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Leaky Mug #1 Transcript (continued)

Potter Popularity?

Melissa: So tell me, you guys. Most of you apparently are in high school, or young, at least.

Ben: Half of us.

Melissa: Half of you? How old are you guys?

Kevin: I'm 20.

Andrew: 16.

Ben: I'm 55.

Melissa: I'm sure. How old are you?

Ben: I'm actually 16. I just turned 16.

Kevin: He did. Happy Birthday.

Ben: Yesterday.

Melissa: No, but seriously, it's an amazing thing. How do you feel? You are in high school or just out of it, and you are listened to by tens of thousands of people around the world. This has to get you some perks in like high school. No?

Kevin: Well...

Andrew: Well, here's the thing. I'm not in school yet and we only started doing this four weeks ago.

Kevin: Same with me.

Andrew: We'll hand this one over to Ben.

Melissa: Okay, okay. Kevin go. Okay, I'm sorry. Go ahead.

Ben: Cut me off then. Geez.

Melissa: I didn't mean to, I just wanted to that Kevin is not just out of high school. I take that back.

Kevin: Yeah, definitely not.

Melissa: He's more like 20. Sorry.

Ben: Yeah, okay, so we'll just put it this way. If I was to wear my MuggleNet tee-shirt to school, I'd be lucky to make it down the hallway without the cheers and yells.

[Andrew Laughs]

Melissa: Has anything ever happened at school? Have you ever been called out on it?

Ben: Occasionally, a bozo will go to MuggleNet's About Us page, and they'll see me on there, and then they'll do something like walk around quoting my About Us profile. "Ooh, you like this band I hear, I saw it on the About Us page" or one of them thought it would be funny if they copied and pasted my About Us profile with a link to it, and e-mailed it to the entire school.

Melissa: No way!

Kevin: Nice!

Melissa: They did that?

Ben: That's what they said they were going to do.

Melissa: Oh.

Ben: They haven't yet, but there's a very easy way to send an e-mail to their entire school. There's little groups of classes. So you send it to

Kevin: What's the school address?

Ben: * BEEP * dot org.

Melissa: Is that the real address? Did you just say that?

Ben: That is the real address.

Melissa: That was pretty dumb.

Kevin: Okay, great.

Andrew: This portion of the podcast has been withheld to retain Ben Schoen's privacy.

Ben: Please edit this out by the way.

Kevin: Okay, obviously we're not keeping this in.

Melissa: So all the girl mojo goes to Emerson, is what you're saying?

Ben: Yeah he's got to share the love, that kid.

Melissa: You know.


Ben: He's playing dodgeball on the North Quad.

Melissa: Um what?

Kevin: Actually...

Melissa: What did you just say?

Ben: Melissa runs

Melissa: Yeah, that's my secret identity. Oh, I don't want to make fun of the person who runs it. The person who runs it must be a very nice girl. Let's not make fun of her.

Ben: Yeah, I think she really likes him.

Kevin: I think so too.

Melissa: I think she might like him a little bit. She might.

Andrew: Just a little.

Kevin: If the person who runs that site wants any information about Emerson, feel free to e-mail any of us. We'll feel free to give you chat logs.

Melissa: Yep, we all have stuff.

Ben: I have his home address.

Kevin: If you want his AOL instant messenger, send $30 to me, and I'll give it to you.

Melissa: And then you too can know when he's play dodgeball, or tic-tac-toe or when he's eating lunch on the quad.

Kevin: We can't guarantee you'll talk to him, but you may know where he is at any particular moment.

Ben: Because honestly, we haven't even talked to him since he went to college, because he's too busy for his old friends.

Kevin: He's been one-wording us...

Ben: Yeah, it's been...Yeah...Great...What's up?...Not much...Yeah...

Melissa: Yeah, I got the same.

World Premiere

Ben: Listen. I'm already looking forward to this, because it's November, but we're going to do a special podcast from New York City! Right outside the premiere. It's going to be great!

Kevin: Hold on, hold on though. Do we even know if the world premiere is going to be in New York City?

Andrew: Yes.

Melissa: We don't know.

Andrew: Emerson said there's a date already. November 6th.

Ben [whispering]: He lies.

Melissa: Where's he getting this from?

Ben: I think Melissa would probably know too.

Kevin: Let's call what's-his-face...Darren.

Andrew: Can we call Darren?

Melissa: I mean he's probably right. Of the world premiere is in New York, that's the day, that's like two Sundays before.

Andrew: Because it's a Sunday.

Melissa: Right, that's probably what it would be. But I don't think anything official has been decided quite yet.

Ben: So this is just speculation guys. Just speculation.

Melissa: Yeah, speculation.

Ben: Just speculation.

Melissa: Because we already getting e-mails. And I got two today: "Please can you tell me how to get into the Harry Potter premiere?" Really, I can't. If we get into the Harry Potter premiere, it's because Warner Bros. has combined press with premiere, which they don't do always...

Andrew: And we're really lucky.

Melissa: Right. And we're really lucky.

Ben: Potter Army. Meet me at Radio City Music Hall on November 6th. About 10,000 of us are just going to charge the gates. We're just going to plow right through.

Andrew: And then me and Ben are going to go see Conan.

Ben: Yeah. Conan O'Brian.

Melissa: Well no matter what, whether it's at the premiere or before the premiere, after the premiere. If we're all in New York, we'll get together and do another special podcast.

Kevin: And we are going to try to get to New York, all of us, so hopefully we will be able to meet up, meet in person and make a live show. Hopefully.

Melissa: Cool, I'll show you around.

Kevin: I would appreciate it.

Ben: You live there. That's right.

Kevin: I could show you some of my relatives.

Melissa: Where are they?

Kevin: New York.

Melissa [Laughing]: Where in New York?

Kevin: Most of them, Long Island, but I have some on the Upper East Side of New York City. And some Queens, New York. Some Brooklyn.

Melissa: Excellent. Brooklyn. That's where I was born.

Kevin: All spread out, so.

Melissa: I was born in Brooklyn.

Kevin: Were you?

Melissa: Yeah.

Kevin: You don't have the intimidating accent though.

Melissa [in an accent]: I don't? What do you mean I don't have an accent? No, that was bad.

Kevin: It was. But...

Melissa: Yeah. Yeah, I don't. See I don't. I lost it. It's not there.

Ben: Melissa...

Melissa: Hmm?

Ben: Are you part of the Mafia?

Melissa: [Long pause. Nervous laughter from boys.] We don't answer those questions.

Ben: Oh, you don't?

Melissa: [Laughter] No, I am not. Jamie Waylett thinks I am. Jamie Waylett is convinced that my family is Mafia. He will not listen to reason. I keep telling him that we're not and all he does is laugh and tell me that when I'm 30, they'll all sit me down and explain to me that I'm Mafia. There's just, there's just no telling him otherwise.

Ben: Guys, guys, we can't talk about this or else Melissa's family is going to whack us.

Melissa: Oh it's too late - You're marked.

[Guys laugh]

Melissa: You're marked now, I mean. Is this another thing we're going to have to spell out?

Kevin: Oh geez, I hope not.

Melissa: I hope not.

Irish Eyes Are Spying

Ben: And let it be know that Emerson's away message is lying, because I see live web cams here, and it's pitch black in Notre Dame.

Melissa: Are you...wait. No, wait. You went to the Notre Dame web site and you're spying on Emerson.

Andrew: The have live cams?

Kevin: They have somewhat live cams.

Andrew: I've got to see this.

Kevin: We are trying to spy on him, yes.

Andrew: Wouldn't it be funny, we set up a little part on MuggleNet...

Kevin: That's what we're doing. That what it was intended to do. Add a link to the...

Andrew: Give me the link.

Kevin: I sent it to you.

Melissa: Aw, this poor kid. Oh my God.

Kevin: Spy on Emerson Spartz Live.

Andrew: This is really cool.

Melissa: Poor Emerson, poor Emerson.

Andrew: Wow, look at that! This can't be live.

Kevin: Check the hour. Sometimes they update, sometimes they don't.

Ben: Your blatant sympathy, Melissa for Emerson makes me think something might be going on between you two.

Kevin: We all know something's going on.

Melissa: [Laughs] Oh my God! I can't, I mean...I don't know how many different ways I can say that he is a very good friend. The Memerson thing I have found very amusing. And I get sent links, and I go to them, so I've seen...I think I've seen most of what people are saying and they're just having fun but it's weird. It's like watching somebody else. The person Melissa that they're talking about doesn't seem like me. Does that make sense? To see yourself talked about that way, as if you were a fictional character. Is just...

Andrew: Freaky?

Melissa: Strange.

Ben: I bet there's some Emerson/Melissa fan fiction out there.

Melissa: I've been told there is, but I don't know where it is. Emerson has made me promise to send him links if I find any.

Kevin: And Melissa would love to read some, so if you get the opportunity, send us a link.

Melissa: Oh my God. Oh my God.

Show Close

Andrew: All right, so I think that wraps up this Special Podcast...MuggleNetcast...Potter...Leaky Cauldron...Veritaserum-ish...MuggleNet...thinger...podcast.

Kevin: Yes, it does.

Andrew: So from MuggleNet once again we have me, Andrew Sims.

Ben: Me, Ben Schoen.

Kevin: Kevin Steck.

Andrew: And then from The Leaky Cauldron we have...

Melissa: Me, Melissa Anelli. And we're done.

Andrew: Wonderful, so I think that wraps it up and in conclusion, we all love each other.

Melissa: It's a big Potter family.

Kevin: And we will be talking to you next episodes of our podcasts.

Melissa: Yep.

Kevin: Bye.

Melissa: Yep, and we're going to have you on PotterCast too. Again.

Ben: So long. Goodnight.

Melissa: Bye

Andrew: All right, see you guys.

Melissa: I'm stopping now.

Andrew: Okay. good.

Melissa: Okay. I'm pressing stop.

Andrew: We're done. That's it.

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