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Back To NYC Podcast Transcript

Barnes and Noble

Union Square

New York, New York (US)

August 2, 2006

Thanks to TLC and the MuggleNet transcribers for all their help!

Micah: Welcome back for our second podcast here at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square. And we're going to get things started. So, who's ready? (audience cheers) All right. Please welcome, from PotterCast, Melissa Anelli (audience cheers) and, from MuggleCast, Andrew Sims! (audience cheers)

Female Audience Member: I love you, Andrew!

Andrew: Thank you! Hello everybody! Hello everyone!

Melissa: Hi, guys! Hello! (audience cheers)

Andrew: Correct me if I'm wrong, but J.K. Rowling is in the city tonight, I believe that's what we're hearing. And, cue applause, yeah! (audience applauds)

Melissa: Well, we have to introduce a few people and we want to get them straight out here because we have a full show, so why don't you get us off.

Andrew: First off, who else but the bold and beautiful, straight from Kansas, Benjamin Schoen! (audience cheers)

Female Audience Members: I love Ben! We love you, Ben! Yeah, Ben! (audience cheers)

Melissa: Next, we have our squeeing sweetheart, the Hufflepuff with definitely the most stuff, Sue Upton! (audience cheers)

Andrew: Next up, come on, Sue. One more round of applause for Sue! She's done so much this week! (audience cheers) Next up, the founder of and now self-appointed master of Nano technology, because after all, he's been reading his Nanotechnology for Dummies and he's so, so proud, Emerson Spartz! (audience cheers wildly)

Melissa: Now, what do we call this guy but everyone's favorite "Burrito Boy," (audience cheers) "Dawlish," and "Mr. Horcri," got smacked down Jo, himself, John Noe!

Sue: Yay! (audience cheers)

Sue: John, John...

Andrew: And last, but certainly not least, because this guy needs a very, very, very special introduction. He came over from the UK about two weeks ago and Ben and I (audience cheers) have spent - Ben and I have spent so much time with him

(Melissa laughs)

Sue: People!

Andrew: He has turned more American than anyone in this room, Jamie Lawrence. (audience cheers)

Melissa: All right. Well, oh, my goodness, have we had a good couple of weeks. Huh, guys?

John: Oh, yeah.

Sue: Just a bit.

Melissa: I've been with these guys for two weeks. (audience laughs) Two weeks with these boys.

Andrew: One girl.

Melissa: Well, Sue wasn't really around all that much.

Andrew: Right. At the Aladdin.

Melissa: We spent four days at the Aladdin to have a "vacation," during which I learned too much about the shapes in which boys can make mashed potatoes. (audience laughs) I don't know if you guys... I never, ever am going to a meal with them again. Then, we went over to the JW Marriott in Las Vegas for Lumos 2006. (audience cheers) Who else was there? Where we hung out with, what, like, 600 of you for the weekend? To hang out, see panels, play Water Quidditch, which we'll get to in a minute.

Ben: We won.

(Melissa laughs)

(Audience cheers)

Melissa: And do our live Leaky Mug from Las Vegas about three days ago.

Andrew: So, a select few of those Lumos people are actually here today. They came...

Melissa: Yeah, who are you?

Andrew: Stand up if you're here. Stand up. These people were in Las Vegas just the other day and now they're here in New York City. (audience cheers)

Melissa: Las Vegas and New York. So, are they, like, Leaky Mug superfans? So, we call them Leaky Mug extra now? What do we give them? What title do we give them?

Andrew: They're dedicated.

Melissa: Okay. You think of it. You...

Andrew: They're spending a lot of money. (audience laughs)

Melissa: You send us an e-mail. But, anyway, we've had a really great time. Some of you also might know that Emerson and I have been doing additional podcast duties with Miss Cheryl Klein of Scholastic, who is here somewhere.

Andrew: Please stand up Cheryl.

Melissa: Hot Cheryl.

Andrew: There she is.

Melissa: There's Cheryl.

(John and audience cheer)

Melissa: So, in addition to doing our Leaky Mug three days ago in Las Vegas, Cheryl, Emerson and I did one a week ago in Naperville, Illinois, and I know there is some of you here who were there. And we did one in Las Vegas last Tuesday, which is a week ago today. And then we did one in Los Angelos; what, yesterday? I've lost track of time at this point. So, we've just been talking and talking and talking for weeks. We've got plenty of stories for you. The one I think we should start with are our boys and their victory at the Water Quidditch.

John: Water Quidditch.

(Audience cheers)

John: Awesome.

Ben: Captain, John Noe was our Quidditch Captain; he organized all of it for us.

John: I was. It was the big Leaky and a few MuggleCasters Quidditch team.

Emerson: And by that he means that (Melissa laughs) there was all MuggleCasters plus...

John: Plus me and...

Emerson: or two of Leaky's...

John: Me and Heather, of course, from Leaky. Oh, it was awesome! We had talked about doing this for, like, I don't know, since I heard about Lumos, and since I went on their web page, and saw that they had something called "Water Quidditch." I'm, like, "That sounds awesome!" So, I e-mailed their coach and they were, like, "Sorry. The teams are full." And so we were a little upset, but she got back to us later and said, "Hey. If you all want to play, if you put together a whole team on your own. You guys can play the champions of the Quidditch, the Water Quidditch World cup." So, we did that. And (chuckles) we arrived as the last game was finishing and they showed us some of the rules and just kind of laughed, thinking that we were going get trounced. And, I don't know, the first two, ten minutes we got trounced. (Melissa laughs) We have a picture of the winners here? (someone says something in the back) We ended up coming back there. (audience cheers) We took care of those guys.

Melissa: I missed the whole thing.

Sue: Yeah.

John: Yes.

Melissa: Because my... Kevin tried to call me, but we were having, actually, a study session for something we'll talk about in a minute. So, I missed the whole Water Quidditch. And I got down there and all I see are them lined up in the pool and there's, like, photographs and pictures people were taking. (John laugh) And I'm, like, "What the heck is going on down there?" But our boys won.

Ben: It was practice.

Melissa: And I got a nice wet hug from one, Mister Wet; Eric Scull. (audience member laughs)

Ben: It was practically the paparazzi.

John: Oh, Wet Eric. Uh oh. (audience cheers) Watch out for that! (audience member laughs)

John: Yeah. (laughs)

Melissa: Yeah. It was nice, Eric. Thank you. Good work.

John: Good work.

Jamie: When John says we thought we were going get trounced, he isn't joking at all. We spent about three hours in our room beforehand, sitting down, biting our nails, thinking, "We're just going to make fools out of ourselves." And, by some twist of fate, we pulled through. (audience laughs) So, actually, he pulled through. This boy caught the Snitch. (audience cheers)

Ben: Wooo!

Andrew: And, John, it was a shame, too, bBecause so many people booed us afterwards. They were kind...

John: It was awful!

Andrew: They were kind... Who was the team we won against to...

John: The...

Andrew: ...who won the actual finals?

John: The Chompers or something?

Audience: The Threshers!

John: The whos?

Audience: The Threshers!

John: But they kept doing "chomp!" What does that mean?

Audience: The Threshers!

Melissa: They were, like...

John: Oh, the Threshers, then.

Melissa: How would you guys feel? They played Water Quidditch all day long, fought their way to the top...

John: Yeah, see if we did that...

Melissa: to the end. All these guys walk in all (Andrew laughs) nice and dry...

John: Yeah, the...

Melissa: their MuggleNet t-shirts...

John: I was...

Melissa: ...and they win.

John: ...certainly not wearing...

Melissa: You were certainly not...

John: ...a MuggleNet t-shirt. I just want to clarify. (Melissa and audience laugh)

Melissa: Well, that was fun, but as I mentioned, I was elsewhere during that, studying. I spent half this vacation studying my tuchus off.

John: Now why would you do that?

Andrew: For school? Are you still in school? I don't know what you're talking about.

Melissa: Well, this little thing happened in the Las Vegas podcast (whispers). We had a little trivia contest

John: Yes.

(audience cheers)

Melissa: Between Leaky and MuggleNet. And I just want to ask, oh,

Emerson: who won?

Ben: You mean who cheated?

Emerson: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jamie: (agreeing) Yeah, they did.

John: I think it's quite obvious who won because had these people won themselves, it would have been, like, front-page MuggleNet news for, like, a week. (audience laughs) And, somehow, I don't know.

Melissa: I don't know, was there a post, like, yesterday about the Lumos activities that you finally made on MuggleNet? Like, yesterday?

John: Perhaps.

Sue: Yeah.

(Melissa laughs evilly)

Emerson: We wouldn't have put...

Ben: We didn't want to draw attention to the fact that you guys cheated, and embarrass you on the front page of MuggleNet is what it really was.

Audience: Awww!

Melissa: Poor. Poor. Of course, that's what we are going to hear from them because they are not adult enough to take the responsibility. (audience laughs)

Emerson: We didn't know... What happened was they threw in these random questions, for legal purposes, like about rocks and Cinderella. You know, look at us! Do we watch Cinderella?

John: No, no, no.

Melissa and Sue: C'mon!

Emerson: Leaky's been in bed with The Harry Potter Lexicon since, oh, it's been years now. So...

John: The what now?

Emerson: We got nothing more to say on that.

Melissa: Hey, listen, I don't want to hear it about Cinderella. You guys are much closer to the age where you read Cinderella, so you should have no excuses. (audience boos and cheers)

John: Yes!

Andrew: No!

Emerson: Hey, Melissa? I disagree. Cinderella was way before our time. (audience claps)

John: Oh, didn't hear you. Sorry, Emerson, missed that.

Ben: Well, when you're that old you have nothing to do but sit around, read (i)Harry Potter(/i) all day anyways.

John: Oh.

Sue: Ben!

John: Ben, boo!

Melissa: Boo!

John: Boo! (audience laughs)

Audience Member: Cheap shot!

Melissa: Cheap shot, I agree.

Audience Member: Ben, you're the best!

Ben: Thank you, Kyle.

John: (laughs) He knows his name because it's his one fan. (audience cheers, "awwws" and laughs)

Ben: Okay.

(Sue laughs hard)

Ben: Okay, okay. I will not respond in kind.

Melissa: Hey, how about at the end of this, this is just an idea, but how about at the end of this we have one person come up with the hardest (i)Harry Potter(/i) trivia question they can possibly...

John: Oh, yeah.

Ben: We settle this once and for all.

Melissa: ...and we settle it once and for all.

Jamie: Double or nothing.

Melissa: I think you guys are sunk.

John: Why are we even rematching them?

Jamie: They're wrong.

Ben: We're the mighty MuggleNet, we don't lose.

Melissa: No, you know what; forget it, I don't want a rematch!

John: They have to challenge, not us.

Melissa: We won fair and square, forget about this rematch.

Audience Member: You're scared!

John: We are quite scared, yes. (audience laughs).

Melissa: We won.

John: Terrified.

Ben: Because they know when it's a fairer playing field that they don't stand a chance.

John: Yes.

Andrew: Steve's not here, is he?

Melissa: Is Steve here, Steve Vander Ark?

Andrew: HP Lexicon?

Melissa: No, he didn't come. (audience "awwws")

Andrew: He's very busy working on The Lexicon, we'll give him a break.

Ben: Well, as we're doing this, do you think we should point out some of our staff now or...

Andrew: Oh, might as well. Might as well.

Ben: Oh, my god. It's Jeff Guillaume from HPANA.

(Audience cheers)

Melissa: Ohhh!

John: It's an acronym. It's an acronym!

Melissa: It's an acronym. Oh, my god, deja vu!

Andrew: It's a fantastic news aggregating site. Also, we have over here Zack over here from the Harry Potter Fan Zone.

(Audience cheers)

John: Ohhh!

Melissa: All the way from Australia, right? Are you from Australia? Is he from Australia?

Andrew: We also have Laura Thompson from MuggleNet and MuggleCast.

(Audience cheers)


John: Ohhh! Laura Tannenbaum.

Andrew: We have Brendan Kenney right there taking some photos, he's also a member of

(Audience cheers)

John: Wooo!

Audience Member: Yeah, Brendan!

Andrew: Then we also have K'lyssa Selmon, also of

(Audience cheers)

Andrew: Uh-oh.

Ben: Hey.

Andrew: Katie, I don't know your last name of (laughing) Sarah. What?

Ben: I want to do Kevin.

Andrew: Oh, Sarah and then we have a couple of other stragglers around there.

Ben: Back there we have Kevin Steck. He'll be signing your mother boards and your routers following this event. (audience cheers)

John: (impersonating Kevin) I'm Kevin Steck!

Melissa: We have to tell you about Kevin Steck...

Emerson: And MuggleNet graphics extraordinaire, my little brother, Dylan Spartz, right there. (audience cheers)

Ben: And finally..

Melissa: Do you think we should tell everybody how Kevin Steck saved our holiday?

John: I don't know if that would be a good idea.

Andrew: The cops are coming, can it wait. Can we come back to this?

John: A phone call from the hotel?

Melissa: Let's just put it this way. Kevin Steck's magical abilities made sure that while we were on holiday, six out of the seven people in the room could be talking to each other on IM at the same time.

John: Because we're awesome like that.

Melissa: Get me a glass of water because we're cool.

John: Yes.

Melissa: Anyway, let's go over to our Leaky people. We have Doris Herrmann our Leaky Lounge Moderator.

John: Oh, Lady D! (audience cheers)

Melissa: You've heard on Modcast. We have Nick Rhein somewhere. There he is, Nick Rhein, very, very tall, runs our forum. (audience cheers) Josee LeBlanc, who can make anything with twigs and jam. (laughs and audience cheers) She's our crafts master. We have Melissa over here, who is with our Scribbulus, our essay. (audience cheers)

Sue: Julie.

Melissa: We have Julie, our editor. Julie, is over there somewhere.

John: Oh, Julie!

Melissa: Julie Tynion. (audience cheers) Kristen Brown I think is still here. Is she?

Sue: Where is she?

Melissa: Is she not here? Kristen Brown, our editor, was here but I think she had to leave.

John: Awww.

Melissa: And then Sarah from our Chamber of Chat is around somewhere. (audience cheers)

John: Nice, Chamber of Chat.

Melissa: Switchboard Tim. Let me tell you about Switchboard Tim. Tim works on the Lounge. There he is. He...

John: Switch, switch. (audience cheers)

Melissa: This guy, he runs everything. He runs our lives.

Sue: Yes.

Melissa: Without Switchboard Tim this just, this just would not occur. And I think, I mean, I'm sure there are more Leaky people here. Guru!

Andrew: Also...

Melissa: Where's GuruofSloth? Oh, Alex. There's Super Alex right there; Alex Robbins who codes every last thing on Leaky, and GuruofSloth, where are you? (audience cheers)

Sue: He's right over there.

Andrew: He's over there.

Melissa: There he is.

John: Guru-ru-ru!

Melissa: Mister I yearn, yearn, yearn for PotterCast. Guru of Sloth! (audience cheers)

John: Wooo!

Melissa: On our Modcast.

John: Wait, is...

Andrew: I also forgot Emily Ogle who edits all of our news. When I make a mistake she's always there to fix it.

John: Awww.

Andrew: So, of course, thank you. Round of applause for her. (audience applauds)

Emerson: Also...

Melissa: If you ever have done anything for or commented on one of our websites, hi! Have a good time.

Emerson: Also, one more shout out for Catherine, who makes my live much easier. Thanks a lot, Catherine.

(Everybody "awwws")

Andrew: Micah, don't forget Micah Tannenbaum, (mumbles something) as he introduced us. (audience cheers)

John: Yay! Wait, is Hot Cheryl still here? Is Hot Cheryl still here? Oh, there she is! Hot Cheryl! (audience cheers)

Ben: We already did that.

(Melissa laughs)

John: I know, but it's just fun.

Ben: Speaking of hot, here in the front row we have Andrew's sister, Becca Sims. (laughs)

John: Ohhh!

Melissa: No, no, no wait. We have to wait. Do you guys... Who was here for the last New York live podcast? (a few people cheer)

Andrew: Cool.

Melissa: I don't know if you remember, but we has some special phone calls. My mother sort of went around...

Ben: She's so great.

Melissa: ...and got Matt Lewis on the phone and Cedric Diggory and Emma Watson, but we couldn't hear her because Andrew was going, "Yeah! Yeah!" (audience laughs and cheers)

John: Yes.

Melissa: The woman who made that happen is sitting right here, Mrs. Carol Anelli!

John: Oh, the Mama! (audience cheers)

Melissa: The whole family is here, but my mom, since you all know my mom. But anyway, anway the point of all this is that I don't think there has ever been a time where we've seen so many of you at once, and it's awesome. We've had so much fun hanging out with you. We went to the Harry and the Potters concert and the Draco and the Malfoys concert.

John: Yeah! (audience cheers)

Melissa: Those guys...

John: That was fun.

Sue: Yes.

Melissa: Yeah. And Alex from The Remus Lupins opened for us in Las Vegas and there is just nothing better when you guys come together like this. So, the past couple of weeks have just blown all of our minds. Right, Jamie?

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Talk about your experiences in Vegas.

Jamie: Okay. I'm from a country where we don't get much at all, okay? (audience laughs) We only got T.V.'s in the last two years. (audience laughs)

John: Awww.

Jamie: Electricity... What's that again? Sorry.

Andrew: iPods?

Jamie: Sorry...I?

Andrew: iPods!

Jamie: Oh, okay. I've had the best time of my life. It's been amazing with all these fabulous people and Vegas... I'm going back to watch Ocean's Eleven again, so I can see everything that I've seen in real life. (audience laughs) So, I've had the time of my life, absolutely brilliant. It's great to meet you all, as well. (audience cheers)

John: Wooo!

Melissa: Jamie has a new favorite song as well.

Jamie: Oh, yeah.

Andrew: Sing it!

Jamie: No, I'm not singing it, but....

Andrew: We'll sing along. (audience eggs Jamie on)

Jamie: No, no. Okay, okay. We were sitting by the pool, between work breaks, you know? We have a couple of work breaks every now and again, and every time we touched by (audience yells) this guy that came on the radio. And I hadn't heard this before, because like iPods, we've only gotten music in the past two years, as well! (audience laughs) I heard this, and I don't know who sang it, so I asked I think Andrew, and he told me. I downloaded it and every so often now, I put my headphones in and turn it up full volume and scream and jump about to this song. And...

Melissa: At three in the morning...

Jamie: At three in the morning...

Melissa: my apartment building.

John: On the bed.

Melissa: On the bed.

Jamie: On the bed, yeah. And I think there have been about four broken beds, so far, because of that.

John: That's nice.

Jamie: And also, the fountains at the Bellagio, on the strip, they do it to music. And the first night we saw it, we've seen it about three times, now, "I'm Proud to be an American" came on. (John laughs and audience cheers)

Audience Member: It's nice to have you!

Jamie: Sorry?

Audience Member: It's nice to have you!

Melissa: Awww!

Jamie: Thank you very much!

John: Awww!

Jamie: So, I'm abandoning my British roots and (audience laughs) all I can say is God bless the USA. (audience applauds and cheers)

Melissa: Well, as much fun as we had in Vegas and Illinois and Los Angeles, we're back in New York and no sooner did we touch down in New York... Do you guys remember the last podcast when Sue came in with an amazing story. She'd met the person she was so anxious to meet, Jason Isaacs? (audience cheers) Yeah! No sooner had my plane landed, that I got a message from Sue on my voicemail that was all screams. I still have to listen to it. So, I'm just going to let her tell you what that's about.

Sue: Okay. Well, first I had this incredibly horrible flight. And it took me two days to get here, after being in an airport and they lost my luggage. (audience "awwws") So, sadly to say, they lose my luggage and I have nothing to wear. So, I'm at Bloomingdale's, buying unmentionables and I get this phone call that's saying (audience giggles) that... I know! Sorry! (giggles) Sorry! See? We're going to start laughing, we're in trouble. So, I can't look at you! Okay! (audience laughs) So, I get this phone call that Jo is at the show, the Daily Show. She went as his guest. And so, literally, I'm with Julie - there she is. Lovely Julie. And we literally run at least 11 blocks. And I have these really poorly fitting shoes, and they're like flying off and I'm literally running down the streets of New York in my bare feet because I'm, like, NOT GOING TO MISS JO! So, we get there and of course naturally, because we had tried to get tickets, and we didn't get in, everybody comes out and I'm like, "Is Jo there? Is Jo there?" "No! Will Ferrell was there! Who? Jo?" They're all looking at me, like, (whistles "cukoo"), you know? (audience laughs) And, so I'm like, "Okay." About this time, we're getting our breath and just something in me said, "You know what? She's here. I just know it." And everybody left. The street was absolutely deserted. It was long gone. I go around the corner and there's Jo with her husband. (audience cheers) I thought I was going to have a heart attack! But then you go into, because I work in news, it's just like, "Jo! It's Sue from Leaky!" and I thought she might be like terrified, you know? (audience laughs) But she was really cool, she was like, "Hi!" and Julie is like, "Hi" and we introduce and I shook Dr. Murray's hand and... I just, you know, you go into the - do you blather at her? Do you just say "..." (audience laughs) I mean, what do you do? You know? But...

Audience Member: Congrats Sue!

Sue: What?

Audience Member: Congrats for meeting her!

Sue: Oh thank you! I was so just, like, out of my mind! There she is, she's real, she's so small and she's so pretty and she's so cool! (audience laughs) So, I was talking to her, and we talked about getting tickets and that we couldn't get tickets to The Daily Show and how we love Jon and just... We were talking like normal people. It was just incredible. I had the presence of mind to give her the Leaky stickers and the PotterCast and we talked about this. And then I got to hug her! (audience cheers and Melissa laughs) I was so excited! And I told her, this is a direct quote, I go "Jo, you rock my socks." (audience cheers) And she laughed, she cracked up and then I said the word Hufflepuff and she shook her head: "Sue". So, she knows! It was great! But then they got into a cab and Julie was so composed and nice the whole time and here I am just "JO!" But it was great and she was wonderful and she got into a cab with her husband and...

Melissa: Only you Sue. Only you would step down in New York and find Jo on the street.

Sue: Find Jo! It's like my homing beacon was like "I have to find Jo!" A little magic again.

Melissa: So, the next New York live podcast, who's left? Who will you meet next?

John: "Ralph".

Sue: (pronounced correctly as "Rafe") Ralph.

Melissa: Ralph. Ray, Ralph and (pronounced correctly as "Rafe") Ralph all at once.

Sue: That will be my next mission.

John: The triplets will show up.

Sue: So, it's a great, just saying... Jo is just... She has great perfume on. She's beautiful. (Melissa and audience laugh) And, let me tell you, her husband has the coolest Scottish accent. He's, like, Harry grown up. (audience laughs) He had these cool glasses on, I'm like "Wow!" It was great!

Melissa: Well, speaking of Jo, we all saw her last night. So, we had a great time.

Andrew: It was awesome!

Melissa: Harry, Carrie and Garp. Who went all ready? (some of the audience cheers) Going tonight? (more of the audience cheers) Well, you're not going to be disappointed; you're going to have a great time. Specifically, for Stephen King and John Irving. We all know Jo, we all love Jo, it's very exciting when she gives us new info. But, Stephen King and John Irving just - you're going to love them.

(Audience cheers)

Melissa: So, Ben. Why don't you tell us what last night was like for you?

Sue: Yeah!

Ben: Well... (audience chuckles) The night before, for some reason, Jamie and I decided it would be fun to stay up all night. (audience laughs) So, we were both just a little bit tired when we got to the reading.

Jamie: Slighty.

Ben: And the first two acts were very, very good.

Jamie: They were good, they were good.

Ben: John Irving does some really good voices. Stephen King, he's a great storyteller, but when we finally got to Jo, we were both - everyone was clinging onto her every word. The chapter that she read from was "The Secret Riddle"? Was that right?

Melissa: Yeah, right. Chapter 13.

Ben: "The Secret Riddle", and you know, it's when Dumbledore goes back into the Pensieve with Harry and they look at what Tom Riddle was like as a youth. And that was really interesting. And then they came out and some people started asking her questions, and some of the questions that were asked sort of frustrated me, because as fans, we think "If we had one question to ask Jo, we're not going to screw it up." And then Some of them, I forget what was asked, but it just didn't tickle my fancy, so to speak. (audience giggles)

Melissa: Was it the one about writing and when to know when to stop? That one?

Ben: Yeah, the...

John: Well, no, look at it this way though. They said that they had probably thousands of questions to choose from, and I'm sure of those thousands, probably the hard question that we would have wanted to ask Jo was asked. And this is just the ones that they picked.

Sue: Right.

John: They're not going to answer too juicy of a question, because they want you to wait and not spoil the book.

Melissa: Well, I went to, for my newspaper, not for Leaky, I went to the press conference in the morning, and I wasn't called on. I had the people from Scholastic were pointing at me in the back, like "Call on her! Call on her!", but she didn't call on me, and my question of course was going to be "Are you going to release the title of Book Seven?" But, they didn't call on me. I don't know.

(Awkward pause)

John: Well...

Ben: That was fun. (audience chuckles)

John: That was sad.

Andrew: Hold on, real quick. I took a picture of Jamie when he was doing his little dance to "Every Time We Touch," and (everyone laughs) It's ah... It... Well, here. (John laughs; audience laughs and cheers)

Emerson: We have both video and audio.

John: Yeah.

Emerson: Multiple videos.

Melissa: There's also a great video on YouTube of Andrew at rest.

Jamie: Yeah!

John: Yes.

(Some members of the audience cheer; Melissa laughs)

John: As the mighty Andrew...

Andrew: Okay, for anyone that doesn't know, I...

Emerson: I'll reenact it.

Andrew: It was the first night in Vegas. It was in the Aladdin, and we were sitting there, and I sort of fell asleep propped up against the bed weird. So, (Ben reenacts Andrew snoring) for some reason my (audience laughs) neck went wrong or something and then John of course said... Oh, no, don't you dare pull it out. No, (Andrew and Melissa laugh) don't you dare pull it out.

Melissa: After you showed that picture all bets are off.

Andrew: And so, it got on YouTube, via my good friend, Kelazma and then (audience member shouts) I'm actually very proud of it now because it won an honor. It was one of the most discussed (Ben laughs) videos on You Tube. (audience laughs) So, I'm actually pretty happy about it now. I'm going to stick it on my resume then, maybe (audience laughs) we'll see what happens. (audience laughs)

Melissa: It totally back fired. It was supposed to embarrass him and it made him, like, the snoring hero (audience laughs) of the Harry Potter world. I mean, I don't know.

Andrew: I'm very proud of that. And my throat throat hurts like crazy... No. (laughs; AS snoring video plays; audience laughs).

Melissa: Does it sound to... (AS snoring video plays) Does it sound to anyone else?

John: It sounds like loose cattle in the room.

Melissa: Right. (Andrew and audience laugh) Does it sound like that cow that sometimes opens when you're dieting when you put it on the refrigerator (audience laughs) and you open it up, you know? You know what I'm talking about? Or that little thing, you know, anyway.

Andrew: It's just a silly discussion.

John: Oh, Andrew!

Andrew: Let's move on.

John: It's the cutest snoring I've ever seen. (audience laughs)

Andrew: Thank you, John.

Sue: Oh, my goodness.

Melissa: Well, who else wants to share about last night?

Sue: Yeah. Come on you guys, there. Who was there?

Melissa: We all were.

Sue: Us?

Melissa: All of us.

John: Oh, I forget.

Melissa: Oh, you mean, no.

John: No, no, no.

Sue: No?

Melissa: Later.

Sue: Okay.

Melissa: We'll get, we'll get to that.

John: No.

Sue: I just thought it was great because... Let's talk about those shoes.

Melissa: Oh, my god, her shoes (audience cheers)!

John: Oh, yes.

Melissa: Does any?

John: Please.

Melissa: And I was sitting next to Emerson, which was a waste, because when her shoes came out on the, not even her, when her shoes came out on that stage I went like this. (laughs) And I like just want - they were these gold, I don't know.

Audience Member: Silver!

Melissa: If you've seen pictures yet.

Audience: Silver!

Melissa: Were they silver? They looked gold from my bad eyes, but, anyway they had straps and like a thick gold snake just like wrapping up to her ankle. And I'm sure they cost more than my college education (audience laughs), but I'm sure there are being knock-offs made right now but the first time somebody finds it (whispers) please e-mail me. Anyway, I was sitting with Emerson and I can't even talk to him about it because all he's going to do was make fun of me. (audience laughs) So, I just, I just stayed quiet.

John: Are you kidding? Emerson talked to me about those shoes for like two hours last night (audience laughs). He would not shut up. I'm like, "Emerson, I know. They're kinda cool shoes," (audience laughs) but, he kept on wanting to know where to get some. I told him to check Ebay (audience laughs) after the show (pause, then audience laughs).

Melissa: Are you turning red, Emerson? (audience laughs)

Emerson: It's from Ben.

Melissa: You are.

Ben: Hmmm. Well, let's put it this way.

Emerson: Ben wasn't looking at her shoes. (Emerson and Ben laugh; audience roars)

John: Ohhh! (audience roars and claps)

Andrew: You're right she was wearing a very fine dress. (audience claps)

Audience Member: TMI!

John: I'm telling Neil. You're busted.

Ben: Yeah. (everyone laughs)

Jamie: Yeah, when she came on stage Ben made a noise similar to Andrew's snoring video. (John and audience laughs)

Melissa: (laughing) Is that even possible (audience laughs)?

Andrew: Is it, Melissa?

Melissa: I'm sure I know. Don't say it! I know it! I know it!

Andrew: You snore every night. Every night.

Melissa: I know and they do have video, so I am just going to shut up. (laughs)

John: (imitating Andrew) "Yeah!" Oh, my gosh.

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