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MuggleCast 89 Transcript (continuted)

Call: "Look At Me!" Quote

[Phone rings]

Eva: Hi.

Andrew: Hi, did I get your name right? Is it Eva?

Eva: Yes, you did actually.

Andrew: Oh, it's a miracle.

Ben: What's up, girlfriend?

Andrew: Pickle Pack member, I assume?

Eva: Yes, I am.

Andrew: Awesome, awesome. How are you enjoying it?

Eva: So, great. It's already worth the $30.00, and I haven't even gotten the t-shirt yet.

Andrew: Oh, wow. Geez. [laughs] We've been getting a lot of good feedback about this. I'm very happy. So, what's your thoughts on the Order of the Phoenix film?

Eva: Well, no one's discussed this yet, but I was wondering when Harry says, "Look at me," it's in both trailers. And then Voldemort opens his eyes - that's from Goblet of Fire.

Andrew: It's a clip from...

Eva: A shot. It's in the international trailer.

Andrew: Oh, so wait...

Eva: So, like...

Andrew: Go ahead.

Eva: It's at 1:51, the time.

Andrew: So, do you actually hear Harry saying - or do you see him saying this too?

Eva: Yeah, he just yells "Look at me!" and then there's a shot of Voldemort really quick where he opens his eyes. It's at 1:51 in the international trailer.

Andrew: Hmmm. That is interesting I can't get it up right now, but...

Eva: I have no idea what that is about, no one's discussed - I've never heard anyone discuss it yet.

Mikey: Hold on, I'm looking it up right now. It looks like - I kind of always assumed this was in the - with Snape in the - because the room, the lighting and everything.

Andrew: I was just thinking that, yeah.

Mikey: It looks like he's sweating and working on Occlumency.

Eva: Oh, yeah.

Mikey: So, I think he's yelling, "Look at me!" to Snape because that's maybe after - I don't know. Maybe him and Snape - That's when they have their fight. I don't know.

Andrew: Yeah, that's a good idea. I mean, he could be talking to a lot people. He could be talking to Ron or Hermione in one of their little arguments or...

Eva: Yeah.

Andrew: ...he could even be talking to Dumbledore.

Mikey: Oh, no yeah, it actually looks like Dumbledore's room after Dumbledore is kind of trying to - after the whole - after Sirius' death.

Eva: Oh, man. I hope they keep that. That would be great.

Mikey: Wow, no, because he looks all angry and distraught and he is all-caps Harry right there.

Eva: [laughs] Yes, he is.

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: You know, I'm looking at this international trailer now, and I just saw Voldemort's suit, and I saw a suit all black like that at this place I went to go get my Prom vest...

[Eva laughs]

Micah: Tuxedo?

Andrew: Prom tux, exactly. And I was seriously considering going all black and then taking a picture for MuggleCast because...

Eva: Oh, you should totally do it.

Andrew: ...that suit is so cool.

Eva: It really is, it suits him.

Andrew: It - hey!

Ben: Literally.

Mikey: Hey, you know what?

Andrew: Pun intended.

Mikey: Andrew, if you get that suit, we can also Photoshop out your nose, and you'll be...

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: ...just like Ralph Fiennes there.

Andrew: Are you calling me pale?

Mikey: Maybe. [laughs] I won't say anything else against that.

Andrew: Mikey, I don't appreciate your mean-ness.

Mikey: It's all with love, I'm sorry.

Andrew: Oh, okay.

Mikey: I'm sorry. I apologize on the air.

[Andrew laughs]

Andrew: Hey, Eva. Thank you for calling today.

Eva: Oh, thanks.

Andrew: And we hope you continue to enjoy Pickle Pack and the show.

Eva: Of course, yeah.

Andrew: Cool. See you later.

Eva: Bye.

Call: The New OOTP Website

[Phone rings]

Arjun: Hello?

Andrew: Hi. What's your name? Where are you from?

Arjun: I'm Arjun, I'm from Bangalore, India.

Andrew: Oh, wow.

Ben: Woah.

Mikey: Wow.

Andrew: We've never had a caller from India before, I don't think.

Arjun: Yeah, I actually used to live in the States, but I got sent here for two years beacuse of my dad's job. So...

Andrew: Oh, I see. So, what time is it there right now?

Arjun: 5:30 in the morning.

Andrew: Oh, wow! Did you stay up just for this?

Arjun: Yep.

Andrew: Oh man! That...

Mikey: Congrat - Yeah.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: Yeah, a round of applause to you. [claps]

Andrew: A round of applause. That is impressive.

Ben: That's hardcore.

Mikey: I don't think I'd be up...

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: 5:30 in the morning for anything.

Andrew: [laughs] So, what's up, dude? I'm glad we could take your call.

Arjun: Well, thanks for taking it.

Andrew: No problem.

Arjun: This is about what you think of the new website and stuff, all right?

Andrew: Okay.

Arjun: I saw the website, and what really kind of irritated me was that they had the same kind of background for everything. They didn't change anything for it. Like, if you wanted to see somebody else's profile, they still had the same background. So, you didn't see anything new.

Andrew: Oh, I see.

Arjun: So, it really doesn't show you that much.

Andrew: Right, right. Yeah, that is a little bit disappointing, but, I mean, I guess this is just a teaser site for now. So...

Arjun: Yeah.

Andrew: It'll probably turn in to something bigger, right?

Arjun: Yeah, the trailer's...

Mikey: I also...

Arjun: ...awesome though.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: ...don't know if I liked the DA logo either. It's like DA - red. I don't know.

Andrew: Yeah, it's not - I mean...

Mikey: It could've been cooler, I think.

Andrew: Yeah, I mean, I like the - I like the overall theme of the site. I think it's pretty cool. They have this - they have Dumbledore's Army on MySpace now.

Mikey: Yeah.

Andrew: That you can get on your site too.

Mikey: I might have to do that.

Ben: I don't know. I signed up a week ago, and I still haven't got my e-mail. I'm sad.

Andrew: Oh, really?

Mikey: Oh, I got my e-mail.

Andrew: Huh.

Mikey: I signed up, like, the day it came on.

Micah: I don't think you made it, Ben.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Mikey: Ben, did you hit submit? [laughs]

Ben: I really did.

Mikey: Did you hit submit? That's the thing.

Ben: Yeah, dude. I promise. I promise I did.

Andrew: You are not good enough for Dumbledore's Army, I guess. Harry rejected you.

Ben: Okay.

Andrew: Loser!

Ben: As an aside, it is three...

Arjun: No, I think it was the whole army. Ben was 3,000 - it is 3,000 degrees in my room right now.

Andrew: Okay.

Ben: It is so hot, just so you guys know.

Andrew: Okay, thank you for adding that.

Mikey: [sings] It's getting hot - is it getting hot in here?

Ben: Yes, I'm about to take off all...

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: clothes.

Mikey: All right! Ooh.

Ben: Which is this week's Pickle Pack exclusive. No, I'm just kidding.

[Everyone laughs]

Mikey: Hey, that's Ben's exclusive for Saturday, guys.

Andrew: Sounds good to me. I'll be downloading. Well, hey, dude, thanks for calling in today. Do you have any other thoughts about the film before we let you go?

Arjun: Yeah, the trailer was pretty cool.

Andrew: Yeah.

Arjun: And when Fred and George are circling her, do you know exactly what they're doing? Are they chucking fireworks or what?

Andrew: It's hard to tell because it's such a short clip. You guys know what he's talking about, right? Where...

Mikey: No, no, I think it's - I think it's fireworks. I'm pretty sure. Or it's Fizzing Whizbies.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: Or the Frisbees or whatever.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: Because it looks like he pulls - I actually went frame-by-frame on the big trailer, the 1080p one, and he reaches into his bag and he throws it like a frisbee. I don't know if it's the firework or something, but it looks - he throws it like a frisbee, if you go frame-by-frame.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: I don't know why I did that, but I did.

Andrew: [laughs] Because you are a dork, Mikey.

Mikey: [laughs] Yes.

Andrew: I did that too, actually, but that was to get screen caps for MuggleNet. At least I have an excuse. You don't.

Mikey: Oh, see, you just go to file, export - every single frame as a still image. It's like 2,000-something frames.

Andrew: I only did about 200 of them, but - alright. Hey, thanks for calling in today.

Arjun: Thank you for having me.

Andrew: No problem. Thanks for staying up so late too, geez. It's impressive.

Arjun: Yeah. Bye.

Andrew: Bye.

Call: Cho Selling Out The D.A.

[Phone rings]

Andrew: Hi, Savannah?

Savannah: Yes?

Andrew: Hi.

Savannah: Hi!

Andrew: Hey, so what's up? What's on your mind about the films?

Savannah: I was actually - I was wondering what you guys thought of the change that they made, how Cho's the one that tells on the DA.

Micah: I love it.

Andrew: I don't - do you?

Mikey: I think it's okay.

Micah: No, it's okay. It's not a big deal.

Mikey: I think it suits the movie as a movie. Not the book, obviously.

Savannah: I don't know.

Mikey: It's a separate enity - entity. It's a separate piece of work.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah.

Micah: Who does it in the book? Edgecombe? Is that who it is?

Mikey: Yeah. Marietta Edgecombe.

Savannah: Yeah.

Micah: So, I mean, they're not going to build up her character and make her into something when they don't need to. So, I think it suits the story, like Mikey was saying, a whole lot more to have Cho do it. It creates a little bit more of an angle.

Andrew: Yeah. Originally, I was upset about it because - well, I was upset because it seems like a silly thing to change. But then I realized, to explain - to give a good reason for Harry and Cho breaking up, Cho rats Harry out.

Savannah: Yeah, that's true.

Andrew: So, that sort of makes sense. It's an easy way of breaking them up.

Savannah: Yeah, that's what one of my friends said.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: Oh, I thought it would've been better if the twins said, "You know what, and Harry's doing this club," as they fly out. They're the ones that tell on him.

Ben: That would be awesome.

Mikey: That'd be absolutely wonderful.

Ben: Except not!

[Ben laughs]

Mikey: I know, I know. These filmmakers, they ruin the books. No, I like the movies.

[Savannah laughs]

Andrew: Yeah. Anything else that you're upset about, Savannah?

Savannah: I don't know. Nothing in particular. I just kind of - I don't know. It kind of bothered me that even though it's the longest book that it's going to be the shortest movie.

Andrew: Hmmm, yeah. Well, that's true.

Mikey: I do have a question for you, Savannah.

Savannah: Hmmm?

Mikey: Andrew keeps asking you anything you don't like or anything that makes you upset about the movie. Is there anything that you're excited for about the movie? Because I'm excited for the 3-D, I don't know about you. I love this 3-D stuff.

Savannah: I don't know. I would love to go see it in 3-D. I'm actually excited about the scene where Fred and George leave on their brooms, as probably everyone else is. That looked really cool in the trailer.

Savannah's Friend: Tell them about the Quidditch robes.

Savannah: Oh. [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, your friend's in the background.

Savannah: Yeah, my friend is here as well. She just wanted me to tell you guys that for Halloween, we are making Ravenclaw Quidditch robes.

Mikey: Oooh.

Ben: Awesome.

Andrew: Nice.

Savannah: I'm not making them, because we can't sew, but she can.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh, cool. Hey, well, thanks for calling in today. We're going to get to some other people now.

Savannah: Alrighty.

Andrew: But thanks for calling in. We hope you keep listening.

Savannah: All right, bye-bye.

Andrew: Bye.

Call: Voldemort In A Suit

[Phone rings]

Andrew: Hello, Tara?

Tara: Hello.

Andrew: Welcome to the show.

Tara: [laughs] Hello.

Andrew: Where are you from?

Tara: I'm from Northern Ireland.

Andrew: Oh, wow. What time is it there right now?

Mikey: Wow.

Tara: It's like, six minutes past one.

Andrew: Oh, gee. Well, you know, Jamie's up, too. But he - nevermind.

Ben: He's working hard. He's studying.

Andrew: He's, yeah, working hard and studying.

Mikey: Working hard for the money.

Tara: He'd probably be better with some sleep, really, wouldn't he?

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs]

[Tara laughs]

Andrew: So, what's up? What are your thoughts on the film?

Tara: It looks good, no, I must say.

Andrew: Mhm.

Tara: But, kind of thinking, why's Voldemort in a suit?

Andrew: Why's Voldemort - did you listen to last week's show? Because we sort of talked about that.

Tara: Yeah. He looks well, though.

Andrew: Yeah. What's that?

Tara: I kind of think if you ignore the fact he hasn't got a nose, he looks well.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. I really like that suit.

Ben: I love your accent, by the way. I love the accent.

[Andrew laughs]

Tara: Thank you. [laughs]

Andrew: That's very nice. Yeah, I mean, Mikey, what are your thoughts on the suit? We didn't really hear your thoughts about that.

Mikey: You know, I like it. I really do.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: I think it's - Again, it's not the book. We have to look at this as a movie. Kind of like you look at Prisoner of Azkaban, Cuaron's version of the book.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: It's a good - I think it's a good plot device for it. I think it shows that Harry is seeing - he's hearing Voldemort. He doesn't know what it is. I think it's going to really add to the whole Voldemort thing because in the book we constantly are seeing these dreams. I don't think they're going to put that much focus on the dreams. Because in the book, it's like every night almost, he has a dream about Voldemort or something.

Andrew: Right.

Mikey: And we're not going to see him, you know, in a dream every 15 minutes in the movie. That's why, I think, it's kind of giving the audience a sense that Voldemort is there even though everyone's denying it. I think it's a good plot device. So...

Andrew: Yeah, definitely.

Mikey: At least that's what I'm saying now until I see it.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Mikey: And then I can argue, and say, "Well, I was completely wrong on that one. I'm sorry." But...

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: We'll see how it goes. For right now, I like it, though.

Andrew: Uh huh. Yeah. I mean, I said it last week. I still think that's it's going to be one of those mirages that Harry's going to have, and then realize that - you know, he's going to shake his head or whatever, and he's going to realize that he wasn't actually there. The suit, I can't understand unless it's sort of, like Harry - it's just a regular businessman who would be hopping on the train.

Micah: Yeah.

Tara: Maybe.

Micah: That's what I was going to say.

Andrew: Yeah. Any other thoughts, Tara?

Tara: It just generally looks like a good film, I think.

Andrew: Yeah. Quality.

Tara: It seems very kind of dramatic.

Andrew: Yes, it does. Yeah. Alright, well, thank you for calling today. We're going to get to some other people now.

Tara: Okay, thank you.

Andrew: No problem. Have a good night.

Tara: Bye.

Call: Bellatrix Using Floo Powder?

[Phone rings]

Andrew: Hi, Julia.

Julia: Hi.

Andrew: Welcome to the show.

Julia: Thanks.

Andrew: Where are you from?

Ben: What's up?

Julia: I'm from California.

Andrew: Ooh, [sings O.C. theme] California, California.

Ben: And what's up?

Andrew: What's up?

Julia: When you're going through the international trailer, when it show a bunch of scenes really fast?

Andrew: Yeah.

Julia: And that has Bellatrix and she's in green flames. It looks really weird. And I was wondering what you thought of that.

Mikey: Oh, I think she's Floo-ing away.

Andrew: Oh, yeah, because they were green in Chamber of Secrets, weren't they?

Mikey: Yeah, because...

Julia: Yeah, but...

Mikey: ...she looks like she's in - what do you call - a fireplace, like one of the ones from the Ministry.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: I don't think she Apparates, I think she Floo-ed away or something. I'm trying to look for it right now.

Andrew: I know exactly what you're talking about. Yeah, those fireplaces are how they get into the Ministry of Magic.

Julia: Oh. Okay.

Andrew: They slide into them. To be honest with you, I don't know if that's in the book, but that's what they're doing for the movie.

Julia: Oh, that's fine.

Andrew: Yeah, that's...

Julia: Yeah, I was re-reading the book last night and I was like, "I've never seen that."

Andrew: Oh, okay. Yeah, there's - that's your answer.

Mikey: At the book, I think they have Apparation points, but obviously, they can't really show that in the movie.

Andrew: Right.

Mikey: So, if they all come through the fireplace, because we've seen that before when Harry gets lost to Knockturn Alley, and stuff like that. So, we've seen it before in the movie. So, I think it makes sense for that.

Andrew: Yeah. I think that's about it. Anything else on your mind about the film?

Julia: Well, I thought the Dementors looked really cool, they way that they've changed them.

Andrew: Yeah.

Julia: It looked much better - well, not better, because I really liked the Dementors in the third book, well, Prisoner of Azkaban, but it looks almost as if they've changed them to adjust it to the film's darkness and just the mood of the whole film.

Andrew: Yeah.

Julia: And Harry in the trailers we've seen so far.

Andrew: Yeah. All right. Well, hey, thank you for calling us today.

Julia: Okay, thanks!

Andrew: And we're going to get some other people in. So, thanks for calling!

Call: Harry And Sirius Reading

[Phone rings]

Andrew: Hi, Jackie.

Jackie: Hi!

Andrew: Welcome to the show.

Jackie: Thank you.

Andrew: How's it going?

Jackie: Very good.

Andrew: Where are you from?

Jackie: Michigan.

Andrew: Oh, nice.

Jackie: Yeah.

Andrew: So, hey, what's on your mind today?

Jackie: Well, I was just wondering. See, the picture for the Caption Contest from April 17th to the 23rd...

Andrew: Ah, see, Eric's not here. Eric's not here, sorry.

Jackie: Ah, well, it's...

Andrew: I'm just kidding. [laughs]

Jackie: [laughs] It's of Harry and Sirius looking at a piece, of paper and I was wondering what you guys thought they were looking at. Maybe the Marauder's Map?

Andrew: Oh, okay, yeah - it's this picture. This is a shot with Dan Radcliffe and - well, Harry and Sirius. I don't know where they are. I've been wondering this, too. Let me send this to you guys.

Mikey: It looks like...

Micah: Could be the map.

Mikey: Huh.

Andrew: The what?

Mikey: Yeah, it looks like parchment or something.

Micah: But I thought it's just...

Mikey: Where would that be?

Micah: ...of Hogwarts, though, right? Why would he need the map there?

Andrew: No, but I'm saying - what room is that? That's not - that doesn't look like a room in Hogwarts.

Mikey: It looks like...

Ben: It looks like a train station.

Mikey: Very - yeah.

Ben: "London travel."

Andrew: Yeah. Probably is the train station. Oh, yeah, you're right. It says "London Travelcard" behind there. All right, so there's your answer. But maybe that - is that a letter from... Hmmm. Good question.

Mikey: Could it be - I don't know. Your guess is as good as mine.

Micah: Maybe he's getting... No, I was going to say

Andrew: Could it be a letter from Ron and Hermione?

Mikey: But why would Ron and Hermione be there? You know - they're there at the train station with him.

Andrew: Oh, right. That's stupid. Yeah.

Mikey: Could it be a letter from - you know, it could be one of those kind of cheesy moments where it's like, "Here, Harry. Here's the letter. I couldn't say this out loud to you."

[Andrew and Ben laugh]

Ben: Oh shut up. Yeah, I actually thought about that.

Mikey: Because he needs to be - he needs to be kind of like a man. You know, Sirius Black, he's this really cool guy, he can't show his feelings. I don't know.

Andrew: Whatever it is, Sirius is pretty interested in it. So...

Mikey: Maybe it's a love letter from Cho.

Andrew: Oooh.

Mikey: Maybe he's sharing it with Sirius, going, "What do I do here?" You know, I don't know. Asking for some manly advice.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs]

Mikey: Something like that. Fatherly advice, you know. They're having the talk right now.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: I don't know.

Andrew: We lost...

Micah: It's weird, though...

Andrew: Go ahead.

Micah: ...that they would be at a train station, though, because I thought Sirius can't show himself.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: Yeah, well - maybe he's...

Ben: Are you sure this isn't Photoshopped?

Andrew: No, this is definitely real. I've seen this before.

Micah: Maybe it's something from his parents.

Andrew: Yeah, it could be. I like that robe that Sirius is wearing.

Mikey: It's kind of cool.

Ben: I think - his tattoos. I like the tattoos.

Micah: Could it be the picture?

Mikey: I'm going to get that robe so that I can wear it to Prophecy.

Micah: Could it be the picture?

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: I'll wear the robe around with the cane.

Andrew: Yeah, hell, I would.

Call: The Posters

[Phone rings]

Andrew: Curtis.

Curtis: Hello.

Andrew: Hey! Where are you from?

Curtis: Hey! I'm from Atlanta, Georgia.

Andrew: Oh cool. That's our second Atlanta caller for today.

Curtis: Oh, really?

Andrew: Yeah. No Laura here today, though. I'm sorry to say.

Curtis: Awww, no Laura.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs]

Curtis: Yup.

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: What's up, though? What have you got on your mind?

Ben: Yeah. What's up?

Curtis: Well, I don't know. Just the new posters that recently came out about Order of the Phoenix and everything.

Andrew: Yeah.

Curtis: Order of the Phoenix was probably my favorite book so far, and so far the movie looks amazing.

Andrew: Yeah. What do you think about those posters? I like them a lot.

Curtis: Yeah. They're cool. It seems to show the person and then in the little bubble like their enemy or something. Like on the picture with Harry it shows Voldemort in the little sphere and everything. So...

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah. We were talking about those a little bit earlier. I can't wait to see the real posters because when they put those up in the movie theater, they're huge.

Curtis: Yeah.

Mikey: Yeah.

Andrew: I'd love one for my room. What are your guys' favorites?

Mikey: Oh, wow.

Andrew: Sorry. I just really like these. [laughs] I think the... Sorry, I think the Sirius one is my favorite.

Mikey: I was going to say Sirius or the Harry one. I actually also liked the Luna one too with just the generic Death Eater.

Andrew: Yeah, and she almost looks - I don't want to say unreal, but she looks... There's like a lot of - I don't know. It almost looks like a sketch of her, almost, because there are so many effects in that picture.

Ben: Yeah. I would say that about some of them. Some of these pictures...

Andrew: Harry's I'm not that impressed with because we have seen that pose one million times already.

Mikey: Yeah. I like it just because I am the Harry/Voldemort - I like that.

Andrew: Shipper?

Mikey: Yeah, I like that. Yeah, I'm a Harry/Voldemort shipper.

[Ben laughs]

Mikey: Yeah. I'm all about it. No. Come on, seriously.

Curtis: Really?

Ben: I'm bad.

Mikey: It's all right.

Andrew: I'm just...

Mikey: I...

Andrew: Go ahead.

Mikey: I like Harry in general. He's a very cool guy.

Andrew: Yeah. I like...

Mikey: And Voldemort there.

Andrew: I like the cool poses. Which is why I like the Sirius one because he is kind of doing a cool thing there with his wand, and Bellatrix is sort of reaching out. So...

Micah: My question is with the Umbridge one. Why are the two reversed? You know? It almost seems like the good guys are the ones that are depicted in the larger picture, and so in that prophecy ball, it's the bad person, but Dumbledore is in Umbridge's picture.

Andrew: Probably because Umbridge is taking over.

Micah: Yeah, I guess. I just thought they had a little bit of theme.

Mikey: I also think it is probably because...

Andrew: What's that?

Micah: I was saying that it looks like he had a theme though with the Order and then the people who were causing the problem, whereas in the prophecy one...

Andrew: Okay. Well, Micah. Micah, do you want to argue with WB?

Micah: Yes.

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: Well, go ahead. You talk to them because I don't want to hear it.

Micah: And they used Umbridge twice.

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