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MuggleCast 96 Transcript

Show Intro

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[Intro music begins to play]

Micah: Because we will announce our plans for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows next week, this is MuggleCast Episode 96 for June 24th, 2007.

[Intro music continues to play]

Andrew: All right, well, Jamie.

Jamie: Yes.

Andrew: We're back.

Jamie: We are back.

Andrew: And Greg Porter's back this week.

Greg: Hello.

Andrew: Greg, it's been awhile.

Greg: Yeah, it has.

Andrew: I've been having fun promoting your website,, on the podcast. That's relax-backwards-studios-dot-com.

Greg: That it is. [laughs]

Jamie: Hey, Greg, wasn't I the first person to give you a reference for that website?

Greg: Yeah, yeah.

Jamie: Because someone mentioned it a few weeks ago, and I just remembered that. I think that was quite good. I think I called it a web design palace. Which is...

Greg: I believe you did. Yeah. It might actually still be on the website.

Jamie: Good, because that's what it is, a web design palace. So, go to for your - all your web design needs.

Andrew: That's relax backwards studios dot com.

Greg: You know what, the funny thing about that testimonial you gave me...

Jamie: Yeah.

Greg: that originally I asked Emerson to do it, but he refused.

Andrew: Aww.

Greg: And then you were my other guy to do that.

Jamie: I was your back-up? I was your back-up choice?

Greg: You were.

Jamie: Right, well, I take it all back now.

[Greg laughs]

Andrew: All right, things will definitely be awkward now for the next hour. Thanks for bringing that up, Greg.

Greg: Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that.

Micah: And I'm not back this week. I'm just here, I guess.

Andrew: Oh, Micah's here too. Forgot about that.

Micah: Thanks.

Andrew: Hey Micah.

Micah: Hey Andrew.

Jamie: This show hasn't started off that well, has it? It's sort of...

Andrew: I think it's been just fine.

Jamie: Yeah, but Greg telling me I'm a back-up, you thinking Micah wasn't here last week.

Andrew: Well, I have one more complaint to add to this intro real quick.

Jamie: Oh wow.

Andrew: I am not very impressed with how Jamie keeps my room clean. Not very happy about it.

Jamie: Well, yeah, but...

Andrew: But we'll get to that in a second. I'm Andrew Sims.

Jamie: Well that's fair enough, Andrew, because you know, I'm Jamie Lawrence.

Micah: I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Greg: I'm Greg Porter.

[Intro music continues to play]


Andrew: Micah Tannenbaum is in the MuggleCast News Center with the past week's top Harry Potter news stories. Hey Micah.

Micah: Thanks, Andrew.

Reports circulated online earlier this week saying that a hacker allegedly broke into a computer at Bloomsbury Publishing Place in London and managed to obtain a digital version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The hacker subsequently posted what he says are "key plot details" from the book on the Internet.

Bloomsbury has told us that "there is so much material on the Internet at the moment that people claim is from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but anyone can post anything on the Internet and we're not confirming or denying these rumors." Well, that's reassuring.

In a press release Thursday, Wal-Mart announced its plans regarding the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. All of Wal-Mart's 24-hour stores will be holding celebrations on July 20, which will include trivia challenges and giveaways.

Senior Vice President Andy Barron commented on the release, saying:

"Harry Potter book release weekends are very exciting for fans and we expect the July 20th weekend to make literary history... We are committed to the best price and plenty of copies, and want to create a purchase experience our customers will enjoy and remember that weekend."

On to movie news, the London radio station Capital 95.8 is reporting auditions will be held for two roles in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The producers of the sixth Potter film are looking for two young actors between the ages of 15 and 18 from the UK or Ireland to play Lavender Brown and young Tom Riddle. Auditions for Lavender will be held on Sunday, July 1st, while auditions for Tom will be on Sunday, July 8th, at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is scheduled to be released in the United States on November 21, 2008.

And a trailer for the IMAX version of the Order of the Phoenix movie has been posted on The trailer looks fantastic and contains some new shots from the film.

The official Order of the Phoenix press junket was held late last week and it was noted that in the original draft of the screenplay Order of the Phoenix, they had decided to remove a character from the story. Rowling read over the screenplay and said "I wouldn't do that if I were you," that they were free to do whatever they liked, of course, but "if you make a 7th movie you'll have tied your hands." Speculation is abound on what person or creature (no pun intended) was critical to the fifth film. We'll have a full report from the junket up early this week.

And tomorrow, Sunrise, a morning television breakfast show, will broadcast a story about the upcoming Harry Potter movie, with the official website quoting: "We go one-on-one with the stars from the latest Harry Potter installment." The show airs from 6-9 AM on Channel Seven in Australia. Plus, there are loads of new interviews with actors from the fifth movie available on

Finally, JK Rowling has updated her site indicating that the final WOMBAT results are "in the post." This means that we will find out how well we did on the third and final WOMBAT very soon.

That's all the news for this June 24th, 2007, edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show.

Andrew: Okay, thank you Micah.

Micah: Yep. Whoa.

Slow Tuesday

Andrew: Micah, it's been a slow news week.

Micah: Yeah, it has. Just a little bit. Not as crazy as last week, that's for sure.

Andrew: Then again, it's only Tuesday, so if something breaks later this week, we're in trouble.

Jamie: It's been a slow half week.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah. Exactly.

Jamie: It's been a slow two days.

Andrew: It's been a slow Tuesday. It's a slow Tuesday.

Jamie: But Andrew, Andrew, going back to the - actually, two points. You just said, "A slow Tuesday." Why does everyone pick Tuesday as the slow day when they...

Andrew: Because today's Tuesday.

Jamie: No, no no, but everyone does it. Like, I once read a Chuck Norris quote that said that he calls something a slow Tuesday. Tuesday just seems to be a slow day in general, because everyone picks it for their slow anecdotes.

Andrew: Because maybe it goes with slow Tuesday. I don't know.

Jamie: Oh, that's pretty good actually. That's definitely it. [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs]

Greg: Well, it's Tuesday, it's not Monday. It's not Wednesday even. Wednesday's a bit more fun than Tuesday. What do you do on Tuesdays.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah, you're right because Monday is the start of the week and anything can happen in a week, but by Tuesday you've realized 'no, it's just my boring, sad old life again,' and that's when...

Micah: Hey, hey, hey. I actually get to work from home on Tuesday's, for me, it goes by a lot faster.

Andrew: And I used to have Web Club on Tuesdays.

Jamie: Well that is an exception to the rule I think...

Andrew: And that was an exciting day.

Jamie: That's the exception to the rule. For those of you who have boring lives, you know.?

Andrew: And Wednesday's is Hump day. So, like, it's the middle of the week.

Jamie: I'm sorry... It's what?

Andrew: Hump Day. It's called Hump Day.

Jamie: I won't lie. I don't think I've ever heard that before. Is that just an American thing?

Andrew: Hump Day. It's in the middle of the week because it's hard to get up the hump, but then by Wednesday...

Jamie: Andrew, I think you should stop now.

Andrew: No! I'm being serious. I'm being serious. Get your mind out of the gutter. You go down the hill...

Greg: How can you get your mind out of the gutter when you're talking like that...

Andrew: And the second half of the week.

Jamie: When you're talking like this...

Andrew: Because it's Hump day.

Jamie: But, but, but...

Greg: It's Hump day obviously, Andrew. Is this G-Rated enough for this show?

Andrew: Yeah, we have to keep this show G-Rated. This is a family podcast.

Jamie: Andrew...

[Andrew laughs]

Greg: Kids, it's Hump like a camel. Hump like a camel.

Jamie: Exactly.

Andrew: That's what I meant.

Jamie: Some of us are lying in the gutter. Actually, I screwed that up. All of us are lying in the gutter, and some of us are looking at the stars.

Andrew: I don't know what that's from.

Jamie: It's a quote. It's a quote. Everyone -It's the standard AIM profile quote.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh, okay.

Jamie: That everyone has had at one point in there life. I think I might have it now actually. So, uh.

Andrew: It's actually pretty weird recording setup now. Jamie's actually here, but he's in my basement because we couldn't find the headphone splitter. [laughs]

Jamie: Yeah, so...I was banished to the Netherworld, and it's freezing down here. I'm about to freeze, if I go half way through.

Tangent: Other Packs

Andrew: I think we are going to start out a Cucumber Pack in order to raise enough money to get a real studio.

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: That would be fun.

Jamie: It's awesome, and from vegetables, we go onto fruits and then to meats and...

Greg: Pastrami Pack.

Jamie: Exactly.

Andrew: [laughs] Pastrami Pack?

Jamie: That's going to be a good one.

Andrew: Oh, Greg. Okay, well, back to what we were saying. It was...

Greg: What were we saying..?

Andrew: It was a slow week.

Jamie: That's it.

Order of the Phoenix Soundtrack

Andrew: Something about news and it got to Hump day, and I don't know. Whatever. Jamie, everyone, It's been a pretty slow news week, but there was one thing that came out right before we released Episode 95: Hell Froze Over. Order of the Phoenix Soundtrack samples. All 18 songs were released in small little previews.

Jamie: Yes.

Andrew: There's a 13 second clip of each on a website called Warner Brothers, of course, Soundtrack dot net this preview, and it's a great sneak peak because not only does it give you clips, but soundtrack dot net listened to each one very carefully and basically reviewed each preview. So, do you guys want to go over a couple of the songs that we thought were pretty interesting?

Greg: Why not?

Jamie: Well, I know what I wanted to talk about specifically was 12: The Death of Sirius. What I thought was it combined sort of, and I'm going to sounds ridiculous here, but it combined sort of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and hyped them up into one big thing and I was reminded of The Fellowship of the Ring when Frodo was running away from The Nascol and he jumped onto the boat, and then sailed away to the Prancing Pony inn, and it was very- I don't know because I always pictured that scene as being silent because Sirius falls down, you hear him scream, and that's it. And then Harry starts screaming, so it's going to be weird to see that to music, but I think it is really good piece of music and it is going to build up. And I can hear everyone listening to it now. [laughs]

[Song clip plays]

Andrew: It sounds like this, right?

Jamie: Yes.

Andrew: Yeah. That's it. Okay.

Andrew: Yeah, we are playing it right now as everyone can hear. Yeah, so that was a good one. My favorite one, though, most different. It was strange. It was weird, I can't picture it for Harry Potter, but this is just what-- I forgot his name... This is what Nicholas Hooper is creating with this new soundtrack, this new fresh mix on Harry Potter and I really like it. The first song: Fireworks. Which I assume...

[Song clip starts to play]

Andrew: from when Fred and George start causing trouble.

[Song clip fades]

Jamie: That does sound very, very good.

Andrew: Yeah, it's...

Greg: I love that guitar in there.

Andrew: Yeah, it's got a guitar!

Greg: Dude, that's...

Andrew: Have you ever heard a Harry Potter song with a guitar in it?

Greg: No. That's awesome...

Andrew: Besides our intro.

[Greg chuckles]

Greg: It's very upbeat.

Andrew: it is...

Micah: You know...

Andrew: I like it.

Micah: You know what I was kind of wondering, though? Was that when the drums sort of get louder and louder, are those the proclamations that start to smash?

Andrew: Maybe. Yeah, that's a good point. I didn't even think of that. We're playing it right now. But yeah, it's a great song; I really like it. And I almost thought maybe we should steal it and use it for MuggleCast. [laughs]

Jamie: Now, that would be good. It does...

Andrew: Because I think it fits with the rest of the show.

Jamie: What? That we're zany and upbeat and we have a guitar playing, you know? And we're all scene.

Andrew: Whoa! Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah, yeah. Let's do that. I like it.

Andrew: Exactly.

Jamie: It is a really nice piece of music, though. It really is.

Andrew: It is. And I'm very impressed with Nicholas Hooper now. I mean, this is some good stuff that he's got on this album, here. There's one other one that I want to talk about. All these really encompass the theme of the novel and the movie.

[Music starts]

Andrew: But this is Umbridge's Theme.

[Umbridge's Theme plays]

Andrew: So it's sort of like this little, like, waltzy...

Jamie: It is. Very...

Greg: Yeah...

Andrew: Sort of, you know, Umbridge...

Greg: Sickly sweet, you know?

Andrew: Yes.

Jamie: It is very sickly sweet. Pomp and Circumstancy.

Andrew: Yeah, and I can just picture her walking down one of the corridors with this music playing in the background.

Jamie: With her frilly collar going everywhere.

Greg: And with that ungodly smile she has in the trailer.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And then, what other ones? Oh, The Sacking of Trelawney, I love. I can just picture her walking out of the school with this music.

[The Sacking of Trelawney plays]

Andrew: It's...

Jamie: It's very..,

Andrew: It's so good.

Jamie: ...subdued. Extremely subdued, though.

Andrew: Yeah. It's so slow and so depressing.

Greg: Yeah.

Jamie: I wonder if that marks like a turning point in the film. Where, you know, before then it's more upbeat, and then after that...

Andrew: Pretty fast.

Jamie: Yeah, it's just...

Andrew: Yeah, it really slows down. I was thinking, maybe she's walking out of the school really slow. Because I mean, that's really slow.

Jamie: She could be. Yeah, it is very slow.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Jamie: Very slow.

Andrew: Let's see, what else do we have here? We have The Kiss You guys want to hear The Kiss music?

[Greg laughs]

Micah: No.

[Jamie laughs]

[The Kiss plays]

Jamie: It's very Snow White-y.

Micah: Yeah. I was going to say, it sounds Disney-like.

Jamie: It is very Disney-like.

Andrew: It is. It is. I guess because it's magical, because it's their first kiss.

Jamie: But, it isn't - I mean, it's a very special scene, but it isn't a magical scene. Because, it isn't as though Harry then proposes to her. And they dance off into the sunset, holding hands. It's, you know, it's just an exploration of who they are, more than anything. It isn't like a big, big, big thing in the series as a whole.

Andrew: Right.

Jamie: And I'm sure that you could argue that, yeah, it teaches Harry the importance of love and friendship and all that kind of thing. But it is just a kiss when it comes down to it.

Andrew: Yeah. And then there's...

Jamie: I sounded so heartless then. But...

Andrew: No, that was nice. That was nice. Good explanation.

Jamie: Oh, thank you very much.

Andrew: And then there is The Journey to Hogwarts. Which is basically like Hedwig's Theme remixed. It's pretty good.

[The Journey to Hogwarts plays]

Andrew: So, it's like a more triumphant...

Jamie: It is.

Andrew: Hagrid's - [laughs] Hagrid's. Hedwig's Theme [laughs]

Jamie: The entire, sort of, score. Although it's very sort of, you know, energetic and powerful, it's very subdued as well. Which could be, sort of, the theme of the movie as well. You know, there's deaths in this one. Just like in the last movie. But you know, this one sort of marks a change in the Harry Potter books as a whole. In that it all goes downhill from here. Kind of.

Andrew: Yeah. That's a good point. In the article on it says, and this was my favorite part of that song, Another Story, it's called, "..the horns never get to finish - instead it transitions into piano and some distant atmosphere..." So, it's sort of like the song never finishes. Hedwig's Theme, in the [sings] Do-do-do Do-do-doo.

Jamie: So, you mean likeHedwig's Theme will continue forever more? Which is probably a nod to John Williams as well as well as the Harry Potter movies as well.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah, if we want to look at it that deep. [laughs]

Jamie: Well, that's what we do here.

Andrew: It is.

Greg: I do enjoy the way the reuse music in these movies.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Definitely.

Greg: It kind of ties them together.

Andrew: Well you have to have Hedwig's Theme. That's a given

Jamie: It's a staple part of the score, yeah.

Andrew: Everything else seems pretty original. Of course you can go on and find the story on the front page, and also on the Order of the Phoenix section of the website. Overall, a great preview. I don't think we've gotten this from Warner Brothers in the past. I know AOL hosted a music listening party.

Greg: Indeed.

Andrew: Maybe there will be something like that. Overall, Nicholas Hooper? I'm liking him.

Jamie: Thumbs up, definitely.

Andrew: Thumbs up to Nick Hooper.

Micah: Hoopie.


Andrew: All right, so moving on now. We have a couple of announcements. We want to remind everyone to vote for us at Podcast Alley. It's being going very well over there. Also, Jamie...

Jamie: Yes?

Andrew: Micah, myself, and I - and Ben. Micah, myself, and I? That didn't make sense.

Jamie: Andrews coming twice to this thing.

Andrew: Jamie, you, me, Micah, and Ben will be at Enlightening 2007, July 12th to the 15th.

Jamie: We certainly will.

Andrew: We're going to be doing a little lesson on podcasting, right?

Jamie: Yeah, we will. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to teach just yet, but I'll work on it before then, and hopefully I can give some sort of tip.

Micah: Teach how to come up with all your jokes.

Jamie: Yeah, well for that you have to bring a computer, and you have to have Google...

Micah: Don't tell people now or else they won't come.

Jamie: I'm not...

Andrew: Then they won't come!

Jamie: No, no, no, no, no! You think it's just a case of bringing up Google and typing it out, but there's a distinct, sort of step-by-step sort of way of finding the best one. There are certain sites you avoid, certain sites you go to, certain boullian searches you use on Google. It isn't just a case of typing it in, what do you think I am?

Greg: Oh!

Andrew: Makes sense, makes sense. All right, I guess we got the wrong impression from Jamie. I just assumed he typed in "funny jokes" and...

Jamie: It's probably that, yeah. It's about that, but...

Andrew: But then also at Enlightening 2007 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the University of Pennsylvania, there will be Premiere Fest, where we will be doing a live podcast, and it's also going to be featuring some wizard rock bands, including the Moaning Myrtles, the Hungarian Horntails, DJ Luna Lovegood, and the Cedric Diggorys. Plus there is going to be a lot more going on there. There's going to be fanfiction reading, fan art, stuff like that. Premiere Fest is on July 13th. It's going to be an evening-live podcast. Premiere Fest is called Premiere Fest because it was the night the movie is released, but of course the movie release date was changed, so that sort of fell through. So, here's still going to be a lot going on at Premiere Fest; it's going to be a great time. We will be there. We're going to be hanging out with everyone.

Jamie: So be there. It's going to be absolutely awesome, we're going to have a great time.

Andrew: Right, for more information go to You can purchase premiere fest tickets if you're not already going to Enlightening 2007. The cost is pretty cheap, so we will see you there. Also, another big convention, Jamie, Prophecy.

Jamie: And this will be the convention to end all conventions, I'm told.

Andrew: It really is the one to end all conventions, because it's going to be huge. I mean, Ben's been on this book tour - Greg you have a little story about that - but Ben's been on this book tour, and he says that every place he goes to...

Jamie: There's people talking about Prophecy.

Andrew: There's people going to Prophecy, yeah. It's unbelievable. So that's a huge convention going on August 2nd through the 5th.

Jamie: There are more people going to Prophecy than are on MySpace right now, and that is a lot of people.

Andrew: I didn't know that. Is that true?

Jamie: Yep.

Andrew: I didn't know that.

Jamie: There are one hundred and eighty million sign-ups for Prophecy, and Myspace is only like one hundred and sixty million, so...

Andrew: All going to the Sheridan in Toronto.

Jamie: Yeah. It's going to be a bit of a squeeze, but we're all friends, you know. Harry Potter fans are all friends. We'll be able to do it easily. It's fine.

Andrew: Yeah, we're all tight. No pun intended. So the live Podcast there, along with our friends at Leaky and PotterCast, will be on Saturday at 12 a.m.

[Greg laughs]

Andrew: So technically it's Friday night. It's going to be a midnight podcast, which is pretty cool. It'll be dark.

Jamie: No, really? [laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] Thank you.

Jamie: Sorry. Zing.

Andrew: Zing. And that one will be a lot of fun as well. Also, we're working on a couple live shows. By a couple I mean a few, and by a few I mean...

Jamie: Many.

Andrew: Many. [laughs] We're finalizing details right now, and we announce to do that soon. Let's put it this way, well - actually I was going to say it's not on the West Coast, but it is on the West Coast. We're going to be hitting up many locations in the United States.

Jamie: We are.

Andrew: If this all works out. It's almost all finalized. Hopefully we will have more details next week on episode 97. So look for that if you're anywhere in the US, definitely plan to be seeing us in late July. I'll say that, okay?

Jamie: Yep. And also...

Andrew: And also, also oh, as for the book release, we're not so sure about that yet, right, Micah? [laughs]

Micah: Yeah, we're still working some things out, but it seems like three places are probably the best shot for us, right?

Andrew: Yeah, we're looking at three places right now.

Micah: We can't reveal...

Andrew: We've narrowed it down to three.

Micah: ...their locations.

Andrew: Well I'm going to give away one.

Jamie: But it's not Antarctica.

Andrew: I'm going to give away one.

Micah: Well...

Jamie: Well, it could be. We do need to do one from there at some point.

Micah: Yeah, the penguins feel neglected, so...

[Jamie and Andrew laugh]

Andrew: I'll give away one. We're considering a live show all right Jamie, go ahead you tell the people.

Jamie: I well, we're considering two main locations. It's a throw up between Congo and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Andrew: We picked those two locations because they're very central to where our audiences are. There's a big focus of listeners in those two areas.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: It's a nice place to do a podcast.

Jamie: Both are, in fact, both are. So it's a tough call for which one we're going to do for the main podcast.

Andrew: Yeah, we used the Pickle Pack money to fly out there and scout out locations.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: We found a few and so we're working on that. Hopefully next week we'll know more. There are a couple other locations.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: But we're leaning towards Congo and...

Jamie: And...

Andrew: ...whatever that Yugoslavia one was.

Jamie: Yeah, and we bought, using the Pickle Pack money again, a lovely sort of a villa there complete with five swimming pools. So after the podcast, you can all come and hang out there with us and we'll party it up into the night.

Andrew: You have to pay for a Cucumber Pack...

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: ...first.

Jamie: You do have to have the Cucumber pack and Grape Pack.

Andrew: Grape Pack.

Jamie: Yes.

Andrew: I like that one. [laughs] And what was the one you had Greg?

Jamie: Strawberry Pack.

[Andrew laughs]

Greg: Oh what was that? Pastrami Pack?

Andrew: Oh, [laughs] Pastrami Pack.

[Jamie and Andrew laugh]

Jamie: Pastrami Pack, yeah and the...

Greg: Eventually we'll have a whole sandwich.

Jamie: Yeah, we will.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Filet Mignon pack, that's going to be the platinum plus one.

Greg: Oh that's delicious.

Andrew: Collect all ten.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Guys, why do we make fun of ourselves?

Jamie: I don't know, why do we make fun of ourselves?

Andrew: I don't think we should be doing this, this gets me down. Oh, and then also Episode 100 is creeping up very soon. I think it's just going to be an all-around party.

Micah: Yep.

Jamie: Yeah, all day.

Andrew: Here, what should we should we set up a poll - no. What should we do? I think we should do something where we send we ask people to email in their favorite moments from the show and read them?

Jamie: No, no...

Andrew: Their favorite moments.

Jamie: No, re-enact them. See if their better the second time around.

Andrew: We should re-enact them?

Jamie: Yeah.

[Andrew laughs]

Andrew: Should we do that?

Jamie: Well, yeah. I don't mind. It probably isn't the best idea because it won't be funny because you know things...

Andrew: Well, if it's not going to be funny.

Jamie: You know things aren't as funny the second time around, probably.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: But we could try or we could just do a pole where people send in their thoughts of what they want us to do for Episode 100.

Andrew: To do for the future.

Jamie: Well, no just for Episode 100.

Andrew: Well, people have we already told people to e-mail...

Jamie: I knew that.

Andrew: Nobody really gave...

Jamie: I did know that.

Andrew: Nobody really gave...

Jamie: I was just testing.

Andrew: ...any good ideas that really stood out.

Jamie: Oh really.

Andrew: I was just like, Oh forget it.

Jamie: Ok, well we could keep that open a bit longer, and we could set up a pole listing a few ideas and people could vote for the one. You know, it should be a very special one, 100, centurian.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah so we have been getting ideas, keep them coming, and I'm sure what we'll all do, we'll all get sentimental, we'll all be hugging.

Jamie: Yes, we will be hugging.

Andrew: And stuff.

Greg: E-hugging.

Andrew: E-hugging.

Jamie: We will be hugging, yeah; it's going to be a sentimental moment.

Andrew: Yeah, actually a few of us will be together when Episode 100 occurs, so we'll all be personal, actually hugging each other, so...

Listener Rebuttal: Town on JKR's Website

Anyway let's move on to rebuttals this week, the first one, quick one, from Lindsey 16 in New Jersey, no I did not pull this one out.

Micah: I did.

Jamie: Ohhh.

Andrew: Micah did.

Micah: So you can't blame Andrew.

Jamie: Oh so there's a...

Micah: East coast...

Jamie: East coast corruption going on.

Micah: ...power.

Andrew: Favoritism.

Jamie: Wow.

Andrew: It reads, "I just noticed today that if you look out the window on JK Rowling's website, it looks like the town that Harry, Ron, and Hermione are flying over in the deluxe cover." Ummm...interesting.

Jamie: Does it? Or because I haven't checked it.

Andrew: I don't think it really it sort of does. Micah what...

Micah: A couple people sent that in.

Andrew: you think? Oh.

Micah: I don't know. It's a little too hard to tell. I can't really see much from what she has there. I always thought those red things were flowers that were growing outside but...

Jamie: [lauhs] As opposed...

Micah: ...that shows you how much I know.

Jamie: As opposed to houses, they do look similar, Micah, I can understand...

Micah: Yeah, don't you.

Andrew: You thought they were flowers.

Greg: you could get confused.

Jamie: What I'd say about this is that it could be because Jo loves double entendres: something that means one thing and in other words can mean something else. So I think she'd go in for that. You know, two pictures, one here slightly turned around and one on the cover, and then it's up to us to realize that the significance in what the mean together.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: If they mean anything, unless it's just a red herring. And this is just oh, and also, last time I was on this show, or a couple of times before, I said quite blatantly that there were no towns or villages in England that look like that cover. And I'd now like to apologize in the strongest sense, because I got a lot of [laughs] e-mails saying that there were, especially in Scotland.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: So, it shows what a big fan I am of my own country. But I think it's a very good point and it could be important, it's just up to us to figure out - everyone just to figure out what it could mean.

Andrew: Yeah, it would be pretty cool if J.K. Rowling did throw in a little something like that.

Jamie: It would. It really would, yeah.

Andrew: However it was Mary GrandPre who came up with this artwork to begin with, so. Unless she did J.K. Rowling did come up with that setting in her mind, put it on her website, then told Mary GrandPre to I don't know.

Micah: Well I'm sure Mary GrandPre has been on the website, too.

Andrew: Well, yeah.

[Andrew and Jamie laugh]

Andrew: Mary GrandPre was like, "Hmm, how am I gonna draw this? Oh, there's a picture."

Micah: Yeah, there's definitely - they don't look like flowers at all.

Jamie: Who wrote these books? I can't remember. [laughs]

Andrew: They actually kind of do to me. I, is it just my preference?

Micah: It depends on how you look at it I guess, I don't know.

Andrew: Well they are houses because at night they light up.

Jamie: No, they could just be fake flowers with LEDs in them or something.

Andrew: That light up.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Good point, good point. Any other thoughts?

Micah: It looks like there's a church there though.

Greg: I don't know, I think it's - I mean, how much planning does J.K. Rowling really put into that, of her website as opposed with her book covers. I mean, it just seems like a fan noticing things too much.

Andrew: Right.

Greg: Happens a lot.

Andrew: Yeah, well thanks anyway Lindsay for the - well, thank you Lindsay for the feedback.

Greg: That's my personal no conclusions theory.

[Andrew and Jamie laugh]

Jamie: And Greg, that's what we're here for, so well done.

[Andrew and Jamie laugh]

Jamie: I like it very much.

Listener Rebuttal: Bellatrix's Wording

Andrew: The next rebuttal comes from Will Stone, 12, of Gastonia, North Carolina. He writes:

Hey MuggleCast! Love the show more than any other podcasts.

Aw well thank you.

Jamie: Thank you.

Andrew: To tell the truth, I really thought all podcasts were really boring, but then came your show, and that changed my philosophy.

Andrew: Well, thank you again. However, I would recommend - never mind. So, anyway, I was reading back over 'Order of the Phoenix' and read what Bellatrix said to Voldemort when he appeared in the Ministry. She said: "I was fighting the animagus Black...Master, you should know...he is here...he is below." My question/theory is does Bellatrix know something about the Veil that we don't?

Jamie: Oh, that's brilliant.

Andrew: Could Sirius still be alive? This has probably been asked before but I haven't heard it so, thanks..

Jamie: That's a really good point.

Jamie: I mean, when I first read that I thought she meant he is below as in he is down on the level, you know, that is below the Atrium, the one they're on now. But I guess below could be a synonym for the, you know, sorry, a metaphor for like the other world, the netherworld where Sirius is now. But, I'm not too sure if it means he could be alive, it could just be that he, as in what he stands for is in the other world. So, he could be dead and still in the other world rather than alive in the - but he could be alive.

Andrew: Well,l so the veil takes, if we were to believe Will's theory here, that would mean that the veil takes you somewhere below, under the ground.

Jamie: No, no, no, no.

Andrew: Or could it be a secret level?

Jamie: No, no, no, I think by below he means that below as in two different things. One world and then a second world. Not that the veil is a transporter to take you in this world to a different place lower underground.

Andrew: Oh.

Jamie: But he is below our world. Like if you were talking about in Lord of the Rings, if you're talking about people who in the Ringwrathe world and you just said that they're there. By there you just mean a different - okay that doesn't make sense, but by this thing you could mean that they're in a difference place from where you are now. So, you know, and if two people understand that reference then it doesn't have to mean what everyone else takes it to mean.

Andrew: Right.

Jamie: And Jo loves these double meanings, so I think it's a really good theory.

Andrew: Right. Well, that's what I was thinking, it sort of relates to the prophecy because wasn't there one line we were talking about where it might have a double meaning?

Jamie: Yeah, we were talking about when the prophecy - the line that says "the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches" and at that moment Snape was walking towards the room.

Andrew: Mmmm.

Jamie: So, approaches means, you know?

Andrew: Oh my god.

Jamie: His birth was coming, imminent, and it could also mean that, you know, someone was walking towards where the prophecy was being made. I think that is one of the best things I have ever heard in my life, ever.

Andrew: That is very good, that's very good.

Jamie: I wake up every morning just to hear that. Go on.

[Andrew and Greg laugh]

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