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Leaky Mug #1 Transcript

Thanks to Peter and TLC!


Andrew: This is a special broadcast brought to you by MuggleNet and The Leaky Cauldron, Episode Zero with absolutely no spoilers.

Melissa: Hi, I'm Melissa from PotterCast.

Andrew: I'm Andrew Sims from MuggleCast.

Ben: I'm Ben, also from MuggleCast.

Kevin: And I'm Kevin Steck, also from MuggleCast.

Melissa: And this is a special Muggle/Leaky...Pod...Chamber...Cast...Muggle...

Kevin: Thing.

Andrew: Thinger winger.

Melissa: [Laughs] Muggle...Potter...Cast...Leaky.

Andrew: Muggle Cauldron on-air.

Melissa: Well I'm really, really...I'm really, really proud because I'm the first girl on MuggleCast.

Andrew: And we're the first guys.

Ben: The first MuggleNetters on Leaky Cauldron.

Kevin: It's true.

Melissa: Yes, you are definitely the first MuggleNetters on Leaky Cauldron.

[All Laugh]

Apple Issues

Andrew: So we all assembled here for a reason.

Kevin: We did.

Andrew: Melissa, would you like to explain?

Melissa: Sure, well we wanted to explain a little bit of what we learned through this whole iTunes thing that happened this week. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what happened, both of our podcasts got yanked at the same time. We had no idea what happened. We both posted (on our sites) at the same time. The Potter army went out in force and contacted iTunes.

Andrew: That's for sure.

Melissa: And within a few hours they had reinstated our podcast but never, never told us what was going on. And today-

Ben: Yay.

Melissa: What, did you say, "yay?"

Ben: Yeah, that's right.

Melissa: Well, today I got an e-mail, that there was-I don't want to say what they did or did not do for sure. I don't know their motivations, I don't know how it was pulled. But I think from my opinion, what I was able to glean, is that they saw two Pottercasts up high and were concerned that there were going to be copyright issues and they sort of pre-empted it by putting it on pause for a little while.

Kevin: They were afraid of the lawyers, just as we are afraid of lawyers.

Melissa: Yeah, none of us can relate to that.

[All laugh]

Melissa: But, it looks like everything's fine and we're going to keep going but-

Ben: Yay!

Melissa: Yeah, but there's one...we're going to have to...PotterCast, I think will have to change its album cover.

Kevin: Yep.

Melissa: Even though John Noe designed a really cool Podcast thing and we love it but, you know. The silhouette with the iPod is a trademark image and fair enough- it's trademarked and we, we know how we all sort of... fool around with that, with Potter and everything else.

Kevin: Yeah and we, we've (been written too) before.

Ben: Yeah. and I think I know why PotterCast is above MuggleCast. It is because...

Melissa: Oh?

Ben: Illegally trademarked image.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah.

Melissa: I'm sure.

Ben: And people go for the illegal stuff over -

Melissa: Yeah, because the Book 6 art with an iPod on it, that's totally your own creation.

[All laugh]

Andrew: But, but you should.

Ben: Are you trying to get us in trouble?

All: Shhh.

Kevin: You should say that they were very polite about it after you know the e-mail. It was a big misunderstanding, so...

Melissa: No, I want to make that absolutely clear.

Kevin: We do thank the people from iTunes for giving us a head's up and doing it promptly.

Ben: Thank you, iTunes.

Melissa: Yeah, they were very nice.

Ben: From the bottom of my heart.

Melissa: [Laughs] Yeah. Well it was sort of a night of, well, I mean we, we had an auxiliary podcast ready to go.

Ben: We did.

Melissa: In case they didn't reinstate us. We all talked last night.

Kevin: Unfortunately you'll never hear it.

Melissa: Yeah, you will never, it's going to go down.

Ben: It was very interesting.

Andrew: Not just because things have changed but because that podcast would have been very controversial.

Ben: It would.

Kevin: Definitely.

Melissa: Yeah.

Andrew: We had quite a few...

Kevin: Interesting moments.

[All laugh]

Melissa: A couple of laughs, let's say.

Ben: We did.

Kevin: We'll just say if we would put up that podcast, we would be off the iTunes Music Store for good.

Ben: Definitely.

Melissa: Perhaps, yeah. But it's fun, and no totally...iTunes was very, very nice and very easy to talk to, so.

MuggleNet and Leaky

Kevin: That is one thing that we did include in the past podcasts that we haven't said yet about our relationship, you know.

Melissa: Yeah, I hate MuggleNet. [Laughs and Snorts]

Kevin: Absolutely.

Melissa: No.

Andrew: Oh my God, speaking of TLC, it's just horrible, you know.

Melissa: Yeah, right.

Kevin: We sit around talking smack about each other.

Melissa: Oh my god, those guys. No, no! MuggleNet and Leaky...I hate when people...All right, all right, I'm just going to go out and say it. I HATE when people go on our comments and talk about us, as if there's this huge rivalry and we hate each other. We don't, we clearly don't.

Kevin: Yeah, it's true.

Andrew: Yeah, we talk regularly.

Melissa: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah and we go out on dates occasionally.

Ben: Yeah we do.

Melissa: Yeah, there's that, and shortly I'll be arrested.

[All laugh]

Emerson Goes To College

Ben: I'm an Emerson and Melissa shipper, forget Ron and Hermione.

Melissa: Oh no!

Andrew: Yeah, me too.

Melissa: I was wondering how long it would take to get here.

[All Laugh]

Melissa: Well, you know, he's off in college so...

Ben: Oh yeah, and for those of you who are wondering where Emerson's at right now, go to [fuzzes out] South Bend, Indiana, and stop by.

[All Laugh]

Ben: Furthermore, he's playing dodgeball on the North Quad.

All speak at once

Melissa: He keeps us very apprised of what he's doing. He's playing dodgeball.

Andrew: Right now as we speak, for those of you who are curious.

Ben: Fly out to South Bend, and...

Kevin: If you have the opportunity, hit him.

Andrew: Yeah.

[All Laugh]

Kevin: Get in that game and aim for us.

Andrew: For Emerson.

Melissa: I'm really curious though. I'm really curious as to how many people at Notre Dame know him? They're all the same age, so they all grew up with Harry Potter and with MuggleNet, you know, the same way Emerson did.

Andrew: Well Emerson told us that everyone knows him.

Melissa: Mmmmm?

Kevin: Right, but that's Emerson.

[All Laugh]

Andrew: And if you go on the Notre Dame site you'll find a big picture of him.

Melissa: I saw that. [Laughing]

Andrew: Yeah, yeah.

Melissa: I got sent it by a friend. That was funny. I was wondering how long it would take a newspaper or publication to pick up on it. That was pretty fast.

Ben: Go to

Melissa: Well, why don't you guys post it on MuggleNet?

Ben: Because.

Kevin: He'd probably kill us.

[All Laugh]

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: No so, everybody knows Emerson, down there?

Andrew: We're not cool anymore, we're those old hags that sit online and talk to him.

Kevin: And another thing we have to reiterate, we do know Emerson for all those fans out there. You know, they were joking in that podcast.

Andrew: There's a few things I was kidding about last episode, that was just one of them.

Site Closings?

Andrew: And no, I'm not closing MuggleNet the day Movie Seven comes out either.

Melissa: Well, I'm closing Leaky.

Ben: Uh oh. Don't start those rumors.

Melissa: I'm kidding everybody. Kidding. I know, I've got to say that very carefully. Yes, I'm kidding. No, Leaky will stay open. I think.

iTunes Glitches

Ben: For those of you who want to try, you can before they actually fix the bug in the iTunes Music Store...

Andrew: No, no...

Melissa: Don't do it, we're hanging on a thread already. They could yank us at any moment.

Kevin: Leave it alone!

Ben: All right. Oh geez, it's not like they're going to listen to it!

[All Laugh]

Melissa: I don't know, maybe they will. Clearly they listened for potential issues.

Kevin: Yeah, we are hoping that...

Andrew: Steve, you listening to this? Come on Steve, we're calling you out.

Ben: Steve Jobs.

Melissa: Steve Jobs.

Andrew: Let's go! Fix those glitches!

Melissa: Seriously, it is a big...

Kevin: Why won't you sell OS X by itself. Come on dude.

Melissa: Seriously, that's a really, that's a huge glitch.

Kevin: We are hoping that iTunes will address their issues soon because we're sort of getting sick of it.

Ben: Don't you make fun of iTunes like that!

Kevin: I'm not making fun of it! All I'm saying is that, a lot of people are getting heat-not only our podcast, but other podcasts about curtain issues that are happening with iTunes. And we would like it to be fair and we would like it to be fixed as fast as possible so that we can...

Melissa: We can what?

Ratings War

Kevin: Brag about our dominance over PotterCast.

Melissa: I know, I was waiting for that. Well, I'm sorry.

Andrew: Hahaha, just kidding, guys.

Melissa: I'm sorry.

Kevin: We are kidding, we are kidding.

Melissa: You walked into this one. You can't brag about it right now. I'm sorry, I wouldn't have teased you but you walked right into it.

Ben: What? What are you talking about? I don't even see PotterCast...

Melissa: Uh huh. the top twelve.

Melissa: Uhm hm.

Ben: PotterCast is at 13 on my list, what about you guys?

Kevin: And what's going on with the logo?

Andrew: Actually, PotterCast is No. 4 on mine.

Melissa: There is a word that starts with "D", that I will never utter again in my life, but I know what you're thinking.

Kevin [fake coughs while saying]: Delusional!

Melissa: Actually, no, I never uttered it the first time but I still won't utter it again. So, there you go. It's fun. What's going to happen and I think what Potter fans will see is that this is why we want to preempt this whole competition thing, because...

Kevin: We're not in competition.

Melissa: Every, but every week. One week, you guys are going to be higher, one week we're going to be higher, it's just, it's going to be like that. They're two totally different shows. I think that they both fill a need. I see no reason why somebody can't be subscribed to both. I am. So, that's what we want to...we love each other. We, MuggleNet and Leaky help each other. We do things together. Clearly we're on a podcast together, we're having fun. I mean there's so much hate in the world in general, and when we insert hate between Harry Potter sites, I think we've sort of gone overboard.

Kevin: And all it does is, it gives a more vast variety of opinions.

Melissa: Yeah, absolutely.

Kevin: Yeah.

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