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Lumos 2006: Las Vegas Transcript (continued)

JW Marriott

Las Vegas, Nevada (US)

July 29, 2006

Thanks to TLC and the MuggleNet transcribers for all their help!

John: Jamie, how about you tend to disagree with that.

Jamie: Yeah, I think it is a terrible idea. I was going to say, couldn't love act as a protection rather than a power, so that Voldemort can't hurt him for some reason or another. And then needs something else to kill him, like a gun.

[Audience laughs]

Melissa: [laughs] That's the way he's going to kill Voldemort?

Jamie: Or a cannon.

Melissa: The power to love is great. It has to manifest itself in some way. It can't just be, "Oh, Harry loves..." therefore the force...

Audience Member: Sacrifice!

Melissa: No, god. Stop!

Jamie: What did she say?

John: Whose sacrifice?

Melissa: Whose sacrifice?

Andrew: Whose sacrifice?

Melissa: My foot!

John: Harry's sacrifice?

Melissa: No.

John: Ron's sacrifice?

Melissa: No.

[Audience boos]

John: What about Snape's sacrifice?

[Audience cheers]

John: I think that's it too.

Melissa: There is some interesting wording to that prophecy that Cheryl brought up to me this week.

John: Hot Cheryl, of course.

Melissa: Hot Cheryl. Where is Hot Cheryl?

Cheryl: Right here.

John: Hot Cheryl!

[Audience cheers]

Andrew: Cheryl's here. Stand up! Stand up!

[Audience cheers]

Melissa: The prophecy doesn't say, "he who will kill the Dark Lord has this power." It says, "he who has the power to kill the Dark Lord." It doesn't say he will the Dark Lord.

John: Was it "kill" or "vanquish"?

Andrew: Vanquish.

Ben: Vanquish.

John: Steve?

Melissa: Vanquish, whatever.

John: Thank you.

Melissa: Vanquish, kill, defeat, get out of the way, push him off the stage. Whatever.

John: Yes.

Melissa: He has the power to. The prophecy specifically does not say that he will use this power. He just has it.

John: Mmmm.

Melissa: So, it could - having the power itself may stop him from having to actually kill, murder. He could vanquish.

Ben: So, what you're saying is that Harry is going to die.

Melissa: No!

John: No, Harry... He...

Melissa: Hell no! He's going to live.

John: Well, he could... He could...

Melissa: He's going to live and have babies with Ginny.

[Audience cheers]

John: Well, we all know he's going to get with Ginny. I mean that's not even open to discussion, is it?

Melissa: Is whether Harry is going to get with Ginny worth the discussion?

John: Yeah, is that even open to discussion anymore?

Audience: Nooo!

Melissa: It's a fun discussion.

John: Well, I know a few people up here happen to think after Ginny sacrifices herself for Harry, Harry could be looking in Hermione's direction again.

[Audience boos]

John: This kid over here. It's not my theory.

Emerson: I can't help it. The Harry/Hermione ship just really gets me down.

John: Yeah. Emerson is the newest Harry/Hermione shipper convert.

[Crowd cheers.]

Sue: What's that word?

Audience: Delusional!

Emerson: I'm sorry, guys. I'm sorry, guys. I really think John might be just a little - just a little bit, John - just a little bit delusional.

John: No, I'm not...

[Crowd screams.]

John: No one is delusional, either.

Where were we? Vanquishing Voldemort. Who thinks they have the most crazy, unique idea of how it's going to do that? Because we all know some of the easy ones.

[Audience shouts back responses]

Andrew: Without yelling.

John: Stan Shunpike is going to help? What do you think, Coach Pine?

Coach Pine: I think Harry is going to destroy the six Horcruxes...

John: Yeah...

Coach Pine: ...and then Peter Pettigrew is going to kill Voldemort.

John: Oh, okay! He's going to take - knock out the six. He's going to take the six Horci out and then he's going and then Peter Pettigrew...

[Audience screams.]

Andrew: Excuse me, what word did you use?

John: What's that?

Andrew: What word did you use?

Ben: Was that Horcri?

John: No, Peter Pettigrew, she said...

Andrew: Yeah, I know. What word did you use?

John: There's six of them.

Andrew: Six of what?

Sue: Six of what?

John: Of the Horcri, right?

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: Horcri?!

[Audience screams]

[Piano dings]

Sue: No...

John: No, no. No, no. Peter Pettigrew could help a lot, but I think maybe Dawlish has a better chance then Peter Pettigrew. I don't know.

[Audience cheers]

John: [sings] Dawlish! [hiccups]

Ben: For more info about the Horcri, please visit Horcri dot com, property of MuggleNet.

John: No, don't go to Horcri dot com.

Melissa: No, you really do not want to go to Horcri... You haven't handed it over, yet?

John: So, anyway...

Andrew: It's gotten so out of control that even Jo had to put you down, so I think you should stop.

Melissa: I know!

John: We had a long talk about it, Jo and I, and she decided she has to just clear it with everybody else, but she actually wishes she would have thought of it sooner. It's true! It's true.

[Audience laughs]

John: But, well, we talked about Snape very briefly. Snape sacrificing himself for the good cause. Do we all agree with that? I don't know, we have a lot "Snape's a bad guy"/"Snape's a good guy." How many for "Snape's a good guy?"

[Audience screams wildly]

[Piano pings cheerfully]

John: That's pretty respectable. How many for "he's just an evil, little thing that we need to kill as soon as possible?"

[Several people cheer]

[Piano booms darkly]

Melissa: Well, we're going to have a discussion on this shortly. Some more of your favorite Potter and MuggleCasters are going to come up and discuss this very topic shortly, so, keep your shirts on.

John: Absolutely. We got, who we got, our gang out here? We got Nick. Nick R. from The Leaky Lounge.

[Audience cheers]

Ben: And we have Laura Thompson from MuggleNet's MuggleCast.

[Audience cheers]

John: Laur-aaa!

Ben: We have the spieler-man, Eric Scull.

[Audience cheers]

John: Eric Scull! [claps]

We have Lady Doris, from the Leaky Staff, Leaky Lounge.

[Audience claps]

John: We have Susan from Scribbulus.

Melissa: From Scribbulus, otherwise known as Anguinea!

Ben: We have MuggleCast tech guru, who is backwards compatible with Windows 3.1. Kevin Steck!

John: Yes!

[Audience cheers]

John: And, of course, our very lively, pregnant, sunny elf.

[Audience cheers]

Melissa: Naomi, from the Leaky Lounge.

John: Naomi, who manages our lovely transcription elves. How many transcription elves do we have out here?

[Several people cheer]

John: There they are! The PotterCast elves!

Melissa: And wearing a S.P.E.W. button. Sensational PotterCast Elves Worshippers. S.P.E.W. That's our PotterCast elves! They transcribe everything so that deaf people can actually read the podcast. And they rule, so we wanted to give them a shout out.

Ben: How many MuggleNet/MuggleCast people do we have out here? Raise your hands.

John: Oh, it's very quiet. No, MuggleCast listeners.

Andrew: MuggleNet/MuggleCast people right here!

Melissa: Are we talking about Harry Potter here or are we just going to keep pointing out people in the audience? Come on.

John: I don't know. Well, where were we going to go here with this combo next? Obviously, this is a little different. The last time we all got up here and did this, we were the only ones to have seen the Goblet of Fire movie. Somehow, we were lucky enough to get in to see that and we could all talk about that. And we could all talked about that. And now we have all you smarty pants out here, who could probably talk circles around us. But, we're going to do...

Melissa: I would like to hear another person's theory about whether Harry will live or die. I really only want to hear it if you think Harry's going to live. So...

[Audience laughs]

Emerson: Melissa, Melissa? I have a theory. Harry dies because J.K. Rowling said so.

Melissa: Don't say that!

John: That's boring. That's boring! And we're taking that bookshop owner's word for it.

Sue: She did not!

Melissa: I saw a hand all the way back there and you have to...

Andrew: Come up to that mic right there.

Melissa: There is a mic over there.

Audience Member: I think that Harry is going to survive because - oh gosh, I'm going to put my English major head on right now.

[Audience cheers]

John: Here we go. See, we got the smart ones out here tonight.

Audience Member: Harry Potter is - and I'm not talking about lovey-dovey romance - it is a romantic series. And to have Harry die at the end would turn it into either a tragedy or an irony. And I don't think that that's in the cards. I don't think that's what J.K. Rowling's trying to do.

[Audience cheers]

Melissa: See, we just had this discussion.

John: Yes, wait a minute. I agree with that.

Melissa: If you've been paying attention to or listening to the official Harry Potter podcast that Emerson, and Cheryl, and I have been doing, we went to Chicago and then we also did one here in Las Vegas. We're doing L.A. tomorrow morning. And we just had this discussion about whether J.K. Rowling is writing a comedy or a tragedy.

John: Mhm.

Melissa: Or if she's writing either. So, how many people think comedy?

[Audience cheers]

John: Yeah.

Melissa: Tragedy?

[Audience cheering]

John: A tragedy?

Melissa: Neither?

[Biggest audience cheer]

John: Or is it a romance?

[Audience cheers]

Melissa: Well, there's - no, it's not a romance in the romance sense, in the bottle-scripting...

John: Yeah, I'm sure the next one will be quite the romance, though.

Melissa: But you're right because, in a tragedy, the main hero stands a much larger chance of dying. He doesn't have to die, but he has to have this tragic flaw and you realize if you're in a comedy you don't realize it's such a great parallel if you're in a tragedy. And I just don't think that that's where J.K. Rowling is - I don't think it falls into either one of these characters. She's just telling a story. It's just sort of life.

Andrew: Yeah.

John: Yeah. It's a little bit of everything. You got a little comedy, a little romance, a lot of adventure, a little bit of action. The last book didn't have a whole lot of action, or did it?

Melissa: What?

John: Maybe towards the end. Towards the end it had a little bit of fighting, maybe.

[Audience laughs]

Ben: Right, but what about - not just the possibility of Harry living - but Emerson also brought up the fact that Jo apparently said that Ron and Hermione are going to make it through, also. You guys think that that's likely?

[Audience cheers]

John: The whole Trio survives? All three of them?

Melissa: Say what?

John: I'd actually talked to someone recently - guys, help me remember who it was. Someone who said that they would love it - they think it would be very interesting if Ron turned against Harry.

[Audience boos]

Melissa: You know who said it? Okay, no.

[Someone makes sound into microphone]

[Audience cheers and John and Melissa laugh]

Melissa: It was actually Director M. Night Shyamalan who said it.

John: Yeah. M. Night, yeah.

Melissa: In the context of an interview, but he hasn't read past Book 4. But, what he was talking about that he really wants to see at the end of the series, a real power struggle - an internal power struggle. Like that would create for Harry.

John: What do you think's more likely to happen? Ron turning against Harry or Draco turning to help Harry?

Audience: DRACO.

Melissa: Draco.

John: I think they're both kind of unlikely but, what do I know? What do I know?

Andrew: I'd hate to steal this from Laura, but Laura stand up please. Everyone needs to see your beautiful face. There we go! Laura Thompson, everybody!

[Audience screams]

Andrew: In one of our past episodes you brought up a point that the books parallel each other they're symmetrical to each other. One-seven, two-six, three-five. What if Ron and Hermione made a sacrifice sacrificed themselves in Book Seven like they did in Book One? Because you provided several examples of how the books were symmetrical.

Jamie: The chess match, right?

Andrew: The chess match, right well, Ron specifically.

Melissa: Don't like it.

John: Yeah.

Andrew: Why not, Melissa Anelli?

Melissa: [emphasizes] Because I don't like it.

Ben: Okay, but...

[Audience screams]

Ben: But realistically, though, when you think about it, it is a war, and how are the two people who are closest to Harry going to manage to make it through all of that? That would not be realistic in any way. So, I don't see how it makes sense for them to survive.

Melissa: No, wait.

Audience Member: It's a book!

[Audience laughs]

John: It's true.

Melissa: No.

John: If Frodo can make it...

Melissa: How is it realistic? I'll tell you...

John: Harry and his gang...

Melissa: I'm sorry, what?

John: They just said if Frodo can do it, maybe...

Melissa: How is it realistic that they made it through Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4, Book 5, Book 6? They're pretty awesome together; I don't think that we're going to not believe that they're going to make it through anything at this point. They were 11 years old and they got through that - that thing at the end of thing, whatever thing, at the end of Book 1.

[Audience laughs]

Melissa: You know?

John: It was an obstacle course, for god's sakes.

Melissa: Look what they've done together.

John: It was Dumbledore's obstacle course for the Trio, Book 1. That's all that was.

Melissa: That was designed to keep out the darkest of that was designed to keep out Voldemort, and they got through it. I'm fine with them getting through anything.

Emerson: Mostly, mostly. I think they would have had a little more trouble with the troll, if they hadn't got a little help for that.

Melissa: What? They did it it's something they've done before.

Emerson: I know, but this troll was an entire foot taller.

[Audience laughs]

John: Mmm...

Melissa: Just don't - don't try to understand.

[Audience laughs]

Ben: I'm going to be extremely disappointed if one of them doesn't die, because I just think...

[Audience roars in disagreement]

[Piano plays deep music]

John: Really?

[Audience still roars]

Ben: [yells over the crowd] In order for the story to have some more literary merit, it'd make sense to have one of Harry's closest friends die, rather than having this...

John: Well, there's plenty of...

Ben: ...magical world where everybody lives.

Melissa: Not everybody's going to live; we're going to see...

John: There's plenty of close people to Harry that can still die. We've got Remus, for instance. Remus is going to survive this one? I don't know.

[Audience yells, piano plays, and audience laughs]

John: And of course all the other Weasleys, Fred and George, and poor Bill, Charlie. A lot of people think Percy. Is Percy sacrificing himself, though or is he just going to get knocked off because he kind of stinks at dueling?

Andrew: I want to second what Ben said, because JK Rowling wants us and, see I learned it's not [rhymes with how] Rowling, it's Rowling, and I learned that very well.

John: [sighs in relief] Oh!

[Audience cheers]

Melissa: Yeah, Andrew. Rowling like bowling. Say it.

Andrew: [enunciates] Rowling like bowling. But anyway...

John: Rowling like bowling.

Andrew: ...I want to second what Ben's saying, because JK Rowling wants us to feel emotion in these books; Dumbledore's death, Sirius' death. We all hated Umbridge. Who here hated Umbridge?

[Audience screams in agreement]

Andrew: When you read...

John: I thought she was really cute.

Ben: She was an excellent character, I think.

Andrew: She was a lovely character.

Melissa: [laughs] That's like saying, "Who here likes Harry Potter?"

Andrew: You absolutely hated this character. I would sit on my couch and punch the couch, and I had a hole in it by the time I was done reading Book 5. What an ending it would be for one of the trio to die, because you would cry. Right, John? You would cry. Admit it.

John: I would cry if Umbridge died?

Andrew: No, no, no. One of the Trio. Because you want to feel emotion in this story.

John: Of course I'd cry.

Andrew: That's what JK Rowling-like-bowling wants us to do.

John: [undecided] Yeah, but yeah. Hmmm.

Melissa: She doesn't want us to cry. She wants us to...

Andrew: Not cry she wants us to feel emotion.

Melissa: We're going to feel emotion. We're going to feel huge emotion when Harry lives, and everybody lives, and everybody's happy again.

John: Oooh.

[Audience member yells something]

Andrew: [asks the audience member] Harry gives up his what?

Melissa: What?

Ben: But the good guys...

John: He sacrifices his magic...

Melissa: Wait, wait...

Emerson: But, come on, if you read Book 7 and Harry lost his magic at the end of it, would you just be like, [makes a skeptical noise] "Come on, Jo, where's the real book?"

Ben: Well, actually... Well, actually...

John: True.

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