voldemort strangely doesn't know about it. But that's going to be really cool seeing how all the curses that are on Voldemort as far as we know, actually take their toll. One other thing I wanted to say quickly was that I certainly don't think Peter would announce that he has a debt with Harry. It would just make it cooler at the very end when it was found by Voldemort and everybody else.

[Audio]: Hey, I'm Robert, and I had an idea about where on the Horcruxes is. My idea is that Tom Riddle's Trophy, the one he won for "Services to the School", is a Horcrux. What do you guys think?

Jamie: I thought this as soon as I read this point. I think it is absolutely brilliant for a couple of reasons. Dumbledore says that Voldemort likes trophies, and while everyone took that metaphorically, I think it could be literal. He likes trophies, trophies he's received. That must be quite a special thing to him, that trophy. Because he screwed over Hagrid. He got a trophy, a special trophy for "Services to the School". That has to be a possibility for a Horcrux. On the other hand, it is right under Dumbledore's nose, so Dumbledore really wouldn't have to look far to destroy it. You'd think he would have found it by now. If he could find Horcruxes in caves miles away, he could find one that is actually in the school. I don't think it would appeal to Voldemort that it is so close to Dumbledore.

Andrew: So you mean that Dumbledore wouldn't even think about it, just because it is so close?

Jamie: I don't know. Either Dumbledore would think that it is so close to him and so obvious that it wouldn't even occur to Dumbledore. And therefore, Dumbledore would choose it as a Horcrux. Or it would be so close to Dumbledore, that it would be a risk to Voldemort, and Voldemort hates risk, things that could bring him down from power. He wouldn't choose it. Put it this way...

Kevin: I wouldn't either. I agree.

Jamie: I wouldn't be surprised if it was a Horcrux. If it turned out in Book 7 that it was.

Andrew: You say Dumbledore wouldn't even think of that one as a Horcrux, but what about Godric Gryffindor's sword? Isn't that still in Hogwarts?

Jamie: Yeah, that is true, but I don't think that that is a Horcrux.

Andrew: Oh.

Jamie: I think, Voldemort is a descendant of Slytherin and since they were such great enemies there has to be some kind of protection that stops a direct descendant of Slytherin from using something of Gryffindor's in such a horrible way. I don't know. That's just how I feel. I think it's wrong.

Kevin: In reference to the sword?

Jamie: Yeah, the sword.

Kevin: I don't think it could be the sword.

Andrew: That's what Jamie said.

Kevin: When Harry pulls it out you get the idea that Dumbledore examined it closely according to the book. I don't see a way that he could have put it there. I think that Tom Riddle's Diary is definitely a distinct possibility, especially since JK Rowling loves playing with words. She would love to have that sitting right in front of us, and us not realizing it.

Andrew: It just seems so strange that Tom would make it so easy for a Horcrux to be right in the school. There's no real protection around it, right?

Kevin: The protection is that it is right in front of everybody.

Andrew: Oh, okay. Right.

Kevin: Who would think that it was a Horcrux when it's sitting right in front of you?

Eric: All right, you guys. One thing I have to say, as you said, is that the trophy is a distinct possibility. It's really cool. It really is its own protection if nobody suspects it. I'm pretty sure it probably would have been searched by now, but one thing I really want to bring into the topic right now is a Horcrux at Hogwarts. Now we've Voldemort had to place his Horcrux, he had to place his diary in Lucious Malfoy's hands to get it into Hogwarts. The plan was, as Book 6 says, to put it in Hogwarts for use at a later time. But the question is: Could he have made a Horcrux when he was still at Hogwarts? And I think yes, because if you remember (I was thinking about this the other day), he did kill Moaning Myrtle. He set the Basilisk on her. That is a murder. Assuming Voldemort knew how to create a Horcrux at that time, I don't exactly what year it was. I think he said it was his fifth year. It's doubtful, but that is a murder he committed, so whether you have to make a Horcrux at the scene or not, I think that was a murder he could have made a Horcrux for. And it was while he was still at Hogwarts, so I think there's a really great chance of there being a Horcrux there. Whether or not...because the diary had to be taken there, so there may still be a Horcrux that remains at Hogwarts. I don't think it is the Sword, but the Hat maybe, or one that we're completely missing.

[Audio]: Hey you guys! My name is Vincent and I'm from Sydney in Australia. I got into the Harry Potter Series early in 2000, not long before the 4th Book was released. And I was wondering how you guys got into the Harry Potter Series? And also if you got into the series before all the hype surrounding the movies in the media? I just find it interesting to see who else started reading them before all the media attention. So yeah, keep up the great works guys, and I look forward to your answers.

Kevin: I actually got into Harry Potter after Prisoner of Azkaban. One of my good friends showed it to me and I've been reading ever since.

Andrew: I got into it when my 4th grade class read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to us, and right after she finished the book, Chamber of Secrets came out in the bookstore. And I read it, and it was all downhill from there.

Ben: Uphill. Uphill.

Eric: Uphill, Andrew. My story is kind of funny. It's actually in my Potter Profile on MuggleNet because that's the funny story I told for that. So I am not going to elaborate much here. I was actually not really a Harry Potter fan at all. I thought it was stupid. A boy wizard going around. For quite some time. And a mean scary man going around trying to kill him. My 7th and 8th grade year was basically spent not paying attention to Harry Potter, which was when the hype was happening with respect to Vincent's question. So anyway, the first movie came out in 2001, and I went to see that, and as I mentioned (I believe it was last week), I came into it after Movie One. I got hooked. But there were a couple years where I wasn't interested in Harry Potter. It's kind of funny, here I am working on MuggleNet, participating in this podcast with all you guys, and gotten very far in it. Anyway, so that's my story. I definitely learned something about don't judge a book by its cover. Don't judge. Read it for yourself. Experience it. So I learned something about ignorance too.

Andrew: One other thing guys. The contest is going to run up until Episode 6. The moment we release Episode 6, around Midnight, Saturday night, I think it should be, the contest will close. Then we will have a poll up by Episode 7, and then we'll announce the winners for Episode 8.

Show Close

Kevin: I also want to say that after listening to the voicemails, please leave your name.

Andrew: Everyone leave their name. And one other thing, unfortunately we get so many e-mails with asking questions, you have to send us in a voicemail to get your question answered. Have a chance to get your questions answered.

Kevin: We tried to go through your e-mails, but we get so many that there's no possible way we'd be able to get to them all.

Andrew: But we are reading them all.

Kevin: We are.

Andrew: We just can't answer them all. We're taking your suggestions and your thoughts and your questions.

Kevin: We appreciate it.

Andrew: We are reading them. Yeah, we just can't answer them all. If we used every voicemail, I think we'd have enough for the next 3,000 episodes.

Kevin: It's true.

Jamie: Ten hours each episode.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly.

Ben [Show Close with music in background]: So I think that wraps up this week's episode of MuggleCast. If you have any questions, and/or suggestions please or for all of our contact information. Also, on those two pages you can see all the information on how to subscribe to MuggleCast, even view our new blog, how to access us through iTunes, or see our show notes. Once again, I'm Ben Schoen.

Andrew: I'm Andrew Sims.

Kevin: I'm Kevin Steck.

Jamie: I'm Jamie Lawrence.

Eric: And I'm Eric Scull.

Ben: So, I guess we'll see all you guys next week. Thanks for listening.


Ben: Okay, every one let's roll. Hello everybody and welcome back...

Jamie: Can we have the schedule...

Ben: MuggleCast. I'm Ben Schoen.

Jamie: Sorry.

Andrew: Are you seriously starting like that? [Laughs] That's so boring!

Ben: Okay fine, I'll redo it. Yo everybody! Welcome back to MuggleCast. I'm Ben Schoen.

Andrew: I'm Andrew Sims.

Ben: I'm Kevin Steck.

Ben: I'm Jamie Lawrence [at same time as Kevin]. Oh well done! Oh *Beep* Oh sorry, I *Beep* that up.

[All Laugh]

Andrew: No! You could have kept going.

Ben: You could have. Geez. Okay.

Jamie: Can we have the schedule again? Can somebody post the schedule?

Ben: Jamie, we can't redo this *Beep* every time. Okay?

Jamie: How is it my fault? I didn't know I wasn't supposed to go then. I usually go after you.

Andrew: Everytime he scews up the names.

Ben: It's always Jamie. He's always like [in fake British accent] "Oh, oh *Beep* this. *Beep* me. Oh man."

Jamie: Well Ben, at least I'm not, at least I'm not [in fake American accent]: "Hey, I agree with that point man. That's a good point man. Man. Good point man."

Andrew: Okay, okay.

Ben: Shutup! Okay.

[All Laugh]

Jamie: Trust the Brit.

Eric: Exactly, trust the Brit.

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