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The Leaky Mug #5 Transcript (continued)

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The Leaky Mug: NYC Recap

BS: Ok, let me explain this for you. For those of you who are between the ages of fourteen and seventeen, you do not have to be accompanied by a guardian. However, you must have a chaperone that your parents have signed off on. So, if anybody, if you're under the age of eighteen and you can't attend by yourself, there are still options available for you to be able to attend the symposium. To view those, you can go to It will give you information on the entire thing, the entire event....what qualifies as sponsor, everything of that sort. And hotel registration, everything like that.

MA: Do you know what's gonna be wonderful is that we have three whole days of just ...of just being among, you know, people who are fans like us. And so, just walking around in that hotel for that whole time, you're always running into people that you can have interesting conversations with. It's good.

BS: Right. And if any of you....if any of you know there was an event in 2003, in 2003 called Nimbus....

MA: Yep.

BS: ...which was basically what this thing is. Except...

MA: And also 2005 was Salem. Which was where we did our first live podcast from, Pottercast's first live podcast.

JN: (donning a fake British accent) PotterCast.

MA: (donning a fake British accent) PotterCast. Which was where did that. I went to Nimbus...yeah, that was the first convention I'd been to. And it was, um, it was a scary experience. It was the first time something happened to me like what happened to us this week at the podcast. And that's why we wanted to get together and talk today. Because we were all sort of blown away by what went on there. And there's so much else to tell you about the weekend that we wanted to fill you in.

BS: Let me explain to everybody something. I am Ben Schoen. I am from Moundridge, Kansas, a town of twelve hundred people. What was I doing signing autographs at this thing?

(AS laughs)

MA: That's...somebody brought this to me when I was trying to explain to them what it was like. And they said, "Melissa, you know, I love you and everything. But you're not J.K. Rowling. Why are you signing autographs?" I said, "I have no idea!" But, you can't say no.

AS: Well, there is .....autographs are one thing, but like signing peoples' clothes and ruining like nice pairs of jeans and...

BS: Yeah...

AS: ...and T-shirts and brand new books that they're buying just so we could sign 'em. I'm like "Gosh, guys no." Now come on!

MA: Well, it's you.

AS: There was one review of the show where someone described us as like an N'Sync band. There's the shy one, there's the talkative one, there's...

MA: You guys!

AS: ...there's the funny one. Just like each person has their own different characteristic. And I don't know if that's really....but it's a good comparison. 'Cause we're N'Sync. (laughing)

BS: I don't know about that but...

MA: Who's Joey McIntyre? That's Kevin Steck.

BS: I do like N'Sync. Don't quote me on that.

MA: I like New Kids on the Block.


BS: So, Andrew likes N'Sync.

AS: Yeah....

BS: Well, in short, this weekend, this weekend was probably the best weekend of my life. But it was just amazing. I had two amazing nights at the hotel. They were just incredible. It was hilariously fun.

MA: Ben entertained us all.

BS: Yeah.

AS: Tell everybody about your time with Jenna.

BS: Yeah, Jenna of and I ....Benna, that's our names for short...

MA: Benna!

BS: Yeah, that's our shorthand...

(all laughing)

MA: She's gonna love hearing this!

BS: Yeah, she's gonna love this, I'm sure. But yeah, it was just a amazing time.

MA: It was... it was completely....and I know this happened to you guys too, but when we left....When I left the premiere, I had done the reporting. You guys had all gone into the movie. I was the only one of the podcasters to go back to the Barnes & Noble. So, while the fans were still out there, I went to take videos and talk to them and have them all scream for the camera, whatever. And when they heard I was from The Leaky Cauldron, they started passing stuff over the barricades for me to sign. And that was completely...that was actually very difficult.

BS: Wait, hold on a second. Where was this?

MA: This is out...this is at the Ziegfeld...

BS: Okay.

MA: ...the Ziegfeld Theater. And that was actually really difficult. Because you feel like a complete sham. You feel like people are gonna look at you and go, "What the hell is this person doing signing autographs?"

(AS laughs)

MA: But, you can't say no to somebody when they ask because then you're a jerk. And you just feel like, what are you, what are you, what are you doing? Are you crazy? Like, I can't be standing outside the HP premiere signing autographs right now. This is just wrong!

BS: No it's not. It's not wrong.

MA: And that continued throughout the whole...

AS: No, it's not! It's not wrong, we were doin it.

MA: It felt so weird.

AS: What I felt weird about was walking by people who didn't recognize us and they were seeing everyone sort of...

MA: Yeah, and they are like "who are you"?

AS: Yeah, exactly! But then I was thinking well they sort of should know us. I'm wearing the MuggleNet shirt...

MA: Noooo!

AS: I'm wearing the MuggleNet Shirt...

MA: Ohhh, Andrew!

(everybody talks over each other)

AS: no no..I don't mean me..

MA: Andrew, not everybody in the world.

AS: No listen, I don't mean me personally, but you're going to that red carpet premiere and your in the front row where you were their at 6:00 AM, you can't tell me you don't look at those fan sites, how would you even know when the premiere is. Thank you!

MA: Maybe they go to the Leaky Cauldron.

BS: That's besides the point, the point that Melissa was trying to make before she was so rudely interrupted was...

(JN laughs)

BS: And simply this is that we are not that famous, we are a group of Harry Potter Podcasters who are doing this for fun, this is not our jobs and we're not....

(AS laughs)

BS: We do not write the books, we don't edit the books, our only involvement in Harry Potter is we run fan sites..ok..and it just feels so out of place signing autographs when you have nothing to do with that...

MA: Yeah.

BS: ...anything behind the franchise besides the fan sites and it's just not as main stream...

AS: So what do you guys think he's trying to say?

BS: We're trying to say that we don't have a problem signing autographs....

MA: No...It's very flattering, it's wonderful...

BS: Just that it was a surprise to us, that is something we're definitely not use to something we expected to do because...

MA: Yeah, the first autograph I signed was at Nimbus and what happened is um...I was in a conference room talking and Steve Vander Ark was giving a lecture and I was taking pictures, I was covering it for TLC the way I cover things for TLC and he said, "Hey this is Melissa from The Leaky Cauldron" and completely unexpectedly the room went up, it was the first time I was in a room with all Harry Potter fans and I couldn't deal with it, I sat on the floor with hands over my head. I just could not understand what was going on and for the rest of the weekend, people kept coming up to me for autographs and the first time I did on, I, I, I dropped the pen I just couldn't, just anyway it's a weird tradition you know when you are actor, you go into this you expect that...

AS: Uh hu..

MA: know, you expect that if you become known that's what you signed up for, we signed up to be geeks.

JN: Oh yeah!

AS: Well...

JN: Geeks for hire!

MA: Even though according to the New York Post we are socially awkward people who have to be - who people must remind ....

AS: No that was all you Melissa! (laughs)

MA: Yea, it's just me, well sorry that's just me. I said you know it's a good thing, it's a good thing they cleared that up because people kept coming up to me and asking me if I needed help walking and dressing and stuff and now they don't have to, now she has clarified that I am a fully functional adult.

AS: That women reporter reminds me of Rita Skeeter as nerdy as that sounds, she totally put a bad angle on it...

MA: That was sort of...bad.

AS: She took my HTML quote about Kevin and made it sound even worse.

BS: Shhhhh!

MA: It wasn't actually the quote. It wasn't actually the quote, which is sort of silly.

BS: She misquoted a lot of things, ok but anyways...moving on.

MA: Outside of autographs and fame or whatever, we have to talk about some of what when on the rest of the weekend because Jesus Christ..

AS: I don't think much went on...

BS: Well, ok, so on Friday, we met up outside of Penn Station...

AS: Oh geez, the play by play.

BS: It was excellent because I remember we walked across the street..

JN: We do have video of you doing that.

(all laugh)

AS: Oh yeah it was funny because...

BS: We walked back the other way.

AS: We walked the entire, like we went North, South, East and West when we could have just crossed one road and gotten to where Melissa and John were...we went full circle.

(all laugh)

BS: Yeah.

MA: Yeah!

JN: That's all right!

BS: The funny thing about the weekend was we...this is hilarious..we got out of the train Emerson calls, "Oh we're goin back to the airport. I forgot my laptop on the plane."

(all laugh)

JN: Oh, Emerson!

MA: And then he left his cell phone at my house.

AS: Did you ever mail that back to him?

MA: I just did.

(all laugh)

MA: It took me a week.

AS: 10 days...

MA: I had so much fun with it. I kept picking it up...sorry dude. And then actually the weekend was so fun that we went to any lengths for it not to end. John, what did we do on Sunday?

JN: We went for a little car ride...actually.

(MA laughs)

AS: Huh?


AS: Oh yeah, that's the best part of the story, so Emerson is the first one to leave that day, Sunday afternoon. We're all lilke, "Ok, bye Emerson!" And he's rushing out with Dylan and then we find out after everyone's home, and John and Melissa are still up in New York, we get home and Emerson emails, or IM's Ben I think and he says, "I still haven't left New York, I missed my plane."


AS: He was at the airport for what....6 or 7 hours and then, Melissa?

MA: Well John and I were sitting around in our socks being boring and we just...

JN: Yes.


MA: We just looked at each other and we're like roadtrip..we're gonna save you...we're gonna save you from the scary scary dangers of Newark, New Jersey. We're gonna come get you. (laughing) We just were so... and the idea at that moment of driving anywhere 'cause we'd been driving all weekend was just the worst idea ever. But at that moment, it just sounded like the funniest thing in the world so we went. And we went all the way out to... I don't even know where it was in New Jersey, went all the way back, just so we could laugh for the whole night, sleep for an hour, and then I drove him back to the airport in the morning.

JN: That was fun though, we had good fun.

BS: That was the least fun part of the weekend, I'm telling you. Aw geez, what else did we do?

AS: We went to McDonald's in Times Square! *laughs*.

BS: That was just amazing.

AS: Well what else happened?!

MA: You walked all the way to Times Square for a McDonald's when there was one three feet from the hotel!

AS: No no, we went different places in Times Square, we just wanted to check it out. I mean I've never walked through there, Ben's never walked through there.

BS: Well I thought the coolest part about the weekend was really meeting everybody, I know that sounds like I'm a big sap or whatever.

JN: Well you are kind of a sissy.

BS: Oh shut up, shut up John.

AS: Kansas. Hick, Redneck.

BS: But it was really neat, 'cause I met Andrew, I met... I met everyone! It was just awesome! I met Emerson for the second time, he's really not that great, but... I'm just kidding, I love Emerson.

JN: Awwww, Emerson.

(MA laughs)

BS: By the way, someone actually sent me a Bemerson icon.

JN: Really?!

MA: Oh my!

BS: Yes!

MA: Hey guys I was at work yest -

BS: You were at work yesterday? Really?

MA: Well, I was at work. We thought the weekend was over, we thought everything was done, we sort of stepped out of our weird little lives and back into the real world, schoolwork, whatever.

AS: Quick question real quick, did anyone feel really depressed when it was over like I did?

MA: Yeah.

AS: Like it took me a day to get back into reality I was like, "Ugh, how am I going to continue my life?"

(all laugh)

AS: Then I woke up the next morning and went to school and was like, "Eh, Ok, not that bad."

BS: I mean we're so determined to do it again we already have a hotel room picked.

MA (laughing): We do, we already have a hotel room. And it's a nice hotel room.

JN: I haven't really looked at my schedule really for that month to see when I have school and when I don't. Ah well we'll make it work.

MA: It's a great hotel room. It's going to be the hotel room everyone wants to hang out in.

AS: Yeah, we should make it like...

JN: And no one will know where to find it.

MA: It's a big hotel. Anyway, so when we had all finally like slipped back into our lives five days after the podcast, I go to this event for work and it's like this big luncheon where all the women wear hats, it's this weird thing and I'm sitting there interviewing one of the former beauty queens of Staten Island and we're talking and whatever and I look to my left and there's an intern from my newspaper standing with this cute little girl and they're both looking very anxious and I caught eyes and said, "What's up?" And they said, "Oh oh we have a fan here." And I said, "Ok well I'll move, I'm done, you can talk to the you know, the beauty queen." And they went, "Oh no no no no, your fan!" And this little girl comes up to me.

AS: Well she's not little she's like 15 or 16.

MA: Well she's tiny, you know. And she was like, "I was at the podcast!" And she was the girl with the sign she was Hiya! I mean smallest world huh? Hiya was there and I could not believe and then today at work somebody comes up to me and says "I was at that event, I was at that luncheon and this girl walked by me and she's going, "I met Melissa Anelli!" So now my co-workers were like, "What the hell is going on here?"

AS: Do they know about your secret Harry Potter life?

MA: No it's not so secret, my newspaper knows everything.

BS: Yeah, it's really weird, 'cause I remember the days before I came to MuggleNet, I used to worship Emerson. I used to think, "Oh my god, he's so cool!" And then the day I actually added him to my MSN, he signed online and I had a heart attack and then I was like, "Oh my gosh it's Emerson!" And then you get to know the guy and he's just a normal person.

JN: This sounds like a personal story Ben.

AS: Yeah, sounds like you were in love for a certain point in time.

BS: Oh yeah, that's it... actually...

MA: What else happened, I remember this weekend having so much I wanted to talk about on the podcast.

AS: I know.

MA: I had fun just zipping you guys around Manhattan.

AS: Oh, Ok, let's talk about your car rides for a minute.

BS: Melissa is probably the craziest driver I've ever been with.

AS: But the most skilled.

BS: We were lucky to get out of New York City. We were lucky to get out of New York City alive.

MA: No.

BS: If you guys ever see her car, it's amazing.

(AS Laughs)

JN: If you ever see her car, run the other direction.

(MA and AS Laugh)

AS: So, when you came to pick us up from the train station, we got in the car and John gets out to go into the drug store and buys some... What did you get?

(MA Laughs)

JN: I got Dramamine, for motion sickness.

AS: Yeah, for motion sickness. And we're like, "Does John have a sensitive stomach or is this going to be a problem?" And then you start driving, and it was okay for the first five minutes, and then after a while, it just started getting worse and worse.

JN: It is the really quick jabs on the brake.

AS: Yeah. That's what it was.

JN: It was just stop and then go and then vrrrooom.

AS: Yeah.

MA: That's what it's like to drive in Manhattan, guys. Stuff coming out of nowhere and you have to be ready for it. (AS Laughs) Did I put a scratch in my car? Did I put a scratch in my car?

AS: No.

JN: Not a one.

MA: Were you guys ever in danger? Yeah. Yeah, you were in danger here and there. But you were always 100% safe. I am an excellent New York driver.

JN: You are, and those are hard to come by.

MA: But the video of you guys screaming like small little baby children is the funniest video in the world.

AS: Oh, I want to see that car video. (Laughs)

MA: We're driving and John's taking a video and this bus cuts over one lane. I'm two lanes from him. The bus cuts over one lane. (Screams) Screaming like they've never been in traffic before.

BS: I'm from Kansas, I haven't been.

JN: Yeah, that was pretty funny.

MA: Oh, that was funny. And that was what was dangerous. That was the dangerous part, making me laugh while I was driving. I'm aware of everything. If you throw in laughing, I can't take it.

BS: Yeah.

AS: Oh yeah, and then we were listening to one of these Leaky Mug specials at the same time as we were trying to talk to each other. So, it was like two podcasts going on at the same time.

JN: We were listening...

MA: All of our voices.

AS: Yeah.

JN: That is how cool we are.

MA: All of our voices rebounding inside the car.

JN: That is how cool we are. We listen to ourselves on our own show in the car. (MA Laughs) And laughing at our own jokes.

JN: Yeah! (mocking AS)

MA: I forgot there was a specific reason. No, there was a specific reason we wanted to play a specific... and now I can't remember what it was.

BS: Why?

AS: Yeah. Something...

BS: Didn't we want to hear the part where I fell asleep?

AS: Yeah.

JN: Because we're freaking hilarious. That was what it is.

MA: Because I wanted to see if Ben was faking.

BS: No, I really wasn't. Everybody, to clear up the air, I was really asleep. It was on the very bed I'm laying in right now, actually.

JN: No kidding.

AS: That very bed?

MA: You mean it's still there?

JN: You didn't buy a new bed since then?

BS: No, I haven't.

JN: That is the most fascinating thing I've ever heard.

MA: Well, I don't know about you guys, but I have three beds in my bedroom.

AS: Whoa!

MA: So right now, the one I'm on, was not the one I was on for the last podcast.

JN: Yes.

AS: Are you on your Friday night bed?

MA: I'm on my Friday night bed.

JN: The Friday night bed is kind of... nevermind.

(AS and BS Laughs)

MA: Don't you dare even think of a joke.

BS: Jamie Waylett?

MA: There's nowhere that joke can go...

JN: It's a little rickety. It's a little rickety.

AS: Oh ho ho ho!

(AS, BS and JN Laugh)

MA: ... nowhere - Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Nowhere good. Nowhere good! Nowhere.

JN: I cannot tell a lie.

AS: Ah... so, um...

MA: So, that podcast was actually... I was shaking throughout the first half of that podcast.

JN: Were you a little scared?

MA: I remember... I didn't realize I was shaking until I went to get water and I almost dropped it, everywhere.

AS: That was a godsend, that pitcher of water. My throat was dead dry.

MA: That was me, thank you.

AS: Oh, thanks.

MA: I said to somebody, let's make sure that we have some water up there. It was amazing.

JN: I was a little scared when I sat down, but I snapped out of it.

MA: Yeah, I know. But the people, our staffs are amazing. The Leaky Lounge mods, especially Tim.

BS: Tim rules!

MA: Oh, Tim is just awesome. He was our switchboard. He sat there...

AS: (Laughing) Yeah.

MA: ... in our green room...

AS: That was so cool.

MA: ... and acted as a switchboard. He got everybody's number, gave everybody his, so if you needed anybody's number throughout the day, (AS Laughs) all you had to do was call Tim and he acted like our phone operator.

AS: And then, throughout the day he would organize - All the gifts for people were on this shelf, all the prizes we were giving away were on this shelf, and he had each one labeled. (Laughing) It was so funny.

MA: It was incredible! Guys, there were two documentary film crews there. As we've said, the New York Post was there. We had a school newspaper there. We had a couple of websites there. This was a podcast.

AS: My reality show group was there.

MA: Yes. Couldn't see but that was the point.

JN: Because that's going to get picked up.

(AS laughs)

AS: NBC already bought it.

(BS Yawns)

JN: Oh, yeah.

AS: Three seasons.

MA: So, and also...

JN: Must ignore TV.

(All Laugh)

AS: Yeah! TV.

JN: Yeah!

MA: Yeah! TV - The YES Network.

BS: For those of you who would like to know where that was from...

AS: Okay. I would like to make a public statement on that. Ben, shut up! Are you interrupting me? Whose name is first, Ben? Whose name is first?

BS: Well, I'm pulling an Andrew here. Sorry.

AS: Whose name is first? Okay. So, anyway...

(MA Gasps)

JN: Listen to these two!

BS: Although, I've...

MA: My goodness. John, do we ever do that?

AS: There's a lot of tension among MuggleNet staff members. But, some of you might of noticed, I said yeah a lot during the show, which seems to be a problem with some people. Like, Ben, Melissa and John, for some reason they really hated it. Although, my my....

MA: Yeah.

AS: I seriously do not get many complaints about that. But, for some reason, some people found it annoying. You Leaky people found it annoying.

MA: I saw complaints on MuggleNet. Shut up.

AS: No! It really wasn't. Point 'em out to me. Point 'em out to me.

MA: Actually, actually I will find them and I will point them out to you.

JN: If any of you found the yeah's kind of annoying, just send an email to staff...

AS: No, HPlive....

JN: HPlive, Subject line: Yeah. And we'll tally them up.

BS: Okay, let's do it.

AS: Okay, and anyone who finds Ben to be an annoying Kansan hick, email me. Andrew@staff.mugglenet.

MA: No!

JN: He's a teddy bear.

MA: You're the big teddy bear. I saw a lot was really funny reading these comments because what has come with this whole quote unquote fame thing among fans is that we get talked about like public figures as well. And so they feel free to insult us now. And so, and so...

JN: Yeah, don't insult us. What did we ever do to you?

MA: No, no, no. It's really funny. It's okay. But what...something I want us to get to.

JN: It's damn not okay!

MA: I saw a lot of people, not a lot, maybe it was somewhere I read it, say I was wearing too much make-up. And I have to say...

JN: Oh, Melissa....

MA: No, no, no...Listen. I have to say that is absolutely a hundred percent true. Do you know why? (all laugh) Because you guys, while you guys were all at the movie, what was I doing? I was sitting backstage. And I was so nervous, that all I would, all I could do was apply make-up. The whole time.

(all laughing)

MA: And I was putting it on. And I never realized my lipstick looked like it was just black. But I was just so, it was like a nervous tick after a while. I just kept fixing and fixing and fixing. And it was just so funny when I saw those comments crop up. I'm like You have no idea why that is.

JN: That's funny.

AS: I don't know. I wasn't really nervous. I think I was more sick than nervous.

BS: Oh we know how perfect you are. We don't even wanna hear it.

MA: Yeah.

AS: No, I'm just saying that I wasn't nervous. That's all. Ben.

BS: Well, I wasn't really nervous either. I was just really damn tired.

JN: Yeah. Yeah, Andrew, you weren't at all nervous falling back on comfortable catch phrases and...

AS: Oh, please. Shut up. Okay, I said yeah a few times and then I had thoughts for the rest of the show.

MA: Alright!

AS: Big deal.

MA: You said alright a few times.

JN: My favorite, my favorite feedback from somebody was somebody saying they thought Andrew's favorite song was Usher's "Yeah."

(all laugh)

JN: and that he had listened to it before the show...

MA: "She loves me, yeah, yeah, yeah" That one too.

JN: That's another one too.

AS: Yeah. Attention world! I don't listen to rap.

MA: So, while you guys were at the show, when, when we were trying to get you guys back to the show and I was calling everybody's cell phone frantically to find out where they were in the cabs.

JN: You should have called the switchboard.

MA: Um, well the switchboard was sitting next to me. So, you know.

AS: The switchboard!

(all laugh)

AS: Tim?

JN: Yeah, Tim's our boy!

MA: So, I called, I called John and I found out that he couldn't get a cab. And I was like, I was so....and I was cursing at nobody. So then I called Emerson to find out where he was. And I'm on the phone with Emerson, cursing a blue streak that John and Sue can't get a cab. And I'm just...and he's like "Well why can't they get a...". "I don't ..." da, da, da....And a lot of curses are coming out of my mouth and I turn around and who is standing there waiting to say hello, but Rina who runs Emerson's fansite.

JN: Aw, Rina...

MA: And I'm cursing at Emerson on the phone. And I'm like (deep breath) "I'm so sorry!" You know, it was just was just weird.

JN: She was probably shooting daggers at you.

MA: No, no, no. She was really nice.

JN: How dare you curse at Emerson?!

MA: She was really nice. I made sure she met him, so she will never shoot a dagger at me.

BS: I read her little, her little post-premiere report....

AS: Yeah, not very positive review...

JN: No...

(all talk at once)

BS: Well, what I'm saying is that she said that, "I met Ben and when he found out who I was, the look on his face was priceless." I was like, "Rina? The Rina?" (all laugh) Then I asked her to sign my boobs and ...

(all laugh)

JN: Oh, oh....

MA: We all signed Ben's boobs.

AS: Melissa, when you called Emerson, what, what...where did he say he was at?

MA: He was in a cab.

AS: Okay, because we have a funny story to go with that. When we got out of the movie theater...

MA: He wasn't in a cab. Was he?

AS: No, no, listen. When we got out of the movie theater, we ran into a couple of people who we saw earlier that day, on the red carpet. And Emerson, literally, literally, stops and talks to them! And me and Ben keep walking, and Kevin. We're like, "Come on Emerson! Let's go, we gotta go!" And he stopped and he wouldn't move, And he just kept talking to them, and we were going insane! And then I said, "Okay. Let's just walk without him. Forget it."

MA: Okay! We have a show to do!

AS: What?

MA: Yeah!

AS: Yeah.

MA: I can't believe he even stopped, I mean for a minute!

AS: He stopped!

MA: John, did you stop to talk to anybody?


MA: Just don't talk, I'm gonna get mad.

(AS laughs)

BS: By the way Melissa?

MA: Yes.

BS: Do you know how long we're gonna make this next podcast last? Two hours? We should make it a two-hour live show.

MA: The one at Lumos? Why not? It's not like anyone has anywhere else to go, it's not a premiere.

AS: Yeah.

BS: True.

MA: If we're gonna make it a two-hour show, we'll have a lot more to do.

AS: Speaking of time.

JN: We could always split it in half.

(JN and AS laugh)

MA: Listen, we've got seven months to think about this.

BS: But yeah, um. The thing is, we're talking about this Lumos thing like it's far off right now, but it's gonna come a lot faster.

MA: Yes.

BS: The next thing we know, we're gonna say, "Holy crap! It's July twentieth-"

MA: Yes.

BS: "-what are we doing here," you know?

MA: But we put this, this one together in a month, so.

AS: Mm-hm.

MA: Or a month and a half or something.

BS: Should be a breeze.

AS: But this is good though, that we put it ahead so early because now we have, we have something to talk about for five minutes for each show. A little bit of filler.

MA: And look forward. Guys, I can't wait! Vegas! And it's not even Strip Vegas, it's Mountain Vegas. It's like Gorgeous Vegas. It's like...

BS: You know what we're gonna do? We're gonna compile our money and quintuple it. (laughs)

MA: You're not quintuple-ing anything, Mister Under-Twenty-One.

BS: No, Emerson... John's gonna quintuple it for me. (laughs)

JN: What are we doing?

AS: Okay. Way to waste your breath!

MA: He wants you to gamble their money for them.

BS: You're going to gamble my money. But... Just so you guys now, Andrew will not be hosting the next live podcast.

AS: Oh, shut up, Ben!

BS: Because he was obnoxious.

AS: I did fine, except for throwing in some "Yeah's," that nobody complained about during the show. Anyone could have said to me "Hey, you're annoying."

MA: During the show... During the show I was so concerned with not, like, with like, everything else, that I couldn't focus on that. There was no way to focus on that. I was just focusing on making sure the conversation was moving.

AS: Which ended up going fine.

MA: And my mother!

AS: It's four in the morning! (laughs)

MA: All right, all right, guys. As much as I love you, it's time.

BS: I think it's time to wrap this up. So, yeaaah, everybody! Yeah, yeah, yeah.

AS: Yo, guys, yo! We'll see you next week, yo!

(BS laughs)

AS: Welcome to MuggleCast, on the streets!

BS: Yeah. (laughs) Andrew. Thanks, everybody, for listening to this. I hope you all enjoyed the little chat we had with Matt Lewis and Jamie Waylett. And, with all that in mind, I think this has been really, really fun. That's all from our... The Leaky Mug. That's all for The Leaky Mug. I dunno, it's, it's 3:00 AM.

MA: The mug's empty. Nothin's leakin'. Let's go.

BS: Yeah, the mug is empty, guys. So, we'll see you, we'll see you at Lumos. I hope.

MA: 2006.

JN: I think we might record something before Lumos. It's just a whim...

MA: Maybe, I'm taking a vacation. Six months? That sounds good.

JN: Yeah, this is the last show for a while.

AS: I wish.

MA: (softly) Vegas baby! Yeah! Oh Andrew, you can do that! "Vegas baby, yeah!" Like Austin Powers.

AS: Vegas baby! (BS laughs) Hey, did you hear me do my impression? Okay, so...

MA: (imitating AS) "You were supposed to destroy the Sith, not join them!"

JN: Stop recording.

BS: Goodnight, everybody! Goodnight, everybody.

MA: Goodnight, guys.

JN: All right, that's the end.

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