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MuggleCast 89 Transcript

Show Intro

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[Intro music begins to play]

Andrew: Because call-ins are fun, this is MuggleCast Episode 89 for 05-06-07. Oooh.

[Intro music continues to play]

Andrew: Hi, everyone, welcome back to another episode of the show. Mikey's here with us this week. Hey, Mikey.

Mikey: Hey, everybody.

Andrew: We're missing a couple people this week. We came up short-handed. Let's see, what are the excuses this week? Jamie is...

Mikey: Sleeping.

Andrew: ...busy with school and sleeping. Eric got called into work. Kevin has to study for finals. And Laura, I don't - anyone know what Laura is doing tonight? Micah, do you know?

Micah: Not a clue. Working. Working, maybe?

Andrew: Her away message says, "Out." No, I don't think she was supposed to be working today.

Micah: Maybe she's going to see Spiderman.

Andrew: It is a Friday night. I mean, I know that usually we don't do much on Friday nights, us co-hosts, but maybe she has plans. Anyway, today is our special call-in show about the Order of the Phoenix film. There's been a lot of developments lately and we want to get your feedback on everything. So, for the next hour, we're going to be taking everyone's calls, so I'm Andrew Sims.

Ben: I'm Ben Schoen.

Micah: I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Mikey: And I'm Mikey B.

[Intro music continues to play]


Andrew: Micah Tannenbaum is standing by in the MuggleCast news center with the past week's top Harry Potter news stories. Hey, Micah.

Micah: All right, thanks, Andrew.

A new interview conducted by SciFi Magazine quotes Order of the Phoenix Director David Yates confirming that he will direct Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. He said,

"I am doing 'Half-Blood Prince,' and I'm doing it because I love the world, I love the characters," the BAFTA-winning director said in an interview. "I think I have more business with this world and these characters."

We're still waiting for official word from Warner Brothers. David has been rumored for quite some time to be directing the sixth film. As of right now, Warner Brothers is giving a "no comment" on the story. However, this story has not been deemed as being inaccurate.

The Los Angeles Times has a new article on the Order of the Phoenix movie, quoting director David Yates, Dan Radcliffe, and Emma Watson.

Emma mentions that Yates is perfect for this film: "I don't know if he could have directed any of the other ones. This was his story to tell."

Also, in an article previewing some of this summer's movies, USA Weekend writes about how Luna Lovegood actress, Evanna Lynch, made her own radish earrings for use in the film. Oh, she's so talented.

And there are also several brand-new promotional posters featuring Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix actors. You can check out all of those screenshots over on

Framestore CFC, a firm which works on some of the special effects seen in the Harry Potter movies, has updated its site with some information on the Order of the Phoenix film, including that there will be over 100 centaurs.

They said, "We have been hard at work on some of the film's most demanding beings, including over 100 centaurs, a house-elf named Kreacher, the return of Fawkes the Phoenix and assorted magical effects. In addition, we are creating the films title sequence for the first time."

In other news, Dale Neuschwander who worked as a student teacher in Wydean School, which J.K. Rowling attended, has spoken about how she was "extremely intelligent." Jo was 13 at the time, and Dale says:

"She got straight As and A-pluses in creative writing. I do recall an extensive vocabulary for one so young. I was also amused by her witty use of informal language in essays; slang and regionalisms. She has a good sense of humor."

Finally, Scholastic has updated their bookseller information page with a page count of 816 pages for the U.S. Special Edition of Deathly Hallows. A description, which has been available for sometime, explains what the extra 32 pages will hold.

That's all the news for this May 6th, 2007 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show.

Andrew: All right. Thank you, Micah.

Micah: No problem.

Andrew: Micah, you know we get all this news last week, all the Order of the Phoenix developments, and then this week has been a little slow.

Micah: It has been slow. I'm not going to lie.

Andrew: There has been some pretty good news. David Yates is confirmed to be directing Half-Blood Prince. No word yet on if that's good news or not because we haven't seen the fifth film. But Mikey, what do you think about this? Is this a good sign? Does this show that WB is confident?

Mikey: I think it does. Also, you know, I'm really excited for Order of the Phoenix. I really am. So hopefully, if Warner Brothers says that he can do number six also, five should be pretty good then.

Andrew: Yeah. What were your thoughts on the trailer?

Mikey: Oh, man. Both trailers: the International and the U.S. release. As soon as I got the U.S. release trailer, I downloaded the 1080p version.

Andrew: Yeah, there you go. [laughs]

Mikey: It was wonderful watching that. I actually saw the trailer last night in the theater with Spiderman 3.The midnight showing.

Andrew: Oooh. Oooh.

Mikey: The Order of the Phoenix trailer is on there.

Andrew: Awesome. That must be so good to see in theaters.

Mikey: [laughs] It was pretty funny, the minute it came on I was like, "Aww, it's Harry Potter," and instantly these group of girls behind me heard me say that and said, [imitates girly scream] "Ahh!"

[Everyone laughs]

Mikey: And, of course, everyone is like [lower voice] "Harry, the weather's changing again," but it was like, all girls screaming. I was like, "Yeah, okay. I'm excited too, but I don't want anyone to know."

Andrew's Listener Challenge

Andrew: All right, I just thought of a listener challenge for this show. I did this last time. I did this for the Goblet of Fire trailer. We all know everyone's going to go see Spiderman 3 this weekend, or sometime this week. When you go see the film, at the end of the trailer, just yell out, "MuggleNet-dot-com!" And film it and then put it on YouTube and then...

Ben: Link us to it.

Andrew: Link us to it, and that will be my listener challenge for this week. People who do it get a free t-shirt.

Mikey: Very cool.

Andrew: A free MuggleCast t-shirt, yeah.


Mikey: Oh, by the way, sorry to interrupt you.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: But I saw, since I was at the iMax theater for it, they did mention that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in iMax 3-D. So, yes.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: I'm excited for that. That's where I'll be seeing it.

Andrew: The last twenty minutes in 3-D. Now, I'm confused by this whole thing, Mikey. What does 3-D mean? Do you wear...

Ben: Googles, probably.

Mikey: You actually wear 3-D glasses. You actually wear the goggles.

Andrew: Ohhh.

Mikey:I saw Superman Returns in 3-D at the iMax theater. It's pretty awesome. The iMax team does a - there's actually - you can probably search on YouTube right now for the Superman Returns iMax special they had. It was a 15 minute little thing, and they talk about how they take the 2-D stuff that they saw on film and make it 3-D and it - truthfully, Superman Returns looked amazing. I could only imagine how those last 20 minutes...

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: You know, the battle at the Ministry, Dumbledore and Voldemort. I just...

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: I'm like, wow.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: It's going to be - if you have an iMax theater near your, check it out in iMax. I cannot tell you how awesome it is. I saw 300 in iMax, Superman Returns.

Andrew: Oh, wow.

Mikey: All those really cool things in iMax, so check it out.

Andrew: Awesome.

Mikey: And it is in 3-D. So, yeah. I'm excited.

Andrew: That is going to - that scene - that ending scene: Voldemort vs. Dumbledore in the trailer looks amazing, you know, not in 3-D, so I can just not imagine. You'll be so immersed in that scene.

[Ben laughs]

Mikey: Awww, man.

Andrew: Awesome.

Mikey: You're going to be - It's like "Avada Kedavra!" and you're going to duck because it's going to be coming out at you.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: You'll be like, "Oh, no! Ah! I don't want to die!"

David Yates Directing HBP

Andrew: Yeah, so. Looking forward to that. Micah, Ben, your thoughts on David Yates taking over Half-Blood Prince?

Ben: Sounds good to me. I mean, I don't know, I haven't seen - It's hard to tell.

Andrew: Right. Tough to say.

Ben: And he may be able to handle the material in Half-Blood Prince better than he did in Order of the Phoenix. So, we don't really know.

Andrew: Yeah. I'm excited just because we haven't had the same director direct two films since Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets.

Mikey: Columbus.

Andrew: Chris Columbus, yeah. So, I really think that will make a difference in Half-Blood Prince since he's going to be on for a second time. He's going to know what to do differently, and all that, after he gets feedback about Order of the Phoenix.

Micah: I don't know, though. I didn't really feel that Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince were necessarily tied together very strongly.

Andrew: No, but I just mean filming-wise, cinematically if that's a word. Just with shooting it, just with the Hogwarts grounds. Just with, you know, just with the overall feel, I think. They're both dark.

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, that's all that matters.

Mikey: Yeah.

Too Much Revealed In The Trailer?

Micah: With the trailer - I know I was saying to you. If you're not the average book-reader and you see this trailer, don't you guys think it gave a little bit too much away?

Mikey: I think it shows that it's an action-packed film. I think the fact that they started off with the weather changing and then you see the Dementors, and then you have the Umbridge thing and the twins. It just shows that this whole movie is going to have action throughout the whole thing. Whether you read the books or not, you're going to enjoy this just because it's going to be a summer blockbuster. So...

Andrew: Yeah, absolutely.

Mikey: Kind of like other movies that are coming out.

Spiderman 3

Andrew: Yeah. Hopefully it won't be as big of a disappointment as Spiderman 3. I'm seeing it tonight, but Mikey, you weren't very thrilled about it. Did you want to touch on that?

Mikey: Well, no. Peter Parker becomes a little Emo. I kind of was like, "Oh man, he just needs to put a red tie on with that black suit and black shirt."

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: "And he's flat out of, how many bands do that?"

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: But you know what? There's actually a clip on YouTube, I'm not going to say. My roommate posted it. But there's a scene where Peter Parker's just strutting down the way. And right away, I just started thinking, Saturday Night Fever.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: My roommate has it up on YouTube. Search for it. It's "Spiderman Saturday Night Fever." It's amazing. It's put to the music of the Bee Gees. It's pretty awesome.

Andrew: Awesome.

Mikey: Because you're just going to laugh when you see it. Because you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. It's ridiculous.

Andrew: You did show me. [laughs] It's pretty good.

Pickle Pack

Andrew: Any other news that we want to talk about this week before we get to the call-in part of the show?

Ben: Pickle Pack?

Andrew: Nothing really.

Ben: Pickle Pack?

Mikey: I'm a Pickle Pack member.

Andrew: Oh yeah. Let's...

Mikey: I think it's amazing, guys. You should join. [laughs]

Andrew: Well, let's get into that. Mikey, you're a Pickle Pack member? Are you?

Mikey: I'm a Pickle Pack member. You guys should all get it. It's amazing. I logged in today, actually, just to see what was posted. I'm a little sad, there's no Ben content yet. But Micah posted. So...

Andrew: Yeah, Ben posts on Saturdays, and we started Pickle Pack this past Sunday.

Mikey: Okay. So, Ben, I'm going to be checking tomorrow, you know. [laughs]

Andrew: So, he'll have his blickle up this Saturday.

Ben: Well, you be ready.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: I'm going to expect something in there, you know. Okay. No, seriously, people. Pickle Pack, it's awesome. I even got it. Don't know why, but I did!

[Andrew and Mikey laugh]

Mikey: It's pretty cool, I think. And the shirts are just absolutely wonderful. Watch the little video of Andrew and his brother.

Ben: So cute.

Mikey: Wearing the t-shirt around...

Ben: So cute.

Mikey: Isn't his brother - his brother is so cute.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: Why are you you, Andrew? Your brother is so much better looking.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: How did you end up like that? Yeah, really.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: I know, seriously.

Andrew: Sorry. I mean...

Mikey: Were you dropped on your face, you know? Smashed in a door?

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: I don't know.

Andrew: Starting next week, Ryan Sims hosts MuggleCast. Now this is, for anyone who doesn't know, this is our new membership to MuggleCast which will get you lots of bonus content about the show. And then we also do video blogs, which we're calling Blickles: a cross between blog and pickle. And we've been getting a few questions I want to answer. First, where did the whole joke of "pickle" come from? I went into the MuggleCast archives, and I pulled up the clip that started it all. Here it is now.

Andrew: Hello, Potter pickles! [laughs] Welcome back to...

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: ...the show. I'm Andrew Sims.

Ben: I am Ben Schoen.

Jamie: I'm Jamie Lawrence.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull. [at the same time as Jamie]

Laura: And I'm Laura Thompson.

Eric: Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie.

Andrew: And this is the show where we bring you the latest in 'Harry Potter' news, theories, discussions, ummm...

Jamie: And some other stuff as well.

Andrew: Plumpy pickles, and much more. [laughs] Jamie: [laughs] Plumpy?

Andrew: [laughing] But before we go anywhere else, a tasty pickle by the name of Micah Tannenbaum is over at the MuggleCast news center with the latest 'Harry Potter' news stories.

So, that's how it all started. Really stupid, it makes no sense. But since Episode 54 when I made that little joke on the show, we sort of just started referencing it. Now it's a membership name. A couple other questions. All content will be available to you, no matter when you buy. So, say you purchase Pickle Pack today, the stuff from last week that we put up there will still be online. So, you'll still get everything. And your membership will last for 365 days, not just until the end of 2007. And you have until June 16th to sign up. So, sign up today. Ben, how can they do that?

Ben: Sign up by going to And, first and foremost, you must register for a MuggleNet news commenting account. And once you do that, then you can log in, pay the amount, support the show. Then you have your content.

Andrew: Awesome.

Ben: And speaking of content, occasionally we like to offer Pickle Pack members a little incentive. And this week's call-in show, the Pickle Pack members have their own time slot to talk to us.

Mikey: Oooh.

Andrew: Yeah, we posted on that we would start taking calls at 8 o'clock, but we're actually going to start taking calls a half hour earlier for Pickle Pack members. Only they knew that. And I have quite a few of them calling right now. So, are you guys ready to get into the talk?

Ben: Let's do it.

Mikey: Well, I'd just like to say, since I'm a Pickle Pack member, that's why I'm here...

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: ...already, guys.

Andrew: [laughs] That's why you're...

Mikey: Just so you know.

Andrew: He's our guest host this week.

[Everyone laughs]

Mikey: Just so you know. Pickle Pack, guys? It's the best, what was it, $30.00 I spent on it?

Andrew: $30.00 for a year.

Mikey: It was amazing, you guys.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: Honestly, I love it. I'm excited. I can't wait until my t-shirt comes. It's going to be awesome.

Call: Tonks Portrayed In OOTP

[Phone rings]

Andrew: Hi, Stacey.

Stacey: Hi!

Andrew: Hi!

Mikey: Hi!

Stacey: [laughing] Hi!

Andrew: Stacey is our first caller for the day. Congrats, Stacey!

Stacey: Thank you. Oh my gosh, this is so cool.

Andrew: Stacey, we were just talking about Pickle Pack. And you, I've seen you around on Pickle Pack before.

Stacey: Yeah. [laughs]

Andrew: You are a member.

Stacey: This is too cool.

Andrew: How are you enjoying it?

Stacey: I absolutely love it. It's so awesome.

Andrew: [laughs] Cool.

Mikey: That's exactly what I said.

[Andrew and Stacey laugh]

Mikey: I said I love it. I love it. I'm so happy I joined.

[Andrew laughs]

Stacey: I love it. Yeah. So worth the $30.00. I mean, so worth it.

Andrew: Awesome. Awesome. Now, Stacey, you got a question or thought about the film?

Stacey: Yeah. I wanted to ask you what you guys thought of the actress who is playing Tonks. Like, what was your first impression about her looks? Like, with the pictures and stuff. Because she really doesn't look like the Tonks that I really imagined, you know, for me.

Andrew: Yeah. Her purple hair is very...

Ben: Purple?

Andrew: ...purple. [laughs]

Stacey: Yeah. [laughs]

Mikey: It's violet...

Andrew: Well, purple...

Mikey: Guys, I'm re-reading Order of the Phoenix right now, it's violet hair.

Andrew: Ooh.

Mikey: It was a violent shade of violet.

Stacey: Aha.

Mikey: Come on, guys.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Well, I guess that would make sense. It is, it is...

Ben: Nice use of alliteration there.

Mikey: Exactly. Well, that's what it says, I actually just read that chapter this morning before I went to work.

[Andrew laughs]

Stacey: Well, that makes sense.

Mikey: So, I can really say I remember that, but yeah.

Andrew: So, well...

Stacey: I just...

Andrew: Go ahead.

Stacey: I just hope the movie captures her klutziness and it just like - her goofiness...

Andrew: Yeah.

Stacey: ...because that's what I love about Tonks is how goofy and klutzy she is.

Andrew: Right, right.

Stacey: I can relate to it. So - [laughs] But I just want to know what you guys thought of the actress, and...

Andrew: I don't know, we've got to see her. [laughs]

Mikey: Yeah.

Stacey: [laughs] It's true. It's hard.

Mikey: I haven't really seen her in anything else really, so I couldn't say as an actress, what I know about her.

Stacey: Yeah, yeah.

Mikey: From what I've seen in the pictures, you know, she's passable. Until we actually see the movie...

Stacey: Yeah.

Mikey: ....I couldn't give you like a, you know, I don't want to say something and then a month later be like, "Oh, man, she was horrible," which I highly doubt she is. She's probably going to be wonderful...

Stacey: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: ...and I'm going to be regretting I even mentioned that, but you know, who knows?

[Andrew laughs]

Stacey: Yeah.

Mikey: I just want the, I just want the...

Stacey: You just have to wait until the movie comes out.

Mikey: ...spikey pink hair. I just want spikey pink hair.

[Ben laughs]

Stacey: Yeah.

Mikey: So, I want that to show up, you know, I haven't seen any pictures with that hair, so, hopefully...

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey:'s there.

Stacey: Yeah, I'm really excited about seeing how she portrays Tonks in the movies.

Andrew: Yeah. I mean, sort of on the same subject, we're also seeing another female actress, the actress who's playing Bellatrix.

Stacey: Uh huh.

Andrew: Bellatrix looks fantastic.

Stacey: Oh, yeah.

Andrew: Fantastic.

Stacey: She's so scary.

Andrew: She's crazy, I love it!

Stacey: [laughs] Yeah, I love it! It's awesome.

Andrew: And the new promotional picture that - the poster that came out today, one of the new ones with Sirius. It also has a smaller picture of Bellatrix in there. Oh, she looks great.

Stacey: Yeah, yeah.

Andrew: Can't wait. Good stuff.

Stacey: I'm so excited.

Andrew: Yeah. Well, Stacey, we have a few other Pickle Pack members calling right now, so we're going to get in touch with them.

Stacey: Awesome, awesome.

Andrew: Thank you for becoming a member, and thanks for coming on today.

Stacey: Yeah, thank you for taking my call.

Andrew: No problem. See you.

Stacey: Bye.

Ben: Bye.

Call: Poster Taglines

[Phone rings]

Ben: What's up?

Female Caller: Hi, is this Kevin and Ben?

Andrew: No...

Mikey: Oh, no.

Andrew: ...this is Andrew and Ben. [laughs] Close, though.

Mikey: It's all right, we wish it was Kevin, we wish it was Kevin...

Female Caller: [laughs] I'm so sorry, Andrew.

Mikey: ...but it's not, it's Andrew.

Andrew: [laughs] And Mikey.

Female Caller: I'm sorry.

Andrew: And Micah.

Female Caller: Yes, I heard that Rupert called you...

Andrew: Oh, yeah.

Female Caller: What did he call you?

Andrew: Meekah.

Micah: Meekah.

[Andrew laughs]

Female Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, that was funny. [laughs]

Ben: Yeah. Ah, that's awesome.

Andrew: Hey, well, thanks for calling in today. You're a Pickle Pack member, I assume, because you called in early.

Female Caller: Yes.

Andrew: Are you enjoying it?

Ben: What do you think of it?

Female Caller: Actually, I really like it. I was a little skeptical at first...

Andrew: Mhm.

Female Caller: ...and - but I decided because I love you guys.

Andrew: Awww, well, thank you.

Female Caller: Yes, and I really like the Blickles.

Andrew: Oh, good. Do you like the name? [laughs] Blickles?

Female Caller: Yes.

Mikey: It's ridiculous, you do realize that, but I love them.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: I love them.

Ben: Yeah, the name is pretty - pretty weak.

Andrew: [laughs] Pretty weak? By weak, you mean awesome. Hey, well, do you have a question about the film or some thoughts on it?

Female Caller: I love the trailer.

Andrew: Mhm.

Female Caller: The most recent one. I think, especially the ending scenes with the Ministry, I just think are going to kick some serious butt.

Andrew: Yeah.

Female Caller: I think that's sort of what we're all waiting for, is that confrontation at the end with Dumbledore. It'll be interesting to see when - you know that part when Voldemort gets a little quiet time with Harry and is saying, "You will lose everything"? I mean...

Andrew: Yeah.

Female Caller: ...I don't remember that...

Andrew: "You will lose everything." Yeah.

Female Caller: Yeah. It'll be interesting to see that tied on, you know, how it gets quiet.

Andrew: Yeah.

Female Caller: I don't remember it being very quiet in the book.

Andrew: Yeah, well, what do you guys think about all these tag lines, actually? Like the, "You will lose everything," and "The rebellion begins"? I think they're all pretty nice.

Mikey: I'm a little...

Ben: I don't know.

Andrew: Not a fan?

Mikey: ...kind of sad about that. Of - the Hermione one, I'm a little sad about.

Ben: I'm not too big of a fan.

Andrew: What's the Hermione one say?

Mikey: The something rebellion - I don't know. I read it and I was just like, "That doesn't really fit, I don't think."

Micah: But they're trying to sell the movie.

Female Caller: I think Hermione says, "It's good to be" - "it feels good to be rebellious," or something.

Andrew: Oh, on the poster it says, "The only way is rebellion." Yeah, that's kind of lame.

Mikey: Yeah.

Female Caller: Oh, right, right. Yeah.

Mikey: Yeah, I thought they could've came up with something a little more witty for her, because I think Ron's is with Lucius, it's like, "No one can protect you," and it's like, all right, I can see that.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: "You will lose" - or, "Only one can survive" is Harry. And then "Take a last stand" is - what do you call it? - Sirius and Bellatrix. Those all make really good sense, but, "The only way is rebellion"? I'm like, "Eh."

Andrew: "Evil must be confronted" is on Evanna's - sorry, Luna's poster.

Mikey: Which is really good.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Sorry, I just knocked my headset off my head.

Andrew: That's all right.

[Ben laughs]

Mikey: [laughs] What are you doing over there, Ben?

Female Caller: I'm wondering where they're getting these lines because you're right. A lot of these taglines aren't even from the books if I'm not mistaken.

Micah: They're all creative marketing. I think that's what it is. It's just to sell the movie.

Female Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, it's to scare people, too, I think.

Micah: I don't like...

Mikey: It's the same thing with "You will lose everything."

Micah: Yeah, I don't like that.

Ben: I think the only cool one they've ever came up with was "Something wicked this way comes" from Macbeth. That was pretty sweet, I thought.

Mikey: I agree with that one one hundred percent. That one was awesome.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah. But hey, we've got a lot of people calling in right now, so we're going to let you go and get another Pickle Pack member in here.

Female Caller: Okay, well good job. I'm really enjoying it, you guys.

Andrew: All right, well, thank you.

Call: Book Details Cut From The Movie

[Phone rings]

Andrew: JJ.

JJ: Hi, Andrew.

Andrew: What is up?

JJ: Oh, I'm sorry I'm being a pesky, pesky person. Thank you so much for setting up my Pickle Pack account.

Andrew: Hey, anytime.

JJ: Oh, I've enjoyed it so much.

Andrew: Oh good.

JJ: So, what's going on with you guys, is everybody - oh, there's Ben...

Ben: Ben's here.

Andrew: Ben.

JJ: Oh my goodness.

Andrew: Micah.

JJ: Awww! I feel so special. I downloaded Skype just to do this.

Andrew: And Mikey. [laughs]

Ben: You should feel special. Where are you from?

JJ: I am right outside where Laura lives in Alpharetta, Georgia. She's like five exits up highway 400 from me.

Andrew: Oh. That's kind of scary, actually.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: I've used that joke already. [laughs]

Mikey: Do you visit her at Target?

Ben: So, you live in Alfredo, Georgia?

JJ: Alpharetta! Alpharetta!

Ben: Oh, okay. Alpharetta. Okay, sorry.

JJ: Alfredo, that would be pretty cool, though.

Ben: Well, just like Cumming, that's not the best name for a town.

[Andrew laughs]

JJ: No. No, no, they didn't.

Andrew: So, what's up JJ? Got any thoughts about the film?

JJ: Well, I screamed when I saw all three of the trailers.

Andrew: Mhm.

JJ: Everybody else did.

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: Like, everyone.

Ben: Me too.

JJ: My little concern was, though, when I saw the international trailer, and I guess it's the shot right before Hogsmeade where you kind of see the dark mark and the ghost cloudy things, and you have the voice over that says, "The dark lord approaches." I'm guessing that's an audio segment clip from the prophecy, but my concern is, just in the matter of fact - to tone down the film and make it easier to write for the film, are they going to cut things out of the prophecy?

Andrew: Haven't we heard something already that the prophecy's been changed? It was changed, wasn't it?

Ben: Well, it was changed in Movie 3 with Trelawney, so I wouldn't be surprised if they did it again.

JJ: Well, that's really disappointing because, you know, basically the focus on Book 6 is the prophecy, and that's upsetting. Ohhh.

Andrew: Yeah.

JJ: Okay.

Andrew: I don't know. It's weird because the prophecy seems like one of those easy things that could be kept untouched.

JJ: Yeah! I mean it's like five lines!

Andrew: Right.

JJ: Oh, shoot. What do you think they are going to cut out?

Andrew: Micah, any ideas? Well, they're going to cut out - do you mean just in the film in general?

JJ: Yeah.

Andrew: I mean one thing they're changing is - we've talked about this - is Cho Chang being the one to rat out Harry and the rest of Dumbledore's Army.

JJ: Oh, yeah.

Andrew: Which is silly.

JJ: That's retarded.

Micah: It's not silly, though. It follows - you can create more of a story with that than you could with some no-name character ratting them out.

Ben: Yeah, that's true.

JJ: Yeah, I guess so, because you can kind of go in further depth of Cho and Harry and why they broke up.

Micah: They built up her character in Goblet of Fire, and now they can take her in Order of the Phoenix and sort of use her, in a way. So, I'm not as big of a critic about that as maybe changing the prophecy.

JJ: Yeah, that's my number one big thing is - I mean, I'll live without the line, "Give her hell from us, Peeves" from Fred and George, which is one of my favorite lines. I can live without that, but I'll kind of be sad if they change the prophecy.

Andrew: See, a lot of people can't live without that. I've been seeing a lot of feedback to the MuggleCast e-mail saying that - everyone's saying stuff like, "Oh, we just got to have the 'Give her hell from us, Peeves!' line because it's such a great line!" and it really is.

JJ: It really is.

Mikey: But we haven't seen Peeves.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly.

Mikey: See, Peeves, they're not going to introduce him right now. It wouldn't make sense.

JJ: Yeah, it makes total sense. Ohhh.

Andrew: Oh, well, that's upsetting. I mean, it's going to be upsetting, however, I think we're all going to be so blown away by the movie that we won't even care about the changes.

Mikey: I'll see it in 3-D.

[Andrew laughs]

JJ: Yeah, awesome.

Mikey: It's gonna be amazing. It's going to be like, "Woah!"

JJ: Oh, if there was only an iMax. Me and Laura have this one little predicament where the nearest iMax to us is like 20 miles away. Thirty miles.

Andrew: Oh, really?

Mikey: That's like 40 minutes; you guys can do it! That's not far at all.

Andrew: Not too bad.

Ben: Yeah, that's not far.

Andrew: Alright, well...

Ben: Have Laura pick you up.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs]

JJ: Yes, go Laura. Laura, if you're out there, pick me up!

Andrew: [laughs] We'll let her know. Hey, thanks for calling today. We're going to get to some other callers now. We're getting a lot of Pickle Pack members calling in.

JJ: Thanks so much, guys. Oh, I love the show. Pickles for all.

Andrew: [laughs] Thank you. Buh-bye.

Call: The Wii And The Ministry

[Phone rings]

Andrew: Andy.

Andy: Hey, what's up, guys?

Andrew: What's up, buddy?

Andy: Not much, been watching the trailer way too much.

Andrew: Oh, well, that's good because we're talking about it today.

Ben: Yeah. But first, Andy, buddy. Where are you from and how old are you?

Andy: I'm 24, I'm from Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Andrew: Allentown. Hey, Billy Joel wrote a song about Allentown. [laughs]

Andy: [laughs] Yeah. Not a big fan though.

Andrew: Awww. [laughs] Hang up.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: [singing] In the middle of the night...

Andrew: I've been walkin' in the... [laughs] All right, anyway, what's on your mind today?

Andy: I don't know, I've been playing Spiderman all day on the Wii, so Harry Potter's been in the back my head.

Ben: Okay, tell me, how cool is Wii Bowling?

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Mikey: [laughs] Are we back to Wii Bowling here?

[Andrew laughs]

Andy: I actually got a perfect game.

Mikey: Really?

Ben: Oh, whatever, you are just trying to brag.

Andrew: Yeah, you liar.

Ben: You're trying to brag in front of the audience.

Andy: I swear to God. It e-mails you and tells you. If there was some way I could I prove it to you guys - If I could take a picture and give it to you guys, I will.

Mikey: Wait, wait. Hold on Andy, here. Did you find the cheat?

Andy: No, no, no.

Mikey: Did you find where you can always get a strike? Because it's really easy to get a perfect game once you know how to do that.

[Andrew laughs]

Andy: All right, I'm caught.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Ohhh.

Mikey: I'm just saying it's pretty easy once you figure out the cheat, and it's all over the internet telling you how to get a perfect game. I'm just asking.

Andrew: [laughs] I did not know that, but hey, guys, we're recording a Harry Potter podcast, so... [laughs]

Mikey: Oh, yes.

Andrew: Andy, do you have any thoughts about the film?

Andy: I mean, it's going to be amazing we all know that, obviously.

Andrew: Yeah.

Andy: I don't know what else to say. I've been listening to the last podcast. It's so long. I don't know what I can actually add to this.

Andrew: Yeah, I mean is there anything really bugging you about the film from what you've seen so far?

Andy: No, I've been watching it in my HD mode, and I've been pausing it a lot and going back and forth, and I really like the part where Harry is walking into the Ministry. Everybody else is kind of rushing in with him. I mean, it's just going to be a really good scene if we actually get to see it in the theaters.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: You should be a MuggleCast host. I like the way you talk.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: I like the way you think.

Andy: Thanks, Ben.

Andrew: Well, Andy, we're going to get to some other calls now, unless you have any other thoughts about the film.

Andy: Oh, I totally understand. The game for the Wii is going to be amazing.

Andrew: Oh, definitely, definitely. Absolutely.

Andy: But yeah, man. Thanks for taking my call.

Andrew: No problem. We will talk to you again soon.

Andy: Take it easy, guys. Pickle Pack rocks.

Andrew: Thanks.

Ben: Yeah, see ya.

Mikey: Yes.

Andy: [laughs] Later.

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