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MuggleCast 60 Transcript (continued)

Whose Brains Are In The Brain Room?

Andrew: And whose brains get into the Brain Room?

Laura: That's what I was going to say. If he does have someone's thoughts, are we going to find out whose brains these are?

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Maybe they saved James' and Lily's brain and then...

Laura: Ewww.

Eric: ...and then Ron can tell Harry where Godric's Hollow is.

Ben: I almost think it's like kind of the case where you have people who donate their bodies to science. Wouldn't it be the same thing if you donate your brain?

Eric: To the Ministry of Magic? [laughs]

Ben: Yeah.

Laura: [laughs] And then they donate their bodies to be thrown into the Veil to see what happens to them, Ben?

[Kevin laughs]

Ben: Yeah.

Eric: I'm going to wear my - I'm going to get a t-shirt.

Andrew: I would.

Ben: Well, how else would they do it? Would they just randomly choose people? Or...

Andrew: [laughs] Off the street.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Ben: [laughs] Do they just say, "Your brain is mine!" and you die? Or...

[Laura and Kevin laugh]

Ben: No, it isn't like they can...

Laura: Well, what if they take unclean bodies or something like that?

Eric: John Does of the world.

Ben: Well, that's really pleasant.

Eric: What if you went up to...

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Unclean bodies. [laughs]

Laura: Well, hey! They did that for that exhibit with all the dead bodies which I went and saw in Vegas. It was actually pretty cool.

Eric: Guys, what if you went up to anybody on the street and just said, "Accio Brain!" [laughs] What would happen?

Andrew: I don't think their brain would...

Ben: Fly out of their head.

Kevin: Pop out of their head or their body.

Andrew: I don't know, I don't know.

Ben: I think they'd laugh at you.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: Either way, one thing's for certain...

Andrew: Like how people laughed at you when you walked through New York City in your cloak.

[Kevin laughs]

Eric: They didn't laugh. They were awed, and you guys were all jealous.

Laura: Oooh, burned.

Andrew: They were awed. Right.

[Kevin and Laura laugh]

Ben: They see there is so much diversity in New York City it's normal for them.

[Everyone laughs]

Kevin: It's a normal thing.

Andrew: That's true.

Eric: That's exciting, but I'm definitely going to get a t-shirt, since we're talking about this, that says, "I donated my brain to the Ministry of Magic because they needed one."

Laura: That's...nice.

Ben: You have to have a brain to donate. So...

[Kevin laughs]

Andrew: Pickle of Shame. Oooh.

Kevin: Oooh.

What Makes Eric's Brain Worthy?

Laura: Well, Eric, Eric, what would make your brain worthy? [laughs] I'm not trying to insult you.

Eric: Of the Ministry of Magic?

[Andrew, Ben, and Laura laugh]

Eric: Perhaps it won't be, you're incredibly correct, Laura.

Laura: No, no, no, I'm kind of...

Eric: Maybe they would refuse it. Maybe my dying wishes would be for the Ministry to have my brain, and they wouldn't want it...

[Laura laughs]

Eric: ...and they would just throw it away.

Laura: I'm kind of alluding to what would...

Eric: Specifications?

Laura: the requirements? Yeah! What would...

Eric: I would think it would be anybody they could get. I mean, learned professors, obviously, they would want, like Nicholas Flamel.

Kevin: Willing to, yeah.

Eric: Maybe Nicholas Flamel? Maybe they could have asked him to donate his mind to the think tank, which is the brain bath.

Ben: Think tank. [laughs] That's literally what it is.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: The brain thing...tub...brains.

Ben: The brain tub.

Eric: They would want to get him if they were studying the mind, but I think they would also try and get lower of minds. Perhaps like mine, just to judge the diversity of minds.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: Isn't it true you need brains of all sizes, and all shapes, and all - to do a real study?

Kevin: Yeah, but...

Andrew: To do a real study of them?

Eric: Yeah.

Laura: You need brains of all types of capacity.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Eric: Yes.

Laura: For intelligence.

Eric: That's what I mean. But who knows? Maybe the Ministry wouldn't want my brain.

Kevin: I would think it would be more of a...

Ben: I think that if you donated it...

Kevin: ...donation kind of thing.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Because it's not like now.

Kevin: It's unethical to...

Ben: The unclaimed bodies...

Kevin: It's unethical to...

Ben: The unclaimed bodies you're talking about...

Kevin: Yeah.

Ben: ...are homeless people they found dead in the alley, you know?

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, right.

Ben: The exhibit in Vegas.

Eric: Can you imagine the UPS guy? "I got a delivery of brains for C.O. Fudge."

Laura: [laughs] Damon.

[Andrew fake laughs]

Eric: C.O. Fudge? Delivery of brains? "Just dump them in the think tank there."

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah.

Ben: [laughs] Quit calling it the think tank.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: It's a good name! Is that not a good name?

Ben: [laughs] That is a good name, but it sounded so goofy.

Back To The Scarring

Andrew: So, anyway, I don't know. Back to Madam Pomfrey.

Laura: I think we're...

Andrew: It just seemed, "Thoughts can leave deeper scarring than almost anything else." Maybe she's just saying in general.

Kevin: Yeah, but it's...

Andrew: Your thoughts, your personal thoughts.

Kevin: It sort of alludes to her talking not only physical scarring.

Laura: Yeah, that's what I'm saying.

Andrew: I just don't see how they can transfer to your body because it's a brain. It doesn't really make sense.

Eric: Yeah, she didn't really say...

Laura: It touched your body.

Andrew: So?

Laura: It's magic, though.

Ben: Right, but see, there is something different, though - something different, though. Dumbledore stressed the importance of how death isn't it. How if you look to the bad side, the evil side in Harry Potter, that's what they're concerned most about. The good side is always concerned about sacrifice, and what is the best thing that I can do to benefit humankind in general. As opposed to, I'm going to be selfish and worry about myself dying. So, it seems to me like the physical sense - it applies physically because he has the scars or whatever, but I think mentally it makes more sense because...

Kevin: It does, yeah.

Ben: ...your thoughts. Look to Harry and Voldemort. Maybe she was saying something that meant a lot more than she knew, you? Because...

Laura: You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to...

Ben: ...the thoughts have deeper scarring than anything else. Look at Voldemort sent those thoughts into Harry's brain, and the next thing we know, Harry shows up at the Ministry of Magic, Sirius dies, Ron gets hurt. All these bad things happen.

Eric: Yeah. Exactly, exactly.

Ben: So, I think that is the deeper scarring happening.

Eric: When Dumbledore talks about how life - death is not the worst thing, he's actually talking about the scarring of the soul that Voldemort's gotten. There's a lot of soul stuff. That's all the references there with impartial souls.

Laura: Mhm. Well, what he's basically saying is that Voldemort, the life that he has given himself now, is actually worse than what he's fearing.

Eric: Oh yeah, absolutely. But the thought of thoughts is what Ben eventually said, which was, you know, my opinion, which is: The thoughts drive the mind. You said the mind was a great, big theme in Order of the Phoenix. Well, the mind controls the people and the people do the evil. The people do - they change history, and this is all about people. The mind is the most powerful thing because it drives you, and thoughts - and if you think that Mudbloods are worthless, it's everything. It ties into literally everything. It's untraceable where this is going.

Sidenote: Episode 60

Andrew: By the way, guys, I forgot to mention this at the beginning of the show. 60 episodes.

Laura: Oh, yeah.

Kevin: Oh, yeah. Wow.

Andrew: 60 episodes.

Eric: Not too shabby.

Andrew: Good job, boys and girls.

Eric: Not too shabby.

Andrew: No, not at all. It's an impressive number.

Laura: I think it's time for us to start thinking about retirement.

Andrew: Yeah.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: You have...

Andrew: Apply for Medicare in a few years.

Laura: Dentures.

[Kevin laughs]

Ben: Well, Social Security is almost gone - run out. So...

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Eric: And we dumped our own fund on Lumos.

Andrew: Yep.

Eric: All our retirement funds were spent on going to Los Angeles.

Andrew: On Lumos. Anyway, here's to 60 more. It's a big number, 60.

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: Well, it's not as big as 61.

Andrew: What have we been talking about all this time?

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: How did we come up with - You know that's the number one thing I get asked by people who don't listen to the show.

Ben: "What do you talk about?" Yeah, same here.

Andrew: "What do..." Exactly!

Kevin: "What do you keep talking about?" Yeah.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah. We have had a discussion every week. Whether it was Chapter-by-Chapter, or Character Discussion, or something like this.

Chapter-By-Chapter Return?

Ben: I keep getting e-mails. "Is Chapter-by-Chapter coming back? Is Chapter-by-Chapter coming back?"

Eric: Yeah, guys. Should we lay that down?

Andrew: Should we settle this?

Ben: Yeah. I think Chapter-by-Chapter should come back eventually because we're going to run out of things to talk about and in order to - what's the word I'm looking for - preserve the longevity of MuggleCast, we'll need something that is going to do that.

[Andrew and Ben laugh]

Eric: I don't know. I don't want you guys to just strategically pull it out of your pocket when we're short on episode stuff. We did talk - we did have a meeting about this.

Andrew: Well, that's the plan, so...

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: We have been getting a lot of e-mails about this, and we haven't really brought it up because we didn't want to upset anyone who is really missing it. [laughs] But we did talk about this. We had a lengthy discussion about this in L.A.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: Well, I had a lengthy discussion.

Laura: It was very lengthy.

Andrew: Yeah.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: We're going to hold off on it for now. But it'll come back. Just not right now.

Back to Discussion: The Love Room

Laura: The next room that they encountered was the Love Room, which was locked. They couldn't get into it. How would a room contain the power of love?

Eric: [sings] It's the power of love!

Andrew: The Black Eyed Peas song, "Where is the Love?" plays when you walk in.

Eric: [sings] Da-da-da.

Andrew: [sings] Where is the love...?

Ben: [laughs] And there's a sign that points, "Over here."

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: No.

[Everyone continues laughing]

Laura: So, if they open the door, would there just be [laughs] this blinding light - power of love - that would spill out of the room?

Eric: Yes!

Laura: Or is it - okay, how do you contain something like love behind a door?

Eric: Okay, think of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Have you seen the movie? Have you all seen Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark? Of course.

Laura: Yes. [laughs]

Eric: At the end of the move, the Ark of the Covenant breaks open and the big white light comes out and everybody has to - well, Indie has to close his eyes because the thing is, the sight is too holy for anybody to see it without their faces getting ripped off.

Andrew: Uh-huh.

Laura: So, you're saying it's so great, it's so wonderful.

Eric: It's - yeah. Dumbledore himself said...

Laura: [laughs] That it would rip Harry's face off?

Eric: No, no, not Harry's.

[Kevin and Laura laugh]

Eric: And that's very important. But it is locked because, well, Dumbledore himself said it needs to be measured in certain quantities and it's just of a really big magnitude or something. Dumbledore said something exactly like that about - maybe you need to see, maybe you need to wear a smoked glass mask like a welder's mask to go into it. I mean, I don't know, but I'm saying it's locked because my guess...

Laura: Well, it melted Harry's knife.

Eric: My guess is that the large majority of people would not be able to handle that room. No. As for containing the power of love in that room, I have no clue, but it is the Ministry of Magic and if a love - if a concentration of love would be somewhere intelligent for study, it should be there. I don't know.

The Definition of Love

Laura: It just seems like how do you - people can't even come up with a definition for love, so how do you contain it?

Ben: If you ask some high-schoolers it's...

Eric: Well, no, I don't think...

Ben:'ve been dating somebody for two days...

Laura: [sings] What is love? Baby, don't hurt me.

Ben: And, "Oh my god, I'm so in love!"

Andrew: Yeah.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: No, exactly.

Ben: I think I love Subway more than most high-schoolers love their boyfriend or girlfriend.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Eric: No, Laura. I think - no, you don't need to understand what love is to contain it. That's not...

Ben: That reminds me of a song.

Eric: That goes against science. You...

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: [sings] "I want to know what love is..."

[Eric sings guitar riff]

Ben: [sings] "...I want you to show me."

Laura: No, shut up.

Eric: No, seriously.

[Ben laughs]

Eric: You contain things so that you can study them. You trap an insect - a lightning bug - to see what it does. It's almost like you know how to catch it before you know what it is you have. That's true about everything.

Laura: Okay, Eric. How do you catch love?

[Kevin laughs]

Eric: Here, lovey, lovey, lovey, lovey, lovey.

Ben: It's like a firefly.

Eric: Here, lovey, lovey, lovely, lovey.

Andrew: Guys...

Laura: I'm sorry, but...

Ben: Love bug. Love bug.

Laura: ...I just don't see how it can all - like you can just open a door and there's love in the air.

Eric: All I'm saying is you don't...

Laura: [laughs] That's kind of messed up.

Andrew: I think - you know, guys, hold on, hold on.

Eric: You don't need to be the most educated person in the world and know all about the facets of love. You just need to know how to capture it. And a lot of people who want to capture things just need to know - learn how to catch it.

Ben: Love is... Love is... Okay, love is intangible. There is no such things as, like, "Oh look, watch guys, you caught the love bug!"

Laura: It doesn't... This doesn't have to relate to "love" because I know Ben was making fun of teenagers in love. But anytime in any of your lives that you have ever been attracted to somebody, did you just look at that person and say, "I think I want to be attracted to this person"? No, it just happens. It just happens out of the blue. You can't control it. So how do you...

Ben: Well what kind of attraction are you talking? Physical or...

Laura: I'm just - I'm talking about just a general attraction, whether it be personality, appearance, whatever. You still have that kind of attraction and you can't just capture that. You can't just say, "I have this," because you have no control over it. It's the same way with love.

Ben: Like I was saying, love is intangible. It's not like you can buy love.

Laura: [laughs] So...

Capturing Love

Eric: So, what are we talking about here?

Laura: So, what I'm saying is, Eric, you're saying you have to know how to capture it...

Eric: No, I'm saying you don't have to know.

Laura: ...but you can't.

Eric: I'm saying you don't have to know.

Kevin: But what Laura's saying is there's nothing physical that you can actually capture...

Laura: Yeah.

Kevin: ...because no one knows what you're capturing.

Eric: Yes, but it's magic.

Kevin: You can't capture something that you don't know what it is, you know what I'm saying?

Eric: Oh yeah? Voldemort knew - made all his Horcruxes.

Kevin: It's as though the firefly - in your firefly example it's as though the firefly was just like pure light. You can't capture it. Every time you try to grab it, your hand goes through it because you don't know enough about it to actually create a physical boundary on it.

Eric: True, but Voldemort created seven Horcruxes. Assumably, nobody knew how to do that before him. Maybe he invented it.

Laura: Okay, but a Horcrux is a physical thing.

Eric: Yes, but it's things along the magic world that very few people know about. It's the extremes of what you can do to your mortal soul. Or immortal soul, as the case may be.

Laura: Okay, but love isn't an object.

Eric: Love is everything. Maybe love is like The Force.

[Kevin and Laura laugh]

Kevin: Eric...

Laura: God... [laughs]

Andrew: Laura, how much.. Where does it... Do you have where they talk about the Love Room in here?

Laura: [laughs] The Love Room.

Eric: They don't talk about the Love Room, it gets mentioned and then it's like...

Andrew: Yeah. Where it's mentioned.

Laura: No, basically, Dumbledore said that - he didn't specifically call it the "Love Room."

Eric: He says, "there is a room in the Department of Mysteries that contains a force..." something.

Laura: He said, "it contains the power that you have in such great quantities that Voldemort detests."

Eric: Yeah. "Love?"

Andrew: Ooooh...

Eric: He's like, "Yes, essentially it's love."

Why is the Love Room Locked?

Laura: Okay, but here's my question: Why is the Love Room locked?

Eric: Because, I said, a lot of people can't handle that much love.

Laura: Okay, this isn't Raiders or whatever, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Kevin: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Eric: Why is it not?

Laura: This is Harry Potter.

Eric: No, it's the same concept.

Laura: Because!

Eric: It's the same concept!

Laura: Okay, is Indiana Jones in these books? No.

Eric: If it's a love...

Kevin: No, but, but, Eric...

[Laura laughs]

Kevin: Your chain of thought is flawed in the fact that if you have a door, it is meant to be opened and, therefore, you can view it - view what's inside the room.

Eric: If you have the right equipment on.

Kevin: If they could not see - if they could not open that door without being blown away then they would put it in a box that couldn't be opened. Period.

Eric: Well, obviously, like Pandora's Box, but anyway...

Laura: Well, what I'm saying is, a Death Chamber was easily accessible, but a Love Room isn't?

[Everyone laughs]

Kevin: See, that's...

Ben: But it's like, you can't really bottle hate.

Laura: [laughs] I feel so bad calling it the "Love Room."

Andrew: Dumbeldore always emphasizes the power of Lily's love for him.

Laura: Exactly.

Andrew: So, okay. So if love has a lot of power...

Eric: Certain people could open that door.

Andrew: ...maybe it just shouldn't be opened. Maybe there's...

Eric: No, certain people could open that door. But, do you guys agree with me? If Voldemort opened the love door, would he not get blown away? Would he be able to walk into the Love Room?

Ben: I don't think he could open the love door.

Eric: You don't think anybody can? Why is it that people are studying it? Dumbledore said it was being studied.

The Effect of the Love Room

Laura: Something that I noticed was that no one else really seemed to be affected by the love door, but Ron was. It said that he was - let me look here.

Eric: Ron?

Laura: Yeah, Ron was. I put it in here somewhere, hang on. It says Ron "looked at it with a mixture of longing and apprehension which no one else seemed to feel." So, why was it that Ron - he kept saying stuff like, "are you sure we shouldn't look in there? Are you sure we shouldn't try?" or whatever. And no one else really seemed to have - it didn't have that effect on everyone. It was kind of...

Eric: Maybe it's...

Laura: It was almost similar to the effect that the Veil had on Harry, Ginny, Luna, and Neville.

Eric: Maybe the Love Room is actually the room of brotherly love and nobody has as many brothers as Ron.

Andrew and Kevin: No. [both laugh]

Eric: Except Ginny.

Andrew: Bad.

Laura: Ummm...

Andrew: Bad.

Eric: Maybe he wants Percy back. Maybe Percy's on the other side.

Laura: No, maybe Hermione was just right next to him in the room.

Eric: That's where Percy is all of Book Six!

Andrew: This isn't getting anywhere, so let's move on.

Who Can Open The Door?

Laura: No, but what I was saying was, Eric mentioned maybe specific people being able to open the door.

Eric: I don't mean specific people, necessarily, but, like, the trained Unspeakable...

Laura: But what if, for instance...

Eric: ...who are in the Department of Mysteries, who are the aficionados for opening that kind of door, viewing that kind of thing, and studying it.

Laura: Okay.

Eric: Like, you need to have a safe environment for work.

Laura: Well, I'm sure, but for instance, it just strikes me as kind of funny that Harry couldn't open this door that possesses the same kind of power as he does. Now, you brought up certain people being able to open it and Ron didn't actually try, so what if he could? What if that was, like, explains the attraction that he felt towards it because he would somehow be able to open it.

Ben: [sings] "Close the door..."

Eric: Even if he would be able to open it, I'm pretty sure it would have burned off the faces of everybody else who wasn't qualified to open it.

[Kevin laughs]

Eric: I'm dead serious.

Laura: Okay, I'm pretty sure this isn't Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Eric: Okay, but...

Kevin: I'm pretty sure that's not the case.

Eric: But Harry put his...what...Sirius' key thing...key changer...lock changer...knife...

Andrew: Knife.

Laura: The knife.

Eric: ...into the door and it melted. So there's only one key for that. I think it's not necessarily even who can open the door.

Laura: Okay...

Andrew: Maybe someone was... [laughs] Hey, guys, maybe someone was cooking something up in there, if you know what I'm saying?

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Because it melted. It's pretty hot.

Eric: Cooking up some love.

Laura: [laughs] That was kind of creepy.

Andrew: Cooking up some love, yeah?

Eric: The 'shippers. Hey, I wonder how many fanfics have taken place in the Love Room.

Laura: How many what?

Eric: No, they originate in the Lust Room, never mind. Fanfiction.

Ben: [laughs] The Lust Room.

[Andrew laughs]

Kevin: Oh god.

Laura: Oh my god...

Ben: But at the same time it's like death. There's a Death Room. When you open it up, you're not going to - or if there's a Hate Room.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: There's a room devoted to death, where you go after...

Ben: It isn't like you can bottle hate, I mean.

Andrew: Right.

Ben: You can bottle potions.

Eric: You can bottle fame, brew glory...


Andrew: [laughs] So, about those prophecies.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: 2007.

Andrew: org.

Laura: That was a really crappy entrance. [laughs]

Eric: No, I like that.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: I think that's the best transition we've ever had.

Laura: Okay. We've talked about prophecies at length on the show before so I don't really think we should focus on them for too long. But does anyone think that any other prophecy, aside from Harry's, is going to play a role in Book Seven?

Ben: Yes. There's one prophecy where it has an old woman - or an old man and a woman who says, "The solstice will come anew".

Laura: Those were actually two different prophecies.

Ben: Okay. Two different prophecies, then. "The solstice will come anew," and "none will come after." Those two prophecies, like those two lines, were italicized.

Laura: Yeah. They were definitely emphasized. I think they were important.

Eric: Oh! Which lines are these? I missed these.

Laura: You missed something, Eric?

Kevin: Uh-oh.

Eric: No, I didn't. I didn't but I've been out of the room for a couple episodes so I'm kind of like - what was the second prophecy? That the new will come anew and the new will be not new?

Laura: There was - whenever they smashed some of the prophecies to escape, Harry specifically heard...

Eric: This wasn't part of the original prophecy. The "none can live when the other survives."

Laura: No.

Andrew: No. This is a separate prophecy. This is when they were in the Hall of Prophecies.

Laura: You remember when they were stupefying everything to escape, or reducto, whatever they were using?

Andrew: One fell and it opened and it said, "Solstice anew..."

Laura: It said, "At the solstice will come anew." And then another one broke and then it was a woman saying, "and none will come after."

Eric: Oh, no. That's a joke. Because at the solstice...

Laura: What?

Eric: ...there came a new. The fifth Harry Potter book came at the solstice. June 21, 2003.

Laura: Okay, but...

Andrew: It's kind of funny, actually.

Ben: Yeah. I actually freaked out about that. I e-mailed Emerson.

Eric: It's Book Five that it even says it in. That's a joke about the book itself.

Laura: I don't think so.

Eric: That's an inside joke.

Andrew: [laughs] No, it's not an inside joke.

Ben: Yeah. Jo's slapping her knee about that one.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Eric: And there will be seven... And there will be seven and none will come after.

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: What are you - okay, Eric. You are one of the...

Andrew: Well actually, that's kind of interesting. [laughs]

Laura: Eric, you are one of the biggest... Oh my god.

Eric: That's a Crackpot Theory.

Andrew: Maybe it's a little Easter egg she left for us.

Eric: A little Easter egg.

Andrew: A little Easter egg.

Eric: Jo does those.

Andrew: Happy Easter!

Eric: I can buy that.

Repercussion For Breaking Prophecies

Laura: Do you guys think - speaking of smashing prophecies - do you think there are any possible repercussions of them breaking all those prophecies? Are those the only records that are left?

Eric: No.

Kevin: No, because I would assume that they were all cataloged, right? They said that they were in, like, an organized system.

Laura: Well...

Eric: Well, actually...

Laura: Yeah, that's what it was.

Andrew: Right.

Laura: They broke them.

Kevin: So, assuming they're cataloged, then you would assume that there was some sort of record as to what they said.

Eric: Then again. But, no. No, no, no, no, no. You can't record.

Andrew: It says in Order of the Phoenix that those were just for the record, or what does it say, Laura?

Eric: But you can't record what was said..

Laura: Well, those are for the - yeah. Those are only for the record of the Department of Mysteries.

Andrew: Right.

Laura: And the only other people that know what was said were the people who were present and the people who said them.

Eric: Right. Because the Ministry can...

Laura: So, if those people are dead, then that prophecy's lost.

Andrew: Oooh, I thought...

Kevin: Yep. You're right.

Eric: Yeah, it is, because the Ministry themselves can't even hear the prophecies they're keeping. so I don't think that there are that many...

Andrew: Are you sure they're not logged somewhere else?

Laura: This isn't MuggleNet. No. [laughs] They're not logged somewhere else. [laughs] What would be the point? I mean, prophecies have...

Andrew: A book.

Laura: No, they have to be protected, though. Especially ones like Harry's.

Eric: Yeah, but I don't think there's any repercussions.

Laura: You can't just have multiple prophecies lying around; multiple records of them for people to just run across.

Eric: Well, the only people...

Andrew: No, I know that but I thought, maybe I'm getting it confused with what you said.

How Are The Prophecies Catalogued?

Eric: Guys, the only people that can hear retrieve the prophecy from those little glass balls, the spheres, where the people that it was made about or whatever.

Andrew: Right. Yes.

Eric: So, the Ministry, even though they're cataloging, like, who can open each ball or hear something from it, however - we don't even know how that's done - extracting the actual prophecy from the thing. I don't think they are any repercussions for actually destroying them, considering how likely is it. And, you know, most of the prophecies don't even come true, which is the other thing, and then the ones that do, like, how exactly do you arrange for an appointment inside the Department of Mysteries to hear your own prophecy? I think, you know, what are they for to begin with? What is the point of keeping that room of the Hall of Prophecies? What is that for, considering the Ministry can't hear a darn thing that's in them. And you can't - it doesn't seem to be very easy to go in and find out what it's saying for yourself.

Andrew: It's for the record, first of all.

Eric: For the record? They can't even record what was recorded. What was said.

Andrew: It's written on the prophecy or something, isn't it?

Eric: They say something's made to somebody else, you know? It's made by Sybil, something something, Trelawney to Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: And that's all it says, but it doesn't say what it is unless you smash it.

Andrew: Yes it does!

Eric: Unless you smash it...

Andrew: No.

Eric: cannot hear it unless you smash it. And even then you have to...

Laura: Well, that's the only method we've seen.

Eric: No, but the only people who can remove the prophecy...

Andrew: Okay, in the book...

Eric: The only people who can remove the prophecy from the shelf are the people it was made about.

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: But I wonder about the people who are storing it there. How'd they get it there? I don't know.

Andrew: Okay. On the prophecy is says, and Ron saw it, too, "SPT to APWBD. Dark Lord and Harry Potter."

Eric: Oh.

Laura: Yeah. That's all it says. It doesn't say the whole prophecy.

Andrew: Well, no.

Eric: Oh.

Andrew: Eric, Eric, Eric said it only just said who it's from and to. So, take that, Eric.

Eric: Oh. No, okay, so...

Andrew: I just saved us 50 complaint e-mails.

[Ben laughs]

Eric: You're welcome.

Kevin: Yeah, but you would assume that description came from the person who actually created the record of the prophecy.

Eric: Maybe they can touch it.

Kevin: Like Dumbledore said, "Hey, this is the prophecy concerning Dark Lord and Harry Potter. Store for me."

Eric: And that... Well, maybe... Well, we know, thanks to... Well, Voldemort says the only people who are able to remove it from the shelf once it's on there is the people it was made about, or to, or about, actually, people it concerns.

Andrew: "When he grabbed it, it felt as though it had been lying in the sun for hours, as though the glow of the light within was warming it." Just a little tidbit there.

Eric: I've read that line in fanfiction many times. And, so, anyway...

Andrew: Okay. That's uncalled for.

Eric: No, listen.

Andrew: This is a G-rated show.

[Kevin laughs]

Eric: You know, I guess since they know it about and you proved me wrong, Andrew, about that. Since they know what it regards, I guess the person who made the record of the prophecy is able to touch the prophecy and place it on the shelf. But, I don't know. We don't know anything about the storage of them except the only people that can remove it are the people it was made about, or recorded to have been made about, and that's it. I would just hate to be the sound guy putting in that sound of smashing glass on the 10 million digital glass spheres that are going go off in the fifth movie.

Laura: What?

Andrew: [sighs] Well, that's what they're paid for, Eric, so I don't think it should be much of a problem there.

Eric: Yeah, that is what they're paid for. They make a hundred times more than what we'll ever make.

Andrew: That's right. That's right.

Planet Room

Laura: Planets! Let's take about planets. If you'll remember Ron, Ginny, and Luna all ended up in a Planet Room.

Eric: Yeah. Do you think Pluto was a planet in that room? Did anybody see Pluto? Was Pluto mentioned? Because I'm interested in if JKR thinks Pluto's a planet.

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: Well, no, no, no. You know what I thought was funny that Luna mentioned that she blew up Pluto, which I thought was kind of nerdily funny.

Andrew: Oh. That's kind of ironic because it's not a planet anymore.

Laura: Yeah. [laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] So, anyway, what's being studied in the Planet Room? Maybe the...

Eric: Uranus.

[Everyone laughs]

Laura: Oh, that's so funny! Not.

Eric: Thank you. Goodnight

Kevin: I mean, we know that the planets do have some, like the alignment of the planets...

Andrew: Right.

Kevin: have some effect on showing what's to come. So, I would assume that they're trying to study the positions and current state of things.

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: Kevin, can you explain the String Theory as it applies to Astronomy?

Kevin: No. I am not explaining the String Theory.

Eric: But it's good. It's good.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, it's good, but it is not something to be explained on a Harry Potter podcast.

Eric: Right, right, right.

Ben: You don't even understand it.

Eric: But I knew you could, so I thought I'd ask.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: But Google or Wiki the String Theory, if you're interested. Many people have speculated that the alignment of the planets has a lot to do with Earth itself and gravity and Earth turning and...

Kevin: Yeah. Its just concerning, essentially concerning, where gravity actually comes from, because gravity is a force, but what actually is a force? It's just...

Eric: And what started it.

Ben: [impersonating Kevin] String Theory is a model of fundamental Physics, whose building blocks are one dimensional extended objects.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Ben: [laughs] So, whatever the hell that means.

Eric: No. Seriously, though, you know if Earth stopped turning we'd all go flying through the wall at approximately 100,000 kilometers per second.

Laura: Yes.

Andrew: That'd stink.

Eric: That would really stink. Time would go on, but...

Andrew: So, to me, a Planet Room in the Department of Mysteries. Like in Professor Trelawney's class there's always the question of, you know, "or the alignment of the planets, it foretells your future." Maybe that's what they're studying.

Kevin: Yeah. That's what I thought. Absolutely.

Eric: Yeah, but Firenze pretty much said that was crap.

Andrew: He did, but how accurate are their thoughts about all this? Because he was downplaying everything Trelawney was bringing up.

Eric: Yeah, well, Firenze himself said that the stars had been read wrongly by centaurs, too. So...

Andrew: Right.

Eric: ...I don't think anybody...

Andrew: So, nobody really knows.

Eric: It doesn't seem like the Planet Room would do much good.

Kevin: Yeah, but...

Eric: Maybe it might.

Kevin: I mean it's...

Andrew: Well, they're trying.

Kevin: Yeah, of course.

Eric: Well, like...

Eric: It's one thing that they may not ever understand but they're trying to understand it.

Eric: These departments - and it's interesting talking about these department - but I don't know that we'll ever get knowledge of what the Ministry wizards have learned from these planets, considering they're kind of just there for show, in a way. But, you know...

Laura: Who would they show them to?

Eric:'s cool to have a Planet Room.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: Yeah, well it's cool to see...

Laura: I don't think they're there for show.

Eric: It would be great to ask JK Rowling, "Hey, what have these scientists uncovered about planets in this room?" But it's not written. You know, it's not written. The room is there, but Jo couldn't tell us about a meteor that's actually coming towards us or anything like that, based on the studies of these wizards. What I'm saying is, this room is... But we wouldn't like...

[Kevin laughs]

Eric: We could hear theories on what's in the love room. But beyond that, you know. She wrote it. And it's a matter of, yes, there's a planet room, but does that mean that they actually know stuff, and that that's going to come into play in the books?

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