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Live New York City Podcast Transcript (continued)

Barnes and Noble - Union Square

New York City, New York (US)

November 12, 2005

Thanks to TLC for all their help!

Live New York City Podcast

AS: Who do we want to hear more from? No, no, no.. I do not answer to you, I do not answer to you.

MA: Hey guys, it's my mom, she's at the after-party, do you want to come?

AS: Yeah! Yeah!

MA: Hi mom! (Awkward silence) Hello? (Crowd laughs) mom?

MA's Mom: Melissa?

MA: Yeah?

MA's Mom: Hello?

MA: Yeah?

MA's Mom: Can you hear me?

MA: Yeah, I can hear - can you hear me?

MA's Mom: Got Jesse here.

MA: Jesse?

MA's Mom: Yes, I took pictures with him.

MA: You took pictures with Jesse Martin from 'Rent'?

MA's Mom: Yep.

(Crowd screams)

MA: What did he say?

MA's Mom: He wants to say hello to you.

MA: He wants to say hello to me?

MA's Mom: Yeah.

MA: Oh -

MA's Mom:, I told him I'm Melissa's Mom, Anthony's friend?

MA: (Giggles) Thanks, mom!

JN: Laughs.

MA's Mom: You're welcome.

(Crowd laughs)

MA's Mom:He gave Theresa the number to call to get tickets to the premiere.

MA: Mom, hey listen, listen to me mom - about 8,000 people are listening to you right now.

MA's Mom: I don't know what you're saying.

(Silence for several seconds)

JN: Silence.

AS: Clearly her reaction says it all.

MA's Mom: I can't hear you through the phone.

MA: Wha - what?

MA's Mom: I can't hear you.

(JN laughs)

MA: About eight - about 8,000 people are listening to you right now. We're doing the PotterCast right now.

MA's Mom: Oh, hi everybody!

AS: Yeah, alright! It's mom!

MA: How was the party?

MA's Mom: Hi to everybody! Hi to -

(MA and the crowd laughs)

MA's Mom: It's the Harry Potter premiere.

MA: How is it?

MA's Mom: Here, Jamie, say hello... they're live on the PotterCast.

(Crowd laughs)

AS: (Jokingly) She's the best!

Jamie Waylett (JW): Hello!

MA: Hey Jamie!

JW: Pardon?

MA: Jamie!

AS: (Whispering) Jamie Waylett!

JW: Hello everyone!

MA: Jamie -

(Crowd screams)

MA: How was the premiere, Jamie?

JW: Pardon?

MA: How was the premiere?

JW: How was the premiere? It was brilliant! Good - good turnout!

MA: There's - Jamie, there's like hundreds of people listening to you right now.

JW: Hello everyone!

(Crowd screams louder than usual)

AS: Yeah! Yeah, all right!

MA: Are you at the party?

JW: Yeah, just outside now, yeah.

MA: What's it like?

JW: It's - it's awesome.

MA: You're what?

JW: I'm talk - I'm talking to Jesse Martin as well.

MA: You're talking to Jesse Martin?

JW: Yes, he's too cool!

MA: He's good, huh?

JW: (unintelligible) Hello?

MA: Hello?

MA: Guess what - what? ... What, Jamie?!

JW: Yeah, hello - Melissa?

MA: Yes!

JW: You're breaking up a little bit!

MA: What? What did you want to tell me?

JW: You know, I might be going to the premiere of "Rent" ...

MA: I - really? (turns to audience) He's going to the premiere of "Rent" ...

(Screams from audience)

AS: ... All right! Yeah - all right!

MA: ... which is next Thursday - guys, go see "Rent" - I've seen it - it ...

(Screams from audience)

JW: Oh, I can hear you ...

MA: So how are you enjoying yourself, Jamie?

JW: I'm having a good, good time - I love it out here!

MA: Who else is there?

JW: Pardon?

MA: Who else is there with you?

AS: Get Emma Watson on the phone!

(Screams from audience)

MA: I can't hear you ...

JW: (unintelligible) I'll get her on the phone for you.

MA: What'd you say?

JW: Hello?

MA: Who's this?

JW: It's quite a bad connection!

MA: Yeah, I know! Who's this - this is still Jamie? (pause) Oh, sorry ...

JW: Pardon?

(Laughter from audience)

MA: Jamie, who else is there with you right now?

JW: Who am I with?

MA: Yeah.

JW: What - right now?

MA: Yeah.

JW: (unintelligible)...outside with...(unintelligible) and my mom...(unintelligible)...go back. Going back in, in a minute...(unintelligible)...get as soon as I can see anyone ...

AS: ... British actor there with the cellphone ... not good ...

JW: (unintelligible)

MA: OK - Jamie - are you inside yet?

JW: Not yet, not yet - I'll be in - I'll be in, in about two minutes ...

MA: OK - we're going to call you back a little later and we're gonna ... (laughs) we're gonna use you ... we're gonna have you go all around and put us on the phone with ...

JW: That's all right!

MA: ... everybody you can.

JW: I'll sort - ... Hello?

JN: Hello?

JN: Jamie Waylett - yeah!!

MA: Yay!

(Audience clapping)

AS: It's Jamie Waylett - all right! Yeah!

MA: Hold on ... Jamie?

AS: Jamie Waylett ...

MA: (in background) We're going to call you back later, OK?

AS: Jamie Waylett, yeah - (unintelligible) Mr, uh, Poo-poo Pants, but he - he played a role ...

ES: ... Ummmm ...

AS: ... a minor one ... yeah, it was funny - he played a role ...

MA: Who? What? The ferret scene was ...

AS: That's a good scene - yeah!! ...

(Screams from audience)

AS: ... All right!

ES: And the ferret ended up in his pants - and I think he enjoyed it!

AS: Yeah, and Emerson - was that the first time you saw that?

ES: What?

AS: Was that the first time you saw that scene?

MA: No, he was in Defense Against the Dark Arts when they were doing the spider ...

AS: I've seen it because the clip was online ...

MA: Yeah.


ES: Yeah, I know ....

MA: Emerson doesn't go online.

AS: I know - because you were cracking up -

MA: They don't have Internet at Notre Dame.

AS: Hahaha - yeah.

ES: Don't get me started singing the fight song again.

MA: Do it! I have a recording but it's better live.

ES: Alright, alright.

JN: No!

SU: You don't have it memorized?

ES: Oh yeah.

MA: Of course he does.

ES: Alright, here we go!

BS: Notre Dame sucks!

ES: Don't make me take away your speaking privileges again, Ben Schoen. All right ...

Cheer, cheer for Old Notre Dame
Wake up the echoes cheering her name,
Send the volley cheer on high,
Shake down the thunder from the sky,
What tho the odds be great or small
Old Notre Dame will win over all,
While her loyal sons are marching Onward to Victory.

(Screams from audience)

MA: Guys, a lot of you - a lot of you have been wondering where our - where our set reports are and the answer to that is that Emerson and I recorded them as a Podcast, and it will be out - hopefully - this week and we'll have him singing that - so you should have that, um - many times on our respective Podcasts, 'cause really - isn't that, you know - (sarcastically) doesn't that just make your day? Emerson - today - ah, anyway ..

AS: See - what else is there to talk about? We've been, like, discussing it like crazy in the taxi ...

MA: Well, why don't we say hi to some of the people...

JN: Why don't we take some questions?

AS: No - no questions.

MA: No, not yet. Why don't we say hi to some of the very special ..

SU: Can I - can I - can I ...?

MA: Oh, well go ahead -

SU: I just ...

MA: No, go ahead ...

SU: I just want to say something about the parents who were concerned about the last scene in particular. Now, I'm a parent, and that scene - if you're considering to take your children or not - is really pretty intense ...

MA: Yeah ...

SU: ... it really is. I know that we - I personally wanted to see it. It's a PG-13 movie and because it's - um, what happens - I mean - there's a war on and Voldemort kills. He's a murderer and even though it's Wormtail - I mean, he's evil, and the scene is really intense, and it's just a fair warning and you should really see it if you take your children - that's my opinion.

ES: Cedric was sleeping ...

AS: You have to be careful.

KS: I think the worst thing was the cauldron.

JN: What?

KS: The hand.

MA: The Leaky Cauldron - what?

KS: No, the hand. Yes, it was the worst thing - no, no - the cauldron scene was very intense, so if you do want to bring your children, you may want to cover their eyes during that scene because it - it gets pretty gross ... yeah, very gross.

AS: It is ...

MA: Well, let's - why don't we say hello to some - I'm sorry to interrupt, by the way - we're getting on in time and I wanted to say hello to some of you guys, some of the really awesome special guests we have here, so why don't we ...

AS: We lucked out with a lot of people - um, I'm pretty sure they're here ...

MA: Yes!

AS: Are they?

MA: Yes.

AS: I don't see them, but ...

MA: I don't see them.

JN: They're right behind the podium.

MA: Where?

ES: Where's Eric Scull?

MA: (laughs) He's spottable.

AS: Andy and Zach, are you invisible or something?

AS: So anyway - oh, wait - first of all is, do I see Matt Vines back there? Hey, there he is - Matt Vines from - yeah!

MA: Jeff? Jeff? Jeff from HPANA? Is he here?

MA and AS: Oh, there's Jeff from HPANA?

MA: OK ...

BS: Yeah, Aris Janetakos...

MA: Hey, Jeff - is it H-P-A-N-A or HP-ANA - please settle this!

Jeff Guillaume: It's an acronym!

(AS laughs)

MA: So, it's H-P-A-N-A - OK, that's what I'd say! You would say HP-ANA.

AS: Because it rolls off the tongue a little bit easier - Aris Janetakos is also here from and host of VTM OnAir ...

BS: We call him Tacos!

AS: ... and then - also Andy and Zach from Harry Potter Fan Zone but ...

MA: All the way from Australia!

AS: Andy is all the way from Australia - and he lucked out and got a ticket, along with Zach, to see the film. Is he here?

BS: Where are you at, Andy?

MA: Is he here?

AS: I'll take that as a "no."

MA: OK, anyway - moving on ... do you want to do questions?

ES: Wait, wait - one more thing.

JN: Yeah, let's ...

ES: One more shout out - my little brother Dylan back there, in the blue MuggleNet shirt ...

MA: Oh - yeah! Dylan Spartz!

(Screams and clapping from audience)

KS: Stay close to security!

AS: Right there! All right, so - let's take a couple of questions ... OK, keep cool! Keep cool!

MA: Line up! Line up!

AS: No, no, no, no, no, no, no - her first ... let's just pick them out.

MA: They have to come up to the microphone.

AS: I know - come up to the microphone right here ... All right, wait, wait - first, first - say your name and where you're from and come really close to the mike - really close to the mike ...

MA: ...and which boy you love the most.

Rachel: Emerson.

MA: Oh, jeez that's so boring to say.

Rachel: No, Ben - I'm all through Ben right now - it's all about Ben!

AS: OK, ask... so what's on your mind?

Rachel: OK, well I'm Rachel ...

AS: Hi, Rachel.

Rachel: ... I'm from Westchester and I'm with my friends over there ... (points into audience) ...

AS: Yeah!

Rachel: First of all though, I'd just like - I want to say that I hope JK Rowling, if she's listening, that her husband gets through and I'm really glad that they love each other so much because Dumbledore - R.I.P. - would be really glad to know that there's a little more love in the world.

Everyone: Awwww.

Rachel: Anyway, I was just wondering - do we get to see Sean Biggerstaff in this film?

AS: No. No.

MA: You don't even get to see him at the premiere party or anything - he's not around.

Rachel: I thought he might be, like in the beginning, like at the World Cup?

AS: No, the World Cup - they really cut up - you'll see the World Cup but ...

MA: ... there's no play - it's just the entrance and you sort of get a feeling for it and then all of a sudden they're all sort of dancing round a campfire ...

AS: Another disappointment of mine was, Molly Weasley was not in it either.

Rachel: What! I love her!

AS: I love her, too.

Rachel: Doesn't everybody want her to be your mother?

AS: Yes!

MA: She is my mother as you have heard.

Rachel: All right, that's good.

ES: All right, shout out, he's here, Eric Scull, Eric Scull.


BS: All of you must know, Eric was walking around in a Hogwarts robe all day.


MA: And we sent him out for audio supplies and he got lost on 11th Street wearing his robe, I don't know how you can get lost wearing that robe, you're pretty findable.


Eric Scull: The miracle is that I wasn't beat up.

MA: OK, who's next?

Audience Member: Thank you.

MA: You with the sparkles.

AS: OK, feel free, ok here's...what kind of questions are we looking for, movie questions, questions about the podcast?

MA: If you say Horcrux, you will have something thrown at you.

AS: theories, I don't want to think about theories.

MA: Horcri.

BS: Save the Muggles.

MA: Go ahead.

AS: What's your name, where you from?

Courtney: I'm Courtney and I'm from Minnesota.

AS: Hi Courtney from Minnesota. What's on your mind?

Courtney: Do we get to see any magical creatures at all during the movie?

BS: No.

MA: Yes, Yes....

BS: Dragons. Oh yeah, Dragons.

MA: Dragons, the Grindylows, the Mermaids, you know you get plenty of them, just not in the maze.

KS: I was very impressed with the Mermaids.

MA: Yeah.

KS: Yeah, they were excellent.

ES: I was not impressed, I wanted them to be like The Little Mermaid.


AS: It's not a Disney film. They don't have the rights.

ES: The Little Mermaid, right.

MA: That just does not surprise me.

AS: They were not very nice, let's just say that.

MA: Hey, what about the Moaning Myrtle scene? What do you guys think about that?

AS: OK, wait a second.

MA: Sorry...

AS: Let's not go too far. I can't, I can't even think about it. We asked Dan about the scene, I wasn't paying attention to what his answer was. I was busy.

ES: I was.

AS: I was, I was filming. What was his response? By Moaning Myrtle, we mean bathroom scene.


ES: Yeah, I asked him if he was worried what you crazy screaming fan girls would think about the scene and he said that he hoped you like it.


MA: Well, and also 'cause he was wearing flesh-colored underwear.

BS: It's better then me with my shirt off.

AS: Wait, he told you that?

MA: Yeah, he said that on the red carpet. No, um and also the scene, that scene the middle of the premiere in London, I went, "Oh my God!" Because they showed alot more then I expected them to show.


AS: No, no, no, no putting the wrong thoughts into your mind, don't exaggerate.

MA: In that first split second, I really....

AS: No.

MA: ...was scared for Dan's modesty.

AS: Full frontal nudity!

MA: No!


MA: But you'll see what I mean, and then Moaning Myrtle spends the rest of the time being absolutely shameless, I cannot believe...

KS: Yeah, it's true.

MA: didn't get an "R" rating after that.

AS: Yeah, that would.....

MA: Yeah. We got questions, at the back, lets go from the back.

AS: Yeah, in the back. Eric you, no, Eric you .....

MA: John's going to pick one.

JN: Um...

Audience Member: Pick me!

KS: Yeah, go way in the back.

AS: I'd just like to make a public service announcement that tonight's event is a Podcast, there will be no books signed.

(MA laughs)

AS: sorry about that. That's on the sign we just put up.

MA: Thanks for clearing that up.

AS: Go ahead, what's your name and where ya from?

Giselle: Hi um, I'm Giselle and um after seeing the movie do you agree with the statements that they sort of lean toward a Harry/Hermione relationship more than...

AS: In the movie?

BS: Say if for me Emerson, say it...

MA: Go ahead Emerson.

ES: Duh....

AS: Emerson, Emerson.


ES: The D-word, what did I say again?

AS: Drop the D-bomb.

MA: Emerson, wasn't there a word you used in Scotland?

ES: Uh..what was the word again, was it....Delusional?


ES: And after seeing this movie...

AS: Was anyone offended by that?

ES: ...I feel even a bit more vindicated.

MA: Even a little bit more?

ES: Even a little bit more.

MA: Ohhh wow.

SU: I'm not a, I'm not a...

MA: Guys, ok how many Harry/Hermione shippers do we have in the audience?

AS: Was anyone offended by the whole Harry, I mean the delusional fan thing? How could you, right? Come on.

MA: Look at that silence, ok hold on with the defense, um, no this movie is very,'s the Harry/Hermione moments are in front of Rita Skeeter on purpose, you know, and uh...

AS: You've seen the clips.

MA: ...and the Ron and Hermione moments are, I had a friend in London, turned to me who had never read the books and he turned to me and said, and I said, "So what did you think? Harry/Hermione? Ron/Hermione?" There's a lot of debate over this and he said like hits you over the head with a sledgehammer (laughs) and I said I can't, in public, say anything to agree with that statement....

BS: Harry/Hermione is like the brother sister type thing...

(Crowd agrees and cheers)

AS: Yeah! Brother and sister! None of this shipping.

KS: And during the movie the course of the relationship, like the friendship of Harry and Hermione not a relationship....

BS: Like worried about each other, not...

MA: A beautiful, amazing friendship!

KS: A friendship...and...

ES: This issue has also been beaten to death with a wet noodle, so we should probably move on...

AS: There's a, aw geez I hate, let me choose...

JN: How about a guy?

AS: How about that guy with the camera...

MA: Shirt with the camera!

AS: Yes, I have that shirt, I have that shirt! Ok, sorry.

(Lots of crowd noise)

AS: Nintendo Rehabilitation Clinic.

MA: What?

AS: Little over -

JN: What's your name and where ya from?

Kevin: My name is Kevin, I'm from Long Island.


KS: Good name!


AS: (In a high-pitched voice) Oh my God, no way.

Kevin: you think the movie deserved the PG-13 rating and....

AS: Yes!

Kevin: ...and what in particular caused it and what do you think about future movies?

KS: The cauldron scene!

BS: No, the bathroom scene. The bathroom scene.


MA: The cauldron scene.

(Crowd and AS laugh)

KS: But, in all seriousness. It's definitely the cauldron scene, the graveyard scene. It is intense.

MA: I mean, you pretty much see him cut off...

KS: I think that one scene, if they had cut that scene it could have gotten the normal rating. But because of that scene, it got PG-13.

SU: It's not just the one act of it. That whole scene is very intense. He's got Harry tied up. You see Cedric is dead.

MA: Sue, into the microphone.

SU: It's really very intense.

KS: Between the whole-

SU: Oh... no, no, no. Go ahead.

MA: Wait, John Noe has a little bit of an announcement.

SU: Okay.

BS: Or, Ben Schoen does.

MA: Or, Ben Schoen does.

BS: Okay.

MA: You rowdy people.

BS: If you would be so kind to stay off the bookshelves in the back, that'd be nice. Do not stand, sit or climb on them.

AS: Thank you.

MA: Thank you.

(AS laughs)

BS: You sit on them, you buy them.

AS: Thank you for your patience. So, did we answer that question?

Kevin: You didn't answer the second part.

AS: What was the second part?

MA: Well, in future movies?

Kevin: Yeah, what do you think?

MA: I don't think there's any going back now.

KS: Yeah.

AS: No, no way.

Kevin: Well do you think it'll get all the way to "R" by the sixth or seventh book?

KS: No.

AS: No.

MA: Definitely not.

AS: Well we don't know what's in Book 7. So technically it could be "X".

MA: We don't know about seven.

KS: As it stands... As it stands it won't go beyond PG-13.

AS: Yeah, that seems like a fair rating. If they go "R", then you can forget about kids seeing it.

BS: Yeah, if it's "R", then it's not even a children's book anymore. Next question.

MA: Next...

JN: Hopping girl.

MA: Where's hopping girl?

JN: Come on up.

MA: Hopping girl in yellow.

JN: Hopping girl in the green and the glasses.

MA: No, yellow. She's wearing yellow.

JN: I've been looking at her... she's been doing that for twenty minutes for God's sake.

(Crowd laughs)

AS: Who in the yellow? Just...

JN: There'll be time for both of them. Both come up.

MA: Okay, wait guys. We've got a party update. I'm sorry, hold on a second. (speaks into her phone) Yes, Mom?


Talihia: Okay, so what do you-

MA: Hold on -

KS: One second, one second.

JN: For real.

MA: Yes, Mom?

Matthew Lewis (ML): Can she hear us? Yes.

MA: Hi. Jamie!

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