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Leaky Mug #3 Transcript

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Andrew: Well, here we are. This is Andrew Sims from

Melissa: This is Melissa Anelli from THE dash LEAKY dash CAULDRON dot ORG.

[Both laugh]

Andrew: LEAKY dash, what did you say? LEAKY dash LEAKY dash...

Melissa: THE dash LEAKY dash CAULDRON. The Leaky Cauldron. Find the address on Google.

Andrew: Google it, please. Um, we can only be on Skype at 10:22 P.M. recording each other's voices for only one reason, Melissa.

Melissa: Just one.

Andrew: We have a big announcement.

Melissa: Drum roll. [pounding of hands on desk in background] I'm doing a drum roll. Our Live Podcast is happening!

Andrew: [gasps] Live Podcast? That's right! We're going to be doing a Live Podcast recording after The Goblet of Fire domestic premiere in New York City. It's going to be sooo much fun. We have so many details to get through. But we just want to let you guys know so you have lots of time to plan ahead, and we're inviting everyone to come and watch and meet us and it's just going to be a blast.

Melissa: Everyone. We're going to fill up a four-floor at Barnes and Noble and project it through the store. And, those poor people who are not Harry Potter fans who are in the store at the time....

[Andrew giggles in background]

Melissa: Oh, geez.

Andrew: Oh, they better look out. We better put warning signs around the store. This is going to be HUGE!

Melissa: Andrew, we're going to need a picture of all you guys and all us guys to go on one of those little stands when you walk in Barnes and Noble.

Andrew: Oh yeah.

Melissa: [Laughs] "Coming November 12th!"

Andrew: Yeah. Like The Order of the Phoenix one with Harry and his wands.

Melissa: Yes.

[Both laugh]

Melissa: Or like you said. We'll all do the image like Emerson's with the book.

Andrew: That's definite. For the banner.

Melissa: I think we all need to do it.

Andrew: Okay, but anyway...

Melissa: Anyway, November 12th is the date.

Andrew: Ah, 66th and Broadway is the location of the Barnes and Noble, and we will be doing...we don't have a definite time yet for when everyone can come, but it's going to be almost right after the premiere.

Melissa: Yeah. Basically, the premiere is at the Ziegfeld Theatre.

Andrew: Ooh. Wait a second, Melissa.

Melissa: Yes?

Andrew: I believe this is a Podcast Exclusive!

Melissa: It is a Podcast Exclusive, Andrew. It's a scoop, as we call it in the biz.

Andrew: You heard it here first.

Melissa: The domestic premiere of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will be at the Ziegfeld Theatre on 141 West 54th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue in New York City, NOT Radio City Music Hall like last time.

Andrew: We will be there on the Red Carpet and then going in to see the movie...

Melissa: We hope. Tentatively.

Andrew: Tentatively, yeah. [Laughs]

Melissa: We're assuming.

Andrew: Yeah, know. So, who will be the host of this Podcast?

Melissa: The hosts are: THE dash LEAKY dash CAULDRON dot ORG...

[Both laughing]

Melissa: ...and And who's coming, Andrew?

Andrew: Okay. Well, from MuggleNet, we're going to have me, Ben, Kevin, and yes, Emerson will be there, of course.

Melissa: Oh, be still my beating heart.

Andrew: A couple of other MuggleNet staffers might come out, but our side of the panel for the show will consist of Ben, Emerson, and I.

Melissa: Our side of the panel will consist of Sue Upton, who is coming in all the way from Detroit, myself, and John Noe, who you guys may have a hard time finding because he'll be under a sheet with eyes cut out. "Oooooooooooo, I'm Sirius Black!"

Andrew: I can't wait to meet John.

Melissa: [Laughs] I have a feeling that you guys and John are going to get along real well.

Andrew: Or anyone, for that matter.

Melissa: John's becoming like as big as Emerson. It's sort of scary.

Andrew: I know. This whole Podcast thing is sweeping the Harry Potter world. So then, we're also going to have some other guests besides just us. We're great and all, but, you know, we got to bring some other people on. We are probably going to have a couple other MuggleCast staffers...

Melissa: Yeah, and we're going to have some Moderators from The Leaky Lounge coming in from a lot of different places.

Andrew: Also, Jeff from HPANA, Mike from, Kevin from MuggleNet...

Melissa: Oh, we should explain what is... Harry Potter fans, is the site for the Christopher Paolini fan. It's the "MuggleNet" of Christopher Paolini.

Andrew: Eldest.

Melissa: Yes. Eldest, and... What's the first one?

Andrew: The Inheritance trilogy.

Melissa: The Inheritance trilogy. That's right.

Andrew: Eldest is the first one. No, no, no. Eldest is the second one. Eragon is the first one. Oh, Mike's going to hate me for this.

Melissa: We're fans.

Andrew: Eragon's the first one.

Melissa: Eragon! That's it! Eragon's the first one. Okay. Right. So, we'll have them and it'll be a lot of fun. We are also going to have special prizes and giveaways, we think. I've got ten Goblet of Fire posters that were given to me by Warner Brothers about a month ago that are just sitting there waiting to be given out to fans.

Andrew: Very nice. And we're going to have a couple of things. We've already got one thing, for sure. And then we're going to have as many signatures as my hand can possibly write out...

Melissa: You're going to sign autographs?

Andrew: [Laughs] Sure!

Melissa: I want an autograph!

Andrew: Okay. You'll get the first one.

Melissa: I want it special. I want to get a Harry Potter book and I want you to write me a special insignia. Just so I can show my grandkids, Andrew.

Andrew: Okay. [Laughs] You can sign my book too.

Melissa: I'll sign your book. I feel like I'm back in high school with the yearbook.

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: Andrew, are you going to assign the Harry Potter fans a special task that day?

Andrew: Yeah, because my new segment on MuggleCast is called "Andrew's..." what do I call it? Uh, "Andrew's Listener's Challenge." Sweeping the nation...

Melissa: "Andrew Makes All of You His Slaves."

Andrew: Yeah. So, I'm going to have something fun at Barnes and Noble. It is a bookstore. I feel like people should... well, I don't know. I'll think of something.

Melissa: I feel like we should set up a scavenger hunt throughout the bookstore.

Andrew: That would be good cause the place is so huge. It's four floors.

Melissa: Four floors. There's a Starbucks inside, so one person... I'm going to find one person to just keep bringing me lattes.

Andrew: Be a coffee runner.

Melissa: A coffee runner... [says dreamily] Just a consistent stream. Here's the catch: There's limited seating. So...

Andrew: How many exactly?

Melissa: I think a couple hundred, a couple hundred seats, and then as many people can come to the event and pack the outsides. They'll be playing it throughout the store, but if you want a seat, you have to get there first.

Andrew: Now, let's not forget that we also need an audio person that we are going to ask for right now.

Melissa: Yeah. We need an audio engineer. An audio person who has experience mixing events, mixing live audio events, can tape this for us so that we can basically publish this Podcast.

Andrew: We're looking for someone if, ideally, they would be able to have a mixer and maybe 6 or 7 headsets for us. That's wishful thinking. We might be able to pick up a couple for ourselves.

Melissa: We need somebody with a set-up. We need somebody who has the know-how to do it and is willing to do it for our... in exchange of A LOT of advertising and our gratitude.

Andrew: And maybe we'll slip you something.

Melissa: We'll try. But we'll work it out.

Andrew: Yeah. One other thing: This audio-guy is going to have to be able to do it fast. Right after it's recorded either Melissa or I, or probably both will need a copy of the show. We need to get that edited NOW. ASAP.

Melissa: Yeah. ASAP. I also have a request. I'm going to be the one meeting with these potential audio-dudes, so please be a legitimate audio person. Send me your details - oh, God [laughing] - at hplive at gmail dot com, and I will come meet with you. Now keep in mind, when you send me the address, I'm going to stop outside and see if it's your Mom's basement.

[Andrew laughs]

Melissa: And if it's your mom's basement, I'm not coming in!

Andrew: And we're also going to run a background check on you too.

Melissa: Background check. I'm a journalist. I can find this stuff out.

Andrew: It might be better if you meet them in a coffee shop, Melissa, rather than their house.

Melissa: And it has to be in New York City. Better still, if you're a businessperson and you have a place of business. We'll meet you there.

Andrew: Biness.

Melissa: Biness.

Andrew: That's how you said it.

Melissa: Is it really?

[Both laugh]

Melissa: I still have the cold you gave me, Andrew.

Andrew: Oh. Sorry.

Melissa: So, your fault. So, yes. Please be legitimate. Please? I want to be living for this Podcast.

Andrew: Oh yeah. This is going to be so much fun.

Melissa: Oh, I can't wait. Even Emerson's excited. And it takes him, you know...

Andrew: I know.

Melissa: He's sort of that aloof...

Andrew: We can't wait to meet everyone. We can't wait to meet each other. Well, Melissa's already met Emerson, obviously, but Ben and I haven't met Melissa and Emerson and me and...there are so many weird connections.

Melissa: I've met John, but I've never met Sue. You believe that?

Andrew: No... Well, yes, I do.

Melissa: Well, anyway, none of us can wait to meet each other. It's going to be fantastic. So, after the Podcast... The Podcast is probably going to be, what? An hour? Two hours? About two hours?

Andrew: Yeah... uh... yeah.

Melissa: Basically, this is the run-down: you go outside from The Goblet of Fire when the movie is over and we come outside. We will all track, it's only 12 blocks, 66th and Broadway, so you only walk 12 blocks and in New York, that's a snap. You go up to the Barnes and Noble and we'll set up and get it going. And it will be about two hours and then we'll hang around a while afterwards to meet everybody. That's it.

Andrew: Take pictures. Shake hands. You know, all that.

Melissa: Protect Emerson from the screaming fan-girls and the Harry/Hermione 'shippers.

[Both laugh]

Andrew: Oh yeah. And we'll also need security. If anyone can handle that, please e-mail... the New York City Police.

[Both laugh]

Andrew: Okay.

Melissa: Yeah, my family's got it. No, but seriously, security detail, that would rock. Big guys named Vito, that's what we need.

Andrew: We need... Okay, I just decided something. We need to take a limo from the premiere to Barnes and Noble.

Melissa: Come in style.

Andrew: [singing] Money, money, money, money!

Melissa: Yeah. Gee, who's going to pay for that?

Andrew: Oh, I could name someone, but not on this show. Okay.

Melissa: I can buy the antenna.

Andrew: The antenna...

[Both laugh]

Melissa: Hey Andrew, we should have our own Podcast.

Andrew: Yeah. "The Andrew and Melissa Show." It'll sweep the nation. We can sit here and giggle about how excited we are about these events.

Melissa: Hee hee hee hee. Seriously, we are all...we've been talking about this behind the scenes like crazy. We can't wait. It's going to be fantastic.

Andrew: Now. Listen up everyone. If you think you're going to be coming to the premiere and joining us, we would like you to RSVP so we know how many people are going to be coming. Send your reservation to hplive at gmail dot com. Remember, it's completely free. All you've got to do is go up to the Barnes and Noble. Everyone who RSVP's we'll also be sending out an e-mail just to let you know the time and exact location as a reminder. And we'll consistently be providing updates throughout up until November 12th on our respective shows, on our respective websites. Awesome. I think that's about it. I'll see you at the premiere, Melissa! Can't wait!

Melissa: Yeah, see you in November!

Andrew: All right. See ya. Bye.

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