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MuggleCast 80 Transcript

Show Intro

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[Intro music plays]

Andrew: Because England finally has a professional podcaster in the country...

Jamie: Hey!

Andrew: This is MuggleCast Episode 80 for March 11th, 2007.

[Music continues to play]

Andrew: I don't know if you guys checked out the new Wizard of the Month this month over at Anyone?

Jamie: Ummm...

Kevin: I saw it, yeah.

Jamie: I'm sure I saw a news post about it, but I can't remember.

Eric: I agree with that statement, Andrew.

Laura: Clue us in.

Andrew: The new Wizard of the Month is Tilden Toots, born 1959 and still alive to this day. And JK Rowling describes this person as, "the wizard with three green thumbs," and a celebrity herbologist and radio personality. So I was thinking, I kind of like this name, Toots, and since this guy is a radio personality, I've decided that I want my new name on the show to be Toots.

Eric: Okay.

Jamie: Do you know what I think?

Laura: Okay...

Jamie: I think that is possibly the worst idea I've ever heard, so we're going to keep calling you Andrew, Andrew.

Andrew: But this person is a radio personality and I'm a radio personality, so, it's close.

Jamie: Well, you're a podcast personality, so...

Andrew: Well, if I don't have a supportive co-host group, then I guess not.

Eric: Oh.

Jamie: Well, you know...

Andrew: Thought you guys would support me on that decision, but I guess not.

Jamie: Well, it would be cruel and inhumane for us to tell you that it was a good idea when it was possibly the worst idea since...

Andrew: What about Tootsims?

Jamie: No, even worse, in fact.

Andrew: Tootsims? Tootsims.

Jamie: It's cringe-worthy.

Eric: Wait, I've got one, I've got one. Andrew Sims.

Jamie: It's cring-worthy.

Andrew: No, Tootsims.

Jamie: Nooooo. Where did you get that name from, Eric? That's good, I like it.

Andrew: I'm Toots!

Eric: I know, I know.

Jamie: No you're not.

Andrew: Name intros.


Eric: Oh, you're Toots?

Jamie: No, you have to say Andrew.

Andrew: Yeah. You're Eric Scull, we know...

[Laura laughs]

Eric: Right. Right, you're Toots.

Andrew: I know this is new to everyone...

Eric: Guys, I don't...

Andrew: What we do is we run through every one's names, you guys.

Jamie: I'm refusing to say my name unless you say Andrew.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: It's that bad.

Eric: Yeah. In protest...

Jamie: I feel that strongly about it.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: Lets just not do it.

Andrew: I'm sorry but I'm not moving on and this show - these drums will not stop until you guys say your names.

Jamie: Well, in that case...

Laura: All right. No name intros.

Jamie: In that case...

Andrew: I'm Toots.


Jamie: Well I hope to everyone listening that you can still remember my name in 30 episodes time...

[Kevin laughs]

Jamie: ...because I'm not saying it until Andrew gives in.

Andrew: As the host and producer of this show, I refuse to go on until you guys say your names.

Jamie: Fine. Fine, let's strike.

Andrew: No, we'll start again...we'll start again...

Jamie: Everyone, let's strike.

Andrew: We'll start again. I'm Toots.


Eric: Okay, Jamie and Laura and Kevin, how about you and I just go? We'll all go off, and...

Kevin: I think that's a great idea.

Eric: ... talk about Movie 5 and all the reviews, and we'll just leave...

Kevin: Our own devices.

Eric: Toots here...

Laura: Okay.

Eric: Because...yeah. Okay.

[Music continues to play]


Andrew: Micah Tannenbaum is standing by in the MuggleCast news center with the past weeks Harry Potter news stories. Micah!

Micah: Thanks, Toots. Ah, he better have a good explanation for that.

Jo Rowling has been nominated for the NCH Scotland Women of Influence awards, which will take place in Glasgow later today. She is one of five influential women in the category who recognizes those who have worked hard to improve the lifestyles and education of children.

A former winner of the title said, "These awards mark the significant contribution women from diverse communities make to our national life. In our mothers' and grandmothers' time women received very little recognition. Today, it is a very different story. The awards also highlights the vital work NCH does to support Scotland's children and young people and raise an incredible amount of money to support that work."

Speaking of Jo, after being named a billionaire last year by Forbes magazine, this year she makes the list yet again at #891. JKR has an estimated net worth of $1 billion and is the only career author billionaire.

As we reported previously, the Potter author is suing eBay for allowing illegal and fraudulent copies of her works to be sold on the auction site. Jo has managed to obtain an injunction which prevents eBay from listing illegal copies (namely e-versions of her books), which is binding until a May 23rd hearing. You can check out for more information on JK's Army and sign a petition against eBay.

The Harry Potter series has received a nomination under "Favorite Book" at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. Be sure to head over and vote.

The actor who plays Professor Flitwick in the Harry Potter series spoke in a brief new interview about his character, the Order of the Phoenix movie, and Deathly Hallows.

Speaking about the series he said, "I was into J.K. Rowling's books about Harry Potter long before I was offered the part of Professor Flitwick and I've loved reading every one since then. So, yes, I'm really looking forward ... like you ... to the next book."

Finally, speaking of the seventh book, partially due to the book's high cost, over a quarter of independent booksellers in the UK have chosen not to stock Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The book's sticker price, $34.99, is roughly twice the $17.99 cost of Sorcerer's Stone when it was published by Scholastic in 1999.

That's all the news for this March 11th, 2007 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show.

Andrew: All right, thank you, Micah. And are you guys – you going to call me Toots now?

Jamie: No.

Kevin: Not a chance. No.

Andrew: I don't see why you can't be supportive of...

Jamie: I'd rather Harry died in...

Andrew: ...your co-host.

Jamie: ...the final book, Andrew, than to call you [laughs] that ridiculous name.

Eric: Andrew, I just contacted GoDaddy, and – I just contacted GoDaddy and I locked and stuff, so you just can't have it. It's not good for you. I was looking out for your...

Andrew: Well, I already made toots at staff dot mugglenet dot com, so...

Eric: Ahhh.

Andrew: ...I think...

Jamie: However, Andrew...

Andrew: ...your plan backfired, there.

Jamie: Yes, but if you keep calling yourself that name, we'll kill you.

[Eric and Kevin laugh]

Jamie: And then an e-mail address or a website isn't going to do you any good, at all.

Andrew: Jamie, I'm not really afraid of you kidding me – killing me, because it's not like I'm going to be seeing you in a couple of days, or anything...

Jamie: Oh, no. Yeah, exactly.

Andrew: it won't be any problem. Yeah, so...

Jamie: Oh, wait!

Andrew: Transition!

Jamie: Whoa-ho.


Andrew: Jamie, we have a podcast in England coming up.

Jamie: We do. We are going to be at the School of Oriental and African Studies at Vernon Square in London on March 17th, at 2:00 PM, doing a live podcast, and then a meet and greet type event with literally hundreds of prizes. We've gone all-out on the prizes, and we've got loads of fun activities happening, and stuff like that. All places are now filled, but people can drop out, so if you want more information, go on and read the latest news post. But for all those people...

Andrew: Very good.

Jamie: ...who are attending, we look forward to seeing you all there.

Andrew: It's going to be a lot of fun, and to anyone who might be a little bummed that they can't show up, this is actually – this is going to be a little test for us to see how well these live podcasts/meetups will work out. And if it works out good, we'd definitely be interested in doing more of them here in the United States, or maybe over in England again, you know? Yeah, so and, of course, opening it up to more people, so hopefully that, all of that will go very well.

Also, there is a book door [laughs] – there is a book tour coming up with Ben and Emerson. They're kind of a big thing, now, with their book release, and I know Laura and Micah contributed to that book, too. They're going to be going on a little tour over their spring break and all of those dates can be found on There's a little tour ticker, as I like to call it, on the right side, there, with all the dates. You could find more details about their tour right there.

Jamie: What they're doing is, they're hiring out a VW camper van and painting it with flowers and they're going to drive around...

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs]

Jamie: ...the continental US and just stop at random bookstores and talk about their book.

Andrew: Yeah, so you'll have to be lucky and catch them, but...

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Anyway, I regret to inform everyone that I won't be there. Yes, my pen name...

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: ...Andy Gordon, is – you know, I would be there, but I'm going to be in England, so I apologize for that.

Another live event that we're going to doing, coming up this summer, is at Enlightening 2007 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the University of Pennsylvania. That whole convention is from July 12th to the 15th, and it's going to be a lot of fun. We encourage everyone to come out. We have an update on the podcast. The podcast is going to be open to the public. There's going to be 600 seats total, so they're really expecting a big turnout for this. So anyone who lives in the tri-state area, like Eric, if you still actually lived here in the United States, we encourage everyone to come out, whether you're in New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, anywhere, it's going to be a lot of fun. And then that night, we're going to be seeing the movie. The movie details aren't nailed down yet, but we'll update you when they are. And, of course, we encourage everyone to actually sign up for the convention because they have a lot planned. It's like Prophecy and Lumos, only it's more family-oriented, and they're going to have a lot of fun stuff going on, including a workshop on how to create your own podcast.

Eric: Woot.

Andrew: And that will be hosted by Jamie, Ben, and I. And of course...

Jamie: Well, I...

Andrew: ...Micah's going to be there...

Jamie: ...I'm just going to be...

Andrew: the live podcast.

Jamie: ...standing there, and you're going to be doing it, because I couldn't create a podcast if my life depended on it.

Andrew: [laughs] Well...

Jamie: I just sit here and talk with my feet up.

Andrew: ...didn't I say last week that you're going to do a seminar on how to come up with British jokes?

Jamie: Yeah. [laughs] Yeah, yeah. All you need is – oh, wait. I've already made that joke, I can't make it again.

Andrew: [laughs] So, you could find more information on, and if you are not going to be signing up for the convention, but you plan on coming as part of the "public," please email enlighten07 at gmail dot com, and mention – let us know how many people you plan on bringing with you so we can get a good handle on...

Jamie: Enlighten, is that?

Andrew: many extra people.

Jamie: Enlighten?

Andrew: Enlighten. Enlighten. Like, I'm going to enlighten you.

Jamie: Okay, so minus the "ing"?

Andrew: 07 at gmail dot com. Yes.

Jamie: There's no "ing" on this. Okay.

Andrew: Yes, don't ask me why I didn't do it. I don't know. [laughs] And then, finally, it – we're getting into, we're getting well into March, here. Don't forget to vote for us at to keep us up top of the rankings. It helps all those media sources find good podcasts out there, like us, of course. And, so, place your vote. All you have to do is leave it – place a vote once a month over at, so thanks for that.

Listener Rebuttal: De Facto

We have our first rebuttal now.

Laura: This comes from Aggy [laughs] Aggy? Oh, god, I can't even talk – Abby Stokley, 14, from Austin, Texas. She writes:

"Hi, I was just listening to Episode 79 and I heard you use the term "de facto", which is Latin for "of fact". You did use the term correctly within your comment, but your translation was a little off. It quite literally means "of fact", and more correctly means that a subject is correct in the facts related to it, but is not correct by law or vote. Thanks for taking the time to listen to a picky Latin student. I love the show."

Andrew: Our bad.

Jamie: And, no, she's absolutely right.

Andrew: I think it might have been Ben.

Laura: Yeah, probably.

Andrew: It wasn't me. I wasn't on last week.

Jamie: I know.

Laura: I know it wasn't me.

Jamie: Ooh, actually...

Eric: Yeah, Ben just totally whipped out that political term.

Jamie: It's an extremely interesting...

Andrew: Was it?

Jamie: ...concept. I've just been studying it recently in relation to sovereignty – you know, de jure, I think that's how you pronounce it - sovereignty versus de facto sovereignty, legal versus real life sovereignty. Very, very interesting. Although...

Eric: That is quite cool.

Jamie: ...actually, somebody else e-mailed in about the pronunciation of deus ex machina – I'm sure I've got it wrong again, because I cannot remember exactly what they said. But, yeah, I got that wrong. Ummm...

Laura: Okay, well we'll beat Ben later.

Jamie: So, that's cool...

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah.

Jamie: We'll kill him.

SPOILER: Early OOTP Reviews

Andrew: Okay, we're going to get right in to our main discussion this week, which is the – we're going to talk about the first reviews of Order of the Phoenix, because a few people – a few very lucky people – got to see an early screening of Order of the Phoenix in Chicago over the past week. And, first off, I've got to say, can you imagine just going to the movie theater, and you get this little ticket saying, "Hey, come by next week for a movie," and you're a Harry Potter fan and then you go and it's [laughs] Order of the Phoenix, already?

Jamie: But, Andrew, do you know...

Andrew: It's nuts.

Laura: That would be great.

Jamie: Do you know, I read on Ain't It Cool News where the guy who went to it – you know, he was there – and he was talking about how the movie was basically done, but it wasn't very sort of – the effects weren't complete, and so there were bits...

Andrew: Right.

Jamie: ...that didn't look real, like sort of – you know, Grawp would be – his – when he moves, he wouldn't move properly, or he wouldn't blend in with the background, and stuff like that, and I don't think I'd like to watch it like that, though. I just want to see it when it's completely done. I think it would spoil the magic for me, but...

Eric: Well...

Jamie: How about you?

Andrew: That is true.

Eric: It might spoil the magic, but again, a lot of the parts of the movie is the acting, Jamie, as well, not just special effects. So you would still get the acting.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: You would, but I don't think Grawp is an actor. [laughs] To be honest.

Eric: Well, okay, okay. Yeah. Perhaps it might be actually...

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: ...intentionally not really wanted, but they said Ralph Fiennes was basically himself, but with dots on his face?

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs]

Eric: For them to – to mark the things. But that's something I would be interested in seeing, because Ralph Fiennes is such a great actor...

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: ...and stuff, so I would like to see him with a nose, pretending to be Voldemort who doesn't have a nose.

Andrew: Right.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: So, yeah, that definitely would ruin the fun. I think one of the upsides, besides seeing it four months early...

Jamie: Yeah, apart from that. [laughs]

Andrew: that you would also see a lot that is probably going to end up getting cut.

Jamie: Yes. Exactly.

Andrew: Because this is a very rough cut of the movie...

Kevin: Yeah, that's true. Yeah.

Andrew: you're going to see a lot of good stuff. You're going to see some special effects work that is not going to make the – even the bonus DVDs with how they actually...

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: ...make the movie. So for a film nerd – I'm not really a film nerd, but a behind-the-scenes nerd like me, that likes that kind of stuff, I'd just be like, "Whoa! This is better than the real thing!"

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Which it probably wouldn't be. I would just like to see Ralph Fines with a lot of dots on his face.

Jamie: Yeah.

[Eric laughs]

Jamie: I've been...

Andrew: What disappoints me is why...

Jamie: ...wanting to see that for years.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs] What disappoints me is that with all the technology these days, with people, you know, got their cell phones, and everyone's got a camera with them these days, always looking for a new MySpace picture...

Eric: Cough!

Andrew: ...why didn't anyone just take a quick shot of the screen? You know?

Eric: Oh, come on. They gave us enough, though. That's what these people at Warner Brothers – that's why I'm surprised they did these screenings so early, is should there happen to be a Harry Potter fan in the audience, they would be able to tell everything. I mean, if they had enough of a memory, or had enough of a will to be that kind of resource, they could tell us everything, and as we found from these three or four sources that we have on MuggleNet, they have. We found out pretty much a lot.

Andrew: Yeah. At least. Now...

Eric: As far as what went in and what didn't.

Does Heyman Go to the Movies?

Andrew: Yeah. Now, sorry for not knowing, but I think I might have heard one time that David Heyman will sit in on these screenings to get the audience reaction. Is that true, or am I completely thinking about something else?

Laura: I haven't heard about that.

Eric: No, I think it's true.

Jamie: I wouldn't be surprised.

Andrew: Is it true? Eric, are you up as an employee of a movie theater, [laughs] do you know how these things work?

Eric: Former employee...

Andrew: Former.

Eric: ...but yeah. Sometimes we had Michael Opaque, the Pennsylvanian senator come into our movie theater a few times, and he had a guy with him who was a body guard type guy, and he handed out road maps...

Andrew: Yeah?

Jamie: As you do.

Eric: ...of Pennsylvania – as you do. And so he would just be able to walk past and see whatever movie he wanted to, and hand out...

Jamie: [Laughs] "Here, have a road map!"

Eric: ...road maps. [laughs] So I have a nice little Atlas of – or, a little road map of Pennsylvania. But I don't...

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Is it signed?

Andrew: I don't know what that has to do with...

Eric: That's all I pretty much...

Jamie: Is it signed, Eric? Along your street?

Eric: No, he did sign it, though, I think, actually.

Jamie: That's pretty cool.

Eric: But, at any rate, no. As far as screenings go – we're trying to talk about screenings. Yeah, no, I heard that David Heyman actually looked in and wanted to get audience reactions, because that helps him – also as you said, Andrew, determine what does go in the final cut of the film...

Jamie: Oh, completely, yeah.

Eric: ...and, also, whereas the can cut stuff, they can also add stuff, and I think that is probably the reason, or one of the reasons why screenings have been so early, because if there is something that's really upsetting, or really big of a problem, they might be able to do something with it. I mean, I'm not saying they're going to re-shoot some scene if we all complain it's not in it, but they might be able to cater to certain things like this. So, yeah, fan reactions – I would not be surprised if David Heyman went, or didn't go to one of those screenings.

Jamie: You see, I'd think that there would be more than just David Heyman there. You'd think it would be completely...

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: ...lined with Warner Brothers executives. Potter is their baby, you'd think that everyone would be there, trying to get a – trying to gauge a reaction.

Eric: Well, the thing is too, though – I don't know how big the theater is, and you want to fill it with as many hardcore people of different, diverse backgrounds as you can. I mean, it wouldn’t just be Heyman, I kind of agree with you, but it could be, you know, like a few executives, I guess.

Andrew: They are adjusting this movie down to – they will be fixing this movie down to like July – July 8th or 9th.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Because I remember last year, with each premiere, the movie was a tad different in some spots. Goblet of Fire - not last year - with Goblet of Fire. They keep changing the movie even in between premieres and stuff, so, you know, they’re - it’s good that they’re very picky about what they’re putting in.

Jamie: But then, don’t you think there’s a sort of a very, very fine line that needs to be drawn between giving people exactly what they want...

Kevin: And being somewhat creative.

Jamie: and for the hardcore fans which makes up a big part of the sort of general audience? It would be...

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: films. And I don’t think films should be canon. They should be films and they should be different to the books. Or – or it would be pointless to watch the films because they’d be exactly as the books come. So, I don’t think – I don’t personally think they should change the films and change and change and change them until, you know, they’re exactly as all the hardcore fans want them.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah. I agree with that.

Eric: There are more film representations of books that completely destroy the books than there are completely canon books. I mean there are, for instance, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, you know, the movie might have nothing at all to do with it...

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: ...and so you know often, at least in Uni, you get books and you can’t just read the movie – watch the movie...

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: ...because the movie’s completely different and complete crap. So, I think there does have to be a line drawn at least between...

Jamie: Yeah, there has to be.

Eric: ...what you’re giving the fans and, you know? And even if it is perfectly canon, I think a movie’s still special and fun to watch even if it was perfectly canon, because it still is a visual representation with all the effects.

Jamie: It is, it is.

Eric: It’s just another way of looking at your favorite...

Jamie: No, no of course it is.

Eric: ... medium or...

Jamie: Of course it is.

Eric: ... your favorite thing - plot.

Jamie: But when Jo sells the rights to Warner Brothers, she doesn’t give them a right to produce her work completely as it should be. She gives them a creative license - it’s a creative license mandate that she’s giving them to produce a, you know - to not what they want but to their, sort of, you know, to their ideals.

Andrew: We’re going to be talking about some of those changes today. We have a list of stuff that we want to go over with some of the stuff we’ve read in the reviews, but, I mean, people have just got to realize now, we’re five movies in and these hardcore fans that are expecting the movies to mirror the books are just – they’ve just got to move past that, because, especially some of the stuff we’re going to talk about today, there’s some big changes that people have been complaining about but I, you know, I just read these changes and it immediately makes sense because you’ve got to realize that they make these changes for time...

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: ... and they make it for continuity and all that so...however, some of the changes are just flat out stupid.

Eric: Yeah, I mean there are – there is a difference between paying homage to the books...

Laura: Yeah, there is a couple of them, that’s like...

Eric: ... and completely - completely destroying fact of know? And getting things wrong and actually doing things incorrectly.

Jamie: Shouldn’t we point out, Andrew, that there’s a huge spoiler warning for this main discussion?

Andrew: Right now, my editor self from the future is going to tell you what time on the podcast...

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: fast-forward to...

[Jamie coughs]

Andrew: ... so you know exactly where to go to if you want to skip all of this. Okay, so the time you want to go to is:

Future Andrew: 51:19, back to you, Andrew.

Andrew: All right, thank you, Andrew.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Thank you, Toots.

[Laughter continues]

Andrew: No, thank you, Toots.

Jamie: That’s hilarious.

Most Detailed Film Yet

Andrew: I read a lot of good stuff here. Some stuff is really getting me excited. One reviewer described this film as the "most detailed film yet." Most detailed film yet.

Jamie: Oooh.

Andrew: David Yates to thank for this? Perhaps. I mean, we don’t have much to go off of, but the opening scene, apparently, is just like the book.

Eric: Except for the dementors.

Andrew: Writes one reviewer, "The film opens as the book does with Harry sending the dementors fleeing with his Patronus curse and the Dursleys giving him a hard time. Both Fiona Shaw and Richard Griffiths are in top form although they are in it all too briefly."

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: Which is a shame.

Eric: Again...

Andrew: Because I like the Dursleys.

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: The Dursleys just get shelved.

Dieting Dementors

Andrew: The dementors, being a little thinner.

Jamie: Well, they haven’t had any...

Andrew: Kind of interesting.

Jamie: ... souls to eat, so, you know, they’re suffering from malnutrition.

Andrew: They’ve been on Slimfast.

Jamie: Yeah, exactly.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: They’ve had a soulless meal.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Oh!

Eric: Oh.

Laura: That’s okay they should be huge in the next movie then, Half-Blood Prince.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs] Oh, but...

Jamie: Do you think they speak to each other? I wonder if they’ve got names. "All right, John, how’s it going? Had any souls recently?"

[Laura and Andrew laugh]

Jamie: "No, it’s been a bit dry on my end. How about you?"

Andrew: Yeah. "What kind of Slimfast you been drinking?"

Eric: "Well, I’m feeling particularly..."

Andrew: [Speaks in a silly voice] "Oh, I’m a fan of strawberry."

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: "I’m feeling particularly hallow today."

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: But interesting that they would change it. Maybe they got some new graphic designers working on it so... Or maybe David Yates wanted to give them a new look.

Eric: Did they say thinner or did they say different, because the one I’m reading says different. Not just thinner.

Andrew: Well, I think one review said they were more like skeletal.

Eric: Oh, that’s, that’s not bad. I mean it’s not horrible...

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Here’s a question I’ve been wondering ever since the movie came out. Now, it’s my opinion, I think that if the Lord of the Rings movies hadn’t happened, then the dementors would have looked a lot, lot more similar to the Nazgul, except floating. I think they’d be floating Nazgul.

Kevin: I don’t know about that.

Jamie: Rather than...

Laura: Yeah.

Jamie: ...the way they were in the...

Laura: That’s a lot how I imagined them, too.

Jamie: Yeah, same here.

Kevin: I always imagined them being...

Jamie: Yeah, exactly.

Kevin: ...less solid. Like...

Jamie: I agree.

Kevin: I don’t know.

Andrew: More transparent?

Kevin: You know, like - exactly.

Eric: Oh, it’s true, it’s true.

Kevin: I mean, they’re always described as being very, like, wispy, kind of, but...

Laura: Yeah. I just kind of took that as meaning they were very frail-looking.

Jamie: Yeah.

Kevin: I don’t know. I think – I think them changing it isn’t that big of a deal. I mean, he could just be matching the setting. They all have their own style of...

Laura: Well, I think that, so long as there’s some sort of resemblance between these and the ones we saw in the third movie, it’s fine, because...

Jamie: But, yeah. Exactly.

Laura: ...they’re still going to be -

Eric: Yeah, like, if there’s the opportunity to...

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: ... think that they’re a different creature, that’s an issue.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: I don’t think there will be.

Eric: Oh, okay.

Jamie: But didn’t they make the choice earlier on in the movie sequence that there wasn’t going to be huge continuity between them?

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Because, if they wanted huge continuity...

Kevin: Throughout, yeah.

Jamie: ... they would have kept the same director.

Kevin: That’s true.

Laura: There hasn’t been a large amount of continuity between the movies. [laughs]

Jamie: And, I mean, Movie Two and Movie Three are so different.

Eric: You know, they keep the same actors. They don’t re-cast every film.

Kevin: Yeah, but I think what -

Jamie: They don’t have to do that, though. That would be as silly as calling yourself "Toots!"

Laura: There have been a couple of re-casts, haven’t there, though?

Kevin: Well, what I was going to say is I think what Jamie said, is what - you know, the rule of thumb they’re using – I think it was Jamie. So long as the people are able to identify each element from the previous movie coming through to the current movie...

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin:’s not going to be a problem.

Andrew: Yeah, although what I find interesting about this is that each reviewer seemed to point out – they all pointed out that the dementors looked different. So, I mean, it’s probably noticeable to a point where you might want to talk about it.

Laura: Well, what I think is really important to remember is that we did get these reviews from hardcore fans.

Andrew: That’s true.

Laura: Obviously, if they weren’t, they wouldn’t have sent them in to MuggleNet.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Laura: So of course they’re going to notice differences in what the dementors look like in Movie Five and in Movie Three.

Jamie: Yeah.

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