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MuggleCast 99 Transcript (continued)

Dumbledore's Leave From Hogwarts

Andrew: That just reminded me, Jamie. Another great scene is when Dumbledore's getting out of his office when the Ministry comes after him.

Jamie: Oh, he's so cool.

Andrew: That's another fantastic Dumbledore scene, especially when Kingsley Shacklebolt says, I can't remember the exact line, but he says, "Dumbledore's got style" and that was so - it was perfect!

Emerson: See, I enjoyed that scene, but that was one of my favorite scenes in all the books, and there was a couple of lines in there that I really wish they would have fit in there.

Ben: Yeah.

Emerson: Like when he's talking to Dawlish and he's saying, you know, "I'm sure you were a fine Auror and you did well on your N.E.W.T.s, blah, blah, blah," and then he was basically like, "Don't make me hurt you."

Jamie: Yeah.

Emerson: "Because I'm Dumbledore and you're not!" Why couldn't they have put that in there? Oh, that was such a good conversation.

Ben: Now, I hate to go back to Richard Harris, but I was thinking about the one moment that made him Dumbledore for me. No, I was thinking about how in the Department of - in Dumbledore's office when he disappears from the Minister of Magic and all of them. In that moment, I think Dumbledore has to have that aura about him like, you know, "You're not going to mess with me!" And I don't think he did that that well. But in Chamber of Secrets when, you know, the writing on the wall, the heir of Slytherin or whatever, when Richard Harris walks up to that.

Andrew: Mhm.

Ben: I think he has it then. At that moment, I got the chills then.

Jamie: I thought Gambon was amazing in there, that he just winked. He knew what was going to happen, like he planned it for ages, he knew exactly what was going to go down and he knew who was going to be there, what was going to happen and Fawkes knew what was going on, you know? I just felt like he had a glint in his eye, he knew that he planned everything, and he knew what was going to happen.

"I Must Not Tell Lies"

Emerson: Another line from the movie that was just too cool to exist was when the centaurs were carrying off Umbridge. [imitates] "I'm sorry, Professor, I must not tell lies."

[Audience cheers]

Ben: Yeah, that was really good.

Emerson: Yes.

Ben: So.


Andrew: There was – oh, McGonagall also has a good role in the films here. Unfortunately...

Ben: No, they killed her, though. They killed her, basically.

Andrew: Well.

Ben: Because she was supposed to be stronger than she was.

Andrew: She was pretty strong.

Ben: She acted like Umbridge had her number.

Andrew: She stood up to Umbridge, but I think it's a shame that you didn't see her play a nicer role. She was always extremely frustrated in this movie, whenever she was on camera. Which is sort of a shame, but I guess that puts across the point that nobody at Hogwarts was really happy about what Umbridge was doing.

Ben: I wish she would have gotten blasted like she does in the book. That would have been cool.

[Audience laughs]

Emerson: You know, if you think about how critical we are of these movies, and how much - to what level we hold the producers of these films at, and the fact that we criticize the tiniest, most inconsequential things compared to what most filmgoers look at, you got to admit, they're doing a pretty good job.

Jamie: Yeah, they are.

Emerson: We're a tough crowd, I think. We're a pretty tough crowd.

Ben: Now, guys, eight days from now. Awww.

A Week Until Book 7

Emerson: I have a question, actually. I've been asking myself this a lot lately. Do I actually want the seventh book to come out a week from now?

[Mixed responses from the audience]

Emerson: I don't know! I think everyone – how could you want it to come out, but at the same time, how could you not want it to? Bittersweet.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: I do want to talk about one thing, there's a new interview with J.K. – you okay?

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: You okay down there?

Ben: She could tell it was about to be funny.

Rowling's Thoughts On Book 7

Andrew: [laughs] You totally broke my setup now. There was a new interview with J.K. Rowling today. Well, part of it, J.K. Rowling says, "Some people loathe it, they will absolutely loathe it. For some people to love it, other people must loathe it, that's just in the nature of the plot." She also said, "I'm really, really happy with it." Oh my god. O-M-G. So, why would people hate this book? I guess that means really important characters are dying.

Jamie: Yeah, exactly.

Andrew: Like Harry.

Emerson: No! No!

[Audience boos and shouts, "No!"]

Emerson: Nope. Nope. Nope.

Jamie: You can't write a good book about a war of good verses evil, you know, it's going to be sad the entire time. So it doesn't mean automatically that Harry dies, it could just be that some major characters die. It's going to be a sad book, anyway.

How Will It End?

Ben: I think it's going to end in a way that we're all left happy. I don't think – I think there's going to be a sense of closure at the end of the book, because that's what she's aimed to do all these years. I don't think we're going to end it and be, you know, "Oh my gosh, why didn't she..." - no. I think we'll be happy with it. I trust her.

Emerson: When I read that line, I actually - for a second there, I stopped and I was like, oh man, what happens if I finish the book and - it's never happened before, but what if I'm actually disappointed?

Andrew: You can't be, though!

Ben: I thought he was going to say, "What if I'm wrong?"

Emerson: That line just scared me, it got me thinking, you know, what if I went out after seven books on a bad note? What would happen to me? I would just like, combust, I think.

[Audience laughs]

Ben: No, Emerson, Emerson, I have a question for you. See Emerson and I had a book tour, we went all over the United States promoting our book, What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7. Thanks to all of you for buying it, that was great, we love you all.

[Audience cheers]

Ben: But every single tour stop we went to, Emerson would say, "Raise your hand if you think Harry is going to die" and go ahead, raise your hand if you think Harry is going to die. Emerson?

Emerson: Wrong.

Andrew: Good.

Ben: Yeah, see?

Andrew: Good.

Ben: He has publicly humiliated so many people.

[Andrew and Ben laugh]

Jamie: No, no, no.

Ben: I'm curious, I'm curious, Emerson. If Harry does die, what will you do for these fans? All these fans that you've embarrassed, that you destroyed?

Jamie: I have a bet, Em, a food bet that I have to make, so if you want to join in with me and we can do it together.

Emerson: I'll eat food.

Ben: Jamie has to eat 50 sausages.

Emerson: See, you know what I'll do, Ben?

Jamie: He's not going to die, so it doesn't matter.

Emerson: I'll probably just move on with my life. We're making predictions about a book. We're bound to be wrong about some of them. So...

Ben: No, but you've been guaranteeing, like, the Emerson Spartz guarantee.

Emerson: Yeah, it's more fun that way.

Andrew: [Laughs] Yeah.

Micah: And pay Chris Rankin 10 dollars.

Emerson: Oh, yeah, I'll owe Chris Rankin 10 dollars, too, because he bet me 10 dollars that Harry was going to die, but...

Ben: It was pounds, dude.

Andrew: Pounds, yeah.

Emerson: Aw man, that's like...

Micah: Twenty bucks.

Emerson: ...twenty bucks!

Andrew: You're going to be broke.

Emerson: I'm going to be living the life!

Ben: He wouldn't have done it then.

[Emerson laughs]

Is Harry Going To Win?

Ben: Now, Micah, Micah. Is Harry going to win?

Micah: Is he going to win?

Ben: Yeah, is Harry going to win? Are the good guys going to do it?

Andrew: I think that's a better question to ask. Not if he's going to live or die, is going to win, because he might have to kill himself to win. A sacrifice!

Jamie: But how does Harry win? What situation would be Harry winning? Voldemort vanquished?

Andrew: Well, see...

Ben: I think winning would be Voldemort being gone.

Andrew: Right.

Jamie: No, because Voldemort could be gone, and all of his friends and all of his family, you know, could die, so that wouldn't be a happy ending; that would just be Voldemort gone. Which is not happy, it's just just.

Ben: No, I said Harry winning, I didn't say it would be happy. [Audience laughs] I just said Harry was going to win.

Jamie: Well, Ben, if I killed the most famous dark wizard of all time, but all my friends and all my family died, I wouldn't think that I was winning at that time, I'm not going to lie.

[Audience laughs]

Ben: So...

Jamie: I'm not sure about you, but not me.

Ben: Philosophical differences between me and the Brit here.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Does that conclude our discussion on that for now?

David Heyman

Andrew: Overall, everyone liked it, round of applause for David Heyman and the crew.

[Audience claps and cheers]

Andrew: David Heyman, Emerson, the producer of the movies, really, really is a fan of MuggleNet, isn't he? Everyone saw the interview?

Emerson: Yeah, he actually - at the premiere, he kind of went on for a while about how he - because I told him that I was very happy - I told him that as a representative of the fans, that I thought he was being a wonderful steward of our series, our beloved books, and he seemed like he was almost on the verge of crying because he really, really wants us to be happy. He wants to do justice to these books. And then he started talking about how they use the website all the time to find out what you guys think about all the changes that they're making. So, I think David Heyman really is a great guy who means well, and I'm really glad that he is the one making decisions.

Andrew: Yeah. It was interesting because he said he reads, he watches, and he listens on the site, which made me sort of think that he listens to the podcast for some reviews sometimes. So, hopefully, he doesn't listen to this one, because this one's harsh.

[Audience laughs]

Ben: If you're listening, Dave, you did a wonderful job.

[Andrew laughs]

Emerson: I don't know, I just went on, like, a 25-minute long David Heyman love speech, so I wouldn't mind him listening to this one.

Micah: Yeah.

Ben: That, and - he is planning on staying on for all seven films, by the way.

Andrew: Yeah.

David Yates And Movie 7 Director Possibilities

Ben: So expect better things to come, and David Yates is going to do the sixth film, so.

Andrew: That's a good thing I think because we haven't seen one director direct two films in a row since Chris Columbus so I think that's really...

Ben: It'll be good to see what take he has.

Jamie: Yeah, it will.

Andrew: Yeah, after already directing Order of the Phoenix, and he wasn't too sure about the final film because he said he'll probably be dead by that point. Because it's a huge production, it really is.

Emerson: How awesome would it be if we got Peter Jackson to direct seven?

[Audience cheers]

Andrew: That'd be unreal.

Emerson: How cool would that be?

Andrew: Have there been interviews with him? Somebody must have talked to him.

Ben: Yeah, I think someone has asked him before, haven't they?

Jamie: Every director has thought about it, haven't they?

Andrew: Probably.

Jamie: They've been like, "Well, I wouldn't mind doing it."

Emerson: They wouldn't have to ask Peter Jackson.

Ben: What about Spielberg?

Emerson: He should just say, "I want to do this," and they'd be like, "Okay, Peter!"

[Audience laughs]

Emerson: And we haven't read the book yet, so maybe, like, King Kong is in the book, and then it'd be sweet because he already has experience with that guy.

Jamie: They should remake them all after the seventh one has come out. They should remake them with a different director each time, but like some of the mainstream ones like you just said. I want to see Spielberg do one and two, then Jackson do three and four.

Ben: Then M. Night Shyamalan do five and six.

Jamie: Five and six.

[Audience laughs]

Ben: George Lucas.

Andrew: George Lucas, Tim Burton.

Jamie: Yeah, yeah.

Andrew: Tim Burton, he's, oh god, awesome.

Jamie: Yeah, Tim Burton, and Johnny Depp could be, like, Dumbledore.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Oh, yeah, who would Johnny Depp play?

Jamie: Dumbledore.

Emerson: You know what, actually, I could have seen Johnny Depp as? Now, I think Gary Oldman is the perfect Sirius...

Jamie: Yeah, Johnny Depp, yeah.

Emerson: But if Johnny Depp was Sirius, that'd be pretty cool.

Andrew: Johnny Depp would do good, yeah!

Jamie: That'd be awesome.

Emerson: I think the three best Sirius' in the entire world would be Johnny Depp, Gary Oldman, and Viggo Mortensen.

Jamie: Yeah.

[Audience cheers]

Emerson: I always, always - when I was reading the books, I saw Viggo Mortensen as Sirius. You know, the shaggy black hair, the dark brooding manner.

Ben: Oh, is he the dude from Lord of the Rings?

Jamie: Yeah, Aragorn.

Ben: Yeah, I always saw him too, yeah. Yeah, that's who I thought of.

Jamie: It wouldn't work now because he‘s Aragorn, with that hair, but you know. You could cross the books over, or something.

Making The Connection: The Building

Andrew: Okay, let's move on to a MuggleCast segment that we do pretty often. Well, Jamie started this on the show a few weeks ago and it has become a big hit because it's pretty fun. I don't even think you know what I am talking about.

Jamie: Make The Connection?

Andrew: Oh yeah, yeah.

[Audience cheers]

Jamie: I don't know if - it's up to you guys if you want me to do it these people up here and I'll be significantly harsher or if you want to come up and make the connection.

Andrew: I think you guys should do it down here. For anyone who thinks - who plays it at home.

Jamie: Plays it at home.

Andrew: Anyone who plays it at home along with the show.

Jamie: Interactively.

Andrew: This girl right here, you want to come up here real quick.

[Audience cheers]

Andrew: You want to explain to people how it works?

Jamie: Okay, okay. Make The Connection, because we talk about Harry Potter a lot on the podcast, we need some sort of light relief. So Make The Connection is, I'll say like, you have to make the connection between Harry Potter and the most random thing in the world ever. So, it can just be - some of the stuff we've come up with has just been ridiculous. So, I have to ask you if you want a tough one or if you want an easy one. Audience Member: Um, do medium?

Jamie: Do a medium, okay.

Andrew: Well first, what's your name and where are you from?

Amy: Amy from West Chester, PA.

Andrew: Wearing a fantastic MuggleCast t-shirt ladies and gentlemen.

Amy: I'm in Pickle Pack!

[Audience cheers]

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Okay, so in producing your medium one, have you seen the film Fight Club?

Amy: Which one?

Jamie: Fight Club

Amy: No.

Jamie: Okay, do that then.

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: No, no.

Amy: Didn't you do that on the show before?

Jamie: Uhhh, yeah, I think so...

Andrew: That's what I said and he was like, "Nobody would know."

Jamie: ...I was hoping no one would remember though. Oh, yeah, okay, this is a pretty simple one to start off with, make the connection between Harry Potter and coming to Enlightening 2007, apart from the obvious one in that they're both - Andrew that's dreadful.

[Audience laughs]

Ben: That's not even making the connection, the connection is already there.

Jamie: I just realized how bad that was. Okay, do one between Harry Potter and this wonderful building that we sit in now.

Amy: Okay, well, in Harry Potter, he goes to Hogwarts, which is a very old castle, over 1,000 years old and it has very high ceilings and this room has also very high ceilings.

[Audience cheers and laughs]

Ben: Okay, look at this.

Andrew: Very impressive. That is a connection, very good.

Ben: Oh yeah, there's the Department of Mysteries with the auditorium when Harry goes back and he has the courtroom scenes, that's also another connection. That's what I would have used.

Jamie: This is how we keep our brains in check when we're recording the show, you know? We take it to - a different one.

Making The Connection: Boeing 787

Jamie: Okay, Ben, can I give you one now because...

Ben: Oh geez.

Jamie: ...this is quite a tough one.

Ben: Don't stump me, don't stump me.

Jamie: No, no this is going to be quite a tough one.

Andrew: Round of applause, great make the connection.

Jamie: Thank you.

[Audience applauds]

Jamie: Okay Ben, this is going to be quite tough, but I want a connection between Harry Potter and - have you seen the Boeing 787 that's just been released? Has anyone seen that, the new aircraft? Well, on this Boeing aircraft...

Ben: I haven't.

Jamie: ...well it doesn't matter you still have to make the connection. On this Boeing aircraft instead of having sliders down for the windows you have this button and this window just darkens up. Okay, so I want a connection between Harry Potter and that feature on the Boeing 787.

Ben: That one single feature.

Jamie: Yeah.

Ben: Okay, when you press the button on the aircraft and it become black, it's similar to when the Dementors approach Harry and everything turns black. Beat that.

Andrew: [laughs] That's exactly what I was thinking.

[Audience applauds]

Ben: I always win at this game.

Jamie: That was quite a short answer, anything else?

Ben: Ummm.

Jamie: Can I have one? I just said that it's - the act of pressing that button and everything turning to black is kind of symbolic of the books as they've progressed. It starts off light and then it gets dark as it gets down to the end.

Ben: So we press the button to make it happen to?

Jamie: Yes, yes we do.

Ben: Just checking.

Jamie: I don't know about you, but I do.

Emerson: Couldn't you just, like, as a copout to any question you could say that - I mean say if Jamie asked me to make a connection between Harry Potter and phytoplankton, couldn't you just say that in the Wizarding World there's stuff and stuff is made of atoms and molecules.

Andrew: So?

Ben: Oh, that would be a great connection.

Emerson: So it's phytoplankton.

Andrew: Sorry, Emerson...

Jamie: Oh my god.

Emerson: I'm so good at this game.

Andrew: ...let's see your segment on the show.

Jamie: That's the end of that segment then.

Spy On Spartz

Ben: Spy on Spartz. Ladies and gentlemen this is this weeks Spy on Spartz, Emerson is at Enlightening, he's having a good time. That concludes Spy on Spartz.

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] Tune in next week for another edition of Spy on Spartz.

Audience Debate: Harry And Ginny Back Together?

Andrew: Did you still want to do this theory defense?

Jamie: Yeah I do, yeah.

Andrew: Okay.

Jamie: Okay, shall we introduce it?

Andrew: Set it up.

Jamie: I can't think of anymore connections now, my mind's gone blank, but we did this thing at the London Podcast where we choose three people from the audience for one side of a debate and three people for another side of the debate, so it would be like Snape is good, Snape is evil. And each sort of team would have two minutes to debate and put forth their argument and then right at the end the audience would vote on it. And, yeah. So, what could our issue be now? Should we do Snape is evil? Even though it's been done to death.

[Andrew and Jamie speak off mic]

Jamie: Okay, so our first one is going to be will Ginny and Harry get back together in Book 7 or not. So, I need three people for the "Yes, they will".

Andrew: This guy right here. Yes, he did a fantastic job at the podcast workshop today.

Jamie: Yeah. And then three people for "they won't".

Ben: They won't.

Jamie: Far side just over there.

Emerson: You guys really don't think...

Jamie: And you as well.

Andrew: No, in the book.

Emerson: You guys aren't Harry and Hermione 'shippers are you?

Ben: I hear the D-word coming along.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah.

Ben: The D-word.

Andrew: So one side stands over here and the other over there.

Participant: What?

Emerson: I've been watching my language lately.

Andrew: One side stands over here and the other over there. You've got a minute to plan, so plan quick.

Jamie: Yes, you've got, like, one minute to come up with a plan...

Enlightening 2007 Thus Far

Andrew: So, we'll have some idle chat right now. Do you guys enjoy your time at Enlightening so far?

[Audience cheers]

Andrew: It's been a really fun event. The opening feast was amazing when the owl flew across the great hall. I seriously thought it was actually flying because I didn't see the string until it got right above my head.

Jamie: Andrew, it was. It was actually flying.

Andrew: No, there was a string.

Ben: I thought Dumbledore was hot.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Keith.

Jamie: That beard is just, oooh.

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: Do some Dumbledore impressions.

Ben: Aw, man. Okay, give me a quote.

Jamie: Come on, Ben, pass the time.

Ben: Give me a quote. Tell me what part.

Jamie: No, no. Do the scene in the Ministry of Magic when they're fighting. I want to hear the, "You did not have to come here tonight, Tom." No, no, "You shouldn't have come here tonight Tom." Yeah?

Ben: Well, see, it depends on - I can't do a Gambon Dumbledore. I can do a...

Andrew: Richard Harris.

Ben: ...I can do a Harris Dumbledore.

Andrew: Harris, Harris.

Ben: Harris. No, but Gambon's more fun sometimes because.

Andrew: Okay.

Ben: It's like, "The evidence that the Dark Lord has returned is incontrovertible." Or, "It is not in the nature of a Dementor to be forgiving." That line used to give me chills when I saw the film. I'm better at the Harris Dumbledore.

Andrew: Do it.

Ben: "It is our choices, Harry, far more than our abilities that determine what we truly are."

[Andrew laughs and Audience cheers]

Andrew: Yeah, we used to do that on the podcast.

Emerson: Okay, are you guys ready?

Ben: "I can't, your hands all sweaty!" I can also do a good, "He was their friend!"

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: That's better than Dan in that book, Ben. You should have taken that part. Should we get ready?

Ben: It was like... [makes whimpering] His crying has gotten much better, by the way, I think you would all agree with me there.

Andrew: Yeah, thanks to Equus.

Back To The Debate

Andrew: Are we ready here?

Jamie: Okay, let's go.

Andrew: Which side is who? Participant: We're affirmative.

Andrew: Okay, affirmative.

Jamie: Okay, do you want to go - starting in four seconds, you've got two minutes as to why Harry and Ginny are together, and go!

Kristen: Okay, well, Harry and Ginny have to get back together because Ginny looks exactly like Harry's mom and Harry looks a lot like his Dad, other than the eyes. And so they have to get back together because his parents got married, and plus, like, because Ginny looks exactly like his mom there's going to be a connection between there and so, yeah.

Rachel: Plus the whole theme of the books is that love is going to conquer all, so if love is going to conquer all then the perfect example of that is Harry and Ginny and them coming together and being able to conquer Voldemort together because Ginny is so strong in what she - in, like, magic and being able to use those charms and use those magic spells to help Harry and help the Order. And by showing the theme of love conquers all, using that pairing is going to bring that message across way more.

William: Yeah, and also I think because Ginny is - because she's so powerful as you said, that she's going to go with them and she's the only person besides Ron and Hermione that knows what Harry is going to be doing for the next year - probably a year. Harry doesn't know that but - and then she'd be definitely the closest person to him - female to him besides Hermione and obviously that's not going to happen so yeah. Second Participant: And plus the first person that everyone dates, like with Hermione and Victor, and then Ron and Lavender, and Harry and Cho, like the person that they end up with next...

Andrew: Thirty seconds.

Rachel: What?

Jamie: Thirty-five seconds.

Andrew: Thirty seconds.

Rachel: Okay. The person that we end up - that they end up with next, because we all know that Ron and Hermione are totally going to get together. We know that like - that they are going to stay together forever because they are made to be, so that means that Harry and Ginny have to get together and just - because they are made for each other.

Kristen: And they're all a big happy family.

Jamie: Fifteen seconds.

Ben: Fifteen seconds, any final thoughts?

Jamie: Round of applause for that. Okay, go on.

Kristen: I'm Kristen, and I'm from Northern Virginia.

Rachel: Hi, I'm Rachel, and I'm from Phoenix, Arizona.

William: Hi, I'm William Myer, and I'm from Princeton, New Jersey.

Andrew: Excellent.

[Audience applauds]

Andrew: Alright, guys, stay up here, stay up here. Hi, I'm Andrew Sims, and I'm from Medford.

Ben: I'm Ben Schoen, I'm from Moundridge.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay.

Ben: I put Moundridge on the map. No, I'm just kidding.

[Andrew and Ben laugh]

Jamie: Okay, now we'll have the side for against in five - huh?

Ben: Give them a mic, dude. Emerson, give them your mic.

Jamie: And it's gone past the five second countdown.

Andrew: First say your names real quick. Say your names real quick.

Catherine: Oh, I'm Catherine, I'm from Vineland, New Jersey.

Aubrey: I'm Aubrey Carry from Wayne, Pennsylvania.

Nora: I'm Nora Neely from Malverne, Pennsylvania.

Georgia: I'm Georgia from Salt Lake City.

Andrew: Excellent.

Georgia: Utah.

Jamie: Almost there. Bad silence. Okay, go.

Catherine: I think that when Harry says something he means it. When he does something he means it, so when he broke up with Ginny I think he meant it. And also in the seventh book Harry has so much on his mind, I don't know if he's going to be focusing on love.

Aubrey: Well, of course Voldemort is going to go after Ginny if he finds out that - when Sirius died he did it because Harry really liked - loved Sirius because he was his Godfather. If he finds out that Ginny is his girlfriend then he's definitely going to go after Ginny again.

Nora: I think Harry just has other things on his mind.

Georgia: Yeah, Harry is not going to be with Ginny and that's flat out right because Ginny's just annoying in my opinion.

Catherine: Yeah, the other team had some pretty good arguments, I don't know if we can beat them.

Jamie: One minute.

Catherine: I guess that's it.

Andrew: Okay, very good.

Jamie: Round of applause for them.

Andrew: I was looking at Harry Potter's facebook profile the other day and under relationship status...

Jamie: The actual Harry Potter?

Andrew: No, the real one, and under relationship status is said it's complicated with Ginny Weasley. So, I think this is going to - we're going to go for a mixed answer here, but anyways.

Jamie: Okay.

Andrew: Okay, not as funny as I thought it would be.

Ben: I thought it was funny, Andrew.

Andrew: Thank you.

The Vote

Jamie: Should we put it to an audience vote then?

Ben: Okay how about - should we do this by raise of hands or how about getting really loud?

Andrew: We should do it by raise of hands.

Ben: That would be cool.

Andrew: No, no do it by raise of hands because the second one is always louder. Always.

Jamie: What, have you done research in this?

Andrew: No, no.

Emerson: Actually, Jamie, Jamie...

Ben: We are going to prove Andrew wrong here. I'm going to prove Andrew wrong here. Okay, if you think this side won scream as loud as you can right now.

Jamie: Scream.

[Audience screams]

Ben: Now, now, if you think this side won, scream.

[Audience screams slightly quieter]

Andrew: Oh, well. Unless there's a big split then it's harder to tell.

Jamie: You win this charming microphone stand.

Emerson: I couldn't tell.

Andrew: You win our empty bottles of water. No, we'll take you out to lunch sometime. McDonald's sound good? Dollar menu?

Jamie: Thank you very much.

Participant: Yes.

Andrew: Okay, cool. Give them a round of applause.

[Audience applauds]

Jamie: Do you guys want to do one more or do you want to move on?

Audience Debate: Hogwarts To Re-open?

Ben: Okay, we need three people who believe that Hogwarts will re-open next year. You in the front row, you in the Pickle Pack shirt.

Jamie: Nice shirt.

Ben: And you sir.

Andrew: Wait, wait. Discrepancy, there's two of them.

Ben: The one in the second row, I'm sorry.

Andrew: Yeah, no offence. Next time, next time.

Ben: You. You, sir. The guy that's standing up, now walking across.

Jamie: And then three people for that Hogwarts will not...

Andrew: Yeah, yeah, come up here. There's three that I've chosen: red, Pickle and yellow.

Ben: Hogwarts should, I repeat, Hogwarts should not open, so when you make your arguments here be very careful and put them in a should context, as in why should Hogwarts be open rather than it will because Jo's going to do it that way.

Jamie: Ben takes debate, you can tell can't you?

Ben: Okay, so, three people who believe that Hogwarts should not be open.

Jamie: What about the - yeah?

Ben: Tie in the very far back, you look enthusiastic. Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, you.

Ben: Okay, and you in the far back. Are you prepping illegally over there? Before the other team is even assembled?

Jamie: Should we take some points off, Ben?

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: One, two, do we have a third?

Ben: What happened?

Andrew: Yeah, everyone is pointing to her, so.

Ben: Emily, come on. I think that's her name. That's her name, yeah. I met her today.

Jamie: Guys, so should we have a minute prep time?

Andrew: So, we'll let these two go first since they've - these three since they've been talking. You guys ready? First say your names and where you're from.

Michael: Michael from Baltimore.

Eleanor: Eleanor from Chicago.

Emerson: Yeah!

Madeline: Madeline from Philadelphia.

Jamie: Okay, in five, four...

Ben: One sec, one sec, I just wanted to let you know I had a stopwatch. No, no go ahead.

Jamie: ...three, two, one, go.

Michael: Well, I think Hogwarts will re-open because of this; J.K. Rowling isn't going to get rid of all the Death Eaters right? I mean, there's still going to be some out there. There'll be some out there still, so they still need to learn how to protect themselves.

Eleanor: We saw in Book 5 with Dumbledore's Army that the kids at school can learn a lot and that they really do better when they are together and we know that Hogwarts has a ton of protective spells on it and it takes a lot of effort to break into there, so Hogwarts is obviously going to be a lot safer than people's homes, so it's a lot safer for students to be there than at home.

Madeline: Hogwarts is Harry's home and he's - the only place he's really felt safe and comfortable, number one, and number two, she created seven books for seven of Harry's years at Hogwarts and she wouldn't just take it out all of a sudden for the seventh book. And he has to go back and see his friends.

Jamie: One minute to go.

Michael: And I think the hunt for the Horcruxes is definitely going to have something to do with Hogwarts.

Eleanor: Yeah, and they definitely need to get information from Hogwarts because there's a lot of stuff that only the professors there know and no one else really know, so they need to go back.

Michael: And J.K. Rowling said that some of the teachers married, but she said the information about who they married is restricted and we're going to learn who they married in Book 7 I think, so maybe they knew something about something of Gryffindor's or Ravenclaw's to help Harry in the hunt for the Horcruxes.

Jamie: Twenty seconds.

Madeline: And Hogwarts is just a whole lot safer. And also it's not just Harry's home but it's Voldemort's too and I think - Voldemort probably wouldn't let it close, honestly. I don't think he would attack the school because he has a strong connection...

Jamie: Five seconds.

Madeline: ...with the school, too.

Jamie: Thank you.

Ben: Give them a hand.

[Audience applauds]

Ben: That is going to be tough to beat.

Jamie: Can you do it? In five, four, three, they don't have a microphone, two, one, go.

Laura: I'm Laura Sanderson from...

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Okay. Go on sorry keep going.

Laura: What?

Andrew: Intro your names.

Ben: Go ahead and ntro yourselves. Just tell us who you are.

Jamie: Intro yourselves first.

Laura: Okay, I'm Laura Sanderson from St. Charles Illinois.

Emily: I'm Emily Shear from San Diego, California.

Nicole: I'm Nicole Richmond from Richmond, Virginia.

Jamie: One minute left.

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: Okay in three, two, one, go.

Laura: Well, Dumbledore isn't there anymore and since Dumbledore was the only person Voldemort ever feared then Hogwarts isn't safe anymore because Voldemort really only attacked Hogwarts when Dumbledore was gone, so they're going to be attacked a lot. And McGonagall, she's not really that scary or threatening, kind of.

Emily: Well, like she said, Dumbledore is now gone and the only reason Voldemort stayed away from Hogwarts for all these years was because Voldemort was there - I'm sorry Dumbledore was there. And in the seventh book he'll probably be - that he's ruling Hogwarts within a few days. He'll probably just turn it into a big school for the Dark Arts.

Ben: One minute.

Nicole: It probably shouldn't be opened because like she said Voldemort will probably take over and he probably really doesn't like anybody that's not in Slytherin and he'll kill everybody and that'd be kind of unpleasant. And he knows Harry goes to Hogwarts and he really wants to kill Harry and so he'd probably search Hogwarts for Harry or anybody who would be close to Harry so he'd like use them against Harry or just convert it into a school for the Dark Arts.

Emily: Yeah, basically Hogwarts is what Harry has cared about a lot and since Voldemort basically destroys everything that Harry cares about then basically Hogwarts is kind of doomed.

Ben: Twenty seconds.

Laura: Well, I think that's pretty much about it.

[Audience laughs]

Ben: Great job.

Emily: But also - personally I think that Hogwarts will re-open after Hogwarts gets vanquished.

Andrew: Okay.

Jamie: Thank you very much.

The Vote

Ben: Now this - this is going to be tough. Now remember, reserve your shout. You only get one shout. If I catch you shouting twice...

Jamie: Double shouting is ahhh out.

Ben: will be punished. Emerson is watching out for double shouts. You better be careful.

Andrew: Banned from Irvin.

Ben: Yeah, anyways remember please save your one shout for the side that you think should win, who presented the best argument. Not necessarily the side that you agree with, remember that, whoever - which side presented the best argument is the side you should vote for. Now Hogwarts should be opened or shouldn't?

Andrew: Shouldn't.

Ben: Was it should or shouldn't? I forgot already. Hogwarts should be opened. Give me a scream.

[Audience screams]

Andrew: Oh boy.

Ben: Hogwarts shouldn't be opened.

[Audience screams]

Andrew: See, see that's why it's hard to tell.

Ben: I think that the first one was a few decibels louder.

Andrew: Can we get that replayed?

Jamie: [laughs] Decibels.

Ben: But no, that was - both sides - I was actually very impressed with the arguments that both sides presented, I don't know about the rest of you.

Jamie: That's very good. One last round of applause. Thank you very much.

Should Hogwarts Remain Open?

Ben: Now, something that - I'm kind of torn over whether or not Hogwarts should or should not be opened because I like to compare it to the real world and even after 9/11 happened we didn't get paralyzed. Not everyone just stayed inside their homes and some people believe that you let evil win by folding. By closing down Hogwarts, to me, essentially would be allowing evil to win. However at the same time, this side presented - or this side presented a valuable argument where Dumbledore is gone and Voldemort - the only reason that - the only time - the only thing that kept him from taking Hogwarts before that was Dumbledore being there so to me it's almost - it's a big dilemma. Do you really want to round up all of your kids and put them in one place? But at the same time, do you really want to let fear have that big of an effect on you?

Emerson: I mean, what is accomplished by closing down the school? Seven books, seven years at Hogwarts. Now where do you think you'll be - where do you think your going to be safer at though? Sending your kids off to be with 1,000 witches and wizards or at home by themselves playing X-Box 360?

[Audience laughs]

Emerson: I don't think you're making any safer by pulling your kids out of school. You're depriving them of their education...

Ben: Whoa, whoa. Hold on, though.

Emerson: ...of their social lives. And I don't - I think that she - I don't think that's something Dumbledore would want.

Jamie: Yeah, I agree on that. He'd want - he wouldn't want people to live in fear and think, "Well, we can't do anything now that he's gone and Voldemort's back." I think he'd still want people to go to the school, but just because Harry doesn't go to the school it doesn't mean it can't remain open because they wouldn't just close it just because Harry isn't going back, so he could like - someone just talked to me the other day and they said that they can see it being set in Hogwarts but then Harry would go off just like Dumbledore went off during Book 6 to go deal with the Horcruxes, so it would be set in two places basically.

Ben: Right. And Emerson, I don't think Hogwarts is as safe as sitting at home playing X-Box 360 because if you think of it at a parent's perspective, which is where your child is most likely to be killed? Is Voldemort going to be more likely to raid your house and kill your child or is he going to be more likely to raid Hogwarts and kill a bunch of children? I think he'd definitely be more likely to kill all the kids.

Andrew: Since this is a family-oriented Harry Potter convention, I think it's a good question to ask the parents in the audience, say you lived in the wizarding world and you just heard of all the events that happened in Half-Blood Prince, would you let your child go back to Hogwarts for seventh year? Show of hands. Or just any year, the following year. Show of hands? All right, a few. Now, who wouldn't let their kids go back? That's about - that's about even.

Ben: It's pretty split there.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Because I think it's the same train of thought, I don't want my kid there but at the same time, I'm not going to let them scare me into it.

Andrew: Right. Interesting.

Ben: It's interesting because both sides have validity to it.

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