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MuggleCast 63 Transcript

Show Intro

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[Show Intro music]

Andrew: Because Tuesday is an important day for all fans of the show, this is MuggleCast Episode 63 for November 12, 2006.

[More show intro music]

Pickle Appreciation Day

Andrew: Did you guys know Tuesday, November 14th is National Pickle Day?

Laura: I did not.

Jamie: Canít say I did.

Andrew: Really? Why not? Itís like a big national holiday. Jamie Yeah.

Andrew: Actually, itís Ė sorry itís Pickle Appreciation Day.

Jamie: Sorry, who created this? Who created...

Laura: We donít eat pickles in Georgia.

Andrew: I donít know, Jamie, I donít know. I tried to look it up and I couldnít find any information on it.

Jamie: The American Pickle Society.

Andrew: Someone emailed in and then I went on Ė they gave me a link to a greeting card website, you know where you can send greeting cards for like holidays?

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: And there is one for Pickle Appreciation Day. So, weíll provide the link in the show notes and everyone can go send each other Pickle Appreciation Day e-cards via e-mail.

Jamie: Which youíll all want to do, definitely.

Andrew: Yeah, and please send some to mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com. So I hope everyone is going to be celebrating, I know I am.

Jamie: Oh yeah.

Ben: And eating a lot of pickles.

Andrew: I will be eating various assortments of pickles that day and...

Laura: Well, you know...

Ben: Raise your hand if you like pickles.

Andrew: Iím raising my hand, Ben, over here.

Jamie: Iím half raising my hand. Itís a love-hate thing.

Ben: I hate them.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Actually, no, Iím kidding I really hate the taste of them, theyíre bad.

Ben: Like, when I get a hamburger, I just have it plain - just cheese.

Andrew: Yeah, me too. Ketchup only.

Ben: Yeah, ketchup - ketchup only.

Laura: Oh, no, I love pickles on my hamburgers. They're good.

Eric: No, yeah - pickles on a cheeseburger. I only eat pickles if they...

Jamie: Ben, are you the kind of person who goes to McDonaldís and is like, "Yeah, please can I have a Big Mac, but please can I not have cheese..."

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: "...but please can I have extra mayonnaise, but please can I have no pickles."

Ben: No, no, no, I say, "can I..."

[Jamie laughs]

Ben: I think Iím going to say, "Can I get a cheeseburger plain?"

Jamie: Ben?

Ben: Then I apply my own ketchup later.

Eric: It takes them significantly longer though...

Jamie: Of course it does, of course it does.

Eric: ...Ben, I just pull off the pickles.

Andrew: Speaking of McDonaldís, we have a special new listener challenge later in the show that is going to change the way we all visit McDonalds. Iím Andrew Sims.

Ben: Iím Ben Schoen.

Jamie: Iím Jamie Lawrence.

Eric: I am Eric Scull.

Laura: Iím Laura Thompson.

[More show intro Music]

Jamie: Hey Ben, can you walk into Subway and just say "Yeah, Iíll have my usual?"

Ben: I used to be able to, but I havenít been to Subway in months.

Jamie: Really?

Ben: Because I told people to stop sending me cards because I felt so bad.

Laura: I went to Subway in New York City.

Jamie: I love Subway.

Ben: Well, yeah, you traveled 3,000 miles to go to Subway.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Speaking of New York City [laughs], that was the only seg-way I could think of, Micah Tannenbaum is in our imaginary MuggleCast News Center with the past weekís top Harry Potter news stories.


Micah: Earlier this week we reported that Michael Hoffman was slated to direct the sixth Potter film. WB has now confirmed that this is not true, however Production Weeklyís latest issue contains information concerning Half Blood Prince, including that David Yates is set to direct the film. While everyone should consider this a rumor for now, we heard that David has been in talks with WB.

Emma Thompson, who plays Professor Sibyl Trelawney, was interviewed on Jonathan Ross where she mainly discussed her new film Stranger Than Fiction while speaking a little about Harry Potter. A video of this appearance can be seen over at and Emma also did interviews with Newsweek, USA Today, and made an appearance on The Ellen Show.

Jason Isaacs, the Lucius Malfoy actor, appeared on the UK chat show This Morning, where he discussed the Potter films, mentioned that he finished filming his scenes for Order of the Phoenix last week.

In a recent interview Daniel Radcliffe was asked if he would be playing a death in Movie Seven, and he suggested that Harry might die in the final book. He was quoted as saying, "Thatís the only way JK Rowling could ever halt any call for her to keep writing the Potter books, because I mean if Harry survives sheíll just be getting plagued by requests to write an eighth book for the rest of her life."

In celebration of their 60th publication anniversary Time Europe reflected on the heroes that have immerged in the past six decades. Jo Rowling made the list, along with dozens of other inspirational figures.

And according to a poll by hotel company Travelodge, Jo has the fifth biggest fan base in the United Kingdom. The Harry Potter author ranks behind Manchester United, pop star Robbie Williams, and the Liverpool Football Club. I hear Andrew is crying U2 didnít make the list, but Andrew, donít worry this is after all poll by a hotel company.

As we reported last month the American Library Association asked teen readers to vote for their favorite book as part of Teen Read Week. The Association has announced the winners and, no doubt due to MuggleNetters voting, Half Blood Prince topped the list.

Leslie Phillips, voice of the Sorting Hat, joins the guest line-up for Collector Mania G-Mex, scheduled to take place in Manchester, England, between the 18th and 19th of November. Jamie Waylett, who plays Vincent Crabbe and James and Oliver Phelps, who play the Weasley twins, are also set to attend.

Finally, there is no more waiting: the first copies of the book written entirely by MuggleNet staff are now being shipped by our partner Alivan's.'s What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7? can be ordered for just $15.84 (shipping included). Thatís all the news for this November 12th, 2006 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show.

Andrew: All right, thanks Micah. And anyone whoís wondering about that chipmunk voice was real, that he did on the show last week? It is legit because Eric and I had him do it in New York City when they were hanging out with him...

Ben: [laughs] Did you really?

Andrew: ...earlier this week. Yeah and he did it.

Ben: That's awesome.

Andrew: I couldnít believe him at first because I thought he might have just done a little effect, you know to accent or something, but no, itís legit.

News Discussion: U.K. Fan Bases

Andrew: Not much news to discuss this week. There were a lot news stories but none of them are really discussion worthy. Hereís something I found interesting. J.K. Rowling ranked #5 in the Top Ten, I think it was, U.K. Fan bases. Now, what...

Ben: Oh, what a load.

Andrew: What immediately struck me about this was that wouldnít you think that Jo probably has one of the bigger fan bases. Jamie, did you see this list? Because I wanted to ask you about it.

Jamie: No, I didnít. No.

Ben: Whoís number one? Lord of the Rings?

Andrew: No

Jamie: No

Andrew: No, these are like people...

Ben: Star Trek? Oh, these are peopleís fan bases.

Andrew: The Top U.K. Fan bases: #1 was Manchester United.

Laura: What?

Eric: What is Manchester United?

Ben: Thatís a team.

Laura: Yeah.

Jamie: Itís a football team.

Laura: Thatís stupid.

Jamie: Itís a huge, huge, huge football team.

Ben: Football? What are you talking about theyíre a soccer team.

Andrew: Foosball

Jamie: Oh, Iím sorry Ben. Yes, itís a soccer team. It is massive. It is absolutely massive.

Andrew: #2: Robbie Williams. Whoís a pop star?

Jamie: Yeah, he is. I donít know if Iíd call what he has as a massive fan base...

Ben: Isnít that the guy who plays Hagrid?

Jamie: No...

Laura: No, [laugh]

Jamie: Thatís Robbie Coltrane, Ben.

Ben: Oh, [laughs] woops.

Jamie: This guy does have a great deal of fans and all of his concerts are sold out very, very, very early on. But I donít know. Who came third?

Andrew: How about Liverpool - Liverpool F.C.

Jamie: Soccer Club, again.

Andrew: Football club.

Eric: Where is Sir Elton Johnís fan base?

Ben: The Beatles.

Jamie: Soccer Club again. There... Yeah, they all have huge - the football clubs do have huge fan bases.

Andrew: Now, what about, something called Arsenal? Whatís that?

Jamie: One more football club. Sorry, soccer club.

Eric: Oh my God!

Andrew: Geez, thatís stupid.

Eric: These crazy sports fans. You canít even compare them.

Jamie: Footballs massive. Itís massive. Absolutely massive.

Andrew: Well, soccer in the U.S. is not very big at all.

Jamie: No, I know its not.

Ben: No, we hate it here.

Andrew: We donít hate it. Some people do.

Ben: No, I hate it. Itís too much running. I canít do it.

[Ben and Eric laughs]

Andrew: And then thereís J.K. Rowling and #6, really disappointed me, U2.

Laura: Awww...

Andrew: Come on.

Eric: Well, No. I donít even understand why theyíre comparing that to kids and...

Andrew: To soccer clubs?

Eric: The people that actually read, you know, and donít just drink and watch sports channel.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Well, I think itís a bit of a stereotype to make, you know? You canít say that all football fans drink and watch it.

Eric: Oh, yes it is and forgive me for making the stereotype...

Jamie: Never, never. Eric...if itís possible, but...

Jamie: Never, never.

[Eric and Ben laughs]

Eric: But Iím saying sports fans are quite a bit different from these kinds of fans and I donít know, you know? Itís not exactly like they donít like the same exact things. I think itís like they should have done a list of something different. I donít know.

Andrew: This poll was conducted by a hotel over in England.

Jamie: What's the... Oh, well theyíre experts so...

Ben: A little hotel.

Andrew: Yeah, I mean, I know.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: I know. Well, it made the BBC, so itís somewhat newsworthy.

Order of the Phoenix Teaser Trailer

Andrew: I got another question for everyone. Who is going to see Happy Feet this Friday?

Eric: I am going to see Casino Royale.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Okay, but my question is who is going to see Happy Feet.

Ben: Well,

[Andrew, Jamie and Ben laughs]

Jamie: Back to the original question.

Ben: Whatís that movie going to be about? It sounds dumb.

Andrew: Itís about penguins dancing on ice glaciers.

Laura: Oh, that will be...

Jamie: Classic.

Laura: ...Thatíll be my number one stop this weekend, Iím telling you that now.

Jamie: Absolute classic.

Andrew: No, okay. You know why Iím asking this...

Laura: Yes.

Andrew: Order of the Phoenix teaser trailer.

Laura: Yes, I know.

Eric: Iíll catch the trailer Andrew.

Andrew: Attached to the front of this. Eric, you work at Happy Feet - you work at the movie theater.

Ben: [laughing] He works at Happy Feet.

Jamie: He works on a glacier.

Andrew: Yeah, what were you going to say, Ben?

Ben: How long do you think it is until we got a version of it online? Someone sends in...

Andrew: Iím going to guess two minutes after Happy Feet is released.

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: Okay, Iím going to go to the movie theater. Iím going to buy a ticket to a movie I actually want to see, then Iím going to go to the previews of Happy Feet and then [laughs].

Andrew: Then switch, yeah.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Thatís a good idea

Eric: I could stop you. I could kick you out, Ben.

Ben: Oh, could you?

Eric: If you came to my theater.

Ben: If we go to Philadelphiaís theater.

Eric: No, if you come to Redding, Pennsylvania.

Ben: Redding.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: If you came to my theater.

Andrew: The trailer has been seen by a few people and there have been some descriptions online and from what we can gather theyíre pretty accurate. Have you guys read them?

Ben: No

Laura: Iíve read one.

Andrew: Looks pretty good.

Laura: Yeah

Andrew: Starts with Sirius...

Eric: Donít tell me. Spoiler policy - spoiler.

Jamie: Yeah, you shouldnít say it, to be honest.

Andrew: All right, all right, I won't, I wonít - never mind. It starts with Sirius talking and thatís all Iíll say. And, so I guess Iíll be going to... I donít know it doesnít seem like - it doesnít seem worth it since itís going to be online.

Ben: Is it worth the drive?

Jamie: But we donít...

Andrew: Yeah, with the gas prices these days.

Jamie: ...But we donít condone seeing it online, if itís been leaked do we Andrew?

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Well, I do. Because...

Jamie: Yeah, right.

Andrew: ...if itís on YouTube, itís not a problem.

Eric: Allegedly. Allegedly

Jamie: Allegedly, itís on YouTube.

Andrew: But yeah, it wouldnít surprise me if it shows up on Apple officially. Maybe the same day...

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Because t just seems...

Jamie: Itís easier to put it out online

Andrew: ...kind of hard for WB.

Jamie: Instead of like risking piracy. If they actually put it online. Then theyíre beating the pirates. [laughs] Do...

Andrew: Right, right.

Jamie: Do you call people who pirate stuff pirates?

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: Internet Pirates.

Ben: Well, duh. Yeah.

Jamie: Well, that doesnít sound right.

Ben: Argh....

Jamie: I can imagine...

Eric: Well neither does pirate [pronounced "pi-rate"].

Jamie: Pi-rate.

Ben: Yeah [laughs].

Jamie: Yeah, true.

Eric: What is the etymology of pirate [pronounced "pi-rate"]. I mean, itís just...

Ben: [laughs] Pirate [pronounced "pi-rate"].

Jamie: It's from the Latin "pir," meaning...

[Eric laughs]

Jamie: ...steal, and "rate," meaning...videos?

[Eric laughs]

Jamie: Actually, I have no idea.

Eric: [still laughing] Rate.

MuggleCast T-Shirts

Andrew: Folks, we haven't been kidding. MuggleCast t-shirts will no longer be sold after - well, beginning January 1st, 2007.

Ben: They're going out of style.

Andrew: So - not, oh, no. They'll always be in style, but the shirts, we'll have to take them off the website January 1st, so if you are thinking about buying a shirt, we urge you purchase one now because they are going to be selling out fast [clears throat] and we hope to sell out our entire inventory. Of course, they help to support the show and... So thank you very much.

Eric: You know what we need? We need hoodies and then we need to say, you know, "Keep yourself warm, this will be the last winter you'll have an opportunity to keep yourself warm," or something.

Andrew: And, of course, you all need to buy one for National MuggleCast Day, coming this...May?

Laura: June.

Eric: You mean MuggleCast T-Shirt Day?

[Ben laughs]

Podcast Alley

Andrew: June. I always forget. [laughs] And then, also, don't forget to vote for us on Podcast Alley. We really need everyone's votes over there because we want to beat a little podcast called Keith and The Girl.

Ben: Oh, yeah.

Eric: Who's the girl?

Andrew: They're these two - these two big dorks who...

Eric: [laughs] I don't think...

Andrew: ...podcast about nothing.

Eric: ...we can call anybody dorks.

Jamie: Yeah. Like us, really, isn't it? [laughs]

Laura: Yeah, we are.

Andrew: [laughs] No, we're not dorks.

Eric: We podcast about nothing.

Andrew: We're cool.'s Book

Ben: Hey, also, now is the time to order's What Will Happen in Harry Potter Seven: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Falls in Love, and How the Adventure Finally Ends, by Ben Schoen, Emerson Spartz, Jamie Lawrence, Andy Gordon...

Andrew: That's me.

Ben: ...and Gretchen Stull. So, go pick it up.

Andrew: Andy Gordon is my penname.

Ben: [laughs] Shut up.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: It is not. For the tenth time, it's not.

Andrew: If you would like me to sign it, just please send your copies to the PO Box.

Ben: Yes, remember, this is going to be in your retail stores very soon. It's going to be in your local Barnes and Noble and Borders. However, if you want to pre-order it online, you can visit MuggleNet, there's a link on the right side of the page. Yeah. Go ahead and pre-order it.

Jamie: If you guys had pen names...

Andrew: Well, I would have Andy Gordon because that's my...

Jamie: No, really, what would you have, Andrew? If you didn't - okay, if you weren't Andy Gordon.

Andrew: Bono! I would be Bono. [laughs]

Jamie: Hey, hasn't someone used that before? I can't - I can't remember who.

[Andrew coughs]

Jamie: I'm sure I've heard that.

Ben: Paul?

Jamie: Ben, what would you be?

Andrew: Bono. Paul Houston.

Jamie: Yeah. [laughs]

Andrew: Now, let me ask you something. If I go to my bookstore, do I have to say to these people, "I want's What Will Happen in Harry Potter Seven: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Falls in Love and How Will the Adventure Finally End?"?

Jamie: Yes, you have to.

Ben: You have to say the full title.

Andrew: Can I just say...

Jamie: If you get one word wrong...

Andrew: Can I just say, "What Will Happen in Harry Potter Seven?"?

Ben: You can say, "What Will Happen in Harry Potter Book Seven?".

Jamie: Andrew, if you get one word wrong, then they tell you...

Ben: They don't have it.

Jamie: ...they don't have it.

Ben: Yeah.

Jamie: You have to get it precisely right, with exactly the right pitch, intonation, and tone in your voice. If you get it wrong...

Eric: It sounds like a sell out book.

Andrew: I should hope so.

Jamie: I should hope so, too.

MuggleCast Variety Show

Ben: [in a goofy voice] The MuggleCast Variety Hour. [laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah. And a little announcement here. The week of New Year's, it should be like, New Year's Eve, I think? I don't know, I would have to consult a calendar, but that last week of the year, we will be having a special MuggleCast variety show that is going to be made up of segments and musical stuff made entirely by the audience. And everyone might remember that we had a segment contest where listeners would create their own MuggleCast segments, and we used about five of them, we ran them for five weeks, but we didn't - we have like, 20 to 30 more that we never used, so we're going to use a few of those. And we've been getting different submissions lately, like little songs, like little MuggleCast remixes of discussions we've had, so I'm going to save all of them for this variety show. So, what I'm asking - what we're asking here, is for everyone to send in any remixes or segments that you've ever had an idea for, for MuggleCast, and we will try to include them on that variety show coming later this year, and it should be a fun show. And the reason we're going to be doing that is because we won't be around. Send your entries to mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com. Maybe we'll give away t-shirts, too, to everyone who airs - who has their segment aired, I don't know.

Ben: Well, hopefully we won't have any extras left.

Jamie: Because you've all been buying...

Andrew: Yes. Yes.

Jamie: ...your MuggleCast t-shirts.

Blog Updates

Andrew: Yes. True that. Oh, and one final reminder on - the all new now...

Ben: Well, only... Okay, it's been new for about two months, So... [laughs]

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: It's still new to me. It's not two months, it's been like a month. Yeah.

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: We have weekly roundups now, to cover some of your listener rebuttals that we do not air on the show. And we'll post them on the website, so we encourage everyone to check the website about midweekly. They'll be released by one of the co-hosts who were on the past week's show.

Main Discussion: The Forbidden Forest

Andrew: This week, we are going to have a discussion about the Forbidden Forest. It's one aspect of Hogwarts that we really haven't talked about much.

Eric: Maybe at all.

Andrew: Maybe at all. I don't think we've talked about it much at all.

Eric: Wait, not too much, seriously. Maybe two or three episodes we might have mentioned it.

Andrew: No. But there are a few questions about it that we wanted to discuss today.

Eric: I have one before the first one.

Andrew: Oh, okay.

Eric: If that's okay.

Andrew: Go for it.

Forbidden Forest vs. Dark Forest

Eric: Do you guys know that sometimes Dumbledore refers to the Forbidden Forest as the Dark Forest? Several other characters, like...

Laura: I thought that was just a movie-ism.

Eric: In addition to a movie-ism, I think it appears once or twice in the books, actually. Like, where...

Laura: I don't think so.

Eric: Yeah. I'm dead serious! It's not just, you know...

Andrew: Well, do you have evidence to back this up? Or...?

Eric: I don't, but I'm just saying is it likely that the forest is - the actual name is Forbidden Forest or is it Dark Forest? Or... There seems to be some kind of confusion.

Andrew: I think it is the Forbidden Forest, but - because that is probably the way it was originally described in the books, right?

Laura: Yeah.

Jamie: Oh yeah, definitely. Yeah.

Andrew: It's like the first reference to it was Dark Forest, and then ...

Laura: Yep.

Andrew: Although, well, I don't know.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: You make a good point, because why would they call it the Forbidden Forest? Just because...

Eric: If it's only forbidden to students...

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: ...on one side of it. On one side of one of the edges of it.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: Because...

Andrew: That could be the name just for Hogwarts students.

Jamie: Yeah. I think so.

Why is it Forbidden?

Laura: Well, that's not necessarily true. It's forbidden because it's dangerous.

Andrew: Yes.

Laura: And there are things in it that are forbidden, like illegal creatures, like Aragog and his children.

Eric: Well, centaurs wouldn't be too appreciative to know that they are in...

Jamie: Illegal, yeah.

Eric: a forest that is... Well, actually, I think they would.

Laura: Well, that's not true, though, because...

Eric: I think they would, because...

Laura: They would consider their domain forbidden to...

Eric: Yeah, that's true.

Laura: ...outside people.

Back to Forbidden Forest vs. Dark Forest

Eric: Well, in Movie One Dumbledore - Richard Harris - says, "Please note that the Dark Forest is forbidden." You're right, that could be a movie-ism. But I was sure then around Book Five or Book Six, maybe even Book Four when they were doing the tasks kind of near there, I was under the impression that they used Dark Forest once or twice more, so I thought I would ask.

Laura: Well, I could be wrong, but I really don't think so.

Ben: I don't think so either.

[Laura and Eric laugh]

Ben: I think they either refer to it as the Forest or the Forbidden Forest. The chapter in the book is called, "The Forbidden Forest."

Jamie: Yeah.

Laura: And they use the word... And they use the word "dark" a lot in the movies, too. If you'll notice the tower where Sirius was, was the Dark Tower in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie.

Eric: Dark Tower?

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: What are they trying to do? Just set a dark tone to it, make it sound even more eerie?

Laura: Yeah.

Adventures in the Forbidden Forest

Andrew: I mean, it seems like one of those places that is lacking a major adventure. They've always gone in there to, you know, in Book Five, check up on...

Eric: I disagree.

Andrew: You don't think so?

Eric: The first year Harry goes in there with, you know, and almost gets killed by this Voldemort slither thingy, and then centaurs have to save him, but they get mad at each other. Second year, a giant spider sends all of his thousand younglings all over it - all over after Harry and Ron. And the Ford Anglia has been living there for four or five years.

Laura: Ummm, no, Eric. [laughs]

Eric: Third year at the edge of it the Whomping Willow nearly kills everybody, and everybody sub-passes it. Fourth year, there's dragons being trained. What do you mean lacking in big adventure? The fourth year there were dragons being hidden there. The fifth year... [laughs]

Jamie: How would you hide a dragon? Just go into that quickly.

[Eric continues to laugh]

Jamie: It must be hard to hide a dragon.

[Ben laughs]

Jamie: The forest must be extremely dense and sort of dark. And, you know? Well...

Andrew: Yeah, exactly. So, it's very easy to hide a dragon.

Jamie: Yeah. Well, no, I don't think it's easy. I don't think it's ever easy to hide a dragon. But I think it's helpful, the fact that...

Ben: Unless it's baby dragon.

Jamie: It could be. That could be it.

Andrew: Well...

Jamie: Or it could be mute so it can't speak or breath fire. So, it's easy.

Andrew: Hagrid held Grawp in there pretty easily.

Ben: Well, last time I checked, Grawp wasn't a dragon.

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: Well, no, I know that, but he was making a big scene in the forest and no one really ever noticed.

Eric: It was far enough off. See, that's why I don't want to see a big adventure in the forest. It's always like - Jo writes in this long paragraph, long section of paragraphs, where they're walking into the woods, and the scenery is changing. Then there's always a clearing. So, so far in it gets silent. I'm not saying it's boring to read about it, because it's not, but we've had several adventures in the Forbidden Forest. I don't think it needs any bit more exposure than it's already had.

Jamie: But it needs to be explained.

Eric: It's supposed to remain mysterious.

Jamie: Perhaps, or it needs to be explained. Because we don't know anything actually about it. Apart from... It's been used as a plot point, but it's been used as a secondary plot point. There's never been a story-line involving the Forbidden Forest.

Andrew: Right.

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