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Leaky Mug #4 Transcript

Update on New York City Podcast

Melissa [Show Intro with music in background]: Okay, so "Hi!" Welcome to the 3rd Special Edition of PotterCast/MuggleCast, Muggle...PotterCast. No, no. We have a name now. People are sort of leaning towards the Leaky Mug. They like it because it is an actual thing and somebody drew us, somebody made us a picture that's pretty cool too.

Ben: No, that's not fair! Why is Leaky first?

Melissa: I didn't say that's definitely it.

John: Because we have a bigger audience.

[Andrew laughs]

Melissa: Because people say they like it. That's all I am saying.

Andrew: Oh John, let's compare numbers.

John: Hey, you want to compare numbers. Add up all the ages of all our audience together.

Andrew: Whoa!

Melissa: No!!!

[All laugh]

Ben: In the ratings.

Melissa: In the ratings.

Andrew: I don't know, Ben. I don't know to laugh or to cry.

Melissa: Though I do love, though I do love that we are 1, 2, on Podcast Alley right now.

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: I think that's pretty cool.

Ben: Who's 1 and who's 2?

Melissa: MuggleCast is No.1 on Podcast Alley. [Laughs]

Ben: Melissa, I hope you know, I hope you know that 2nd Place is the first loser.

[Andrew laughs]

Melissa: Well, gee Ben! It's such a pleasure to talk to you, Ben.

John: Wow.

Melissa: Well, before either of us for Podcast Alley, we for the majority of October were the only one of our two podcasts in the Top 10, if you'll remember.

Ben: I love you, I love you Melissa.

Andrew: Until I clapped my hands... [Laughs] and everyone went running.

Melissa: Until you... Exactly. [Laughs]

Ben: Yeah.

Melissa: And we allowed you to clap your hands for us.

Andrew: [Laughs] Yeah.

Melissa: [Laughs] Guys, the four of us have been talking for how long now? Two hours?

John: For too *BEEP*ing long.

Ben: It's annoying. It really is.

Melissa: We were like, "Just hop online. We'll do this really quick. Really quickly. We'll do a podcast." Two hours later.

Andrew: I'm almost ready to go to bed. We were all like... and then Daylight Saving hours occurred and we all went back in time an hour so now I'm like...

Ben: Okay.

Melissa: Okay.

Ben: All of you be quiet.

Melissa: What are we here to discuss, Ben? Take it away.

Ben: We're here to discuss the LIVE Podcast in NYC and it is going to rock! I'm telling you.

[John laughs]

Ben: It's November 12th at Barnes & Noble. The location has changed. I forget the address. But we're going to be there.

Melissa: 33 West 17th Street between Broadway and Park Ave. It's basically, it's in Union Square. Ask somebody in Union Square where the Barnes & Noble is, they'll point.

Ben: Free Starbucks for everyone!

Melissa: No, for me.

Ben: Emerson is paying. Just kidding. Just kidding.

[Melissa laughs]

Ben: Emerson is not paying for Starbucks. He should though.

Melissa: Okay.

Ben: So, yeah. We're here to discuss the format. Tell you guys the bit of additional information and just have fun. Melissa Anelli, take it away.

Melissa: [Laughs] So, we think, now this is completely roundabout because we're waiting for Warner Bros. to tell us what time the movie will start, or to tell anybody what time the movie will start, so that we know what time we are starting, but we know that it can't be any earlier then like 7:30 PM. So, we're going to give it a tentative start time of about 7:30 PM. So...

Ben: All right.

Melissa: So, that's when...

John: Well, wait.

Andrew: What time...

Melissa: So, if you planning to be in the City just for that.

Andrew: What time would people, should people start showing up?

Melissa: I have a feeling that whatever time we say, people will show up a lot earlier then that.

Ben: No, camp out. Camp out the night before, everybody.

Melissa: [Laughs] Don't camp out.

Andrew: Oh, wouldn't that be terrible.

Melissa: We're going to be setting up.

Andrew: If we go by and there's like a line of people Friday night.

Melissa: Oh god!

Andrew: I'd feel so embarrassed.

[Melissa laughs]

Andrew: I'd be like, "Hey guys! Okay..."

Melissa: Well, we're going to be there early Saturday setting up and I still have to talk to Barnes & Noble whether or not we are going to rope it off because, oh, you know what?

Andrew: Rope off? What do you mean rope it off?

Melissa: Well, while we're setting up we don't want there to be a crowd watching us set up.

Andrew: Oh right. [Laughs]

Melissa: But, I'm sure we'll meet some of you beforehand.

Andrew: Oh, are we going to be undercover so we don't get spotted until the LIVE thing.

Ben: Yes.

Melissa: Yeah, I'll be wearing a hat.

[Melissa and Andrew laugh]

[Ben makes fake laugh]

Andrew: Way to give away your identity.

Melissa: John wearing a sheet.

John: I'll be wearing a sheet. I'll set up my table for all the burritos will be in the northwest area of the room.

Melissa: Oh my god!

Ben: In the ratings.

Melissa: In the ratings. [Laughs] Andrew, do it in the ratings for us?

Andrew: I can't remember how I said it.

Ben: [Impersonates Andrew] In the ratings.

Melissa: [Impersonates Andrew] In the ratings.

Andrew: In the ratings.

Melissa: Ha ha ha. That's exactly it.

Andrew: Is that how I said it?

Melissa: [Laughs] That's exactly it.

Andrew: Ah, okay.

Melissa: It was just so cute that we couldn't resist.

Andrew: I say so much.

Melissa: Okay, anyway. Okay, so, yes, that we're sure, you know, we might have to rope off the area because we're going to need to be doing a lot of technical stuff and while we love you guys, we can't, we can't have people running around.

John: Yeah, don't bug us.

Melissa: And getting in the way of setting up the technical aspect of this. By the way, I am not the official Project Manager of this event, which puts me on "The Apprentice."

John: Yay! Yes!

Melissa: The Donald.

John: Melissa gets a cookie.

Melissa: If this doesn't go well, Melissa gets fired.

Andrew: [Impersonates Donald Trump] You're fired! Oh wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

Melissa: What?

[Plays audio from Donald Trump saying "You're fired!" three times]

[Melissa laughs]

Andrew: It's my Donald Trump bobble-head.

[Andrew and Melissa laugh]

Ben: Heee!

Melissa: Anyway. Anyway, anyway, anyway, anyway. So, we are going to have, well, we want to ask you guys for some things since we are so close. We wanted to ask you guys for a couple of things that will make this event even better.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: We want fun.

Andrew: Let's just be honest. [Laughs]

Ben: We want food.

Andrew: You don't want to know what I was going to say.

Ben: [Starts singing] Your heart now, baby.

Andrew: I don't know what we want. Guys...

Melissa: We've been talking about...

John: What about a mix of all the funny quotes from both of our shows?

Melissa: Okay, yes.

Andrew: All right.

Melissa: We want to play music for you guys, when you are waiting, when people are waiting for the show to start, and I was listening to one of the MuggleCast remixes and the NoeCast, and just thinking about how great it would be if we had one that was a remix of both of our shows that we could, or even a bunch of them, that we could play as sort of like the music while people are waiting. So, if you want to make one of those, that would be awesome! Where should they send it? To hp live at gmail dot com. Yeah!

Andrew: That's our central inbox for all of this stuff.

Melissa: So...

John: All of you listening to this through the MuggleCast, this is your official cue to subscribe to PotterCast as well, so you know our quotes as well for your mixes.

Melissa: [Laughs] Oh.

Ben: He's...

Melissa: Thatís fair point.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Hey, and all of you people listening to PotterCast make sure...

[Melissa laughs]

Ben: Make sure not to cancel your MuggleCast feeds because we all know you think we're better. Okay.

Andrew: Whatever.

Ben: Sounds too much like MuggleCast.

Melissa: Yeah, and when it sounds too much like MuggleCast I know it's time to move on to the next item. So, anyway, ha ha! [Laughs] Anyway...

John: Yes.

Andrew: My self-esteem has just... Unbelievable how fast it is falling.

John: No, seriously. You guys have a wonderful program.

Melissa: No, it is. I listen to it everyday.

Andrew: You keep talking while I tie the rope around my hand.

[John laughs]

Melissa: I listen to it everyday.

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: So, we want that, and also if you guys have some fun music, we can make the music we put in the recording to be like the, to become the official music for our joint efforts. You know?

Andrew: Ben and I have a big announcement after we get through this HP Live stuff.

Melissa: What? Okay.

Ben: We do?

Andrew: Yeah. You'll know what I am talking about.

Melissa: Andrew, why don't you remind people who's going to be there and such? All the details.

Andrew: You want me to go through all that? Is that what you said?

Melissa: Yeah.

Andrew: You broke up. Oh, okay. Well, we're going to have a few people. No one is officially signed on yet.

[Melissa giggles]

Andrew: Mr. Aris Janetakos from Veritaserum will be there. He'll be filming.

John: Yay!

Andrew: He'll be our reporter. On-scene reporter. [Laughs] And then he's going to do some interviews with us, I believe, which should be cool because we have a lot of stuff to tell. Nobody just ever asks us. That's all.

[Melissa laughs]

Andrew: We're... Nobody understands us.

John: I heard that that kid who plays, who plays Cedric...

Andrew: Don't say it!

John: the VTM On Air segments will also be there in attendance.

[All laugh]

John: I'm getting his autograph straight away.

Andrew: Oh my god! That's so mean.

[John screams]

[All laugh]

Andrew: And then also...

[John laughs]

Andrew: Who else is going to be there? Does anyone else want to be there? Is it... Okay, Jeff from HPANA is going to be there.

Melissa: Jeff's going to be there.

John: Cheesy Jeff?

Andrew: Matthew Vines from Veritaserum might be there too. I don't know about that yet. Well, now he has to because we just said it. He'll probably tag along with Aris.

Melissa: Okay.

Andrew: And then the hosts. I think most people know by now. Myself, Andrew, Ben, Emerson, and Kevin on the MuggleNet side and on the Leaky side we'll have Melissa, John, and Sue. Oh, and Micah will be there too. And Micah and Sue will be doing the News together.

Melissa: Right. Together.

John: Yay!

Andrew: [Singing] Forever.

Melissa: [Singing] Forever.

Andrew: Right.

Melissa: Do you think Micah will do the Hufflepuff?

Andrew: I don't think Micah will do the Hufflepuff.

Melissa: I think we can make Micah do the Hufflepuff.

Andrew: We'll have to talk to him. Maybe.

Melissa: So, then what are we going to be doing? What's going to happen at this podcast? What's the format going to be like?

John: All over the place!

Andrew: Well, we're going to have this grand entrance.

Melissa: Grand?

Andrew: We need a, we need a grand entrance.

Melissa: Smoke and...

Andrew: We need to just walk in and the lights light up and the crowd roars, and we're going to be like, I hate to say U2 because I've been obsessed with them lately.

Melissa: [Shrieks] Oh god! Don't even.

[Andrew laughs]

Melissa: Don't even. They are like gods. Don't even.

Andrew: I'm going to come out from below the stage and I am going to spin around looking into the sky.

Melissa: The impressive thing about the entrance might be that there are going to be six security guards posted around the place. [Laughs]

John: Yeah.

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