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Leaky Mug #6 Transcript

Thanks to Leaky!

The Leaky Mug: New Year's Edition

(Music begins)

Melissa Anelli (MA): Welcome to the special edition of The Leaky Mug.

Ben Schoen (BS): No. That's not fair. Why is it...

John Noe (JN): Cause we have a bigger audience.

MA: Well, people tend to like it is all I'm saying.

Andrew Sims (AS): (Laughs) Oh John. Let's compare numbers.

JN: Hey, you want to compare numbers? Add up the ages of all of our audience together.

(All Laugh)

BS:: In the ratings.

MA:: In the ratings.

AS: I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.

(Music continues throughout show)

MA: Welcome everybody to the last Leaky Mug of 2005.

JN: Awww.

AS: You scared me for a second...

Kevin Steck (KS): Oh yeah.

AS: I thought, the last Leaky Mug ever.

MA: As we can see, we have here: John Noe.

JN: Hello, hello.

MA: Mr. Kevin Steck.

KS: Hello.

MA: Andrew Sims.

AS: Hi!

JN: (imitating AS) "Yeah!"

(AS Laughs)

MA: And everyone's favorite Hufflepuff, Sue.

Sue Upton (SU): Hi!

JN: Hufflepuff Sue!

SU: Yay!

(SU & AS Laughs)

MA: Hey guys, guess who's not here?

JN: Who isn't here?

AS: Um, Dylan?

MA: No, keep going?

AS: Emerson?

MA: No.

KS: Micah?

AS: Um... Micah?

MA: Well, how about I narrow it down.

JN: Greg, MuggleNet Greg!

MA: Guess who...

JN: Or is he?

MA: so scared of me that he ran offline before tonight's taping?

AS: Oh, oh, oh! I know, I know...

JN: Can we guess?

AS: Rina?

(JN & SU groan)

MA: Well, no. She's scared of you now, or so I hear.

(KS & AS Laugh)

AS: I don't know, who?

(SU Laughs)

MA: Mr. Ben Schoen!

(JN, SU & AS "ohhhh")

MA: (in sugary sweet voice) Ben, my darling, dear...

SU & JN: Ben!

MA: (in sugary sweet voice) ...lovely, wonderful Ben, whom I love very, very much...

AS: I can hear the tension in your voice. (KS Laughs) Sounds like you want to kill him.

MA: Very much. But let me tell you something, what I've learned. Some people might not be familiar, John and I recently...

JN: Yes.

MA: ...did what some, in the tone-deaf community, might call a little duet. (JN "Awwws") For PotterCast.

JN: I thought it was lovely.

MA: On your side it was lovely.

JN: Oh come on. Bollocks.

MA: And I was very self-conscious about it, very self-conscious about it, but John convinced me that it would be alright and we put it into PotterCast. I got a wonderful Christmas present, on Christmas when I went to my happy little computer and opened up iTunes. I got a wonderful Christmas present, when I downloaded MuggleCast and found out that Mr. Ben Schoen left his copy of John and my duet in the MuggleCast folder and Andrew Sims...

(AS coughs)

MA: ...didn't notice that it was in there - or so he maintains.

AS: I really didn't, I didn't listen to it. I played the beginning, but I didn't make the connection that it was yours, cause I've heard yours, but I just didn't realize it was that.

MA: Uh-huh. So, the MuggleCast people, there wasn't even an introduction... John and I even did a little intro to explain to everybody that I sing like a... crow. And nobody, you know, it was just stuck in there! So Ben has earned my eternal wrath, and he slithered out of this Podcast today.

(AS & KS Laugh)

AS: I don't know what to say, other than...

SU: Ohhh.

MA: Well, we were supposed to get together at 9:30 tonight. At 9:29 Ben IM's Andrew to say 'Melissa's not here. I'm leaving. She's late.'

KS: Well you were late... by two minutes.

JN: Oddly enough you were online since about 9:15. Had he IMed you, he would have found you.

MA: You know, yeah. But it's okay, it's okay...

AS: That's a... suspicious.

MA: (sugary sweet voice) Because let me tell you something about revenge, something that I've learned about revenge. There is no timetable on revenge.

(KS & AS Laugh)

JN: This is true.

MA: (continues voice) It's quiet, it's beautiful, it's crafty, it strikes when you're not expecting it, Mr. Ben Schoen!

SU: Uh-oh.

MA: And you'll never ever forget. So that's all I wanted to say about that.

JN: Yes, you don't mess with Italians and their singing voices.

KS: Yeah, the M.A.F.I.A.

MA: We don't sing like canaries that for sure.

JN: Aw, gee.

MA: Anyway.

JN: Hey, is our show about Harry Potter?

MA: No, not these shows.

(SU Laughs)

JN: Ay, dios mio.

MA: Okay, anyway, guys, end of 2005! Wow.

JN: Yes.

AS & JN: It's been a long year.

MA: Especially having to talk to you guys every night.

AS: Ohhh.

JN: It has been. So yeah, the only mention of an Andrew Sims we would get is about some MuggleNet Editor being a jerk.

AS: I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

KS: I don't either.

MA: Actually neither do I. Sue, do you have any idea?

SU: No, I'm just lost. I'm just kind of sitting here - wait until we talk about Hufflepuff.

(JN Laughs)

JN: We have this Hufflepuff special correspondent in Sue.

SU: That's right, that's me. Roving reporter...

AS: Sue standing by.

(SU Laughs)

JN: (Laughs) When that part of the show comes up she'll...

KS: Jump right in.

SU: That's right!

JN: ...that's when we won't be able to shut her up.

SU: Actually, this is my first Leaky Mug, I am so exited.

JN: Yay!

AS: I know.

JN: Well this is not your first appearance on a... well no, cause you were on the live show so...

KS: Yeah, that's true.

SU: Oh, that's true. That was an official Leaky Mug, wasn't it?

JN: Well it was a Leaky Mug until Andrew forgot what to call it.

AS: It was a Leaky Mug with benefits.

MA: It was called a Leaky Mug... on PotterCast!

AS: Oh, whatever.

MA: (repeating AS) "Whatever!"

AS: It was too good to be called a Leaky Mug.

JN: Yeah.

MA: (imitating AS) Yeah!

(SU Laughs)

JN: Leaky Mug 3000.

MA: 2005. Leaky Mug 2006, the live one is on the way.

JN: Yeah, Vegas. What's the countdown in days, anybody?

SU: I don't know.

KS: A lot.

MA: Wow.

SU: We should have a countdown clock for that. That would be fun.

AS: It's so far away. You know what, I was working on our Year in Review thing earlier today, and I think it was in March was when Lumos made their first announcement about that and I made that news post and I couldn't believe - that was over a year and a half away from the actual thing - and I couldn't believe, if I was even told that I'd be going there to do a live Podcast, I'd be like "What you talkin' about?" (KS & JN Laugh) When I originally wrote that. So...

MA: Well, Jamie's coming right now. That's official, he's coming?

JN: Yay!

KS: Don't say official.

AS: I'd say like ninety-percent.

KS: Yes, Ninety-percent. Yeah.

MA: Okay, probably.

KS: He'll kill us if we say official.

JN: If you're a Jamie fan, you can book your tickets now just to see Jamie. And if he doesn't show up you can take it up with him.

MA: Or just call him Ben.

JN: Or just call him Ben. They look a lot alike.

(SU Laughs)

MA: Yeah, (KS Laughs) in bizarro world.

JN: Well, if by chance we can't get Jamie, maybe we'll be able to convince MuggleNet Greg in to filling in. (AS and MA Laugh) Stepping into his shoes.

AS: MuggleNet Greg is a good guy. I don't know...

MA: Oh, poor MuggleNet Greg he has no clue.

JN: MuggleNet Greg is probably my top three favorite MuggleNetters.

AS: (Laughs) MuggleNet Greg does the Potter profiles...

JN: Yes, he does.

AS: Fan of the week.

MA: And he also makes apparently appearances in the MuggleCast Fan Chat.

AS: Like you would know.

KS: Yeah, he does make appearances.

AS: Does he?

JN: Yes, he loves the fans and he's always in there talking to the fans. He's a good guy.

KS and AS: Yeah.

MA: Well, that MuggleCast Fan Chat, let me tell you guys. The first time I went into that MuggleCast Fan Chat, it was all MuggleNet fans and they were like, "Who are you PotterCast people? Go away, go away." Now when I go in there (AS snorts) they're like, "We just listened to PotterCast! PotterCast rules! Hi PotterCast people!"

KS: Yeah, you've converted them.

MA: John went in and he started talking to people, one by one. (Laughing)

JN: That was not at all a calculated plan. (MA still Laughing) That was completely random.

MA: So much so that on my birthday, a bunch of them including MuggleCast Laura, got together...

AS: Ahhh.

MA: ...and recorded a happy birthday message and sent it to me in an email.

JN: MuggleCast Laura is a sweetheart.

KS: Why would they do that?

MA: Because they like us better.

JN: They do. Even MuggleNet Laura - she told us.

MA: Well anyway, it's only been about three months since we all started Podcasting together.

JN: Is it really?

AS: Yeah.

MA: It's only been...

AS: It's scary.

MA: The end of August.

SU: Wow.

KS: It's almost four for us.

MA: No us, us together. September, October, November. Oh, you're right it's four, four months since we started Podcasting together.

AS: Oh. Well, when we started MuggleCast it was early August. And then you were what, mid-August?

MA: Yeah two weeks after you. The first Leaky Mug was August twenty-sixth or something. And if people remember, the intention wasn't for us to get together to talk and have it become a thing, the intention originally was to explain to both our audiences why we were pulled from the iTunes directory.

JN: Oh, yeah.

AS: Yeah.

JN: I wasn't even in that show.

MA: Nope. Were any of you guys...

JN: No wonder it got such low numbers.

MA: Hey, hey. (KS and AS Laugh) That's probably, that might have been our highest rated Leaky Mug. (Laughs) Because it was the first one.

AS: Cause it was the first one. They've all lost faith after that. (Chuckles)

MA: Everyone was like this sucks.

AS: They stink. But some people...

MA: But we didn't expect it.

AS: What? Didn't expect it to what?

MA: To turn into something we do all the time now.

AS: Oh, oh. Yeah, yeah.

JN: They've been asking for it. Though back then, it wasn't called a Leaky Mug it was a LeakyPotterMuggleCatDog.

MA: So seriously, no seriously - did you guys ever think it would turn into not only doing this all the time together, talking on Skype all the time together, (Chuckles) doing a live crazy show in NY, planning one, all within four months.

KS: Yeah, Mm-hmm.

JN: (Imitating Andrew) Yeah.

KS: No, I never would have imagined. It's crazy.

SU: No?

JN: And then have one lined up on the calendar to do it again.

MA: (Laughing) John!

KS: Yeah

JN: In a friggin'...

AS: Las Vegas?

JN: ...nerd convention.

(AS and KS Laugh)

AS: That's basically what we're going to.

KS: Nerd Fest.

SU: No, it's going to be great. No, I never thought we'd ever get to this point. It's just been extraordinary, I think.

KS: Yeah.

SU: A new way to meet people and get to know them better. I mean, I never thought I'd get to know or meet you guys. You know. And just the new fans that we've gotten to meet. The new people have started to find us.

MA: It's lovely.

KS: It's a following sort of thing.

AS: People are stalking us now.

KS: Yeah, I know.

JN: It's crazy.

(SU Laughs)

KS: Stalking is the greatest form of flattery. you know.

MA: Kevin, who's your stalker?

AS: Emma Croup is.

KS: No one in particular, they just...

AS: Kevin pretends he has a stalker.

KS: Hey!

AS: So he feels flattered.

(MA Laughs)

KS: I think we all have... Aw, thanks a lot, Andrew!

MA: I actually did get a couple of creepy emails.

KS: I think we all have stalkers to be honest.

JN: It's the most backwards compatible stalker, (KS Laughs) on the Internet.

MA: Couple of ones that you know, where a smarter woman would have forwarded to a authority of some sort.

AS: Yeah.

JN: Melissa likes the attention.

MA: Not that kind of attention. Somebody actually asked me how they should go about breaking up with their girlfriend.

AS: Yeah (Laughs)

MA: That's not one of the creepy ones but that's just a weird... Well, we're going to be doing, well I don't want to announce it here.

AS: What, which one?

(SU Laughs)

MA: Nothing, I announced it on our boards already. We're doing a call-in thingy.

KS: Oh, another one?

MA: On Leaky. Well - not like that.

JN: I thought we already did that.

MA: We're going to do a regular thing where at a set time every week somebody's on the PotterCast line. It could be me...

JN: Oh, that's right.

MA: could be Sue, it could be John, it could be my Mom, it could be Jamie Waylett...

AS: My Mom! (Laughing)

MA: could be Matt Lewis. It could be...

AS: Yes!

JN: People are going to call in and be like oh my God, I got through. And they're going to be like, "Hey this is Matt Lewis, who are you?"

SU: Her Mom rocks!

JN: And they're going to be like, "I want to speak to Melissa's Mom." See you later and then hang up. I don't want you, talk to you, Neville Longbottom.

MA: (Imitating Andrew) Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, but wait a yeah, yeah, yeah, but, but yeah, yeah, but I'm just trying to yeah, yeah, yeah. That's how those phone calls will go.

(SU and JN Laughing)

JN: Exactly.

MA: Sound familiar?

JN: But where will we get the sound clips?

AS: I'll make them.

JN: Would you? Thanks, dude.

MA: (Sarcastically) We don't have you on record doing that at all.

AS: What, what, what do you mean?

MA: (Sarcastic) We don't have you on record going, "Yeah!"

AS: Yes we do.

JN: Yeah we do, it's from the show.

MA: Oh, my God. I'm kidding.

AS: was sarcasm.

JN: We were fooled.

AS: It was sarcasm.

MA: Sar.....

AS: You completely missed it.

MA: ....casm.

JN: Melissa's...Melissa's on a higher plane of joke making...

AS: Intelligence.

MA: Intelligence, yeah.

JN: ...than any of us could ever hope to be. (SU Laughs)

AS: Oh, I have a question for you guys. It's been on my mind a lot recently. I have to admit, I'm sort of in love with this person. But, do you...

JN: No, I will not make out with you.

AS: Do you think Jo listens to the shows?

MA: Yeah.

JN: Yep.

AS: Do you think so?

JN: Didn't I tell you about Skype the other week?

AS: Melissa, you have insider sources. Do they tell you this?

MA: Well, I can't say what I've been told.

(All laugh and guffaw)

MA: No, what I've been told....

JN: Except for that she just said yes.

MA: ...what I've been told is not "Jo listens to this show." I've definitely not been told that. But, I really would believe that she's...

JN: She's a fan.

MA: ...she's at least heard one or two of these shows.

AS: One.

KS: At least one. Yeah, I would hope.

AS: We should get her to talk. It's been on my mind so much.

JN: Well, here's ...You know what I heard, actually. That she subscribed to MuggleCast for a while, but there's ...there was a point in time where they were not having Eric on enough. (All laughing in background) She got so fed up that she unsubscribed.

AS: I don't understand what you mean by that so, okay.

JN: I swear to God. I swear to God.

AS: She likes Eric?

JN: She...she has...she has an "I love..."

MA: Oh, John!

JN: ..."I love Micah" T-shirt that she wears to bed. A big bust silhouette of Micah Tannenbaum's face.

AS: Well, I suggested this in the past but I think the only way we're going to get her to talk about us on her site is if we start a rumor.

MA: (Laughing hard) Is that true?

JN: Yeah, we could....If anybody could push a rumor, it's us.

AS: Yeah, I'm sure she would appreciate that, yeah.

KS: I was going to do that on MuggleCast, but they were all like "No, no."

MA: No, we're not going to do that.

AS: Yeah.

ES: Let's start....

JN: I heard...I heard that...I heard that Jo actually dyed her hair red recently.

AS: (Laughing)

MA: No.

AS: And when we're....

JN: In tribute to Harry's upcoming nuptials with Ginny Weasley. So she's now a redhead.

MA: Sue and I are like, hmmm.

AS: I guess that would look good on her.

MA: News girls are like um, um not cool. Not cool at all. Leaky gets its name for squashing rumors and here we are starting them.

JN:, you'll have the exclusive to squash this rumor.

SU: Not.

JN: As soon as it airs.

MA: I'll go post...

AS: We checked through several sources and we confirm the rumor that we started is actually false.

(All Laughing)

JN: Wait a second. You guys have sources over there at Mugglenet? When did this happen?

AS: Oh, oh we have plenty. I got a list of them.

MA: Oh...

SU: Oooh...

MA: Speaking of...speaking of...

JN: Oh you guys.

SU: Oh boy.

MA: ...sources. I want to...I want to make a little announcement. Because I've been teasing... I've been teasing this to the MuggleCast fans and to the MuggleCast cast. I figure it's only right that it should come out somewhere where they can hear it without having to bother over and download PotterCast. Um, such a pain...

JN: I have such a big chore. So what's the big thing. What are you talking about?

MA: Well, the first big thing that going to happen on PotterCast in 2006 is that we will be interviewing, in an extensive fashion, Arthur Levine who edits the American editions of the Harry Potter books.

JN: Oh that's....

AS: Whoa...

KS: Wooooo....

JN: ...that's good.

MA: I'm really excited.

JN: Slick.

SU: Wheeeee....

MA: And we're going to have the opportunity for people to send in questions.

SU: Yay!!

MA: Um, a portion of it will be...will be reader questions. And he's excited. We're excited. It's going to be so cool.

SU: Awesome!

JN: Is he still bald?

MA: (Laughing) He is partly bald.

(AS Laughs)

SU: What'd you say that for?

JN: 'Cause that look is workin' for him.

SU: John!

JN: Seriously. I like, I like that. It looks good.

(All sigh and laugh)

MA: He is a wonderful guy. He really is. He is really, really nice.

SU: Ignore that, Mr. Levine, if you're...

JN: He was...he was so nice.

SU: ...listening to this, ignore him.

JN: Me and Melissa saw the last time I was in New York or the time before. They were doing the thirty days till Half Blood Prince. He was there and hot Cheryl was there and...

SU: Harper Marcus.

JN: ...a couple of other famous people like the head of Scholastic.

SU: Yeah.

JN: And he was, they were unleashing this cool countdown thingymajigger.

MA: It was a clock.

JN: And I shook his hand. And he's like, "Hey, I know you." I'm like "Really?" And he's like "No."

(All Laughing)

JN: I'm like, "Oh, Arthur, you jerk."

MA: No but somebody made a joke about an, about an eighth book at that thing and, and they were like "Oh, Leaky Cauldron, don't say eighth book! I didn't mean...there's not an eighth book!" And he goes "Oh please. If anybody knows the score, I know it's the Leaky Cauldron." I'm like, "That's right, Mr. Arthur Levine."

JN: Awww...

MA: Yeah.

SU: Yeah we do!

AS: They obviously have the wrong impression of you.

MA: Yeah, clearly. I don't know what we did to get it. I just don't know.

JN: Yeah, I know. Actually I was talking to Arthur Levine. And I'm like "Hey, do you read much of the fan sites?" And he's like "Meh, you know I don't have much time but I usually make time to check up with the Wall of Shame just to see if there are any updates."

(AS and SU Laugh)

JN: That's really all that counts. And I'm like, "Touché, Arthur."

SU: Can you imagine the letters that those guys get?

JN: Oh gosh, yeah.

SU: Must be some real gems.

AS: I can't even imagine why people would even bother.

SU: Funny. So do you guys get...I know you at Mugglenet, that's one of my favorite things is to read your Wall of Shame.

JN: I know.

SU: I bet you guys get some real... I know we get some, but do you have like one email that like, that you've gotten since we've done PotterCast that really sticks out to you guys?

AS: Hmmm.....

AS: We've gotten some interesting voice mails.

AS: Yeah.

JN: Probably...

AS: Some of which...

JN: ...probably all of the PotterCast.

AS: ...I can't say here because they're....

MA: Yeah, in the PotterCast email we have a folder and it's called "Barking Mad." And when...

SU: Yes, yes we do. (Laughing)

MA: And we...because Kim, because Kim Parker organizes our mail on PotterCast.

SU: Kim M. Parker! Yay!

MA: Kim M. Parker.

JN: Yay, Kim M. Parker!

MA: And she does a fantastic job of it. And so now, when I want to find, to re-read all these psychotic moments in PotterCast's history, I can just go in. So let me take some choice ones.

JN: Good plan.

MA: Hang on a second. Okay, so, "Hello! I know the Goblet of Fire original DVD will be out in April..." Which actually, guys, we don't know, so don't take that as word. "I'll be coming to England to spend my holidays. I just want to know the date of the DVD launch and how I can join it." There's that one.

JN: Join the launch?

MA: Join the DVD launch.

JN: That's weird.

MA: They want to join.

AS: Hey, can we get into the DVD launch?

MA: Um...

JN: What does that even mean?

MA: It's a party!

AS: It's not even special.

MA: It's just a party.

AS: Yeah, who am I kidding?

MA: It's just a party.

AS: It's kind of lame.

JN: To be like the first person in line to buy a DVD?

AS: No, it's like the actors show up and stuff.

MA: Oh, oh...

SU: Well, remember last year? For Prisoner of Azkaban they had that big splash...

MA: Yeah.

SU: ...and the bus was there...

MA: It was just everyone in a room...

SU: ...and everything, right? Yeah, that was pretty cool.

MA: It's not really a - It's basically a photo op.

JN: (Coughs) Sounds like a chore to me.

MA: But it is a lot of fun...I don't think.

KS: So we'll try to raid the DVD launch. That's our goal. (AS, JN and MA Laugh)

MA: Then we got one about politics, which was retarded.

JN: Yeah, it was.

MA: (Laughing) This one, it says: "I would love to be able to hear to the PotterCast, but it was too difficult to listen. Stops and starts. Long pauses. Sadly, Mrs. Fig." Just...

JN: Awww, Mrs. Fig.

MA: ...nonsensical! Sorry, Mrs. Fig!

JN: I'm sorry about that. Is she sure she was listening to the right podcast?

KS: Well, ours doesn't stop.

JN: Perhaps she got the wrong email address.

MA: No! This is great...

AS: Ours doesn't stop!

MA: ...this is great. We got to, we got PotterCast verses MuggleCast. We got a couple. We get these now and then. PotterCast verses... I'm sure you guys get them too.

KS: We do.

MA: But the phrasing is hilarious in this one. "All MuggleCasts do is try to have chats and joke like PotterCast and end up Laughing at things like 'I read a Harry Potter book yesterday! HA HA HA!' And they are always slamming PotterCast. Half their show is about PotterCast. They think they are soooo cool! I listened--" And then there is a sound. A click to play sound. "Whateva." So... (MA and JN Laugh)

JN: I love click to play sound.

MA: ...they included an .mp3 of someone saying "Whateva." "I listen to..."

JN: That was worth the attachment.

MA: And then there's a chart! There's a chart! PotterCast: Funny. MuggleCast: Thinks they are funny. PotterCast: Interesting. MuggleCast: Zzzz... (Laughs hilariously) So funny! And then it says... some random person in December.

AS: Wait, who sent this email?

JN: Some guy...

AS: Who sent this email?

MA: Her name is...

JN: Some guy.

MA: Her name...

JN: M. Tannenbaum.

AS: What's his name?

SU: Yeah!

(SU and JN Laugh)

MA: Her name is Isabelle. (JN still Laughing) "It is MuggleCast..."

AS: Isabelle?

MA: Wait. "Is it MuggleCast or the..."

AS: Hold on!

MA: "...Draco Malfoy of..."

AS: Wait!

MA: "...podcasts!" (Laughs) We did put it in the "Barking Mad" folder, not the "Isabelle, we don't appreciate the sentiment, but we think you spent a little too much time (Laughs) on this comparison." We love MuggleCast! Okay? Please, thank you...Hold on, (AS Laughs) I know there's a really great one in here. I can find it. Hold on.

JN: I want to give these guys a chance to read one of their emails that talk about how much better they are than us.

MA: Do it! Find it!

JN: There's bound to be at least a couple of those, isn't there?

AS: Oh, we get millions! (Laughs, pauses, then MA Laughs) Why? What do you want me to do? Read 'em?

JN: Well, if you can one. I just wanted to give you equal opportunity here.

AS: Oh, okay.

MA: We have "It's awesome, but can you please put in more spells?" Uh, uh...okay.

JN: Spells. Alright, when you are Crucio-ing somebody, please don't forget to Cruci-off them when you're finished, to ensure...

SU: Yeah! (Laughs) Makes no sense!

AS: Ah, this is from Ted, from California...

JN: Hi Ted!

AS: "Hi! MuggleCast is the podcast there is for Harry Potter. I was tired of waiting for Episode Twenty-One, so I subscribed to PotterCast. It sucked! They said they don't have a song, so they made a crappy one up!" (AS and MA Laugh) I don't know what they're talking about! And I get what you guys mean now!

MA: (Laughing) What you mean?

AS: "You say you got a number with "magic," M-A-G-I-C, and PotterCast has a cheap M-A-G-I-K."

MA: Wait! Wait!

AS: That's good...

MA: Wait! Oh my God!

SU: Didn't he write us, Melissa?

MA: He emailed us, too! He emailed us, too!

AS: Who? Oh.

MA: Wait, I'm going to find it right now. He emailed us, too! (Laughing)

SU: He did! He did!

JN: Ted...

SU: I know he did. I know he did.

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