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MuggleCast Deathly Hallows Release Date Transcript

Thanks to Amanda for typing this up!

Show Intro

[Show intro music]

Andrew: Because Iím tired of making up intros for this show, this is MuggleCast Episode 75 for February 1st, 2007.

[More show music]

Andrew: All right! Hey, everybody! Welcome to another edition of MuggleCast, everyone. Howís everyone doing today?

Micah: Awesome!

Mikey: Awesome!

Kevin: Pretty good.

Andrew: Thatís good. Iím glad to hear. We got some voice mails this week. We are back with voice mails, and we have Deathly Hallows theories... [urgent news message music cuts in] What the hell is this?

News Brief

Micah: From the MuggleCast News Center in New York...

Andrew: Oh, Micah.

Micah: This is a special news alert from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released on July 21st, 2007.

Release Date Discussion

Andrew: Micah, is that true?

[Music ends]

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: Youíre serious?

Micah: Oh, Iím deathly serious.

[Plays N*Sync Bye, Bye, Bye]

Andrew: [wails] It canít be true! Ladies and gentlemen, I refuse to believe it. Book 7 is going to be released July 21st, 2007. Is everybody sad?

Mikey: I am.

Andrew: Personally, I - this is really the beginning of the end now.

Kevin: Yeah, itís bittersweet.

Andrew: This is - it is. Itís kind of a shame. Mikey, welcome back to the show, by the way.

Mikey: Thank you!

Andrew: Weíre going to have you on as a special guest today. Ben and Jamie arenít able to be here. But, it was announced this morning that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released on July 21st, 2007. Kevin Steck, your initial reaction, please?

Kevin: No, I couldnít believe it was so soon. I mean I could have sworn it was going to be 2008...

Andrew's Ode to Jo

Andrew: [cuts in] Wait - hold on, hold on, hold on! This goes out to Jo. [starts singing Bye Bye Bye]

Didnít want to be a fool for you,
Just another book in your series for clues.
You may hate me, but it ainít no lie, donít let it be July!
Bye bye!

I donít wanna really make it tough,
I just wanna tell you that Iíve not had enough.
Might sound crazy, but it ainít no lie: Donít let it be July!

All right, so that was my little song to Jo.

Kevin: Wow! [laughs]

[Everyone laughs]

Kevin: That was hilarious.

Andrew: [sighs] Listen, weíve got to hook you up with a little N*Sync on the show every once in a while.

[Mikey laughs]

Andrew: Kevin, what were you saying?

[N*Sync fades out]

Too Soon?

Kevin: I couldnít even believe it was so soon.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: I could have sworn it was going to be 2008, but - [sighs] yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, I mean, everyoneís initial reactions around the internet was that everyone was a little upset.

Kevin: I wasnít upset.

Andrew: People were like, "Itís too soon! Itís too soon!" Me, personally, I think weíve all known that it would probably be out this summer, if not just later this year. Here we are, now.

Eric: You know what, Kevin? Iím still waiting for it to be a dream. I think Kevin went over on his - since he has Windows Vista now, I think he went over, he was testing Windows Vista and went on her text-only site and changed, and added that news post just to fool the world.

Kevin: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Eric: Kevin, on his Windows Vista.

Not Like Jo

Andrew: You know whatís interesting about that? Itís not like Jo. It was just very generic. It was just like, "Hey! Book 7, July 21st. See you later." It was just...

Mikey: It was just on the site. It was just there.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: Very plain, no games, no hangman, no - nothing.

Andrew: Right. Thereís very little fanfare, and we would have expected with the Half-Blood Prince release, we saw - there was a game we had to play, right?

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, something like that.

Andrew: And the message came in a Christmas card, didnít it?

Eric: Iím not even worried about playing games. If she would have said anything...

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: ... beyond the exact date and time, because we last heard, "Oh, sheís a significant - decent way through the book," and stuff. I feel the way most fans feel about - Iím guessing - is that we werenít even under the impression that she was anywhere near done, or let alone complete enough to have a manuscript to the publisher and start printing, or anything like that. I mean I was under the impression that she wasn't more than three-quarters of the way through the book, but now that she - you know?

Kevin: Iím guessing that weíre going to get a more personal introduction to it from her, because reading this again...

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: seems as though a marketing firm wrote this.

Eric and

Micah: Yeah.

Kevin: It...

Micah: No, I was going to say, it seems very corporate.

Kevin: Yeah.

Micah: You go to the site, and then itís like, "It will be released at one minute after midnight...

Eric: Kevin, it was you, wasnít it?

Micah: "...on Saturday, July 21st."

Eric: Admit it, Kevin! Admit it, Kevin!

Kevin: Oh, yeah. [laughs] I wrote that. [laughs]

Eric: Admit it, Kevin, because I donít want it to be true, and I want to blame somebody I know, so, please, Kevin, tell me.

Kevin: You can blame me, if you want.

Eric: Iíll forgive you.

Andrew: Eric, are you going to be seeing this in New Zealand?

Eric: Thatís the problem, too. This is another date in...

Andrew: [laughs] You're not going to have the book. That is awesome.

Eric: I have school, and itís not going to be summer vacation here, so I wonít get to see...

Andrew: Ohhh.

Eric: I wonít get to be at the - we do get The Order of the Phoenix two days before you, just because of the time difference, and movies coming out here on Thursday, but the book and everything, Iím not going to be able to do anything, really, because I have school. And itís - itís not summer vacation.

Kevin: Oh, Iím sure youíll manage the time.

Eric: I think so. I hope so, because...

Kevin: You can do it.

The Date

Eric: Itís just - this is another day. I mean - itís a week after the movie. I - I hate this! I full out hate...

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: The month of July.

Andrew: Itís interesting, okay? Because youíre right. Youíre exactly right. A week after July 13th, weíre all going to be standing in line for the book, waiting for midnight to strike, and - I donít know! I donít know what to think about it. Nobody really expected it this soon. Now, we had heard - Iím not sure if Iíve ever brought this up on the show, but we had heard that she had wanted it to be around 07/07/07, but because of the London bombings, she didnít want to put it on 07/07/07, so it would come out at least soon after it. That source was, apparently, was correct.

Eric: Just - the thing about 07/07/07, even though I loved it, despite the London bombings, too, I think if we had to put up with a movie/book release dates very similar, I kind of like the idea that the movie comes before the book, because - as opposed to the other way around, where the book comes before the movie, or Iím not sure. What do you guys think about it?

Andrew: I agree.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah.

Andrew: I agree.

Kevin: Absolutely.

Andrew: Because the book is the bigger thing.

Kevin: Of course, yep.

Andrew: The book is the bigger thing, so you wouldnít want that released first.


Kevin: Because - and on top of that...

Andrew: I donít think.

Kevin: ...look at the price of the book. Itís 35.00 bucks, so...

Andrew: Yeah. Letís talk about that.

Kevin: So...

Andrew: Thatís pretty hefty.

Mikey: How much of a price...

Kevin: So, do you really want...

Mikey: Well, what about the deluxe edition?

Kevin: Yeah, $60.00.

Mikey: Thatís expensive, too.

Kevin: $65.00!

Mikey: $65.00? Thatís huge - thatís ridiculous!

Eric: You know guys, the other thing...

Andrew: In the words of Jamie, does it come with a free universe, too?

[Kevin laughs]

Andrew: Thatís what he would say right here.

[Micah laughs]

Book vs. Movie

Kevin: Well, it seems to me theyíre playing it so that theyíre not lightening peopleís wallets too much before the book; whereas if they released a book first, youíre giving up $35.00 to that Harry Potter franchise, and now youíre probably less likely to go see a movie thatís $8 because you just unloaded $35.00 for a book.

Andrew: Wait, what are you saying? So, thatís the reason that the book is coming after the movie?

Kevin: No, Iím just saying itís good that they have the book coming after the movie.

Eric: Yeah, itís one of the more fortunate things.

Kevin: Yeah. Itís one of...

Mikey: Well, also, chronologically, the movie, Order of the Phoenix, is before Deathly Hallows.

Kevin: Oh, yeah.

Mikey: Who wants to get the book, read it, and then go back in time in the history on the timeline?

Kevin: After - after Deathly Hallows.

Andrew: And plus, once you see the characters in the film, and say Harry dies in Book 7, and then...

Mikey: Youíre going to see him! Itís...

Andrew: You go into Movie 5...

[Kevin laughs]

Andrew: ...and youíre going to be like, "But he dies! [laughs] This movieís not fun anymore!" Ow. Sorry.

Eric: Yeah. I was going to say.

Mikey: Thatís going to ruin the last two movies.

Eric: I donít think so.

Mo Money

Andrew: What do you guys make of the price? $35.00? From what I see here, Half-Blood Prince retailed for $30.00, so itís a five-dollar difference. Maybe not that big of a deal, but why would they raise the price? Does anyone have any ideas? Kevin?

Mikey: Bigger book.

Kevin: Bigger book. Bigger distribution.

Andrew: Do you think so? Because...

Kevin: You have...

Eric: Yeah.

Mikey: But wouldnít a bigger distribution bring the cost down, though, because they would sell more copies?

Kevin: Well, not necessarily, because they want to - if they have plans to distribute it to a wider audience faster...

Eric: Then you could.

Kevin: ...then you have to account for the cost of...

Mikey: Production costs and everything.

Kevin: ... translators and stuff like that. Exactly, yeah. The switching covers, stuff like that. So...

Andrew: Well, plus, the promotional costs, like, whatís it going to cost them to promote the book. Thatís a factor.

Kevin: Thatís true, yeah.

Eric: Well, I donít think that theyíll actually have to promote this book, to be honest. I mean...

Andrew: No, but they - they do promote the book.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: So, if theyíre going to go for a more aggressive promotional campaign, then maybe the extra $5.00 makes sense, although youíre right. They wouldnít need to promote the book, and it would still sell just as many copies. [laughs]

Kevin: Not to mention...

Eric: Going back to 2008 - oh, sorry, Kevin.

Kevin: I was just going to say, the $35.00 price tag makes Scholasticís 2007 fiscal year look real nice.

Eric: Oh, gee.

Kevin: Itís true.

Eric: Well, that's true.

Kevin: Well, itís true.

Mikey: Wow!

Kevin: Everyone knows that Scholastic has been almost supported by the Harry Potter franchise. I mean, itís their big seller.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: So, I know that Iíve seen reports prior to this that said that a lot of book companies are struggling, and Harry Potter has been the saving grace.

Andrew: So...

Micah: Well, what about...

Andrew: Go ahead.

Micah: What about the cost of production? I mean, if this book is 100 pages or even 200 pages longer than Half-Blood Prince...

Kevin: I hope not.

Andrew: Do you really think it will?

Jo's Timeline

Eric: Thatís the thing! If - I like the speculation in the news post that because of the price, it might be a longer book, but I donít think thatís realistic. If itís a hundred - if itís a longer book, then why isnít she waiting until 2008 to release it? Why isnít she taking her time with it? I feel that maybe the publishers or somebody have rushed JKR - not rushed her, but I just, I wish there was more time, because the last thing we heard from her, and I just do not think - I am under the impression that even though she has had all of this in her head for 13 years, I still donít think sheís had enough time to write it. I just - I would really like her to just take more time on this.

Micah: Well, you donít know how much of the final book was written beforehand.

Kevin: Thatís true, yeah.

Micah: And all she has to do is go back and make changes.

Andrew: Itís true, and sheís had the final chapter written for, what? Ten years, now? Over ten years, now? So, sheís had this thing to - a roadmap to follow.

Kevin: I mean, sheís done fine on the previous books, so I trust that when she releases it, itís going to be good. You know?

Eric: Itís going to be good; Iím not debating that, but [sighs] I just think itís too soon. I really, really do.

Final Thoughts on Money

Micah: And what about just $35.00? Because itís more expensive, itís the final book, and because Scholastic can charge that price.

Kevin: Yeah. Thatís just - yeah.

Andrew: Right, right. I mean, honestly, they could sell it for...

Kevin: $50.00, yeah.

Andrew: ...sell it for...

Kevin: $40.00, $50.00, yeah.

Andrew: I was going to say $100.00, but $100.00 is a bit outrageous.

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah. They could sell it for $50.00.

Kevin: I would buy it. I would totally buy it.

Andrew: Iím looking - the deluxe edition also retailed for $60, so both of these books had five-dollar price increases, which, I guess, is...

Micah: Well, the thing is, though, these book companies, or not the companies, but the stores that sell them, offer so many discounts, anyway. Itís always, like, 40% off if you go to Borders. You know?

Kevin: Yeah.

Micah: Youíre saving money as it is, so youíre not going to end up paying the full $35.00 if youíre smart if you go out and pre-order.

Kevin: Yeah. Itís sort of like the...

Mikey: You can get it for $19.00 on Amazon.

Andrew: Amazon. Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, whatís that telling you about how many things can just be taken off like they mean nothing as far as costs?

Kevin: No, thatís just...

Andrew: But, I mean...

Kevin: ...Amazon buying so many from Scholastic that they get a bulk discount...

Eric: You think so?

Kevin: ... and can offer...

Mikey: I - absolutely.

Andrew: Absolutely.

Eric: Or is it the fact that...

Mikey: Well, sure.

Kevin: Well, itís also to...

Mikey: Thatís absolutely the reason, because didnít we have a story about small book stores not selling...

Kevin: Struggling, yep.

Mikey: ... because they...

Eric: Oh.

Kevin: They canít offer the discounts.

Mikey: ... outsold by the bigger stores, where the discounts are just so much more?

Andrew: Right.

Eric: Cheers, Mikey.

Andrew: Good point, Mikey. Itís a 46% off savings youíre getting by pre-ordering at Amazon, although weíre not really - they donít really sponsor us.

Eric: Good point. [laughs]

Andrew: Pre-order at Borders today!

[Micah laughs]

Party Time

Andrew: But at any rate, moving along. Is everyone excited? Does anyone have a feeling - Iím excited, but...

Mikey: Iím disappointed. Like - well, like...

Micah: I agree.

Mikey: Well, the month of July! Itís like, thatís cool! Like Eric said, itís a week apart. Iím kind of like, I was trying to make plans, figure out what I was going to do for the movie. I live in California, so me and Alex from the Remus Lupins were talking about having a wizard rock show in front of the theater and doing something like that; well, now he started talking to libraries ready for that instead of the movies, so weíre kind of like - theyíre so close together. You know?

Eric: You know, Mikey, thatís a great example...

Andrew: Of what?

Eric: Well, it is. He was saying Alex and the band...

Mikey: Of the party - of the parties.

Andrew: Oh, okay.

Mikey: The Harry Potter parties that you and your friends have because a new movieís coming out...

Kevin: What parties?

Mikey: ... or a new bookís coming out.

Kevin: What are you talking about? We donít have parties. [laughs]

Andrew: [in bookworm voice] We donít party.

Eric: We donít party at all.

Andrew: We stay in our rooms all night.

Eric: Although...

Kevin: I donít know...

Mikey: Well, in California...

Andrew: It works for me. [laughs]

Mikey: In California, we do.

Eric: Oh, yeah. Get the parties out.

Mikey: In California, we do. [laughs]

Eric: Thatís how they do it in California.

Mikey: Thatís how we roll...

Eric: But if you did want to party...

Mikey: ...out here in Cali.

Prophecy 2007

Eric: Something I do feel compelled to mention, though, if we did want to party, look at the timing, because we do have a place to party in Canada!

Mikey: Yeeeaaah!

Eric: After - not only will it be after the movie...

Kevin: Yeah, Prophecy will be very soon after.

Eric: ... but soon after will feature - itís probably the gathering that will happen the soonest - is that a word? The most soon after the book and movie release.

Andrew: Soonest is a word.

Eric: Itís going to be, like, amazing! People are going to be getting together and be, like, "Oh my god! I never saw that coming! Oh!" And flippiní out with each other, and itís going to be amazing.

Mikey: Yeah, theyíre going to have to change quite a few of those panels.

Eric: Well, theyíre going to need to - well, thatís the other thing, too. Formal programming for Prophecy...

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: They wonít - the deadline is - I think theyíre extending it to Valentineís Day or something? So, you have, like, 14 more days, but the problem with that is that nobody really knows enough to talk about.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: Like, to actually do a program, so Iím thinking you should probably register now and just seriously get on that [laughs] after you read the book, but Iím not recommending that.

Andrew: I think the Decade of Enchantment Ball is going to have a little extra meaning, since itís going to be the end of Harry Potter.

Kevin: Oh, yeah. It is the end.

Andrew: And the whole theme of...

Eric: Awww...

Andrew: ... the Decade of Enchantment Ball is, "Ten Years of Harry Potter."

Eric: Oh, god.

Kevin: Oh, geez, yeah.

Andrew: Really, it has been a ten-year ride. If you think about it.

Kevin: Itís true.

Mikey: The ballís sold out, though, so.

Kevin: Well, no, it...

Andrew: It is. Well, theyíre trying...

Kevin: Theyíre trying to get more tickets.

Andrew: ...more tickets.

Kevin: Thereíll be about 200, I think.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: I need to find a way to Prophecy.

Kevin: Theyíre working on it.

Micah: Iím kind of disappointed.

Micah Does Get Results

Andrew: Yeah, Micah? Actually, a funny story: I regrettably edited out of the show, Episode 74, you saying - you asking Jo for another update, correct?

Kevin: Oh, yeah.

Eric: Oh, that wasn't in that show?

Kevin: You edited it out?

Andrew: Because the part - that part of the show was messy, and I was like, okay. You know what? Forget it. [laughs] So, although, Micah, the rest of the world didnít hear you, she heard you. I think this leads me to believe that she listens in on our Skype conversations.

Kevin: Yeah.

[Kevin and Micah laugh]

Micah: That she hacks your picture.

Andrew: Actually, I forgot I sent her the unedited version of MuggleCast. She knows I can get it a couple of days earlier...

Kevin: Oh, okay. [laughs]

Andrew: ...than everyone else...

Eric: She must be thinking really...

Kevin: Then, she doesnít think very highly of us. [laughs]

Eric: Not only that, but badly enough that weíre all going to...

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Whirlwind July

Andrew: Yes, Mikey? Micah?

Micah: As a fan, though, itís just the - itís an action-packed ride, I think.

Kevin: I think it is, yeah. Thatís what I was going to say.

Micah: Youíre probably starting off - I was talking to somebody about this before, though, the end of June, beginning of July, youíre looking at the U.K. premiere, then the next week, youíre looking at the U.S. premiere, then the next week is Enlightening/the release of the movie...

Andrew: The release.

Micah: Then, the next week, youíre looking at Deathly Hallows, and then two weeks after that, youíre at Prophecy.

[Andrew and Kevin laugh]

Andrew: I just want to say: Jo, can I have another reading in early August, too? Why not?

Mikey: The best July ever!

Andrew: Wrap everything up?

Kevin: Why not?

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, it will be. Itís going to be a lot of fun. Well, thatís the general consensus from the visitors on the site, is that itís too soon.

Eric: I guess we just feel...

Too Soon?

Andrew: I donít understand - I see where theyíre coming from, but Iím just - I canít feel surprised because we knew this was coming.

Eric and

Mikey: Did we?

Andrew: Well, everyone was saying 2007, so we at least knew this year. Most people assumed that it would be in the summer, because all the books have been released.

Eric: Right, but whereas what...

Andrew: At least, I always assumed so.

Eric: Where...

Andrew: But I canít speak for everyone.

Eric: Yeah, but who here wouldnít have been more than willing to wait until 2008?

Andrew: I donít know!

Mikey: I would have!

Andrew: I donít know!

Mikey: I would have waited.

Kevin: I would have waited as well, but...

More Movie vs. Book

Mikey: But itís so close together with the movie that it just - I donít know.

Eric: It just - people who - I mean, youíll get to see the movie, but you wonít be seeing the movie five or ten times if you really like it, because youíll be preparing for whatever youíre doing with the book.

Kevin: I donít think thatís going to stop people, though. I mean...

Eric: Or something. Youíre not...

Micah: No, no. I think he raises a good point, though, because if people donít make it out premiere weekend to see the movie, and theyíre a general Harry Potter fan, youíre going to be focused more on the book that following weekend than you are on the movie.

Eric: Since you know the answer to the seven million answers that JKR has just been leading us on with.

Kevin: Yeah, but the question is, can you put down that book for the two hours to go see a movie?

Mikey: No.

Kevin: I donít think Iíd have a problem with that...

Eric: I wouldnít.

Kevin: Because Iím more of a...

Eric: Youíve got to kind of get into it, especially if itís the newest book...

Kevin: Yeah, but...

Eric: You canít just set aside the time...

Kevin: But...

Eric: ... to really...

Kevin: But do you really want to read it in a whole chunk, or do you want to slowly enjoy it?

Eric: Well, weíve always tried to pretend, and, at least in the beginning of episodes we were under the impression that there was a distinguished audience of people who really would just see the movies and not read the books? But also then the book people who werenít really into the movies. So, what I was saying was kind of that there are enough people, and even people that arenít Harry Potter fans, but families that would still see the Harry Potter movies, so Iím worried if, like, Warner Brothers actually isnít that upset about this date, because theyíll still get families - if there arenít any other family films opening that weekend, or opened in theaters, then theyíre still going to get a lot of business.

Andrew: Right. And thereís going to be a ton of cross-promotion in the media. Not so much between Scholastic and Warner Brothers, but just think about on the news, all the promotion that...

Kevin: Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

Andrew: ...theyíre going to be handing each other. "Oh, the movie comes out today; by the way, the book in one week." "Oh, the book came out today; oh, and, coincidentally, the movie came out last week. Itís in theaters and made this much and blah blah blah blah blah."

Eric: [sighs] The only...

Kevin: I just - I just donít see them getting hurt by the book that much. I think...

Andrew: No, I - neither of these in my opinion...

Kevin: Exactly.

Andrew: ...are going to hurt the other. Itís just stupid. It canít. No way.

Eric: But at the same time...

Andrew: [laughs] Seriously.

Eric: ... putting them together is just as stupid, I think.

Andrew: Why? It just shows you that - itís not stupid, because Jo did it! [laughs]

Eric: Did she do it, or was...

Micah: No, I donít think she did it.

Eric: What is it then, Micah? Do you think that...

Cover Art

Andrew: Well, okay. Letís hold on. Letís...this is keep the...let the fans know that weíre still alive, letís - we have much more to talk about on MuggleCast 75.

Eric: Which is - yeah.

Andrew: Which is, of course, this, and - what does that mean for the cover? Do you guys know?

Kevin: I donít know, but I canít wait to see it.

Andrew: It came out in June with Half-Blood Prince, so that was a good six months after the release date was announced, so I guess weíre going to have to...

Eric: Mary Grandpre has to read it.

Kevin: Yeah, but thatís understandable, because of all the editing that has to go into the book and...

Andrew: Right. And she has to read the book, Mary Grandpre. So...

Kevin: Well, Mary does, not the UK, but I did notice that...

Andrew: Once.

Eric: the placeholder that Bloomsbury put up...

Micah: Well, letís hope the same things happen in both books. [laughs]

[Andrew laughs]

Kevin: That is true.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Harry lives in one but dies in the other!

Eric: That would be hot!

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: That would be amazing!

Mikey: [excited] In the U.S. version, Harry lives!

[Eric and Kevin laugh]

Mikey: [depressed] In the U.K. version, Harry dies.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: People would just be dumbfounded. They would be like, "What?" Thereís like one typo between the books...

Eric: Yeah! And it determines the whole thing. I think you have something there, Mikey.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Thatís pretty funny.

Mikey: Donít worry. The last word will still be, "scar," in both books. Itís going to be an automatic.

Eric: Yeah, itíll just be...

[Mikey sighs in relief]

Eric: Yeah. [laughs]

Show Close

Andrew: Of course, weíre going to have more coverage on Episode 75 of MuggleCast. And also, Ben and Laura will be back to put their thoughts in about what this release date means for the summer. Mikey, thanks for joining us today.

Mikey: Not a problem.

Andrew: We always can count on you, and Iím sure weíll have you on again in the future. By the way, everyone liked you on Episode 73.

Mikey: Wow!

Andrew: Enjoyed your co-hosting skills.

[Eric laughs]

Mikey: My theory of the release date...

[Kevin laughs]

Mikey: ...which obviously didnít happen.

Andrew: Yeah, yes, yes! [laughs]

[Everyone laughs]

Kevin: I donít know how much Iíll like you now.

Mikey: My wonderful release date, one of my decent theories!

Eric: When do decent theories...

Andrew: Yeah! [laughs]

Micah: It's all right. I feel your pain, Mikey.

Andrew: I think we all feel his pain. [laughs]

Mikey: Oh, no...

Eric: Yes, decent theories are not a requisite to be on the show. But, no, the other thing, I did - if anybody wants to view a little editorial, I put it up on my site that I bought out for us: Put a little editorial out on my feelings, but that wasnít to upstage you guys or understage you guys, or anything like that, but I just wanted to put it out because that was - when I woke up this morning, it was actually this morning that I found out, because itís February 2nd over here.

Andrew: [whispers] Okay! Okay!

Eric: Okay! So, basically...

Andrew: [laughs] Okay! Go on.

Eric: I woke up, and those were my immediate stream of consciousness thoughts, so I would - yeah. All right.

Kevin: Okay.

Andrew: All right.

Micah: Can I just say one more thing?

Eric: Sure.

Micah: I think it would be nice in the upcoming week to get a more personal response in Joís diary.

Andrew: Yes.

Kevin: I agree, too. Yeah. I think we all agree to that.

Andrew: I think we will. I think she wants to see the fan reaction first before she starts maybe saying how if the book is completely written and all that. Yeah.

Kevin: Either that, or sheís busy writing. [laughs] You know? And she has no time.

Eric: Yeah, sheís like, "Now that I..."

Kevin: "Now that Iíve committed to..."

Eric: Right

Andrew: She was so exhausted, she just called up her editor - she called up Lightmaker and said, "Just post this for me, please." [laughs]

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: All right, well, like I said, weíll have more - much more coverage on Episode 75 of MuggleCast for release this Sunday. So, thanks everyone for listening. Iím Andrew Sims.

Kevin: Iím Kevin Steck.

Eric: Iím Eric Scull. Cheers.

Micah: Iím Micah Tannenbaum.

Mikey: And Iím Mikey B.

Kevin: Good bye!

Eric: Bye!

Andrew: Weíll see everyone in a few days!

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