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MuggleCast EP9 Transcript (continued)

Voicemails - Will Albus Pull A Gandalf?

Eric: Which leads us to our next voicemail about if Dumbledore will come back like Gandalf.

Andrew: Well, first let us take a listen.

[Audio]: Hey MuggleCast Staff! This is Jasmine. I wanted to give you guys a ring and tell you, I love the show. I think imagination has no age limit and make me really glad to see people getting excited about it. Right. On to my question. Do you think that Dumbledore will be making some sort of Gandalf-esque reappearance in the forthcoming novel? Probably not. But I just thought that I would get your opinion. Again, love the show. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

Kevin: I think at most he's going to make an appearance in a portrait. Done. I don't think he's going to be making...that's the biggest appearance I think he's going to make. Okay.

Andrew: Aww. That's a really sad thought.

Kevin: I know, but I think he's going to'll see him once more and that will be it.

Eric: I think so.

Laura: Right. Exactly.

Kevin: Something like that.

Eric: And maybe, you know what? I think it should end, I think it should end with Harry meeting Dumbledore in his office and he can say, "Dumbledore it's over." And Dumbledore can look right down at him and say, "Now you know why you have your scar." Or something funny. Or "you truly are deserving of your scar." I think it would be cool if the last word in the book was quoted by, was a quote from Dumbledore. Because it opens up with Dumbledore. It would be a very circular thing. It opens up with Dumbledore and that would be cool.

Voicemails - The Founders' Portraits

[Audio]: Hey guys! I'm Nathaniel Taylor from New York. Have we ever seen the portraits of the Four Founders of Hogwarts? I don't think so. And if not, why would JK leave this out? They've go to be the most important portraits, right? And they would give Harry some important information about the whereabouts of their heirlooms, if you know what I mean. Great show guys! Thanks!

Ben: I don't we've seen them. It's kind of apparent we haven't seen them. I don't think it really matters that we haven't seen the portraits because they may not be portraits because they are the Founders, not the Headmasters.

Eric: Ben, hold on. You're hasty there. Okay. Now, aren't the Four Founders more important than any Headmaster?

Andrew: But Eric...

Eric: At least from a standpoint there you be a portrait of one of them or each of them in each...

Kevin: Well, I think there would be at most, three, because of Slytherin.

Andrew: But, wait a second. What importance would these portraits be to us? What could they tell anyone?

Laura: Well, you never know...

Andrew: Ben!

Laura: ...I'm about to say the forbidden word, but because of the Horcruxes, because we know that Voldemort might have some of the objects they had in their lifetime.

Ben: But, we discussed portraits and came to the conclusion that it is their personality that is transferred, not their knowledge.

Eric: Well, anyway I think it could also be a security threat or something.

Laura: Right.

Eric: But Godric Gryffindor basically gave his Hat so that everything could be done according to how the Heads wished.

Kevin: That's true.

Eric: So, they don't really need to leave a portrait behind to kind of guide people and all, even if portraits couldn't do that. So...

Laura: And you know what? They might have. For all we know there could be portraits. They just might no be of importance.

Eric: That's true. Have we seen a statue of Godric? Haven't we? Like Salazar had the big thing in Chamber of Secrets. In the movie at least. Was it in the books at all? The monkey?

Laura: Yeah, it was.

Eric: Yeah, the monkey face. Stuff of the Founders is still...kind of like replicas or statues could still exist and probably does.

Ben: Yeah.

Eric: We just haven't seen it.

Voicemails - Neville and Luna

[Audio]: Hey MuggleCast guys! This is Brie from Delaware. I really love your show. All right. Since Jo said that Neville will play a bigger part in the next two books, and that she wouldn't introduce anymore unimportant characters, and he neither he nor Luna had a very big part in Half-Blood Prince, what do you think their role will be in Book 7? Do you think they will be joining the Trio and possibly Ginny too? And do you think one other person could help them since there has been such a big emphasis on how magical the No. 7 is? Thanks guys!

Eric: Wow, this person did their homework. Okay. Seven people. That's awesome. Okay. What I think it is, is last week on Episode 8 we kind of touched on the lack of explanation. JK had said somewhere that there was going to be a big thing revealed about Lily in the books, and there really wasn't. So I think this kind of has something to do with that as well. How she said Luna and Neville will play bigger parts and they didn't! I think it's just a matter of where she had to draw the line for what fits in Book 6 and what fits in Book 7. I think that they are going to play, because they didn't play that big of a role this year, I think next year they're really going to play a lot larger role. And I think that there were probably certain things that she was originally going to put in this book like the Lily thing, and possibly more Neville and more Luna that simply will be put in Book 7. Book 7 is going to be a massive book.

Kevin: I also think that just the fact that she mentioned Neville and Luna. I believe she mentioned them keeping her coins. Just the fact that she mentioned that shows...

Eric: Yeah.

Kevin: ...that she did not want the reader to lose focus on those characters. She wanted them to be pinpointed in so that...

Eric: That's true.

Kevin: at least know that they are still around, and there is some chance of them helping in the fight against Voldemort.

Eric: As for a seventh person that would be really cool. Laura, sorry.

Laura: It's all right. I think that Neville and Luna will definitely play larger roles in Book 7. I'm not totally convinced that either of them or Ginny are suddenly going to morph into the Trio, and they are all going to become best friends. Because if you look at the relationships that Harry, Ron, and Hermione developed over the past six years, and that is not something you can just duplicate within a year or two. So I really think that, particularly at the end of Half-Blood Prince we saw Harry being thankful that he had one last, what was it? Peaceful day on earth with Ron and Hermione? I think that was definitely an indicator that there is going to be more emphasis still put on the Trio.

Eric: I like that. Yeah, it's kind of like, well one of the things is if Harry let's them in also. If Harry let Neville and Luna in they could probably become really good friends, even more than they are now. But I agree with you, there's a primary, and a secondary relationship between...

Kevin: Yep.

Eric: Like primary is the Trio, and secondary is Ginny, Neville, and Luna, and some of the DA. And I'm just curious guys, do you know what comes after primary and secondary? Is there like third-ary? Triple-dary?

[All laugh]

Eric: I'm asking the fans right now. If you know, please send me an e-mail, at my e-mail on the "About Us" page.

Andrew: All right. Next voicemail. We've got to keep rolling here.

Voicemails - Ministry Ignorance?

[Audio]: Hello! My name is Lindsey and I subscribe to MuggleCast. I promise this isn't a Book 6 question. However in Book 6, Fred and George mention how many Ministry wizards are unable to perform basic-skilled charms. All the Ministry's Defensive Magic Pamphlets found in the Daily Prophet are found to be very inadequate. What do you think this says about magical standards and what effects do you think this theme of ignorance of the wizarding world in general will have on Book 7? Do you believe this is an accurate portrayal of the average wizard's abilities or merely the ineffectiveness of the Ministry of Magic?

Kevin: This is what I think. I think that just the fact that they emphasized that difficulty shows that there are people in the Ministry that are able to do advanced magic. There are.

Ben: I agree.

Kevin: I think it is just like any community. You're going to have people who can't and people who can. It was just that they were saying that the fact that they allow people into the Ministry that are unable to perform some of these basic charms is, you know, pretty sad.

Laura: Just a little. [Laughs]

Ben: Yeah, I don't know. Maybe they are just a bunch of semi-Squibs/Peter Pettigrews.

Eric: Well, Peter is proving himself now. Ignorance. Okay. My favorite topic to think about and ponder in the Harry Potter books. Which means, "Yes!" It will be a long response. So people at home make sure you have time to listen to this. All right. Now. Ignorance. Dumbledore has said in the past, or rather I believe it was the end of Book 5, where he says directly to Harry, "it is now time for us to pay for our ignorance and for our mistreatment of other races, and we consider to be lower." Like goblins and things. And so far the goblins haven't rebelled, but Dumbledore had that best line when he said that "it was now time to pay for our ignorance" and for our arrogance. And I think that is one of the things that contributes. I think that there's definitely an underlying theme of ignorance. Now, also the pamphlets. Talking about how inadequate they are. I don't think they have to be adequate. If you recall and I'm not sure that our audience, maybe some of you who are old enough to understand this, like Mr. Nelson himself. Maybe. But the "Duck and Cover" video that they show. I heard about it in History class. During the Atomic Bomb Age, where we were all frightened for our lives. The American government came up with this video called "Duck and Cover" and I believe it was a pamphlet as well. It's rather...looking at it now, it's a rather humorous depiction of what we should do if an atom bomb drops. They just have a lot of people running and jumping into walls and landing on their heads and covering themselves with picnic blankets. At the time, that's the point. It's mediocre, but at the same time it did work. And it probably created a lot of protection because pamphlets and videos like that did exist. So, I think that not everybody would realize it, but I think the American government probably should have realized at the time that it wouldn't work, but no person would. And that's the point. I'm going to get taken away or something by the government tonight, but I am just saying, the fact that pamphlets do exist, even if they are inadequate, no everybody realizes that they're inadequate. And it is better then doing nothing. I think.

Ben: So what he's saying is "Duck and Cover!"

Eric: I'm saying, "Duck and Cover!" Yes. This is Eric Scull saying, "Duck and Cover!" But that's not all. I have one more thing I'd like to add. Yes. What you were saying Benjamin about Squibs joining the Ministry. And how Aurors have to be... Sorry was that Kevin? And how Aurors have to be... Okay, Kevin! You're a genius. How could I suspect Ben to come up with something that intelligent.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Now, what Kevin was saying about the Aurors and how it is particularly difficult to become one, I think it is very important. If you realize, seventeen. And people leave school at seventeen. People can graduate Hogwarts at seventeen, and they don't even have to stay that long. Fred and George left early. And they are prominent figures in the wizard society. Think about this. If you were seventeen, how many jobs could there possibly be for wizards? How many could there be? There can't be many office people besides the Ministry of Magic because they don't produce anything. There aren't manufacturing plants are there? Because they can do it from magic. They can just conjure up stuff. So, it's really a question. How many jobs are out there for the wizarding people? And if it is hard to get them then what do most wizards do when they are out of school? You know? They are overage. They can do all this magic, but where do they put it? And even though we've seen diversity, like Bill does stuff for Gringotts and other people, but once you're seventeen you can go out into the world. And unless you're an Auror or unless you work with dragons or in a very few specific branches of magic, what do you do? And that's it. What do you do when you graduate Hogwarts? What is there to do? You know? It feels like there's a big void. There's just people going... It's a question that JK really hasn't answered. We've seen what lots of people do, but at the same time it doesn't seem like that many jobs.

Kevin: Definitely.

Eric: Especially because they are ignorant of most Muggle technology, they are ignorant of most Muggle technology so that they wouldn't even be able to copy and do it in their own wizarding world.

Kevin: But, you would assume there was some amount of research. At the same time, you're right in the assumption that the Ministry of Magic doesn't have to hold all of the smartest people in the community. I mean there are obviously going to be other jobs. So, who's going to want to go for a desk job when you can go out and see the world?

Eric: Well, there's that too. If everybody wants to be...if everybody's goal is different, are there that many jobs to accommodate? Anyway, that was my schpiel. Eric's... You know that's what my section is! All this time we were saying that I should have a section. I don't know what it is. "Eric's Schpiel of the Day."

Voicemail - Crookshanks: What's Up With HIM?

[Audio]: Hello MuggleCast! My name is Ariel Verone from Israel and I have to say I love your show very much. It is one of the only podcasts I listen to. And I think it is very good, so keep up the good work. I just wanted to ask you, what do you think of Crookshanks? Because I think he is a bit too smart to be a regular cat. He also seems to have a very special relationship with Sirius Black. So, I just wanted to hear your opinion. Bye!

Ben: Okay, I'll answer it! I'll answer it! I think nothing is up with Crookshanks. She's a Kneazle. Next voicemail.

Eric: HE! HE! Ben! HE!

[All laugh]

Ben: HE! He's a Kneazle!

Eric: How many times do I have to say it? Dude! I went on that long "Schpiel of the Day" about Lily Potter not being Crookshanks because Crookshanks was a guy cat! Come on!

[All laugh]

Ben: Well, I don't listen to you. This is why.

Eric: That is apparent, Ben.

Ben: Just like the rest of the listeners.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: That is apparent. Okay.

Ben: Your voice comes on there. Just tune it out.

[All laugh]

Eric: There should be an edited. You know, there should be an abridged version of MuggleCast without me and just see how short all the episodes are. Wait! I'm asking to be kicked out of MuggleCast, aren't I?

Ben: I mean...

Andrew: So, okay.

Ben: This episode would be non-existent.

Andrew: Okay, seriously now.

Ben: Seriously.

Andrew: Seriously now.

Eric: Okay. Anyway.

Andrew: Seriously now. Please?

Eric: Okay.

Andrew: Okay.

Kevin: Crookshanks. Is there anything more to Crookshanks?

Laura: Okay. If you've read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, you'll see where it talks about Kneazles it states that it is illegal to own one without a permit. And since it has been stated that Crookshanks is half-Kneazle, I think that particularly seeing the corruption within the Ministry of Magic, it could have something to do with something that could have to Hermione. She could be in trouble for it. So, I think that is what's up with Crookshanks.

Eric: That's interesting.

Ben: Technically, would she only have to have half a permit. Since he's half Kneazle.

[All laugh]

Eric: Ben, that's the funniest thing you've ever said.

Laura: Hahaha.

Eric: Andrew, keep that in.

Laura: That was really clever.

Kevin: There's as a lot of speculation as to why they're restricted.

Eric: Which is...

Laura: It says something about them being very bad-tempered, which I guess could lead to violence.

Eric: But, you know what? I guess Mrs. Figg's, Mrs. Figg's cats, does she need to have a permit? Are they Kneazles? Or are they Animagi?

Kevin: I don't think so.

Laura: I think they are just cats.

Kevin: Yeah.

Eric: Aww. Mr. Tufty isn't a wizard? And he's not the Tofty guy that gave Harry the exam? Oh man! My theory is crushed!

[All laugh]

Voicemail - The Silver Hand

[Audio]: Hi! My name is Adrian Flanders and I listen to your show on the way to class at the University of Rochester. Okay. As we know, Peter Pettigrew is in debt to Harry Potter for saving his life in the Prisoner of Azkaban. In Goblet of Fire, Peter sacrifices his hand for the rebirth of Voldemort. Voldemort then creates a silver replica of human hand that was described to be "as bright as moonlight." Since silver is used to kill werewolves and Peter's hand was described to be "as bright as moonlight," could this mean that Peter might fulfill his debt to using his hand to save Harry from Lupin's werewolf form?

Eric: I've heard this as a plausibility for Wormtail killing Lupin in the future. I don't know what to believe. My question is, can Voldemort control Wormtail's hand?

Kevin: I don't know.

Eric: That's where my interests lie, but silver and werewolves, it should have hit an exclamation point, or a light bulb. So, that's all I am going to say.

Kevin: It was definitely put there on purpose.

Eric: Yeah, the plausibility.

Kevin: I mean, I don't think she...

Laura: I think so too.

Kevin: I don't think she did that without...she definitely did that with reason. Just that whether or not it plays a part, or she just wants to indicate on some subconscious level that Lupin will kill Wormtail. You know. You never know.

Eric: You mean Wormtail might kill Lupin. You know what? A light bulb...

Kevin: Or vice-versa. Just the connection.

Eric: Or a light bulb here. What if Wormtail kills Greyback? Fenrir Greyback?

Kevin: I doubt that though.

Eric: I doubt it too, but we all doubt it. But if he is good in the end or if he owes Harry something, he could also... It doesn't have to be Lupin. His hand is silver so it could kill any werewolf theoretically. I was just throwing that out there. Next.

Voicemails - Ron and Hermione

[Audio]: Hey guys! I love the show. I think you're all extremely interesting and cool, but Andrew is my main man! [Andrew says, "Yeah, that's right!] I'm only joking. [Andrew says, "No, you're not!"] Okay. On to the question. This question may upset certain people, and they have every right to 'ship whatever, however JK Rowling has said that it is Ron and Hermione. And I was wondering if you had any thoughts on how they'll get together and when? Thank you!

Ben: Well, first of all, Ron notices that he likes Hermione and then Hermione notices that she likes Ron.

[Kevin laughs]

Eric: And then you know what? I think they might...

Ben: No, no, no, no. Then they are walking down the hall in Hogwarts and Ron walks up to Hermione and says, "Hermione, will you go to the Ball with me?" or "Hermione, will you go out with me Hermione?" And then Hermione says, "Oh, yes Ron. We will. And then when Dumbledore dies we'll cuddle at his funeral. And then...yeah!"

Eric: What?

Ben: Okay, that's not how it will happen.

Laura: Okay.

Eric: I think at Bill and Fleur's wedding, Hermione and Ron should hold hands. Hermione and Ron. She'll catch the bouquet or something. It will be funny. Kevin?

Laura: I don't really think it's going to be a huge part of the book. Obviously it's the biggest...

Kevin: I don't think so either.

Laura: Yeah. I mean I think something is going to happen, but it's going to be very minimal.

Kevin: I think it's going to be one of those things where Harry gets it revealed to him closer to the end of the book.

Laura: Yeah. I think it's...

Kevin: Where he just he happens to see them going to dinner or something like that.

Eric: Yeah.

Kevin: And he's sees it in passing. I don't think she's going to make it a focus.

Laura: I don't really think it's going to have, it's not going to have a huge bearing on the 7th Book.

Kevin: And it shouldn't because the relationships are important, but at the same time...

Ben: We have the Horcri to worry about, dude. The Horcri.

Kevin: Exactly.

Ben: It's all about the Horcri!

Andrew: All right. So, I think just about wraps it up for this week's voicemails. Wow, guys! We got a lot done.

Eric: I love, I love the...

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: I'm exhausted. My brain is numb.

Laura: Yes, good job everyone!

Eric: Yes. It's because you responded as much as Ben.

Andrew: Pat on the backs. Now, let's get back to our regular segments of the show.

Eric: Yay!

Spy on Spartz

Andrew: Let's start if off with "Spy on Spartz!" I'm looking on AIM right now. He's not on AIM, but the latest reports coming in from our spies tell me that he is at Purdue.

Eric: Where?

Ben: Yes. He's attending the Purdue-Notre Dame game.

Andrew: That's thrilling. Oh wait, did they win?

Eric: How is Notre Dame?

Andrew: Can we look that up real quick.

Ben: Go Boilermakers! Purdue rules! I'm just saying that cause Emerson likes Notre Dame.

Andrew: I'd just like to point out that if Notre Dame does not win tonight, then Emerson will be very upset.

Eric: Yeah, so...

Ben [In deep voice]: If Notre Dame doesn't win MuggleNet is closed!

Eric: So, all of your tissues that you were going to send...

Kevin: No. No.

Andrew: Ben, Ben can you tell the story?

Kevin: He's going to be at the bar drinking the night away.

Ben: What?

Andrew: Can you tell the story?

Laura: And none of us will IM him for like a week.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Oh wait, wait, wait! No, no, no, no, no! Notre Dame won 36-17.

[Transcriber's Note: Actually Notre Dame spanked Purdue 49-28. They beat Washington 36-17 the week prior.]

Eric: Oh. All right in that case send those tissues.

Ben: Ohhh!

Andrew: Isn't that great.

Kevin: So...

Eric: Reserve those.

Ben [In weird voice]: Go Irish!

Eric: Reserve those tissues.

Andrew [Coughing and laughing]: Go Irish!

Kevin: So, now we won't to hear the end of it for a week.

Eric: Yes. Exactly. So, now we wont hear the end of it for a week.

[All laugh]

Laura: Either way.

Andrew: So, I believe that concludes this week's edition of "Spy on Spartz."

Andrew's Listener Challenge of the Week

Andrew:My new segment Andrew's "Listener Challenge of the Week" is sweeping the nation.

Eric: Has been met with tremendous, tremendous excitement and response.

Andrew: This past week I introduced everyone to the first challenge, which was trying to find ways in your town to promote MuggleNet or MuggleCast, and boy did we get a response! At first I was worried because for the first two or three days I didn't get anything.

Eric: That's because they were out in their towns posting.

Andrew: And later in the week I got... Precisely. I got a big response. I posted thirty images in our Image Gallery of different ones. They are so creative! Some pictures hung up big pictures of me. Some people used their girl used her huge window overlooking Chicago to promote MuggleCast. I almost told Dylan to go down there and check it out until she had to take it down an hour-and-a-half later because her roommate got upset.

[All laugh]

Andrew: But all these are in the gallery. You can check them out in the "Show Notes" over at Now...

Ben: Guys, are we done? I need to run out. So, let's...

Andrew: Are you interrupting me? Seriously?

Ben: I don't care.

Andrew: Are you interrupting me?

Ben: Eric interrupts everyone. If he can do it, why can't I?

Andrew: Seriously? Is this a joke?

Laura: Keep going. Just keep going.

Andrew: Is this a joke? Hahaha.

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: So, this week's "Listener Challenge," I've been thinking really, really hard about this all week. And honestly, I don't know.

Eric: Therefore we're continuing...

Andrew: So, this week's "Listener Challenge" is for you to give me a listener challenge. Send those to challenge at staff dot mugglenet dot com.

Eric: What?

Andrew: I really couldn't think of anything.

Eric: You're going to get a thousand e-mails that say, "I command you to stand on one foot. Huh!"

[Kevin laughs]

Show Close

Andrew [Show Close with music in background]: No, I need challenges that send the fans out to do stuff. So, send your ideas and then I'll be using them. So, I think that wraps up Episode 9 of MuggleCast. Once again everyone if you have any e-mails, comments, questions, suggestions, send them to mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com or make it easier on us and use our Feedback Form on Full show notes can also be found if you're using your iPod, just give your iPod three or four clicks and the show notes will show up. Or just go to and click on "Episodes". That's about it. Once again, I'm Andrew Sims.

Ben: I am THE Ben Schoen. Your favorite Kansan.

Kevin: I'm Kevin Steck.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Laura: And I'm Laura Thompson.

Andrew: Oh, one last thing. I'd also like to plug my official fan site and thank them and everyone else. I should have covered all those.

Ben: No, shut up!

Andrew: SHUT UP! SHUT UP BEN! Have a good night everyone!

Posted by: Micah

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