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Barnes and Noble

Union Square

New York, New York (US)

August 2, 2006

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Melissa: Anyway, she got asked some interesting questions, but no wait; first of all, some awesome, awesome people introduced her.

Sue: Oh, yes!

Melissa: Oh-ho!

John: Yes.

(Audience cheers)

Melissa: Mr. Jon Stewart walks onto the stage and Emerson and I just shoot from our seats and start clapping. It was awesome and he came out immediately and said, "Rowl-ing."

John: Rowl-ing.

Melissa: To which I heard a lone "Rowling like Bowling" flying through the crowd of people. (laughs)

(Audience cheers)

John: Yeah!

Melissa: And then he proceeded to heckle you. He did. He said, "Jo said backstage that I could call her Rowl-ing and her fans would heckle me and say it was Rowling and they were wrong." (laughs) So anyway, he's awesome and to see that kind of support between the two of them is pretty cool.

Andrew: He was funny, too. Just admitting he's a Potter fan himself and he said he should be sitting out there with all of us. It was just...

Sue: I think he meant that though.

Andrew: Oh, no! I know he meant that. Yeah. Yeah. Meant

John: Yeah. Who else did the other introductions? I forget.

Andrew: I can't remember.

Melissa: Whoopi Goldberg.

Sue: Kathy Bates.

John: The Water Boy.

Melissa: Kathy Bates was great.

John: Kathy Bates. Warwick Davis was there.

Melissa: (laughs) No.

(Everyone laughs)

Ben: (imitating Warwick Davis) Warwick Davis.

(Melissa and Andrew laugh)

Ben: Who was the Water Boy's mother? What was her name?

Andrew: Kathy Bates.

Sue: Kathy Bates.

(Ben laughs)

John: Bobby Boucher. (imitates character from Water Boy) "You ain't playing no fooze ball."

Sue: It was great.

Ben: Who did she introduce? She introduced Stephen King.

John: Yeah for 25 minutes.

Sue: It was wonderful because you know she was...

Ben: I just have to say. I come from a town with 1200 people.

Jamie: More than me.

John: Here we go again.

Ben: And I just think, it was just amazing for me to sit in that theater where there have been Harry Potter premieres there before and just tons of things. It's just legendary. And for me to see Jon Stewart and these three authors I was just, it brought a tear to my eye. (pretends to cry and sniffle)

Melissa: Awwwwww.

John: Awwwwwww. Its tough being Ben Schoen.

Ben: It is tough being Ben Schoen.

Melissa: Ben, do you know that there were five of your town in that space? Five. Your town five times. There were 6,000 people.

Ben: Yeah. That's five people.

Melissa: Five of Ben's town fit inside Radio City Music Hall.

John: I thought they all came for a second. (laughs) That they all showed up.

Melissa: Five other people, if they all snuck in there.

Sue: That was really impressive because Whoopi was hilarious.

John: Oh, Whoopi.

Sue: And she blew through some of that copy of Scholastic's. Nothing against that Cheryl, but they got to work on that copy. Whoopi, she was just like...

Melissa: She was sort of making fun of the jokes, but she just sort of kept going. She was finding jokes she didn't like.

John: Hot Cheryl did not write the jokes. If Hot Cheryl wrote the jokes we'd still be laughing today at the jokes.

Sue: Yeah. The set is really cool. They have each of the authors in their own little setting, so they all kind of feel like... Stephen King's had a little wheelbarrow.

John: Yeah.

Sue: But Jo's was really cool.

John: She had the king chair practically.

Sue: The chair was like kind of - I don't know. I was hoping for more "Hogwart"-y.

John: She just looked outright royal.

Melissa: She did.

Sue: It looked more like a castle.

Melissa: Yeah.

John: (talking at the same time as Sue) It was just very regal.

Sue: (talking at the same time as John) It was this big red and gold... Very freckled!

Melissa: Yeah.

Jamie: I actually missed the intro to John Irving, because as Ben said, we actually stayed up all night (audience laughs), and it was warm in there, and dark (audience laughs again) and comfortable. And, so yeah. And then I... But it was still good. I felt compelled to say that.

Melissa: I'll have you know, I kept telling them to go to sleep. I went to sleep with all their running around and jumping. They didn't listen to me.

Jamie: It's the excitement. We can't.

Andrew: It's gotten to the point, now, where we just call Melissa "Mom" every time we want something.

Melissa: Yeah.

Andrew: Because we stayed over... I'm sorry, you probably feel like, "This is weird," Melissa's parents. (laughter from audience and John)

(Melissa's parents say something from the audience)

Andrew: Okay! (laughs)

Melissa: (laughs) Yeah, we'd be in Vegas, and all the sudden I'd hear, because we had a large hotel room, and I'd hear from the other end of the suite, (whining) "Moooooooom!" (audience laughs) "Mooooooooom!" And I'm like, "Whaaaat?" (audience laughs) But we had fun. It wasn't all "mom."

Ben: But what about the questions at the reading? There was one that I particularly liked that was, "What was Hermione's, what would Hermione see in the Mirror of Erised?" (audience applauds and cheers)

John: Yes.

Melissa: I can't believe that's never been asked before.

Ben: Yeah, because Jo said that she'd actually never been asked that question before. But, she did pretty much squash any little inkling that was left for you Harry/Hermione shippers. (audience cheers)

John: Awwwwww! Sad.

Melissa: Can I - what inkling exactly was left? (audience laughs)

John: Sad.

Melissa: (laughs) No, I'm just asking, because later on she also said something about Ron and Hermione. She said, about the shipping wars online...

Sue: Right. (audience laughs)

Melissa: She said that when she found them, it was like a great, cyber-gangland warfare kind of thing. (audience laughs) I was like, "Well, yeah." (laughs) And she said, "The people who wanted Harry and Hermione to get together," and people screamed, and she went, "There are more of you out there? My GOD!" (audience laughs) You know?

John: Yeah!

Melissa: Something like that. It was funny.

Jamie: I think her words when she was talking about what she'd see in the Mirror was that she'd see herself entwined with a certain person at some point. (audience laughs)

John: Yes.

Melissa: But she did say that, first and foremost, she'd see the war complete and the three of them alive.

Jamie: Oh yeah.

Melissa:Alive and happy. (audience cheers)

Emerson: Speaking of alive.

Melissa: Alive. And I'm going to tell a story now, because Emerson...

Emerson: (talking at the same time as Melissa) No, actually, no, this is...

Melissa: (talking at the same time as Emerson) Can we shut off his mic for a minute?

Emerson: patent story, no.

Melissa: For a minute please? Can we shut it off?

Emerson: So, Melissa and I were at the event in Naperville...

Melissa: I'll have you know that this is my story! And he's been telling it all over the country!

Emerson: ...Illinois about a week ago. She's been claiming this story, but I own this story every bit as much as you do Melissa, and I have very little else to bring to the table. So...

Melissa: You didn't say a dang thing!

Emerson: Anyway, this was about a week and a half ago at the podcast in Naperville. We were waiting backstage and we were talking to the owner of the bookstore and she was there the first time that JK Rowling came to visit which was years ago before she was famous. And she mentioned that even though there weren't very many people there, someone asked her, a fan asked her if Harry, Ron and Hermione would live throughout the series and she said, "Yes".

(Audience cheers)

Melissa: I'm sort of glad that Emerson is taking this story because when JK Rowling is actually angry that we're talking about this all over the world, I can say that Emerson did it.

(Audience laugh)

Ben: Actually, I'm fairly confident that she misspoke. I mean is you have ever listened to the live podcast in New York then, I mean from Las Vegas then there's no way all of them are going to make it through. Hate me for it, but its true.

Melissa: He's wrong! Boo!

John: Boo!

Audience: Boo!

John: Boo! Boo!

Ben: It's rough being Ben Schoen.

(Audience laughs)

Melissa: What do you think about that?

Sue: Oh, they're all going to live. Once again, I keep saying this mantra over and over, it's the Boy who Lived. Lived, not died, lived!

Ben: It's not the friends who live though. So...

(Audience laugh)

Sue: I'm just saying. She not going to have us taken on this journey of this boy who every book has to face these incredible odds that... There would be no way to make us fall in love with this young man and all his friends and then just (clicks fingers) snuff them out right at the end. We've all learned that lesson. We've learned about life and death and how death can happen so quickly. Why the person we might or might not hear from and I think we might, handy dandy mirror, Mr. Sirius Black. But, I just think that she's not going to kill Harry. I don't think she's going to do that to us. I really in my heart and soul don't believe she will.

Emerson: I don't think that when she was writing this story on the train, I'm sure she wasn't thinking to herself, "Oh, this is a great idea for a story. I'm going to write a book about a kid who's life sucks and then he dies!"

(Audience laugh)

Sue: Yeah.

(Audience cheer)

Ben: But, it's also important to remember that the series Jo has showed. (audience laughs) Okay, Emerson please.

Melissa: Can we turn off his mic?

Ben: Jo has showed that life comes with loss.

John: You doing the chicken dance?

Ben: And since life comes with loss, you know? We saw Cedric die, (audience laughs) we saw Sirius die, we saw Dumbledore die and Harry is destined to be reunited with them and so he's going to die.

(Audience disagrees)

John: Ohhh!

(Audience "boos")

Melissa: No, no. I have it right here. I have it right here. I said it in LA and I'm going to say it again. She's spent six plus books getting Ron and Hermione together. There is no way she's going to get them together...and then kill them. (audience cheers and applauds)

Ben: Actually, I'm going to steal a point from Andrew, here. He's mentioned before how the books are about evoking emotions in the readers. (crowd nervously laughs) And what better way but to cause the most emotion by killing the ones that we love?

Andrew: Good point, Ben!

Ben: And Jo's said that she doesn't go after the extras, she goes after the main characters and those who are close to the main characters. So, one of them's going to die. It's probably Harry.

John: Eh, not the Trio, though. So, we'll lose Lupin, we'll lose Mrs. Weasley, we'll lose Dawlish. We'll lose...(audience roars) We'll lose those people. We're not going to lose the Trio, no way.

Ben: One of them has to die.

John: Yeah. (some unintelligible from audience) Awww!

Melissa: Get rid of the... Harry is NOT the third wheel, he has Ginny, thank you very much!

Audience Member: Oh please!

John: Oh, please!

Melissa: Well, let's go back to Jo for a minute, and then we'll come back to all this in a little bit. She was also asked about redemption patterns in her characters. And...(crowd whoops in agreement) Right? Right?

John: Wooo!

Melissa: About Snape and about Draco, and whether people can redeem themselves. And she didn't say... The question was, "Which characters, if any, will show redemption in the seventh book?" But she didn't really answer that. She said that for what happens because of Draco not being able to kill that person.

Sue: Right. (crowd giggles)

Melissa: Oh, I know. C'mon. My mom hasn't read the books so, sorry.

Melissa's Mom: That's all right. That's all right.

John: Amelia Bones.

Melissa: (laughs) Leaky spoiled her. She got completely spoiled by going to Leaky. I... Oh, no! Actually, first Jason Isaacs spoiled her.

Melissa's Mom: Jason Isaacs!

Melissa: Yes! And then Leaky spoiled you.

Sue: Aw, no! I'm sure he meant well!

Melissa: Way to go, Ma!

Sue: I'm sure he meant well.

Melissa: Well, anyway...

John: Jason Isaacs: "Hey, Melissa's mom!"

Melissa: She said that Draco...

John: (still impersonating Jason Isaacs) "Guess what!" (Sue suppresses laughter)

Melissa: ...will find out in Book Seven what that means for him. Not like we didn't know, but to hear her say it. You know? (Sue and John giggle in the background)

Ben: Right. She also pointed out that (Sue and John still giggling) any character can redeem themselves, except those who are suffering from psychological disorders like Voldemort. (audience laughs)

John: Oh!

Ben: Because we all know he's just off his rocker. (audience laughs)

Emerson: She called him a pyschopath.

Melissa: Well, here's the thing. If he's a pyschopath, can he help that? Can we blame him for being a psychopath? (audience yells, "YES!!!") I think so! Okay!

Ben: (impersonating Dumbledore) "It's our choices, Harry, far more than our abilities." (audience cheers and applauds)

John: (impersonating Ben impersonating Harry Potter) "I can't! My hand's all sweaty!" (audience and panel laugh)

Ben: (impersonating Harry Potter) "I can't! Your hand's all sweaty!" (audience and panel laugh)

Melissa: Property of PotterCast. Thank you.

John: Yes.

Ben: (impersonating Hagrid) "Keeper of Keys and Games at Hogwarts." (audience and panel laugh)

Emerson: (impersonating Ben impersonating Warwick Davis) I'm Warwick Davis."

Ben: I don't have much of a life.

John: Dobby is free

Ben: Freee...

Melissa: Dobby is freeee...

Sue: Come on, everybody, all together now. (Everyone imitates, "Dobby is freeee!")

Melissa: One day we're going to meet the guy who did that impression, he's going to hate us a lot. (audience laughs)

Well, she also spoke about wands. Somebody asked why Ollivander chose the wand cores he did and she said something that was a little off. She said that the relationship between a wizard and his wand will become more important in Book Seven, and how the wand really just works as a vessel. But, I thought it was interesting that she pointed out specifically that in Book Seven, we're going to learn more about this core relationship.

John: Interesting.

Ben: How you need to protect your wand. How the relationship between a wizard...

John: Thank you Simscast. (audience laughs)

Ben: ...and his wand and, just how, yeah, they relate. (laughs)

Melissa: Okay,nothing Andrew's being a little quiet.

Ben: I don't even remember what other questions were asked.

Andrew: I'm sorry. I don't know. What were we talking about? I was just talking to Jamie.

Melissa: (laughing) About wands!

Andrew: No, no, I was just talking to Jamie. I lost my train of thought here.

Melissa: We were talking about wands. (Various crowd members shout out "Wands!")

Audience Member: What about the father's comment?

Andrew: Oh yeah, let's talk about that.

Melissa: What comment?

Andrew: The father's comment at the end.

Ben: That was so emotional.

Melissa: Oh my gosh, yes!

Sue: Weren't they wonderful? They were so fantastic.

Andrew: What happened was a father and a daughter came up as a final question and, I know me personally, I was expecting it to be some, like, big thing. And it was. The father said, "thank you for inspiring all these children using Hermione as an example, as a role model," and the whole place was almost in tears. It was lik... Right? Yes?

Ben: Very emotional. Very emotional.

Jamie: This guy's timing was perfect. He said every word, you know, in the right place. I was in tears.

Melissa: Well, it was like she's heard that so many times.

Jamie: He comforted me for about half an hour afterwards. (indicates to Ben)

Ben: I had to.

Andrew: But even Jo was in tears, too. No chance he's here tonight, right? Daughter? Father? (pauses to scan crowd for the father) Okay, good, so then we can say (audience laughs) the daughter's comment...

Melissa: The daughter's question.

Andrew: Kind of blew it. Kind of blew it.

John: Booo!

Ben: There was this big emotional buildup and then.

John: All this hype.

Andrew: (quoting daughter's question) "What would you be - what would you do if you weren't a writer?" I mean... just expecting something more than that.

John: Yeah. "What's your favorite color?" (audience laughs) Do you like basketball?

Andrew: It seemed like a big enough setup (laughs) that it was going to be something like "So, what's the title of Book Seven?" and then she was going to give it away because she was so moved or something like that.

Ben: See, I was...

John: That would have been a good way to loosen her up to get the title.

Andrew: Yeah!

John: It would have been like, "Oh, yeah. What's the title?"

Melissa: But what would have happened? I mean, they screened those questions. Could you imagine if somebody had then started to say, "What's the t--," and four security guards come out of nowhere.

John: Yeah!

Melissa: Pin him to the floor.

Andrew: One syllable off and they're out.

Melissa: Well, she did say she'd be a teacher.

Sue: Yeah.

John: She was a teacher. (audience cheers)

Melissa: My mom was a teacher. She already was a teacher. She also got asked how when she knows how to stop writing? And she said that (laughs), she thinks the reviews of Phoenix show that she sometimes doesn't or...

(Audience laughs)

Andrew: Yeah, doesn't know when to stop writing it. Yeah.

Melissa: Something...

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: that.

Andrew: I think that, a lot of people are giving that guy some flack, but I think what he was saying was how does she know when it's time to stop writing Book Seven. Like when are you finished with that book because that is, I think that is a good question. How do you feel when you're finished writing this book? You have so many things to clear up and do you clear up everything? Are you missing something?

Ben: Right, and she did say that she had written quite a large portion of Book Seven and that she still had a lot (drops cup) left to go because there are so many loose ends...

Andrew: Yeah that was...

Ben: think about and there's just so much left to go.

Andrew: That was interesting.

Melissa: Yeah she said...

John: After, after they finished the chapter with Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione's joint marriage (audience laughs) then we have to figure out what they kids are going to be named and then all the loose ends are then tied up.

Andrew: The introduction video and correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think we've seen that before.

Melissa: Some of it we have.

Andrew: Where she's holding the end...

Melissa: No we've seen that...

Andrew: We have?

Melissa: ...on Harry Potter and Me.

Andrew: But anyway when we (Melissa laughs) saw it, when we saw it the whole audience was like...(gasps)

John: Yeah.

Melissa: It's Book Seven in a folder!

Andrew: Yeah yeah!

John: I want one of those!

Melissa: Where's my x-ray goggles damn it!

Andrew: Yeah! (audience laughs)

Melissa: You know?

Andrew: That's what she said, "I'm afraid if the camera gets too close, the camera can see right through it."

Ben: What I really like about last night is you can definitely feel the presence of the Harry Potter fans because...

Sue: Yeah

Ben:, at the beginning, at the intro video where they were showing clips from...

Andrew: That was hilarious!

Ben: ...Stephen King, John Irving, and J.K. Rowling, and you know Stephen King would get a little bit of applause and John Irving a little bit too. And then (Andrew yells) something from Jo would come up there and it would be like... (gasps and audience laughs)

Andrew: And then it would die right down the second the frame that she was off and then come back up and down.

Melissa: Yeah.

Andrew: (laughs) That was weird.

Ben: And she (audience laughs) definitely... And the first two authors, there was some people standing when they came out, but for Jo, there was...

John: Everybody...

Ben: Yeah, it was...

John: It was crazy.

Ben: ...a standing ovation.

Melissa: Jamie, would it be that loud in England or would you guys take it down a bit?

Jamie: It would just be me there, so uh...(audience laughs)

Melissa: (laughing) Oh!

Jamie: There wouldn't be much at all. (everyone "awwws")

John: Awww! Jamie!

Melissa: Who else thinks he should stay here?

Audience Member: Yeah! (audience cheers)

Andrew: I think this is a good time to transition into that. Not completely to hop off the topic but Jamie does have an opportunity to come back to California in late September.

Melissa: Late September.

Ben: It's up to you!

Melissa: Depends on you!

Andrew: For the Podcast Awards!

Melissa: Podcast Awards! (audience cheers)

Andrew: 2006! (audience cheers)

Melissa: First, I want to say, before we go into the Podcast Awards, I think MuggleCast just got a really, really cool honor.

Andrew: Oh, I am so proud of this.

Melissa: They are nominated for a Kids Choice Australia Award - Nickelodeon.

(Audience cheers)

Andrew: Favorite podcast.

Melissa: That's so cool.

Andrew: We're sitting in Starbucks and I get this e-mail in the MuggleCast box and it says, "You were nominated in this." And I thought, "Oh, maybe it's just Harry Potter." So, I made a nickname (which in the biggest pain in the butt that you will ever go through in your life) and there under "Favorite Podcast" - we're up against three podcasts I've never heard of. So vote! I guess we win something. I don't know.

Melissa: You know those little blimps?

Andrew: Yeah, I want one of those little blimps you look through.

Ben: But, a brief explanation about the Podcast Awards.

Andrew: Oh yeah.

Ben: What happened was the PotterCast people said nominate us in "People's Choice" and "Arts and Culture" and over at MuggleCast we said nominated us in "People's Choice" and "Best Entertainment Podcast". And for some reason, I think they are doing this to mess with us, they put us both in "People's Choice" and both of us in "Best Entertainment". But, have no fear. We came up with a solution to this.

(Melissa laughs)

Ben: And the way we are going to accomplish this is vote for MuggleCast in "People's Choice". You can vote once every 24 hours, so after you leave here scadaddle to your computers and log on to

(Audience laughs)

Ben: And then vote for PotterCast in "Best Entertainment Podcast". So, we can go to California, we can have fun, and we can show the power of the Harry Potter fans.

(Audience cheers)

Melissa: And hopefully we will be able to do a live podcast out there and give the West Coast guys some love.

John: Yeah.

Sue: Yeah.

Andrew: Back to our original discussion, take this kid back to California, right back to the U.S.

Ben: (singing) Because he's proud to be an American.

(Audience laughs)

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