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The Leaky Mug #5 Transcript

Thanks to Leaky!

The Leaky Mug: NYC Recap

Melissa Anelli (MA): Welcome to the special edition of The Leaky Mug.

Andrew Sims (AS): No. That's not fair. Why is it...

John Noe (JN): Cause we have a bigger audience.

MA: Well, people tend to like it is all I'm saying.

AS: (laughs) Oh John. Let's compare numbers.

JN: Hey, you want to compare numbers? Add up the ages of all of our audience together.

(all laugh)

AS: I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.


Ben Schoen (BS): Hey everyone. Welcome to this Leaky Mug. We're still waiting for Melissa. She's not quite... Guys do you know where she's at?

JN: She's slow.

AS: Ben. you made it sound like we're in a "leaky mug." Cause you were like, "Welcome to... Welcome to..." Now I can't remember what you said. Sorry. It just sounded like we're little midgets inside a mug. But continue.

JN: I'm sure it was hilarious, Andrew.

AS: I thought it was funny.

(all laugh)

BS: We're doing a recap of what happened in New York City. We came up with this fresh from the live podcast, the first joint podcast since then, and we're going to make it fun for everybody, but there's a little problem. Melissa's still not here yet.

JN: Oh.

AS: Why is she always late like this?

BS: Oh, by the way, joining me here is Andrew Sims from MuggleCast and John Noe from PotterCast.

AS: I'm John Noe.

JN: Yeah!

AS: I'm John Noe.

JN: Yeah!

AS: And that's Andrew Sims.

JN: I'm Andrew. Yeah! Yeah!

(all laugh)

JN: Yeah!

AS: Andrew, shut up.

BS: Andrew, Andrew, quite interrupting everybody. Anyway...

JN: Yeah!

(all laugh)

BS: We're here trying to get something done. And we're kind of having a hard time without Melissa. I don't know.

AS: Three dudes trying to run a Harry Potter podcast doesn't work out very well.

BS: She's the glue that holds the Leaky Mug together.

JN: Yeah! Yeah!

BS: So I think now, geez, wait... Hold on a sec.

AS: Is that the Leaky Mug phone ringing?

JN: Yeah!

AS: Or is that the Leaky Mug doorbell?

BS: Oh. Oh here, wait on a sec. She's calling me.

MA: Hello! Hello! Guys! Guys!

JN: Hey, there's Melissa.

MA: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm late.

JN: Oh. It's Melissa.

AS: Where have you been?

MA: I got a little distracted.

JN: It's Melissa on her cell phone.

BS: Doing what?

MA: I got a little, I guess, way-laid is the word.

BS: Ah, she was too busy handing out cell phone numbers.

MA: So, I got a little side-tracked guys. I came into the city and I ran into these guys on the street and I hadn't seen them for awhile, and we started talking. And I'm in the hotel room in Manhattan, across the street from the Garden.

JN: That does not sound good.

MA: Well, they have heard of MuggleCast and PotterCast, and I think they maybe want to talk to you guys.

JN: Really?

MA: They were really excited when I told them that I needed to record something. So do me a favor and say hi to them.

JN: Oh, alright...

AS: Whatever...

JN: Big fans. Okay. We like fans.

BS: Anything for the fans...

Matthew Lewis (ML): Oh my God. Who is this? Who is this?

BS: This is Ben Schoen.

ML: Ooooohhhh. I'm so excited right now.

BS: What's your name? What's your name, good lad?

ML: My name is Matthew.

BS: Matthew what?

ML: Matthew Lewis.

JN: Oh my gosh! I thought you were going to be Matthew Vines for a second, because that would have been a real celebrity.

(All laugh)

ML: How is it going?

AS: Oh, pretty good.

ML: Yeah?

JN: I think this is the first time anybody of celebrity status was ever on a MuggleCast.

BS: Except for me.

JN: This is the very, very first...

AS: Oh, no. I'm on every week.

BS: Me too!

AS: I don't know what you're talking about.

JN: I know.

BS: So, Matt...

ML: Yeah?

BS: How you doing, buddy?

ML: I'm doing good.

BS: Everybody, Matt Lewis. (Imitating AS) Yeah! Yeah!

ML: Hello everybody. Hello.

BS: (Laughs) This is awesome!

(ML Laughs)

AS: Never again.

JN: We had Matt Lewis on a little bit during the live podcast. He gave us a little bit of insight into Neville's character until Andrew cut him off with his yeahs.

AS: Shut up! I did not.

ML: Yeah. I had no idea that all those people were there. So that was pretty crazy, so yeah.

JN: Well, you were one of the only people who actually got that you could just talk and we would hear it, instead of just asking if we could hear you.

BS: Yeah.

AS: Yeah.

JN: Everybody else was like, "Can you hear me? Can you hear me?" and they didn't say anything but hello.

ML: I just heard it now, and it's like I just couldn't hear you when I was on the phone. I just heard Melissa just say hello.

JN: It turned out all right.

ML: I couldn't hear you guys, so I thought, "Okay, I can't hear what you're saying. I'll just talk for five minutes." So...

JN: Well, that was really cool. That was really cool of you doing that. We actually, I think, have a picture of you talking to us on the phone that Melissa's Mom took at the after party.

ML: Yes. Yeah.

AS: Oh, really?

JN: Yeah.

BS: Matt, I feel obligated to ask...

JN: Not again.

BS: What's Emma Watson's cell phone number?

(AS and ML Laugh)

JN: Come on!

ML: Oh my God. You know you're the third person to ask me that tonight. (Laughs)

BS: I know.

AS: Number one, Ben Schoen. Number two, Ben Schoen. (Laughs)

JN: Yeah.

BS: Well just... send her my love. Send her Ben Schoen's love.

ML: I will do that. I will. (ML and AS Laugh)

JN: Wow. That's going to make her whole day.

BS: I bet it will.

JN: She has no fans.

ML: She told me that, by the way.

JN: She hardly has any fans, too. So she's going to be thrilled to hear from you, Ben. (ML Laughs) Because nobody else wants her number.

ML: Sorry?

(BS and JN Laugh)

BS: So, uh... Yeah Matt.

JN: So Melissa found you walking around on the street, huh? What luck!

ML: Yeah. We were just wandering around.

JN: What luck.

ML: Looking at the stores.

BS: What do you think of New York City?

JN: Yeah, you're pretty far from home, there.

ML: Yeah, we are. Yeah. It's cool. I really like New York City. I've been here it seems four times now?

BS: Has anyone recognized you on the street? Has anyone ran up to you?

ML: It is weird. I mean, usually back home when you get recognized, people aren't too shy. They'll say, "Are you so-and-so?"

JN: Yeah.

ML: But me and Jamie Waylett were walking down the street today, and we were still waiting for the light to change so we could cross the street.

JN: Yeah.

ML: And this girl, I wasn't even looking in her direction, I was looking in the completely opposite way, she goes, "I just saw your film. I just wanted to say you were so good." And my reaction was to go, "What? Sorry? What?" (BS Laughs) I was completely out of it. I was looking the other way, reading some signs.

JN: Yeah.

ML: Then she repeated herself and I was like, "Oh, Okay. Cool. You liked it?" and we got into a conversation. It was just weird, you know? It's not how it's done back home.

JN: Well, that was cool that she was at least cool about it. Wasn't like, (in a high-pitched tone) "Ohmygod! Ohmygod! It's Neville!" and then she tackles you or something.

ML: She was very, very calm. It was cool. We just had a chat about the film. It was cool to know that people were enjoying it.

AS: Did you ever act like you thought someone was crazy to you? Like you had no idea what they were talking about, pretended you weren't who you are?

ML: (Laughs) Someone came up to me today, and this guy was so funny. He was one of the funniest fans I've ever spoken to. And he comes up, and I think he was being really serious, he came over and he goes, "Oh, Hi. I love you in the films. You're the one that turned into the rat."

(All laugh)

JN: That's terrible!

AS: Oh, boy.

ML: We were like, "Okay, umm, well..."

JN: Minus about a hundred pounds.

(AS Laughs)

ML: And then he was like, "Oh. No, no, no, no, no. I know you now. You the one who that defends your rat."

(AS and BS Laugh)

JN: That defends the rat?

ML: And I said, "No."

JN: I don't even know who that is supposed to be!

BS: Yeah.

AS: First of all, it's not a rat.

BS: It's a ferret.

AS: Second of all, you're wrong. (Laughs)

ML: Yeah. I don't know. He's crazy, he's crazy.

AS: Yes.

BS: So are you looking forward to the fifth movie?

ML: Yes! I can't wait. I really can't wait. I reread the book recently, the fifth book.

JN: That's a smart move.

ML: I didn't realize how good it was. When I first read it, I was discussing this earlier with Melissa, I got bored halfway through it. Put it down, and came back to it two months later and read it again. It just felt like a tedious thing. I don't know why. Then I just reread it and I was like, "How the hell did I get bored with this book? It's awesome!"

AS and JN: Yeah.

BS: Yeah.

JN: Well that is cool, how you... yeah sorry.

ML: I can't understand how I got bored with it. I really can't.

BS: So, can you tell us, has all the cast finished the sixth book?

JN: I was just going to ask him that. That's what I want to know.

ML: I don't know actually. I know some of the cast members don't read the books.

AS: Really?

ML: Yeah. I couldn't say who, but I know just from talking to them that a few people said they haven't read the books.

BS: Yeah. It was reported a few months ago that Emma Watson was having trouble reading the fifth book. Is that true? Or is that just...

ML: I've never really spoken to her about the books, really. You know, I'll ask her when I give her your love.

JN: (Laughing) You'll give her the phone number.

BS: I hate you.

ML: I'll ask if you can have her phone number.

BS: Emma'll just say yes. (ML Laughs) I mean, I'm Ben Schoen. Who wouldn't?

JN: She's probably heard of you already, Ben.

BS: I bet she has, actually.

(ML Laughs)

JN: I heard she goes to It's like one of her favorites.

(AS Laughs)

BS: Everybody,

JN: Get out of here.

AS: Too bad it hasn't been updated in four months.

BS: Hey, hey.

JN: Okay. We're not talking about you.

AS: (Laughing) Yeah, exactly.

(ML Laughs)

JN: We've got talent on the phone.

AS: Yeah. So Matt, what are you doing in New York City this weekend? People are probably wondering because the premiere was last weekend.

ML: I'm here with Jamie Waylett and Devon Murray, and we're doing an autograph signing thing. It's like a big show, called Big Apple Con. They've got Carrie Fisher, who plays Princess Leia...

JN: Oh, cool.

ML: And other stuff, and there are always other people that come out, comic book actors and writers and stuff like that. Yeah, so we're doing a signing there, in New York. Don't ask me for the address, because I'm not from here.

(AS, BS and JN Laugh)

ML: Near Madison Square Garden. That's all I know.

BS: So, I need you to lay down the law here. Are you a Ron/Hermione shipper?

ML: (Laughs) I would like to see those two get together.

BS: Everybody, do you hear that? Matthew Lewis, everybody. Ron/Hermione

JN: What do you think they think of that? I remember reading an old interview and saw they were like, "Ewww... that's gross. I don't want to kiss, you know, whoever."

ML: I think they'd have a laugh with it. I think they'd really enjoy it.

JN: Yeah.

ML: Okay, I won't say it like that, I think they'll have fun with it.

JN: Well sure.

ML: I think they'd have a laugh. I mean, they're really good friends. I know the other day, I turned on TV and she said that Rupert and Dan were like big brothers.

JN: Yeah.

ML: I think it'd be pretty funny to see those guys doing that.

BS: What I heard, actually, was when Ron and Hermione get together in Book 7, which I'm predicting, is that they're going to recast me as Rupert so that I get to make out with Emma.

(AS, JN and ML Laugh)

JN: You know, that would be really funny.

AS: You need to get over that.

ML: I think I heard that on MuggleNet actually.

BS: Yeah, I posted that.

AS: Ooooh...

JN: Well, of course you probably read that on MuggleNet, because that's just the kind of facts that they get is inaccurate reporting like that.

(ML Laughs)

AS: That's all the news we report on a normal day.

JN: Yeah.

BS: Yeah.

JN: Random rumors.

ML: I was just on The Leaky Cauldron actually, earlier tonight looking at your new info. Because as a fan I want to know who is being cast for Umbridge and Luna Lovegood and stuff. So I was looking at your website, looking at the news and all that.

BS: You know what...

ML: I knew about Umbridge being Imelda Staunton, but I was curious about Luna Lovegood. So I went on my own to check about that. They're down to the last five.

JN: Yeah.

BS: Hey, John. John.

JN: What?

BS: Not John, not John. Matt. You know what? Next time you want to know any Harry Potter info, don't even worry about going to any fansite. You just call me. (AS Laughs) You call me and tell me, "Ben, what's up?" and I will give you the 411 on what's going on right now in the Harry Potter world. Does that sound good?

(JN or AS sniggers)

ML: Awesome.

(JN laughs)

ML: I will do that, in future.

(All laugh)

BS: Here, I have an idea! Do your line from the first movie, when Dan Radcliffe, I mean Harry and Emma; Harry and - I keep mixing up their names in the books...

JN: Perfect!

BS: Their names in the movies and their real-life names - but, when Harry and Hermione come up to you - Harry, Hermione and Ron - you say...

JN: Yup

BS: (in a Neville voice) "You're not going to lose points for Gryffindor, again!" (laughs)

ML: I can't even remember that line! How does it go?

JN: (laughs) That's awesome!

ML: "I won't let you, uhhh, you'll lose Gryffindor points..." something like that? Is that how it goes?

BS: Yeah.

ML: Okay. I have to go - I have to rewind four years, or something like that. Okay. Here we go.


ML: How stupid! (coughs) Okay, okay, okay. (pause) "No! You, you'll get Gryffindor into trouble again! I-I'll fight you!"


BS: Matt, I really hate to cut things short, here, but is there another fan that wanted to talk to us, I think?

ML: You know, I've gotta go to bed, anyway. (AS laughs) It's been great talking to you guys.

JN: Yeah, thanks, man.

ML: I'm gonna put you on... There's this other guy who, oh, my God! I've been on the phone, and he will not shut up, saying, "Let me talk to the guys! Let me talk to the guys!"

(all laugh)

ML: So, I'm gonna put him on so he can tell you how big a fan he his, okay?

BS: Thanks for coming on, Matt! Thanks for coming on!

ML: It's great talking to you!

JN: See ya, Matt.

ML: I'll see you around.

AS: See ya.

Jamie Waylett (JW): Hello?

BS: Hello.

JW: Is this John?

JN: This is John. Who's this?

(AS and BS laugh)

JW: I'm a huge, huge fan. I'm a very big fan.


JN: Excellent.

JW: I'm honored to be talking, right now!

JN: (laughs)

JW: You don't understand! I'm breathless!

BS: What about me? I'm Ben, from MuggleCast. Do you listen to MuggleCast?

JW: Yeah! Awwwww... Two of the biggest sites! I love you, guys!

AS: Oh, my gosh!

JN: Hah-hah!

BS: (unintelligible) Well, what's your name? What's your name?

JW: My name's Jamie Waylett.

JN: Hey!!!

BS: Ohhhhhh!

(AS does a girlish scream)

JN: I think we've heard of you, too.

AS: Just a little bit.

JN: You were on some film, lately or something.

JW: What? Oh, yeah. Just a little, quite a little film. I don't think it's made cinema, yet. It might have gone straight to video.

JN: Yeah. (laughs)

JW: It might (unintelligible)

BS: So.... What's going on, Jamie?

JW: I'm just sitting down with Matthew, Melissa. Just jammin'.

JN: That's awesome.

JW: Relaxing. So, how are you guys doing?

JN: Yeah. Oh, we're doin'...

JW: Having a good time?

JN: We're doing awesome! Hey, we're talking to you guys! Man that's...

AS: Yeah!

JN: That's pretty cool!


JW: All right.

JN: "Yeah!" (all laugh) Have you had a chance to listen to the Live Podcast from last week? Did Melissa play it for you?

JW: Yeah! Yeah. Melissa let me hear it. It is nuts! I didn't realize how many people were there!

JN: Yeah. You were a pretty big star of that thing! You had... Getting people on the phone, and all that.

JW: You know, the funny thing is, when I was speaking to Melissa, it was so distorted I could barely hear what she was saying. I was, like, "Pardon? Hello?"

JN: Yeah. (laughs)

JW: (unintelligible)

JN: It was wild.

BS: There was about forty-seven thousand people there, and they were all screaming at the same time.

JW: That explains a lot!

BS: I was kidding, but... (laughs)

JW: It sounded like you had a premiere or something.

BS: Yeah.

JN: Yeah.

JW: There were a lot of people by me, dancing and having fun.

JN: Did you guys dance to the Hippogriff? Or whatever the hell that song is?

JW: No, no, no, no. We just... Loads of different music. R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock. All sorts.

BS: So, are you a big Hip-Hop fan?

JW: Yeah, Hip-Hop. Yeah. (unintelligible)

AS: You did a rap for us on the Red Carpet. (laughs)

JN: He did! (laughs)

JW: A little rap, yeah.

AS: Can you do it again, for us?

JW: All right. Okay.

JW: (Raps) If you need information
I've already told ya
Go to this website
The Leaky Cauldron.

JN: HEY! (laughs)

JW: (continues rap) I'll stop, just to take a breath.
Don't forget about Mugglenet!


(all laugh)

BS: Jamie Waylett, everybody!

JN: As many people often do - forget about MuggleNet.

AS: Awwwwww! (laughs)

BS: So, Jamie. What do you think of New York City?

JW: Oh, I love it! See, 'cause I come from London, and if I go in Europe - well, I've been to visit Devon in Ireland, and I love it - but it is quite secluded. I love cities. This is like the best city, ever. The people are different. That is what I love about New York.

JN: No, it's cool.

JW: Everyone (unintelligible) out here.

BS: I must know, I must know. Where is the air cleaner? New York City or London? (laughs)

JW: I don't know, you know? It's just as bad in summer - loads and loads of cars in (unintelligible) places.

(all laugh)

AS: Yeah.

JW: I find it refreshing when I come out here, you know? A change from home and the same people. It's meeting different people. I love it.

JN: Well, it's not a very big city.


BS: Yeah, not at all. Only eight million people, no big deal.

(all laugh)

AS: Geez.

JN: Yeah, that's so funny! With all of the people there, you happen to run into Melissa.

(JW laughs)

JN: What are the odds?

BS: She's always running around that town, so she's bound to run into some people, sometimes.

JW: She's around lurking (unintelligible)

(JN laughs)

JW: I just try to not take any back alleys, and stay in the daylight in the streets.

JN: (laughs) Yeah.

AS: Well, we wanna talk to Melissa, don't we? Guys?

JW: You want to speak to Melissa?

BS: We don't need to talk to Melissa! Jamie Waylett is way more important than Melissa!

JW: I'll get Melissa. I wish I could get her to call you, or something.

AS: That'd be nice.

MA: Okay, guys. I'm back! I'm back. I got all the way back from Manhattan to Staten Island, just like that.

AS: Whoa! That was quick!

JN: That was amazing!

MA: I rock!

AS: The magic of podcasting.

MA: I Apparated.

BS: Okay. Let's see here. Melissa, don't we have some kind of announcement?

MA: We do, and it's sort of crazy that we have this announcement, already!

AS: How did this first come to mind? Let's just jump right into it.

JN: I could have sworn we already made this announcement on our websites.

MA: Well, well, well, well. We, basically, the day after all this, we were eating our pancakes for breakfast, or whatever, and we just decided that we needed to do this again.

JN: Mmmmmmmm.

BS: Because it was the best time of all our lives. It was awesome!

AS: Let's go through what we were all eating.

BS: Yeah! (laughs) Okay.

MA: I was eating nothing.

AS: Oh, that's right.

MA: Because I was parking the car, because I was driving everybody around the whole weekend.

BS: I had a pizza burger.

AS: I had grilled cheese. But anyway, yeah.

JN: I had a breakfast burrito.

AS: No, you didn't! (laughs) They didn't even serve breakfast at that place! We went there for breakfast, and then there was no breakfast. (laughs)

MA: It was called Burger Heaven!

BS: Okay...

(all laugh)

BS: So, that's what were talking about. (all laugh) Everybody! Everybody! Listen up, here!

AS: "Oh, that looks like a good place!"

MA: Okay. What were we talking about?

BS: Shut up! Everybody, shut up, here! We have a major announcement that's going to revolutionize the Harry Potter podcasting world.

MA: Sure.

BS: Right, Andrew?

AS: That's right, Ben.

BS: Yeah! Yeah!

(MA giggles)

BS: Okay, so basically, what it is, is that we all felt that the Live Podcast in Union Square was a major success. I hope that everyone enjoyed it immensely. We had a lot of things going on. We were fresh out of the Premiere; we gave some wonderful insight to the movie.

MA: I love how you guys were saying, "We were fresh out of the Premiere," like we're orange juice, or something!

(all laugh)

AS: Freshly squeezed!

MA: "We're fresh out of the Premiere! We're fresh out of the premiere!"

BS: But, we decided, since it was such a huge success, and it was just oh so much fun (sniggers) that we're going to do it again! Ladies and gentlemen...

MA: Where are we doing it?

BS: Las Vegas, Nevada!

MA: Las Vegas.

AS and BS: Viva! Las Vegas!

AS: Oh, you should have music playing right here!

MA: Everybody!

JN: (singing like Elvis) Whole lotta music...

(everyone starts singing like Elvis)

MA: John, you can dress up like Elvis!

(everyone still singing like Elvis in background)

AS: I don't even know the lyrics! All you gotta do is go "huh, huh, huh, huh" Sounds like you're saying...

BS: Make this hard for John to edit.

AS: Ahh, it'll be fine.

BS: So, back to what I was saying - the weekend...

MA: The weekend of July 27th, to July 30th, 2006, at the J.W. Marriott in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show will be on the 29th - we think, anyway - will be Saturday, the 29th. There's supposedly going to be over a thousand Harry Potter fans, there.

AS: Wow!

MA: Yeah. The hotel is gorgeous. We're trying to get the biggest space we can.


AS: Okay, okay.

MA: Andrew, I was waiting for that!

AS: You can shut the hell up.

(BS laughs)

MA: You, you...

AS: I can imitate any of you!

MA: Oh, do it!

JN: You can't say "hell" on MuggleCast.

AS: Yeah, well, you already cursed, once.

JN: Your mommies will put the viewers on Time-Out, because they're all ten years old.

AS: Yeah, and we don't like getting emails/complaints about it.

BS: As Melissa was saying, there's going to be about 1200 Harry Potter fans there. And, with any luck, maybe some of you will register, and you will want to come out and see us and be a part of this Harry Potter Symposium.

JN: What's a Symposium?

BS: Good question. Melissa, you're the walking dictionary, here. What does Symposium mean?

MA: A Symposium is... I don't know!

AS: It's a conference! It's a big conference!

MA: It's a convention. It's a conference. It's more like an academic thing than a quote/unquote "convention."

AS: It's geared towards...

MA: That's why it's a Symposium.

AS: It's geared more towards...

MA: Sharing of ideas, sharing of discussions.

AS: This totally sucks.

JN: Is it when the fans take the books too seriously? Is it one of those kinds of things?

BS: Exactly.

MA: No, no, no, no, no!

AS: We just insulted them!

MA: It's not like a Trekkie thing!

(JN laughs)

MA: No, no! That's the difference between Symposium and Convention.

JN: Ohhhh.

MA: Symposium is more...they have more of the fun elements which are....You also have really academic discussions if you want them. I mean you's just a much more adult atmosphere.....

AS: Well, that's what I was gonna say. It's more geared to adults right? Isn't it like sort of adults only? Like two fourteen-year-old Harry Potter fangirls can't go on their own, right? You have like a chaperone or something?

MA: Aw, man, there are gonna be no MuggleCast fans there!

JN: Yeah, no MuggleNet fans are allowed.

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