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Live New York City Podcast Transcript

Barnes and Noble - Union Square

New York City, New York (US)

November 12, 2005

Thanks to TLC for all their help!

Live New York City Podcast

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(Crowd cheers)

Micah Tannenbaum (MT): How's everyone doing tonight?

(Crowd cheers)

MT: I'm Micah Tannenbaum from

(Crowd cheers)

MT: Welcome to Barnes & Noble here in Union Square for our Live New York City podcast, joint podcast, with The Leaky Cauldron and (Crowd cheers throughout speech)

Thank you guys alot for coming out tonight. We really appreciate it.

(Crowd cheers)

MT: And, so, I mean, are you guys ready to get it started?

(Crowd cheers)

MT: All right.

(Girl in crowd makes comment and crowd laughs)

MT: Here to introduce our cast is none other than Andrew Sims from MuggleNet's MuggleCast and Melissa Anelli from The Leaky Cauldron's PotterCast. (Audience cheers throughout speech)

(U2 begins playing)

(Crowd cheers as Andrew and Melissa enter)

Andrew Sims (AS): Welcome everyone to...

Melissa Anelli (MA): Hi guys!

(Crowd cheers)

AS: I don't think, I don't think I can sit down. I need to as well.

MA: I think I need to as well. Let's stand.

AS: We are fresh from the Goblet of Fire premiere at Ziegfeld Theater.

(Crowd cheers)

AS: Thanks everyone for coming out. Here are the tickets right here. This is what got us in.

(Crowd cheers)

AS: Yeah! Yeah! All right! All right! This is what got us in! Amazing movie, but before we start, we need to introduce the rest of the cast.

(Crowd cheers)

MA: Well, well, well, well, hang on, hang on, hang on. John Noe got a little waylaid. Apparently, there's a burrito place on the way.

(Crowd laughs)

MA: I don't know. He'll be a little delayed, but he'll here, we promise, or we'll kill him. Oh God. So, let's go ahead.

AS: So first let's start off on the MuggleNet side of things. Everybody's favorite Kansan. The bold and the beautiful, Ben Schoen!

(Crowd cheers as Ben enters)

AS: There he is. Look at that guy. Look at that kid. Beautiful. Ohhh, look at that. Look at that. Hey, Ben! Next up MuggleCast's technological guru. He knows everything. He does everything. He's backwards compatible with everything, but basic HTML. It's Kevin Steck!

(Crowd cheers as Kevin enters)

AS: All right. Yeah!

MA: Here he comes.

AS: All right. Kevin Steck. Yeah! And, so the Leaky people aren't here. So, they were going to sort of intermix with the MuggleCasters. So...

MA: The Muggle people.

AS: I guess we just have to jump the gun.

MA: No, we don't have anybody else.

AS: Oh, okay.

MA: Let's go.

AS: Welcome to the show.

MA: This is it for MuggleNet, guys

AS: All right, all right, all right.

(Crowd asks for Emerson)

MA: Who's that? Emerson who? Do you know Emerson? I don't know him.

AS: I don't know. All right. (In automated voice) Emerson Spartz, if you are in the building, please report to the fourth Floor.

(Melissa laughs)

AS: Okay. I see you. You have to come out now.

(Crowd cheers)

AS: Okay. All right. Here he comes. All right. We can all calm down now. There he is. All right.

(Crowd cheers and claps as Emerson enters)

MA: Girls, keep your seats.

AS: Oh my god!

MA: Girls, let him get up here.

AS: Yeah, okay. All right.

MA: Look at this. Look at this. (Laughs)

AS: Oh, that's nice! That is nice. Great.

(Crowd is still going nuts)

MA: He gave them all iPods to do that.

AS: Have a seat. Have a seat, bud.

(Crowd is still going nuts)

AS: All right. So Leaky, Leaky and John...John and Sue will be here. They're fresh, they're fresh out of the movie.

MA: Fresh out of the movie and unable to find a cab.

AS: Awww!

(Crowd 'Awwws!')

MA: I know. Well, we can call him.

AS: So, we lucked out, right, Melissa?

MA: How so?

AS: Well, the original plan was me and Emerson, Melissa and John or Melissa, John, and Sue were going to be the only ones to have seen the movie.

MA: To have seen the film.

AS: Then we lucked out. Little mistake. Heh heh. And Ben and Kevin got in to see the movie. So now we've all seen the movie. So, now we can discuss it.

Ben Schoen (BS): Right.

AS: As one.

(Crowd cheers)

AS: Yeah! Yeah! All right! As one! All right! Initial thoughts, Emerson Spartz?

Emerson Spartz (ES): Should I just... On the movie?

AS: On the movie.

ES: Hands down! Hands down! (Slaps his hands on table)

MA: On the table.

ES: The best movie yet!

(Crowd cheers)

AS: Yeah! All right! Best movie yet!

MA: I wonder is this going to be like this the whole time?

AS: Yeah!

MA: Is Emerson going to say something and you guys are just going to explode the whole time, is this what it's going to be like?

Kevin Steck (KS): I don't know.

MA: You saying something and everybody freaks out and we have to stop and wait?

(Crowd cheers)

AS: Yeah! Yeah!

(Crowd cheers)

AS: Who cried? Who cried?

MA: Who cried? Come on, you guys. Who cried?

KS: Not I.

MA: Kevin cried?

BS: I saw tears in Kevin Steck's eyes.

KS: Oh yeah. I was tearing up. Yep.

AS: All right. All right. Keep cool!

ES: Andrew, one second. I have to give a special shout-out to four girls who got here way before the store opened today.

(Girls cheer)

MA: Yeah.

AS: Yeah!

ES: They were the first ones: Rachel, Marlice, Samara, and Saska.

MA: Wait, hold on a second.

ES: You guys are hardcore.

(Crowd claps)

MA: If you were the first ones here, how come you got the fourth row? How did that work?

AS: It doesn't matter. It's cool. We came in here at 11:00 AM. We were like, "Oh, what is going on?" and there's those four right here. They made me a shirt, I didn't wear it, but I do have it. And then they were all here and that was really cool. And, you guys have been here all day, right? You didn't go to the premiere. Who needs the premiere? Seriously!

MA: What did you do all day? What did you do all day here?

Audience: We just hung out.

AS: They were listening to their iPods all day.

Audience: MuggleCast.

MA: MuggleCast. Yeah, I know.

AS: Were you really? Who listens to MuggleCast?

(Crowd cheers)

AS: Yeah! Yeah! All right! All right!

MA: Oh, Oh, look who it is!

AS: Oh, John Noe, everybody!

MA: John Noe, everybody.

(Crowd cheers as John enters)

MA: I didn't get to introduce you or anything. Just sit. Screw it.

John Noe (JN): I don't need an introduction.

MA: Where's Sue?

JN: She's going to the bathroom, everybody.

AS: Oh, that's great. Sue Upton is in the bathroom.

(Crowd laughs)

JN: She'll be right back.

MA: Actually, she got arrested for attacking Jason Isaacs.

JN: She has pictures of her and Jason Isaacs.

ES: No way.

JN: Yeah.

AS: So, John. What are your initial thoughts on the movie here?

JN: What's that now?

AS: What are your initial thoughts on the movie?

JN: You know, I'm just trying to (takes deep breath)

KS: Speaking of someone who cried.

JN: It was incredible. I'm just trying to gather my thoughts after that crazy trip over here. It was hard to make it over here obviously, but wow, what a movie. Give me a little bit. I have to breathe.

(All laugh)

AS: There was... Take some water! Look at this! My throat was dead dry. So, there was a ton of things we wanted to discuss and on a taxi cab ride over, you two or whomever just started talking, and I said, "No, no, no. Save it for the podcast."

BS: I wouldn't shut up.

(Melissa laughs)

AS: "Don't start yet." So, what were we talking about?

BS: The movie.

(Crowd laughs)

AS: The movie.

KS: Here is Sue, from The Leaky Cauldron.

MA: Sue Upton everybody!

(Crowd cheers as Sue enters)

AS: Sue's here! That's good. Great!

MA: Straight out of her first premiere.

KS: Andrew wasn't ignoring you.

Sue Upton (SU): Oh, I know. Hufflepuff rocks!

(Crowd cheers)

AS: I just didn't see you.

MA: Sue, look at this outfit. Oooh!

SU: Thank you!

MA: She looks sexy, doesn't she, guys?

(Crowd cheers)

MA: Sexy Hufflepuff in the house! Got a sexy one right here, too!

AS: So we're hope we're not going to spoil anyone, but we are going to talk about the movie here.

MA: Yes we are!

AS: We are going to talk... I know we're going too.

MA: You guys listen to the podcasts, you've been thoroughly spoiled. We're just going to talk about the movie. All right. Favorite parts, down the line, John Noe.

JN: Man. We are talking spoilers?

MA: Good, do it. Anybody got a problem?

Audience: No!

BS: Plug your ears.

JN: Hmmm. Well, let's see. Voldemort comes back!

(Crowd laughs and jeers)

JN: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

AS: If you didn't know that yet, then you're in trouble.

JN: You know I think there are some books somewhere in this building you may be able to read that would tell you about what happens to Voldemort. There you go. He does come back and he is incredible. He just kicks....something that we're not saying at Barnes & Noble tonight.

MA: Yes we are.

AS: When you first see him, you're first reaction is, "This guy is not Ralph Fiennes."

JN: Well no.

AS: This is computer generated.

JN: Well the thing, I just read something about he...that it was some guy's job for about three months to get rid of his nose because they want him to have like this flattened snake-like nose. And it's seamless and they did a good job with it, I think. And, I'm still a little out of breath.

MA: John ran the whole way.

JN: Yeah.

MA: With me yelling at him over cell phone.

JN: I had Sue on my back too. She had heels on.

(Crowd laugh)

ES: He looks sort of like Ben does when he wakes up in the morning.

Everyone: Hey....oooh!

(Melissa laughs)

JN: But yeah, what else? Voldemort...the only thing Voldemort, that I'm still kind of trying to digest is he's obviously a fine actor and at points, it seems like he might have been acting a little too much - like he was trying to invoke so much snake imagery with his actions. Like there were points where he would come up to Harry and he'd just be all like this (demonstrates) with his hands, like he's poised to like going to strike right on him with his lines and it's...I mean pretty much the whole time, he was awesome. It just, it needs a few more watches but it was such an incredible...and the duel and the dome.

MA: And John, this was your first premiere.

JN: It was my first premiere.

AS: Yep.

MA: So can you tell us about what that was like?

JN: What was that like?

AS: Well, first of all I have a headache thanks to all the girls in this audience who were on the red carpet.

MA: Yeah.

(Crowd cheers)

AS: Oh great, oh great, that's what I want to hear.

MA: We met some of you afterwards. It was scary.

AS: Did anyone here get a MuggleNet sticker from me or Emerson?

(Crowd cheers)

AS: Okay. All right! Yeah!

MA: Andrew paid with screaming for that.

AS: Hey! Hey!

JN: Has everybody figured out now that they all got into the movie.

AS: Yeah, we already talked about that.

JN: Have we gone through that.

MA: It was planned the whole time.

AS: What a screw-up!

JN: It was planned the whole time, it wasn't at all not planned the whole time. It was an excellent surprise for all of you.

MA: That's right, we were saving it.

JN: Exactly. But yeah the red carpet was cool, we got to interview...did you go through who we interviewed yet?

MA: Nope.

JN: Well we interviewed, that I can remember, the Director Guy.

(Crowd laughs)

AS: Mike Newell, I believe his name is.

JN: Newell, and then the Producer Guy.

(Crowd laughs)

AS: David Heyman.

JN: Heyman. Yeah, we introduced, not introduced, interviewed Cho and Angelina. Ginny wasn't there.

MA: Who is that?

JN: Whose mike's going crazy? Oh now you're not going to be able to see me.

MA: Put it on the floor.

AS: Are we okay here, is there like technical situations?

MA: How are you guys doing so far?

JN: How about those fireworks?

AS: Out back there?

JN: Yeah.

AS: No, my favorite scene, and it happened in the books, so don't say that I'm spoiling you, was Cedric's death because it was...not "Awwww!"

JN: Oooh. He told you.

AS: My favorite scene. No! It came out the wrong way! Afterwards, the part where everyone finds out because they're all like, "Yeah, all right, go Harry, Cedric," and then all of them start...stop...yeah okay that's weird. Harry...they all sort of stop and realize what's going on and that's...that was when people cried. Our own Catherine from MuggleNet, I don't know where she is but she said she cried twice during the movie.

JN: I....

AS: You cried?

JN: I couldn't help myself. I have never ever, ever cried in my whole 21 years of being alive, at a movie theater.

MA: Uh huh. Uh huh.

JN: And I got Sue blubbering away like an idiot.

(Crowd laughs)

JN: Squeezing my hand for dear life at the whole part from when he lands. Actually it was was a very good emotional good luck Cedric from his dad right before the maze.

AS: Look he's crying again, look at this kid. Look at this kid.

Audience: Awww!

JN: That was when Sue started crying, all through the maze.

AS: I think you did, too.

JN: No. What got me was right basically when he came back, like you just said how everybody was just cheering and the band was going, the little Flitwick guy was doing the band.

AS: That guy is the funniest guy in the movie this time. I don't want to, I'm not going to spoil it but he does some really crazy things in this movie.

MA: Yeah.

AS: That was one thing I think Newell made a big difference with in this movie was the humor. There was a lot more humor. I don't know if our audience was just enthusiastic because it's all the hardcores, but people...

MA: No it's not. It's Warner Brothers executives and such.

AS: They were kids!

MA: Well, Warner Brothers executives' kids.

KS: I do want to make a comment.

AS: What?

KS: Did you happen to notice that circular area with the little square colors, you know showing the houses, the one that you were confident was the center of the maze?

AS: Oh yeah.

KS: And I was positive it wasn't?

AS: Okay so I was wrong. Sorry, dude. Okay.

KS: I just had to say....

AS: Sorry, I saw the picture.

MA: Well, I want to know what you guys thought about the maze in that it's difference from the book and that the maze was a lot more psychological.

KS: I was sort of disappointed.

MA: Oh yeah?

ES: Why?

BS: Me too.

SU: I wasn't.

ES: Why?

KS: Because, we didn't get to see any of the magical creatures.

Audience: Awww!

JN: Yeah.

KS: They really didn't.

AS: But that's what made it so mysterious and kind of like, "What's going on here?"

KS: Yeah, but we didn't see one magical creature in the maze.

AS: Are you going to cry about it?

JN: Did we warn them that we were talking like this tonight?

BS: Yes, yes, yes.

JN: So are they awww-ing at the disappointment or are they awww-ing at being mad at you for telling them? Which is it?

MA: I don't know. Disappointment. They're upset for Kevin.

JN: No, you're totally right. The maze was a little more physical and very little intellectual to it.

BS: There was no Sphinx, none of that.

JN: There was no Sphinx.

AS: Ah, ah let's forget, everyone cancel their tickets, we're not seeing this film.

MA: Return your tickets.

JN: But no, some definite insight into that is we did interview Newell on the red carpet and someone asked him, "Why no house-elves this time?" and he says "the thing about the house-elves." He says, "I read the book, I love the book, I love the house-elves, but every time we put the house-elf on the screen, it's hundreds, thousands of dollars." So, if it's just a minor little thing to add to the movie, he had to look at it from a budget perspective too but I guess the Sphinx would fall into that too because I don't really think they can cast somebody who looks like a Sphinx. They'd have to create a Sphinx digitally, and it's just something else and you know, they solved kind of lame, but it doesn't really matter because it was so intense, but the way that they moved them along through the maze is the wind got all windy and the fog blew through the maze basically.

AS: It was a money issue too, Newell said.

JN: What's that?

MA: What?

AS: It was a money issue too.

JN: Of course, it's always going to be a money issue.

AS: Especially with the house-elves.

JN: Yeah.

AS: Yeah but..

MA: No. It's not always going to be a money issue with Harry Potter. With Harry Potter, we've got the most expensive movies in the world. What's a couple of million, eh, you know? A couple more million.

JN: Yeah.

MA: But this year it's a money issue. This is what we're hearing.

BS: Okay, to divert the focus from that side of the table. Sue Isaacs, I mean Sue Upton, what did you think about the movie?

(Crowd cheers and laughs)

MA: Wait no, no, no, no, no. Sue, did you have an encounter with Jason Isaacs?

SU: Okay, everyone. I have proof; miracles come true. I hugged Jason Isaacs.

(Crowd cheers)

SU: Not only did I see him, I hugged him.

AS: Hey talk into the mike.

JN: Talk into the mike, Sue.

SU: Not only did I meet him, I hugged him and kissed him.

(Crowd cheers)

BS: So did I.

MA: Several times.

JN: I think at one point, he grabbed her ass, but I could have been seeing that wrong. I might have been looking at...

SU: He was so cool. You guys now listen, this is very true. He listens to Potter and MuggleCast. He listens to Podcasts.

AS: Does he really?

SU: And so we're going to say, on the count of three, "Hi Jason!" because he's going to listen to this, he's going to go home and listen to this, he promised us.

MA: Oooh!

SU: So here we go. One, two, three.

Audience: Hi Jason!

AS: Oh, that's nice. All right! Yeah!

MA: Sue, that was very nice of you.

SU: That was very good.

MA: That was very nice.

SU: It was the most coolest moment for me.

AS: There were a couple of things we learned on the red carpet. Miranda Richardson...was it? Wait, it was Miranda Richardson.

MA: Miranda Richardson.

JN: Yep.

AS: Will not be in the fifth movie.

BS: Oooh!

Audience: Oooh!

MA: Now, she didn't say whether that meant Rita Skeeter won't be in the fifth movie.

AS: No, where I get it from it was that she wasn't going to be...and you asked her why and she said why...

MA: And she said, "Well, you know, it's nice to see new faces and...."

JN: I think that she didn't know what she was talking about though. They're not going to cast a new Rita Skeeter. That doesn't make any sense.

AS: Well, they have to now.

JN: She was an excellent Rita Skeeter. What does she do in Book 5?

MA: The article. The Quibbler article.

JN: Other than being in the bar and writing the article. Who cares who wrote the article? That's just one thing.

MA: Okay.

AS: They could just take her face.

MA: They care.

KS: They can even just put her name on it. They don't even have to show her.

JN: Yeah. Yeah. It's filler.

AS: Well, if you care about cutting the scenes out, then you might be a little bit disappointed in Goblet of Fire.

MA: Yeah.

AS: Because especially at the beginning they really put a focus on the end with and Triwizard Tournament. The Triwizard Tournament, Cedric's death, the whole thing, Pettigrew, all that. But the beginning was very cut. It's....

KS: Very fast.

MA: It's very...

JN: Yeah. I'll make a prediction right here. I don't think even as of tonight we saw the finished movie because there were things that looked so...

AS: What do you mean by that?

JN: ...empty in some points.

MA: Well.

JN: Some transitions were off, some special effects didn't seem to be there. You have some points...

AS: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Newell said to us..

MA: Yeah.

KS: He did.

AS: ...he polished it up and cleaned it -

MA: He also said...

JN: He said, "Hopefully this going to be the polished up thing." He said hopefully.

AS: What are they gonna do? Change it? Six days before?

JN: You do alot in a week with all that...

AS: Yeah, yeah, but -

KS: At most, they'll just go to a fix of transitions.

JN: Some transitions are terrible.

KS: Like, in the end, they blanched out like a solid wall at the door, where they blanched through the door.

MA: Why do you guys - I didn't even notice that at all! I didn't notice any of that.

AS: We'll, you're not into films. I mean - no no no no no no no no - I mean, you're not into the, the - like me, Kevin and Ben, okay...

KS: Uh-oh. Yeah, we are.

AS: Wasn't there with the - okay, sorry.

JN: I don't think they care whether they take the wall or not, seriously. They just want to see the movie.

AS: Wait, originally in MuggleCast - I don't know - someone could write something which suited - I say that, well, we talked about Sirius' head in the fire. Actually, it didn't turn out that bad.

KS: Yeah, it wasn't that bad.

JN: I have only one question - only one question - was there or was there not a scene in one of the books where someone feeds somebody toast when they're in the fire.

(Crowd cheers)

JN: How the hell are you going to do that when you're sitting there in the cold?

MA: They're wearing fur coats!

JN: Well, no one likes fur coats! (SU talking in the background)

MA: (Laughs) Emerson!

ES: Yeah!

MA: A little quiet there. (Pause) Who wants to hear Emerson's thought of the film?

(Crowd cheers)

ES: Ah... yeah. All right, I gave you guys the quick summary which came down good. All right, you've all seen - I'm sorry you all Rupert fans out there, but I really wanted to hit him hard in the face.

MA: (Flabbergasted) Rupert?!

ES: No, not Rupert, not Rupert, his character.

AS: Okay, okay, okay... okay. We're sitting there...

ES: His character.

AS: Yeah.

MA: Oh, well.

AS: Okay, nevermind.

ES: But I know some of you guys had trouble distinguishing between Rupert and -

MA: Well, you said Rupert - you could've said Ron.

JN: It's written in the book for him to be kind of a boob this time.

MA: (Stifles a laugh) A boob...?

JN: He's like all grumpy-like. He could've told me how to put the name in that - it's like - it's not Rupert's fault, nor his - If you don't like that...

ES: It was exaggerated more so -

JN: Pick up a joke -

ES: It was exaggerated more so in the movie, I thought. I thought it was more emotional, and there was more passion behind -

MA: No.

JN: They only have half hour to do that though - they don't have 200 minutes...

MA: No, but the thing I didn't like about this was the - oh, Dean told Parvati, told Madame Maxime, told the squid, told the - told the - they do this thing where the - the - when they're fighting, they're passing messages back between each other - and the make-up Ron says, 'Oh, oh, but I - but I did warn you about the dragons. Dean told Parvati, told - told my uncle, told... whatever - and it's just sort of dopey.

AS: Maybe they were just laughing at it and it was just your rendition of it - I, I think they're gonna find a really funny one -

MA: My rendition of it clearly is exactly how it is in the film. I mean -

KS: What did you think about the dragons?

Audience: Awesome!

KS: They were crazy, weren't they?

BS: Best scene in the movie.

JN: Yeah.

KS: It wasn't as emotional, but just for pure entertainment. It's scary, because like, you got - parents dead, forget it no book five.

MA: Harry ends up on a - on a - dragon breaks free - Harry ends up on the window ledge, on the highest part of Hogwarts, trying to get his Firebolt back, and not die. (Laughs) And it's um, even if you know there are three movies and a book left, you're like 'Oh my God, Harry, get up, get up!'

KS: That's sorta - where I got disappointed about the Cho Chang thing, 'cause if you've seen - if you've read the books already and you see that scene - like - if you haven't read the books and you watch that, you're gonna be like 'Oh sweet, there's - there's gonna be a - they're gonna be shipped all over the place, and - But you know what's going to happen, so you don't get the same feeling again.

MA:Dan Radcliffe, on the red carpet, he said he was most excited to film the scenes with Ginny.

(Crowd screams with delight)

MA:At first - at first he said cave' - he said 'oh oh - cave' - until he said, while he was being pushed along, 'Oh, wait - but also, Ginny!' It was very sixteen-year old boy.

KS: Katie also mentioned that she was looking forward to the - er - the scenes which she were looking most forward to... was, I guess, with Dan.

BS: Who's Ginny (Hard G)?

KS: Hmm?

JN: Who's Ginny?

KS: I said 'Katie.'

MA: Katie, not Ginny. Kayling, ahhh.

ES: You're tired, Ben.

BS: Not yet. See that microphone there? There's all you, not yet, not yet.

MA: I got some interviews from the red carpet, guys. You guys - we got to ask them some great questions -

ES: We learned alot.

MA: Up-close and personal for many - for the first time, right?

AS: Well, before that, we know why J.K. Rowling hasn't been here - I guess she has - been planning to like - sort of -

Audience: (Yells) Rowling!

AS: Rowling ("Roll"), okay, whatever. Rowling ("Raow"), Rowling ("Roll").

MA: You can't 'whatever'!

AS: Rowling, okay, Rowling! Rowling! "Roll"

MA: She heard that!

AS: J.K. Rowling - I'm sorry Jo. J.K. Rowling ("Raow") - J.K. Rowling -

JN: You just revertetd to Rowling ("Raow").

MA: What?

(Murmur around the room)

AS: J.K. Rowling ("Roll") - I know. J.K. Rowling ("Raow") - What?!

MA: Andrew, you're insulting her! You're insulting her -

AS: J.K. Rowling ("Roll").

(Crowd cheers)

MA: (Audible whisper) Get it right. (Laughs)

AS: J.K. Rowling ("Roll") was very - well she told - we didn't - err - who was it that told us?

MA: Me?

AS: ...The reason that she hasn't been here -

MA: Oh yeah!

AS: Her husband has... I can't remember - appendicitis, appendicitis.

MA: He went for surgery. And - but he's fine, he's fine - he's getting better, we've been told.

AS: Yeah!

MA: But you know, they're sort of grossly cute when you see them together. It's really sort of sickening - how much in love they are, it's really great. And so - how much they want to stay together -

AS: Hey, hey - wait a second.

MA: What?

AS: Everyone, take a look at the ring that Jo gave Melissa... yeah, yeah, alright!

JN: You can - you can keep it still for the cameras.

MA: Which camera?

Becky Sims: I love you, Andrew!

AS: Thanks, my sister... okay.

MA: I love you too.

AS: Oh, thanks.

JN: Hey Ben, is this the hot sister you were talking about back there?

AS: Yeah, that's my the hot sister. (Laughs) Okay, uncalled for.

JN: He was talking about Andrew's hot sister all day yesterday.

MA: (Cheekily) Oooh!

AS: Hey, Beck, you want to stand up?

(AS's sister stands up)

AS: My sister, everyone!

(Crowd cheers and claps appreciatively, followed by an awkward silence).

AS: So continuing on...

MA: Yeah, next.

(Crowd laughs)

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