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Leaky Mug #2 Transcript


Andrew [Show Intro with music in background]: This is a Special Edition of MuggleCast and PotterCast for September 16, 2005, brought to you by the The Leaky Cauldron and MuggleNet.

Melissa: Welcome to this 2nd Special Edition between MuggleCast and PotterCast. I'm Melissa from PotterCast.

Andrew: Feeling congested, I'm Andrew.

Kevin: I'm Kevin Steck.

John: And I'm John from PotterCast.

Eric: And I'm Eric from MuggleNet.

Melissa: Hi!

Eric: Hi!

John: Hi everybody!

General Goblet of Fire Trailer Discussion

Melissa: So what are we here for? We're here because this amazing thing came out this morning called the Goblet of Fire trailer.

John: Oh.

Eric: Number Two.

Andrew: Theatrical trailer.

Melissa: Theatrical trailer.

Eric: Number Two...

Kevin: This is the second.

Eric: Nuuuummbeeerr twoooooo.

Andrew: And it's huge, it's been getting excellent reviews.

Eric: Yes.

John: Oh yeah.

Eric: Oh yeah.

Andrew: It's just a trailer.

Melissa: Just a trailer? It's two and a half minutes or however long it is of a lot of new stuff.

Andrew: Okay, how about this? We start off by saying how many times each of us has listened to it. [John Laughs] I mean watched it.

Eric: Well, there's quite a few...

Andrew: Me. Three billion times.

[All laugh]

Eric: Seven here.

Andrew: Melissa? Eric, seven.

Kevin: Four here.

Melissa: Did John go?

John: Oh no. Oh God. At least a dozen, I guess. I probably saw the whole thing frame by frame at least once, doing the shot by shot.

Kevin: Analysis. Yeah.

Andrew: Frame by frame?

Melissa: Oh, that's right. [Laughing] We watched it frame by frame at 2:00 AM in the morning because somebody had sent it to us early. One of the...

Anyway, I watched it...

Andrew: Ooooooohhhhhh!!!

Eric: Oh, you got the leaked copy!

Melissa: You got it early too. Shut up.

Eric: Yeah, well we were too noble to post it, Melissa.

Kevin: But you didn't tell us, Melissa.

Melissa: We didn't post it. Nothing went up until 9:00 AM.

Andrew: I know. I know. I know.

Melissa: No. No. No. I was on a train today for eight hours because we got stuck. So I have watched it many, many, uncountable times.

[Eric Laughs]

Andrew: So hey, that's a good question. How did this trailer get leaked?

Melissa: You know what? We don't know.

Kevin: I would say that they put it on their server early and then someone pulled it.

Andrew: That's what I was thinking.

Kevin: That's what typically happens, because they put it on the server...

Andrew: It's AOL.

Kevin: Yeah. They put it on the server to prevent from something going wrong when they need to upload it at the last minute.

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: AOL has a long and storied history of being...

Andrew: Mistakes...[Laughs]

Melissa: ...with the trailers. Do you remember the first trailer to the first movie that somebody sent to Leaky? Way back when?

Andrew: No.

Kevin: Yeah.

Melissa: It was the first time we made CNN. It was gigantic news. And we heard, and are still hearing now about really angry meetings they had at AOL when they had found this had happened. And, a legitimate trailer made it to their site, and somehow a reader found the link and sent it us.

John: Hmmm.

Andrew: Hmmm.

Kevin: That typically happens.

Eric: Leave it to the readers to do that.

Melissa: It's AOL.

Kevin: Not to mention, it is like

Melissa: Yeah.

Kevin: She embeds, they embed code in there meant for the future and people pull it out of know?

Melissa: Yeah.

Kevin: So.

Melissa: And people get upset when you call this hacking, but it is hacking in a non-illegal sense. It still is hacking because you're getting information you're not meant for.

Eric: It is hacking. It's like...

Andrew: And you know what? This morning before I went to school, I went to check that link that everybody had up, and I clicked it. Sure enough, it was all there. It says what it says now on Moviefone: "Goblet of Fire Trailer. Check it out." Then it has the links "Watch It Now", and it has the big QuickTime version. I originally posted it, and I didn't bother to look at it because I thought, "It's AOL. How could they possibly screw up?"

[All Laugh]

Andrew: So I posted it. And sure enough, I post it, then play it back, and it is the Chronicles of Narnia in high-resolution on a Harry Potter Page.

[All Laugh]

Melissa: Yeah.

Kevin: Oh man.

John: Yeah.

Melissa: Do you know we were in the middle of doing our shot by shot, and what you have to understand is that John has seen the absolute worst. John and I, when we do our overnight sessions of doing stuff for Leaky, we get so mean towards each other.

John: Oh yeah. [Laughs]

Melissa: Mostly it's me being mean to him. [Andrew Laughs] So we are sort of in this really, really hard work mode and he just sent me this cracking up IM: "Ahaha, it's going to the Chronicles of Narnia". I had no idea that that was you guys.

[All Laugh]

Eric: Oh well. Yeah.

Melissa: So sorry. I would have told you.

Kevin: Right, Melissa.

Eric: Oh right.

Andrew: It was only up for ten minutes.

[All Laugh]

Kevin: We know about the animosity between Leaky and MuggleNet.

Andrew: Yep.

Melissa: It's gotten so bad since last time. Ben's only asked me to marry him about 47 times.

[All Laugh]

Eric: He's going to propose again tonight.

Andrew: Well, we've bonded a lot over the past few days.

Kevin: Few days?

Andrew: I mean few weeks. Since our last episode.

Melissa: Yeah. Nary a day goes by that I don't talk to my MuggleBoys.

John: This is true.

Andrew: MuggleBoys. It's turned into that, hasn't it?

[All Laugh]

Melissa: Speaking of MuggleBoys. This is the second Special Edition. Last edition I was your first girl on MuggleCast. I'm still the first. Maybe now I am the second girl on MuggleCast. What's going on?

Andrew: Basically, what is going on is we just haven't found someone yet. We've been getting a lot of voicemail offers from people saying: "Oh hey, can I be on your podcast". And it's a girl. We just opened up that contest. First Place will win a walk-on role on an upcoming MuggleCast episode. If it's a girl, that will be our first girl.

Melissa: So wait. Aren't we supposed to talk about the trailer?

Kevin: Yes, the trailer.

Andrew: Yes, I think we should.

Eric: Oh, okay.

Kevin: One thing I would like to say is that it is obvious why they got the PG-13 rating.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: I mean, you see it. That trailer is dark.

Eric: Yeah, okay. McGonagall asking Ron to dance.

John: That was hilarious.

Eric: That's a PG-13 moment right there.

[All Laugh]

Eric: "Mr. Weasley, put your hand on my waist." And he says, "What?"

Melissa: "Ehhh".

Eric: "What the hell? What?"

Melissa: That was a classic response from him.

Eric: That was good.

Melissa: And you know what I loved. The look on his face when they were having the fight. It is sort of the first non "I'm so scared" face we've gotten from him.

Kevin: It's true.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: It's really a deeper, different side of him.

Kevin: Let's hope his voice is a little more consistent this film.

John: Yeah.

[All Laugh]

Melissa: Yeah.

Eric: Poor Rupert.

Melissa: John...

Andrew: I'll tell you what though. Go ahead. John can talk.

John: I'm here still?

[All Laugh]

Andrew: Speak. If that's what you were going to say, Melissa.

Melissa: You're so quiet. This is unprecedented.

John: I'm just so busy trying not to breath into my microphone this time. That's all I did. [Laughs]

Melissa: I yelled at him.

John: That's all I did in the last episode. [Laughs]

Melissa: I yelled at him for the last one.

John [breathing heavily]: Hi, my name is John.

Andrew: You know what? You know what, though? I was kind of upset about the music in this trailer.

Eric: Upset about the music?

Melissa: Oh.

Andrew: Compared to the international teaser. It's just the sound effects. It sounded like it was from some corny Mario game back for the NES (original Nintendo).

Eric: Hey, hey, hey. Mario is a good game.

[Melissa Laughs]

Kevin: It is a good game.

Eric: All right. You do not insult Mario!

Andrew: I'm not insulting Mario. I am just implying...

Eric: You can't insult Mario.

Andrew: I don't know. I just...

Eric: Okay. Good. We're clear on that.

Andrew: Anybody else feel that way?

Melissa: They didn't feature it so prominently as they did in the first trailer, but what I did like was that it was this very, sort of pretty and plaintive, and just a little bit ominous in the beginning. And then, the trailer just switches moods right after the "fraternizing with the enemy" part.

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: And maybe... Yeah?

Andrew: That was really good.

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: I like how they did that.

Eric: Yeah. I love...

Andrew: "The enemy?"

[All make evil noise and laugh]

Melissa: And I have to say it, as the only female person here, great choice casting Cedric and Krum.

John: Oh geez.

Kevin: Yeah, they actually looked really good in their roles. Definitely.

Eric: Cho looks good in this trailer.

Melissa: Cedric looks like you could have just pulled him out of the text. He's the pretty boy. The high school jock.

Kevin: But we'll have to see when we see their acting. You can't make a clear judgment without seeing how they act in the film.

Eric: Right.

John: Speaking of Cedric...

Eric: One of the cool things was Cedric's modesty.

John: Yeah.

Eric: Sorry, John.

John: Have we figured out right after this shows Cedric, who is holding his hand up near the maze?

Andrew: Yeah, who was that?

John: Because when I first saw it, I thought it was a weird version of Sprout. Isn't she the Head of House for Hufflepuff?

Melissa: Maybe. I don't know. I didn't look.

John: Some people thought it was his dad. BK thought it was Ludo Bagman.

Melissa: Ludo Bagman wasn't cast.

Eric: Oh yeah, that person. I know exactly what you mean.

Melissa: Yeah. I don't know.

Eric: There's a nice screen cap of that.

John: I still think it's Sprout. But, that's just me. That's just me.

Andrew: What was up with that shot of the snake?

Eric: That...

Melissa: That was Barty Crouch.

Eric: In the beginning. Yes. That's Barty Crouch. That's from the beginning when...

Andrew: Ohhh. Oh, okay.

Eric: That's Nagini.

Melissa: That's why because...

Andrew: Because I saw it. Yeah. I didn't get it at first. Ben asked me about it too, and I said I didn't know.

Melissa: Yeah. He's not blonde. He's dark-haired and looks much more healthy than he should having come out of Azkaban.

Siriusly Bad Effects?

Andrew: Yeah. Oh. Speaking of Azkaban, Sirius...

[All Laugh]

Andrew: What is up with those effects?

John: It wasn't poorly done. It was just not what I was expecting anyway. I don't that was what really anybody was expecting.

Andrew: Yeah. I don't that was what anybody was expecting.

John: That was definitely one way to do it. But, Wow!

Kevin: Yeah.

Melissa: It didn't look like him. It didn't look like Gary Oldman. So you're losing all the actor recognition that would gain a lot of favor with the audience too.

Eric: I bet they tried to that. They put sensors all over him. It kind of looks like him.

Andrew: And that's his one and only appearance, right?

Melissa: Yeah. That's it.

John: That's a shame.

Andrew: That sucks. I wonder how much he got paid for that? Five million?

The Yule Ball

Melissa: What about the Yule Ball?

Kevin: I think that was awesome.

Eric: Yeah, the Yule Ball looks great.

Kevin: If you look at the scenery they create. It's awesome. I just like the visual effects.

Eric: You noticed guys that there are two scenes in the trailer where they have musical instruments and bands, which is kind of what they took off of, probably from the choir in Prisoner of Azkaban. And then later on, in one of the views of one of the tasks they have a band, which is kind of cool.

John: Hmmm. The picture of Hagrid and Madame Maxine gave me the impression, I don't know about anybody else, that they might be into each other.

Andrew: Yeah, I think that's what they were going for with that. Definitely.

John: No, no.

Andrew: Yeah. You don't think so?

John: Eh.

Melissa: I don't make comments on shipping.

[All Laugh]

Eric: Ever since...

Andrew: Why not?

Melissa: I just don't.

Andrew: That's the impression I got, too. They were trying to make the two look like they sort of had a crush on each other.

Eric: Well, they do go on a long journey together.

Melissa: You know the moment of the trailer that really sent a chill right through my core.

Andrew: What's that?

Melissa: When McGonagall put her hands over her mouth. It's clearly the moment where she has realized Cedric has died.

Kevin: Oh yeah. Yep.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: You know? That's cool. I couldn't place that. I didn't know what that was from.

Gambon As Dumbledore

Kevin: What do you think about the Pensieve? I don't know how to pronounce it.

Eric: Yeah, the Pensieve, that's not only...

Melissa: Pensieve.

Eric: There's a scene. Kevin, there's a scene where...

Kevin: What did you think about it?

Eric: I thought it was cool.

Melissa: When he's falling into it?

Kevin: No, when he's pulling the memory out.

Melissa: It looks painful.

Kevin: It does, doesn't it?

[All Laugh]

Eric: It does. He's like: "Ahh!"

Melissa: Who would want to do that? You know Dumbledore. He's coming across. I liked him a lot in Movie 3. He's coming across a little bit abrasive in this trailer.

Eric: Yeah. Not as, not as whimsical.

Kevin: I really didn't like him in Movie Three all that much. He seemed impersonal.

John: That's exactly what I thought.

Eric: Yeah, Kevin. He just said: "Goodnight".

Melissa: I feel that if you could combine Richard Harris' gentle spirit with Gambon's playfulness, you'd have a perfect Dumbledore.

Eric: With his fierceness. Yeah.

Kevin: Oh yeah. Absolutely.

Andrew: I love Gambon playing Dumbledore.

Eric: Oh do you?

Andrew: I just think he's a feisty Dumbledore almost. Just because you saw the scenes. Just look at the trailer. Everything he does, he screams. He screams everything. [Laughs]

John: That's true.

Melissa: But that's not good.

Eric: Not always. You need a gentle Dumbledore, too.

Andrew: I like when his name pops out of the...

Melissa: "HARRY POTTER!"


Andrew: Yeah. Like he's... [Laughs]

Eric: "HARRY POTTER!" What have you done?

Andrew: Oh, that was so great.

Harry and Cho

Melissa: What was that moment? There's a moment right after that where it looks like Harry is reacting to that, but he fell or something and Hermione is picking him up.

John: Well, it's probably the shock of getting his name pulled.

Melissa: Do you remember this?

Eric: Yeah, let me look at that.

Melissa: He falls.

Andrew: I missed that.

John: I don't know. He's just "WHOA!" Really surprised.

Melissa: My name fell. Oh. Whoops. There I go. My name got called.

John: He knows what that implies. He knows what that means then. He could have been really shocked.

Melissa: It means he loses his footing?

John: Yeah, evidently.

Melissa: Okay.

John: I don't know. What the hell.

Melissa: I also love when Harry is coming into the stadium, and he's shaking on his feet. You can tell how cowed he is about what he's about to do. It's cool.

Kevin: So how about the Cho Chang scene? Cho Chang scene.

Eric: Well, one of things things I was going to say...

Kevin: What did you think?

Eric: I was going through the trailer, and I was looking for Voldemort. Scanning it the first time I had seen it. I got to the part where Harry spits out his drink. There was a split scene where I thought that was Voldemort, and I was so confused by it. There's Harry spitting. I was expecting it, and there's him spitting out. But I thought Cho was done well in the trailer.

Melissa: You thought who was Voldemort?

Eric: No, I was looking for Voldemort, and the first thing I see is Harry spitting out his drink.

Melissa: Oh. Okay.

Eric: Which was hilarious actually because I was looking for it, and not what I expected. It's clear they'll do romance pretty well in this one.

Melissa: Yeah. Yeah. But you know what? One of my favorite line in all four books is "Wangoballwime?" in Book 4 when he just jumbles it all up. So I am hoping from what we saw, that we do have that vocal failure.

Eric: Yeah. "Wangoballwime". [Laughs] I like Cho. I think she looks good in this trailer. Looks appropriate.

Dancing Experts

Melissa: The Ball is just gorgeous. I can't wait to see more of that.

Eric: Yeah.

John: The only thing with the Ball.

Melissa: Voldemort?

John: And my only criticism of all teen movies, is whenever you see the kids that age dancing, they are always perfectly choreographed. They are perfect dancers. And this shot, the overhead shot we've seen of them all dancing, they are all in sync. Okay, at least they put in that one lesson with McGonagall that we've seen, but if they're all perfect at dancing, I'm just going to be annoyed again at that.

[Eric Laughs]

Andrew: Oh, so you think it is going to be unrealistic?

John: Yeah.

Andrew: That's true.

John: It's always unrealistic when all the teenagers are professional dancers and they're all dancing perfectly in sync.

Andrew: [Laughs] Yeah.

Eric: [Laughs] Yeah. It's not like Apparating, you know.

Kevin: I think that goes hand-in-hand with McGonagall giving dancing lessons.

Melissa: Yeah.

Eric: They have to kind of make it possible.

John: If we're going to assume that they are all perfect students at the dance, then awesome.

Kevin: But if they establish that. Yeah. I see what you mean, though. It is sort of frustrating to see perfection.

Eric: Throughout the books Voldemort, he's going around saying how there's a servant at Hogwarts. Maybe the servant at Hogwarts is Imperiusing everybody and making them dance perfectly for some reason.

Melissa: "Lord Vold of the Dance"?

[All Laugh]

Kevin: That was bad.

Melissa: I did hear that there was more dancing that wasn't choreographed.

Kevin: Oh really?

Andrew: What do you mean?

Melissa: It's a rumor.

Andrew: That's gotten cut?

Melissa: I don't know. That was filmed.

Eric: That must be fun to act out though. I wonder if they ever do that to advanced scenes when they are not supposed to shooting, in their free time if they are all sitting around on set.

Melissa: You think they are practicing their snogging for Book 6?

John: Oh, who knows. They could be.

Kevin: It's possible.

Melissa: I don't think they are.

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