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MuggleCast EP7 Transcript


Andrew [Show Intro with music in background]: This is MuggleCast - Episode Lucky No. 7 for September 18, 2005. If you haven't finished reading Book 6 yet, then you probably should not listen to this podcast as we do talk about several different spoilers.

Ben: Hi, everybody. Welcome back to this week's show! I am your host, Ben Schoen.

Andrew: I'm Andrew Sims.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Ben: And joining us this week from The Leaky Cauldron is Melissa Anelli, the head Webmaster lady, chicky over there.

Melissa: Hello.

Ben: And John Noe. He doesn't know much. Yeah.

Andrew: Hey, you guys have your own podcast. Lay off ours!

John: This isn't a regular MuggleCast.

Ben: We've been invaded. We've been invaded this week.

John: We're invading into your podcast.

Andrew: No, actually...

Melissa: This is why we did it.

Ben: Yeah.

Melissa: This is why we did it so we could get onto MuggleCast.

John: This is hostile environment.

[Andrew and Melissa Laugh]

Ben: No, actually if we check the iTunes Music Store, who...

Andrew: Don't do that.

Melissa: Let's do that, shall we?

[Andrew Laughs]

Ben: Who's trumping who? Let me see here.

Andrew: The real reason...

[Somebody makes a rude comment]

Melissa: Hey!

Andrew: The real reason they're on is because we taped the Special Edition five minutes ago.

Ben: No, that's a lie. That's a lie. This is like two days later.

Eric: That's a lie. We can't tell them we did that though.

Melissa: But when we did the Special Edition, Ben wasn't on it, and I couldn't get through a week without having a nice chat with Ben. So, I had to make sure.

Ben: Exactly. Well, in light of all that, let's go to Micah for this week's news.


Micah: Let’s see. Do we have any news here…Portuguese book release…October 16th. [Someone whispers: "The trailer!"] What? [Someone whispers: "The trailer!"]

Oh...yeah! The second Goblet of Fire movie trailer was released on Thursday. You can head over to AOL Moviefone who now has a high-resolution, full-screen preview or download it from MuggleNet. We also have the GMTV-aired Goblet of Fire trailer now available.

As previously mentioned, the new trailer will make its debut with Corpse Bride, in all theaters on September 23rd.

Speaking of Goblet of Fire, Patrick Doyle has finished recording the score for the fourth Harry Potter film. The final pieces having been done in conjunction with the London Symphony Orchestra.

You can head over to MuggleNet for all videos, pictures, and the latest trailer news. You can also listen to or read the brand-new MuggleCast/PotterCast 2nd Special Edition podcast where the crew analyzes the new trailer in detail.

And in other news keeping you posted on a topic reported last week, on Monday, JKR updated the News Section of her site to talk about the ongoing situation with eBay.

She said: "eBay has responded to this news item in the press. On the one hand, they have said that they rely on consumers to police their site. On the other, a spokesman called Hani Durzi says that 'It is the responsibility of the copyright owner to report any listings that violate their rights.'"

She responded by saying: "eBay might be interested to learn that most Harry Potter fans are children, whose ability to verify the authenticity of signatures is not to be entirely trusted."

We have previously reminded visitors not to purchase off of eBay. The crew talks about this in the upcoming episode.

That’s all the news from our News center in New York for this September 18, 2005 edition of MuggleCast. Back to you guys!

Ben: Okay. Thanks, Micah, for that wonderful insight of this past week's news.

Brief Goblet of Fire Trailer Discussion

Ben: Well, one of the topics you may have heard him bring up, probably the major topic over the past week, was the Goblet of Fire trailer that was released. And I know you guys covered it in your Special Edition. All those Leaky haters out there decided not to listen to it.

[Eric Laughs]

Ben: I guess we'll cover it again for MuggleCast.

Eric: Very briefly.

Ben: So I saw the trailer like everybody else. Anybody who's anybody saw the trailer. And I don't why I said that, so we'll keep going. [Laughs] I thought it was pretty decent. I liked it when Dumbledore did the "HARRY POTTER!" part and he laid the smackdown!

Andrew: He's such a feisty Dumbledore this time around. I love it.

Eric: Yeah, we really talked about it. We need a subtle Dumbledore especially for Order of the Phoenix when he sits Harry down and tells him all that stuff about his past.

[John Laughs]

Eric: He can't say [in loud booming voice]: "When you were young, I thought I shouldn't tell you, but I was wrong, Harry!"

Ben: Okay, and do you guys have any idea what is up with the part with Sirius' face in the fire and the snake coming out of the wall?

Andrew: Yeah. Well, for those of you...

Eric: That's from the beginning.

Melissa: The snake coming out of the wall we got. The snake coming out of the wall is at the Riddle House.

Eric: Right.

Melissa: And that is Barty Crouch.

Andrew: Duh. Everyone knows that.

Melissa: From Frank Bryce's perspective.

Eric: But Sirius says: "There are demons in the walls."

Ben: Hold on a second. What's with the fireplace? Why is he talking to the fireplace and then the snake coming out of the wall?

John: Exactly.

Eric: Well, it's not out of the wall.

[Cluttered talk]

Ben: It's all these different scenes. Okay. Oh well, that was terrible. I don't know. I didn't like it. I was kind of confused by it. I was upset.

John: I think he melted.

[All Laugh]

Ben: Okay.

Andrew: Well, we don't need to go into the trailer again because we just discussed it in the Special Edition.

Ben: Let's not get into this.

John: That's obvious.

Ben: Okay.

Andrew: Probably not.

John: Even I knew that.

Andrew: But it's podcasting - we can do whatever we want.

The Top 13 Reasons You Know You Listen To MuggleCast When...

Ben: Okay, well before we move on to our next news item (thing-a-majigger), I have a Top 13 List I would like to read to you guys, which I thought was kind of humorous. Maybe we'll make our own Section, kind of like David Letterman has a Top 10, we will have out Top 13. We will have people come on and read it. I don't know. That may end up being a lame idea, but the list sounds pretty cool.

Eric: Go on, Ben.

Ben: Okay. "The Top 13 Reasons You Know You Listen To MuggleCast When..." This was submitted to us by Hannah, 16, from California.

Andrew: Thanks, Hannah.


13. You have quotes in your locker that say things like: "Potter Army" or "Just speculation guys".

12. You wish you were in the front row of Mr. Nelson's class.

11. You laugh whenever someone says: "Yeah man, I can" because it reminds you of Jamie.

Melissa: Awww.

Ben: That's a good one.

10. Your siblings give you weird looks when you listen to your iPod because they don't understand how Harry Potter discussions can be funny or why you would listen to them in the first place.

09. You know there is no such thing as overanalyzing. [Laughs]

08. You'd rather meet Ben, Andrew, Kevin, Eric, and Jamie than JK Rowling herself.

Eric: Awww.

[All Laugh]

Eric: Awww.

Ben: 07. You've fallen in love with Ben, Eric, Andrew and Jamie's voices.

Melissa: I thought they were going to say "than Emerson". [Laughs] That's cute.

Ben: Yeah.

06. You talk about the answers as if you were really in the conversation. [Laughs]

Melissa: Hey, I got that one! That's on my list.

Eric: I was talking to Ben the other day and he completely agreed with me.

Ben: 05. You stare at Ben, Andrew, Kevin, Eric, and Jamie's picture on the "About Us" page and wonder what they look like in real life.

Eric: WHOA! I am glad I just updated that.

Andrew: WHAT?

Ben: Yeah. I don't know.

Andrew: That one doesn't count.

Melissa: Doesn't that show you what they look like in real life. Isn't that the point of the pictures?

Ben: No. 4. This is my favorite on the list.

04. You're an Emerson and Melissa 'shipper. [Laughs]

Eric: You don't have to listen to MuggleCast to be that.

Andrew: We needed that. Okay, forget what I just said.

[Melissa Laughs]

Ben: 03. You check to see who posts what on MuggleNet's Main Page because you know these people now.

Eric: Awww. That's really cool.

Ben: 02. You've heard Jamie's "British Joke of the Day". [Melissa Laughs] Which by the way is absent this week.

Andrew: Oh, geez.

Melissa: Oh, that's cute.

Ben: He's probably off studying for exams or something. [In fake British accent] MAN! Yeah MAN! Well in his absence this week, next week we're going to have two "British Jokes of the Day". Have a double serving there. Stay tuned.

Melissa: Oh man.

Ben: Stayed tuned, people. And the No. 1 "Reason You Know You Listen To MuggleCast When..."

Melissa: Too much. Can't take it.

Ben: Drum roll please.

[Eric Drum rolls]

Ben: 01. You think of Ben, Andrew, Kevin, Eric, and Jamie as your friends.

[Everybody "Awwws"]

Ben: Yeah, so I thought that list was pretty creative. And it was really sweet.

Eric: We love you all.

Ben: This is Hannah.

Melissa: That's great.

Andrew: We love you, Hannah.

Eric: We love you, Hannah.

Andrew: I love you.

Melissa: Hannah, that's really cool.

Andrew: I'm touched. Okay. Let's keep moving on.

Melissa: John, where's your list?

John: I could think of a list.

Ben: Okay.

Melissa: I'm sure you can.

Andrew: I can think of many lists.

John: I already gave my talk, Melissa.

Apology: Slughorn Not DADA Teacher

Ben: Okay, something else I want to talk about. The whole JK Rowling/eBay war that is going on.

Andrew: Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. First, I have two announcements.

Ben: Geez.

Andrew: Okay.

Ben: Andrew is suffering from a cold, so please pardon his nasally noise.

Andrew: Yeah, that's No. 1. I am ill. If anybody would like to send me tissues and/or money for tissues because I'm running through a box an hour.

Eric: Dude, you're going to get a hundred boxes of tissues. [Melissa Laughs] You're actually going to get Fed-Ex tissues.

Andrew: First of all, wait guys. We have to admit a mistake. We made a mistake.

Eric: Oh come on.

Andrew: Eric made the mistake.

Eric: Not the Defense Against the Dark Arts thing.

Andrew: Yes.

Eric: Come on.

Ben: We made a big mistake.

Andrew: Slughorn...

Ben: not the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. We've gotten about 65 million-bagillion e-mails saying: "Hey you guys are wrong, Slughorn is the Potions teacher".

[John mocks]

Eric: Okay. I am going to go all out. All right that was my fault. It fit in context. We all kind of knew he was experienced in those areas.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: We know he was the Potions teacher.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: I'm sorry. I do know what I am talking about most of the time.

Ben: Right. You tell yourself that.

Spy on Spartz

Andrew: Also, we had another complaint, which was where was "Spy on Spartz" last week? Well, we actually did record it...

Ben: In all honesty...

Andrew: Hey! I'm talking.

Ben: Oooh. Get off my show.

Andrew: We called Dylan. We actually did a "Spy on Spartz" last week. We did it over the phone because Emerson wasn't online. So we tried calling and the audio file we recorded got all messed up.

Eric: So we did have it, but...

Andrew: So let me do it now. Ben, do the honors?

Ben: Speaking of "Spy on Spartz"...

Melissa: Are we calling him?

Eric: Let's call him.

Andrew: No.

Ben: Speaking of "Spy on Spartz", Emerson is online right now.

Andrew: Ask him what he's doing.

Ben: Yeah, I'll ask him what he's doing. [Types to Emerson: "What are you doing?"]

Andrew: What's his screen name again? *******?

Ben: Yeah, that's it.

[All Laugh]

Andrew: That should be interesting to see how many instant messages he gets.

Melissa: Oh, Andrew.

John: Melissa is getting all nervous.

Melissa: Why am I getting nervous again?

John: Because we're talking to Emerson.

Ben: Melissa's knees are starting to wobble right now.

Melissa: Yes, guys.

[All Laugh]

Eric: You're sitting down so that shouldn't matter much.

Melissa: [Laughs] Yeah, exactly. Sorry if my voice gets shaky.

Andrew: So why don't we wait an hour for Emerson's response. Let's move on to the next topic.

Ben: Hold on, hold on, hold on, we got a response from Emerson. Ooh. Apparently Emerson, he's studying and partying at the same time. He's party-studying. Study-partying.

[All Laugh]

Eric: Studying parties. Whoa.

Andrew: What did he exactly say?

John: I think that is how really cool kids study.

Melissa: Is he studying how to party?

Ben: No, he's studying something.

Melissa: Oh.

Andrew: Yeah. Okay.

Ben: And also, Emerson has been having a bit of trouble with Calculus, so if anybody wants to stop by and tutor him.

Eric: Tutor Emerson. That's what we're going to get you do.

Ben: Go to Notre Dame. Look for him. He's probably having dinner at South or North around 5:30 PM each evening.

Eric: And then cereal right afterwards.

Ben: Yeah, then cereal...cereal. Well, I think that concludes...

Melissa: Wow, guys. You're very familiar with his schedule.

Ben: ...this week's edition of "Spy on Spartz". Hahaha.

Melissa: It's scary.

Andrew: We'll see you next week.

Main Topic: JKR vs. eBay

Eric: Andrew, go.

Andrew: Okay, Ben. Hit us with the main topic.

Ben: Okay, since you guys pretty much covered the trailer, and if you want to hear more about that, just make your way over to the Special Edition of, what did you guys call it? Muggle-Leaky-Potter-Cauldron?

Andrew: X2.

Eric: Muggle-Leaky-PotterCast Episode X2.

Andrew: Episode Zero.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Something.

Melissa: What did we call it? Yeah, something.

[John Laughs]

Melissa: Muggle-Morphy something.

Ben: So if you want to hear more about that go ahead and download, but otherwise the main topic for this week looks like it is going to be (and some of you might be bored by this, but I think it's actually quite interesting), we'll delve into a little more, but it's the latest on the JK Rowling/eBay dispute. eBay has responded to the post JK Rowling made in her official which warned Potter fans about the fake signed copies of the books. She said: "For every one, real, authentic signed copy there are six to ten fakes." And seeing how eBay pretty much thinks this is just a slap in the face, and that JK Rowling is pretty much laying down the law. Well, you guys are knowledgeable Harry Potterites. What do you think?

Melissa: Except for John.

John: I don't really know what's going on.

Ben: What about you, Andrew? What do you think?

Andrew: Well, basically. Okay. I don't know what to think. I almost hope this almost goes on for a little bit longer. A little dispute between JKR and eBay. Although I think JK Rowling's a little bit more mature to not go back and forth with them about this.

Ben: Well, what I think she's really upset about is that eBay sold the Dumbledore toast without her permission and it was all downhill from there.

Eric: JKR is more concerned about the fans then she is about eBay. I don't really think she hates eBay. I don't think she was going against them. She was just warning fans that that is a medium people are particularly fond of to rip people off.

Andrew: Well...

Melissa: And does sound like she has tried every avenue she can. Her signature, everybody keeps telling us she should just vero her signature. Her signature is veroed, but the problem is for somebody who has as many fakes online as she does, she would need to hire somebody full-time to report the criminal activity of others about her signature to take advantage of the vero service. It's just not right. She shouldn't have to.

Andrew: In a way, this is eBay's fault though because they do have security measures in place to prevent to prevent fraudulent items that appear on eBay, and I guess they have no real way of telling if it is fake or not.

Eric: Right.

Andrew: But there are context clues in the listings based on feedback.

Eric: Well, it is abuse...

Andrew: If one positive feedback has a posting that says: "Hi, here's my signed JK Rowling book - free shipping." And that's it.

Eric: [Laughs] Yeah. You don't send it free shipping.

Andrew: I think that is what most of them are, right? [Laughs]

Melissa: Well, a couple of them are cub reporters books through the Edinburgh thing.

Andrew: Well, that I could see, but didn't she sign mostly bookmarks or something there?

Melissa: Yeah, the tickets looked like bookmarks.

Andrew: Okay.

Ben: Guys, I kind of fell out of the loop. What does vero mean? Sorry.

Melissa: You can verify your signature.

Ben: Oh okay.

Melissa: And that's a way you can then quickly report an item as fraudulent.

Ben: Oh, I see.

Melissa: But the point is you have to report it. It's not preventative. It has to exist on the site first, and then you have to report it. They've tried this many times. Her whole team has over and over.

Ben: Okay, I see.

Melissa: However long they've been doing this.

Ben: Why did you have to use a fancy word to describe it? Trying to put yourself above...

Melissa: Well, because...

Eric: It's just the word.

Ben: ...the MuggleCasters?

Eric: They are not going to call it...

Ben: Are you trying to put yourself above the MuggleCasters by using big words?

Eric: Ben, you're just upset because she wouldn't go out with you.

Melissa: Ben, you're being mean to me.

Andrew: That was a bit...

Eric: You're just upset she wouldn't go out with you. She went out with John last week.

[Cluttered talk]

Ben: Oh, be quiet. Don't even.

Eric: Kind of along the same lines as eBay bought out Skype now, so do you think people will be able...

Melissa: For like $8 billion.

Eric: Yeah, do you think that they can now talk to other eBay people? Now, we can talk to the people, the sellers on their computers?

Andrew: That's the purpose of eBay buying Skype. eBay bought Skype to improve their...

Eric: Communication.

Andrew: ...communication between sellers and buyers.

Ben: I see.

Andrew: In a way, I think that's great. It's an easy way for people to do it.

John: That's smart.

Ben: So out of curiosity, if we slam eBay, can they get us thrown off of Skype for saying their names?

[Andrew Laughs]

Eric: Yeah, probably.

John: I think they are listening to us right now.

Andrew: Probably not.

Melissa: Oooh. We said probably not, but then we turned up on Apple. So, go figure.

Ben: I know what's going on. eBay is having this whole Potter dispute and they heard about MuggleCast and PotterCast and the joint podcast, so they said: "I'm going to buy it, and I'm just going to close them down." I don't know.

Andrew: That makes no sense.

Melissa: It might.

Ben: That's my theory. That's my theory.

Melissa: It's a great plan!

Andrew: And we all switch to Gizmo podcast.

Melissa: And then we are going to go to Google.

Ben: Google Talk.

Andrew: Well, the problem with Google Talk is that have talking one-on-one.

Ben: No conference.

Melissa: No Mac.

Ben: No conferencing either.

Andrew: Yeah, no conferencing.

Ben: Okay, anyway this isn't "This Week In Tech" though, so back to Harry Potter News. Okay, so...

Andrew: Yeah. [Laughs] So who's at fault here? Is it eBay? Or should JK Rowling not be worried about this?

Eric: It's nobody's fault. It's just a thing. They pulled it up and she said: "Hey look. You're being fooled. Just watch out." I don't know. There's no right or wrong. eBay took it personally, and...go Melissa.

Melissa: Well, how about we lay some blame on the people who are making the fraudulent items.

Ben: Copies. Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, of course.

Eric: Yeah. If anybody is it at fault here, it is them. It's not eBay. It's not JKR. It's just the people who abuse this privilege on eBay.

Melissa: But eBay now knows what is going on. You can't play ignorance. You know what's going on.

Eric: Yeah.

Melissa: Do something to stop it. Now you know that a large portion of your readers are being defrauded. Do something about it.

Ben: Right, but eBay is not the only medium of getting these bootleg items that aren't even real signatures.

Melissa: Right.

Ben: Last time I heard, Andrew was selling some out of his garage.

Andrew: That wasn't supposed to be on the air like that.

Eric: But then he moved to his backyard. Then he moved to his backyard.

Melissa: Andrew?

Ben: Yeah.

Melissa: That reminds me. Let's talk after about that deal.

Andrew: Oh you mean THE deal.

Melissa: THE deal.

[Ben Laughs]

Eric: That part where you transpose Melissa. Yeah, I remember that.

John: Melissa has some jewelry to unload.

Andrew: I've got some...

Ben: Well, I think pretty much wraps up the whole eBay thingy topic.

Eric: Let's go to Voicemails.

Potter Fans For Katrina

Ben: Before we go to Voicemails, I would like to tell you guys what's going on with this Potter Fans For Katrina. Melissa can help me out here. On the right navigation bar on MuggleNet you can see (or also on Leaky Cauldron) a PayPal Donate button where you can donate money to Potter Fans For Katrina. Because as George W. Bush was just on television giving a speech about the city needs help to rebuild. And they won't be able to rebuild unless they have the money to do so or resources, which is why we are coming to you and we're asking you to open your hearts and to open your wallets.

Melissa: Very nicely put.

Ben: Melissa?

Melissa: Ben, that was very nicely put. Open your hearts. Open your wallets.

Eric: That was beautiful.

Melissa: It was inspiring. Well, last time we check in we had about $5,000, now we're up to about $6,000. The drive goes through September 20th and we are looking for companies to match our donation. We have a couple of candidates, but if you think you want to have your company get involved let us know: potterforkatrina at gmail dot com. The e-mail and the response we have been getting from people in the area, from people who know people that were affected, it has been really touching. If you put the button on your site, we will put your name on a list of people who took part, and we'll just think a lot of you for all time.

Ben: So please do that, if you haven't yet because like I said, they need all the money they can get. Last count the overall donations have been about $500 million, but when you have several billion dollars in damage that doesn't go very far. We need as much money as we can get to go to this area and help.

Melissa: The city is literally broke. They can't make their payroll. This is serious. It is a situation that effects the entire country. It's not just Louisiana. Get on it, guys!

Ben: Definitely.

Melissa: And I actually want to thank, put out a public thank-you to HPANA because of all the large (I don't know what the distinction is or where the line is of the really large Harry Potter sites), that's the only other one that put up a link. Put up the button. And I am not afraid to call everybody out on it.

Ben: Yeah, thank you. Thank you, Jeff and all the other people.

Andrew: Yeah thanks HPANA.

Eric: Yes.

[Ben and Andrew continually repeat]

Melissa: Okay, they're a broken record.

Eric: Thank you, Andrew.

Ben: Yeah, there is really no reason to not put up the button because this is people's lives we're talking about.

Andrew: You know why I like HPANA so much? Because they are such a fair news site. They'll post anything that is going on between other sites. They plugged our MuggleCast and PotterCast.

Melissa: Yes, they did.

Andrew: They plugged the Potter Fans For Katrina. Look at that. They even have a big button and a PayPal button right there. Did anyone even ask them?

Ben: So in short - Jeff Guillaume, we love you. He's the Webmaster. He's the cheese. He's the guy over there.

Melissa: I can't say his name.

Andrew: Ooh.

Melissa: Can't pronounce that to save my life. But Jeff is a cool guy.

Ben: Jeff. Okay. Well, I think that pretty much covers the whole Katrina stuff. Yeah, so are there any other announcements anyone has?

Melissa: Were you going to announce our marriage, Ben?

Andrew: [Laughs] Oh, geez.

Ben: Uhhh. That was supposed to be secret, kind of like the Andrew's bootleg copies of Half-Blood Prince.

Melissa: It's illegal.

Ben: Yeah. [Laughs]

Andrew: Okay. Those bootleg copies I am giving to local libraries.

[All Laugh]

Ben: Right.

Melissa: Robinhooding of Harry Potter.

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