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MuggleCast 66 Transcript (continued)

Voicemail: Pensieve in the Cave?

[Audio:] Hi, MuggleCasters! I'm Nicole, 14, from Virginia. I have always thought the stone basin that Dumbledore had to drink out of was actually a Pensieve with the memories of the children he had tortured there. That's why the children did not tell anybody what had happened, because they couldn't remember. Another thing that convinced me is what Laura said in a previous episode: You guys were talking about the Brain Room and how the brain had attacked Ron and maybe left him with memories. Laura compared Ron's acting to Dumbledore when he drank from the basin. So, if Ron was reacting that way because of the memories, maybe the basin was actually a Pensieve. Love the show! Jamie, you're my favorite.

Eric: Oh. Well, you know, isn't it...

Laura: [in flirty voice] Oh, Jamie.

Eric: Isn't it great to hear that Jamie is her favorite, and she thought of this when hearing something Laura had said on a previous episode?

[Laura laughs]>

Kevin: Yeah, that's great.

Eric: Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

[Micah laughs]

Eric: As I recall, I mentioned a very similar theory I brought up. And a ten year-old told me it was the worst constructed theory he had ever heard.

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Eric: He said, "It's a pretty weak theory, isn't it?" [laughs]

Andrew: When was that? At the LIVE podcast?

Eric: Yeah, the podcast -not we did in New York or Vegas, but the one that we record...

Andrew: L.A.

Kevin: I've actually got...

Eric: No, the one that we...

Andrew: Oooh, that one.

Eric: Yeah, and somebody told me...

Andrew: I remember that. That kid was awesome.

Eric: Somebody told me he was the same guy who said he was Yoda from the MuggleNet chat room. You know, from so long ago?

Andrew: Who left a voicemail?

Eric: Yeah, who left a voicemail.

Andrew: Oh, good old Yoda.

Laura: Oh.

Andrew: I'm going to write a book on classic MuggleCast moments.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: That's definitely one of them.

Eric: It's a good question, so let's answer it.

Micah: Well, I think I brought this up on an earlier show, actually. And I think he's seeing either what's going on right then, or what's going on - or what's going to happen very soon in the future. Because the school is coming under attack, and he is constantly talking about, "No, not the children, not the children." And I think he is seeing his worst fear come true, and that's Hogwarts coming under attack and him not being there to defend it.

Laura: I think so as well. Not to mention the liquid in the stone basin was green. Pensieves are white.

Eric: It's...

Kevin: Yeah, but I always thought that it was like Voldemort's view of the future. Like, his, I don't know.

Laura: Well, that could also be Dumbledore's worst fear - would be Voldemort's...

Kevin: It's possible, yeah. I suppose so.

Laura:, outlook for the future.

Andrew: Greatest desire. Yeah.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: So, wait, Micah, you're saying that Hogwarts is going to be under attack?

Laura: Well, it was in Half-Blood Prince.

Micah: No, I'm saying right at that moment that's exactly what was happening. When he was in the cave...

Andrew: Oh, oh, okay.

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: Gotcha.

Eric: I think Dumbledore muttered a lot and muttered a lot less, "not the children," than he did, "the pain, make it stop, I know I did wrong."

Laura: Yeah, but he says, "don't hurt them."

Eric: Well, kind of. But maybe. He said a lot of other things.

Laura: No, it's not kind of. He says, "don't hurt them."

Eric: In that episode I brought up a lot of the other things he said that supported my theory then, including, "the pain, make it stop," and, "I know I did..." It seemed like what the children would say if Riddle was torturing them in that cave. So, I venture the theory that maybe all of...

Micah: No, he wouldn't be saying that. I mean, that's almost coming from another person's perspective, saying, "don't hurt them." If you're saying that "them" is the children, the children can't be referring to themselves.

Eric: No, but I don't think if Dumbledore was seeing the children get upset that he would actually behave that way.

Micah: Yeah, but he's got to be reliving somebody's moment right there.

Eric: Well, yeah, he could be reliving - what I'm saying is, maybe in order for someone to obtain the Horcrux properly, you have to fully be able to live, like, the experience that Voldemort wishes to encase in this Pensieve or this basin, which is the memory of his torture, his cruelness, his cruelty, to these children. So, you relive - it's kind of like a mark of why this place is significant. It was almost as if you collect the puzzle pieces you can get inside into Voldemort's favorite moments if you go on a Horcrux - it's like a photo album. Think of all Voldemort's Horcruxes as - Horcrux locations as a photo album and you go back to it, like the Gaunt house was smashed and nobody knows exactly what he had to do to get it, but you had to understand a little bit about Voldemort's past to find the Gaunt house. I'm just saying, I thought it tied in more with what he did than with anything that was going on in the future.

Micah: It's possible.

Laura: I don't know, I just don't think that that liquid behaved like a Pensieve, because...

Eric: It was...

Laura: ...whenever...

Eric: ...obviously different and you couldn't tap it with your wand and put it in your brain or anything like that.

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: You couldn't make it show you anything. It didn't have to be...

Micah: It was there for a while, it was a little moldy, you know? So...

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: Moldy Pensieve.

Eric: Moldy memories. Yeah.

Micah: But, it almost looked like he knew what he was about to drink, so I don't know.

Laura: Yeah. I think Dumbledore...

Andrew: He must have known what he was getting himself into.

Laura: I think he did, too, absolutely.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, it's like Pensieve Juice, basically.

Eric: I agree with you because he wanted water afterwards.

Andrew: Makes you go mad and it doesn't pull memories.

Laura: I'd have to say that that's my final conclusion on that topic.

Eric: So, maybe a Pensieve, maybe something related to memories. It makes sense but we don't know what, and it was definitely a little bit different at any rate because it could only be drunk and things like that.

Andrew: Yes.

Laura: All right, next voicemail.

Voicemail: Where is Krum?

Audio: Hey guys, my name is Tamara and I'm from Chicago. And briefly you guys mentioned on your last show, Viktor Krum, and it occurred to me that I think Jo said that he'd be back, or we'd hear from him again. So if we do in Book 7, what do you think might happen if he returns to Hogwarts, or the Hogwarts area and he and Hermione meet up again, considering Hermione and Ron are "together" now? Love to hear what you guys think... Love the show!

Andrew: [in a high-pitched voice] Gossip time!

[Everyone laughs]

Laura: I think if he comes back, I think Ron will get ticked off about it, but I don't think that Hermione would get together with him or anything.

Andrew: Yeah, if Ron and Hermione are together now, I think Hermione is probably over Krum.

Laura: I don't think she was ever...

Eric: I was going to say, was she...

Laura: ...really that much in - really infatuated with him to begin with.

Andrew: Why don't you think so?

Eric: Well, she liked him. She liked the attention.

Laura: I think, yeah, she did, but I think she was using him to get to Ron. [laughs]

Andrew: Oh.

Eric: Well, I don't know about that. Initially, but she did like - I mean, he liked her, he genuinely thought she was this pretty girl, which she had never gotten from Harry or Ron, and she realized immediately, she's a smart enough girl that Viktor wasn't particularly loquacious or whatever it was. But, I just don't think that Viktor - if Viktor came back, I think if this... If Tamara is asking about whether Viktor will play a part in a relationship that would make Ron jealous or whether Viktor will be jealous to find Hermione had moved on. In Book Six Hermione did say she was still writing to Krum, I think, didn't she? Like, just...

Laura: I know she was in Book Five.

Eric: Or maybe it was Book Five.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: And so, I don't know when J.K. Rowling said that we were going to hear back from Viktor Krum. I don't know that it would be like the same situation with Fleur where it's like all of a sudden, big character again from Book Four. I don't think that will happen.

Andrew: And why would Krum return to Hogwarts?

Micah: I think he would fight on the side of the Order.

Andrew: Well, I guess because Jo said that he's going to make an appearance.

Laura: Yeah...

Micah: And actually...

Andrew: Or we'd hear from him.

Eric: When did she say that, though? That's my only question.

Laura: Yeah. [laughs]

Eric: Because depending - if she said that before Book Five, there you go, Hermione is still writing to him.

Micah: No, I think she has bigger implications. And...

Laura: No, I think she meant like an actual reappearance.

Micah: And at the end of Goblet of Fire, Dumbledore makes a point of saying...

Laura: And I know she did say it, I just don't remember where.

Micah: ..."these connections that you make this year are going to be important in the future."

Laura: Yeah, he said, "You'll always be welcome at Hogwarts." So...

Kevin: Yeah, you sort of expect that the people that you've been seeing throughout the books are going to play a role in helping Harry, so, you sort of expect he'll show up somewhere.

Eric: I think Viktor would be a good leader and be a good helping hand to Harry. It seems there was some confusion whether or not he'd be like a jealous kind of boyfriend. Like, if Hermione went with Ron or something. I think Viktor, especially in the movie, portrays him as a very understanding, very mature kind of guy in addition to being this sports hog, which the books didn't. As far as him understanding and being able to cope with a lot of things. The books made him a lot, "Hermy this, Hermy that," he couldn't even get her name right. And the movie kind of made him more flesh and blood, more humane, kind of like - kind of more like a role model.

Laura: The movie portrayal really doesn't have any bearing on what he's going to be like in the book.

Eric: Which is why we have to see. Well, what was he like in the books? He was kind of duck-footed, kind of not really...

Laura: But, at the same time, I don't see him being the jealous type, really.

Andrew: J.K. Rowling said at the World Book Day chat back on March 4th, 2004, after Order of the Phoenix's release that, the question was, "Will we be seeing Krum again any time soon?" Jo replied, "You will see Krum again, though not soon."

Eric: Oh.

Andrew: Which implies to me, "not soon." If it was "soon" it would be Book Six, "not soon" would be past it.

Kevin: Yeah, the next book, right.

Andrew: Right. Yeah, so, there you go. So, it doesn't have to do with Book Five, so that does mean...

Eric: So, maybe Viktor Krum will show up at the end of Book Seven, help Harry defeat Voldemort, and then he'll be looking down at his elbow which now has a scar.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: And Viktor Krum shows up way later in the series. It works. Never mind.

Kevin: Okay.

Andrew: All right. Next voicemail.

Kevin: Yeah, please. laughs

Andrew: That quote came from Thanks to them.

Voicemail: Tiara Horcrux?

[Audio]: Hi, MuggleCasters! This is Roxanne, 15, of Ontario. I was doing some research on theories in the forums on the Ravenclaw Horcrux, and a bunch of these people think that it could be a tiara, possibly Great Auntie Murielís goblin-made tiara mentioned at the end of Book 6. It's shiny enough for Voldemort, and could represent the encirclement of the mind, very appropriate for Ravenclaw. Just wondering what you guys thought. See ya! Oh yeah, Happy Pickle Day!

Andrew: Pickle Day! Woo! Ow!

Eric: God, that's an old voicemail.

Andrew: Did I tell you guys how I celebrated? 6:30 AM: Wake up, cut school, go to the supermarket, purchase ten jars of pickles and I eat them all day in my room, while going to myself, "Pickle, pickle, pickle, pickle, pickle, pickle, pickle, pickle." But it was my mouth full so it sounded like [makes muffled noise]. But anyway, that's how I celebrated.

Kevin: Then you skipped the next day because you were sick.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: I was - no, Kevin.

Eric: The next three days you were subsequently home sick from school from eating that many pickles.

Kevin: Exactly. That's what I'm saying.

Andrew: Oh! That's not true. I can take pickles like nobody else.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Moving on!

Micah: Where did this thing come from? Sorry. I really don't remember.

Laura: The tiara? It was at the end of Half-Blood Prince, whenever they were talking about Fleur and Bill's wedding, and Mrs. Weasley and Fleur got all teary with each other. She said that she had a goblin-made tiara in the family that she was going to let Fleur wear at the wedding.

Micah: How would Voldemort get a hold of it, though?

Andrew: Mhm.

Laura: Now, if that's...

Kevin: Yeah, but he's a pretty resourceful person.

Laura: Yeah, exactly. But assuming that it's true - and let's just discuss this for a second - what kind of connection could the Weasley family have to the Ravenclaw house?

Eric: Oh my god, wait a minute. If you realize, wasn't Hepzibah Smith like a direct descent of Hufflepuff? And she had some of those family heirloom thingies? And we don't know that the Weasleys are directly related to Ravenclaws - that would seem unlikely - but the Weasleys are a pureblood family, even though they're blood traitors or whatever, but aren't they a pureblood family, and we know that in the past pureblood families such as the Malfoys have potential to have Slytherin possessions and, therefore, makes sense that if the Weasleys are pureblood, they could, not necessarily even be related to Ravenclaw, but I guess pureblood families are who you look to first if you wanted to find some of the old relics of famous wizards such as the Founders. Is that making any sense?

Kevin: Yeah, it's plausible. I like how the voicemail said, "shiny enough for Voldemort."

[Eric and Laura laugh]

Kevin: As though shiny is one of these...

Eric: As opposed to it being Ravenclaw's...

Laura: But doesn't Molly saying, "I have it," imply that she knows where it is?

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: I mean, why would Voldemort make something into a Horcrux and leave it at the Weasley house?

Eric: Well, what about Peter Pettigrew?

Laura: What about him?

Micah: [laughs] Is he a Horcrux?

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: No, he's not a Horcrux! But look at that. What is the...

Andrew: Eric's implying that Pettigrew could of taken it.

Eric: No, no, no. I'm not even implying that. What is this faithful servant of Voldemort's doing under Percy's pillow, or sleeping with Percy at night?

Kevin: Wait, what? [laughs]

Eric: Strange things, strange tragedies and strange things befall the Weasleys. That's all I'm saying. How did a rat, who was actually a man, hide out for years and years under the Weasley family? They accepted him as a pet. Why are you questioning the unlikeliness or the likeliness of a tiara...

Laura: Well, I'm just... Do you think that...

Eric: ...that Mrs. Weasley has being a possible Voldemort thing? Voldemort and the Weasleys have been connected before. Voldemort possessed their daughter. I think there's more connections between the Weasleys and Voldemort than there is a lot of other people.

Laura: Yeah, but you have...

Kevin: Yeah, but, but...

Laura: consider that - sorry, Kevin.

Kevin: No, it's okay, go.

Laura: That Voldemort... I mean, it's a piece of his soul and we've seen that he does a lot to protect those. Why would he choose something that was in the possession of a family he would consider blood traitors?

Eric: Ah, now I see your point and I actually agree with it.

Kevin: Yeah, it's true.

Eric: Because the only reason the diary was even out there was because Voldemort...

Laura: Because Lucius gave it to Ginny.

Kevin: Was because of Lucius.

Eric: Well, Voldemort personally gave it to Lucius. He removed it from wherever it may have been hiding it at the time. So, do you think that by those means that all of Voldemort's Horcruxes are hidden? Therefore, not likely to be things you would find outside of booby-trapped things, with the exception of the locket, which has obviously been removed from the cave.

Kevin: Yeah, but the locket could be booby-trapped.

Laura: Yeah, it could.

Micah: Is the locket removed from the cave, though, that's another question.

Eric: Well, the locket

Laura: Yeah, the locket was at Grimmauld Place.

Micah: Well, don't you remember when Harry was in the cave and he said, however you say it, "Accio Horcrux," and the thing flew up from under the lake?

Laura: I always assumed that was an Inferi.

Eric: That was just something trying to block the Accio spell; the summoning spell.

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: Because immediately after Dumbledore said, "As I would have guessed the summoning spells, it won't be that easy."

Micah: Oh, okay. Sorry.

Eric: Basically, yeah. So, I think that was, what are they called? What are they called, what are they called? The dead people.

Laura: Inferi.

Eric: Thank you. And I think it was one of them just jumping up and down and he's like, "We're not alone." But the Horcrux wasn't in the lake, and if it was that would really, really stink.

Voicemail: What are Dementors?

[Audio]: Hi, MuggleCast. This is Tracey, and I have a question about the Dementors: I was wondering what they're classified as, because they're not in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them at all, and they're not human at all. So I just wanted to know what you guys think. I love MuggleCast! Bye.

Eric: This is a good question, and...

Andrew: A ghost because they float.

Eric: ...I have a theory but you guys go first. A ghost?

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: A specter?

Eric: A specter? You think so?

Kevin: I don't know if they would be classified in any of the Fantastic Beasts classifications, if that's what they mean. I mean...

Eric: Well, Lethifolds were.

Kevin: Yeah, but these are sort of like a class of their own, kind of.

Andrew: Mmm. I don't know.

Eric: Let's look at Dementors. Okay, they feed on human emotion, on happiness. We don't know if it's strictly limited to humans or we might, but...

Laura: It is limited to humans.

Eric: It is limited to humans? Okay.

Laura: Yeah, because Sirius escaped by turning into a dog.

Eric: Oh, right. Well, they detect, yeah, they detect strong emotion and they thought he was getting ready to die or they thought Barty Crouch was getting ready to die because he was getting weaker. So, it's humans - strictly the human range - but they suck the happiness out of a place, we know they mate in like cold weather conditions. Kind of misty, muggy, coldness.

Laura: Fog. [laughs]

Eric: Fog. [laughs] That's the word I was looking for. I heard a theory once that and I know it's been speculated but it's actually been quite cool. I want to know what you guys think about this: That Dementors may be man-made creatures, as in wizard-made creatures, to guard the facility. Think about it: What if Dementors were man-made?

Laura: I don't think so, because...

Kevin: I don't think so.

Laura: ...why would it talk about them breeding?

Kevin: Exactly. That's the whole...

Eric: Man-made things can breed. That's like a robot. That's like building an artificial intelligence that can duplicate itself.

Andrew: But they don't exist.

Kevin: But, we haven't. There is no robot that can breed.

Andrew: But then again, who is to say that you couldn't create something that could reproduce? I think that makes sense.

Eric: We alter flowers. We change their colors and things like that. Like, why can't wizards create something that...

Laura: Yeah, but have we ever created a flower?

Eric: Well, we're not geniuses exactly.

Kevin: Exactly.

Eric: I mean, we've created new breeds.

Andrew: If you can create it to kill, why couldn't you create it to reproduce? It's magic. I think that makes sense.

Eric: I think if you can create something that's actually like - I mean, obviously we're talking about the top people, but if you are a wizarding government and you need to keep inmates in. You know, if you need to keep criminals at bay, why would you not create a creature that is disgusting, is absolutely terrible, it feeds on human happiness.

Laura: But Dementors weren't created for Azkaban. They used to be on Voldemort's side.

Eric: Well...

Kevin: And I don't see them creating - any good person would not want to bring a creature into the world that was so bad.

Eric: Oh yeah?

Laura: Well, I don't doubt that someone stupid would make the mistake of creating something like that, but I don't think it was, just because we knew that the Dementors were on Voldemort's side during the first war and they probably are now.

Eric: Couldn't they have been in Azkaban before they were on Voldemort's side, or would that have said they had rebelled before or something? What I'm saying is their origin is very unknown, so I just wanted to pose that because I...

Kevin: Well, the origins are unknown, but if you're describing Dementors to someone who doesn't know what Dementors are and you know they were created, you don't say, "They are the creatures guarding Azkaban." You say, "They were the creatures created to guard Azkaban."

Eric: No, but who said that?

Kevin: You know what I'm saying?

Laura: I was always under the impression that they were considered so, you know, kind of disgusting that no one really took the time to classify them.

Eric: Well, in Lord of the Rings, you get trolls and what am I saying? Trolls. Orcs Ė they were kind of like elves or something in mythology of Lord of the Rings? They were like...

Kevin: In Lord of the Rings? Oh, no.

Eric: Elves are trees, but if you burn trees or somethingÖ

Kevin: Lord of the Rings it goes - no, because in Lord of the Rings there's a long back story that involves, somewhat of demigods....

Eric: Oh.

Kevin: ...coming down and creating. One of the demigods was jealous of the others and created...

Eric: Kind of like a fallen elf.

Kevin: Right, but in that case - Lord of the Rings - it was actually godlike. He had to be...

Eric: Well, I know to build the Uruk hai, the super elf, you have to burn the trees and like do this. What I'm saying is, you know like with Dementors - just the heinous beasts that they are.

Kevin: Well, it was also, like many of the creatures in Lord of the Rings, was a mutation of a creature that already existed, like an elf like Eric was saying.

Laura: Yeah, that's what I thought.

Voicemail: Luna's Parents in the Order?

[Audio]: Hi MuggleCasters, this is Miranda, 17 from Idaho and I was just wondering what do you think of the possibility that Luna's parents were in the Order? It seems really likely to me since Luna is so willing to fight against Voldemort, and with her dad owning The Quibbler maybe there's something they could communicate, however, we never hear from Moody that they are in the picture or anything, and we never hear anything else. So I just wanted to know what your thoughts were. Thanks! Love the show!

Kevin: You have to remember that the Order was a very select group of people...

Eric: Yes.

Kevin: ...that was put together by Dumbledore and people that were directly next to Dumbledore and had been taught by him to fight Voldemort. It's not saying that her parents didn't fight Voldemort and didn't stand against him, but I don't think they were in the Order, no.

Eric: This is a problem as a result of JKR writing about a select group of people, about focusing on, you know, the people in the Order. You say - it comes down to - you think it's Order and Voldemort but really, just like Kevin said, you know, the Order is a select group of people and it doesn't mean they weren't on the good side, Luna's parents. It seems clearly that Luna's father is kind of whimsical, kind of like, you know, has the right idea at least being politically aware that things could be wrong with the world and her mother seems like a great witch. So, I'm sure they would be on the good side, but not in the Order. I don't think it's going as far as to say, "Okay. Seamus' parents are good, where are they in this photograph?"

Laura: Yeah, and the Weasleys weren't...

Micah: Well, even the fact that the Weasleys weren't...

Laura: Right.

Eric: Yeah, the Weasleys weren't even in it.

Micah: Good thought, Laura. Very good thought. [laughs]

Laura: Great minds think alike, Micah.

[Kevin laughs]

Voicemail: Will Harry's Patronus Change?

[Audio]: Hi MuggleCasters, this is Posey from Sydney, Australia. I was just thinking of something the other day: In book six we learned that Tonks changed her Patronus because of a great emotional upheaval. Do you think Harry will have the same thing happen to him? I mean, do you think that his Patronus will change in Book Seven because of the change that he's having around him and his great battle with Voldemort? And if he does survive Book Seven, do you think his Patronus, at the end of his battle with Lord Voldemort, will be changed forever? Just thinking. I think you can answer my question. Thanks a lot. Bye.

Kevin: No.

Micah: No.

Laura: Why not?

Eric: Well, it happened once, will it happen again?

Andrew: Why? What's the...?

Kevin: Not to mention it's - no. It hasn't happened once. His Patronus has always been the image of what his father was: the Stag. Right? So, it's sort of like that one whimsical thing about Harry that she's not going to change.

Laura: What if it's like - if it becomes Harry though? What if itís not like mirroring his dad anymore? For once he's stands up and people see him...

Andrew: On his own, yeah.

Laura: Yeah, you know?

Eric: Harry does mirror his dad.

Kevin: Yeah, but...

Laura: He does, but...

Kevin: ...I never thought of it like that.

Laura: But everybody always says, "You look just like your father."

Kevin: But I've always seen it as the piece of his father that he never got to actually see. You know? Like...

Eric: He treasures most.

Kevin: It represents his father in him.

Eric: In such a great way.

Kevin: Exactly.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: You know if emotion was going to change Harry, you know if high stress was going to change Harry's Patronus, wouldn't that have happened already?

Laura: I don't know. I mean...

Eric: You know, high enough stress in Books Three, Four, Five and Six.

Laura: I don't know. There could be something really horrible that happens in Book Seven that causes it to change.

Eric: It's kind of, I want to use the word enigmatic, which is kind of you know a cool word. Somebody's going to give me five points for using that word. But it's enigmatic that Tonks...

Micah: Or take five away for using it the wrong way.

Laura: Yeah. [laughs]

Eric: Oh. Oh, crap.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: You know Micah, you're right.

Micah: I'm just kidding, go ahead.

Eric: It's...[laughs] All right, Tonks. You know? The whole emotional thing that she went through? Tonks' Patronus changed, but it turns out in the end of Book Six it was just because she was having some kind of relationship anxiety with Lupin, you know. She kind of wanted to try something with him, but he was totally like, "Yeah. I don't really want to do that. I'm too old for you, kid."

Laura: Yeah, but people process stress differently.

Eric: So, but she took it... Yeah, and she took it to heart and that's why it changed her Patronus. Even though, I mean, it's interesting that JKR, and it's enigmatic, that JKR should introduce this kind of idea that a Patronus can be changed by heightened emotion or stress when it doesn't seem to apply to a lot of other people. I mean people are like - yes, your Patronus can change, but that doesn't mean if you go through stress that it will change.

Laura: That doesn't mean for sure, but I think it's a possibility.

Kevin: Right.

Andrew: Yeah. I think...

Laura: Because Harry has this enormous weight on his shoulders. The entire wizarding world is - I mean, if he doesn't succeed, they're screwed.

Andrew: Yeah. I think this would just upset Harry even more. I think he likes having his dad's Stag, to be honest with you.

[Eric and Laura laugh]

Eric: It's true. If his Patronus changes because of stress he's going to be more stressed out because his daddy won't be there to protect him. I mean, that's what his Patronus is essentially - is a way for Prongs to really live. Like in Book Three, they said, "Prongs rode again tonight," just because of the...

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Harryís Patronus...

Andrew: In a way, his father is helping him out.

Eric: His father is helping him out, and...

Laura: I always took that as James living on through Harry.

Andrew: Thatís really nice.

Laura: But I donít know. I just donít think that...

Andrew: Well, thatís what weíre saying, basically.

Laura: I know, but I think that a big theme of Book Seven is going to be Harry standing up on his own, and I think that...

Eric: Well, itís not going to change to him. Your Patronus canít be yourself, or that would be really stupid, if, like, it...

Laura: No, Iím not saying it can be yourself, but it can be something that relates more to you.

Eric: Than your father?

Laura: Itís...

Eric: Than your father, whom you love, and would have given anything to meet? I donít know.

Laura: Iím talking about, for instance, Hermioneís Patronus is an otter.

Kevin: Something personal.

Laura: Yes, exactly.

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: And Iím not saying that a father isnít personal, but...

Eric: Hmmm.

Laura: ...something that is more like Harryís personality.

Eric: Okay. Well, I think thatís the difference between a Patronus and Animagus. If Harry were to turn into an Animagus, it wouldnít be a stag, thatís safe to say. It would be something that relates more to him, like, maybe a beaver. [laughs]

Kevin: I just donít think...

Laura: Okay, but does Hermioneís Patronus turn into an otter just because her mom likes otters?

Eric: No.

Andrew: How does an otter scare away Dementors? [laughs] I donít get that at all.

Eric: Well, it - no, it doesnít matter what it is. A Dementor - what a Patronus is, itís an essence of concentrated nothingness. [laughs]

Andrew: It - it was meant to be a joke. Sorry.

Eric: Yeah, okay.

Andrew: But, I mean, just kind of laugh. [laughs]

Micah: My thought was that Tonks changed it herself, that she didnít change it because her emotions changed, because when she goes up to the castle to bring Harry back right off the train after Draco broke his nose...

Eric: That was a good scene.

Micah: ...what happened was that Snape obviously makes a snide comment about her Patronus changing, and I thought she said something along the lines of, "Well, I did it because...." So, that implies to me that she changed it, not that it just automatically changed.

Eric: Oh.

Laura: I donít remember her saying that, but I could be totally wrong.

Eric: So could I.

Laura: I just remember Snape saying that itís weak.

Kevin: Yeah.

Eric: Oh, yeah, and that - she totally flushed then, but he knew what it was. He knew she changed it to look like Lupin, which is what it was, even though it was like a creature on all fours that Harry quickly mistook as Sirius, but I think it was actually Lupin, or the werewolf, or like a werewolf form.

Laura: I donít know. I guess weíll have to...

Andrew: Very interesting.

Laura: ...wait to find out about that. Yeah.

Andrew: That was good, though.

Eric: That was a good answer.

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