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Leaky Mug #4 Transcript (continued)

Update on New York City Podcast

Andrew: Why six?

Melissa: Well, I don't know.

Andrew: Is it a ratio thing?

Melissa: It's probably one per hundred probably because we told them the kind of response we were getting and they were like, "Whoa, we need security, we need crowd control."

Andrew: Yeah. Crowd control!

Melissa: So yes crowd, they're going to control you.

Andrew: Is this like Ozzfest?

Melissa: It's Potterfest 2005!!

[Andrew and Melissa laugh]

Andrew: Yeah really! They're probably expecting like this huge rioting crowd, but it's really going to be just all these normal common people, walking in with books under their hands. [Laughs]

Melissa: Guys, make sure you buy stuff at the Barnes & Noble that day.

Andrew: Yeah, we're not paying them.

John: Yeah.

Melissa: They're having us for free.

John: Buy things.

Andrew: You're supposed to pay but we are refusing.

Melissa: No, no. They never asked for a dime. But, it's clearly a great opportunity to get some books. So, if you're waiting to buy some books, buy them that day. Support the Barnes & Noble that is supporting us. You know?

Andrew: Mhm.

Melissa: Okay, so anyway so then we're going to...

Andrew: So, to wrap that up...wait, hold on, let me just

Melissa: Do your thing.

Andrew: People, guests who will be in attendance likely, Aris Janetakos, Matt Vines from VTM On-Air, Jeff from, Mike from, Jenna from Dan

Melissa: Is she coming?

Andrew: Ah, she's coming up to New York, yeah.

Melissa: Cool. She'll be there.

Andrew: I don't know if she's...anyone, they've got to come, what else do they have to do up there?

Melissa: Well my mom was going to come to the podcast but now she's not, now she'll be at the After-Party.

Andrew: Melissa Anelli's mom is going to the Goblet of Fire After-Party!

[Melissa laughs]

Andrew: That's crazy.

John: Woo!

Melissa: That's the best thing ever. Do you know that she still will not consent to a red carpet interview?

[Andrew laughs]

Melissa: My superstar mother just won't do it.

[Andrew laughs]

Melissa: No, my mom...

Andrew: Is Ben still here? Ben?

Melissa: Oh my gosh, did we lose him?

Andrew: No, he fell asleep.

[Melissa laughs]

Andrew: I knew this was going to happen. It's past his bedtime.

John: Really?

Andrew: He's been blowing his baritone all day.

Melissa: He's been talking on overtime for two hours.

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: We start recording and he falls asleep?

John: It's three hours earlier over in Kansas.

Andrew: Yeah this is what...he always makes fun of me for going to bed earlier.

Melissa: What a lightweight.

Andrew: Yet he is in a different time zone and he always goes to bed before me.

John: Well, somebody scream in their microphone.

Melissa: That's all right.

Andrew: I can't.

Melissa: I can't either.

John: BEN!

Andrew: BEN!

Ben: Here I am!

[Melissa laughs]

Andrew: Here he is!

Ben: What?

John: It worked!

Ben: What do you guys want?

[Melissa is still laughing]

Andrew: We're still recording, stupid!

Ben: I'm sorry.

[Melissa is now hysterical!]

Ben: Did I make some kind of noise or what?

Andrew: No!

Melissa: Ben, you're drooling all over the place.

Andrew: I just went to talk to you and you get no response. People thought you'd died for a second.

Ben: I did. What is it? What do you want?

[Melissa is still laughing]

Andrew: We wanted to discuss our 2006 World Tour.

Ben: Oh yeah!

Melissa: Our what?

Ben: It's MuggleCast, The World Tour.

Melissa: Say what?

Andrew: We' summer...

Ben: The World Tour!

Andrew: Summer of 2006, Ben and I are just...

Ben: 2005.

Andrew: No!

Melissa: 2006 dopey.

Andrew: Summer of 2005 is over.

Ben: We're going back in time.

Melissa: We already did that tonight.

Andrew: Summer 2006, you pay for our flights, we'll come and podcast live from your town.

John: Oh now who the hell's going to want to do that?

Andrew: Ah, you'd be surprised.

Melissa: I guarantee that you will have six plane tickets by the time this thing is out for an hour. I guarantee it.

Andrew: You really? Okay, let's start taking reservations now, just for fun. I'll fly somewhere.

Melissa: You know what's going to happen.

Andrew: Right, Ben? You'll go somewhere?

Ben: Yeah we'll do it.

Melissa: I'd do it.

John: You're not going to get your mommies and daddies to allow you to do that.

Ben: No, no, we're going to do this.

Andrew: We're going anyway.

Ben: Vegas, Vegas Potter fans.

Melissa: Okay, anyway, so let's get back to what people can expect at this podcast.

Andrew: Okay. What else is there?

Melissa: Well, we could talk about the news, and the premiere and the movie.

Andrew: Right, we're going to...because a few, by that time, most of us will have seen the movie.

Ben: Mmm.

John: Pretty much everybody that matters.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly. Everyone that matters will have seen the movie. That is me, Melissa...

Melissa: I'm not going to see the movie.

Andrew: John, Sue. Well...

Ben: I guess you don't matter. You're on a little pedestal like me, you don't matter.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: You know since...what I was told is that Andrew will be on a podium in front of everyone. He'll be the only one.

Andrew: Okay.

Melissa: No. That's not going to happen.

[John laughs]

Ben: Okay. That's what he thought.

Andrew: Stop spreading rumors. No Ben, that's not what I thought, okay. Shut up!

Melissa: So anyway, we're going to talk to our special guests. We're going to call my mom. We're going to call her at the After-Party because she's just going to be the cutest thing ever. She's going to be so excited that she's met Harry Potter. So, we're going to call her and we're going to have Jamie take her phone to as many people as possible.

Ben: I'm going to get Emma Watson's phone number.

Melissa: I really doubt that.

Ben: I am. You be quiet.

Andrew: And then, I think the after-part of the show will be guests or we could...

Melissa: Wait, wait, are we doing questions? Are we doing questions, are people going to ask us questions at the thing? Or voicemails?

Andrew: Well no, I definitely want...yes, I definitely want people to be able to come up to a microphone.

Melissa: Yes, that's going to happen.

Andrew: To ask us questions. Preferably related to the show. I don't want to talk about Horcruxes.

Melissa: No Horcruxes. I'm banning Horcruxes from this podcast.

Ben: The Horcri, Horcri.

Andrew: Or just any books.

John: Yeah. Please get it right.

Andrew: I don't want someone to come up and say, [in nerdy voice] "Do you think that Hermione in Book 3 was wrong to blah blah blah?" No.

Melissa: Okay, well then here's a goal. This podcast is all about the movies. That's it. Movie 4 and the others.

[All laugh]

Melissa: So, what about people sending us questions who can't be at the podcast? That we'll play.

Andrew: Oh. Uhm...well...that's a good question!

John: I don't know.

Andrew: You know the typical drill for sending in your voicemails to MuggleCast or PotterCast. This time though send your voicemail questions to hplive at gmail dot com.

[Melissa laughs]

Andrew: I'm so used to saying that.

Melissa: Uh-huh. I'm so glad I'm here.

Andrew: hplive at gmail dot com.

Melissa: Yes.

Andrew: And that way...we're not sure if we're going to play voicemails yet at this show. I'm sure we're going to have tons of questions.

Melissa: Oh gosh, yes.

Andrew: From people at the show. I think it would be fair to give those people first priority and then...

Melissa: So anyway, so then we'll hang around and say, "Hi!" to everybody. And that will be it. Hey Andrew, okay here's the last thing I wanted to talk about, about this. There is wireless internet in this Barnes & Noble.

Andrew: So, the blog info?

Melissa: Oh wait, we should coincide... Yeah, we should coincide this going up with the pictures and video that I took, going up.

Andrew: Okay.

Melissa: So, if you look on our show notes pages, links to pictures, there's links to a video and now why don't you talk about the wireless internet thing.

Andrew: Okay so, as most of you know, wireless technology is growing in today's...technological society.

John: Oh for god's sake, just tell them about it! We don't need a speech.

Andrew: [Laughs] So, this Barnes & Noble will have wireless internet and we encourage everyone with notebooks to come out and blog from the scene. Report for us. We've got enough going on. Take pictures. Upload them. I'm sure we could probably have someone standing by on the other side of MuggleNet who could probably throw some pictures up. And probably TLC too.

Melissa: Probably.

John: Yes, send all your pictures to MuggleNet so they can make $100 on every single one with their 82 cagillion...

Ben: You jackass!

John: Pop-ups!

Andrew: [Laughs] I'd be laughing if that wasn't true!

Ben: Speaking of blog, visit Ben Schoen dot com, that's b, e, n, s, c, h, o, e, n dot com.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: And I'm spent!

Melissa: Okay so...

Andrew: Okay.

Melissa: Bring cookies. Okay guys.

Ben: I'm just laughing half the time...

Melissa: Everybody say goodnight.

Ben: So, Melissa I'll see you at the premiere.

Melissa: So soon! I'm going to meet...but first I'm going to meet Ciaran in London again.

Ben: Oh yeah!

Andrew: Again! What do you now? I'll be darned.

Melissa: Didn't I meet him Scotland?

Ben: Why is he, why is he going to be in London?

Melissa: For the premiere.

Andrew: Because...he's not in the premiere. He's going...he's press.

Melissa: Covering. We're doing press.

John: Wait, Ciaran's a boy?

Andrew: Oh man!

John: I thought Ciaran was a girl.

Andrew: Why does everyone think he's a....well.

Ben: Okay, okay, enough.

John: That's a really girly name.

Ben: And this concludes, this concludes Episode 3 of the special Potter Muggle Pat Cat Dog Cast thing.

Andrew: Let's just merge.

John: Yeah.

Melissa: I mean it's easier.

Ben: For all of you, for all of you remember be there, just a few reminders. Podcast, live podcast, November 12th. And with that I have been Ben Schoen. I have slept...this... Wow, this is quite a podcast. I slept through part of it.

John: Yeah. All of your PotterCast subscribers, we apologize for this supremely unformatted podcast into every MuggleCast that just...

Andrew: Try to make it good, John.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew [Show Close with music in the background]: I'm Andrew Sims, she's Melissa Anelli, he's John Noe. We're done.

Ben: And I'm Ben Schoen.

Melissa: And I've got no reason to say anything else. Thank you for that.

John: And your hand's all sweaty.

Melissa: I can't.

Andrew: My hand's all sweaty.

Ben: Your hand's all sweaty.

[Andrew laughs]

Written by: Micah and Jess

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