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[Intro music]

Andrew: Because this is MuggleCast, Episode 64 for November 20, 2006: The Good Side of Voldemort.

[Music continues to play]

Andrew: I... Guys... I hate weeks like this.

Laura: Me, too.

Andrew: I... Yeah, I do not like them.

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: Nothing to talk about...

Kevin: So boring.

Andrew: ...this week.

Laura: Depressing.

Andrew: See any stories that stuck out, Jamie? Ben? Laura? Kevin? Any stories stuck out?

Jamie: No.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: I mean, I guess there's the birthday of MuggleNet Fan Fiction.

Laura: Yeah that's nice.

Kevin: Oh, yeah that's pretty cool.

Andrew: I guess that's a big one.

Jamie: Oh, yeah...

Laura: Two years.

Jamie: ...people all over the world were celebrating that one.

Andrew: Congrats to them.

Jamie: They had release parties...

Andrew: Yeah, that's good.

Jamie: ...everywhere.

Andrew: Oh, bookstores. They're getting Harry Potter Seven ads now. That's a good sign.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: That's right.

Laura: There's no title, no art.

Jamie: No book.

Laura: No [laughs] – no nothing. But, you know...

Kevin: It's a poster they could have printed themselves.

Andrew: I'm going to guess that this is going to be a short show this week.

Laura: Oh, there was another poster wasn't there?

Andrew: What?

Laura: That came out this week.

Andrew: No – what? I...

Laura: Something with Voldemort.

Andrew: I think I missed that. What are you talking about?

Ben: [whispering] "You will lose everything!"

Laura: New Order of the Phoenix promotional [laughs].

Andrew: Oh, oh...

Laura: Yeah, the...

Andrew: The teaser poster.

Laura: I think Ben phrased it the best.

Andrew: What'd he say?

Ben: "You will lose everything."

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Oh, yeah. Well, we'll talk about that in a minute. But... I don't know. I guess it will be a short show this week. Not much to talk about.

Jamie: Under ten minutes, maybe.

Andrew: Ummm, yeah – so, I'm Andrew Sims.

Ben: I'm Ben Schoen.

Jamie: I'm Jamie Lawrence.

Kevin: I'm Kevin Steck.

Laura: And I'm Laura Thompson.

Ben: We'll see you all next week.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, goodbye. [laughs]

Kevin: Goodbye.

Andrew: Micah Tannenbaum has got a short news piece on the flip side of this hot beat.

[Music continues to play]


Micah: The Order of the Phoenix teaser trailer is now officially out. So, everyone, stop going to YouTube. MTV's Total Request Live today aired a video which featured clips from Order of the Phoenix. They are the same as those in the trailer, and interviews with some of the cast members, including Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint.

An Order of the Phoenix preview will come as part of ABC family's Harry Potter weekend, which will air the weekend of December 1st through 3rd.

As we reported earlier this month, HBO will begin to show a sneak peek of the fifth Harry Potter movie, starting today, November 20th, and ending on December 17th.

The official website for Order of the Phoenix is now open. Be sure to head over there and check it out.

Last week, Warner Brothers revealed the first official promotional poster for the Order of the Phoenix movie. It depicts Voldemort brandishing his wand with the caption: "You will lose everything."

And USA Today published four brand-new photos from the Order of the Phoenix movie, in an article which also contained a new interview with Daniel Radcliffe. The photos depict Voldemort, Sirius, Umbridge, and, of course, Harry and Cho kissing. Shortly after this, Warner Brothers released ten brand new pictures from the fifth film, including a few that didn't make USA today.

Moving away from the fifth film, Barnes and Noble is beginning to receive posters with information on pre-ordering the seventh Harry Potter book. You can see a photo over on However, JK Rowling's spokesperson has informed us that Book 7 writing is going well, but stores taking pre-orders means absolutely nothing at this time.

Finally, last week Emma Watson gave an enlightening speech at Oxford University, detailing what she's learned from playing Hermione, how she really enjoys the Potter sets, how Evanna Lynch humbles her and a number of other interesting matters. Emma also spoke a little about her future, explaining how she wishes to continue her schooling and acting career.

That's all the news for this November 20th, 2006 edition of MuggleCast. Happy Thanksgiving to all our US listeners. Back to the show.

News Discussion: Order of the Phoenix Trailer

Andrew: All right thank you, Micah. I was just kidding, guys.

Jamie: You were really kidding, Andrew?

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Order of the Phoenix. What's that?

Jamie: What's that?

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Oh, it's a new Harry Potter movie coming out next year.

Kevin: Oh, really?

Ben: Oooh.

Laura: Really?

Andrew: O-M-G, guys. Where do we start? This week was a big week for Order of the Phoenix.

Kevin: But not for MuggleNet.

Andrew: And everyone looking forward to it. Yes, not for MuggleNet.

Laura: No.

Andrew: We had record low visitors. No, in all seriousness, there's a lot to talk about this week. Probably the biggest thing: the Order of the Phoenix trailer was released.

Jamie: Woohoo.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: Teaser trailer. A mere 54 seconds, but I thought it was very good.

Jamie: I thought it was very good.

Ben: How long was that...?

Laura: Yeah, it was very good.

Ben: How long was that online? You know what I mean?

Jamie: No.

Andrew: Up on YouTube?

Ben: Yeah.

Jamie: No, you...

Andrew: Can I make a confession?

Jamie: You shouldn't say that, really.

Andrew: everyone else will, too? Yeah.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: We all watched it on YouTube.

Jamie: No, we didn't. We went to Happy Feet. Didn't we, Andrew?

Ben: Who actually went to see Happy Feet?

Jamie: Every single one of us went to see Happy Feet.

Kevin: It was a very high quality version.

Laura: Well, you know what? Whenever I was pulling down voicemails, there were several unhappy people because the trailer didn't run with Happy Feet everywhere.

Ben: Really?

Andrew: Well, that had me a bit confused.

Jamie: Well it did for us, didn't it? Thankfully. That's lucky.

Andrew: Yeah, luckily.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: People were not happy to see Happy Feet, they were "Sad Feet." [laughs]

Ben: Oh my God, Andrew.

Jamie: Good one, Andrew. Good one.

Andrew: Yeah, thank you.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] So, the Order of the Phoenix trailer came out. I would have to say my favorite scene from that trailer was the one with Snape.

Jamie: Yeah, it was awesome.

Andrew: What does...

Laura: That was awesome.

Kevin: It was awesome.

Ben: [imitates Snape] "Prove it!"

Andrew: What does Harry say? Yeah, [also imitates Snape] "So, prove it!" I loved it, Alan Rickman...

Jamie: The problem is – the problem with that is...

Laura: That was very good.

Andrew: Perfect Snape.

Jamie: ... that's such a tough...

Ben: Yeah, a bit fat, though, according to everybody.

Jamie: What?

Ben: People keep saying he got fat.

Jamie: Who?

Andrew: He did?

Ben: Alan Rickman.

Laura: No, he didn't.

Andrew: [laughs] It was just the picture.

Laura: It could have been the lighting.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: The thing is it's such a tough emotional scene to do. They're either going to do that so-so well, or so-so badly.

Laura: Or it's going to be really bad. [laughs]

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Snape... I really... That was definitely the best part of that trailer.

Jamie: I agree. That was very good.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: I'm looking forward to that scene, I think, the most; just watching Snape trying to get into Harry's mind.

Laura: What you mean...

Ben: I'm definitely looking forward to...

Laura: You mean your favorite scene...

Ben: ...the Voldemort-Dumbledore...

Laura: ...wasn't Harry and Cho?

Jamie: Oh, you're joking?

Ben: Oh. Oh, that was definitely hotness.

Kevin: Oooh!

Ben: Pure hotness!

Jamie: It was the most forced thing I've ever seen in my life.

Kevin: [laughs] Yeah. No kidding.

Laura: What?

Andrew: Ah, yeah. There's a little debate over the pictures, too.

Jamie: It's so, so, so, so forced. They're like...

Ben: So, Jamie, do you think Dan would be a good kisser though, based off that picture?

Jamie: Ummm...

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: [sarcastically] Yeah, well, it's a pretty big stack of evidence Ben, that one photo. It's a...

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah...

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Well, I don't know. I don't know...

Jamie: I think I can pass a very, very inclusive judgment from that. I'd have to say I don't know. To be honest, I've no idea. I'm sure he would, I'm sure he would. Ask Katie. Ask Katie.

Andrew: Well, didn't she say "Yes"? [laughs]

Laura: Didn't she say he was? Yeah.

Ben: Yeah.

Laura: Well, what's she going to say? [laughs]

Jamie: Well she's not going to say, "No, it was awful."

Andrew: Another picture – basically all the pictures that came out were what we saw in the trailer. I don't they've ever done that before, have they? Well, hold on. Let me do a mini "Give Me a Butterbeer" here.

Ben: I think they have, actually.

Andrew: What gets me - yeah, what gets me is that Warner Brothers releases the trailer just in front of Happy Feet, and then they see that all the fans are upset that it's not going to be online. So they make a compromise; they put ten seconds of it online, Friday night. Now is it just me, or is that really lame of Warner Brothers?

Kevin: Yeah, it's lame.

Laura: Yeah. [laughs]

Andrew: I mean – and it's going to come online in its entirety on Monday on the Happy Feet website. They can't just throw it on QuickTime or Apple...

Kevin: Well, they're trying to promote Happy Feet...

Laura: Well – Happy Feet.

Andrew: I know, but...

Kevin: ...because no one wants to see it without the trailer.

Laura: Yeah, no one cares about dancing penguins...

Jamie: The thing is, they could put it...

Andrew: No...

Laura: Basically [laughs]

Andrew: No, see a lot of people – well, we got a lot of flack about that too. We upset some people who were looking forward to go see Happy Feet.

Ben: Oh. [laughs] Sorry.

Andrew: Let me clear something up...

Laura: Guys...

Andrew: ...early on in the show.

Laura: Yeah, really.

Andrew: When we're talking about stuff here on the show, most of the time we're just trying to be funny. The Gilmore Girls thing; I was trying to be funny. Happy Feet; I was just trying to be funny. We were all just trying to be funny. So, don't take it seriously.

Laura: Yeah, and just because we think some thing is bad, doesn't...

Jamie: Well I think...

Laura: ...mean it is.

Jamie: What are you trying to say that the...

Laura: I mean, it's just our opinions.

Jamie: ...views of the MuggleCasters don't necessarily reflect the views of the site.

Laura: Yeah, they don't necessarily reflect the views of the site or the listeners, or, frankly, the other hosts.

Andrew: With that said though, I hate The OC. What a terrible show.

[Jamie and Kevin laugh]

Ben: Okay, shut your mouth.

Andrew: No, I'm just kidding.

Jamie: You'd think, though – you'd think that they'd put the trailer in front of a more mainstream film. I'd have thought it...

Kevin: Yeah, you'd think so.

Jamie: ...would have gone in front of Bond over Happy Feet, to be honest.

Andrew: It is in front of Bond in Australia, I think.

Jamie: Well, that ruins my theory.

Kevin: Yeah, but what...

[Ben laughs]

Kevin: Like I said, I mean, all they're trying to do is draw more people to see that movie. Maybe they...

Jamie: Or they're just expecting it to flop.

Ben: Was Bond even produced by Warner Brothers?

Jamie: Everything is produced by Warner Brothers, Ben, nowadays.

Andrew: Well if it was in front of Bond in Australia, then it might be.

Jamie: Lord of the Rings produced Warner Brothers.

Andrew: I don't know. We're going to get a lot of e–mails about this, so someone better check it.

Jamie: Sorry, Warner Brothers produced Lord of the Rings.

Andrew: Kevin, can you check that?

Kevin: Check what? Oh, yeah. Sure.

Ben: They did?

Jamie: Yeah. They have a – the company that produced Lord of the Rings, I can't remember their name, but it's a small company under Time Warner.

Laura: New Line Cinema, wasn't it?

Jamie: Yeah, New Line. That's it. Time Warner own them.

Andrew: Oh. Hmmm.

Jamie: They own everything, seriously.

Laura: I think Time Warner owns everything. [laughs]

Jamie: Laura...

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Laura...

Kevin: Yeah.

Jamie: Laura, Laura...they own you.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

News Discussion: Poster

Andrew: Well, then the beginning of this week the Order of the Phoenix teaser poster came out. Anyone impressed by that? If you ask me...

Laura: I thought it looked cool.

Ben: Well, check out the new MuggleNet layout.

Andrew: The caption...

Kevin: It looks okay.

Laura: Yeah, the caption was kind of...

Andrew: "You will lose everything"?

Laura: ...kind of weak.

Jamie: What's it referring to, precisely?

Ben: I don't even know what that's even about.

Laura: Well, see, that's not even a line from the book, so...

Andrew: Yeah. I...

Ben: Well, neither was, "Something wicked this way comes," but...

Laura: Yeah, but...

Laura and

Andrew: ...that was cool, though.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Let's have a ten-pointer question.

Ben: What's that?

Jamie: What was that from?

Ben: Macbeth. Macbeth.

Laura: Macbeth. [laughs]

Jamie: And what's the one line before it?

Ben: "Double, double, toil and trouble..."

Laura: "Double, double..."

Andrew: "Double..."

Ben: "Fire burn and cauldron bubble."

Jamie: It's not going to go, "Double, double, toil and trouble, something wicked this way comes," is it?

[Ben laughs]

Jamie: That sounds stupid.

[Ben sings "Double, Double"]

Andrew: Unless it was written that way.

Jamie: It's, uh – no, it isn't. It's, "By the pricking of the thumbs."

Ben: Yeah.

Laura: "Something wicked this way comes."

Ben: At least I read Macbeth, so... [trails off, mumbling]

Laura: I used to have that whole thing memorized, because I liked Macbeth in ninth grade. But, yeah. Anyway...

Andrew: For one, I don't think that was cool little caption to stick in front of Voldemort: "You will lose everything."

Laura: No, but I think Voldemort looked good, though; the poster.

Andrew: He did look good, but...

Ben: He's so hot.

[Andrew and Laura laughs]

Andrew: But, I don't know. Is that a good way to start promoting the movie?

Laura: I don't know. I think it's cool.

Andrew: Making some scary guy on the posters, for...

Laura: No, I think it's good, because it's showing...

Andrew: That it's getting darker.

Laura: Yeah, a real darkness to the series. I think they're trying to draw in adult viewers, too. It's a good way to do it.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. Especially with the "PG–13" rating. Obviously it's going to be another "PG-13" rating.

Laura: Mhm.

Jamie: Yeah, it can't be – yeah. And, ummm...

Ben: Rated "R."

Laura: I though it was going to be "G," actually

Ben: Actually, "NC–17."

Andrew: "R"? [laughs]

Jamie: Yeah. No. No, Ben, they keep getting worse and worse. Book Seven...

Ben: "X".

Jamie: going to be "NC–17." Yeah, it's going to be "X" rated.

[Laura laughs]

Kevin: I just looked it up. OO7 is actually Sony Pictures.

Ben: See, what'd I tell you? That's the reason they didn't put it in front of Bond: because they want to promote their own kind.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Well, that explains it then, doesn't it?

Kevin: Their own kind?

Ben: Their own Warner Brothers movies.

News Discussion: Pictures

Andrew: Yeah, that's true. That's true. Another – back to the pictures – we're sort of going all over the place here. But, back to the pictures, you can tell some special effects weren't in place yet. I personally did not like the picture of Umbridge in the Great Hall with the – what was that behind her? The Pendulum?

Ben: Decree thing?

Andrew: No, the pendulum. Swinging behind her. I think it was a pendulum, at least.

Laura: What was wrong with it? I didn't pay attention...

Andrew: Well, if you look at the picture it looks really fake. They obviously...

Jamie: Well... Lara: Well...

Andrew: ...stuck her in front of it.

Jamie: It's a movie set, Andrew, to be fair. It's not a real castle

Laura: We were also watching it...

Andrew: No, but it was a digital effect – well, no, the Great Hall is real. What I'm saying is they stuck the pendulum behind it. It was a cheap job, that's what I'm saying.

Laura: Andrew, we were also watching it off of a cheap pirate job. [laughs] So...

Andrew: No, no, no. The high-res pictures...

Kevin: No, the picture.

Laura: Oh, the pictures?

Andrew: Yes. The high–res pictures.

Laura: Oh, I don't know. I didn't pay that much attention.

Andrew: I could've done a better job PhotoShopping her in. But anything else stick out for anyone?

Ben: Oh, I don't know. I like the kissing picture. Oh my God; Dan and Cho!

Laura: Did you see some people were kind of not happy that Warner Brothers showed that? Because they wanted to wait until the movie came out.

Andrew: Well, they're going to have to, eventually.

Ben: Well, don't check MuggleNet, if you don't want to be spoiled.

Laura: Yeah, well they wanted to be surprised. I'm like, "You already know what happens."

Ben: Voldemort look sweet when he's walking through the fog, or whatever that is.

Laura: Yeah.

Kevin: Oh, yeah.

Jamie: Andrew, going back to the Umbridge one, I completely agree with you. The pendulum's too big for the place, basically, and she just...

Andrew: Why would they put it in the Great Hall?

Laura: It's too big for Hogwarts. [laughs]

Jamie: But, I just... She doesn't... She isn't Umbridge for me, really, I must admit.

Laura: Really? I think she looks good.

Ben: I thought that was Aunt Petunia...

Andrew: If her acting is good...

Ben: first.

Jamie: Yeah, she does. She looks a bit like Aunt Petunia. She needs the actual – the different...

Ben: She needs to be fatter, to be honest.

Jamie: Yeah. Yeah, she does need to be fatter.

Laura: Okay, it's Hollywood, though...

Andrew: I think she needs to be shorter.

Jamie: Huh?

Andrew: It doesn't matter.

Ben: Look at...

Laura: No, but see, even – it's Hollywood. I mean, even Dudley isn't... [laughs] I mean – I think it said...

Ben: Okay, it doesn't matter. Don't even go there, because there are fat actors.

Laura: No, I'm just – I know, but see, there aren't as many of them as there are thin actors.

Kevin: I think if her acting is good, I think it will compensate for the lack of meeting our...

Jamie: Laura, you can – you don't actually have to have a fat person to play a fat person, now, anyway. They have...

Laura: No, I know. They have...

Jamie: ...they have like, special fats suits and...

Laura: Yeah, they have fat suits.

Jamie: effects, and stuff like that. Do you think you could just go into a... [laughs]

Laura: But they won't – okay.

Jamie: ...into like, a specialist shop and ask for a fat suit?

[Kevin and Laura laugh]

Ben: Hey, isn't Dumbledore, isn't he a bit like - he looks sentimental in this picture.

Andrew: Oh, I love Dumbledore in the teaser.

Ben: Is this the Wizen...

Jamie: Oh, yeah, that's awesome.

Ben: In this picture... In this picture, is this the Wiz – not the Wizengamot. This is Dumbledore at the trial, isn't it?

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Is that Mrs. Figg behind him?

Jamie: It is a very, very, very good job, there.

Andrew: Probably. I'll take a look at it...

Ben: This looks similar to like, the pictures we saw of the Wizengamot - not the Wizengamot, but the trials in Goblet of Fire, doesn't it?

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Because it's the same set.

Ben: Oh, is it really?

Jamie: No, Ben...

[Kevin laughs]

Jamie: ...Ben, it's the same dungeon. He says, when he walks in, in Order of the Phoenix, he gasps, because he remembers...

Ben: He's been there before.

Kevin: He remembers it, yeah.

Jamie: ...the place where, yeah, the Lestranges were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Ben: Oh.

Andrew: They're using, for the Room of Requirement set, they are using – ah, I forget now. It was a classroom, but they're using...

Jamie: Oh, really?

Andrew: for the Room of Requirement now. Yeah, they just took out like the...

Jamie: The chairs and stuff.

Andrew: They took out the – well, no. They cut the... [laughs] I'm such a bad reporter.

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: They took out the – what are those things in the middle of the room?

Jamie: Tables?

Ben: Pillars?

Andrew: The pillars!

Laura: Desks?

Andrew: Yeah, they cut the pillars in half.

Laura: Oh.

Andrew: It looks kind of goofy, but that's what they did. So...

Jamie: Cool.

Andrew: At any rate...

Ben: Then how's the ceiling standing up?

Jamie: [laughs] Yeah.

Andrew: Well, because the...

Ben: Why hasn't it fallen in on them?

Andrew: ...sides. I don't know. Why don't you – I guess you'll have to ask a...

Jamie: A structural architect, which...

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: ...we've got plenty of those as listeners.

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